and then comparing it to tony's reaction


Prompt: “She was a nomad at heart. Unlike him, she didn’t need to have a place to call home.” Told in Lin’s POV.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: I’m glad I got this out in time for V-day! Though I’m not as satisfied as I should be, I decided to share it with you guys. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Lin was going to do it tonight.

He had the support from his family, friends, and even some random old lady on the subway he told last week.

He was partnered up with Y/N in an acting class during his Sophomore year of college. The second her eyes landed on him and she gave him her million-dollar smile, he should have known he was doomed.

He and Y/N became fast friends and spent every single waking moment together. They would text each other at night, have breakfast and coffee in the morning, head to class, and then do whatever the hell they pleased until it was time to go home.

Junior year they met each other’s parents. Y/N had her mother’s looks, but everything else about her was her father. Her personality, the way she carried herself, her love for travel and adventure… it all came from him. And of course, his parents loved her. They called her their daughter and fed her bottomless stomach with food whenever they would visit.

Senior year, even though they were both stressed and drowning in exams and projects, they managed to find time for each other. It helped that she was practically living with him. She cleared space in his tiny closet for her clothes, left her toiletries in his bathroom, and slept in his bed. Somehow, she managed to book small affordable getaways, either in nearby states where she would drag him around and explore the city or a “staycation” in New York where she would show him things even he, a native, haven’t even heard of before.

It was during a random night in the middle of the semester, where she was cramming for an exam that was in the morning, that he realized how much he really loved her. He sat in the kitchen across from her, papers sprawled on the table and his laptop in front of him, watching as she began to doze off. The pencil in her hand fell to the table with a thump and he chuckled when her head began to bob, drifting further into the calls of sleep.

“Time for bed,” Lin whispers, getting up and going over to her side.

As he pulled her up from her seat by her hand, she began to protest. “No,” she yawns, rubbing her eyes.

“You need sleep,” Lin urged, pulling her towards his bedroom.

“But I need to study,” she whined, but let him lead her to bed.

“I’ll wake you up early in the morning so you can study,” Lin smiles, opening up the duvet and helping her inside.

Just as he was about to turn and leave, she stops him by grabbing the sleeve of his hoodie.

“Stay with me, please?”

Her question tugged at his heartstrings.

She scooted over to make room for him and kept the duvet open to let him in. Lin’s smile gets bigger, and with a defeated sigh, slips in beside her. She immediately attaches to him, tucking herself under his chin and swung her leg over him. She was asleep within seconds.

Lin stared at the ceiling, heart hammering against his chest.

He wanted this every day for the rest of his life.

He wanted to come home to her, sleep next to her, be with her…

Lin wanted it all and more.

And today, after months and months of suppressing it, he was going to tell Y/N. Even if she didn’t feel the same, he had to do it. So what if the little hope he’s built after overanalyzing every conversation, every single touch, every unspoken word he’s had with her is crushed?

At least he gave it a shot.

“Lin! I have exciting news!” Y/N came rushing in the bar full of graduates, graduation cap still pinned to her head and heels clicking with every step.

Lin spreads his arms open and she runs forward, squeezing him tightly.

She draws back, eyes gleaming with excitement, and grabs his hands. She jumps up and down, not able to contain her excitement.

“I got the job!” she squeals.

Lin’s heart drops.

“The job?” he echoes.

“The job for The National Geographic, silly! How could you forget?”

He didn’t forget.

It was the freelance journalism job with The National Geographic.

She was going to be whisked away from New York, away from her home, her family, him

“Oh my god, Lin! They left a voicemail earlier today and they said they want to fly me out to Australia tomorrow. Can you believe it? Australia!”

“Australia…” Lin whispers, throat feeling tight.

He felt as if the floor was going to slip from under him. She was finally going to travel the world and experience all the things she’s dreamed of, but he felt so devastated.

She lunges forward, hugging him again.

“I’m so happy!”

Lin lifted his trembling hands to embrace her.

“Me too.”

The rest of the night passed by in a haze.

It didn’t go away even after he said goodbye to her at the airport the next day.


For the last five years, the only way he kept in touch with Y/N were through emails. She had a horrible habit of losing her cell phone and it was almost impossible to find signal in the middle of nowhere.

She’s been to every single continent, every nook and cranny of the world. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to Seychelles, she was there, her smile brighter and bigger than he’s ever seen it.

