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Nervous Ticks - Assassin's Creed
  • Altair: He will pace, try and collect his thoughts, fiddle with the knives on his belt.
  • Ezio: He will cover his nerves in courage, hoping that his friends go along with it.
  • Connor: He swings his tomahawk, shifts on his feet slightly, even picks at his sleeve every once and a while.
  • Edward: If he isn't intoxicated slightly, he will chuckle and try and brush things off as if they were nothing.
  • Shay: He will clench and release his fists, let his eyes wander around the room, or even tap his foot slightly.
  • Arno: He will stifle his anxiety by pushing himself to run more, to drown out the fear crawling up his spine by exerting himself and forgetting his legs even work.
  • Jacob: Jacob will mess with his tophat, hum a tune, or seek out someone to scuffle with. He would rather feel the sting of a wound than the sting of worry.
  • Evie: She will put things in lists, click her tongue, or flick her eyes to the ground for a few seconds in distress.
  • Desmond: Desmond will pick at his own skin, tremble, or shut the thoughts worrying him out completely.

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I’m so sorry but I could only do Alty for this one. Had a very exhausting day and my mind’s not letting me work. Hope you can understand, love :)


  • You ask him how he normally cleans his robes after a mission when he comes home, blood covering his entire cloak
  • He chuckles as he removes said cloak from his body
  • Instead of telling you, he shows you how he normally removes blood from his clothing
  • After watching your S/O go through the first round of washing, you manage to sit down and blink a few times as Altaïr smiles at you
  • Who knew that it took so long just to remove the major bloodstains from white clothing?
  • You didn’t, seeing as how most of your clothing weren’t white.
  • Alty reassures you that he actually doesn’t mind washing his own clothes because it actually gives him time to reflect and think about what happened before he arrived back at your home
  • That doesn’t stop you from cleaning them when you see him fast asleep on your bed after an exhausting mission though

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  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr can’t bear the thought of losing you. And that’s why he’ll do anything to show you that he’s the better choice in all aspects. Around the other guy, he acts like a damn peacock, sizing himself up and trying to visually intimidate him — puffing his chest out and squaring his shoulders. He’d act like a double agent when alone with you, Altaïr would start to gossip as to why you totally should stay away from that guy, giving all the valid reasons to not start a relationship with him. When alone with the poor guy, he’d come up with an excuse to talk about you and comment that you’re not available. He’s not a guy of sharing, clearly.

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Assassin's Creed Preference: Placing your cold feet on their back

Warning: Cussing

Altair: It was late at night as you stared at the back of the Master Assassin but also your lover, Altair. You were freezing and he just had be hogging all the covers. You tried pulling them away from his grasp, but sadly he was a bit stronger than you and had a death grip on those blankets. Suddenly an evil idea popped in your head, you knew it would get you killed, but hey, at least you would die warm. You managed to get Altairs’ bare back showing from under the blankets, then you placed your freezing feet on the center of his back. He yelled and fell out of the bed landing on the floor. You saw this as your chance and grabbed the blankets and cocooned yourself in them. He stood up slowly and gave you the death glare, to which you smiled and waved at him cutely.

Ezio: 'Goddamn cover hog.’ You thought to yourself as you glared jealously at your husband who currently had all the covers in his strong grip. Normally you wouldn't mind this, seeing it didn’t get that cold. It was currently the middle of winter and you were freezing your ass off.  You didn’t know if you should leave and go to the spare room where there were plenty of blankets, ‘But how would Ezio react if he woke up and I was gone?’ You thought to yourself and decided against it. You decided to get the covers back in sorta a joke way. You pulled the covers up exposing your husbands naked back. You smirked to yourself and brought your feet up to his back pressing them against his spine. He yelped and rolled off the bed, taking the covers with him. You cursed to yourself, climbing to the edge of the bed. “Ezio? I’m sorry, I was cold you cover hog." You explained to him. When you got to the edge he grabbed you and pulled you on top of him on the floor. "Then I guess I’ll have to warm you up.”

Connor: You had no idea what time it was, the only thing you did know, what that you were freezing. Connor had somehow managed to gather all the covers up in his arms and was facing away from you snoring. You knew he didn’t mean to, and if he found out he was the reason you were shivering next to him he would feel horrible and spend days trying to make it up to you. The big guy was so sweet, but right now, you wanted your blankets. So you decided to give him a bit of a scare. You uncovered his (God-like) back and placed your feet under his shoulder blades. He freaked out and leaped out of bed, looking around the room wide-eyed. You grabbed the blankets that he dropped and wrapped yourself in them. He turned around and looked at you. “Did you just…?” He asked climbing back into bed. You only nodded happy that you had your blankets back. He didn’t say anything else, only pulled you into his arms making you even warmer.

Edward: The ship was like ice, normally you wouldn’t mind this because you had Edward to cuddle with, and a pile of blankets on the bed.  Tonight however, your boyfriend was hogging all the covers. You wanted to have a little fun with it so you thought of a few different ways on how to get your precious blankets back. You finally settled on the best one, you didn’t care if it was considered mean, he deserved it for taking something precious to you. You lifted the covers and smiled to yourself. 'Here goes nothing.' You thought to yourself as you pressed your feet onto his back just as the ship hit a huge wave, causing him to go flying out of the bed. You stared at him, chuckling quietly to yourself, reaching down and grabbing the blankets. “Really lass?” He groaned, getting up and rubbing his head. “What?” You questioned, wrapping the blankets around yourself. “You care more about the blankets than me.” He said pouting walking over to the bed. “I’m freezing you asshole.”

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New Year’s Party


If anyone asked, it was Edward’s idea.

Truthfully it was yours, Arno’s, and Ezio’s design, but Edward would probably be too drunk to defend himself. Connor knew it was you guys responsible. He’d walked in while you were on Ezio’s shoulders adjusting the confetti shooters and Arno was on the floor mixing whip cream and little paper bits. Connor hadn’t asked what you were doing, instead giving you one look before turning back around and leaving the same way he’d come in.

After that you’d gotten a little bit more cautious about keeping it a secret. You’d even tasked Jacob with keeping watch at the door. He’d happily obliged, going as far as giving you ideas to make the plan better.

Thanks to Jacob, the rest of the day had gone uninterrupted. By the time the sun was down you’d gotten everything set up. The rest of the guys (and girl) were due to arrive any moment. You had parties for New Year’s every year. As anyone could’ve guessed, they always end in disaster. This year wasn’t going to be an exception.

In the beginning you all at least attempted to make them normal, but after years of having them turn disastrous by themself, you’d started sabotaging them. Usually one or two of the boys would end up helping as well.

“We all done, love?” Jacob asked, stretching his arms above him as he left his perch by the door. He’d been antsy two minutes after you put him there.

“We’re just waiting on everyone to arrive.” You replied, tossing a bottle of cold beer at him. He caught it with ease, smiling down at the beverage.


“I’m just glad that Edward’s taking the blame.” Ezio said, leaning, if possible, even farther into the couch cushions. He looked to be nearly devoured by the black leather. “Altaïr nearly killed me last time.”

“At least he didn’t trash your room.” Arno scoffed, crossing his arms and looking down the hall towards his room. After last years incident he added locks to his door, though they wouldn’t do much good if Altaïr really wanted to get in.

“He gave me a black eye.” Jacob grumbled, jumping over the back of the couch and landing in between Ezio and Arno with a soft plop. “Got one hell of a right hook.”

“Hey,” you laughed, “Don’t be mean to Altaïr just because he can beat you up, invade your privacy, and steal your girls.”

“That was one time!” Ezio yelled, bolting up to point one slender digit at you.

“What was one time, mate?” Edward asked, walking in with a wide grin on his face. He had a half-filled bottle of rum in one hand, sloshing it around as he stepped towards the rest of you.

“Nothing.” Ezio muttered, glowering at you from where he sat on the couch. You smirked in response, shooting him a wink before settling yourself across both his and Arno’s lap, your feet in Jacob’s.

“Comfie?” Jacob questioned, an eyebrow raised at the sock-clad foot he was holding.

