and then both girls told him something and he smiled

Auston Matthews - Part 29

Really long… preparing for more angry messages and asks…

I stare at my phone screen a long time, my fingers hovering over my keyboard with Auston’s name at the stop of my screen. Stifling a groan I click my screen off and throw myself back onto my bed. Ever since Mitch texted me earlier today all I can think about is Auston and the fact that he hasn’t talked to me. I don’t think he would have let Mitch text me unless he was okay with it, but he hasn’t texted, called or snapped me in the last three days.

               Does he even care anymore? I think to myself and quickly shake the thought out of my head. Of course he cares. Auston may not have said it, but I know he cares about me just as much I care about him. I just need to be patient. I spent the last twenty-one years of my life without him, I can stand a few more days.

               My phone rings on the pillow next to my ear and I nearly roll off the bed. I fumble with the screen and finally accept the call.

               “Hello?” I say.

               “Hi, honey,” my dad’s rough voice comes through the other end and I can’t help but smile.

               “Hi, dad! What’s going on?”

               “Still plan on picking me up at the airport tomorrow morning?” He asks.

               “Yep, bright and early at 8:15,” I repeat what my mother told me on the phone yesterday morning.

               “Good girl, you’re going with me to the game on Tuesday with me, right?” My dad asks, a little bit of hesitation in his voice.

               “Yeah? Why wouldn’t I?” I ask him, frowning at the ceiling.

               “Hey I don’t know! You moved out, didn’t know if that meant you were too cool for me or something,” he says defensibly and I giggle.

               “You’re safe dad, we already know I’m cooler than you yet I still choose to spend time with you,” I say, rolling my eyes.

               We chat a bit more until three o’clock hits and the Leaf’s game comes on, being one who can’t talk to anymore while watching hockey, I hang up with my dad and snuggle down into my couch with Zalla and Andie. This is the Leaf’s last game on their short road trip and the first night of a back to back, coming home to play the Blues tomorrow. While my dad primarily works for the Red Wings, he travels around looking at other team’s prospects and possible trade bait, which is why he’s coming when St. Louis is in town.

               I had debated whether or not to watch the Leafs after Auston left, but it was the only way I didn’t feel quite so alone in this big house in a big city. Though I don’t cheer when they score, I just watch, much like my first game in Toronto with Auston’s family. My mind wanders to Mitch’s message about coming over when they get home, being a Sunday, their game is early and they will be home early tonight. I debate with myself if Auston will come with him or not. I highly doubt he would come, but I can’t help but get my hopes up.

               The game ends in overtime with the Hawks scoring just seconds in, a score of three to two. The urge to text or call Auston is almost overwhelming and let out a wail of despair when my phone goes off but it’s only a snapchat from my friend. I miss him. I miss him so much.

               Auston POV

               I stare at my lock screen as I board the bus to bring us to the airport. It’s the picture I took of Y/N when she was getting her dress fitted on her second day in Toronto. The background is a blur, only her smiling face and body in focus. I puff out a small laugh that despite everything, nothing has changed, this picture was accurate then and it still is now.

               When my screen lights up and starts ringing, I nearly jump. Looking around to see if anyone notices when I put the phone to my ear.

               “Hey,” I say after making sure everyone in a few seat radius is occupied with something else.

               “Hey, so I was able to track down Y/L/N before he went home. Looked like a fucking idiot walking around the Joe asking by the way,” Dylan’s voice says through the receiver.

               “Great, can you text it to me? I’ll call him right when we land in Toronto,” I mutter into the phone, sinking down a little in my seat.

               “Sure…” Dylan pauses on the other line like he wants to say something else.

               “What?” I ask him.

               “It’s just… does this have something to do about Y/N? We heard she moved to Toronto a few weeks ago, and I know you… ya know…” Dylan trails off.

               I don’t say anything and Dylan sighs.

               “I knew it. Look, I know you have a thing for her and she probably does you, but just… take care of her. I got to know her more last season before she got heavily involved in school stuff, she’s a great girl… very much like her dad just prettier,” Dylan laughs and I find I’m able to smile.

               “I know Larks, she told me about you actually. Something about falling down the stairs and blaming the black eye on a high sti-“ I snicker into the phone and he cuts me off.

               “Alright that’s enough story time. In my defense it was both the high stick and the combined falling that resulted in the black eye,” Dylan grumbles into the phone and I roll my eyes.

               “Whatever, bud. But really, thanks for hunting him down for me,” I say seriously.

               “No problem, bud. Good luck,” he responds and we hang up. Instantly I get the phone number in a text and quickly save it. As the bus pulls up to the airport I mumble what I have planned to say over and over again as we board the plane and set off towards home. Towards Y/N.

               Regular POV

               Mitch sends me a text as soon as they land and I send in a phone order for delivery from my new favorite Chinese buffet who, I recently discovered, deliver. He mentioned that it’s him and two others coming, who he doesn’t name.

               By the time they arrive it’s close to eight, coming directly from the airport. I don’t bother to get up from my place on the couch when they file in, too absorbed in my sweet and sour chicken. I scan the faces and turn my attention back to my plate when I don’t see the one I was looking for. Mitch, Morgan and Will shuffle to their respective spots they all claimed within the first few weeks of discovering my house. Mitch is in the chair beside me, Will is sprawled out on the sectional with the footrest and Morgan is sitting on the floor with his back against the couch by my knees.

               Almost instantly I relax for the first time in three days and realize how incredibly tired I am. These thoughts are validated by Morgan glancing up at me after thanking me for his meal.

               “Have you slept in twenty years?” He asks, a teasing tone in his voice and I scowl at him.

               “Count to twenty and I’ll answer,” I reply sweetly and he scoffs at me.

               “Good to be home, smartass.”

               I nudge him with my foot and he flicks it with his finger making me squeal with the sting. Quickly, we fall back into the usual banter, I make Mitch go wash his hands before he even thinks about touching the Xbox controller and he huffs at me muttering under his breath as he makes his way to the bathroom.

               No one mentions Auston and I don’t bring him up either. Soon enough, I doze off to sleep, my head on the armrest and my legs stretched out to almost where Will is sitting. I startle awake around three in the morning from an insignificant dream and blink in the darkness, disoriented. I move to sit up but realize there’s a blanket across me and my heart warms. Glancing around now that my eyes have adjusted, I can see Mitch reclined in the chair and Morgan on the other end of the couch where Will had been. I can hear Will’s soft snore coming from down the hall in the spare bedroom that I had thought I would be able to convert into an office but I had to put a bed in there instead thanks to a certain hockey player falling down my stairs one night after having a little too much to drink.  

               All of them seemed to have found blankets for themselves as well and their quiet breathing is reassuring. They stayed with me. My heart blooms and I snuggle back down onto my spot, sleep coming easy again.

               A few hours later I tip toe around them, heading upstairs to shower and get ready to head to the airport to pick up my dad. Zalla and Andie seem to have learned how to tip toe as well as they slink across the hardwood floors, being my shadows like usual. When I pull my shirt on my bracelet jingles on my wrist, I had thought about taking it off the last few days, but I found too much comfort in the strong band and beautiful charms. I finger the charms gently as I make my way downstairs and sneak through the foyer and out my front door without waking a single one of the boys.

               Zalla and Andie come with me, I know they miss dad as much as I do. They seem to sense my excitement as I drive closer and closer to the airport, their whines echoing in the backseat. Right as I pull into the pickup area my phone goes off.

               “I’m outside, honey,” my dad’s voice comes through the car speaker and I think my dogs are going to combust in the backseat.

               “I see you!” I squeal as I make the small loop and put my car into park before jumping out and into my father’s waiting arms.

               “Hi, baby girl,” my dad coos in my ear, I think he’s just as emotional as I am. Happy tears trail down my face as he lifts me off my feet, his arms right around me. I inhale deeply, taking in the husky and smoky smell of my dad and our wood stove from home.

               “I missed you,” I whisper and he laughs.

               “I gathered that,” he sets me down and puts his hands on my shoulder, examining me. “How you doing? Big girl in a big city,” he winks at me and I giggle.

               “I’m good, dad. It’s been a learning process. I now understand why mom never let me buy and eat an entire birthday cake myself.”

               “Ahh yes, that was the first lesson I learned too,” he wraps an arm round my shoulders and leads me back to my car where my dogs are quivering with excitement. “You brought the girls!” He exclaims and leaves me on the sidewalk like a piece of gum, diving into the backseat and being licked to death by Zalla and Andie. I don’t blame him though, I would have done the same thing.

               By the time we get back to the house, the boys are gone and for once the living room is spotless. I smile at the room and give my dad a tour of the now unpacked house, spending the rest of the day showing and telling him everything I’ve been working on at the university.

               Once we get to the arena there are hardly any people milling around yet. But that’s what happens when you get there two and a half hours before the puck drops. My father is familiar with the arena and leads the way through the bowels of the Air Canada Center, sticking close behind him and avoiding looking anywhere but at his back.

