and then decide to play with his mind

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Drabble about Josh telling you how much he likes to see you ride his dick

i wrote this last night and forgot about it whoops

You lay across the sofa, eyes trained on the television as you focus on the game of Smash Bros. you’re playing alone. Josh had been playing beside you for a while, before he decided to go practice his drums some time before, leaving you to play against the AI. In the back of your mind, you know you hear him stop drumming in the distance, but it still makes you jump slightly when he returns to you.

“Sit on my lap.”

“Fuck off, I’m trying to play the game,” you mutter, pushing him with your foot when he tries to make you sit up. Josh chuckles, still trying to make you sit up. “Joshua, I swear to God,” you say, fighting to keep your eyes on the screen as he pulls you to a sitting position. “If I lose a fucking life–”

“Oh, shut up,” he laughs, sitting next to you and pulling you to sit on his lap. “You’re a fucking wizard at this game, you couldn’t lose if you were trying to.”

You huff softly, settling onto his lap as you continue to play the game. Josh’s hands hold your hip, fingers tightening around you to slowly begin dragging you down against him. At first, you ignore the action, knowing that Josh is simply trying to distract you; after a few moments, however, you feel him sit up higher, leaning in to whisper in your ear.

“I was back there playing the drums, and I could only think about one thing,” he mumbles. “You, on top of me, bouncing on my cock.” Your spine stiffens at his words, fumbling momentarily with the controller. “I love how you look when you’re on top of me like that,” he continues. “You think you’re in charge, but I’m really just letting you ride me.”

“Josh,” you warn.

“Your tits bouncing for me,” he presses on. “Head thrown back, moaning my name…it’s such a beautiful sight.” You begin to lose your focus on the game, nearly losing a life. “My name never sounded so good as when you’re riding my dick,” he whispers, bouncing his legs to jolt you on his lap. You gasp, dropping one hand from the controller, and setting your hand on his knee between your thighs.

“Josh,” you say again. Josh’s hands slip up your sides, coming around to grasp handfuls of your breasts and pulling you back against him.

“Mmm,” he hums. “And when you’re like this, where I get to hold onto your tits like this…I love how you feel. When I start thrusting into you, I know I’m hitting it right because your back is arched and you’re whining for me.” He reaches forward, smacking the controller out of your grasp and to the ground; you close your eyes and grind yourself down against Josh, finally giving in to his advances as you feel him getting hard. “I knew you wouldn’t last long,” he mutters, kissing your neck. “That’s okay, I won’t either.”

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To your anon, it was already discovered that harry would have given that interview during the time that louis wasn't sure whether or not he wanted to sing after what happened to his mum. All of nialls comments were made during his promo which louis would have already decided to continue with his career. So harry was keeping it vague to protect louis' undecided choice

oh yeah of course i have no idea how that slipped my mind but it would’ve played a big part in how he worded his answer

Spring Day

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Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Notes: sub!jungkook, sensory deprivement, just a bunch of kinky shit basically, dirty talk kinda

Words: 1,841

Spring break had just started and thankfully your professors had not given you that much homework. You had planned to catch up on some dramas and maybe watch some anime with your boyfriend, but he probably wanted to spend the break playing video games and drawing.

One afternoon though, you found yourself very bored. Your boyfriend Jungkook had taken more shifts at his part time job for spring break. You had finished a whole show in two days with sleeping somewhere in the middle of that. Since you were bored you decided to surf the interwebs.

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All for his omega.

Requested by anon!!
⚠ Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, biting, and just rough foreplay/smut. ⚠

Tap, tap, turn.

Tord said the pattern quietly in his mind as he worked on a machine. It was a tiny one, a spy camera if you will.
One of his best ones yet, he decided. He continued to tinker and play with his new gadget before his nose picked up a certain smell.

He knew that smell. It was very familiar and it made his body move without thought.  He’s caught whiffs of it
His eyebrows turned and raised as his eyes looked around the hallway.
The only other omega around here was Edd, Matt was a beta, and so was Tom.. Edd was out with Matt and everyone knew Edd’s cycle to make sure he was okay.

This was not Edd. And in all honesty, Tord likes this smell better than Edd’s.
He thought it was a good moment go use his little spy cam, pressing a few buttons on the control pad to make the device airborne. He smirked and had it fly out into the hallway.
Tord watched through the screen, searching into Edd’s room, then Matt’s, then finally Tom’s.
That was not expected.

Tom gasped, peeling away his clothes. It became unbearably hot in his room.
Tom never wanted to really become an omega, and he hid that fact really well. The smell from his alcohol and this cologne, along with suppressants, really helped mask the smell.
Only, he ran out of the two good things:
and Suppressants.
God, he wished if would be over but he couldn’t just magically poof and be rid of his omega ordeal.
Tom groaned as he started to grind into his pillow between his legs, trying to get any friction against his ass and dick. He felt his thighs get slick, groaning as the pillow rubbed up against him.
He huffed, his body rolling as he continued to grind against the object, pulling off his boxers as they were soaked. He panted, biting onto his hoodie. 
He was just glad no one was home..

Tord couldn’t believe his eyes. He could feel his body get riled up from just the smell wafting into the lab. 
He just.. Needed to feel that. He needed to be close…
Tord found himself standing in front of Tom’s door, hearing the omega whimper and whine. It made his skin crawl and the heaviness of his scent made his nose and throat burn.
He rolled his hips a bit, listening in more intently now.

Tom huffed, humping the pillow ecstatically. He was just getting enough friction to..
 He forgot his thought and let out a loud moan, feeling the extra pleasure on his cock.
He moaned a bit more before the reality hit him like a brick.

That wasn’t his hands..
Tom whipped his head around, almost knocking foreheads with Tord.
“TORD, WHAT THE FUCK, STOP TOUCHING ME YOU COMMUNIST PRICK!!” He squalled, trying to cover his lower regions with the pillow.
Tord chuckled a bit lowly, his accent making his voice at least 10x times sexier than intended.
“Oh, but Thomas, you looked so good and you obviously need help. Why don’t I take over and- oW-” Tom slapped Tord’s hand, frowning.
“I’m not letting some asshole touch me.”
Tord held a resting expression before shrugging. “If you say so, I won’t push it.” He stood and sauntered out the room.

Tord had to sit outside to get away from the smell.
Tom huffed, thinking over his options. Edd and Matt still don’t know he’s an omega and they might find out when they come home, but Tord could.. Fix that..
“Alright, you bitch ass commie, get in here.” The bassist called from his window and Tord stumbled a bit before rushing in the door.
Tom met him on the stairs, being scooped up into Tord’s arms and pressed against the wall beside Tord’s bed room door.
He gasped, feeling Tord’s tongue and lips against his neck, suckling and lathering his hot tongue over the kisses.
“Am I allowed to bite-?”
Tom was surprised he asked, but nodded anyway. Tord smirked and latched on, biting down roughly and suckling.
The omega let out moans and chirps, humming as his neck was littered in bites.
Tord pushed into his room, setting Tom down a bit roughly onto his bed and crawling on top of him. The alpha rolled his hips down into Tom’s bare crotch, making the smaller groan.

Tom felt Tord’s hands all over his body and soon felt them between his legs, rubbing his member, balls and entrance.

Tord huffed, suckling on Tom’s sensitive nipples, his mouth soon heading south to lap at Tom’s natural slick.  The bassist moaned and rolled his hips.  The attention was a good choice.. 
Tom felt Tord lather his tongue over his entrance, making him squirm. Tord held Tom’s hips still as he slipped his tongue into the warm hole, resulting in the bassist moaning out.

Tord continued to lap at him, before pulling away to pull his member out.
Tom panted heavily as he watched, seeing Tord’s dick. Not too long, but definitely thick, along with the large knot at the base. He swallowed thickly.
The Norwegian smiled and kissed Tom, slipping his tongue into his mouth. He explored while he rubbed the tip against Tom’s entrance, slowly moving his hips and pushing in the head.
Tom moaned and his voice raised in volume as Tord forced more into him. He pulled away and panted, feeling the size shrink before fill him again.
Tord moved his hips slowly and soon sped up, making the smaller male bounce on the bed. Tom’s moans and gasps filled the room, Tord’s grunts not as loud.

Tom let out a loud squeal as he released, the foreplay and the actual banging got to him.
Tord wasn’t finished, oh no.
He gripped Tom’s hair, forcing him down as he rocked his hips roughly into Tom’s. The bassist squealed, his ass becoming raw and sensitive. Tord sped up even more, growling as he went to release;

Only to knot at the last second.
Tom squealed, feeling stretched. Tord bucked his hips, popping the knot in place.
Tom panted, his vision a bit blurry. Tord gripped his jaw and made sure he was still coherent and gave his cheek a smooch.
Hopefully, the knot would go down before Edd and Matt get home. Tord wouldn’t want his omega being found out. Maybe he’ll even get more suppressants once it releases.
All for his omega.