She was a nomad at heart. Unlike him, she didn’t need to have a place to call home. The whole world was her home. She didn’t want stability, she wanted excitement. She didn’t fear the unknown, she thrived in it and faced it head-on.

She was the polar opposite who he was, but damn, every time he would scroll through her pictures, he felt a deep sorrow in his gut of what could have been.

He knew that they would have been amazing together.

He could just picture it… Y/N, in the front row of the Richard Rogers Theater on the opening night of In The Heights and then Hamilton, screaming her head off in some gaudy dress. Her getting annoyed with Karen and her sass, adoring Chris and his big-brother tendencies, and silently rooting for Jasmine and Anthony…

But she wouldn’t have been truly happy.

She would’ve felt trapped and miserable if she stayed in New York. That’s why he let her go, why he chose to smile and ignore every cell in his body that begged to speak up the day she left. It would have been unfair and selfish of him to say anything to her. He didn’t want to hold her back from experiencing the world.

So instead, Lin sent her scanned Broadway pamphlets and newspaper clippings his mother saved, cast recordings of the musical, and pictures of people she would never meet.

They emailed each other every day and he hung on to each and every word she sent. From three sentences to a full page of words, he saved it. It was pathetic that even after all these years, Y/N was all he could think about. Every girl he’s dated was nothing compared to her.

Maybe it was time to stop pining for a girl that was always seemed to be out of his grasp.

“Lin, are you ready?”

His father’s voice pulled him out of his musings. He glanced around his surroundings, remembering that he was supposed to do a press conference for the record-breaking Tony nominations Hamilton set.  He cleared his throat and nodded, leaving the dressing room and heading towards the stage.

After he was announced, he walked onstage, the bright lights of the cameras blinding him. One by one he was asked routine questions from reporters: his inspirations for the play, his reaction to the sudden popularity of the show, and how he felt about the nominees of each category.

The final question came from the back and Lin squinted his eyes, barely making out a form of a man.

“Andy from the New York Times,” he said, “back in your college years, I heard that you got banned from the girl’s dorms after being caught in bed with one of the students multiple times. Would you like to comment on that?”

Lin reared his head back and laughed when the crowd let out a murmur. “You must have done a lot of digging to find that story,” he hums, tucking his hair behind his ear, “but, you’re correct.”

There was another buzz from the crowd, but this time, it was accompanied with flashes from the cameras.

“But, it’s not as wicked as you think it is,” Lin continued, smirking, “I spent a lot of time with a very dear friend in her dorm, studying. We had a lot of classes together and it was easier to stay at her place than to go back to my own dorm. The RA just happened to catch me sneaking into her dorm at night and assumed the worst.”

The crowd seemed unconvinced, but Lin didn’t have a chance to elaborate because time was up. He was escorted off to the side to take pictures and he posed as best as he could as he walked through the row photographers.


The familiar voice caught his attention, and with a grin, Lin walked towards Andy. “That was a tough question,” Lin says, shaking his outstretched hand, “I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that story during any of my interviews.”

Andy returns the grin and winks. “I have a great source.”

“Oh? I’d like to meet them,” Lin responds, genuinely intrigued.

Andy laughs. “You’ll have to wait for it.”

Lin was left to ponder his cryptic answer as he was ushered to the fans that awaited him.

Lin didn’t know why there were so many parties he had to attend.

He was currently getting ready for a banquet to celebrate the Tony nominees. In all honesty, the question from Andy completely threw him off-guard and caused him to feel a mix of emotions, longing the being the strongest. He wanted to stay home and reminisce the precious memories he had with Y/N, but it would have caused him to spiral into the depression he fought so hard to climb out of.

His phone buzzed, indicating that the escort was in front of his apartment, waiting. With a sigh, he pocketed his phone and wallet, mentally preparing himself for the event.

He swung his door open, stunned to see a woman whose hand was poised to knock on his door. A woman who strangely looked like…

“Y/N.” he whispers, eyes wide.

She drops her arms, letting them fall limply against her side.

“Hi,” she breathed, a sheepish smile on her face, “I… I got your address from your Father. He told me about your event tonight, but I couldn’t wait. I needed to see you.”

Lin felt his eyes water and his heart felt like it was going to burst. His eyes took in Y/N, her skin tan from all the days she spent out in the sun, baby-face long gone, and body slimmer from all her travels.

She’s still as beautiful as ever.

“You’re here.” Lin couldn’t recognize his voice.

