and then chokes on the water because he's an actual teenage girl around his crush

Imagine helping Scott hustle Chris.

You stood at a corner trying not to smile at how adorably competitive your boyfriend was being. It was a simple get-together celebrating Chris’ return that consisted of your brother, his brother, and a few of your closest friends. It was hard to believe you weren’t at a college frat party from the way your living room looked, and how the men were acting. They’d started a game of beer pong fifteen minutes ago which your brother and Chris were cleaning up; three games in a row they’d won and they were incredibly smug about it. It finally got to a point where Scott felt the need to grab you while you were walking out of the bathroom because he knew you were the challenging’s team only chance at beating the reining defenders.

Scott had seen you play beer pong before, it was at a party Chris couldn’t make so your boyfriend had no idea how good you actually were. To Chris, you were the girl who spent her nights watching Disney movies while the rest of your generation partied on. And you were that girl to some extent, but you had a wild side too; it was why you agreed to help hustle your own boyfriend. It wasn’t just to knock his smugness down a peg, you wanted to get out of something. There was a dinner party coming up hosted by a couple he knew you didn’t get along with, he’d tricked you into going so now you were going to trick him to get out of it.

“Suck it!” Both your boyfriend and your brother did all kinds of hand gestures as they landed the final shot, winning another game. “Man,” Chris turned to your brother, laughing. “I am getting thirsty on this end of the table.” Your brother laughed, meeting his high five. “I think we need to go grab ourselves a beer so we don’t dehydrate while waiting for someone to make a shot.”

“Don’t get too cocky,” Scott warned as the two of you approached the table. You picked up a ping pong ball with a smirk; Chris raised a brow at you while Scott filled the empty cups. “I’m thinking the babies of the family versus the big kids.” You grinned at your brother who knew perfectly well you were experienced in the game of beer pong; you crushed him at majority of the family parties your parents hosted when you were teenagers. “What do you say, big brother? Think you’ve got another game in you?”

“Oh, I definitely have another game in me,” Chris chuckled. “I’m being hesitant because I don’t want to end up having to sleep on the couch because my girl is sulking about how I demolished her at beer pong.” Scott turned to you, smirking; you played it clueless, rolling the ping pong ball in-between your palms. “But if you’re up for it, babe, I’m more than happy to oblige.”

Your brother suppressed his urge to laugh at the confidence of your boyfriend. Clearly, he’d no idea you were ridiculously good at beer pong. You played it often. It wasn’t always with beer or at a party, sometimes you’d just play it with your best friends at a sleepover. Occasionally when you had nothing to do, you’d fill plastic cups with water and practice. It was a good party trick, and you were much like your boyfriend- competitive. Your brother wasn’t going to say anything because he could tell you had something planned and he knew it was going to be amusing to watch.

“I think I’m up for it,” you nodded, pretending to be sweet and innocent despite having devised a plan to hustle the love of your life with his brother. “Could you be nice and go easy on me though? I’m not very familiar with this game and we both know how bad I am with balls.” You giggled when Chris choked on his spit, snickering.

“I’d beg to differ,” he winked and you laughed, “but you got it. Tell you what, if you get three shots in- we’ll admit defeat and you’ll be the new reigning champion.” You felt a smirk threatening to make an appearance, but you stopped it with a lick of your lips instead. “Scott’s not included in the deal, I’m just talking about you. If you get three shots, you guys win.”

“Can I also add something else to sweeten the pot?” You quizzed and Chris chuckled, nodding because he was confident you wouldn’t make it. “If I get three shots in, we skip Frank and Amanda’s dinner party next week.” It was a request he nodded at without hesitation, handsomely smug. “Do you promise?”

“Baby, if you get three shots in I’ll buy you VIP tickets to Taylor Swift’s world tour for ‘reputation’.” Chris informed you; both brothers covered their mouths to hide their snickers. “Three shots, and I’ll- no shit- get us out of that dinner party and take you to see Taylor Swift when she announces her world tour.”