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Warning: GUN PLAY, Smut

A/N: I gotcha Anon! My first time I wrote something like this and I’m so excited and nervous! I thought about both, knife and gun play and decided I want to do gun play a little bit more, I don’t know. I just saw the Joker with an awesome flashy gun in my mind and then some sexy things happened and yeah… Sorry I took so long and if it’s bad. School/Work is fucking me over.

Real life sucks. 

He grabbed your throat and pushed you against the wall, pressing his red lips against yours. You moaned, your fingers sliding up his biceps, grabbing them as you felt no air rushing through your lungs. He pushed his tongue into your mouth, dominating you for mere seconds before he broke the kiss, leaving you with want.

“On your knees.” His voice was deep and seductive, and you did what he said.

He pulled out his golden gun and you looked up, eyes big. Pointing it at you, just a few inches from your forehead, he grinned and flashed you his metal teeth. You gulped but trusted him enough to not to kill you. 

“What a little obedient thing you are.” You only nodded keenly.

His gun wandered a little bit down, touching for a second your nose, then moving closer to your lips, and you knew what he wanted. 

And it sent arousing shockwaves through naked your lower parts. 

“Be a good little thing and use your tongue.”

You closed your lips around the gun. It was cold and tasted like metal and gunpowder, something that strangely aroused you. Slowly, you sucked the loaded gun and made eye contact with the Joker, letting your tongue slide over the shaft while you kept your hands crossed on your back. You let out a loud moan, working eagerly and wetting the weapon with your spit.

The Joker laughed and pushed the gun deeper into your mouth, making you gag but you didn’t stop sucking until he took the gun away. Spit dripped down your chin. 

He fisted the hair at the back of your head and pulled it back, making you look pained at him. “On the bed. On all fours, baby.” 

You stood up and crawled slowly onto the bed, naked and on all fours, waiting for the Joker to take you. You heard the zipper and his pants, how they rustled and fell down to the ground. 

Eagerly, you wiggled your hips, spreading invitingly your legs but shrieked when he suddenly slapped your ass. Once, Twice, Thrice. And then a last time. “Outch.” You whispered, and he chuckled and grabbed your hips, placing himself at your entrance. His hands wandered over your ass and back, caressing you and leaving goosebumps. 

You moaned when you felt his tip slide inside of you, teasing you before he pushed himself in, and groaned when your walls clenched around him. Immediately, he began to move in a steady pace, slamming into you, filling the room with the sound of your bodies hitting each other. 

He thrusted harder, faster, deeper in you, drawing screams from you.

You screamed, you gasped, you fisted the sheets and savored the intense feeling he made you feel through the rough pounding. His fingers burried between your legs, the Joker began to rub your clit, fast and harshly, moaning and groaning, until you felt your climax washing over you, like an untamed wave. You called out his name, causing him to reach his own climax, and cumming inside of you.

With a shaky breath you pressed your face into the pillow, trying to calm yourself down, while the Joker pushed himself away, and rolled himself onto his back, breathless and sex-dazed, pulling you with him. “You’re so fearless.” he said, his hand burried in your hair, and pulled you into a heated kiss before breaking it after mere seconds, smearing his red lipstick all over your mouth. “I like it.” 

You smiled and placed your head over his racing heart. “Lets do that again.” 

“You’re so eager.” He chuckled at your words and caressed your cheek with his rough pale hand, tugging you closer to him. 

“Only with you, J.” You answered and took a deep breath, taking in his unique scent. “Only with you.” 

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You Spin Me Right Round

Pack game nights were a relatively new tradition, but over the handful of months they’d been doing them they quickly became a favorite bi-weekly event. A nice counterpoint to movie nights which happened in the weeks between.

It was Stiles’ turn to pick what they played, and since it was Hanukkah time, he decided to share his favorite childhood holiday game with his friends. It was a quiet way to share a little of his mother, too; a way to hold her memory closer to himself for a short time. An activity where all the things that spinning tops and shiny chocolate coins brought to mind were happy thoughts with no tarnish of loss on them.

Still, he’s anxious when he arrives, nervous about revealing too much, about keeping his feelings in check. When he enters Derek’s loft, the dreidels and gelt and some doughnuts from his favorite bakery in a bag and a smile plastered to his face, most of the pack is there already. Allison, Scott, Erica, and Boyd are sitting around the coffee table talking animatedly about something or other. They all turn to greet him with happy shouts, and in Boyd’s case, a genuine smile and a “Hey, man” paired with a nod.

Erica hops up to hug him, unfolding herself with grace that Stiles envies. “Hey, Batman. What’re we playing?” She somehow manages to make it sound suggestive, but Stiles knows it’s on purpose to get a reaction, so he tries to ignore the teasing and deny her a blush.

When Derek comes in from the kitchen, Erica is still partially wrapped around him, and Stiles does feel his face heat then. Derek’s face does something complicated but the expression quickly morphs into feigned annoyance. “Erica, leave Stiles alone, he hasn’t even gotten his coat off yet.”

Derek makes his way over as Erica fakes a pout and kisses Stiles’ cheek with an exaggerated smack. “Aw, Der, Stiles knows I love him. Besides, we all know he only has eyes fo-”

Stiles interrupts with a choked noise and a too loud “All in good fun, Der! I’m uh. We’re good, right Catwoman? Right.” Erica grins at him, all teeth and red lips, a mischievous glint in her eye, but she also squeezes his arm encouragingly as she moves away to plop back down between Ally and Boyd. Stiles takes the opportunity to take a deep breath.

Which proves to be useless because before he can enjoy being able to breathe properly after Erica’s near airing of his proverbial dirty (and domestic) thought laundry, Derek is standing right in front of him. Close enough that Stiles is convinced he can feel the warmth radiating from him. “Let me take your bag,” Derek says gently, and it makes Stiles feel dizzy. He wants to lean forward and bridge the few inches between them and feel Derek’s chest expand and contract with his breathing. When Derek’s hand brushes his own as he takes the tote, Stiles has to bite his tongue to avoid making an embarrassing sound. Derek looks at him like he heard it anyway, a strange mix of confusion and wistfullness on his face.

Stiles breathes out a “Thanks,” and steps back just enough to remove his jacket, looking away from Derek to try to get rid of the feeling that the room is spinning around them.


After a few minutes of conversation, most of the doughnuts being eaten, and the arrival of Lydia, Isaac, and Danny, Stiles is feeling more settled, though he keeps catching Derek’s eye and the dizzy rush of maybe overtakes him all over.

He’s pulled out of contemplating the thoughtful look on Derek’s face when Lydia asks “So, what are we playing tonight? It’s your turn, right Stiles?”

“Yeah. Well. It’s Hanukkah, so I thought we’d play dreidel like I used to with my mom,” he feels like he’s thrown something heavy onto the middle of the table, and he’s holding his breath.

It’s Derek who responds first, “That sounds really great, Stiles,” and he sounds almost grateful. It makes Stiles look at him, and the spinning-the everything, really-seems to stop for a minute.

The rest of the group starts echoing Derek’s sentiment, and it brings Stiles back to the moment. He can’t help but smile as he sees the soft emotions and softer smiles of his friends, it fills him with a warmth that he remembers from lighting the menorah and celebrating with his parents; comfort, family, home.

He takes the dreidels from the bag and dumps the bags of gelt in the middle of the table unceremoniously.

“Chocolate!” Scott yells, reaching for a bag of foil wrapped coins. Erica slaps his hand and makes an annoyed face at him when he whines “He-ey.”

“They’re for the game, doofus,” she says, turning to smile at Stiles. He returns it and Scott grumbles unhappily.

Stiles explains the meaning of the letters, he tells how the Jewish people hid their studying from the Greeks by pretending to gamble and play dreidel if a soldier came near, as they play, he finds himself telling stories about his mom and Hanukkah’s past.
It’s easy, and the warmth he feels only grows as the evening goes on.

Allison is deadly accurate with her spins, Scott is comically bad for a supernatural being with enhanced coordination. Erica sneaks a piece of gelt every time she wins, Boyd quietly amasses an enormous pile of gelt. Lydia attempts to strategize, Isaac’s participation is more enthusiastic than usual, and Danny keeps an entertaining running commentary going.

And Derek. Derek spins expertly and he eats chocolate and he smiles more at Stiles than Stiles has ever seen. It feels like Stiles is the spinning thing, like he’s in a field, arms out and twirling as fast as he can.

At some point, after a snack run and several bathroom breaks, the seating arrangement changes and Derek is next to Stiles. They aren’t touching, but it’s a close thing.

After many rounds, they run out of gelt in the pot through a combination of werewolves with very little chocolate related self control, and actual game winning. They relax into each other and fall into easy conversation.

Stiles realizes that he and Derek have drifted together; their shoulders are pressed together, and Derek’s hand is resting easily over Stiles’ own, his thumb tucked up under Stiles’ palm. Stiles looks up at Derek, startled, to find Derek looking back at him with undisguised fondness, with want and contentment and understanding and a gentle curve at the corners of his mouth. And Stiles is breathless and dizzy all over again.