“Mmm, very.” You giggled, shooting a funny look to Ezio in hopes to get him to laugh. He did, however grudgingly.

“Want some rum, lass?” Edward offered, pressing the cool bottle to your hands. You shrugged, taking a large gulp of the harsh liquid and very nearly spluttering it all over Ezio. Honestly, you had no idea how Edward handled that stuff.

“At it again, I see.” Evie spoke from the doorway, amusement lacing her tone. From what you could see through the tears in your eyes; Altaïr, Connor, and Desmond were also there. Although, they looked a lot more like blurs of color than people.

“If only you could keep it down.” Desmond laughed, pushing Connor through the door.

“Watch it.” Altaïr said, nearly getting pummeled over by Connor’s larger form. The Native stopped himself just in time, his shoulder mere inches from Altaïr’s chest.

“Desmond.” Connor huffed, leaving the others by the door to come closer to you.

“What? Evie did it.” He blamed, holding his hands in surrender as he too made his way further into the room.

“Glad to see you’re reliable.” Evie muttered, pushing herself off the doorway. “You’re looking awfully comfortable.” She laughed, gesturing towards where you still laid across Arno, Jacob, and Ezio.

“I am, thanks.” You stated, handing Edward his rum once more. He shook his head, grumbling something about “weak lasses” under his breath before pouring back his bottle.

“I’m not.” Arno and Ezio said at the same time. Jacob, however, shrugged, seeming to accept his fate with dignity.

“Karma.” Connor whispered quietly. Altaïr, not unlike a hawk, whipped his head towards Connor, his gaze narrowing.

“If you did anything…” He trailed off ominously, burning a hole in each of your heads with a glare.

Ezio opened his mouth, as well as just about everyone in the room, presumably to defend his honor, when a loud bang sounded, confetti and whip cream dousing the occupants of the room. Deadly silence followed, your eyes squeezed shut in preparation for the impending fallout. You had, after all, made a promise that you wouldn’t mess up the party this year.

“Surprise?” Arno squeaked, looking like he was seconds away from bolting to his room and protecting it himself if need be.

“Edward, what the hell?” You yelled, putting on your best surprised expression. “You promised not to screw things up!”

“What?” Edward slurred, pulling another bottle of rum out of God knows where.

“What were you thinking, amico?” Ezio asked, playing along.

“Bloody hell man, you got my clothes covered.” Jacob grumbled, not missing a beat as he joined in on the lie. By this point, Edward looked thoroughly confused, although it probably had more to do with the alcohol than with your words.

“What the fuck?” Desmond exclaimed, shaking off the foamy material with a disgusted look.

“Really?” Evie sighed, looking entirely done with the lot of you.

Connor stood in silence, a scowl adorning his features. He’d expected it but he still got covered. Out of everyone in the room, nobody looked as angry as Altaïr. His face was red, jaw clenched, and murder in his eyes. You were half expecting steam to start blowing from his ears like an old cartoon.

He was silent, sizing each of you up with a single look. Even with the anger in his eyes, you couldn’t help but think it would be more intimidating if half of his face was splashed with whip cream. Oh, he didn’t believe you guys for a second. He knew exactly whose fault it was and you didn’t want to see what he’d do in retaliation. Yep, you thought as he stood up, death is inevitable.

S/O Falls Asleep on Assassin

Altaïr : Altaïr would look over at his S/O annoyed, but once seeing their face he would smile because of how adorable they looked when they slept. He’d stay there for a moment before slowly getting up, placing a pillow under their head, and leaving the room.

Ezio : Ezio would kiss the top of his S/O’s forehead dotingly, running his coarse fingers through their hair (he would take their hair down if it was long enough to be tied up). He would allow his S/O to sleep on him all he liked, and if it was late enough, he’d try to pick them up for bed (although usually it fails and they wake up).

Connor : Connor would anxiously look over at his S/O, unclear on what to do next. He’d stiffly sit there for a while, watching every breath cause their chest to rise and fall, until he himself calmed down and he’d try to slowly awake them, unless he knew they were dog tired.

Edward : What are you talking about? He would be asleep too.

Arno : Arno would watch his S/O begin to fall asleep. He would try to get them to stay attentive (because they were probably watching a movie or something), but after a while he just gave up trying to keep them awake. When their S/O finally was out, Arno would sigh lowly and cross his arms, trying to not want to cuddle them. In the end we can all assume what happened.

Jacob : He would awkwardly allow his S/O to slump into him, moving back she they could place their head on his shoulder. In some way, shape, or form, he managed to get them comfortable and himself uncomfortable. At least he was with his S/O (desperately wishing they’d wake up soon).

Evie : Evie would have in the first place refused to watch a movie. She would usually be working late or working around the house. None the less, she could be easily convinced by her S/O, so when they ended up watching a movie together, Evie would not only allow them to fall asleep on her, but also soon leave them to go work on something (not before kissing them and covering them up.).

this charming man - modern au ezioleo playlist on 8tracks

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{ lonely boy - the black keys // call me irresponsible - michael buble // black and blue - miike snow // you’re the one that i want (cover) - the lennings // a certain romance - arctic monkeys // burning love - wynonna judd // electricity - arctic monkeys // this charming man - the smiths }

Delsin: you know what I’ve always wondered? How do tall people like you actually sleep at night when the blanket cant possibly cover you from your shoulders to your toes??
Aiden: Delsin.
Delsin: so…you can’t sleep, huh?
Delsin: …is it because of the blanket

•Mod Ezio•

Preference No. 3: The First “I Love You” (Part 2)

A/N: Guys, I’m so sorry if this caused your things to crash. I didn’t even realize it would do that so I split it in half. The first part is Altair, Ezio, Connor, Haytham, and Edward. This will have the next five. Sorry again!

Shay Cormac:

“Shay,” you ground out, glaring at him.

“(Y/N),” he replied, watching you cautiously.

“We’ve gone over this before.” He smiled sheepishly, a hand rubbing his forearm. He looked absolutely ridiculous, standing in your doorway, covered head to toe in blood, and asking if he might bunker at your place for the night. And sadly, this wasn’t a rare occurrence for the Assassin-turned-Templar. He was always getting into trouble in some form or another, coming to you for a place to stay afterwards.

Of course, you’d never turn down your longest known friend, but that didn’t mean you had to be entirely happy about it. He stained almost everything with blood, often inviting in a few of his new friends. It really was annoying but you never had the heart to tell him when he looked to you with shining, dark eyes, thanking you. The man could even look cute in blood! You sighed, opening the door wider for him to saunter in.

“Thank you.” You only nodded to him, shutting the door with a little more force than required. You couldn’t help it, the man had a way with frustrating you. Or perhaps it was because you couldn’t deny him anything. He could come to your door asking you for your arm with those damned puppy dog eyes and you’d give in.

“You better not stain anything with blood, Shay Patrick Cormac, or so help me,” you warned. He nodded respectively.

“I give you my word.”

“Good,” you replied tersely, walking towards your own room.

“You’re not going to ask me what happened?” He questioned, a scarred eyebrow raised inquisitively. Sighing dramatically, you leaned one shoulder against the wall and crossed your arms.

“And what exactly happened this time, Shay?” He smiled deviously, launching into an incredibly detailed story of what had happened since the last time you saw him. Had it not been for his gorgeous voice wrapping around your tired form, you would have shut him up long before. However, it was too hard now, the excitement in his voice alighting happiness in yours. He talked particularly fond of the Morrigan, speaking of the crew with high amounts of respect. He had been continuing on talking about something about Haytham and an Assassin when you finally realized it; you were in love with Shay.

Your mouth dropped open, your eyes widening. You were in love with Shay Patrick Cormac, the man who had stained your things one too many times, who had always come to you when he needed a place to stay, the man who trusted you.

“What do you think, (Y/N)?” Shay asked. You, however, were too busy with your revelation and all it entailed. Sure, you’d found Shay attractive, but look at the man! Who wouldn’t find him attractive? And of course he had an alluring personality, but that was just another fact in this world, as true as the sun in the sky. “(Y/N)?” You blinked.