“Sounds easy enough,” you shrugged nonchalantly. “Elbow behind the table, right?” You quizzed as you positioned your arm, earning a nod from him. You weren’t planning to make the first shot, you had to make it look real to actually hustle a man as smart as Chris. “Okay, let’s see.” You tossed it, missing the cups by a long shot. “Aw, no.” You pouted and Chris mirrored your pout. “It’s okay, I’ve got more shots.”

“Mm hm,” Chris nodded. “Shake it off, shake it off.” He sang and you giggled. “My turn.” He positioned his arm. “I know you don’t like beer, baby, so Scott will drink this for you.” He flicked his wrist and the ball flew across the table, landing in one of the cups on the back row. “Drink up, bud.”

Scott downed the beer then made his shot, hitting the edge of one of the middle cups. Chris chuckled, stepping out of your brother’s way so he could make his shot. It easily landed in the cup at the front, forcing Scott to take another drink. You tried again, missing once more much to Chris’ delight. You shrugged with a dramatic sigh, bringing Chris over to your side to give your forehead a quick kiss before he returned to make his shot. Again, into a cup that Scott had to drink. He then made his shot that successfully found its way into a cup that your brother drank, before making his shot that thankfully missed. You decided to stop with your act before Scott got too drunk, he’d already had quite a bit to drink before he started his first game of beer pong. Chris made him go get himself a glass of water while you got ready for your shot.

“Since Scott’s gone to get some water, can I take numerous shots in a row?”

“Take as many as you need to get three,” Chris told you, shrugging. He was so confident and so smug, you couldn’t wait to see his face when you cleaned up. “Take a deep breath,” he advised and you nodded, lining your shot. “If you miss the first one, use it as a ga-” He was cut off when your shot landed in the cup and those around the table cheered loudly. “Nice, baby.” He clapped then downed the drink, chuckling when you smiled coyly.

“Two more, right?” You quizzed and before he could answer your rhetorical question, you swiftly made both shots; the balls landed perfectly in the corner two cups in the back row. Chris’ jaw dropped and he gaped at you with wide eyes, unable to find the words. “What do I get if I get all the other cups?” You raised a brow, smirking with the smugness he’d lost. “It’s alright, you don’t have to tell me now.” You told him and made the rest of the shots; every ball you threw landed into a filled cup. “I’ll check back and cash in my winnings when you decide.”

“Did we just get hustled?” Chris leaned over to your brother and whispered.

“You just got hustled,” your brother confirmed for him with a nod. “I would’ve said something, but then she’d try and get me and- well, I’m not as wealthy as you are. I can’t afford VIP tickets to Taylor Swift,” he laughed with you and the rest of the group while Chris tried to process what had happened. “C’mon, man. You’ve been with her for two years, are you honestly that shocked? The girl is constantly bombarding you with new information and surprises.”

“Yeah, it’s like living with a spy,” Chris gave you the stink eye, trying not to smile. You giggled and padded over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Oh man,” he rolled his eyes, resting his hands on your waist. “I should’ve known, you and Scott are always up to no good. Then you ask for an out with the dinner party and- God dammit, Y/N,” he playfully nipped your neck and you squirmed, laughing. “I’m going to get you back for this, you know that right?”

“Now who’s sulking?”

lip gloss

(also here on ao3, on the idea that Trini has a crush on Kim throughout the movie)

It was almost impossible not to notice Kimberly Ann Hart. Trini took notice on her first day at the school, staring from her seat at the back where of course – no one noticed her. She only learned of her name through the attendance call though based on the whispers in the hall later she would have learned it soon enough anyway.

She wasn’t sure what it was at first, taking note of Kim’s hair which was up in a ponytail that day since she had gymnastics practice later (though Trini wouldn’t learn of that fact until later), seeing how there were tiny whisps that dared to escape from the hair elastic and drew attention to Kim’s neck.

