and then everyone stared at her for the whole lesson

I think that a nice AU would be: Ruby the chef and Sapphire the pianist. 

Ruby, sixteen years old, started out as a waitress in a modest restaurant, though she has always loved cooking since young age. One day, arrived early at work and with the kitchen still empty, she took the opportunity and prepared some “Ravioli alle pere con fonduta di taleggio” (pear ravioli filling with taleggio cheese fondue) and before she could even explain the chef, also owner of the restaurant, he tasted a forkful of it and almost cried because of the goodnes of the dish.   

Sapphire, at age five, touched the keyboard for the first time and never left it ever after. At the age of ten, she composed her first melody and her piano teacher stared at her agape when she played it during one of the daly lesson.
She embarked on many tours, performing her concert around the world with the public always calling for an encore.   

The two girls, both twenty one, met for the first time when the owner of the new restaurant in which Ruby worked, arranged a special night with the partecipation of the famous pianist Sapphire.   

They now own a three star Michelin restaurant in Beach City renowned in the whole state. Ruby prepares the best dishes that make everyone drool and Sapphire entertains and bewitch the clients with her hands flowing on the keyboard. The restaurant is called “Il Granato Viola” (The Purple Garnet).

Often, afret all the clients are gone and the restaurant is close, Sapphire gives Ruby a preview of her new piece and as a reward Ruby prepares for her a nice fresh lemon sorbet with a drop of Vodka in it.

And then, back at home, the real dessert… if you know what I mean (but I’m sure you dooo >:3)

Schools Player - Magcon Imagine

A/N: Hi guys so I apologies if I take long to post since I have exams but I’ve sacrificed my Sunday evening to finish part 2. I hope you guys have enjoyed the story so far and are looking forward to the rest of it. If you haven’t read part one go read it now. Make sure to follow me for more and comment your thoughts about it so far and if you would also like part 3. Also be sure to like this , I would really appreciate it anyways enjoy part two. Love you :) .xx

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

(Part 2)

“Sorry I’m late” he said with a smirk. All eyes were on him now. His hair was messier from what I saw this morning. Probably did a one night stand and I’m guessing I’m the only one who noticed. Though he did look even hotter with his hair messy. “Oh not a problem Luke” she said smirking back at him. He winked at her and started to walk in my direction. I can’t believe what had just happened. Is she serious ? She can’t do that. He should be in trouble. What is he like some kind of teachers pet or something ? He approached the seat next to me and sat down. I’m guessing all the girls in class now are jealous of me but I didn’t care. I didn’t bother to look at him. During the whole lesson I could feel his gaze on me. Why was he staring at me ? Is their like something wrong with me or something. “Okay class 5 minutes before the bell rings so your free.” Our teacher said. I couldn’t manage to get her name. Everyone cheered and started talking to one another. As I was leaving class, I fell someone approach me by my side. “Hey I’m Luke. I haven’t seen you around so I’m guessing you must be new here ?” He asked. “Uhh yeah I actually am. I moved here a week ago.” I replied. “Great. So how about we hang Friday night ? Get to know each other better.” He said. “I’m actually busy this Friday night. Anyways I guess I’ll see you around . Bye.” I said and left. I couldn’t stand talking to him for another minute. I don’t wanna hang out with the school’s jock. Who knows what can happen ? I speed walked my way to Taylor who was like 2 Meters away from me. “Hey. So what was that all about ?” He asked turning to look at Luke and back at me. “He just asked to hang out on Friday.” I replied a bit confused. “And ? What did you say ?” He asked eagerly. “I said I’m busy and left.” I said. “Oh” he said laughing. “What’s so funny ?” I asked soon joining him. “Your probably the first girl who rejected him. I guess he marked you. Now he’s gonna try so hard to make you his.” He said laughing. “What ? Why ? How do you know ?” I asked. “Things have been heard at school so that’s how everyone knows and it’s pretty obvious that he’s gonna try every way possible to make you his. At least I can see it.” He said. “Anyways let’s head to the canteen. I’ll introduce you to my friends.” He said pulling me along with him.

