and then eating it

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Youtuber! AU where Evan makes a thirty minute video to his subscribers telling them why they should NOT eat bathbombs like a certain someone he knows... *Very loud coughing* YOU HAD ME FREAKING DIDDLY DANG WORRIED SICK JARED *Very loud coughing again* wow guys I must be coming down with a cold or something geez *cue Connor absolutely LOSING IT from behind the camera* also headcanon that he ends all his videos with sincerely, me. Okay that's it bye uwu

Why You SHOULDN’T Eat Bathbombs - NOT CLICKBAIT!!

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I feel like jared is the kind of guy who does karate and brags about being black belt but he's not good at all, he just kept asking and was annoying so they gave it to him so he brags about it and someone didn't believe he was good so they fought and jared lost and was made fun of so he went home and cried and ate bath bombs and his tears were exploding the bath bombs and then he'd eat them and they explode more but he's an ugly crier so all of the foamy soap was just dripping from his mouth

This escalated very quickly to a place I should have been expecting but wasn’t