Trini was certain she was staring too hard, her face felt too hot but when she glanced around still no one was looking at the new girl. It was business, and her life, as usual. With a sigh she doodled in her notebook, refusing to look up at Kim again.

Except that she kept doing it much to her own annoyance. Biology class came around and Trini found herself always looking in Kim’s direction. One day Kim turned around and Trini stiffened, panicking slightly that she’d been caught but Kim was just turning to talk to the student behind her. Even this far away Trini could catch the light on her lip gloss.

She almost wished she’d been caught staring. Acknowledged somehow. But the day passed on and at dinner when her mother pressed her on what she did that day Trini just shrugged.

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[Percy Jackson] wake up in a city that never sleeps

Title: wake up in a city that never sleeps [Ao3]
Fandom: Percy Jackson & the Olympians | Heroes of Olympus
Pairing(s): Annabeth/Percy/Nico; Jason/Piper, and past Reyna/Annabeth
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The first time that Nico di Angelo meets Percy Jackson, the older man is studiously not grading the pile of schoolwork in front of him, snubbing his student’s essays in favor of trying to balance a pencil on his nose. It isn’t the most auspicious of first meetings.

Author’s Note: This all started because I decided that a) I wanted to write a fic where Percy was Nico’s happily married TA and b) I wanted to write something based on this. So I kind of combined the two ideas and it exploded into words. Much time was spent googling various New York things while writing this fic, so hopefully I didn’t get anything too wrong. Then last but not least, this fic is dedicated to Jen, who cheered me through this entire thing and helped me out immensely with scenes that were giving me trouble. This is for you, (and also, your wifey, who gave me ideas through you). I’m sorry that I forgot the scene with the glasses. Merry Christmas, everyone! <3

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Finally...Together (Joshaya Drabble)

Hey guys. This is my first Joshaya fic and hopefully not the last. I hope you like it. Send me feedback and Lemme know how it was. And yes I do take prompts. Hope you send me some.


It had been three and a half years since Josh had been living at his brother, Cory’s apartment. Josh was very keen at not staying in their apartment because he didn’t want to be a burden to his brother, obviously Cory had none of it. Josh though reluctant, agreed and he couldn’t be anymore happy.

He loved staying at the Mattews Apartment. It gave him ‘The Homely’ felling though he was away from his home town Philadelphia. And an added bonus to that was his personal space which he knew he wouldn’t get in his NYU dorms. Josh had flourished in his academics, not that anyone expected any less of him.

He was all in all happy about everything he had got in his life, from his family to his friends. Everything seemed perfect, except for one thing. A certain blondes behaviour towards him. A blond named Maya, that was all he could think about. After the disastrous party that had happened years ago, Maya was distant, which was a lot to say. She was the same with everyone else, even him minus the feelings she harboured towards him. The feelings seemed to vanish.

She was the same but with no running behind his back saying he was her husband and a minimum to no flirting at all. And he couldn’t blame her for that. Everything was good. She was the same, but now he was nothing special to her, she talked to him like talking to everyone else, like Farkle and Lucas for instance. Josh and Maya became really good friends. Maya considered Josh her second best friend, Riley was still first and would always remain first.

She seemed more happy, considering that Katy and Shawn had began dating and now Shawn was a permanent placement in their apartment, which was actually above the Mattews Apartment. Shawn had taken Cory’s advice and after thinking to himself, thought of settling down and starting anew with his own family. And what better to do it along with his old family. So the vacant apartment above the Mattews was no longer vacant and was occupied by Two lady Harts and a Hunter. The Harts were however soon going to become Hunters, since Shawn had an elaborate set up of a vacation on a cruise to propose to his beloved girlfriend of three years.

Because of that, Maya was going to stay in with the Mattews, not that she couldn’t stay alone in her apartment. She just didn’t want to be alone. To Maya - staying alone was now a distant nightmare that no longer haunted her nights. She was surrounded by the people she loved and who loved her back equally and irrevocably.

It was 10 days after Shawn and Katy left for the cruise, that it was Maya’s birthday - which was indeed going to change a lot of things.