We arrived at the canteen where Taylor leaded me to a table where these boys were seated. “Whatsup guys” Taylor said as we approached them. “Heyy” they all chanted. “And who is this hottie” asked one of the boys. I started blushing. “This is Nicole. Nicole i would like you to meet ; Cameron, Nash, Hayes, Shawn, Carter, Matt, Jack J, Jack G, Aaron, Mahogany, Sam and Jacob.” He huffed. “Haha hey guys.” I waved at them. “Okay we’ll make some room for us two.” Taylor said pointing to him and I. I sat between Taylor and Cameron. Et to During lunch, I didn’t talk much until Taylor interrupted me from my thoughts. “Guys.. Nicole is marked.” Everyone gasped at Taylor’s remark. “Are you serious ? Don’t lie Tay.” Mahogany said. “I swear. Ask her yourself.” Taylor said and looked at me. “Tell us everything.” Nash said interested in the situation. Everyone’s gaze turned to me. I guess I have to tell them. “He just asked if I wanted to hang Friday night.” I said as simple as possible. “He likes you.” Hayes said. “I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna be one of those one night stands. I’m not falling for it. I’ve already been warned.” I said. Speaking of Luke here he comes entering the canteen with his “posey” and of course girls are following him. I stare at him for a while until his gaze meets mine and he smirked in my direction. Damn it ! His posey and him made their way to a table that was reserved. I’m guessing that’s their special table. His gaze is still on mine but I didn’t care. To relief myself I decided to make small talk with everyone to get to know everyone better. Turns out most of us have a lot in common. I think I’ve also become more confident and more bubbly instead of being shy. I’m glad I met them. The bell rang and we all said our goodbyes and made our way to our next class. Taylor and I realised that were together in every class and along with some of the other guys.

The day went by fast and turns out that Luke is in most of my classes . Great. Just what I needed. Luke didn’t bother to speak to me in any of the classes today which I was grateful for. To think he wouldn’t talk to me at all, I was wrong. I made my way towards the schools parking lot. I was walking alone while Taylor said he would bring his out at the front for me. He’s so sweet. I love him… I walked my way towards the pavement to for Taylor’s arrival . Luke pulled up in front of me with his red Ferrari 458. Are most populars really that rich ? “Wanna ride ?” He asked. “Sorry but I already have one.” I said and made my way towards Taylor who parked infront of Luke. How about that for a Monday ?

The signs as (more) embarrassing things I've done

Aries: Having your best friends scare your crush, he jumped, by shouting happy birthday at you while he walked pass.

Taurus: Scrolling down someone’s twitter and accidently favouriting a post from 2011 (it was the start of this year)

Gemini: Admiting to my friend I was distracted during my final exam because I was trying to figure out if the examiner was a boy or a girl and having 3 people join in with the convo and having my subject teacher, who taught me the exam subject, listen to the convo the whole time.

Cancer: Getting really excited in toys are us by a teddybear and begging my dad to get me it while some 5 year old little girl stares at me like I’m mad and beneath her.

Leo: Having your worst picture ever (as in it looks hideous) printed on the local newspaper and put up on their website.

Virgo :Playing this game in lesson and having some random guy sit on me instead of the chair and everyone stopped playing and the teacher stared at us and laughed for like 5 minutes on end.

Libra: Walking through an ally with your younger brother and having him come in the way of some drunk (smelly and not such a nice person… I’m not going into details) therefore making that person bump into me so I get squashed into the wall

Scorpio :Having to share a book with the guy next to me and me forgetting so I put it in my lap and then the guy next to me coughed and was all red and told me it was awkward to read the book like that…

Sagittarius : arguing with my crush while he was leaning back in his chair and having everyone on the table telling me to stop hating him. Then he falls back and drags the table with him just to have me suddenly grabbing the table so he wouldn’t fall and eveyone on the table looking at my worried face and started laughing.