               Every time my father stops to talk to someone, I reach up to the ball cap I had thrown on before leaving the house and pull it a little farther down my head. No one my father stops says anything to me, which I’m used to from my years of following him around as a child. It isn’t until we turn down a hallway to head to the elevator that someone acknowledges me.

               “Mike, how are you?” My dad exclaims, clasping hands with the Leafs head coach. I can’t help but peek up at him, my dad and he had worked closely together over the years until Babs left Detroit to take on Toronto, growing up I had been close with one of his daughters when we were dragged by our dads to various games and practices.

               They make small talk a minute before Mike notices me standing behind my dad’s shoulder.

               “Y/N! I didn’t see you there. Heard you’re doing some big things in the Astrophysics department,” Mike winks at me and my cheeks warm with the smile forming across my face.

               “That she is,” my dad says, squeezing my shoulder, a proud look on his face that I beam under.

               “I heard you’ve been here over a month and haven’t come to visit me yet,” Mike quirks an eyebrow at me.

               ‘I’ve been here!” I gesture to where I know the family room is down the hall before I realize what I’m doing and I try to play if off as fixing my hat. My dad and Mike both raise their eyebrows at me. “Don’t give me that look,” I blush under their stares and look away.

               “She’s got a point Mike, she has been here,” my dad says, smirking at Mike and I scowl.

               “I’m surprised she admitted it,” Mike adds, both of them clearly enjoying themselves.

               “Shouldn’t you be yelling at your players or something,” I mutter and he laughs.

               “Only if they piss me off, Y/N,” he says, though he does glance at his watch. “Though I do have other things to get going besides yelling.” He shakes my dad’s hand and pats my shoulder. “I look forward to seeing you after the game, and you,” Mike then directs his attention to me. “I look forward to seeing you around here more often as well.” I make a noise in the back of my throat and nod at him with his knowing smile on his face.

               We head back down the hallway to elevator right when a group of boys rounds the corner in front of us. I immediately see Mitch and I know Auston will be right behind him. I duck into my father’s side and try to stay in his shadow praying that no one notices me.

               “Y/L/N!” Someone shouts behind me and both my father and I whip around on instinct. Babcock is standing down the hallway we just left, leaning against a door frame, a smirk on his face.

               “Ms. Y/L/N, to be exact. I forgot to comment on your hat, looks better than red and white in my opinion,” he says and I can feel the stares of nearly everyone in the hallway. Frowning, I reach up to the ball cap and pull it off my head. I turn it in my hands a Toronto Maple Leafs logo glares up at me, I hold it at arm’s length away much to amusement of the people watching me. What the…?

               “Now the real question is, are you going to put it back on?” Mike winks at me and then disappears into the door frame he had been standing in.

               I look from where he had been standing back to the hat and eye it warily. Turning on my heel I continue walking slowly with my dad, growing closer and closer to the group of guys still watching me. When I’m within fifteen of them I huff out a small laugh and plop the hat back on my head, adjusting my pony tail.

               “Where did I go wrong?” My dad muses beside me and I smile at him, continuing to ignore the gawking Leafs players to my right. They had been trying since I got to Toronto to get me to wear some sort of Leafs gear and apparently one of them had left a hat one night and I grabbed it by mistake.

               “Nineteen years ago when you showed me the sky,” I say back to him and he laughs softly, putting his arm around my shoulders and kissing the top of my head.

               “Then I wouldn’t change a thing,” he says and I squeeze his hand. Here is the only boy that would love me no matter what I did.

               My dad takes me up to the scouting booth where much of the Leafs front office people are. He talks with Brendan Shanahan for a few moments as I make my way to one of the free seats and try to ignore everyone around me. It used to amaze me that my dad worked and knew all these people, now I just want to watch hockey.

               We have to wait quite a while longer before the actual game starts and nearly the entire time my dad is either talking to someone in person or on the phone. I take the free time to people watch as fans file in, I start making a mental list of how many Matthews jerseys I see. I lose count very quickly.

               The game wears on, a nail bitter to the very end, even though the Leafs are up by two after an empty netter with two minutes left. With a final score of six to four in the Leafs favor, everyone leaves happy. My dad looks at his watch and mutters to himself, rubbing his face.

               “What are you thinking about?” I ask him, he only every does that when he’s stressed.

               “What? Nothing, just we have a little time before my flight leaves. Want to get some dinner?” He asks standing up and gathering his laptop and notes.

               “It’s almost ten…” I stare at him.

               “I didn’t say we have to go an eight course meal, Y/N,” my dad laughs. “I just need something to hold me over before my short flight home to your mother.”

               “Alright,” I sigh, standing next to him and stretching, my hand brushes against the hat and I smile.

               I drive my dad through Toronto as he looks for someplace we wants to eat and he finally decides on the restaurant that I went to with Auston’s family on my very first night here. As I sit down at a table just a short distance away from where I sat then, I almost feel the bracelet heat on my wrist. I touch the charms as my dad busies himself with the menu.

               “You seem awfully intrigued by that bracelet, Y/N,” my dad says, not even looking up from his menu. Okay, maybe he’s not as busy as I thought.

               I shrug my shoulders and put my hands on my lap.

               “Let me see,” my dad presses, putting his menu down and reaching towards me. I obey and place my wrist on the table in front of him, he gently lifts it and examines the little dangles.

               “This middle one is quite extravagant,” he muses, touching the blue and gold one. “Who gave you that one?”

               “Auston,” I mutter, my cheeks flaming and my dad chuckles.

               “Should have guessed,” he whispers more to himself than to me and I frown at him. I hadn’t mentioned anything about Auston to either of my parents, though my mom suspected it, I had never confirmed anything. Before I can ask, he puts my wrist back on the table and pats my hand before turning his attention back to the menu.

               “You’re being weird today,” I tell him, picking up my own menu.

               “What else is new?” He asks, not looking at me and I nod in agreement.

               Once I’m able to get him to leave and into the car towards the airport, I finally ask.

               “Is there a reason you didn’t want to go back to my house before your flight?”

               “What are you talking about? We were already out, no need to go all the way home and then back in just under two hours.” He’s talking fast and avoiding my eye contact. I pull up to a stop light and eye him.

               “Dad… I live less than fifteen minutes from the airport…” I quirk an eyebrow at him and he squirms in his seat, thankfully I got my poker face from my mama. “You just going to avoid my eye contact the rest of the way?”

               My dad turns his head slightly towards me and opens his mouth but seems to think better of it and looks forward again. “Yes.” He says and I sigh at him.

               We ride in silence the rest of the way until I pull to a stop outside the entrance, it’s a ghost town, not a person in sight. Sadness aches in my chest, it had been so nice having my dad with me all day, it kept my mind off of things. Now that he’s leaving and I have to go back to an empty house, a sadness comes over me.

               “Are you positive you and mom can’t just move here?” I ask him, tears in my eyes.

               “Oh, Y/N, as much as we miss you… I think you’re doing just fine on your own, baby,” he reaches across the console and wraps his arms around me. I lean into him and nuzzle my face into his neck.

               “But I miss you,” I whine and he laughs.

               “I think there are quite a few things you would miss in Toronto if you were to leave,” he whispers and I can hear more behind his words.

               “You’re going great kid, I’m proud of you,” he squeezes me once more before letting me go and reaching into the backseat for his briefcase.

               “Love you,” I say as he climbs out of the car.

               “Love you so much more,” he answers and winks at me, closing the door gently and tapping the roof.

               I blow him one more kiss and wait until he gets inside the airport to pull away. A few tears fall during my short ride home. I had thought having my dad here, even for a day, would make me feel so much better and now that he’s gone, I feel a hundred times worse and even more homesick. Even when I pull into my driveway, I can’t get myself to climb out and walk inside for another ten minutes.

               When I finally get myself composed, I step out of the car and trudge through the snow to my front door, not even noticing the other car sitting in my driveway. I fumble with my keys at the door, I realize my porch lights aren’t on. I tap the glass around the out light bulb and stop myself. That is exactly how horror movies start out, dumbass. Finally getting the door open I step in and close the door behind me before I even realize that the lamp that I always keep on in the foyer is also off.

               I hear a snap and suddenly there’s a light near my feet and I squeal, whipping around and pressing my back to the door looking around in a panic. Looking down at the floor I’m surprised not to see some half eaten zombie crawling towards me but a rope of what looks light white Christmas lights, which lead through the foyer and into the hallway behind it.

               I eye the lights for a minute and taking a deep breath, I step forward.