Before he can think, he’s giving into the desire to be closer, meeting Derek in the middle of the scarce space separating them and pressing his lips tentatively back against Derek’s. It’s brief and chaste and it’s still the best kiss of Stiles’ life.

They move apart, but not far, and Derek says “Happy Hanukkah,” quietly, it would be lost in the din of the conversations happening around them if their faces weren’t so close still. Close enough that Derek’s breath ghosts across Stiles’ lips, an echo of his kiss.

“Hey! There’s one more bag of gelt! We should play one more round!”

This time, Stiles and Derek move properly apart, though their legs still touch.

“We could just eat it,” Isaac suggests, but he’s out voted.

They settle back in, ready to play again, and everyone gets Nun or Shin for their first spins. When Derek picks up the dreidel, he lets his other hand find Stiles’ and spins it, looking immediately to Stiles who gets caught in his gaze. It seems to spin an inordinately long time, and when it lands with a loud clatter, Erica whoops and says excitedly “Look, Der, you got Gimmel! You win everything!”

When Derek and Stiles look back at the rest of the pack, they’re all watching them expectantly except Erica, who looks like she’s about to burst into celebratory song.

Derek raises their joined hands and kisses Stiles’ knuckles, glancing sideways at him. “Yeah, I did.”

Stiles is too busy basking in the warm glow of his pack’s support and Derek’s presence next to him to be bothered by the chorus of “Aww” and “Finally” and “Get it!” that rises up from the group of them.

Games | Derek Luh

WARNING: This is smut and it’s very kinky, I’m talking Daddy!Kink and Overstim so I need y'all to be mature pls


Summary: Derek and Y/N decide on playing a game of who can cum first, and to make it interesting, the freshlee boys come over.

It was a normal day of sitting around the house in our sweats and I was lounging on the couch, my head on Derek’s lap. I looked up at him as my blow pop rest on the tip of my tongue as he let out a groan.“What’s on your mind, princess?” He smirked as his calloused hand combed through my hair. “Why don’t you and I play a little game?” I giggled, plopping the cherry-flavored pop into my mouth. His eyes flickered with excitement and he already knew where it was headed. He hoisted me into his lap and stood, escorting me to the bedroom. Immediately I was thrown on the bed and he went into our closet to retrieve my little pink bag of trinkets and delights.

Our little bag was a collection of toys and teases for my pleasure, mostly. But sometimes when Derek was Daddy he wanted to play with them, too. He plopped the bag on the bed and I reached into it to grab something new, a cock ring. It was a remote controlled ring that I knew would drive him mad, if he decided to wear it. I placed it on my tongue as he watched me intently, his eyes darkening. “Baby, I’m not wearing it,” he groaned as I could clearly see the bulge in his sweats. “Daddy, please. Your naughty girl will wear a vibrator in her tight little pussy, and only you will know,” I started as I reached into the bag, pulling out the toy and its remote. I placed the remote in his hand and began to tug down my sweats, sliding the small toy into my dripping core, a moan escaping my lips. Derek’s face was riddled with confusion and amazement as he watched my actions. “No fucking, oh my fuck,” he muttered as she took the ring and stuffed his hands down his pants, putting it on. “This better be fun,” he sneered as he walked out of the bedroom. “It will be daddy, trust me.”

After a little while of relaxing in bed, I felt the vibrations begin between my thighs. I bit my lip, trying to ignore the immense pleasure I was feeling, not wanting to stain my sweats. I quickly hustled downstairs into the living room to find KDL, Nate and Derek sitting on the couch, staring at me in amusement. “Baby, anything wrong,” Derek’s cocky grin glinted at me. “Not at all Derek,” I cocked my eyebrow and he narrowed his eyes at me. He hated when I didn’t call him daddy, it always resulted in trouble. I watched his hand reach into his pocket and I was immediately met with harder vibrations. I let out an instant squeal and Nate looked at me with concern. “Oh, saw a spider, it’s gone, ha” I spat in one word before scurrying into the kitchen. I attempted to prepare a meal, but I instead wanted to have my own fun. I reached into my sweats pocket and turned Derek’s ring on. “Oh fuck,” I heard him mutter from the other room which was followed by laughs. “Yeah, that was a pretty hot girl,” KDL noted and I cocked my eyebrow. I felt the vibrations in my core reach maximum and my walls clenched around it, my legs giving out on me. I fell to the floor as my arousal tore through me and sprayed across our kitchen floor. I looked down and whined, tears forming in my eyes as the vibrator continued its assault on my nether regions.

Derek ran into the kitchen to see the mess I’d maid. I wanted to open my mouth but I was afraid only a loud moan would follow, so I stayed silent. He cocked an eyebrow as he pulled me up out of my wetness and plucked my sweats down. “Oh babygirl, you’re so so naughty,” he muttered against my ear, sitting me on the counter. “I fucking love you,” he smirked and reached between my legs, grasping the vibrator and thrusting it in and out of me. I attempted to get him to stop, which resulted in his hand around my neck. “Don’t run away from daddy,” he spat as I looked into his eyes, tears flowing from mine. He held his grip on my neck as he licked up my neck and sucked harshly on the spot below my ear. His hand working on me below was full of vigor and strength as he pumped me to my second orgasm. I clawed at his back as I tried to fight back moans and tears but his grip around my neck told me to be audible. “Daddy,” I whined as I felt the vibrator continue once more, at a harder pace than before. Derek leaned into my ear and breathed, “play with your clit”. My head fell back at his words; I loved dirty talk. My weak hands went to my core as I used my left hand to spread my folds and my right to massage my clit. “Daddy it hurts,” i whined, tears flowing and evident in my voice. His right hand leaves my core and trails to my face, wiping the tears from skin with his thumb. I felt my end tear over me and he stepped away from me, taking the vibrator with him. “You knew what you were getting yourself into,” he winked and placed the remote in my hands, walking back into the living room. I heard a slew of catcalls and gasps and I blushed. “You’re a wild one in the bedroom,” KDL chuckled as I took weak steps into the living room. The boys smirked at me as they looked me up and down. My tee wasn’t large enough to cover my damp, lacy panties and I looked like I’d been through hell and back, but apparently that was hot. “Oh fuck,” Sammy groaned, his tongue peeking out of his mouth and swiping across his lips.

“Stop staring,” I whined and tugged my fingers through my hair. I stepped over to Derek, falling to my knees in front of him, my legs still weak. “No, you’ve been bad. You’re going to leave me alone,” he smirked and shook his head. I clambered onto his lap and his hands gripped my waist aggressively. My dainty frame was tossed onto Kevin’s lap and he groaned, his hands instinctively falling to my thighs. I huffed and crossed my arms, pouting. “Stop being a bratty princess or I’ll cum in your hair later,” Derek rolled his eyes and grasped the television remote. KD looked over at him and then down at me, all the boys staring in our direction.

“Hey, don’t involve me in this, ” Kevin groaned and shook his head. I whined again and began to wiggle my hips. “You’re a jerk,” I huffed again and Derek glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. “Fucking stop.” He spat as I rotated my hips like only he’d seen me do. Kevin’s low pants began to fill my ears and I blushed, quickly adjusting the little remote in my pocket to high. Derek’s eyes widened as he stared at me, biting at his lip roughly. “Baby, you better fucking stop,” he snarled, his hand gripping the arm of the chair roughly.

“He’s gonna cum in your hair if you don’t chill,” Kevin panted in my ear and I stopped my actions, cutting off his punishment. “You’re so sweet KD, I should fuck-” before I finished my sentence Derek grasped my hair and led me into the bedroom.

He shoved me against the door as his swollen lips attacked my neck. “You’re gonna have cum all in your hair, and on you pussy and all on your perfect little titties.” His words were almost enough to make my juices flow like a waterfall.
Within seconds I was on the bed, him straddling my waist. Derek brought his hand down on my breasts, smacking them harshly. “Holy fuck I wanna cum all in your hair,” he smirked and he ground his boner against me. “Daddy, stop being mean!” I whined and this caused him to stop his actions. “Shut up,” he scoffed and forced his fingers into my mouth.

A blush rose my cheeks as Derek struggled to slip out of his boxers, revealing his rock hard dick in all its glory. I moaned around his fingers as his teased my slit, a look of concentration on his face. “Daddy, please I’m sorry,” I whined around his fingers, looking him in the eye like an innocent girl. He rolled his eyes and took his fingers out of my mouth, aggressively flipping me on my stomach. “Face down ass up,” he chuckled slyly, my ass tooting in the air. His rough hands rubbed over my arse, caressing it like a jewel. Immediately after a large red handprint was present on my right cheek, a pain-ridden moan fleeing my mouth. “Sammy taught me how to do that babygirl,” he sneered before savagely ramming his cock inside my wetness.