“I’m here,” she repeats, “for good.”

Lin couldn’t comprehend what Y/N was saying. “For good?”

She swallows thickly, and wet her lips before she speaks. “My contract with National Geographic is over and I didn’t want to renew it. I’m done, Lin,” her voice wavers, “I got a job with New York Times a couple weeks ago –”

Lin lets out a sharp laugh. “You’re Andy’s source.”

She pauses. “Yes.”

Lin runs a hand down his face, trying to make sense of the situation. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner that you were back, Y/N?”

She frowns, her eyes searching his face as she explains herself. “I was scared, okay? It’s been five long years… Things change, Lin! Would we really be able to pick up where we left off? I’ve missed so many important events in your life. I should’ve been there,” she stops, voice quivering.

Lin smiles sadly. “I wanted you to be there too.”

“But I’m here now, and if I have to, I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”

Lin stares at Y/N, her declaration causing the tears in his eyes to spill. His heart felt full and wordlessly, he opens up his arms for her.

She runs into his embrace and it felt like he was young again.

The nomad finally decided to stop wandering.

“I’m home,” she whispers.

“Welcome home.”


For @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess for the soulmate prompts

Clint was born with two soulmate tattoos, one on each wrist. It’s rare, but not unheard of, only… he doesn’t feel like he’d fit twice? It doesn’t feel like that would feel right. 

And soulmates, they’re all about feeling right. The marks are next to useless, ball park - at most you can work out their birthdays, watching one number fade out and the next one fade in, but that doesn’t do much to lead you to ‘em. It’s a feeling, is what they all say. You’ll know them when you see them. You’ll know them when you touch. Clint’s been only touching himself for way too long. 

One mark, his parents made him wear a band over, ‘cos it’s gone past 70 on the day it forms on his baby-pink wrist. Platonic soulmates aren’t unheard of either, and that’s the way they tell it to themselves, but that - that doesn’t feel right, either. Clint spends as little time thinking about it as he can, frankly, ‘cos he just ends up confused and a little grossed out. 

The other wrist, his right one, that one’s wrong too. At first he wondered if the reason he only felt like he was in halves, not thirds, was ‘cos one of them was already dead. It ought to tick over once a year, steady, but it stayed on 26 through the whole of his childhood and only turned 27 when he his his late teens. The other wrist ticked up - 80, 90 - but 27 stayed 27 for an impossibility of years. 

Clint was pretty resigned to alone forever, even if 100 was coming up and it was still going strong. Fate had screwed him over somehow, and occasionally someone would come interview him for a paper, but they never got back to him to say they’d worked it out. 

There was a brief moment of excitement when he met Tony Stark and they compared wrists - Tony’s hadn’t changed either, stuck perpetually at 26 - but since his reaction to Clint’s other mark had been a screwed up face and a full body shudder, Clint didn’t figure they’d be drinking buddies any time soon. He did toast him, though, when Steve came out of the ice, and he did do his best to ignore the well meaning but utterly useless ‘see? it could happen to you too!’s

Besides, Captain America was exactly the kind of crazy asshole that Clint liked best. He approached situations bull-head first, shield up front and usually without a freaking parachute, which really put the one time Clint had kinda rode Hulk like a rodeo bull into perspective. 

They didn’t get to keep him for all that long - went off chasing down ghosts - but then he was back with another bird boy plus his crazy one-armed assassin best friend. (No offense, he’d remembered to say. None taken you tactless fuck, had been Bucky’s response. Clint instantly started making plans for friendship bracelets.) 

Bucky and Clint - they weren’t exactly close, although Clint liked him well enough, plus there was the whole hot like the sun thing. It was just that Bucky didn’t have just walls up - he had barbed wire, electric fencing, possibly moats. Clint was as close to him as anyone could be, which meant they exchanged nods over morning coffee and sometimes found themselves drinking and sharing their taste in films. 

They were mid-An Affair to Remember when Clint glanced down at his wrist and noticed it’d changed to 28. He snorted, a little bitter, and raised his beer. 

“Happy birthday,” he told the universe, and the universe told him, thanks. And the universe - the universe had a voice that was pretty similar to Bucky Barnes. 

“Steve told you?” Bucky asked him, and Clint blinked at him. 

“Um?” he said. 

“You okay?” Bucky asked, with one of his most rare of smiles, and he stretched out his leg to nudge Clint’s bare foot with his. 