Let Me Show You Something ~Naughty November~

Prompt:The reader is taller than Carl, and she’s with Ron but the sex is terrible so she goes to Carl. Threesome wit Carl and Ron 

Pairing: Carl x Reader, Ron x Reader, Carl x reader x Ron

Word Count: 2k

Warning: threesome, anal, voyeurism

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Old Friends ( Pre-Curse Prince Adam x reader)

Hello! An Anonymous requested this based on certain prompts: 2-“Come dance with me.” 22-“ What’s in it for me?” and 55: “ Let’s ditch this place and do something fun.” So I do hope I didn’t not disappoint. I love Dan Stevens he’s amazing because not everyone is a Disney Prince and an Xmen. So with out further a due please enjoy.

Originally posted by until-the-last-petal-falls

Tonight was a very special night. The night that you get to see your oldest friend Adam, or Prince Adam as you were told to call him. But you two were very close that you ignored formalities. He was hosting one of his very expensive parties again and your family was invited. You weren’t royalty like your friend, but your family was one of the more richer families in France. You had dressed in your best gown, it was very extravagant and it was (f/c). You even wore the necklace Adam gave you as a child. Ever since his mother died you hadn’t seen your friend as much. His father thought you were to rambunctious for his son. You weren’t too bad you were just being kids back then. The two of you would run around the castle playing pretend. The staff loved you despite what their master said. You were always so kind and respectful to them. They would say that you and Adam were like a lock and a key. You complimented each other perfectly. But then his father passed and Adam shut you out, completely. He changed from the list of his mother more but he seemed like a different person. You haven’t seen him in seven years. So you don’t know if your even going to see your friend or a stranger. But you were excited none the less. You had decided that you were going to arrive a bit earlier than what you were supposed to. So as your carriage pulled up to the castle your stomach was filled with butter flies. Your driver went up first to the castle to announce your arrival. As you stepped out, it was like stepping into an old memory. The castle had looked exactly the same, like no time had passed at all. You stepped up to the door and was greeted by a familiar face “ Hello Mrs. Potts.” You said stepping inside. She came up and embraced you in a hug saying “ Oh bless my stars! Miss (Y/N) is that really you?” You hugged back “ It’s me alright.” She backed up “ Let me look at you dearie. Oh you’ve grown up so well, and very beautiful too.” You blushed an thanked her. You heard a faint call in the background and saw a little boy who couldn’t have been more than five years old. “ And who’s this?” You said crouching down to the floor to be at the same level as the boy. “ This is my son Chip. ” she replied. “ Why hello Chip I’m (Y/N).” You said to the young lad. “ Nice to meet you miss.” He said with his hand out. You shook it and complimented him on his manners. They were much better than yours when you were his age. “ Are you the lady who’s in all those pictures the master has?” You raised an eyebrow as Mrs. Potts shook her head. “ I’m not sure I’ve never seen those pictures.” You told him. You stood up as Cogsworth and Lumier entered. “ Ah Miss (Y/N) I thought I heard your voice! See Cogsworth I told you she’d show up. ” Lumier sneered patting his friend on back. “ It is good to see you again Miss (Y/N) .” Cogsworth said. You hugged them both. You were escorted into the sitting room as you were catching up with your old friends. For such a big Castle news traveled fast. Many of the staff members came in and greeted you with joy. Even Mr.Potts came in and he was a very forgetful man. “ What is all that noise?! I thought I told you not to disturb me until…” As you turned around you saw Adam stopped in his tracks. He was enthralled when he saw you. Last time he saw you both of you were young teenagers. You had grown to be quite beautiful. “ Hello Adam. It’s so good to see you.” You said walking up to him. “ (Y/N) y-your… Your early. ” he said flustered. Not the welcome you were expecting. “ What’s a few minutes between friends?” You replied. “ Well I will see you later on tonight. Go to one of the guest rooms and I will send Plumette up to assist you in… Cleaning yourself up. I’m having very important people over and I requested that you look your best. But we’ll fix you up.” You were taken back by his statement. Why would he say something like that? “ You’re quite the charmer aren’t you?” You said crossing your arms. “ Well I need you to look more professional. You look too much like… You.” He said as if he was justified. “ And since when did you think that was a problem?” You exclaimed. “ I will talk to you later!” He yelled and walked back up to his room. Still taken back by the way he talked to you, you just stood there. Looks like Adam was more of a stranger than you thought he’d be. You headed up to his room despite everyone telling you not to. You knocked on the door and he told you to enter. “ You want to tell me what that was about back there?” You said walking up to where he was getting ready. “ What do mean?” You rolled your eyes. “ You making it sound like I’m not good enough to even step foot on the premises.” He then replied with something you did not expect, especially from someone who was your friend. “ You’re upset because I wanted you to look presentable for my other guest? I’m sorry I know it’s hard for people of your class to understand, but when you are invited somewhere you dress your best. You weren’t royalty but he had no right to say that. Full of anger you questioned ” People of my class?! Adam those are your fathers words not yours!“ He then yelled ” Do NOT compare me to my father! Now do as I said and I will talk to you LATER!“ With that you left too angry to say anything else. Later Plumette had assisted in fixing up your makeup and Madam Garedrobe made adjustments to your dress. But she made sure that they were undo able so that she could turn it back in to the dress you loved. She even questioned her self why the master said to change it. She left so that she could warm up with Maestro and left you and Plumette alone for some finishing touches. ” Plumette, how long has Adam acted like that?“ She sighed ” Ever since the king and queen died. “ you felt great sorrow for your friend he had changed so much. Later that night during the party you did your best to fit in but all of those other rich families were starting to annoy you so for most of it you just sat near Garedrobe and Maestro listening to their beautiful music and just people watching. As you watched all of the people you noticed something out of place. Adam was also sitting alone just watching everyone as well. Looks like his night wasn’t going as planned. When Garedrobe took a break to get something to drink you asked her to sing an old song that Adam and you used to dance to as kids. She agreed and told Maestro about it. When the music started back up again Adam recognized it right away. You walked up to him and held out your hand saying ” Come dance with me.“ He huffed not really wanting to do anything, this night wasn’t going how he thought it would. When he looked at you to give an answer he saw that little girl he used to play with, who was his best friend. ” What’s in it for me?“ He asked. You gave him a look that said ‘really’ . You thought for a moment what could get him to do this little action. ” You can tell me what to do for the rest of the night and I will not complain, deal?“ You said ashamed of the idea but it was the only one you had. He then grinned and agreed and he escorted you to the dance floor. He surprised you with his quite exceptional dancing skills. Both of you were having fun, just as you did when you you were kids. Though your dance skills were a little better than those little kids you once were. And he was actually able to pick you up and spin you around. You had gotten a small part of your old friend to come out from that jerk you found. When the song ended almost nothing in the room had changed just a few looks from girls either in disgust or jealousy. You thanked Adam and as you were about to leave he whispered ” Let’s ditch this place and do something fun!“ You looked back at him confused ” You said if I danced with you you would do what ever I told you and you wouldn’t complain remember?“ He said with a sly smile. You sighed and agreed. You both escaped the very boring party and sneaked out one of the many secret doors. The passage led into the garden, but there was a small ledge that you were hesitant about. A loud gasp came from you as you landed on the ground. Thank goodness you weren’t hurt and neither were you clothes. ” You were taking too long.“ Adam whined as he himself jumped down. ” You’re such a jerk Adam.“ You said shaking your head. ” I am not!“ He continued to whine. ” What happened to that kid I knew? What happened to my friend? You’re so different now.“ You said with a hint of sadness. Your Adam used to be kind, not so judgmental. He looked at you with a raised eyebrow. ” In what way am I ‘different’ as you put it?“ You sighed carefully selecting your words. ” Your thinking is different. You used to think that it was okay that I liked things simple and that I was in a lower position than you. You just seem more arrogant, angry, and a little whiney.“ He crossed his arms ” I am none of those things. “ You looked at him as he realized what he said as soon as it came out of his mouth. ” I’m… I’m sorry (Y/N) if I offended you. I guess some of my father did rub off on me. If it means anything I thought you looked beautiful when you first came in. “ he said with a half smile hoping you would forgive him. ” I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I guess seeing you with a mixture of my fathers views and my love for you wasn’t a good mix.“ You snapped your head unsure that you heard him right. A: he apologized twice, and B: well did he really just say that? ” What did you just say?“ He blushed and tried to shrug it of as nothing. ” Oh no Adam. Did you just say you love me?“ You asked slightly smiling. ” No I didn’t. Stop it .“ He retorted. ” Oh my god you did. You said that you love me.“ You said poking him. As you kept poking him he grabbed your wrist angrily and did something you didn’t expect. He crashed his lips into yours. After the shock you kissed back. It became a hungry kiss very quickly. When you broke for air Adam said ” I didn’t know any other way to get you to stop talking. You were being annoying.“ You smiled as you leaned your foreheads together. ” Remind me to be annoying more often.“ There was a long silence before Adam started talking again. ” (Y/N) I was wondering if you could or wanted to spend the night here? With me?“ He asked looking down as he did. You lifted his head to look at those beautiful blue eyes of his ” Of course, I’d love to. Plus we made a deal so if you tell me too I kinda have to. Now you said we were going to do something fun.“ He laughed and led you to the stables. ” We are going to race just like we did when we were kids.“ He said opening the horses pens. ” And the winner gets to eat what ever leftover dessert they want, while the loser has no say in what they eat.“ He explained. You playfully gasped ” You’re a monster.“ You them blushed as he let out a growl and sneered. You mounted your horse saying ” You’re on your Majesty.“

Imagine hosting a birthday party for your son with Chris.