“I love you.” Your voice was surprised and entirely unsure, the realization shaking something deep within you. His eyes blew up, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. Wordlessly, he moved closer to you, looking deep within your eyes as if searching for deceit. He seemed satisfied with his findings, a soft smile gracing his lips.

“It’s about time,” he chuckled. “I love you, (Y/N).” You returned his smile. Your initial shock had worn off, giving way to something much sweeter. Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing that you loved the man.

Arno Dorian:

To say you were bored would be an extreme understatement. The haughty lights blinded you, the obnoxiously loud music assaulting your ears, every man and woman drowning themselves in ridiculous amounts of perfumes or colognes, the stiff feel of French aristocracy fresh in the air, and the bitter taste of false pretenses all working together to drive you insane. You were an Assassin, for fucks sake, not a spoiled girl waiting for the right suitor to come along. Your jaw was clenched as you wrapped a hand tightly around the overly-flashy dress you’d been required to wear. You were so far lost into your hatred that you hadn’t noticed Arno’s presence until he reached out for your shoulder, causing you to nearly jump out of your skin.

“Arno,” you whispered, your body relaxing from its fighting stance.

“No need to attack,” he smirked, holding both hands up in surrender. “I was only hoping for a dance.” Rolling your eyes goodnaturedly, you wrapped your arm around his.

“Lead the way.” And he did, bringing you to the middle of the dance floor and wrapping you comfortably in his arms. He was so gentle, so sweet, his eyes shining with nothing but adoration as he spun you gracefully around in a neverending circle. Had you been allowed, you never would’ve left the safe confines of his arms. His embrace was warm and safe and something that you now craved at every moment. You could never get enough of his sweet words or his gentle touches, wishing more than anything that he was yours. But sadly, he wasn’t. You sighed softly into the crook of his neck, wanting him more than anything.

“Something on your mind?” He asked, his eyes trained on the crowd around you. You took another step, following his lead in the dance.

“It’s nothing,” you muttered. His gaze dropped down to you, concern etched on his gorgeous features.

“That doesn’t sound like nothing.”

“I’d rather not talk about it.” You stated, avoiding his eyes at all cost. You knew that one look into the soulful orbs and you’d be lost, spilling every one of your secrets to him. He pursed his lips, pulling you out of the dance by your hand. “Arno?” You inquired, following him without hesitation. “Where are you taki-,” You were cut off as he pulled you into a dark room, shutting the door against the assaulting sounds and smells.

“Now, would you please tell me what is going on?” His voice held a note of irritation, obviously upset that you weren’t telling him everything.

“I,” you paused, watching him.

“You,” he echoed, waiting for you to finish. You sighed, deciding a direct approach was probably best. Besides, you just wished he’d stop looking at you like that.

“I want you,” you stated in one breath, your heart not beating as you watched emotions flicker through his eyes.

“(Y/N),” he whispered. A hand reached up for your cheek, resting softly against the skin. He had the sweetest of smiles playing on his lips, his body moving closer to yours. “I love you.” And like that, his lips were on yours. You couldn’t do anything but melt into his body.

Jacob Frye:

Most days were like this; spending the night blissfully with Jacob and leaving in the early hours of the morning before he woke up. It was dissatisfying, not being able to stay in the warm embrace of his arms until the two of you woke up, but it was just how things were. At least until today, you mused, looking up at the peaceful expression strewn across Jacob’s face. There was no other way to put it, he was beautiful.

Every so often he would let out a small noise, the smell of mint and leather rolling over the two of you. Sure, you’d had nights with him before. Hell, you even woke up to him, but this was something entirely new. And you must admit, you absolutely loved it; you absolutely loved him. His strong arm wrapped tighter around your side, smooth skin sliding across smooth skin as he pulled you closer, dropping a soft kiss on your forehead.

“Morning, love.” He murmured, his voice laced with exhaustion. You could almost laugh, looking out at the shining rays peeking in through the curtains; it was hardly morning.

“Good afternoon,” you replied cheekily, smiling up at him. He groggily returned your smile, snuggling into your warmth. “Comfy?”

“Very much so.” He whispered against your bare skin, prompting a shiver. You could feel his smirk, his ego growing at your reactions. It’s not like you could help it, the man was everything a woman could ask for.

“I think it’s about time to get up, Jacob.” You said, running a hand through his soft, dark locks. He leaned up into your movements, not entirely unlike a kitten.

“Not yet,” he muttered, a hand massaging the skin on your hipbone.

“Jacob,” you repeated, looking into his eyes. His hand abandoned your hip in favor of holding your cheek, his gaze filled with sleep.

“Just a few more minutes, love.” He promised, pulling you back into his arms so your head rested on his chest, his heart beating beneath your ear.

“Fine,” you relented, too distracted by the mixture of smooth skin and strong muscles beneath you to care about getting up.

“I win,” he replied triumphantly.

“You wish,” you scoffed, ghosting your finger over his ribs. He laughed loudly, attempting to pull away from your hands. Scrambling for some sort of escape, he ended up falling to the ground in a heap of pillows and blankets. You couldn’t stop laughing at his adorable pout, looking up to you with mischief in his eyes. Before you could question it, he pounced, attacking your abdomen with gentle caresses that sent you into a fit of laughter.

“Sto-op,” you begged, pushing him away. “Jacob,” you shouted, kicking your legs. He finally gave in, his bare legs on either side of you as he gazed down lovingly, both hands intertwined with your own. His stare was sobering, the smile fading from your lips.

“I love you,” he whispered, nudging your neck with his nose. You moved in closer to his heat, reveling in the feel of him.

“I love you too, Jacob,” you replied, his smile soft against your skin. You’d never felt more satisfied in your entire life than you did in this moment.

Desmond Miles:

He’d been silent for the past half hour, choosing to watch you. Nothing had changed much, of course, just the soft click of keys as your fingers moved effortlessly along the keyboard, a tired yawn every once in a while.

“You should get some sleep.” He finally stated, scaring the hell out of you since it had been silent for so long, his voice even louder in the quiet of the night.

“I can’t, I’ve got work to do.” He went silent once more, staying that way for a few more moments. After watching you make mistake after mistake, exhaustion getting to you, he finally tore your hands off the keyboard, making you turn to face him.

“(Y/N),” he said seriously, “You need sleep.” You wanted to tell him that you needed to finish but the concern in his golden eyes was enough to make you sigh, turning the computer off.

“Fine,” you relented, stretching your stiff limbs as you stood. It surprised you how dark it was, the ever present glow of the monitor causing you to forget reality. You shivered. And boy was reality scary. You preferred to be immersed in your work, that way you wouldn’t have to face the very real, very serious issues presented by Abstergo.

“Is something wrong?” Desmond asked. You paused, looking to him with tired eyes.

“Yes,” you admitted weakly, tired of pretending that everything was alright, that you were alright. He was by your side in seconds, holding you close to his chest.

“What is it?” He inquired. Sighing heavily, you prepared yourself to admit your fears. It wasn’t exactly easy for you, used to keeping it all inside.

“I’m afraid,” you stated seriously, pleading for him to understand. “Everything that’s happening, it’s so much bigger than us. You guys are so calm about it but it’s tearing me apart. Do you understand how many people are relying on us to succeed, even if they don’t know it?” Desmond hushed you, placing a feather of a kiss on the crown of your head.

“It’s okay to be afraid.” He chuckled with no real humor behind it. “We’re all fucked, no matter what happens. It’s better to just accept it.” He shrugged. You laughed softly.

“You’re really shitty at pep talks.” He smiled back to you.

“I suppose I am.” He nodded to your smile, “But I think it’s working.” Rolling your eyes, you snuggled further into his chest.

“I’m only laughing because that was the worst answer ever.” His hand stilled on your back, almost as if he was debating something in his mind. He finally seemed to come up with a verdict, continuing to rub your back.

“You don’t have to be scared alone. You have all of us,” he pulled back, looking deep within your eyes. “You have me.”

“Des,” you inquired, curious as to why he was acting so strange.