I let out a Yelp as he gave no time for adjustment, just thrusting rapidly into my ever-so-sensitive core. “You’re so fucking tight,” he spat as his hands gripped my jawline, pulling my upper half into his chest. Derek’s lips ghosted over my right ear as he filled them with vulgar mentions and fantasies. I was a moaning mess under him; my vision was blurred and I could barely think straight. All I felt was that painful pleasure his overstim provided. He kissed my neck sweetly and bit into the tender skin veiled with sweat; marking his territory was his specialty. I felt myself coming close when Derek pulled out of me, dropping me on my back to the bed. I whined, knowing what was coming next.

He tugged me by my ankle toward him and I weakly took place on my knees in front of him. “Daddy, please not my hair,” I whined and held my locks in a failed attempt of protection. I looked up at him through my eyelashes as he pumped his cock slowly, like the tease he was. He threw his head back and let out a hot moan before gripping my hair with his free hand, he let some of his warm load out on my small breasts causing me to whimper, and followed it with some in my hair. I blushed as he smirked cockily. Opening his eyes to look at my angry, embarrassed ones. “Oh, what? That was disrespectful?” He smirked once more, hoisting me up and tossing me on his shoulders, my heat parallel to his mouth. I huffed and crossed my arms. “You’re so-” before I could finish I felt his lips wrapped around my clit, pushing me closer to my fourth orgasm, I squirmed as he lay on the bed, me sitting on his face. He thwarted his tongue in and out of my dripping cove as I felt my end overpower me. My climax approached and coated his face in an aggressive burst, earning a groan from Derek.

He took my small frame and placed me next to him, kissing my neck sweetly. “I was a little rough, but thanks for handling it like a big girl,” he cooed and kissed my forehead. I nodded and cuddled into him. “I’ll take you to get your hair done tomorrow okay?” He giggled and I huffed. “It was disrespectful!” I whined and he spanked my ass one good time. “Out of all things, I think that handprint on your ass is disrespectful, babygirl. But it’s okay,” he chuckled and kissed my lips sweetly.

A/N: Y'all better appreciate this shit because lawd it killed me. I need requests before I kick some ass

story time

Played a few games over Overwatch last night with my mates (one was my roommate) and this one guy who my friend decided to tolerate for the evening (Lets call him B) comes along with another guy (Let’s call him M). I’ve known B for ages, sweet kid love Overwatch, so I don’t mind.

M is B’s friend and I’ve never met him before, but you know those people who just say one sentence and you can tell what kind of person they are right away? We all pop into B’s Discord, I say ‘hello’ and M is like ‘Ohhh a girl’. No. Oh no. No, no. Please no.

I decide to just flat out ignore his existence and just keep playing. To those who I haven’t played with before, I am aggressive and and swear like a mother fucking sailor, okay? It’s gross.

ANYWAY, we are getting demolished by this other team because B and M don’t seem to understand the concept of team work, but, y’know, you just gotta have fun anyway.

At one point, M and I were herded into a hall by the enemy Reaper and he ulted. M was D.Va out of her mech and I was behind M as Zenyatta. We actually survived cause I very luckily headshotted Reap’s while he had an Orb of Discord on him.

Funny thing is, M starts to brag over mic. “Oh man, I just shut down that Reaper so hard. He ulti’d and I was out of my mech suit and he still couldn’t get me, blah blah blah”. He just kept going? No one was talking, so no one was egging him on. I wanted to tell him off, but I kept quiet over mic because no one else was around to witness what happened. Plus it’s a game, so whatever. Just let the little boy brag.

And then the best thing ever happened. M bragged over match chat and tried to call the Reaper out on their ‘good effort’. The Reaper had the best comeback ever. “Actually, it was Zenyatta that shut me down.”

I legit started laughing so hard. I could hear my roommate laughing from his room too. He heard me yell about how I was the one who took the Reaper down.

I dunno who or where you are random good guy Reaps, but I hope you get some PotG’s for being honest. <3

I’m bored, play with me

Pairing: Joker x reader

One-shot; Smut 

Mistah J is busy handling business as usual, but Y/N wants to play

You had been skipping around mistah j’s mansion for 30 minutes now, bored out of your mind. He hadn’t taken you out on a heist for weeks or stolen any jewelry for you. Lately it’s been all business, no play. He never let you into his office when he was having his meetings. Apparently he didn’t want other men gawking at you. It was starting to get late so you had changed into your green night-dress. You loved it, and you knew your puddin loved it on you. It reached down to about your mid-thigh and you decided to put on the green diamond ring mister j stole for you a couple of months ago. You kept skipping up and down the stairs in your bear feet, your long hair bouncing up and down. ‘’PUDDIN!’’ you screamed through the hall. 

You could hear him slam his fist on his desk and expected him to burst out the door in a raging fit. But he didn’t. You stood there, pouting and stomping your feet. Fine then. You walked into his office. He was alone now, sitting with a large bunch of papers, writing with a glass of grape soda on his desk. ‘’Whatcha doin mister j?’’ you asked in a sing-song voice. He only growled back at you. ‘’Come on puddin, talk to me, I’m bored.’’ You said a little louder. He looked up but didn’t turn around to look at you. ‘’I’m busy pumpkin.’’ He said plainly and looked down again. You weren’t one to beg for his attention so you refused to plead him to look at you. You were simply going to have to find another way to get his attention. This could be fun. 

You ran into the kitchen giggling, grabbed a spatula and some chocolate goodies. You melted the chocolate in a pan and started baking dark chocolate cookies. They were his favorite. For a bitter man, he had a real sweet tooth.  You were sitting with your legs crossed on the kitchen counter, whistling and singing. A goon walked passed the kitchen as he blankly stared at this little girl mixing cookie-batter and humming. You shaped the batter into little circles; put them on a tray and into the oven. 

Now all you had to do was wait. Hmmm, you thought to yourself as you walked into you and your puddin’s master bedroom, opening his closet and grabbing his revolver. You smiled to yourself and walked out on your terrace. Outside you could see some of mister j’s goons walking around, talking, and looking boring.

 You smirked to yourself as you raised the gun and aimed it at them. Of course, you had nothing on your puddin but you were still a hell of a shot. If you actually did shoot em’ mister j would get mad at you so you settled with scaring the living shit out of them instead. You aimed at the bush, inches away from where a goon stood smoking and telling a joke. ‘’HEADS UP’’ you screamed as you pulled the trigger. The goons both jumped into the closest bush, covering their heads with their hands. You started laughing frantically. ‘’Bad joke, baaad joke, bad bad bad joke’’ you mumbled to yourself as you tiptoed back inside.

 You ran downstairs and got the cookies out of the oven. Puddin liked when they were warm and gooey on the inside. You put them on a plate and started walking to his office. You were the only one allowed to just walk inside without knocking. ‘’Puuuuddin’’ you said as you walked towards him. ‘’What.’’ He said harshly. ‘’I got you something real special.’’ You hummed and put the plate of cookies on top of his papers, right under his nose. You hated his business. It took too much time away from you and you never got to be there during his business meetings anyways.

 Mister j sniffed two times before raising his head. ‘’You did this for me, toots?’’ he asked, not as harshly anymore. ‘’Of course’’ I giggled and put my arms around his torso and my leaned my head in the crook of his neck. ‘’Listen cupcake. Daddy’s got a lot of work to do, and you’re not helping.’’ He said as he pushed the plate to the side. You pouted and walked around his chair, hopping onto to his desk and crawling to the middle of it. He was about to yell and kick you out, until he saw what you were wearing. It turned him on seeing his girl wearing his color. Especially when he’s the one that got it for her.

 Mister j leaned back in his chair and sighed, looking at you. ‘’Come on, I’m bored, play with me’’ you whined as you started to crawl towards him and straddled his lap. You put your hands on his shoulders and looked at him as if you were innocence itself. ‘’You know, I really ought to lock that door in the future, baby’’ he said as he slid his hands down your back. ‘’Too many distractions seems to be getting in.’’ he grinned and kissed you.

 You wrapped your arms around his neck and played with his hair. Mister j’s pants tightened and you got up and slowly unzipped his pants. Pulling them down while keeping eye contact with the joker. ‘’Get up’’ he said, and you did as you were told. ‘’Why don’t you be a good little girl and ride your daddy?’’ he grabbed your ass and pulled you on top of him. Pulling your panties aside and positioning himself at your entrance. You sat down, feeling his length fill you up as you let your head fall back in pleasure. Mister J sighed as he leaned forward and buried his face in your chest as you rode him.

 You were both panting as you kept going faster. He pulled down one of your straps and attacked your nipple with his teeth, grazing it between his silver grills. He sucked on it and moved his hand to pinch and play with the other. You started moaning and supported your hands on his shoulders. ‘’You like that?’’ he growled. ‘’Y-yes mistah  j’’ you whimpered. He slapped your ass and guided your body onto his aching crotch. The slap would probably leave a bruise.