A/N: Part 3, everybody. 💕 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; Memory Lane - Masterlist)

The birthday party was meant to start at 2PM, but by 1:45PM, the very Mickey Mouse themed house was already bustling with guests. Jack, thanks to you and Chris, was now also a huge fan of Disney- his favorite character being Mickey Mouse. It made things easy because there were a lot of Mickey Mouse themed birthday decorations. The cake, however, could not be Mickey Mouse. It had to be a Captain America shield because he couldn’t leave out his favorite superhero; it was also because he didn’t really want to cut into Mickey, so a Captain America shield cake it was.

“He is seriously cute, Y/N,” Hayley told you as she joined you and Scarlett by the kitchen counter. You smiled when Scarlett nodded in agreement. “Look at him,” she said and you all turned, “he’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

The three of you smiled at your son who was across the room with his dad, Sebastian, and Anthony. They were watching one of the many videos Chris had taken of Jack in the living room a few nights ago. You’d just come home with Jack’s Captain America costume- one you had to thank Kevin for- in preparation for Halloween which was at the end of the month. You weren’t going to give it to him until Halloween was closer, but both father and son couldn’t wait and snuck it out of the closet while you were in the shower. The video was of Jack practicing his Captain America moves and it was pretty freaking adorable.

“Look look,” Jack pointed at the screen excitedly, tapping both Anthony’s and Sebastian’s legs. “I jumped off the couch and landed like Daddy.” Chris laughed, but he was very proud of his son. “Isn’t that cool?” He quizzed, looking up at his uncles for approval.

“Look at you, Jack!” Anthony appeased him, over acting his excitement. “That’s amazing! The way you landed-” He pointed at the computer screen, nodding. “I felt like I was watching your dad at work, there is just no difference.”

“Wow,” Sebastian agreed with a nod. “I’m going to need you to show me how to do that so I can use it the next time.” He glanced over his shoulder at Chris who was laughing even harder now. “Your dad could definitely learn a thing or two from you, bud.”

“That’s what Mama said,” Jack told them then scanned the room for you, grinning when he caught your gaze. You smiled back; beside you, Hayley and Scarlett beckoned him over. “Daddy, I’m going over there.” He said then ran over to where you were. Both Scarlett and Hayley descended to their knees, giving him tight hugs before getting back onto their feet.

“Have you said hi to everyone, sweetheart?” You asked, lifting him up and resting him on your hip so he could talk to people without straining his small neck. “I know you’re very excited to see Uncle Tony and Uncle Seba.” They were the most fun in his opinion. “But you have to go say hi to everyone else and thank them for coming. Especially when Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, and Nana get here. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Jack nodded. “Hey, Mama.” He looked over at his dad who was walking over with Sebastian and Anthony; he suddenly remembered what Daddy, Uncle Tony, and Uncle Seba had said earlier and decided to share it with the three ladies they’d spoke of. “Did you know that Daddy’s kissed all three of you?”

“What?” Scarlett asked, glancing between you and Hayley; all three of you tried hard not to laugh.

“Your daddy’s a bit of a player, Jack Jack,” Hayley joked, smirking at Chris who was on his way over with Anthony and Sebastian. “Don’t you grow up to be like him, okay? Stick with one woman, one wonderful woman like your mom.”

“Auntie Hayley,” Jack giggled. “Daddy only kissed you and Auntie Scarlett for the movies, he’s only with Mama in real life.” You chuckled, pressing a kiss to your smart boy’s cheek. “Daddy loves Mama too much to kiss anyone else for real.” He said then hugged you tightly.

“Yeah, I taught him that one,” Chris whispered into your ear when he joined your side. You smiled and kissed his cheek as he wrapped an arm around you. “I really think he’s got a future in acting,” he commented, ruffling Jack’s hair.

“It’s Ally!” Jack gasped into your ear when Ally, Jack’s preschool classmate, walked in with her parents. “Mama,” he squirmed in your arms and you took it as a sign to let him down. “Ally!” He ran over to her and they shared an adorable hug.

“Because he’s as good with the ladies as his dad?” Scarlett teased.

“Something like that,” Chris chuckled and you shook your head, smiling.

“Wow, thank you so much!” Jack looked over at you and Chris holding up the present Ally- the girl he obviously liked- had just given him. Both of you nodded at him then smiled at Ally’s parents. “Let’s go play with the others outside,” he told her and took her hand, leading her to join the rest of the kids in the backyard.

“We should probably go make a round, see if anyone needs anything.” Chris suggested to you and you nodded. “Sorry guys,” he apologized; Hayley, Scarlett, Anthony, and Sebastian nodded understandingly. “Excuse us, we’ll be back soon.” He lowered his hand to the small of your back and led you away from the group.

“What time do you think our parents are going to arrive?” You asked Chris, wrapping an arm around his waist as you leaned into him. “Everyone else is already here, even those who had to fly in from California. You’d think our parents would be the first to arrive considering they’re living in Boston.”

“They should be here any minute, it’s fine if they’re a little late ‘cause there is no way Jack’s going to give them any attention with Ally around.” Chris chuckled when you did. “Plus- I think your parents are getting Jack something from IKEA that they have to pick up first.”

“God, please don’t be furniture.”

“I’m sorry,” Chris laughed, “why 'God, please don’t be furniture’?”

“Have you forgotten the trouble we had with our bed frame?” You raised a brow. “We had to call my dad to come help us? He was having lunch with a friend at the Derby and didn’t come till eight at night because he had to drive three and a half hours? Do you remember how condescending he was towards you? Do you remember how he tortured you? Do you really want to go through all that again?”

“Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” Chris chuckled. “In fact- I thought your dad and I bonded that day.” You laughed because that was not how you remembered it; your dad was crazy mean to him that day. “I don’t really take any of what he says to heart because I know he doesn’t mean it, he’s just being protective of his baby girl.”

“We’ve been together for almost nine years.”

“Sweetheart,” he chuckled softly, “when we have a daughter and she gets married- I’m going to do the exact same thing to her husband. I don’t care how many years they’ve been together, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s my baby girl.”

“I’m sorry,” you narrowed your eyes with a smile dancing on your lips. “Did you say when we have a daughter?” You quizzed and Chris nodded, smiling. “What makes you think we’re going to have another child?”

“The look in your eyes when you look at Jack,” he answered. “Maybe not right this second, but- we’re going to have another child sometime soon.” He kissed the side of your head, speaking before you could say anything. “It’s fine, I can wait. I waited six years for Jack, I don’t mind waiting another six years.”

“I don’t want a six year gap between our ch-” You scoffed, cutting yourself off when you saw Chris bite back his smile. “Okay, can you stop with your tricks and your manipulation?” He laughed when you gently slapped his chest. “Can’t you just be happy with Jack? He’s perfect.”

“He is,” he nodded, “but I’ve always thought it’d be nice to have a girl.”

“Of course you have,” you chuckled. “Tell me honestly, how many children do you want?”

“Honestly,” he chuckled, kissing your hair, “I don’t think you want me to answer that question.”

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Part 4 on its way.

Your Wettest Dream Cum True

Summary: Everyone knows about your crush on Bucky and they decide to take your relationship into their hands after weeks of making fun of you. It ends in an amazing night with the Winter Soldier and the usual rubbing from the team.

Author: buckysplums14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,318 (sorry, I’m a wordy bitch)

Warnings: Smut ahead! The usual, oral sex, unprotected sex

Originally posted by natpekis

It had only been a few weeks since Steve had brought you to the compound and already the team was ready to lock you and Bucky into a room together. You had met Natasha a little over a month ago at the gym and she’d invited you to train at the Avengers compound with her, the two of you quickly becoming friends. How could you refuse an invitation to meet the Avengers? Never in a million years. You’d shown up and Nat had brought you down to the gym where you’d met Sam (AKA Falcon) and Wanda (AKA Scarlett Witch).

“It’s such an honor… you guys kick ass!”

Sam laughed and Wanda blushed.

“I like her already… you should bring her around more often!” Sam exclaimed.

You’d sparred with Nat for about an hour when she taught you how to do her famous thigh grip.

“We need someone you can try it on… hey! Barnes!” she shouted and you looked up from where you were kneeling on the matt.