“And I love you.” Your lips fell open, surprise in your eyes.

“Des,” you whispered, a hand stroking his soft cheek. He closed his eyes, nuzzling into your hand. “I love you too.” You admitted, smiling softly. You may be scared, but at least you had Desmond by your side.

Shaun Hastings:

“You’re such a dick,” you growled, looking to him sharply.

“Oh, I’m a dick?” He yelled at you, “Just because I’m the only one who’s willing to admit the truth?”

“No, you’re a dick because you yell at everyone.” You replied back, venom lacing your tone. “Just because you happen to over exaggerate the truth only seems to add to your already charming personality.” Each note was dripping with sarcasm, doing nothing to deter Shaun’s fiery anger.

“We’re all going to die,” he shouted, his accent thickening with each word. You swore you were going to kill that man if he didn’t shut up. “It’s as simple as that. I’m going to die, you’re going to die, we’re all going to die.”

“Shut the hell up!” You screamed, your voice echoing in the desolate lands surrounding the two of you.

“Oh, great argument.” He said with false congratulations. “If I had a metal right now, you’d be the winner!”

“Now is not the time for your damn apocalyptic speeches, Shaun!” He looked to you strangely.

“What, because we’re lost? Or because we’ve got half the Templar order on our tails?”

“Because both!” You shouted, your chests rapidly moving up and down as your breathed heavily, all your yelling exerting you.

“Maybe if you had listened to me when I explicitly told you t-,”

“Not this shit again,” you groaned, cutting him off. “I did exactly what you told me, it just didn’t work!”

“It worked perfectly fine for the others!” He argued loudly, the cool breeze doing nothing to snuff the flame out of the flaring tempers.

“Then it doesn’t really matter what happens to us, does it?” You questioned, knowing that would shut him up. Had you not been so angry, you would’ve smiled as he shut his mouth with an audible click. “They’ve got the apple and Desmond, they’re safe. As long as it’s like this, we’re expendable. So why does it matter if I messed up or you messed up? None of this arguing is going to save either one of us.”

“Because I love you,” he yelled, his eyes blazing. “And I want you to be safe.” He added, his voice much quieter than it was before. Silence hung over the two of you like a cloud, your mind still in shock from his revelation. Of course you’d grown to like the man over time, maybe even loved him when he was acting like a complete asshole, but you’d never thought he’d seen you as anything more than an annoyance. Hell, you never thought he’d seen anyone as more than an annoyance.

“So now you’re silent,” he grumbled, crossing his hands over his chest.

“You love me?” You parroted, almost as if the concept of him loving you was alien. And it was to a degree, especially from Shaun.

“You heard me,” he replied, no real heat behind his words.

“You love me.” You swallowed down that bit of information, a hesitant smile growing on your face. He didn’t respond, watching your expression with professional stoicism. You almost wanted to roll your eyes at him, repressing the urge to move closer to him instead. “I know.” You smirked, only inches from him.

“Did you just…?” He asked, the slightest hint of annoyance on his face.

“Han Solo you?” You teased. “Why of course I did, Shaun.” You moved tantalizingly close to him, your breath intermingling. “But, hey, at least that way you get the girl.” You smirked, however, he didn’t look nearly as amused.

3. "It's about time!"

Ezio Auditore x Reader

A/N Hello beautiful people! Happy New Year! Here’s the third prompt, and I wanted to apologise if I made so long, but I got zero ideas 😅 As always, I hope you’re’ll like it 😁 I had so much fun adding words and sentence in Italian 😂😂😂
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You were going to kill him. Oh, if you were.

Ezio was late again, and you normally wouldn’t have mind too much, but that was not the time. Winter reached Florence too, and a loud and cold wind was blowing over the whole city, messing your (Y/H/C) locks and occasionally hitting your face with snow. You were so cold you couldn’t even feel your whole body, despite the many layers of clothing you were wearing that afternoon.
Ezio offered to help you practising your climbing skills and you accepted in an heartbeat, much to your own surprise. Or probably you didn’t want to admit to yourself, but you enjoyed Ezio’s company. Sometimes he could have been a perfect asshole, but you found yourself thinking about him, very often.

Beside, Ezio seemed to be very happy to be your knight in shining armor, and you were none to pull out his own happiness, were you?

You laughed at the thought, shaking your head. He could have been called a perfect knight if he was already here, since you were freezing yourself. The cold was slowly enter whitin you as the time was passing and you were about to leave when a firm hand grasped your forearm, squeezing it gently.

You were on the verge to throw a punch to whoever it was when a hoarse voice whispered in your ear: “Non è molto gentile colpire un amico, Y/N. Especially if he wants to help you”

You groaned. “Not if the friend in question makes you wait when it’s freezing outside. It’s about time, Ezio! Dov'eri finito?”

He smirked, making you want to punch him in the face. Or kiss him, you weren’t quite sure. “I can’t tell you, tesoro. Beside, this isn’t a good story, too much boring for you" He said with a yawn, to confirm his own point. You shook your head, sighing. “Okay, whatever. Can we start now? I am sure my fingers will fall if I don’t move now”

Ezio reached for your hand, brushing your finger to his mouth softly, his warm breath over your fingertips in an attempt to warm you. You blushed furiously at his gestures, trying to pull out from his gentle grasp. “Sono terribilmente dispiaciuto. I shouldn’t left you here, not when it’s so cold.”

“If I say that I forgive you, we’ll be all over this? I really, really need your help, and I just want to finish before night” You said, clasping your hands together. Ezio smiled, his dark eyes soften at you.

“Reach that point. I’ll be watching you.“

“And what if I turn around and I see you left me all again?” You said with a smile, as Ezio frowned.

“Come on, Y/N! This is lack of trust.”

You lift your eyes at the sky. “I’m just kidding, idiota

Of course you knew he wouldn’t do that. Problem was, he didn’t quite understand. Meanwhile, Ezio just looked at you and you groaned, reaching the spot he have pointed earlier. You watched it, biting your lip. The climb wasn’t too high, sure; but you could have felt your stomach turn on its own. Dizziness was something you had to fought since you decided to join the brotherhood, and you were very pissed you still had this pointless fear.

But you just couldn’t help. You refuse this to be stronger and win over you and you were really trying, but the thought of you, falling while you were on top of a building…

Your hands started to shake while reaching the cold stone. You regretted you didn’t wear any gloves, but now it was late to complain about it. Not far from you, Ezio was observing you very carefully. You could feel his stare on your back, making you shiver even more. Biting your lip, you kept climbing. The walls were all slippery because of the snow, making your efforts even harder. You wondered if you choose a good day in the exact moment you felt your hands slipping from the building.

You froze, your limbs suddenly too heavy for your own body. From below, Ezio was yelling you something,m but you couldn’t quite catch what he was saying. You felt the wind hit you hard, sharp as a knife while your grip was loosening, starting to fall. Actually you didn’t reach an high point, but in the exact moment you looked down you felt sick, regretting this action immediately.

What was up with you? This was a terrible idea, the worst you ever had.

Closing your eyes you waited for an harsh impact, something that never happened as you fell straight into something - or someone, more apparently.

You opened your eyes and you found Ezio staring worried at your face, you in his arms. You were sure the colour was reappearing all again all over your face as you felt the blush crept in your cheek.

“Stai bene?”

You could just nodd as the dizz was slowly pulling out from your ears. You shifted uncomfortably in his arms as he made you sit on the ground, still in his arms as he refused to let you go. He grabbed your chin, his dark eyes scanning you.

“You made me worry, Y/N. Your fear is worse that I even expected. Why you decided to try this? You could have been hurt.”

You looked away, feeling like a little child scolded. Why you did it? Because you wanted to be better, because you wanted to win over your own fears, because…

Because you wanted to spend more time with him.

Realisation hit you hard and you were completely sure, you were all red by now. You opened your mouth, tried to say something, but your mind went completely blank by now. You were still in his arms and Ezio was still looking at you worried, so you had to find something to say very soon.

