and then eats his rice

A gentleman in Bengal kept an enormous royal tiger in a cage, and on one occasion he caught a Pariah dog, and devoted him to destruction by throwing him into the fangs of the furious animal. The Pariah stood upon the defensive, showing no fear for his enemy, and acted with such boldness in this perilous situation, that he not only astonished the tiger, but also the spectators. He went into a corner of the cage, and whenever the tiger approached, seized him by the lip or the nose, making him roar most piteously. The latter, however, impelled by appetite (for no other supply was given him for several days), repeatedly renewed the attack. The result was ever the same.

At length the tiger began to treat the dog with more deference, and allowed him not only to eat the mess of rice and meat furnished daily for his own subsistence, but even refrained from any attempt to disturb his rest. The two animals after some weeks became completely courteous, and each showed symptoms of attachment to the other. But the most extraordinary circumstance was, that when the dog was allowed his liberty, he continued to consider the cage as his home, always returning to it with confidence; and when the tiger died, he bemoaned his loss with the most piteous howling.

The Pariah was kept by the gentleman till he died.

—  Thomas Brown, Biographical Sketches and Authentic Anecdotes of Dogs: Exhibiting Remarkable Instances of the Instinct, Sagacity, and Social Disposition of this Faithful Animal (1829)

Tabitomo Vol.3 w/guests Ishikawa Kaito & Saito Soma

Saito Soma’s cool character while eating away his imo okowa (potatoes with steamed rice and red beans and various other ingredients)

Saito Soma: Itadakimasu. 
Ono Kensho: Itadakimasu.
Saito Soma: What’s wrong? Your face is all red. Are you alright?
Ono Kensho: Ahh. I just drank a bit too much.
Saito Soma: Well, that can’t be helped. You better savor that flavor while you eat. What now? You can’t use your chopsticks? Goodness. You’re really… A hopeless case huh. How was it? The taste of my imo okowa?
Ono Kensho: It was tasty.

AU where Zoro literally doesn’t have a sense of taste

Au where Zoro just eats whatever but he cant taste it, his favourite food is white rice and sea king meat(canon) because of the texture.

Sanji of course is pissed off because it seems like Zoro doesn’t like his food and when the crew finds out Luff and Sanji and horrified. Nami already knew because she gave Zoro a lemon after the whole ordeal with Johnny and Yosaku and he just straight up ate it without making the weird sour face.

Zoro and Franky bond over this (because Franky might have have got a lot of nerve damage and no longer has a sense of taste also?)

Ordinary day, Ordinary life, Obnoxious brother - Closed started with Dinomakesclumsysexy

It was a hot summer day and Itachi was sitting in his kitchen, listening to his father, brother, and cousin fight over something stupid probably. He had his boyfriend coming over for the first time and everything was so chaotic. Did it show through? Not at all, instead he was quietly eating rice. He finished his food and excused him from the table and did his dishes before walking up to his room and brushed his hair and teeth. Itachi thought he was safe until Shisui barged into his room, screaming something about his brother being obnoxious. 

Of course as soon as he got Shisui to calm down, Sasuke came barging into his room, complaining that Shisui was stealing all of his attention. He sighed and walked out of his room, listening to people talk as he tried to find a hair tie. He didn’t have time to tie up his long hair when someone rang the doorbell. He walked over with a popsicle hanging out of his mouth and opened the door, nearly choking when he saw Dino. 

“Y-You’re early..” 


Tabitomo Vol.3 w/guests Ishikawa Kaito & Saito Soma

Ishikawa Kaito’s ore-sama character while eating away his imo okowa (potatoes with steamed rice and red beans and various other ingredients)

Ishikawa Kaito: Are you having fun? 
Ono Kensho: Eh? Yeah I am.
Ishikawa Kaito: Well, as along as you’re having fun that’s fine. Eat up.
Ono Kensho: How about you?
Ishikawa Kaito: I just told you to eat ahead. Look here. I’m telling you to look at me! You’re not looking at me! I’m telling you to look! Hey! Just look at me for a sec.
Ono Kensho: Yeah. Ok. Ok. 
Ishikawa Kaito: It’s tasty. You should eat up too. 


His AND hers; king prawn and egg fried whole grain rice and quinoa with lots of veggies. The Lovely Man has corn on the side and his rice is made with 2 eggs, soy sauce and his preferred veggies. Mine has one egg, tamari sauce and my preferred veggies.

I don’t know where people get this idea that Baekhyun is starving himself and surviving on water only. To bulk up and build muscles, he has to eat a lot and he will be on a high protein diet with no carbs. I have a younger brother who was body building and trust me, you cannot build up muscles with water only. He ate a lot of lean meat, egg whites, fish, steamed vegetables for months to bulk up. Protein, protein and protein. Baekhyun won’t bulk up to Chris Evans level but he is certainly not starving himself. He just can’t have carbs during that period. Rice, noodles and junk food are no go for him. What he did was chewed and tasted those high carbs food before spitting them out because he missed the taste of rice and noodles. He was eating but his diet food wasn’t tasty and he missed having rice and bread and all those junk food. I can tell you that unseasoned lean chicken tastes like cardboard. I wish people will read and do research first before going into hysterics about his diet.

My Touching Folder

This one is a bit hard to understand I guess.  It’s just where I collect touching moments, times I’m proud of Niall, or times I feel strongly represent part of Niall’s personality.  Things that are very Niall-esque or meaningful to Niall I guess.

Niall taking a picture in empty Croke Park because playing there means so much to him.  He never takes random pictures in the other empty stadiums like this.

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Starter - barnabybunny

Working on Hero Tv Live made Kotetsu get used to the cameras, he was prepared when people suddenly takes a ton of pics to him -although it had been a long time since that happened- or when a fan jumped to him and squeezed to him taking maybe too close pictures -also, he didn’t remember when was the last time that happened-. In general, cameras weren’t a problem for him.

Now, if he had to pretend, or to act for the goddamned production to have some good shoots of him, being the fake friendly assistant of the younger hero he had as partner well… that did complicate a bit the things. Even smile, a trully good smile, was hard to pull out when he had the need to go back his home and eat fried rice “So Bunny-!” He shut up when Agnes shook her fist to him behind the camera “I mean- Barnaby, are you having a good time now in Sternbild?”