They were right. You knew. 

anonymous asked:

Fellow Fanastasia! I am so happy I found this blog as I was so pissed throughout the entire Tony Awards and I am glad to see others agree about the snubbing. Anyway I was reading through reviews today of Anastasia to see what the overall reaction was and I was surprised that some of the reviewers were comparing it to the *ahem* current state of affairs in 'Murica (specifically Ben Brantley and Robert Hofler's reviews). I was curious as to your thoughts on these comparisons. I think it's utter bs

My views on the Brantley review are, I think, posted, but I really don’t think they’re a valid criticism. The production has its genesis in a story that is decades old, taking inspiration from the Ingrid Bergman movie of 1956 and the Don Bluth animated production from 1997, both of which far predate the current political climate (arguably, the 1956 production could be read as more anti-communist than the later ones, but I really don’t read a political intent there that goes beyond everything else Hollywood produced in that decade).

Somehow, Brantley in particular found parallels to Trump (and Ivanka) in his viewing of the stage musical, and I just don’t see how that’s possible except on the most superficial and coincidental of levels. The story itself isn’t really a “glorification” of the Romanovs in the way some reviews saw it; the story is one of loss of family and the search for identity, told through the lens of an amnesiac who slowly rediscovers that she was born a princess. In some regards, that’s not an entirely original premise–fairy tales have had the “lost prince(ss)” trope for centuries. The twist here is that it does use some real characters.

@anyasdimitry and I (and, I believe, @peony-pastimes and possibly @nikolaevna-romanova) had a bit of a circular colloquy back when the Brantley review was first posted on this topic. The musical is not an effort to be historically accurate, nor is it an indictment of a) the Romanovs, or b) the Soviet Union. Yes, the massacre at Yekaterinburg is portrayed and Gleb is a loyalist of the Soviet state, but those facts are used to drive character rather than plot. In that sense, it’s hard to see any “glorification” of the Romanovs or demonization of the Soviets/political left. Heck, if anything, the Romanovs that Brantley thinks have been fetishized by the musical are only present as living people for the briefest of moments in the prologue or as ghostly memories–hardly an apt metaphor for a living, breathing political phenomenon.

Here’s the thing. Broadway has had a lot of provocative and politically astute or satirical productions, especially in recent years. You cannot look at productions like RENT, Spring Awakening, or The Book of Mormon (to name just a tiny handful) without seeing political parallels and an effort at political satire. Go back far enough, and the same is true of the Golden Age of the Broadway musical (the stage version of The Sound of Music in particular has a couple subversive momenta and a very on-the-nose critique of post-war cultural materialism). Other musicals have had a political agenda imposed on them: people have looked at them after-the-fact and seen politics where the original creative team did not intend there to be any.

In my opinion as a fan and someone who has looked at the intersection of theatre and politics in the past, Anastasia falls into the latter category. The musical wants to be a touching story of love, life, family, and overcoming tragic loss. In a sense, that is perfect for our current political and cultural era where so many people are struggling to deal with the reality of the world around them. The idea of “home, love, family/there must have been a time I had them too” resonates with any number of marginalized groups, and even with those who may just be struggling with their own grief for personal reasons. If there’s any shade of political meaning in Anastasia, it’s that: no one suffers alone, not really, no matter if one is a street urchin (Dimitry), orphaned princess (Anya), or Dowager Empress (Maria Feodorovna). To find a parallel to Trump or any other political movement, to me, is intellectually dishonest.

I hope that answers your question–if not, I’m happy to provide more of an argument. And thank you for the Ask!

I want to tell you all about Z Nation.

At first Z Nation comes off as a cash-in from the Walking Dead hype. You would be right, except it would be like calling Marvel a cash-in of DC. Without spoiling too much, the first episode has a zombie baby. As in a tv-quality cgi baby, no older than a year old, that turns into a zombie with no warning whatsoever, and eats an army guy on a special mission to save the world. This should make you feel sad, but it just feels ridiculous. And that’s where Z Nation starts to shine.