“I… Because I like you, that’s why” You said, and once you understood what actually came out from your mouth all you wanted to do was cover your eyes and collapse in the ground. How in the hell you could have said that? Just, how? You thought, closing your eyes and trying to forget what was happening.

Meanwhile, Ezio seemed surprised as you were, his mouth forming a full “O” before a wide grin appeared on his lips. Slowly, he took your face in his hands making you look at him. He was smiling at you, his expression sweet and soft.

“It’s about time, Y/N. Even though I must say, there are easier way to get my attention, tesoro.”

You laughed nervously. “Sei uno scemo.”

You tried to get up from him, when his arms pulled you back to his form. Confused, you looked at you as he pressed his lips over yours, just a light and a loving contact of lips. Smiling, you pressed yourself to him even more, your hands on the back of his neck as you both deepened the kiss. Still smiling you pulled away, finding yourself panting and in need of air. Ezio was still smiling. “What if we get out of here and we drink something warm? Of how much I can enjoy this position, I can’t feel my legs anymore.”

You nodded, getting up and lacing you fingers with his.

You may hate cold and you could have been scared as hell at the thought of climbing all again, but after all it turned better than you have ever expected.
Imagine Ezio Putting You To Sleep

      Her mind kept drifting to her presentation she had in the morning; making up nightmarish scenarios that left her heart racing. She hated speaking in front of a group, especially when it was a hundred-plus people! What if she stuttered? Or, what if she tripped and fell? Or, or, what if she forgot what to say?! She groaned as she rolled over onto her side, stuffing her head under the blankets and squeezing her eyes shut, trying to hold back tears.
      “Y/N. what’s wrong?” Ezio asked, trying to pull her to face him.
      She pulled away, curling up in a tighter ball under the covers. She felt his body lean over her, rubbing her arm affectionately. She groaned, wiggling away from him, still trying to muffle her cries.
      “Is it your presentation tomorrow?” He asked, gently moving the blanket away from her face. He turned her towards him before cupping her cheeks to wipe the tears from them with his thumbs. She nodded after a moment, as involuntary sobs shook her. “There’s nothing to worry about, baby, really. Everyone loves you.”
      She rolled her eyes, “Everyone meaning you…”
      “No. You’re a sweetheart and you’re funny.” He smiled, leaning down to kiss her forehead. “On top of that, you’re voice is captivating. When you get to talking about something you feel so passionate about, I can not only hear it but I can feel it. You have that effect on everyone.”
      “Really?” She asked, surprised.
      “Yes,” he smiled down at her, “Come, get some rest.”
      She shook her head, “I still don’t think I’ll be able to sleep,” she whined.
      He chuckled, as he pulled her over to him. She settled with her head against his chest, listening to the soft beat of his heart and the gentle hum in his throat as he began to sing to her. A lazy finger began drawing meaningless designs on her bare arm, while the other held her hand.
      She looked up at him, “Thank you.” It still amazed her how effortlessly Ezio was able to put her at ease, even to this day.
      “Anything for you, my love.” He kissed her forehead once again.
      He listened to her hum while he sang. She knew this lullaby by heart now, as he had sang it to her many times. It never grew old; the familiar notes allowed her mind to relax and allow herself to wander into sleep, with Ezio’s gentle singing still swirling in her head.

Me bringing AC characters to a strip club...
  • Altair: this is not acceptable!
  • Malik: every dancer is a novice in here
  • Me: so you are saying, you can be better?
  • Malik: ....shut up.
  • --
  • Ezio: *having a blast* can I take them all home??? :D
  • --
  • Connor: *covers his face with his hands* o//o I can't handle this.
  • Haytham: Disgusting *secretly enjoys it*
  • --
  • --
  • Aveline: those are the wrong strippers, bring in the boys >:D
  • --
  • Shay: okay...I'm actually enjoying this..
  • Stripper: hey handsome, do you want to get lucky?
  • Shay: *stands up* I make my own luck *grabs the stripper and goes to a VIP room*
  • --
  • Arno: I wonder if Elise would look good in this profession
  • Elise: *slaps Arno across the face*
  • --
  • Charles Lee: Where is Master Kenway? We need to- oh my...I think I'm staying here for a while....
Assassin’s Creed Modern Brotherhood AU

I was talking with @shay-patrick-cormac and we got on the topic of a modern AU where all of the main protags + some others operate on a global scale and we came up with some headcannons for it!


- Considered the True Mentor, Altair was the one who revitalized the Assassins from their crumbling state into a HUGE, but very undercover, organization. The Templars don’t even really know the true size of the Brotherhood anymore, and they constantly underestimate the Brotherhood’s resources and numbers. 

- Being his apprentice is a BIG deal. It’s not a huge ceremony like most young Assassins get when getting mentors, but for the apprentice? Just being mentored by him is a big deal. He takes an apprentice every five years, give or take. He’s only had one apprentice thus far, but he’s nearing the end of the five years… who will earn the title of Altair’s Apprentice next?

- He operates mainly out of cities near Jerusalem and is very good at covering his tracks with his knowledge and decent amount of direct contacts. He tends to rely on Ezio when it comes to information given to him by anyone but those direct contacts, seeing as he doesn’t trust information once it’s been passed down by more than two people. He believes it may get warped or misunderstood the more people who pass it along. To sum up: he’s not a fan of intel-telephone. 


-  Considered the second-in-command, and he’s a bit more approachable than Altair. He tends to be the middle man for Altair and ALL of the other Assassins (Ok, not ALL of them, but many Assassins below the rank of Regional Leader.

- Operates out of Italy (Where he is the Head Assassin) but also has been known to travel around the Mediterranean. Tends to travel a lot more than Altair.

- He tends to mentor a lot of people at the same time as opposed to Altair. He acts like a teacher and a father for those lacking a paternal figure. Yes, he is kind of the Dad of the Assassins but with all that charm still ;)

- He has a lot of connections too and they range from inconspicuous bar tenders to literal kings. Great at finding out even the most pointless things about people once he dedicates resources into it. But he’s also more public to the Templars, if only by a bit. They believe it’s just him and maybe some others, but they still have yet to learn the true magnitude of their enemy. 


- Connor has the rather ambitious and stressful job of being the head Assassin of THE ENTIRE USA, even parts of Canada. It’s not so much the size of the country as the people in it. Templars are a lot harder to weed out as any business man could be one, but there are SO MANY. 

- The US is also big enough where Templars who know about the target on their back can escape to rural towns and virtually disappear. But Connor has this problem tackled with the many layers of contacts he has. 

- There are also plenty of people who want to be Assassins in the US, and while most of them don’t operate the more… gruesome parts of the work, he’ll let anyone willing to contribute. Freedom fighters, rebels, whatever form the liberal minded come in, Connor probably knows about them. 

- He can’t keep up with all the goings on, but he doesn’t have to. He trusts the regional leaders of North America to keep it organized and well informed, and he knows that if anything of importance comes up, they will tell him. 

- Everyone knows about his father, but nobody suspects he could betray the Assassins. And he wouldn’t! But he is trying to find middle ground because he doesn’t really want to kill/confront his father… 


- Aveline is one of the regional leaders, though Connor openly admits she is equal to him in all but title. 

- She is comfortable being a regional leader of the Southern US- it lets her operate with a more hands-on approach and she likes being involved (She thinks being a Head Assassin means being detached from the other Assassins). 

- She is Connor’s top informant, and she is the first person he goes to when he needs information for anything. If someone knows something, they’ll get it, whether using her charms or his intimidation (he’s such a sweet puppy otherwise tbh). No secrets are safe in the minds of men.

- Anyone who has ever dealt with her will note both her poise and good humor. The lower ranking Assassins aspire to be like her.


- Edward is not the Head Assassin, nor is he the Region Leader, but he operates out of the Caribbean and he’s highly regarded there as an expert of both espionage and, obviously, the actual field work. 

- While not as widely known among the Assassins, he has his place and couldn’t be prouder of his grandson for being the Head Assassin of the US

- He visits London from time to time and many lower ranking recruits there never forget him because he and Jacob are like flint and steel- they always start stuff on fire when together. It’s a nightmare for Evie.


