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Exo Reaction: His Daughter Is In A Pageant

I was watching Toddlers&Tiaras and just thought “hmmm why not make a reaction” so here it is fam


*Doesn’t like the idea of his 4 years old daughter having so much makeup on*

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*Is supportive anyways*

*Plus he screams the loudest when she wins*

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*She gets the biggest awards at the pageant “The Grand Supreme” and the crown is too big for her little head*

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*Brags about what and where she has won before*

*Proud pageant dad*

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Daughter: “Daddy!Daddy! Now i look fab after makeup”

“You where fab before makeup too baby”

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*Coach her through the beauty*

“Yes honey,just like how we practiced”

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*More excited than his daughter*

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*He stand behind the judges to show his daughter what to do*

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*Gets real salty when his daughter doesn’t win what she wanted to win*

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*Glances at the judge to see if they saw his daughter making a mistake*

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Today I saw a little boy at the supermarket who looked like Baekhyun. I was really shocked by the resemblance and I stared at him and opened my mouth like a stupid. His mum was next to him, looking at me as if I were a kidnapper. What an extraordinary day.

Pardon my throbbing erection, but next month what could be one of the greatest modern martial arts films ever begins shooting. Just look at that fucking cast!
The fight choreographer is a little up in the air at the moment, but some sites are reporting Tim Man…which is always a good thing. Though I’d rather iko Uwais and his team be on choreography duties.
Can’t complain though. This should definitely be an epic martial arts movie. I just hope the director manages to give fans what they want.

Exo as Movies. 

Yixing:  Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Chanyeol:  Elf 

Baekhyun:  The House Bunny

Kyungsoo: The Craft 

Sehun: The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Chen:  Scott Pilgrim Vs The World 

Minseok: Easy A

Kai: The Cheetah Girls 2

Suho:  500 Days Of Summer