There he was. James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky. The Winter Soldier. You were somewhat familiar with his story. He’d been friends with Steve, he was presumed dead in ’44… you’d seen the museum exhibit. He came back as the Winter Soldier, was blamed for the events in Vienna. He’d been frozen, but you’d heard he was an Avenger now, you thought you’d seen it in the news during the Avengers’ last big fight. He sauntered in wearing a t-shirt that was much too tight and gym pants. The way he almost strutted over was tantalizing. He almost seemed to walk in slow motion as you looked him over. Those chiseled pecs and those rippling abs, his beautiful biceps, his strong hands… his long hair was falling in his face as he lifted his metal hand to smooth it back. He was even more attractive in person, which you thought was impossible. You shook yourself back into reality.

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Oh drabbles! Can you do Minghao + skinship?

This is a cute topic whateven T-T

Word count: 857

You and your boyfriend Minghao have been dating for almost half a year. He was all you could ask for in a boyfriend. He was tall, a gentleman, good-looking, sweet, protective, and more. But there was something about him you found quite funny- he didn’t like skinship. 

You didn’t mind at all that he didn’t like the thought of skinship in a relationship. It wasn’t because he believed girls had cooties if he held hands with them or that he wasn’t comfortable. He never told you the reason and you were very curious, but you would do everything, to know why.

“Minghao, tell me why you don’t like skinship.” you asked when you both rode the bus home. 

“Ah this topic again, Y/N.” he rolled his eyes, smiling at your child-like question. “I just don’t like it.”

“But why?” you asked for what seemed like the nth time. 

“Oh we’re getting off the next stop.” he stood up, obviously avoiding the subject.

You shook your head with a smile on your face. “Come on, you gotta tell me someday.”

“Someday never.” he teased.

“Oh my g- Minghao, if she wants to hold hands then grant her wish. It’s every girl’s dream to held by their prince charming.” Mingyu stated, quite tired of hearing the same story from Minghao’s lovelife.

Minghao’s roommate at the university dorms was Kim Mingyu, who was around the same age as him. Though they had a rough start, they eventually became best friends.

“I mean just take me as an example.” he sat up, “I hug my girlfriend when she’s sick, to keep her warm.”


“If she’s hungry, I’ll cook her meals, and feed her.” he gestured.

“Uh Mingyu?”

“If she wants to kiss, I’ll kiss her.”


After what seemed like the umpteenth time, Mingyu looked at Minghao, who had a raised eyebrow. “What?”

“You don’t have a girlfriend!”

Mingyu froze, yet he smiled. “Ah I’m just stating the fact if ever-”

“I’m outta here. Thanks though, it may come in handy.” Minghao laughed, taking his things for the semester break and left the dorm room.

Your plan for the semester break was to at least go hiking. Minghao wanted to go the amusement park. However Minghao, one day, wasn’t in the mood to walk for long hours even if he knew he’d only be with you for the rest of the day. So you did a little sacrifice, well, just because you loved him to the moon and back. 

“Alright, we’ll go to the amusement park since it’s scorching hot today.” You said while cooling yourself with a handy electric fan. It was seven in the morning and Minghao was smiling at you like a child.

“Well it’s about time we had some fun! We’ve been too busy!” he exclaimed, already packing his things.

The amusement park was one of the few places you and Minghao went on dates, it was a couple favourite. Until recently, you both have been busy with your own courses so barely had time with each other. It was a such a right timing.

The weather was perfect, even though it was hot. You and boyfriend already rode three rides, you two were too adventurous that you sat on the front seats. After that, you both planned to relax at the ferris wheel before going to the bump cars.

You sat beside each other, admiring the view. Your view was one another and how cheesy it seemed, it was even better. 

“Did you have fun today, Y/N?” he asked with a wide smile plastered on his face.

“Of course! Because I’m with you.” you reached out to hold his hand mirroring his smile but you held back, remembering that he didn’t like skinship. 

Minghao’s heart ached a little, or even more when he saw you held back, looking out at the sunset scenery as you did. He knew how much you wanted to hold his hand. Was it because you felt safe if he did? Maybe. He didn’t know.

His hand placed on his lap. He remembered Mingyu’s advice: if a girl wants something, you should give it. In this case you wanted to hold his hand. 

So he thought: should I?

The ferris wheel slowly came to a stop at the very top. He anxiously tapped his fingers on his lap. His glance caught your lonely expression and saw your hands curled into a ball. 

Despite knowing what will happen if he did hold your hand or have any skinship, he closed his eyes and slowly held your hand.

You, who was still looking at the stunning view, was startled when you felt Minghao’s huge, and manly hand on yours. You looked at him immediately, and from there you knew why he couldn’t do skinship.

He was blushing, blushing so much that he had to cover his face.

“Minghao, are you blushing?” a smile crept up on your face.

“You asked for this, you punk.”

But he knew, he loved it.

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no offense but i was reading your trans javid fic and non-binary crutchie is so important and good!!

this is so, so nice thank you!!! i love nb crutchie the world over they are so, so great! and not that u asked but, i’m gonna throw out some nb crutchie headcanons bc i want to

  • crutchie never felt comfortable being called a boy it just. Did Not Fit
  • which made them think that, well, they must be a girl because there really is no other option???
  • so they would borrow some of jack’s feminine clothes he had before his transition and would wear them
  • and that felt nice. crutchie loved dresses and make up felt really great
  • only - being called a girl didn’t. jack, trying to be the best friend he could, would say nice things like “you’re the prettiest girl out there” and it was nice, but it didn’t feel right
  • as teenagers, jack found a trans support group and after going for a few weeks, he invited crutchie to come along
  • crutchie did and that was the first time he met someone who was nonbinary - specifically agender
  • and crutchie was like… shit? that’s? a thing??? and they had trouble breathing for a bit and jack pulled them aside after and asked if they were okay
  • and crutchie looked up at him and smiled and said, “i’m not a girl! i’m not a boy! i’m not anything!”
  • and jack smiled and said, “you are something. you’re my best friend and i love you and i am so happy for you,” and gave them a hug
  • they continue to go back and crutchie learned more about different non binary identities and they both made more friends and it was really great
  • still, sometimes crutchie would feel like them wasnt Trans Enough and he told jack that once and jack just held them and it was soft and jack told them that they were and everything they are is good and wonderful
Imagine Simon taking your virginity (smut)

(Here is the SImon imagine as promised :D So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D I tried my best making it realist so I hope it’s okay and it makes sense :3 Yay for Simon! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

From the start of the outbreak, you found yourself lucky enough to be part of group of people.

They called themselves the Saviors and although they weren’t the kindest
they had saved you while you were in a dire situation and you were eternally grateful for them.

As you joined them, their leader Negan, had wanted to marry you and offer you countless of gifts.

He made you uncomfortable and you tried rejecting him but he kept insisting until one of his men had stepped up and explained to him that you probably needed some more time among them to understand what being his wife would include.

Negan had chuckled and eyeing you up and down, he said “Well, aren’t you lucky…Simon here wants you to try the free trial before you take the fucking deal! And you know what…I’ll let you try it…”

He then looked back to Simon and continued, “Simon! You stood up for her. Then deal with her and make her understand that she’s hot to me and that i’ll give her whatever she needs if she marries me!”

Simon nodded and with that Negan left the room along with the others, leaving you and him alone.

You eyed him from head to toe and he turned back to look at you. He smirked and said, “What are you looking at?”

You jumped hearing his voice and got nervous from his comments, making you stutter when you answered him.

“I-I was only checking you out! I mean looking at what you look like…Whatever…”

He noticed your nervousness and started to laugh at the way you spoke to him.

“Checking me out? What? You like what you see? What’s your name again?”

He slowly got closer to you and it made you back away. Apart from telling him your name, You didn’t know what else to say and simply ended up being backed against the wall.

He towered over you and eyed you just as you did. Shaking his head, he then said, “Well Y/N…if you do like what you see…You’re in luck…because of you, i’m stuck babysitting you…”

As soon as you heard the word “babysitting” you got pissed and pushed him away from you and said, “I’m not a baby! So you’re not babysitting me!”

He laughed even harder and just couldn’t seem to stop soon enough.

You told him to stop but he just couldn’t and suddenly looking at you in disbelief, said “You?! Not a baby?! How old are you?!”

Pouting at him and crossing your arms, you told him, “I’m 23…”

He laughed even more and approaching you, he put his arms around your shoulder and said, “Alright, whatever Y/N…Whether you’re a baby or not…I still need to show you around!”

He ended up doing just as he said and strangely you felt more comfortable with him than any of the others.


Soon enough, the more days you spent there the more you grew to like his company. He was the only one making you laugh with his comments and you felt safer around him.

You counted yourself lucky to have made a good friend out of one of them and so did he.

He liked talking to you and felt entertained whenever you were around. Slowly, it was obvious to everyone he had a thing for you.

From the way he looked at you to the way he would spend his day teasing and making fun of you, it was clear he didn’t just see you as a friend.

Even Negan saw it, in him and you as well, and although he wanted you for himself, he felt generous and thought of setting you two together.

One night, he approached Simon and told him he was allowed to pick a girl as long as they accepted him.