- Arno is, like Edward, not even a regional leader but he seems to operate exclusively in France, not that he wouldn’t mind leaving- lots of bad memories in France. 

- His business seems innocent, just a small, local chain of quaint cafes, what could be so bad? Whoops, the staff members are all Assassins, and they hear every whisper uttered. Not that they pry, but if they hear a name of a Templar, or suspicious Templar activity, they’re like hounds on a hare, chasing those rumors and constantly checking them to make sure they’re legit. 

- He’s like the Ultra Messenger, an expert at weeding out even the tiniest details. In fact, a lot of his intel tends to make it’s way back to Ezio.

- Rumors of him being romantically involved with the Head Templar Elise have been interpreted as him being a spy, but they legitimately are together. It’s peculiar that a real relationship is being mistaken for a fake one this time. Usually it’s the other way around. 


- Jacob is widely known in the Brotherhood across the world as the might-as-well-be Head Assassin. Everyone thinks he’s the leader there, but it’s actually Evie. 

- Jacob’s gang operates both under-the-table and out in broad daylight. The brash, in-your-face style of operation actually is what keeps their Assassin ties a secret; the Templars assume that they’re “too public” for Assassins. Puts a WHOLE new spin on hiding in plain sight.

- He doesn’t actually like the aspect of having to report to people so he straight-up ignores writing serious reports. Nobody really punishes him for it since he started turning in “Reports”

- Those reports were just newspaper articles on ‘mysterious and unfortunate events’ with notes like ‘That guy was NOT a kind, generous loving soul he BEAT A MAN over CARDS’


- Evie, while technically the Head Assassin (Appointed by Henry after he decided to step down) has given up correcting people on who is really the Head Assassin. “We both are…” She says now, since it’s easier to explain. 

- She operates under-the-radar but uses Jacob’s gang as a cover. She always finds a way to tie any mishaps to his gang. 

- While the Templars see the Rooks as a troublesome threat, they have no suspicions on them being Assassins. Evie also keeps it that way, making sure that whatever the gang does, it doesn’t draw any suspicions on who is running them. 

- Oh, a businessman who HAPPENED to be a Templar just HAPPENED to lose all of his stocks? Oh, his warehouse just HAPPENED to burn down? Oh, a rumor about employee abuse started spreading? How absolutely UNFORTUNATE!

Bonus/ Extras

Henry Green

- Henry stepped down because God Save Him he didn’t want to read any more reports on what Jacob did so he made Evie Head Assassin so he won’t have to read about how Jacob almost wrecked the British economy… again.

- He’s well regarded still but he now mostly deals with collecting intel and whatnot. Not a very good field agent but he has connections all over the world so Evie tries to keep him safe. His information is invaluable to the Assassins (And plus… they’re like… together and stuff). 

Mary Read

- The Regional Leader of the Caribbean, and could definitely be the Head Assassin when the time came to elect a new one. 

- You can thank her for recruiting Edward. Or curse her. Depends on who ya are.

- Was a smuggler before becoming an Assassin, and uses those skills to sneak the more… peculiar resources that would raise the eye of the Templars (or the government).

Shay Cormac

- While he sides with the Templars, he keeps both factions from First Civilization artifacts and travels the world to do so. Tends to get in the way of the Assassins more than Templars, but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence… every time…

- Sort of a messenger for Haytham. People say that Shay is like Haytham’s Hands, reaching out across the world to enact his will. But that’s ridiculous. Shay is more like Haytham’s Eyes and Ears, but I suppose that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. 

Crawford Starrick

- Was actually raised by Shay, believe it or not (I credit all of this to @shay-patrick-cormac) HEAR ME OUT

- After his parents were murdered, Shay found him and took him in during one of his travels to London and taught him the way of the Templars, and Haytham approved of him being Shay’s apprentice.

- Returned to London when he became an adult and actually has done a fairly good job asserting Templar authority there (Until the Fryes…)

Ranks (WIP but bear with me)

True Mentor: Ok it’s not an official “Rank” but it’s the highest honor and only Altair is referred to as it. It basically means he is the teacher of the teachers, the most knowledgeable and the most wise. Perhaps when Altair passes on, another will be given the name. It may one day become an official rank, but for now it’s merely another way to say Altair’s name, especially when near Templars.

Head Assassin:  These guys are kinda like the Leaders of the Brotherhood. You don’t just ‘become’ a Head Assassin, you have to EARN it. Generally through an act that helped the ENTIRE Brotherhood worldwide. They generally look over one country (Like Connor, for instance, mainly looks over the US but Canada is also in his ‘jurisdiction’ if there’s something big going on). Some continents have more than 1 Head Assassin because of language/ culture barriers and whatnot (Europe has a bunch, but there are many in Asia and Africa as well!). Think of it as the Manager, only with murder. Murder Manager.

Regional Leader: They’re basically Head Assassins only smaller. The US has a LOT of Regional Leaders and only 1 Head Assassin, but some countries only have two at most! They generally don’t travel too far and they’re a bit less intimidating than Head Assassins, so to speak. It’s still an honor and a task to become one, but it’s mainly achieved by having an outstanding service record in a certain area. If you operate mainly out of… the Midwest, let’s say, and the Head Assassin knows this, they may appoint you as the Regional Leader of the Midwest. Although there’s not much here besides cornfields and conservatives so I don’t know why you’d want to be the Regional Leader here. But I digress.

Those are the Top Three Ranks, everything below that is mainly just “Assassin” with “Senior Assassin, Assassin, or Apprentice” 

Don’t wanna get ya hands bloody but still wanna help us out? That’s cool. There’s more than just murder here!


Wanna patch up ya field agents? Do ya know how to help people get back on their feet from even fatal blows? Or maybe you wanna be a reverse doctor and specialize in poison and less stabby murders? Well I’ve got the job for you, friend! Become a doctor! Or a Battle Medic! Heal your allies and devastate your foes all while keeping your hands clean! More or less… and figuratively speaking, because you’re a doctor- you’re gonna get dirty. BUT STILL 


Ok so maybe the sight of blood makes you squeamish but you still wanna contribute? Become a spy! Infiltrate the Templars or any enemy of the Assassins and rot them from the inside out! Delve into their dirty dirty secrets and reveal them to your friendly neighborhood field agent and the next thing you know you’ve brought down an empire just in time for lunch! How does pizza with a side of Templar Tears sound? 

Messenger/ Informant

Ok so MAYBE you’re not really the type to befriend and backstab your allies but you wanna still be in that category? Cool, cool. Informats gather information mainly from spies or contacts that have allied themselves with the Assassins. They travel a lot, so this is a good choice for people who want to see the world! Or people who have commitment issues. Either one works.

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maybe a christina x ezio? or ezio x leo teen au, maybe? leo really super likes ezio but ezio doesn't know? haha idk maybe whatever you want to do

Your wish is my command. Very late and very lame, and probably stupid typos since i typed it on my phone, but I might edit it when i get home from work. Enjoy! Ezio x Leo btw.