Z Nation is the Deadpool to Walking Dead’s Deathstroke. Tony Stark compared to Bruce Wayne. Where Walking Dead is this gritty adventure of a rag-tag group of survivors, who are five seconds from bursting into a murderous rampage or offing themselves, Z Nation is the crazy, illogical, B movie goodness of a team with a mission, who haven’t lost the ability to have fun, all while having real reactions to things. The actors are having a great time with their characters, and it shows

One of the biggest tropes I hate about zombie media is “What are those things.” Those are zombies. “Let’s call them… walkers.” No, those are zombies. “The Undead.” Close. Say it with me. Zaaahmbeeees. “Biters!” Oh for fuck’s sake. Nobody seems to have watched the Dawn of the Dead in these universes. The word “zombie” never ever shows up. Maybe once, but that’ll be it. Z Nation? They call them “puppies and kittens.” No, I’m not kidding. Several times. But for the most part? They literally use the word, “zombie.”

Rick Grimes is a decent character. He’s a father, he’s a fighter, he’s a leader. He’s battle hardened and will do everything in his power to keep his family safe. He’s the main character. Z Nation’s “main character”, if you can call him that, isn’t even the leader. He’s a piece of shit. He’s an asshole, he’s got major issues, he’s more than slightly nuts, but he’s an amazing character.

Without delving into spoilers too much, the main leader of the team is Roberta Warren. She’s the badass black National Guard Lieutenant, who goes through the Disposable Woman trope, but with her husband as part of her tragic backstory. And then again with her current lover. Next episode, she drinks enough hootch to put a McCoy to shame, then beats the zombie bartender to death. Undeath. Whatever. Then she goes on a zombie-killing spree. Back in business.

Z Nation is funny, full of stupid pop-culture references, but it ropes you in. These are believable characters. They’re not threatening to kill everyone every five minutes, and there’s very few blips on the angst radar. When there are, it’s juicy. You enjoy it. You worry about these people. But you know what, instead of spiraling and dragging on about their issue, they get over it. They carry on.

Tl:dr; Watch Z Nation. It is on netflix, and very worth your time.

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During re-watch Civil War for fourth time, i cannot stop thinking Tony literally beg Steve for the entire movie saying "We need you", but only end up being brushed off and pushed aside on Steve's "agenda" and in the end getting the few fake as hell words in letter, "If you need me I'll be there". Gosh I can't believe Russos dared to make Tony smile at that. Thank you so much for writing Irreparable, that should be the exact first move for Tony to crash that stupid fake phone and burn fake letter

Like that was my literal gut reaction to the movie. Steve being like ‘if you need me’ when he was told multiple times how needed he was.

THE LETTER GUYS. I will never recover from how fucking terrible that letter was. If you take every single action Steve does in the movie and compare it to the letter, it might actually make your blood boil. (or not. I think THE LETTER really only bugs some of us the way it does. Others are like ‘how nice of him!’ Nah, fuck a Steve Rogers. Burn that bitch and smash the phone, we don’t need nothing!)


(Requested By Anon)

Being an NCIS agent came with its difficulties but you had managed to overcome every situation, you had the amazing chance of being on Gibbs team along side Timothy McGee and Eleanor Bishop although you never met Tony sometimes Bishop and McGee would often compare you to him but there was something completely different and that was how close you were to Ducky.

You and Ducky were quite good friends. He had taught you to waltz when you were upset about something silly, examined you when you got an allergic reaction from a witnesses cat, he even sat by your hospital bed when you got knocked out by a criminal but he never thought he’d be trying to save your life

as you walked around the crime scene, something seemed sightly strange almost as if someone was watching you but you shrugged it off and focused on taking pictures until you spotted him.

“Ducky-” you screamed as you jumped infront of him fulling taking the bullet into the side of your chest, your words got cut off as you struggled to breathe.

“Oh dear, Palmer get some bandages and for goodness sake call an ambulance” Ducky said as he held your jacket against the wound pushing tightly to stop the bleeding.

“We caught the gunman he was-” but McGees words were cut off by the sight of you on the floor and Ducky doing his best to keep you alive within a few seconds the ambulance arrived. None of them wanted you to go alone but they had no choice, they wanted the case finished and they wanted to make sure this guy was put behind bars especially for you.

i don’t want to sound like a shitty fan but i didn't take a side before i went into cacw. I saw points to both sides and i just felt that it wasn't so much as two sides of a war, it was two fronts of a battle. i saw tony trying to make up for his mistakes, natasha trying to keep people safe because she knew that just as they supported her heroics, they would fear her again. 