He grinned thinking of you and was certain that you would say yes.


He got to your room and knocked on the door. You opened it and saw him smiling.

“Hey, Simon. Is there something wrong?”

He leaned in the door frame and shrugged.

“No…There’s nothing wrong…Can I come in?”

You were startled by his request and you looked both ways outside your door, looking to see if anyone was around.

He chuckled and walked in your room anyways.

“Stop! What if someone sees us? It’s late at night…we shouldn’t be together!”

He chuckled and just went on to jump on your bed and lay there. You quickly closed the door and went to grab his arm to get him off the bed.

“Simon, you can’t stay here! If Negan finds out he’ll kill us!”

He laughed and ended up pulling you towards him instead. You fell on top of him and he suddenly flipped you to land on the bed.

He held you tightly and you tried to get out of his, out of fear Negan would find out. He then cup your face and said, “Calm down…Negan knows i’m here…”

He looked at your features with a slight smirk and continued, “He told me I could pick a girl tonight…and as long as she says yes…I can stay…”

You felt your heart beating faster and yourself starting to get warmer and sweating. You knew exactly what he meant.

“And…you’re choosing me?”

He nodded and smirking, inched closer to you. You panicked and dodged him and managed to get out from his arms.

He got startled and sat up on the bed looking at you in disbelief. Before he could say or do anything, you put a hand to his chest and explained to him.

“I-I like you Simon…I really do…but i’m not sure if i’m ready…”

He was relieved to hear you say that you were fine with him but then got curious about the other part.

“Not ready? What do you mean not ready?”

You got even more embarrassed and couldn’t look him in the eyes to tell him what he needed to know.

“I mean…I’m a…I’m a virgin alright!”

You felt like you just died telling him that and turned away from him to cover your face in your pillow.

His eyes widen in shock and slowly started to grin and laugh.

“You’re joking right?”


When you didn’t answer him, he realized you were telling him the truth and somehow wanted to be with you even more.

He got closer and turned you over to look at him and said, “Alright…You’re a virgin…so what? I still like you and want you…besides you won’t be one after tonight…”

He got closer and instantly you felt like you wanted him as well. You nodded and kissed him back to reassure yourself and him of what was going to happen.

His tongue danced with yours inside your mouth and you felt his hand reached downwards your body.

He groped you tightly and just the way he liked, making you gasp and get a little more nervous.

As he heard you, he slowly he moved away to mark you elsewhere and and whispered, “I’m not gonna hurt you…I’ll make you feel real good…alright…”

From his tone, you could tell he was genuine and nodded to let him know you were fine.

He held you tightly to him while his other hand slowly reached down to your pants.

He unzipped your pants and still kissing you started to rub you. You felt your body getting warmer and the sensation of yourself getting wetter as you felt him touching you.

He made you whimper and as he heard you he backed away to completely remove your pants and parted your legs to open them more.

You got shy and tried to closed them but he set himself in between and kept making you feel light waves of pleasure for the while.

He chuckled looking at you biting your lips to keep quiet and just had to tease you even more.

“Y/N, let me hear that sweet voice of yours…Cause if you keep quiet that means i’m not doing a good job…and that means i’ll have to work a little harder…”

You slowly felt his finger entering in and out of you while his thumb kept circling around your clit.

He grinned looking at you struggle and just motivate him to keep doing what he was doing. He noticed your hips slowly rising and knew you wouldn’t be able to keep it in for long.

He put a hand to your thigh to pin you down and went on faster. He bent over to you to kiss you feverishly and  in rough tone asked “Are you ready?…Are you ready to come? For me…tell me…”

You felt him going faster and clung onto his shirt tightly and just nodded eagerly.

He went faster with his fingers and finally made you tremble and shiver in pleasure and let you ride it out.


As he felt you relax, he chuckled and removed his fingers and went on to remove his clothes quickly.

He then got to you and help you out of your shirt. As he soon as he removed it, you just wanted to kiss and hold him tightly.

He did just as he wanted and fell back on the bed with you. You wanted to touch him and make him feel as good as you but as you reached for him, he stopped you and shook his head.

He looked into your eyes and whispered, “No…Don’t…as much as i’d really like it…This is about you…and making you feel good…not me…alright…”

As you nodded, he parted your legs again and settling himself between them, he started to stroke himself to get even harder.

You felt your stomach slightly turn and anticipated to feel him. However, at the same time you got worried an wondered if you were going to be able to feel some pleasure after the pain.

He made you feel good until now and you didn’t want that feeling to go away and be replaced with pain.

As he looked at you, he could tell you were worried and in that instant, he just wanted to reassure you.

He stopped stroking himself and approached closer to you and kissed you again before parting.

“I’ll go in slow…I promise…I don’t want to hurt you…So if I do just tell me…Remember i’m here for your pleasure not mine…”

You wrapped your arms around your neck and kissing him back nodded.

He stayed close to you feeling your body pressed against his and grabbing himself slowly aligned to your opening.

He entered slowly just as he promised and you felt yourself stretching like never before.

There was a pain and you seemed to forget the pleasure from before. You could only close your eyes shut tight and hope to keep in your voice.

He noticed your expression changing and stopped pushing himself in.


Out of breath, he swallowed hard and kept his composure to keep himself from just shoving his cock inside.

“A-are you okay? I’m hurting you aren’t I? I’ll pull out if you want me to…”

Although it hurt, you knew it was only like this for the first time and later it would dissolve into pleasure.

You wanted to be with him and just couldn’t deny you were glad to losing it to him rather than anyone else. So you shook your head, and kissing his cheek whispered, “It’s fine…You’re doing just as you promised…It hurts but only for a moment…Keep going…”

He felt bad and kissed you back and was about to back away until you held him tightly to you.

You then felt him a little deeper and yourself stretching even more. You let out a faint shriek and he kept apologizing as he pushed inside of you.

He wrapped his arms around you tightly and stopped for a while, resting his head in the crook of your neck and letting you breath and adjust to him.

The pain did bother you but as you noticed him stopping for a while, you couldn’t help but feel grateful for him being understanding.


As he heard his name coming from you, he raised to look at you and saw the eagerness in your eyes.


You took in a few deep breaths and finally told him.

“I-I’m ready…I think i’ll be okay…”

He nodded and couldn’t help but smirk.

He started to thrust in an in and out motion and went as slow as he could.

You felt the pain again but this time it was mixed with some pleasure as well. You grew to be accustomed to it and to enjoy it.

It made you moan and whimper and he understood that you started to enjoy it.

He was ready to show you what he was about but still maintained his calmness.

He got up and started to go a little faster than before. He was cursing and started to talk to you in the dirtiest way you ever heard and you couldn’t help but be in the heat of the moment along with him.

You were able to enjoy the feeling of his cock pushing in and out and him holding you tightly. You felt each of his thrusts getting faster and you in that instant, you couldn’t keep your voice down.

It made him chuckle and before you knew it he felt you tightening around him and he needed to release. He pulled out and came all over your stomach. You were both out of breath and he couldn’t help but smiling and laughing.

You noticed the blood on him and felt embarrassed about it but as he noticed you, he smirked and said “Y/N, congrats…you’re not a virgin anymore…”

He went to kiss your forehead and wrapped his arms around you tightly and slowly drifted to sleep as you hugged him back.



Request: Hey!! Can you do one with y/n being a famous actress and y/n and Shawn go to the Oscars as a couple and everyone loves them together?

Word Count: 1,527


”Wow babe, you look stunning” Shawn said, as he entered the hotel room.

I was putting the last pieces of jewellery on, when he snuck up behind me. I caught his silhouette in the mirror. His mouth was open, his eyes burned on me and he was licking his lips. I smiled shyly over his words.

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Happy B-day, Zen!

So, this lovely anon came up with that idea last week and I decided to make this  for Zen’s birthday!!! I didn’t have a title for it, so it’s just Zen birthday fic :p


Zen’s birthday

“Do you think he’ll like it?” you ask Jaehee, very hesitating.

“I… I don’t know, MC. It’s a very… unique gift…”

“Yeah, I know, but… what else could I get him?”

You asked Zen a million times what did he want as a gift, all you got as an answer was:

“You already give me the best gift everyday, babe, your heart burning in desire for me…” very romantic, but not really helpful.

“I mean, he would probably be happy about anything you give him, MC. But… that…” Yoosung is as hesitating as you.

“I don’t know why you feel so unsure, MC. I think it’s a marvelous gift!” Jumin told you with something you assume is a smile, but you’re not sure.

“Yeah, girl. It’s a pretty cool gift!” Seven agreed.

Both of them stare at you, wondering if they made you feel even a little more confident.

“Shit! Jumin and Seven love it, I’m so screwed!” both of them are puzzled, what’s that supposed to mean?

Zen told you he would be back home a little earlier than usual so you two could celebrate his birthday, you decided to organize this little surprise party and invited the RFA members. You wanted something simple and very intimate, because you’re still getting used to all the grandness that evolves him and sometimes it’s just nice being surrounded only by his closest friends… and Jumin.