Leonardo paced around his house, keeping a careful watch of the clock. He stepped over the empty canvases and the brushes scattered across the stained floor, his heel ticking sharply each time he put his foot down. 5 minutes passed in this impatient matter, 10, 20, 40. Then an hour, and by each minute Leonardo increased his pace.
There was a knock on the door, loud and clear.
Leonardo nearly ran to the door and pulled it open.
“Better late than never..” he began, but stopped before he could add something to express his annoyance. 
Ezio stood before him, his soft brown hair pulled into a ponytail. He had the smirk he always wore whenever he saw Leonardo, but there was something different to it. There was a cut in his lip and a bruise straight above, swollen and purple and blue and yellow. Blood was smeared across his otherwise handsome face and ran down his neck and turned his cotton shirt red. The rugged look suited Ezio, in a way, it gave him an edge that both drove Leonardo insane with lust and kept him awake at night worrying.
Ezio gave him a quick pat on the shoulder before sneaking past him and dropping down on the couch. He lay down and pulled his feet up with a displeased groan.Leonardo followed him, filling a bucket with water and grabbing a cloth on the way.
“You’re late” was all Leonardo said.
His hands shook lightly as he knelt and drenched the cloth.
Ezio smirked and tucked his hands underneath his head. He was so carefree, even with the nasty cut. Like it didn’t bother him. Like he didn’t know how much it bothered Leonardo. He didn’t mind cleaning his wounds and taking care of him, he had done it for years. Now that he had turned 17, it had become a habit. Sometimes the injuries were mild, like now, but other times it was bad. So bad that Leonardo advised him to see a doctor, but Ezio would always reject and say it could only be him. Leonardo sighed as he started wiping the blood away. Ezio flinched, but never pulled away.
“What have you done this time, to deserve this?” Leonardo asked him, trying to sound irritated but failing miserably.
“Ran into some guards eager to get me into trouble” he muttered.
“Are you sure its not the other way around?” Leo asked, his lips curling into a soft smile.
Ezio laughed, the pleasant sound echoing between the walls and sending shivers down Leonardo’s back.
“You know me too well, my friend” Ezio said, his voice hinting towards husky after laughing.
Leo glanced at him, meeting Ezio’s eyes in the progress. He blushed, but held his gaze, stared into those eyes that were like the calmest lake and the brightest fire and the wildest storm, and Leo wondered how he could feel such things while Ezio was oblivious.
“You ruined your shirt again” Leonardo said, nodding towards the stains and the ripped fabric.
“I do believe its yours, I borrowed it last time. I apologize” Ezio said, his smirk fading and his eyes shimmering like they only did when he was truly sorry.
“I’ll lend you another one.” He smiled and gave Ezio the blood soaked cloth.”clothes can easily be replaced, but you cant”
The last sentence was only a whisper, one he didn’t expect to linger. But it did, and left Ezio with a surprised frown.

When Leonardo returned with a clean shirt, Ezio had ditched the old one and thrown it aside. Leo tried to focus his attention on anything but his bare chest, but didn’t succeed. He never did. He enjoyed watching the muscles and the way Ezio would flex them when he was being watched, and the dozens of little scars and bruises that covered his youthful body. He was so beautiful, perhaps even more so than his favourite paintings, even though he would never admit that to Ezio. Leo knelt beside him again, rested his hand right above his heart and felt it beating and felt him breathing and felt him being alive. Leo smiled to himself as his fingertips brushed his skin and formed goosebumps down Ezio’s arms. He rested his chin on his chest, watching Ezio in case its not okay, but he only smiled.
“Why are you always so eager to help me?” Ezio asked, his hand finding his way to Leo’s head and entwining his fingers in his long blond hair.
“Because you need me” Leonardo replied, closing his eyes.
He took a deep breath and their breathing matching so perfectly.
“Yes, but don’t you get tired of it? I know you like to stay away from violence, yet you let it in by taking care of me” Ezio asked, his voice full of curiosity and questions.
”I tend to go out of my way for the people I like.”
Ezio fell silent for a moment, tensing slightly. Leo felt the muscles under him harden. He didn’t open his eyes, didn’t want to see him realize and didn’t want to let him go.
“How much” He mumbled.
His breath hitched, and his fingers froze.
“How much what?” Leonardo hummed.
“How much do you like me?” Ezio asked.
Leonardo paused, drumming his fingers against his chest.
“A lot. I super like you”
He bit his lip, prayed he could take his words back and disappear. Ezio had gone awfully silent, even his breathing had faded, but Leo could feel his heartbeat increase.
“There is a word for that” Ezio finally said, after what seemed like hours.
Leo raised an eyebrow.
Ezio smiled.
“I love you, Leonardo”


Word Count: 3878

Warnings: None

Pairing(s): Modern!Ezio Auditore/Reader

Author’s Note: Whoa this one turned out way longer than I ever expected, and has beaten my record of longest oneshot that I’ve written so far by almost double the words! This is the final chapter in the Hospital series! I hope you all like it, as I really enjoyed writing it!




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8 year old me thought a good purchase to make was a little miniature puppy figure (looks like a Bernese mountain dog pup). It was made out of a mesh and covered in fake fur but looked close to being realistic. The thing is about the size of a 10-15 pound dog, and my dogs think that it’s a real dog. They freak out, bark run around it, sniff it’s tail and try to get it to play with them whenever I take it off the shelf. 

I’ll have to take a video of it one day. 
Ezio also hates a little baby doll one of my brother’s kids left here, and my charmander piggy bank because he thinks they’re real. 

Girl’s Day #squad (Part 2) - (Reader x Claudia Auditore + Evie Frye + Élise de le Serre + ??????)

What is this? Reader Insert series about living in an apartment building full of the characters from Assassin’s Creed in a modern setting. A guilty pleasure series tbh. Not gonna lie.

A/N: You get caught buying some things by tall dark and handsome. Whoops! Your girls are the best~ <3


Originally posted by yocalio

“It’s so good so finally meet you!”

You weren’t sure what to say in response as the vibrant redhead hugged you in greeting. At first glance she didn’t seem like the type to affectionate. As you had approached her with Evie and Claudia leading the way, she stood tall, with shoulders back and squared. She seemed the kind of woman to take charge and wait for no one. However as soon as Claudia called out, her hard edges dissolved with a brilliant smile.

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What an Animess- Chapter 1(?)

Originally posted by donotfuckingclick

A/N: Trying something new with an idea that’s always been super interesting to me! I hope you enjoy this and if you guys want more, I’d be willing to make it a multiple chapter story! But for now, enjoy this little whatever-it-is!

“Hey, Initiate! Ready for your first real experience in the Animus?”

You nodded shakily. You had sided with the Assassins a few weeks ago, and now you were finally going to participate in delving into the memories of past assassins. You were nervous, obviously; you had heard of all the cognitive damage that could happen, but you were going to put your trust in Bishop, Rebecca, and Shaun nonetheless. The Animus had evolved slightly from a bulky table to a smaller device that could be fitted around the participant with relative comfort. You got yourself settled, mentally preparing yourself for whatever memory that was soon to be loaded.
There was silence for a minute, and worry began creeping up on you.
“Rebecca, something’s wrong. The memory won’t load.”
Bishop’s voice was laced with concern, but Rebecca didn’t seem fazed.
“I got it; I’ve been at this for a while, it’s nothing new.”
“Just so long as you don’t turn our Initiate friends’ brain to mush.” Shaun added.
“Hey, I didn’t hurt Desmond when we loaded memories… Or at least…” Rebecca trailed off.
“Except that one time where he fell into a coma for how long?”
“I didn’t do that.” The engineer defended herself.
“Either way, he’s gone. Just focus on this initiate.” Shaun seemed to discard the topic, and asked Bishop, “Now, where and when exactly is this memory taking place?”
“It takes place during Alexander the Great’s reign, and we’ll be following the assassin Iltani herself!” Bishop answered excitedly. Shaun nodded, “Yes, the Babylonian one, right? Well, let’s not waste anymore time. Time is not on our side, as usual.”
Rebecca began working on loading the memory, but after a few minutes, she let out a frustrated, “This isn’t right, it should be loading but it’s not!”
“I thought you were the expert.” Shaun commented dryly.
“It should be loading, but it keeps saying “File storage at capacity.”
Bishop made a disapproving noise, “That can’t be right, there shouldn’t even be anything in that file. Here, let me try- Oh, shit.”
Oh shit.
“What, what’s happening?” Shaun asked, his voice now genuinely concerned.
“Rebecca, get the Initiate out of the Animus! It's… It's… I don’t know, it’s…”
File Merge Complete.
“Hold on, Initiate! Just, stay conscious… Come on… No! Shaun! Help me out here!”
Shaun rushed to the other side of you, “What happened?”
The last thing you remember hearing was Rebecca saying “The memory files… They… merged. ALL of them, right up to the Modern era memories…” and Shaun muttering a “Shit…”

Altair felt himself slipping into death’s embrace. He had lived a long life, filled with experiences that gave him wisdom and allowed him to truly help the Brotherhood. He closed his eyes, knowing that soon his life would fade and he would pass away. But something just felt… Wrong. This was how it was supposed to go, yet he felt something pulling at him. Suddenly, a large noise in front of him forced his eyes to crack open. Something had appeared before him. A hole, a rift, something. It wasn’t supposed to be there. He tried to move, but he was too old and weak now to resist the pull of the vortex. He was drawn closer, and suddenly, he was inside it.