 Eventually, you felt his cock twitch inside of you, which made your pussy tighten around him causing you both to moan into your heated kiss. Then you rode out your orgasm together, gripping and biting each other. After your breathing became steady, you wrapped your hands around his neck and rested your head on his chest. He grabbed your waist and lifted you bridal style out of his office. ‘’Let’s go to bed’’ his hoarse voice purred in your ear. You smiled and kissed his chest. ‘’Mmmm, we can have cookies for breakfast.’’

Ok but Voltron and Steven Universe au?

Just imagine it: Amythest and Lance starting a prank war against eacother and becoming best buds. Keith and Pearl getting all annoyed and jealous and sulking in the corner together. Peridot and Pidge getting together and nerding out over each others’ tech (pidge hasn’t seen and earth tablet in forever and gets all nostalgic and Peridot has been dying to get her hands on some technology that doesnt belong to the “simple-minded earthlings"). Steven and Hunk click right away: Hunk has been meaning to learn to play the ukulele, but never got around to it due to his mission with the paladins, so Steven decides to teach him, and in return Hunk gives him some alien cooking tips. Lion hangs out with the paladins’ lions, falling asleep on red’s warm, metal head. Garnet and Shiro sit together and watch their children, quietly talking about the dangerous threats each of their groups face so to not disturb the others


A/N: Thought I would try my hand at a Sherlock fic too. Sherlock himself is a bit out of character, although that’s what I need in this moment so that’s what happened.

Summary: Y/N gets into a fight with her parents

Sherlock x Reader

Leaning against the door of the cab you sat in, you watched the London cityscape go by in a blur. With a thick feeling in your throat, you tilted your head to that your forehead rested against the cool window. Closing your eyes to try to stop the onslaught of tears, your face crumpled up as you move your hands to cover your face. You had once again had a fight with your parents, and had spent a disastrous few hours sitting at their dinner table while they once again nitpicked everything about you.

Everything about you was a target; from the clothes you wore to your job. The biggest thing that you fought about though, was your involvement with both the cases and the personal lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. They learned that you had acquainted them after they saw a picture in the tabloids with all three of you in it; jokingly calling you ‘The Three Stooges’. To be quite honest, they were horrified when they learned that within a week of meeting both John and Sherlock you had begun to help them on cases. What they didn’t know (and what would drive them absolutely up-the-wall mental) was that you were in a relationship with the brilliant detective, and had already moved in on Baker Street.

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Wonwoo as Your Bus Buddy

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui

(A spin-off from my Seventeen as Band Nerds series)

  • To give a bit of context, you and Wonwoo have been friends since junior high. The both of you decided to stick together like glue throughout high school as well.
  • You’re not nearly as close with him as he is with Mingyu, but every other marching band competition, you guys decided to become bus buddies.
  •  He prefers to sit next to you rather than Mingyu because Mingyu is incredibly loud. Plus, you also play the same instrument.
  • “Mingyu can’t even shut up for 10 minutes, and last week the ride was two hours long. Needless to say, I actually taped his mouth.”
  • He brings sheet music with him whenever he wants to discuss some parts with you.
  • He doesn’t mind that you sleep on him or lean against him.
  • You guys bring actual MEALS instead of snacks during long bus rides to share with each other.
  • Likes to share music with you, so you guys take turns listening to each other’s songs on his phone.
  • 99.9% of the time Mingyu sits behind you and tries to tease Wonwoo while he’s sleeping.
  • You don’t mind that he ends up leaning on you as he sleeps sometimes, but he’s really tall and heavy.
  • According to Mingyu you guys have the “most nerdiest conversations ever. Like, who cares if you deep-clean your saxophone once every two days?” (Wonwoo does, I mean he asked.)
  • You bring your laptop along to watch some movies during really long bus rides.
  • When you guys have to change in uniforms before a performance, each gender gets a bus to change on, and since you always sit on the “male bus”, Wonwoo will never hesitate or complain to get something on it if you ever forget something.
  • You have to tie up your hair to stick into your shako (the hat, basically), and since you suck at that, Mingyu would do it during the ride while Wonwoo checks to see if it’s centered and all that stuff.
  • Wonwoo always manages to sneak leftover dinner on the bus, but you don’t complain cause sharing is caring!
  • You bring a blanket to share whenever it gets cold or when you just feel like draping it on while watching movies.
  • Being around Wonwoo just makes you feel at ease, and you know he feels the same way. The best part about competitions is knowing that you’ll sit and enjoy some fun times with him. 
The Joker (Suicide Squad) x female reader - Let’s Play a Game (Part 1) (Rated M Super smut)

Okay this was based on a very specific prompt I was given! I will make a Part 2 to this! I absolutely love it <3 Thankyou Anon!

The Joker has a quiet night to himself and decides to takes a stroll, but he finds you stranded on your own and offers company. Playing a game is the only thing on his mind right now, will you win?


Originally posted by vrdantt

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Welcome Home - Josh Washington x Reader (Until Dawn)

There were many things that Josh wish he could have done differently, that if he had the time to sit down and list them all, it would take years to finish naming them all. But as he was tugging the scarf that coved his face despite already wearing a mask, he decided to list some of them.

He would have been a better brother for his sisters. He would have stayed sober that night that his sisters ran into the forest. He wouldn’t have stopped taken his meds that sent his mind into a spiral. He wouldn’t have played the prank that nearly got all his friends, if he could still call them that. He wouldn’t have restored to eating human meat down in the mines, because it wasn’t too long later than they found him, but the wendigo curse was already upon him.

He wasn’t sure what happened in the months after the wendigo curse took over, all he remembered was being dragged down to the mines by the monster that used to be his sister, Hannah, the hunger that he felt in the mines. He wasn’t sure how many days he spent there. The last thing he could officially remember was finally giving into the hunger that took over his sister, and then that’s when things got fuzzy. He had visions of seeing the Cree natives chanting, a pain deep coursing throughout his body that felt like lava coursing his veins; being locked up in a steel room, flashes of hearing people calling him a monster.

Then he remembered hearing his mother and father whispering his name, and that was that. According to his doctors and the Cree natives, he was free of the wendigo curse, or at least most of it. Josh hard time believing that because when he looks at his reflection, all he sees is the monster that his friends called him over and over. The scar on his left cheek running up to nearly his ear, his eyes were gladly back to normal, but they still had a slight scar on his right eye. His teeth even though he had them filed down, they still remained sharp since there was only so much he could file before they became too painful for him to bear.

Josh was at the local park, wanting to look down a phone, but at the same time he didn’t.

He felt nervous because of the one person that was going to meet. (Y/N), the love of his life since before he knew what love was as kids. You were always there for him, and valued him as a person and not because of his name and status as son of a famous film director, much like his friend Chris, but they bond you had with him was different.  You hadn’t been part of the prank, because you weren’t there since you were with your own family that cold dark weekend, but when you heard the news of his sisters, you were there for him like no other.

You would help him with his nightmares, even if it meant staying up all night with Josh on the phone or in person. You would hold his hand as he drove to his therapy sessions. You were his light when the world around him was dark and grey. But even the brightest of lights couldn’t shine in the darkest parts of his mind. Despite you being with him through his troubles, even you weren’t enough to shake him from his thoughts of revenge. He wanted them to pay, he wanted them to feel the same heart racing, anxiety, fear that his sisters felt.

So when he invited his so called friends back to Blackwood Mountain, he said that it would be best if you didn’t go. You had insisted on going, wanting to be there for him on the anniversary of his sisters’ disappearance, because you knew that his mood could drastically change from one moment to another. But he said that it would be better to stay, since you being there would make them feel odd since you weren’t there when it happened, saying it was more of a way to mend what happened that night between them.  

You sighed and trusted him, leaning up to kiss his lips just asking him to come back to you, and he promised he would. He really did want to bring you along but he knew the best way of keeping you safe would be to keep you as far away from the lodge as possible, because with your kind nature, he knew that you would be caught up in his prank. But he wasn’t able to keep his promise.

But as he stood under the lamppost, he reached for a small photograph that he had kept in his pocket since he could remember, even in the dark of the mines; he knew that he held onto it. He stared down at it, the photo of you and him. You and him when you visited in the summer at his lodge. You were caught kissing in the forest, and Beth and Hannah thought that it was too good of a moment to not capture.

This photo helped him when he was recovering after those few months after his ritual, since you reminded him of what it meant to be human, and not like the monster he felt like he still is. Josh felt like he didn’t deserve you after everything that’s he’s done, but Chris insisted that he met up with you. In fact it was Chris that called you to meet him.

Josh was scared that at the mere mention of your name, that you would have nothing to do with him, especially after everything that the gang would have told you of what he put them through, but to his surprise you agreed.