Speaking of Jumin, you’ve got the idea of giving your boyfriend a sphinx cat when you were watching another one of his bickers with Mr. Director. “You’re just jealous you can never feel the pleasure of caressing Elizabeth the 3rd’s soft fur without sneezing for every 2 seconds, Zen.” Yes… Zen can’t deal with cat fur, but what if the cat doesn’t have any fur? He always tells you he doesn’t really hate cats, so maybe… he will like it?

Oh no! What if he only told you that trying to impress you? What if it was only for him not to come across as one of those bitter people who hate animals? Shit… maybe this was a bad idea… maybe you should have follow Seven’s first idea of just wrapping yourself with a decorative bow and wait for Zen in bed… shit! Is it too late for that? Yoosung’s gift has a cute bow on it, maybe you can steal it and sneak out to the bedroom?

“SURPRISE!!!” time out! Your boyfriend come in very distracted and is took by surprise s you all coe out of your hidden spots, jumping and yelling, you see his beautiful scarlet eyes widening and a huge smile appearing on his face. Oh… it’s so beautiful it hurts you…

“Babe, is this your doing?”

“Yes, Zenny. I hope you don’t mind, I told you it was going to be just the two of us, but I wanted something a little more special…”

“Anything you come up with is special, babe. I loved it!” oh… that’s a good sign. “And you even did some charity and invited Jumin Han so he wouldn’t feel excluded, you’re such an angel.”

“Yes, hello to you too, Zen. I’m so glad you made through another year of narcissism and cheesy drama outbursts, congratulations.” Jumin being sarcastic? Where did that come from?


“Okay! Time to open presents!” Seven interferes, and you low key want to kill him for it, you do not want presents being open right now. You wish he did when you two are alone and you can explain yourself. But now it’s all pointless, so you just go to stay next to the carrier where the kitty is, and hope he doesn’t make any noise for now.

Jaehee’s gifts so thoughtful you are legitimate jealous for not thinking about it first. Yoosung did his best with his low budget. Seven gave him… a pair of cat ears? What the fuck?

“Well, if MC uses it, maybe you’ll appreciate these amazingly cute animals, Zenny boy! Oh… and I think is also a foreshadow to something. Wait for it…”  Seven wiggle his eyebrows looking at you. Yep, you definitely want to kill him.

“Yeah, thanks… but no. I don’t want anything related to cats!” SHIT! Yoosung and Jaehee look at you with pity… and then they look apprehensive when they hear a low “meow”. “You brought the fur ball to MY birthday party, you jerk!?”

“Look down, Zen.” Jumin says without taking his eyes off his glass of wine.

And then Zen sees it, a small animal rubbing his leg playfully and purring loudly. Everybody is in complete silence, like if they’re watching a very thrilling movie.

“What’s that?” he asks, confused.

“It’s a cat.” Jumin answers in his usual monotone voice.

“I know it’s a cat. I’m asking why is there a cat at my apartment? Hey, jerk! Are you trying to be funny and failing miserably as usual?”

“Zen… I…” you know you should say something, but your voice come out almost as a whisper.

“No, babe. I know how you hate fights, but this time Jumin went completely out of line! Dragging my worst enemy to inside my own house? Are you insane? Or are you just being… cruel? What’s wrong with you? Seriously…”

You feel like shit and can’t control the tears rolling down your shocked face.You were expecting a very bad reaction, but not this bad… Cruel? Were you really being cruel to him? On his birthday?  Zen doesn’t deserve this! Maybe he deserves a better girlfriend, who really knows him, his fans were right about you… it’s just too much to handle! So you storm out of his apartment.

“B-Babe? What’s going on?”

“Zen… you should read the card…” Yoosung says, really apprehensive.

Then Zen sees the card stuck on the cat’s collar. “No fur, no allergies, lots of love. Happy birthday, Zenny! MC <3” that’s your handwriting… OH SHIT!

“Oh… my… fucking… god!” he’s shocked, he never felt so mad, disgusted and horrified about himself like he feels now “What did I just do?”

“You lashed at your girlfriend who was just trying to be considerate and give you a really thoughtful gift.” Jumin stated.

“IT WAS A RETHORICAL QUESTION,YOU JERK! Oh my god… What do I do now? What do I do now? She’s probably terrified of me! What if she ran away? Yoosung, text her! Jaehee, call her! Seven, track her down! Jumin… just shut the fuck up! And you…!” he looks at the cat snuzzling next to his leg “You… are… kind of cute… I guess.” He smiles even though he knows now it’s not really appropriate.

“And haven’t you noticed you didn’t sneeze not even once since you came here?” Zen glares at Jumin “Okay, I’ll just keep quiet…”

Zen looks at the cat, and then to the cute card you wrote… you are so adorable. How did he manage to meet someone so sweet and caring? And how could he be stupid enough to mix up a very meaningful gesture of you with a bad prank coming from the robotic mind of Jumin Han? What if he loses you because of something so silly of him?

This kitty is as adorable as you, he feels so… comfortable looking at the cat knowing it came from you…  but the cat isn’t a replacement for you! He needs to find you and tell you how much he loved it your gift and… how much he loves you.

“I need to find her!”

“No need to play the knight in shining armor, she’s just downstairs, I tracked her.” Seven says, even him sound a little more serious after this mess.

“Yes, one of my bodyguards found her and told her to stay and calm down.” Jumin explains.

“AND YOU JUST TELL ME THIS NOW!?  JESUS CHRIST, YOU’RE UNBELIEVEBLE, DUDE!” Zen storms out of his apartment too.

“You’re welcome.” He’s still staring at his glass of wine.

“So… can we eat the cake?” Seven asks Yoosung.

Zen finds you sobbing and keeping your head down, sitting on a chair, Jumin’s bodyguard looks flustered. The guy is probably trained to easily defuse an armed man, but doesn’t know how to deal with a woman crying…

“Babe…?” Zen asks carefully, he brought the cat in his arms.

“Oh, Zen… I’m so so so sorry! I thought you would like it, because you keep saying you don’t hate cats, but you do! I should know that by now, I should know you better! But I’m so useless and I keep relying on the things you say about loving me unconditionally. I’m the worst, Zen! I’m just the worst!”

Zen doesn’t say anything, he just comes close and puts the purring kitty on your lap, then he knees in front of you, cups your face with his both hands and kiss you. His kisses are always sweet and passionate, but there’s something about this one that takes you back to that night you first kissed…


“You don’t really have to, as this is the happiest one, but… you never told me ‘Happy Birthday’” he smiles softly

“But… but…”

“You’re right, I don’t hate cats. I really like this little fella over here, I had no idea I could like a cat at first sight like this. Maybe you know me better than I know myself…” you feel the tears coming again, tears of pure joy this time.

You two (three if you’re counting the kitty) eventually got back to the apartment and went on with the celebration. You got mad because there was only half of the cake now, but Zen just laughed.

When you two are left alone after the party, Zen hugs you and apologizes all over again. You are cuddling in the couch with the kitty, whose name is still in discussion.


“Yes, my princess?”

“What did Jumin give you as a gift, after all?”

“Well, about that… the jerk couldn’t even think about something I would like, so he gave me a gift card a couple of days ago” you laugh, and Zen grins. “And I decided to use it on something for you.”

“Zen, you shouldn’t have done that! It’s your birthday, you dork!”

“Well, you can consider as something for us, then…” oh, this smirk… you know where this is going. “Would you mind looking at your lingerie drawer? I… let something there for you…” he’s blushing, it’s so adorable, but his voice sounds so… sexy… “Oh, and… feel free to wear the cat ears Seven gave me. It turns out he was right too, I can really appreciate it if you use it.”

You giggle and kiss him quickly before heading to the bedroom. “Hey, Zenny! Happy birthday!”

He smiles and takes the kitty out of his lap. As much as he adores his new friend, he hopes the cat doesn’t mind staying alone for a few hours… the day is not over and Zen has still one last gift to open…

Let’s make a baby | Dan Howell

A/n : This is super fluffy and cute. I love how obsessed Dan is with kids. 

He is the moon. You look at him and immediately know that. The way he smiles, talks and dresses gives that away. Louise and Darcy were over for a visit today. I smiled, watching how cute Dan behaved around the little girl. He played with her and held her tiny little hand. We both know that we want kids, we just haven’t really decided when. I know for sure though that he is the right guy to be their dad. But as I watched him there was something else that I realised : We are completely different. I told you that he is the moon. I am not the night sky or the stars. I am the sun. Dan is the type of guy that has emotional breakdowns or an existential crisis while I’m the type of person that starts laughing uncontrollably out of nowhere. My wardrobe is filled with light dresses in bright colours while his is stuffed with things like the leather t-shirt that I make fun of so often. I know all the words to the songs of that one bubble gum pop band while he likes Kanye and My Chemical Romance and even weirder stuff. I started to question if this could work. People always say that shared interests glue a couple together. So what about us ? Are we destined to break up ?