He was no longer in the library, that he knew for sure. He felt his bones gain strength, his vision sharpen, he felt like time was reversing, that he was becoming younger. Suddenly, the vortex spit him out just outside Masyaf. But Masyaf was different. It looked like it did when he was younger… But how…?

“Altair! Altair!” A recruit called to him, running up in frenzied haste, “Altair! There's… It's…”
“What is it? What’s happening?” Altair demanded, stopping himself when he heard his voice. Taking a quick glance down, he found he was wearing his old assassin robes.
“No time to explain, even if I could! There are holes tearing open the sky! Follow me! There is one just outside the village!” The recruit took off toward the entrance, and Altair followed quickly behind, feeling an energy and strength in his body that he had not experienced since his youth. “What sorcery is this…” He mumbled to himself in confusion. Was this some divine will? Was he given a second chance to right his mistakes before he made them? He pondered these questions as he sprinted silently behind the frantic recruit.
The village was in a panic. Crowds of people screamed and ran towards any shelter they could find. “The sky is splitting at the seams! The end is upon us!” Screeched a terrified woman, clutching a child and running toward the fortress. Weaving through the masses, Altair had to keep a close eye on the recruit leading him, hoping he wouldn’t vanish in the group. Soon enough, he was no longer being jostled by scared civilians, and he could see clearly the assassin again. “We are nearly there, see it? Up there, by that ledge. Come on, we need to find out if we can stop this madness!”

For a minute they ran, their feet hitting the ground being the only sound between them. Altair tried to think of what in the world he could do to even try to stop the chaos. They were beneath it now, and the vortex was about fifty feet in the air. Altair did not feel the pull like he did in the library, but he cautioned the assassins that had gathered there to keep away from it.
“What do we do? Altair, you knew of the Apple of Eden, do you know how to stop this?” An assassin asked, turning to face Altair.
“Maybe the hole was caused by the Apple! We should get rid of it!” Another piped up.
“Altair! We could use it to close it, perhaps? Maybe we should use its power-”
Enough!” Altair silenced them, “The Apple did not cause this. I don’t know what did, but the Apple would be useless.”

As if to prove his point, the vortex quivered a bit and seemed to grow slightly larger. This scared some of the less experienced assassins into fleeing back to Masyaf, and forced many to step back. “Altair, we have to do something! Anything! It could swallow the world!”
“Panicking won’t help. We should just-” Altair was cut off by a cry, “Look! Something is inside of it!”

It was true. A dark figure appeared to be nearing the outside, although it seemed off balance, as if it were falling. Altair and the remaining assassins took another step back, and waited to see what happened. There were a few moments of eerie quiet, and then…
The dark figure screamed as it fell out of the hole and into a stack of hay.

“Run! Demons are falling from the sky!”
All the Assassins fled except Altair, who readied his blade for whatever was in the hay. The hay moved, and Altair felt his muscles tense, and then…

Dios mio… Where am I?”

Altair’s eyes narrowed as a man popped his head out, his brown hair covered in bits of hay.
“I… wait… you’re…”

Altair approached the man- or perhaps, boy, as he appeared to be very young- with a confused face, “Who are you?” He demanded with a growl.

“Ezio Auditore da Firenze. And you’re Altair!”
“I am… how do you know my name?”

Ezio’s eyes were wide in disbelief, “I watched you through your memories. You died in the library in Masyaf…”

“I was about to. But then I was pulled through a rift and ended up here. I believe it reversed time and made me young again.”
“That is similar to what happened to me. I was sitting by myself in a market… and then… some great big… thing showed up and I fell. Now I’m here, in Masyaf. It’s a lot nicer here then when I came to find you.”
“When you what?”

“I was led to the library through your memories. You were just bones and robes though… How are we standing here, together, alive?”
Altair was quiet as he pondered his options, “By your accent, you were not born here. By your clothes, you weren’t born in our time, either. Whenever you were born, you ended up here, now.”
“I’m not supposed to even be born until 300 years from now.” Ezio added, “That means those rifts are changing time.”
“Putting people in places they were never meant to be.”

“Lucky for us, I was the only one who fell through. At least I’ve had experience with this sort of thing. Not… the holes in the sky part, just the supernatural phenomenon part.”
Altair raised an eyebrow, “Do you?” He asked, suspicion in his voice.

“It seems to be a common theme when you are an Assassin.” Ezio chuckled.

“Ah, so you’re an Assassin. That might explain why you know me, then.”

“Maybe the rifts are just changing certain points in time, rather than all of it.”
“That’s not very comforting.”
“But it’s better than having to deal with all of time being torn apart.”
“Yes,” Altair agreed dryly, “Luckily we only have to deal with part of time being destroyed.”
“I’ll take that over the alternative any other day.”

Altair turned as he heard the sound of hooves hitting the ground. In a few seconds, they were surrounded by Templars.

“I knew that the holes in the sky were caused by your meddling in things that aren’t your business,” one shouted, “The Assassins have always favored chaos for ‘the greater good’. Is this ‘good’, Assassin?”

Altair rolled his eyes, “We had no part in this mess, and the Assassins favor peace!”

Ezio placed his hand on his sword, anticipating a fight.

“We all know that to be false! Why is your Brotherhood built on the bones of Templars and those caught in the crossfire, then? Why are all Assassins taught in the art of murder if you value peace? You’re all hypocrites and heretics, and you shall die a heretic’s death!”  

“You’d better know how to fight.” Altair hissed at Ezio, who smirked, “Fortunately, I do.”

Swords clashed as the two Assassins fought the Templars together, Altair’s knowledge of the Templar fighting style allowing him to anticipate his opponent’s moves while Ezio’s futuristic sword fighting style made him superior over the soldiers. Together, they took on Templar after Templar, until one managed to trip Ezio.

Laying on his back, Ezio had to think quick. He scooped up some sand and threw it at the Templar. It hit the helmet and fell to the ground.

“Heh, is that the best you have, Assassin?”

“No, but this comes close.” Ezio readied his Hidden Gun and fired right into the guard’s chest. The Templar gasped, and fell to the ground, dead.

“Impressive,” Altair commented, “The Hidden Gun exists three centuries after it was developed.”
“Recognize the design? It was taken from your Codex.”

“I see…”

The two stood in silence, looking up at the rift. Ezio paced back and forth, “I think we should go up that ledge and investigate it.”

“It’ll pull you in if you get too close. That’s why we’re both here.” Altair reminded him.

“I know, but we won’t fix anything if we just stare at it.” Ezio began heading up the ledge, intent on getting a closer look. Altair, with a begrudging sigh, followed after him, climbing up the side while grumbling “reckless boy”.

Standing above the rift, Ezio peered down in cautious curiosity. He felt the inexplicable urge to jump in, but he controlled himself as Altair joined him. “I can almost feel it calling to me. Do you feel it too?” Ezio asked.

“Yes. The feeling of wanting to jump in to see what is on the other side? We must ignore it. We don’t know what’s on the other side.”

“Home is on the other side…”
“We don’t know that. You might have come from that side, but it may lead us to somewhere else entirely.”
“I am not going to stand by and assume this mess will sort itself out. If you go somewhere, I’m going as well.”

“Whatever you say, Master Assassin. I’m going back home.”

And with that, Ezio leaped off the ledge, falling into the rift and disappearing. “Ezio, wait!” Altair shouted, but it was too late. Groaning, Altair jumped off after the young Assassin, also disappearing in the rift.

Tumbling out onto the ground, Altair groaned again as he stood up, looking at his surroundings. A large building was in front of him, a courtyard behind him, and a town surrounded by a large wall beyond that.
“Where am I?”

“Altair,” Ezio was smiling when Altair turned to face him,

“Welcome to Monteriggioni.”