He finally looked down at his phone, only five more minutes till six, and the time you and Chris arranged, Josh had honestly been here since five not knowing what else to do with his time, and giving him enough time to calm his nerves. But so far each minute that past just sent his nerves on a growing slope. He looked down at the photo, seeing how happy you were as you kissed him, and thought of the other photos of you that he had kept throughout your relationship, each of them filled with happiness that was because of him. frames and albums filled of your pictures from when you were friends in elementary to when you were dating in your second year of high school, he would always notice the small details of your face, that if someone were to hand him a photo of you he could pretty much tell how old you were, that’s how well he paid attention to detail.

But one thing that never changed was the smile that you reserved just for him, and right now that’s what worried him. Josh worried that you would never smile for him again, that instead of giving him the smile he loves, you would frown in anger and fear, especially once you would see the changes his face has gone through. He was scared that he wouldn’t your Josh, the man that you would whisper sweet nothings to as he held you till you both fell asleep, the guy that you said you would always love, but instead be the Josh the monster, the wendigo, the sick murder, that the voices in his head chanted over and over when he was growing a tolerance to his medication.

One more minute…his stomach clenched, he felt nauseous like he was going to throw up, never had he felt so sick in stomach, not even when he ate the very thing that made him a wendigo. He looked down at the photo, hoping it would calm him like it always does, but it didn’t, in fact it made him feel worse.

It would be his fault if things turn out bad, it would be his fault if he alone, and it would be his fault if you walked out of him. His fault, all of it, his fault. The voice in his head, now becoming voices, chanting that it was his fault, all of it, he deserved to be alone.


And just like that the voices were silent. Josh didn’t want to look up, he was afraid that the voice that he heard was just part of his imagination, like the way he heard it in the mines over and over again but just teasing him of what he lost and reminding him that you wouldn’t be there to save him like you normally would.

Josh was paralyzed with doubt.

“Josh, is that you?” hearing the voice closer than before.

Josh knew that he had to look up, the urge to see her burning deep in his veins.  Josh’s green eyes looked up, seeing there the one person he thought that he would never see again. The girl that still owns his heart to this day and pretty sure always will. (h/c) flowed down your shoulders, different then he last saw it but still beautiful as he remembered, the features of your face that made him want to shower you kisses as he mapped out your face and body with gentle kisses and soft touches. But what stood out to him the most were your eyes, a beautiful shade of (e/c) one that he could get lost him. Green met (e/c) but the moment that he felt a smile coming through his mask, he saw your eyes begin to water.

His heart was breaking…he had barely even said a word and you were already crying. He couldn’t handle this, it was too much for him, and he needed to leave…now! He quickly shoved the picture in his jacket and stood up, and to walk away, not wanting to hear you say that you were scared of him. He had only taken two steps when he felt two arms wrap around his torso. He knew that he could easily break free of your hold, wouldn’t be that hard, but he couldn’t, in fact he wanted to stay in your arms forever, because to him it was one of the few hugs he received since he was ‘cured’.

“Please don’t leave me, not again,” did all you could whisper to him, not want to let him go.

Your words struck a chord in him, you still cared…about him. He wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure how to respond, his deformities now bearing all the weight, because he wasn’t the same Josh that left to Blackwood Mountain nearly a year ago, he was different both physically and mentally.

“(Y/N),” your name rolling off so smoothly from his mouth, one of the few times he said it without crying, since recovering his humanity.

The hold on Josh tightened the moment he whispered your name. He pried your hand off, letting him turn to face your tear streaked face. He looked down at his hands, double checking that they looked normal, like a human because right now he felt more like a monster compared to you, he placed his hands on your cheeks. The warm skin beneath his fingers, making this feel real to him, you were here…with him, you weren’t a figment of his imagination like in the mines.

You leaned in towards his touch, your reddened lips pressing a small kiss against his palm, tasting the saltiness of your tears. “You’re actually here, you’re alive,” you whimpered, “I missed you so much Josh.”

It was funny; those were Josh’s same exact thoughts.

“(Y/N),” at this point he wondered if that was all he could say, “I’m sorry for everything, all of it, I should’ve…”

“Joshua Washington you have nothing to be sorry for, none of it was your fault,” your voice coming out a bit harsh, but you needed him to know that you don’t blame him for anything that happened that night.

“But if it wasn’t because of me, no one would’ve gotten hurt, not Sam, Chris, Jessica, none of them. And it was my fault that I ate…” not wanting to continue those last few words.

“Josh it wasn’t your fault, you had no control over what happened that night, no one did. and what happened down there in the mines, you had to do what you needed to survive, I don’t blame you for anything, I’m just so glad you’re here, you have no idea how much I missed you” leaning in to hug him.

“If it’s anything like the way I missed you…then I think I have an idea,” he said wrapping his arms around you.

Your warmth seeped into him and his onto you. This was something that he missed, the feeling of being cared for. Josh didn’t even know that he was crying till he felt his vision blur, but he did silently, glad that despite going to hell and back, you were still the same as always, beautiful and kind inside and out. But he knew that as much as he wanted to bask in your light, he didn’t deserve it, none of it at all, it was the only way that he felt that he could pay for what he’s done, for the monster he considers himself. Because in his mind monsters and demons don’t get the happy ending, they don’t fall in love with angels, and especially don’t get to be loved by them.

But the selfish part of him wanted to keep you, but he needed to unselfish for once, as he pushed away.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I can’t do this, I thought I could but I can’t,” his voice wavering as part of his heart wanted to take it all back.

“Josh, don’t push me away again,” wanting to hug him again, but his strength keeping you at a distance.

“(Y/N), I’m doing this for your own good, you can’t be with me, I’m not good for you, I wish I was”, he said feeling his own heart break at seeing how broken you were becoming, you weren’t meant to have a frown on your face, your smile was beautiful yet he hated that the reason you weren’t smiling was because of him, “but I’m not (Y/N), I don’t think I ever was.”

“Josh, I love you, I don’t care what happened in the mountains, wasn’t your fault, if anything I feel bad that I couldn’t notice that you were hurting that bad, I’m sorry Josh,” you said wanting to fall into his arms again.

Salty tears were trailing down your face, making Josh feel guiltier but he knew that this was the better option, he couldn’t hurt you again and he knew that if you stayed with him, he could hurt you, since at times he wasn’t sure that he was fully cured from the wendigo spirit. His heart was clenching, it was in his instinct to always be there for you, to make you smile, and this was going against that nature, but he had to follow through…it was the only way he knew that he could keep you safe…from him.

“I’m a monster (Y/N), they don’t deserve happiness, I don’t deserve you at all, its best if you leave me,” his jaw clenching underneath his mask and scarf.

“You don’t know what’s best for me Josh, because if you did…you would know that you’re what’s best for me. You’re my best friend Josh, and you’ve been with me through everything, my highs and my lows. You know me best, you’re patient with me, and you love me. No one else is going to love me like the way you do Josh,” your hand reaching out for his face, wanting to caress his cheek like the way you normally did, but he immediately pulled his face back, almost as if your touch would burn him, making you pull back your hand with an even more broken heart.

“that’s not true, there are people who will love you more than I can, and are better for you than me…millions out there that are better than a monster like me,” his voice becoming a bit deeper as he wanted to keep himself calm but deep down his heart was breaking as much as yours.

“Stop calling yourself a monster! You are not a monster, and I don’t want any of them…I want you!” Feeling you come undone with each passing moment.

“Yes I am!” losing his calm slowly, he wished that you would listen to him, but he knew that it was because you loved him that you didn’t want to leave.

“No you aren’t!” more tears steaking down your face.

Finally knowing that there was only one way to make you see the monster that he is, he pulled off his mask and scarf, letting you see his face the scars that ran up to his cheek, marred skin near his lips, and the fang like teeth, letting you see what he was trying to make you understand, “I am a monster, this is what a monster looks like.” He looked down not wanting to see how you were most likely scared of his appearance, not wanting to see those rejecting eyes that were sure to come.

He expected you to scream or run, but instead there was a long silence. He felt like his heart was breaking all over again, were you scared of him that you couldn’t move. He couldn’t do anything but wait till you left. He wanted to cry, but he would do that when he gets home, he didn’t deserve to cry in front of you, not when this was what he thought he wanted.

Finally he heard steps, he shut his eyes, and you were leaving him. He wanted to keep you, but this was for the best. A warm touch landed on his cheeks, gently ghosting over the scars on his face, almost like a feather.

Your eyes were puffy and red, from crying, but held a look of wonder on them, as they took in his new appearance. The pads of your fingers gently applying gentle pressure that made him lean into your touch like how he always does, making your palm feel his new fang like teeth, he momentarily felt you tense, but quickly ease into it. His eyes were analyzing you, wanting to see a fraction of fear but nothing it was just wonder that was laced across your face.

“you’re still beautiful to me,” you whispered your eyes finally locking with his giving him a smile, which he returned with a small one of his own, “you’re still not a monster to me,” you finished as you leaned up to place a gentle kiss against his scarred skin, going in slowly in case he pulls back but he didn’t.