“Maya… Come out, you just can’t be late for your 19th freaking birthday party…Your last teen year ever…” Riley shouted while applying mascara waiting for her best friend who was mostly like a sister to her.

“Riley, honey… I’m ready! And moreover it isn’t exactly a party… Anyways, it’s you whose going crazy over the fact that would RangerRick like your 'new look’…” Maya quoted using her fingers before continuing, “Which according to me is absolutely not worth worrying about because Cowboy would literally be drooling even if you wore your pjs…” She finished, rolling her eyes at her best friend’s hysterics.

“Peaches… You look wow” Riley complimented Maya and completely ignored what she had said before grabbing her phone on the dressing table to click a selfie of them. After their photo session was completed, Maya and Riley descended down the stairs, their arms looped, where the party was held.

It was just a family and friends affair as requested by Maya, she didn’t want a grand affair at all. The people who attended were Cory, Topanga, Auggie, Lucas, Farkle, and Josh. Topanga had cooked a nice meal for them to eat. It was decided the group of teenagers and Josh would be left alone as Topanga and Cory along with Auggie would go out for a few hours to let the children have fun.

“Mrs.Mattews, the meal was too good… Thank you..” Maya said as she stood to place her dish in the sink.

“It was no problem… It was the least I could do..” Topanga replied sincerely, Maya was after all like a second daughter to her.

When everyone was done with the lunch, Cory and Topanga took the cue to leave the friends alone.

As soon as they were left alone Riley was the first one to break the silence, “So what does everyone wanna do..?”

“We could just play Spin The Bottle…” Farkle said popping down on the sofa beside Riley, to which everyone agreed eagerly, knowing this could be a chance to spill the secrets of any sort between them.

“Coz its Maya’s birthday, she’ll spin the bottle first…” Riley rose from the couch to get an empty bottle.

As Maya spun the bottle, her eyes locked with Josh, the only boy who rejected her time and again until she decided it was time to move on, though she still harboured feelings towards him.
The bottle stopped, the head pointing towards Farkle while the bottom pointed towards Josh who was sitting across him.

“So buddy, what do you choose?..” Josh gave a mischievous smile, making Farkle slightly scared of what was about to come next. Not wanting to spill some of his secrets Farkle chose, “Dare..”.

“Dr.TurtleNeck.. You are in big trouble…” Josh said almost maniacally, driving Farkle even more conscious, while Riley laughed getting confusing stares from Maya and Lucas.

“Oh… Whenever you have Josh asking you never choose dare! He’s very sadistic when it comes to them…” Riley explained making Farkle even more anxious and Maya chuckle.

“So anyways, back to the game, Farkle I dare you to kiss…” Josh stopped contemplating his choices while eying Farkle who had a relieved expression on his face, thinking Josh would tell him to kiss one of the girls. The girls eyes each other warily while Lucas grabbed a nearby bottle to take a sip. “Kiss Lucas, Farkle!” Josh completed, making the color drain from his face while Lucas spat the water giving Josh a horrified expression.

The silence was soon erupted by the laughter of the girls, though Riley was a little sympathetic towards Lucas. “Come on, we don’t have the whole day boys…” Josh said taking out a phone from his pocket, ready to shoot what was about to happen.

“I’m so not going to do that..” Lucas erupted after finally catching up with what was happening.

“Well cowboy it’s a kiss or you along with Farkle strip….” Josh rose his hand up in front of Lucas and Farkle sensing that they were about to interrupt, “strip to your underwear… Now the choice is yours!”,he completed smirking while the girls erupted in another fit of laughter.

Lucas was about to retaliate when Farkle grabbed his best friends jaw and attached his lips to Lucas’ and immediately removed them.

“Woah…” Maya started.
“Yeah…” Riley continued bobbing her head.

The silence of the room was interrupted by Lucas’s shrill voice,“Farkle, why would you do that?”, after which he furiously wiped his lips with his button down flannel shirt sleeve.

