and then chansung is forever alone


This list can go on and on forever but I’m not doing that because I have better things to do like you know writing this so called letter. okay!

Dear Ok Taecyeon,

If you never went back to Korea, you would probably be in Stanford University or some other prestigious school because the Great Lord Jesus knows how smart you are. HOWEVER, I am more than glad and happy that you did because what is 2PM without Taec? 2PM without you would be like..hmmm…a flashlight with no batteries. It would still be a flashlight except there would be no light or anything. It doesn’t work that way right? Say for instance, something terrible happened, who’s gonna be there to encourage your members to think positive? For Khun to do that thinking alone is kind of tough because you have 4 other people in the group and if Khun were to encourage them individually, it would take forever right? yea yea #yolo. Though we all know Chansung is good at these things as well but STILL. Who needs a leader when you have 6 mature guys in the group? And you know, Korea University is prestigious too so you’re good. Even if you become the next Rain or Lee Byung Hun, don’t ever change okay? I love you for who you are and I hope you continue doing whatever you are doing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE CAT IN THE WORLD! I LOVE YOU TAEC! Not for you body (okay maybe a little) but for your dreams and personality.

Sincerely, your wife.