Your lips against his skin was another thing he missed; but he didn’t think he would miss it as much as he did right now. It still ensured him of how much you cared for him, as he relaxed in your kiss, he badly wanted to kiss you, but didn’t want to startle you. “I still love you Josh, this doesn’t change anything” you said as you leaned against his shoulder, feeling your own cheeks burn as being so close to him again, taking him all in scent since the sweaters that you kept no longer smelled like him, which always something you loved. “but I understand if you don’t love me anymore, I’ll stay away if you want me to, just promise me that you won’t call yourself a monster” you said expecting the worse.

You felt his chest vibrate as a laugh escaped his mouth, “I’m always going to love you (Y/N), but I’m dangerous, I mean look at me,” he said with a broken smile.

“Josh do you want to hurt me?” you whispered.

“No, that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do,” he immediately answered.

“Then you aren’t dangerous to me Josh, I told you, this doesn’t make a difference to me, you’re still the Josh I know, the Josh I love, my Josh,” you said with a smile.

Something inside him snapped, pulling you into his arms. He finally let the tears out, as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, letting take in your scent, and just like you…it reminded him of home, a home that he thought he that he lost a long time ago when he awoke in those mines. Your neck was becoming wet with his tears, but you were sure that you were making a wet spot on his shirt was well, with your own tears. You hugged him close, loving the feel of being in his arms.

Warmth was what Josh felt, like the warmth of coming home from a snowstorm was what this reminded him of. Everything about you still felt like home, he couldn’t push you away, not anymore, not when you wanted him, and when it came to you…he couldn’t deny you anything for too long. And the selfish part of him craved your attention that you were so willing to give him, maybe because you really did remind him what it was to be human, a human in love.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered against your neck, wanting to kiss your neck but was afraid of hurting you. “I thought I would never see you again.”

“I missed you too.”

There was so much pain that needed to be mended between the two of you. It was felt, your tears proof of that. You both had unvoiced pain that you wondered how long it would be till everything was as it used to, so full of love and admiration, that you wondered if you ever go back to that, but you would still want to try. You pulled back slightly just too look at his face, really trying to take in his new appearance.

“Can I kiss you?” he whispered, almost reminding you of the first time he kissed you, so shy and nervous.

You nodded, leaning up a bit for him. Josh took in a breath of air, still amazed that you would still want him, especially like this. His hand cupped your face, leaning your face up towards him. He looked at your face, into your eyes wanting to make sure that this was ok. Seeing no hesitance, he leaned in and closed the space between your lips. He was careful of his teeth, not wanting to hurt you, but he missed this, missed kissing you all the time, when he would see you in the morning, or when he would drop you off, or at night when you stayed the night at his place, reminding him of the home that you provided for him. He relished the feeling of your lips against his, how soft they were against the scarred corner of his lips. He wished things were different, but not at the expense if it would change how he felt right now. You wanted more, wanting to feel more of Josh after not having him for so long. He wanted more too, slowly opening up the kiss more, nearly making you moan as you felt his teeth brush against your bottom lip, which encouraged him to actually nibble your lips, this time making you moan as your grip on shirt tightened, which made Josh smirk against your lip.

He was hungry, not for flesh, but for you. He wanted to quench his thirst of you, but that would have to wait when he felt more control of himself. He wanted more, feeling his body burn with you, pulling you closer wanting and needing to feel your love again. Josh broke the kiss, loving the look on your face, your eyes lulled over with a lust like haze, your lips reddened from his kiss and bites, the quick breaths that made your chest rise, which wanted him to mark it all with his bites, especially with how your skin glowed under the light of the lamp post.

“You have no idea how much I missed you (Y/N),”pressing a kiss on your forehead

“Welcome home Josh,” you said with a smile as you pulled him to a hug again.

He still thinks that he’s not completely human, yes the curse is lifted, but he still didn’t feel like he is fully. But maybe with you, you could really teach him what it meant to be human, starting with the love that you would give him, and he would give you. but since that fateful night when he landed in the mines, almost a year ago…he finally did feel like he was home, because to him, home was where you were, not his room, not the hospital, not the lodge, but here with you in his arms, because that’s where his heart was, in your hands.

Josh was finally home, “it’s good to be home (Y/N)” pulling you closer under the light of the lamppost, “I promise I won’t leave you again,” and this time he meant it.


never thought i would write something this long, but couldnt stop writing once i started, and felt that it would be to odd to cut it to two pieces.

the idea of josh being cured is actually called exor!josh which can be found on  Danji-Doodle’s Tumblr

image, which is also their own concept that I obtained permission to use. so image credit goes to her, and you really should read her work

i do not own until dawn, credit to rightful owners.

this was greatly inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Photograph

yea hopefully you like it let me know what you think


word count: 632

summary: Ladybug teaches Chat Noir the best game in the world.

little thing i decided to write after i played chopsticks w/ my crush! it was my first time playing chopsticks so i got really flustered since i was embarrassing myself in front of my c r u s h but she didn’t seem to mind much. later looking back on this my friend also played chopsticks with me while we were standing around his project at the psych fair and i learned how to play right

it’s ladynoir because i breathe ladynoir and it was perfect


“Are you serious? You’ve seriously never played chopsticks before.”

“Well I had a very sheltered childhood and I only started going to public school last year, so no, I haven’t.”

Ladybug snorted in attempt to hide her laugh. He couldn’t really lie though, the way her nose scrunched up when she did so was a-freaking-dorable and he’d sell his soul to see that every day for the rest of his life.

Chat couldn’t help but chuckle a little himself. “If I’m gonna play with you milady, you have to teach me first!

 “Okay, okay!” she had managed to say while she regained her breath. “So, here’s how you play the sacred game of chopsticks; of which I am a champion–”

“I don’t doubt it, bugaboo,” Chat interrupted coyly.

She stifled a laugh, smiling with her eyes closed and that adorable nose thing again. “Okay, Chat seriously, heh.” Ladybug turned towards him and stuck her hands out, her index fingers the only ones protruding from them. 

Chat’s eyebrows furrowed and he looked to Ladybug for information. She chuckled again, slowly throwing her head back in exasperation.

“This is how you set up the game, Chat,” she explained between breaths. Chat noticed her small stature shaking with each giggle that left her body. His own jolted in embarrassment and he muttered a small ‘sorry’ while Ladybug laughed again and replied with ‘it’s ok.’ He copied her gesture and pointed his index fingers at hers. His hands were to be flat and positioned downwards according to Ladybug’s positioning.

“So um, what does this mean? Exactly?” Chat asked her.

“Very good question,” Ladybug began. “If you have these two fingers out it means you have one point on each hand. It’s basically a game of addition. So here, I’ll make the first move–” she hit his right index finger with one of hers, “–that means I added one point to that hand. That makes two points to your right hand and one point on your left.”

“Uh, cool but um… how do I…?” Chat queried shyly. Ladybug rolled her eyes playfully. She took his right hand in her left. He was thankful he was transformed as the mask hid most of the heat growing on his cheeks. He was also thankful for his tan complexion helping to hide the rest. 

“Just show how many points you have by putting more fingers out,” she explained simply, arranging his fingers so that two of them were pointed towards her. She then jolted back and held her hands high up in the air, eyes blown wide and mouth slightly gaped. Chat’s hairs stood on end at the action.

“Are you okay, Ladybug?” he asked quickly, worry very evident in his face. Ladybug’s hands lowered slowly as her lips shaped into a smile. When her hands finally rested themselves in her lap she began laughing, much to her partner’s confusion. She leaned into him, continuing to shake with laughter now smothered by Chat’s collarbone. The hero in question moved his arms to hold her shuddering form with a mildly perplexed expression still painting his face. He began rubbing circles in her back in an attempt to calm her laughing fit as he felt her wrap her arms around him.

When she finally caught her breath, Ladybug removed herself from their embrace and looked at him with an open-mouthed smile. “It’s–It’s just that your hands looked like you were pointing a gun at me and you–” she giggled, “–you took it so seriously I could not even believe!” Ladybug had begun laughing again. 

Chat narrowed his eyes as she laughed her ass off. “It was not funny! I thought something was seriously wrong! Don’t patronize me!” He sighed. “Anyway aren’t you supposed to be teaching me how to play chopsticks?”

this was gonna b longer but i lost inspiration lmao


Requested by anonymous: You go support Shawn at msg and you guys go back to his hotel to celebrate ❤


Tonight was finally the night. The night where Shawn would perform in front of thousands at Madison Square Garden. Just the meer thought was enough to get you completely excited.

And if you were excited - you couldn’t imagine how Shawn was feeling at this very moment. The arena was being filled by tons of fans as you spoke with one of Shawn’s tour managers about the set list. Shawn was currently in his “before show” state of mind, simply trying to calm his nerves and tune his acoustic guitar. You decided to give him some space, knowing that Shawn is probably in an unknown state of mind right now.

You had watched him go from Vine to playing arenas like MSG and the warmth that spread throughout your body as you thought about how happy you were for him, became overwhelming - and even made you think you needed to sit down for a second.