“What? Did you really want to strip down in front of everyone Lucas? Because, sure as hell, I didn’t” Farkle repeated what Lucas was doing, wiping his own lips as well.

“Dr.TurtleNeck and Howdy, chill it’s just a game guys…” Josh interrupted only to get scary glared from the boys.

“Come on, my turn…” Maya spun the bottle, spotting only to point towards Josh and Lucas.

“Truth or Dare?” Lucas inquired.
“Because I know your in a revenge mood, I’m choosing truth…” he replied.
“I am indeed in a revenge mood but I’m gonna go easy on you… Now answer this, with whom did you have your first time with?” Lucas smirked, knowing Josh would have a hard time telling the truth because of his feelings towards Maya.

It wasn’t a secret that Josh liked Maya. Everyone knew that he liked her except her. Maya had long ago lost hope. Hope that he’d return her feeling. Hope was for suckers right?

Josh was clearly embarrassed, if his red face wasn’t showing it. Almost everyone thought of him as a Casanova. But the truth was, he wasn’t into any girl except for a certain blond. Sure, he dated a ton of girls, but he knew that his heart belonged to a Hart.

“To answer that question Howdy, I’m still, uh…” Josh tried to search for an appropriate word before choking, “Pure”

“Your a virgin?” Farkle squeaked out, enjoying the humiliation Josh was facing while Lucas and Riley sat with their jaws wide open. Maya just had a small smiling playing on her lips.

“Yes I am and I’m proud that I didn’t do it with anyone whom I don’t love” Josh stated, making
Farkle effectively shut his mouth.

“Now can we continue?” Maya interrupted, clearly wanting to divert the unwanted attention from Josh, who quickly shot her his thankful smile which she returned with one of her own.

This time Riley spun the bottle, which landed on Farkle and Maya.

“Maya I know you and you’ll choose dare” Farkle said before Maya could choose an option.

“Fine, someone’s gotta be a little gutsy, right Josh?” Maya taunted Josh with a playful smile which was returned by Josh’s scoff.

“Sit on Josh’s lap until we leave…and no buts…” Maya stared at Farkle bewildered, while Josh clearly enjoyed the given dare.
“Fine… I’ll deal with you later” Maya threatened as she sat on her long time crushes lap and smiled as Josh immediately wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him.

“Actually, why don’t we just ask questions directly?” Riley interrupted with an expression which clearly said 'I Have A Plan And I Want It To Happen’.

Lucas, as always, seconded that and so did Farkle, leaving Maya and Josh in minority who reluctantly agreed.

“Farkle whats your deal with Smackle? She clearly has real feelings for you..” Maya started, snuggling more into Josh’s arms.

“I like her, it’s just that I don’t know how to propose her, but I’m planning to do that on her birthday next week..” Came Farkle’s shy reply.

“Ok this is really boring…” Josh and Maya said at the same time.
“We barely started it and your bored? So be it, but we are continuing this… ” Riley huffed, clearly irritated.

Riley always thought Josh and Maya would make an awesome couple and were clearly made for each other.

“Maya do you still have feelings for Josh?” Maya immediately stiffened in Josh’s arms, glaring at Riley.

Though Josh desperately wanted to hear her answer, he also knew it was making her uncomfortable. The only reason Josh had waited to propose the girl of his dreams after her 18th birthday was, that he wasn’t sure of Maya’s feelings towards him. He thought she liked him but that was just like a friend and nothing more. He didn’t want their friendship to jeopardise because of anything, and if friendship was all he could get, he would dump his unrequited feelings in his 'Dungeon Of Sadness’.

“Yes Riley, I still like Josh. I never stopped liking him.” Maya turned in his arms giving him a sad smile and a defeated look, as she move a move to get up from where she was safely tucked in, his arms.

Josh didn’t get the time to process the revelation when he saw Maya trying to get up. He scooped her in his arms in the bridal style, taking her to his room, shouting “I’ll see you guys in a bit, have some stuff to clear..”