Capricorn: Having your crush get completely annoyed with your best friend so that he comes up to her and shouts at her, while completely ignoring the fact that I’m standing right there, and walking away.

Aquarius : Literally ranting about why my friends keep saying I’m pregnant (they were joking so we were messing about) just to have my crush and a bunch of his friends walk by and start hooting and laughing.

Pisces: Having a guy lean on my side of the table so I was awkwardly leaning away and some random person in the class shouted across the room to him to give me some space and he got all awkward and went red and looked at me like he was supper sorry.

I still have more of these moments to tell…. :/

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This is my first ever request here so I hope I did this right! If not I'm sorry and please forgive me. Would it be alright if I request kuroo and the reader being 3rd year classmates together that confessed to liking one another at the end of the year but decided that it would be best if they didn't pursue the relationship because school was ending soon? Later on kuroo walks into his first college class and is surprised to find her there /they still like each other too if that's cool/

(“Hello from the Other Side” was playing while I was writing this!)

It was true that Kuroo had feelings for his childhood friend for years now, but now that they had finally come out and told him, he was suddenly rethinking things. There was only a month left to their third year of high school, and he had hoped one of them would have confessed much sooner.

“It’s just that…high school’s ending,” he sighed, “And we’re going to different universities, [Name]. We won’t be seeing any of each other,”

His friend’s expression dropped but a bitter smile was visible.

“Oh. Right,” she mumbled, “I guess I was a little foolish,”

“No, [Name],” he tried to be tactful, “It’s not your fault, it’s just…timing,”

“Yeah,” she nodded weakly, “It’s fine,”

A deathly silence fell on the two, neither sure of what to say next. Kuroo wanted to admit that he had loved them all along, too, but he knew that would only complicate things. It hurt the poor guy to know that they couldn’t be together simply because he waited too long.

“Well, we can still be friends,” he attempted to lighten the mood.

“Mhm!” she perked up, giving him a fake grin.

“Good…so, let’s just try to enjoy this last month as friends, alright?”

“Right!” she nodded.

When the two parted, [Name] slowly started crying, and Kuroo hit himself over and over in the head for being so stupid. The last of their high school experience went by fast, and rather than spend it as friends as they had promised, they avoided each other at all costs. His childhood friend couldn’t help but feel guilty for ruining their friendship for a relationship that would never work out. The two didn’t talk over the summer, and Kuroo assumed he’d never hear from his friend ever again.

When the captain went to his first college class, however, he was in for a shock. Strolling into the lecture hall, he searched for a seat, and found a vacant one right next to…wait, was that…[Name]?! Kuro nearly dropped his bag at the sight of her. She hadn’t seen him yet, so he could easily go elsewhere, but instead he chose to sit with her.

“What are you doing here?” he tried to sound casual but it came out as an urgent hiss.

His friend turned and her whole face turned red at the sight of him. It seemed like they had been anticipating this encounter.

“I sort of got a better scholarship here last minute,” they explained nervously.

Kuroo just stared at them with widened eyes, opened his mouth to speak, and then the teacher walked in. That cut off their “conversation” until after class. While everyone gathered their things to head to their next lesson, the two just stayed in their seats quietly. After a few seconds of deafening silence, his friend spoke up.

“So…looks like we will be going to the same college…after all,” he murmured.

“[Name], if you came here just to pursue me…” he warned.

“No, no! Kuroo I swear! Yes, I knew you were going here, but that wasn’t why I decided to come!” she explained frantically, “I came because I got a better scholarship! Trust me…I considered not accepting and going to my original school. I thought you wouldn’t want to see me again…but I came anyway…I guess that makes me pretty selfish…”

Carefully, he placed a hand over hers, cutting off her words. Rubbing circles into the top of her palm, he took a few moments to think it over.

“I guess this means…we can be together,” he looked up at her hopefully.

Shyly smiling, she nodded, “Only if you want to,”

Kuroo just gave his signature smirk and gave her a peck on the forehead.

“Hell yes,”