i also saw something else. i saw steve trying to protect his friend, the last piece of a long lost past. I saw bucky, alone and confused as he tried to find a life in the wake of years of torture. So what i saw, instead of steve and tony fighting was steve thinking of one man, thinking of only him and not the bigger picture, and tony trying to protect everyone, trying to find the best outcome for a shitty situation. This is the complete opposite of how the two have reacted in every other movie regarding them. I mean, think back to little pre-serum steve jumping on a grenade to save people who didn’t even like him, think back to the selfish and egotistical tony of the first iron man movie, think of how much he’s changed, subtly, and how he regressed whenever steve was around, how everyone always expected him to regress and so when he did, it was used against him.

so suddenly steve’s actions are supported because of course steve wants to help everyone, of course he’s doing to heroic thing, and he is, but he’s not thinking about the world’s greater good, he’s thinking about bucky’s. and don’t get me wrong, i’m not supporting the sokovian treaties, i think they’re shit, i just can see the merit in tony’s actions.after all, he was right in saying ‘if we don’t do it now, someone will do it for us’.

the primary problem ,the cause for a lot of the ‘civil war’ was steve and tony’s communication issues. if steve had given tony evidence to back up his claims about bucky’s innocence, if tony had given steve the run-down about the sokovian treaties before just throwing government officials at him things might’ve been different. 

i’ve also seen tony cop a lot of shit for how he reacted to the news in the end . knew the movie would be a Sad Orphan Club type thing anyway, i knew beforehand what bucky had done and when the first scene finished i knew that wasn’t the end of it, that it would have repercussions. i also know that tony’s reaction was the right one. i mean c’mon, they guys just found out after he finally comes to his senses about bucky that this stranger, this guy who has for so long hurt people was responsible for his parents death, that steve, one of his closest friends, the man who uphold truth and honor above all else had kept the truth from him, isn’t tony allowed to grieve, isn’t his reaction granted? and let’s not forget about steve’s nasty habit of comparing tony to young howard, young howard who was such a hero despite hs flirtation, silly ways. in that sense, I’m pretty sure tony and howard are alike. but that’s now what this is about, this is about the emotional abuse that tony endured all his life, the constant comparisons to steve, the neglect, the knowledge that he could never be good enough, and tony accepts that, tony even agrees, so when this man, who seems to love howard more than anything just accepts his death, his murder and hides the truth from the man’s son, and don’t even get me started about how he seems to forget about maria, the one person tony loved above all else, whom steve ignores in favour of howard. Lets not forget that this isnt the first time someone tony looked up to has betrayed him, saying its for ‘his own good’. Have we all forgotten obadiah stane? The man tony thought of as a father, one of the last positive links to his father, tried to kill him, used him, lied to him and betrayed his trust? Now cap, the real hero, the first hero, has done the same thing. so yeah, I’m team iron man, but i can see merit to steves side, i just think he fucked up big time, and i hope bucky gets the help he needs and i hope tony can learn to trust again, and i hope they’re all okay.

One of the things bothering me about people attacking Tony for his reaction when he found out about Bucky

Is that I keep seeing “He should have reacted differently.”

Ohh hohohohoh young ones.

Those angry gaping wounds?

Those festering sores?

They don’t go away when you get older.

The longer you go without answers, resolution?

The stronger the pain grows. It might even swallow you whole.

People compare Black Panther’s reaction and immediate forgiveness

But this has happened in a matter of days and that makes it so much easier.

Because what he was searching for WASN’T REVENGE. It was RESOLUTION. It was understanding a sudden, violent, and meaningless event that took something very precious from him.

He wasn’t dealing with a festering pus-filled wound, 20 years old, filled with self-blame and guilt and desires that can never come to fruition.

Young ones. Getting older makes ALL the shit worse, so deal with it now.

And understand Tony. I definitely do. There are people I would kill today that I might have only punched at the time. Time changes things.

                look it’s literally 1am on christmas eve and i’m making a bias list lmao

man, i didn’t think i’d hit 300 so quickly, i mean………. i swear there are better interpretations of the grump dad, or even the golden boy in this community but you all are here. following me. this gigantic nerd that can’t run more than one blog for the life of him. i’m both confused and ecstatic that you guys have taken the time to follow me and sit through all my crazy ideas and AUs i’ve come up with, and even stuck with me since i had my old blog back in……….. man was it august or september i made it? no matter, it’s been a good while now!

now as per usual, the sappiness is gonna happen. a lot of regurgitated stuff for people from my previous bias list because i’m not that creative, but i’m sure as hell gonna make it seem super good and unique guys h AVE FAITH IN ME.

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