With Maya still in his arms, Josh opened the door and entered and kicked the door to lock it.
He gently placed the blond on his bed before kneeling down in between her legs, so he could be on an eye to eye level with her.

“You still like me?” Josh questioned, gently placing his finger under Maya’s chin to lift her face so he could look into her bright blue eyes.

“I never stopped… And I’m so sorry but I just can’t help it, you’ve been with me through all my ups and down and… Your just so sweet and….” she ramble only to be cut off by Josh’s lips on hers.

The feeling of his lips on hers were heavenly. His firm but soft lips caressing hers in a sweet and tender manner that she loved and was instantly addicted too. He never wanted to let go.

Josh pulled away first, “I like you too, I just thought that you didn’t like me anymore. I’m so sorry for having you kept waiting for 5 years.”

Maya smiled as a reply, before placing a gentle kiss on his lips, “I was in it for a long game”. Josh chuckled, not believing his luck. The girl he loves, loved him back.

“Maya, I just don’t want to waste any more time, so what say? Wanna be my girlfriend gorgeous?” he asked.
“I’ll think about it Mattews…” Maya teased before saying, “Yes”.
And from there started the story of Maya Hart and Josh Mattews.

anonymous asked:

percabeth. Punk and Geek plzzzz

I don’t know how to make Annabeth be a badass without being out of character so yeah, this is…yeah. 

“Percy Jackson?”

Damn it.

“No way is that…is that Percy Jackson? That’s-”

If I pretend I didn’t see them, maybe they’ll leave me alone…

“Yeah, I told you he worked here. Hey, Percy! Come here, we’re ready to order!”

Percy sighed, a heavy, soul crushing, “Why me?” kind of sigh, letting his shoulders slump and posture deteriorate for good measure.

Spinning on his heel, he pulled out his little note pad and pen; and of course his faux little smile that irritated even himself.

“What can I get you guys?”

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academicpunk  asked:

The 100, Bellarke: Beetlejuice AU

Bellamy figures the apartment is too good to be true. He knows life is cheaper out of the city, but it shouldn’t be this much cheaper, especially for such a nice neighborhood, with apparently good neighbors and a nice yard. They could get a pet, if they wanted to. He would honestly assume it’s a scam, but–okay, maybe he’s stereotyping, but when he met Clarke Griffin, he just couldn’t imagine she was some scummy slumlord planning to exploit him.

“Blonde white girls can be dicks too, Bell,” Octavia says, like she’s pissed that they got a large, affordable place. Part of him gets it; he remembers being a teenager himself, too full of feelings all the time, bitter that his mom made him watch his baby sister instead of having a life of his own. And now she’s pissed because their mom is dead and they had to move away from all their friends and she doesn’t want her brother to be her dad. He gets it.

It’s just fucking hard for him too, okay? She could cut him a break.

“I’m not saying she’s not a dick. Just she didn’t really seem like a slumlord.”

“If anything, I’d be a slumlady,” Clarke observes, leaning on the U-Haul. She looks amused that Bellamy and Octavia are discussing her, not offended, so there’s that. “It’s kind of gross that slumlord isn’t gender neutral.”

“Yeah, it sucks that exploitation is coded male,” Bellamy says without thinking, but Clarke grins.

“Women can be dicks too. Sorry for interrupting, I just like to be here when people are moving in. Anything I can help with? Stuff to carry?”

“You help everyone move in?” Octavia asks, wary. “You have time for that?”

“I only own one building,” she says. “It’s not like it happens a lot. And I like being here for the neighbors. Let them know someone new is living here.”

Bellamy wouldn’t consider himself overburdened with social graces, but he knows how to not attract attention. When you grow up poor and worried about social services carving your family into small pieces, you know better than to say stupid things to people in authority. But Octavia grew up feeling stifled and rebellious, so she says, “That’s a weird word to emphasize.”

“O,” he says, warning, but of course she won’t let it go. It was probably nothing.

“Did you know this town is the most haunted in New England?” she persists.

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