“Shawn, it’s time to go, bud.” Someone slaps him on the shoulder and he looks up briefly, nodding his head. His eyes catch yours as you both give a smile, walking quickly over to you.

“This is it, babe.” Shawn says, already out of breath at the thought of stepping onto that stage. He rests his forehead against yours lightly, his eyes fluttering shut as he breathes deeply.

“You deserve this, Shawn. I’m so proud of you.” You say, honestly. The truth was, you were incredibly proud of what he’s accomplished in the past year.

“Thanks, Y/N.” Shawn smiles.

“Shawn, you’re on now, dude.” Shawn pulls away and kisses you quickly before running out onto the stage - screams sounding in the entire arena.

“Good luck!” You yell after him, him looking back for a quick second and winking at you.

This was going to be one hell of a show.

“Thank you New York! I love you guys so much, thank you! I love you.” You watch Shawn blow a couple kisses out to the crowd while they go crazy and he runs off, heading back towards you. “I just fucking played MSG.” Shawn says, laughing, in awe.

Everyone cheers and starts clapping, including you, who Shawn brings into a tight hug.

“Thank you for being here.” He mumbles.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the entire world.” You smile, kissing him.

“Alright, who’s ready to party?” Geoff yells, getting happy responses from everyone.

Shawn puts his arm around you, sweaty and in an adrenaline induced state.

“Honestly, I think my girl and I are going to head back to the hotel to celebrate.”

You look up at him with puzzled eyes, wondering why he didn’t want to go out.

“Shawn, really? It’s MSG! It’s your big night!”

“Yeah well, I would rather celebrate with my girlfriend.” You look at him, he gives you a lazy smile and kisses your temple - leaving your side to attend to some business before you two leave.

As you two get back to your hotel room, you lay your bag on the bed, looking out onto the balcony at the busy streets of New York - the city that never sleeps.

“So…” Shawn starts. “Look what I smuggled in.” You turn to look at what Shawn was talking about and notice him pull out a bottle of champagne, placing a finger over his lips.

“Oh my god, Shawn!” You laugh.

“Shh. It’s fine, it’s fine.” Shawn says, popping the cork making you giggle in excitement. “So, we don’t have any fancy glasses - so our crappy plastic hotel room cups are going to have to suffice.”

You laugh, taking a cup from Shawn and him pouring you some champagne. He sets down the bottle and tugs on your hand, bringing you out into the balcony.

“I’d like to propose a toast,” you begin while Shawn chuckles, but holds up his cup anyway, giving you a smoldering look. “To you Shawn Mendes, for selling out MSG in about thirty seconds-”

“It was like five minutes.”

“Shh, I’m doing a toast. And then you played at the worlds most famous arena tonight to thousands of people. You deserve everything that came your way and I’m so proud of you.” You clink cups, taking a sip. You both lean against the railing of the balcony as you sip from your cups, watching the nightlife.

“I’m glad I could share this moment with you, babe.” Shawn says, raising your hand to kiss your knuckles. “And honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to wrap the fact that I played Madison Square Garden around my head.” He paused. “Insane.”

“Completely and utterly insane, and I’m glad to share the moment with you too. I love you.”

“Not as much as I love you.” Shawn says.

You wave your hand, “we are not getting into this right now.” You say laughing.

“Well then, is there something else we could get into?” He wiggles his eyebrows and you laugh, definitely not opposed to it. “First one to take all their clothes off doesn’t have to get coffee in the morning at three, ready go!” Shawn says excitedly and runs off back into the room.

You grown, knowing you’ve already lost and may as well set your alarm for three AM.


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have a little fluffy christmas imagine! ☺️

It was holiday season, and you seemed to be the only person in town who had no significant other to celebrate it with. No matter where you went, everyone seemed to have their honey under their arm, and it made your chest clench knowing you would never experience that with the person you loved. After all, that person was your teacher.
One day, you decided to treat yourself a little and go out and ice skate. You wouldn’t say you were magnificent at it, but you enjoyed gliding on the ice. For some reason it cleared your mind from anything pestering it. Once you arrived, the place was packed with families and couples. You expected it, and tried not to let it dampen your mood, so you went ahead on the ice. “Honey you know I can’t skate don’t let go!” you watched a couple play fight. The man chuckled, pulling his hand away from the girl then going back in to hold her once again. You pictured yourself with [TC] doing something cute like that. Completely zoned out with your fantasies, you didn’t realize you were going a bit too fast to be that distracted.
“Whoa there!” a familiar voice rang in your ear, a pair of arms wrapping around you. You clutched the stranger’s chest tightly, surprised by the abrupt, yet firm stop. “Oh god I am so sorry!” you blubbered, gently pushing yourself off the kind stranger. “Its no problem-” the person looked down at you, “Wait [YN]?” you looked back up at them, flushing red when you finally realized who it was. The devil himself, [TC]. “Oh my god [TC]!” you couldn’t help but smile. “What are you doing here?” they questioned as you started to slowly skate next to one another. “I come and skate sometimes to clear my mind.” you answered, fidgeting your hands together. “Oh? Not with your significant other like most people here?” they chuckled, noticing how red your hands had become because of the cold. “Ah no, actually love is the reason why I came to clear my mind.” you confessed. “But what about you? Are you here with your significant other?” you tried to pass the attention from yourself. “Ah no, I’m here for the same reason actually.” they gently nudged you.
“Well that’s surprising.” you mumbled. “Surprising? How come?” they glanced at you. “You’re a really likeable person, so I was expecting you to be with someone.” you caught their glance, and they maintained eye contact with you. “That’s flattering.” they looked away, a small blush across their cheeks. “I can only say the same for you, you’re a bright, lovely kid. Whoever you’re trying to get your mind off of is a fool for not returning the feelings.” their hand lightly brushed against yours as you rested your arms to your sides. “It’s no big deal, the person could never really return the feelings anyways.” you looked down, smiling over the small contact you just had. You were ataken back as they had scooped up your hand, placing it firmly into theirs. “W-wha?” “Your hands looked a little cold, and since this person who won’t return the feelings won’t hold your hand, I will.” they gave you a sheepish grin as you looked up at them. “You don’t have to! Its fine really!” you couldn’t believe your eyes. They had shoved your intwined hands into their warm coat pocket. “I want to, don’t worry about it.” they ruffled your hair with their free hand.
After skating for awhile in silence, you spoke up. “Hey uh [TC]?” you looked up to them. “Hm?” they looked down at you. “Can I be honest with you?” you started to feel your palm sweat. “Of course.” they gave your hand a squeeze. “Well,” you took a deep breath, “Honestly you were the one I was trying to get off my mind.” you mumbled. “What?” they stopped skating. “Nothing, it was stupid I’m sorry.” your face burned from embarrassment. You tried to pull your hand away from them, but they held a tight grip, not too harsh to hurt you but firm enough for you to have to struggle to get out of their grasp. “Can I be honest with you this time?” they pulled you closely. “Y-yes?” you stuttered, being so close to see how clear and pretty [TC]’s eyes looked had your heart racing a million miles per second. “You’re the one I’m trying to get my mind off too.” Before you could say anything, their lips were softly pressed against yours. 
Once they pulled back, there was no words, nor a reason to speak. You just stared at each other, with goofy smiles plastered on your faces. This was probably the best Christmas miracle you could’ve asked for.

Attention (Carl Grimes x Reader)

A gunshot sounded off. Everyone flinched at the sound. Y/n felt a shooting pain in her right eye, she felt blood trickle down her cheek. She turned to Rick and Carl, who stood looking at the fallen boy on the ground. “Carl?” Y/n asked, he looked over to her in shock. She fell into his arms. He played coed her up and began running back to the infirmary, Rick in front of him and Michonne behind him. He felt tears pooling in his eyes but refused to cry. “She can’t be dead.” “She’s not dead” he kept thinking the thought over and over in his mind. When they made it to the infirmary, Spencer took the frail girl out of Carl’s arms and laid her on a table. Carl grew frustrated and decided to go out to kill the walkers with his father. He walked out, the door slamming. Michonne winced. She looked down to the small girl. “Just place a little more pressure, then you can go.” Denise said, clearing the wound. Michonne nodded. “Okay. You can go.” Denise announced. Michonne placed a kiss on Y/n’s forehead and ran out.

-A Few Hours Later-

Carl walked back inside the infirmary. He looked around at the rest of the group. Maggie, Glenn, Enid, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Abraham, Rosita, and Tara looked the most distraught. “You can go see her.” Maggie locked eyes with the young boy. He nodded and raced off to the room. He gently opened it and walked it. He looked at the girl, who had a white bandage covering her right eye. “Hey.” She whispered, smiling softly at him. “You fainted…..straight into my arms, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” He said, laughing lightly. Y/n giggled. “Well, I’m just so head over heels for you. I had to get your attention some how.” She joked back. Carl and placed a light kiss on her lips and the two talked the rest of the night.