I started to worry. I loved him way to much to ever let him go. Louise and her daughter stayed until 7pm, Phil tried to impress her with little party tricks  throughout the whole day and Dan couldn’t stop smiling whenever the little cutie said his name. I just stood there and acted as normal as possible, hiding the fact that my mind went crazy and started to overthink everything.

After they had left the three of us watched an episode of AHS but I couldn’t concentrate at all.

“I’m going to bed” I announced and stood up from the sofa. Dan and Phil where too focused on the show and just nodded their heads slightly. Once I reached our bedroom I cuddled into the duvets and tried reading a book. But I had to reread every sentence at least twice because my thoughts were somewhere else. At somewhat eleven Dan came into the room. He had already brushed his teeth and looked super sleepy. I watched him undress before he climbed into the bed only wearing his boxers like always. I put the book on the bedside table. “Everything alright, Love ?” he asked slowly and kissed my forehead gently. I nodded. He put my face between his large hands and pressed his lips against mine. “You sure” he whispered as we parted to catch our breathes. Yet again I nodded, not sure how to address my concern. Dan seemed to believe my lie and placed sweet kisses along my neck. I grabbed hold of his soft hair as he wandered down further. Shortly before he had reached my boobs I whispered : “Dan” causing him to look up. He looked me into the eye and immediately knew that there was something bothering me. “Talk to me, Sweetie” he pleaded as he got off me and fell onto to free spot next to me. He rested on one elbow and wrapped his other arm around my waist. “Do you think, we are different ?” I asked him carefully. “Of course we are. We -” he started but I cut him off. “Too different ?” I wanted to know.

“Okay, baby what’s that all about ? I love you and last time I checked you loved me. Being different is good. We complete each other. I need you. You are my only sun, Y/N” he spoke almost solemnly.

My eyes got a little watery as I heard his words. He was surely and without doubt the right one. I breathed out heavily and all the weight seemed to fall off my shoulders. “ I worried that we would break up someday because of our differences. But I love you way too much, Dan.” I babbled  

He just shook his head and smiled as I said ‘I love you’ to him for the millionth time. He still smiles every time I say those three words. “Seeing you play with Darcy today made me think about our future” I carried on. Dan’s eyes grew wide as he realised what I was trying to say. “Y/N are you implying -” A nod with my head  cut him off and a huge, like really huge, joyful grin appeared on his face. “Let’s make a baby !” he shouted happily and attacked my face with sloppy kisses.

I couldn’t help but laugh with delight. “Dan !” I squealed but he didn’t stop to cherish every piece of my body that he could get his hands on. “Dan !” I shouted again and he finally drew his attention back to what I was saying. “Are you serious about this ? Have we thought this through ? Are we ready ?” I asked because those were very important things to think about before we try for a baby.

“I’m dead serious, love. We both want kids super badly. We have time, money and space for one. We love each other dearly so why not. If you are the mother of this child then nothing can go wrong. Let’s try we will most probably need a few attempts anyway.” He had completely convinced me. This was the right thing to do. So why not now instead of never ?

“We are ready. Let’s make a baby.” I whispered and with that his lips were back on mine and his hands were roaming my body again.


Summary: Reader meets up with a guy she met on Tinder. | Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, mostly fluff

Word count: 2032

A/N: There will be a part 2, just don’t know when! :) Let me know what you think of this! P.S! This is a queued post.


Originally posted by natpekis

Dating websites and apps had become your best friend recently. Specially an app called Tinder. You create a profile, maybe lie about your age and then it’s only a matter of which way you swipe. It was pathetic really, but your friends has convinced you to make a profile. They said you could use some action. You thought the idea was ludacris, but now, you were kinda glad you did.

You had met a guy. You were a tad bit scared, to be honest, as you’ve never actually met up with a guy like this before. You knew there were many creeps on those sites, but something in you, and also your friends, told you to meet this guy. You had a good feeling about this, but you were also nervous, butterflies fluttered in your tummy.

The guy’s profile said his name was James, a very sweet name, you thought. He also had a picture of him on the app. The picture threw you off at first. It was a black and white photograph of him, presumably, in military clothes? The picture was cropped below the shoulders but you could still see the sharp edges of his outfit. Your grandfather was a Sargeant back in the day and you had seen pictures of him in his uniform, so you recognized one when you saw it. But the more you looked at the picture, the more in love you fell with it. You concluded that maybe it was just a picture taken at a costume party.

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You've screwed me up, Eva.

He was lying on his back thinking about how everything had been changing in his life in the last year. He used to be the penetrator Chris and now he was someone he hardly recognize on the morning when he looked at the bathroom mirror.

Who would have guess? Not him, that for sure.

Something, most likely someone, revolved at his side in the bed and he glared to the strawberry blonde girl who was lying there. She was still sleeping and he smiled at her like an idiot would have done. He was a fool, for her. It had been months ago when he had first kissed Eva.

It was at a halloween party and she was having a fight with that Jonas boy  and he.. He was with Iben at that time, but it didn’t mind at all. She was a beautiful girl crying near him, he needed to. He couldn’t refrain himself, and he didn’t want to either.

And after that day it had become a habit. Every party turned up into him hooking up with the brainy girl who had once told him about capitalism. A girl who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and he sure liked it. Party after party he found himself not wanting to kiss other lips, he was content as long as he could kiss Eva’s as many times as he pleased.

And Eva was more than happy with the fact Chris had stopped fooling around with every pretty girl who caught his eye.

But how could him?

After one of those nights were he was driving Eva home she had been crying about how alone she felt, how she missed her father and wish he would have love her more. And Chris had found himself wondering how anyone could possibly not love Eva Kviig Mohn. She was an adorable human being. She deserved to be loved.

That night something did changed in Chris and suddenly he stopped by Nissen’s to pick her up somedays. Or he would Skype her every night and help her with her homework. Or those nights Eva wouldn’t pick up any of his calls he would went to his house to check up on her only to found her crying in her sofa over a movie or a tv show.

So that morning Chris was waking up in Eva’s bed and he wasn’t feeling that urge to leave in a rush. He did like it, he liked spending time with that girl. She had teach him a great lesson; people need people to love them.

And she did love Chris, she was the one who would take care of him after every fight, or when he was too wasted to think straight. Of course it all started as something physical; hook ups in parties without any meaning or feeling attached to it. Until he started to know Eva Mohn as a person, not only a hot girl.

So when that morning Eva opened her eyes they met with Chris’ brown ones.

“good morning”, he told her with a smile. His boyish smile.

She let out a yawn before answering him.

“you stayed”, she pointed out as a matter of fact. It was her greeting and Chris laugh while nodding.

“You have screwed me up, Eva. I’m becoming a one-girl-boy”, he told her in a playful tone while caressing her check. But they both knew what he had said was true; he was there lying in her bed next to her . No sex attached to it. It was something more intimate now.

Apples and Chocolate - (Young)Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: hello dearies (btw I’ve decided that’s how I’ll adress to all of you lovely followers because I LOVE RUMPLESTILTSKIN xD) one more request for tonight :D

hermionereads said: Can you write a young remus lupin one shot where I’m flirting with him and he doesn’t realize it and the other maurders Are telling him she’s flirting. 

I absolutely adore this request and I had a lot of fun writing it! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

Your name: submit What is this?

Apples and Chocolate

“Hi, Remus” (Y/N) said smiling walking towards the Marauders. “Hi, guys!”

“Hi, (Y/N)” Remus said smiling brightly up at her.

“Hey, (Y/N)” James said smiling at the girl. Peter nodded smiling acknowledging her presence and Sirius stood up from his place next to Remus.

“Hey, love. You’re looking awfully pretty today” he said winking at the girl.

(Y/N) giggled rolling her eyes a bit. “Thank you Sirius, that’s very nice of you” she told him.

“Have you finally fallen for my charms?” he asked arching his eyebrow at her with a big smirk on his face.

“Uh, actually I’m here to talk to Remus” (Y/N) said shyly blushing a little.

“Ohh… do you need us to leave you kids alone?” James asked smirking.

“James!” Remus warned his friend. “How can I help you, (Y/N)?”

“Um, well, I was wondering if it’s not too much trouble uh-“ she said nervously putting a strand of her hair behind her ear. “If you wouldn’t mind being my partner for this class?” she asked him. “I just d-didn’t do that well last time and-“

“Hold on, love” Sirius told her. “You think you can just steal my Potions partner?” he asked offended. (Y/N) rolled her eyes a little before she smirked at the black-haired wizard.

“Marlene says she’d be your partner” she told him. Sirius arched an eyebrow at her before he quickly picked up his stuff.

“Later, mates” he said walking over to the other side of the class where the blonde witch stood.

“S-so” (Y/N) said turning the attention back to her. “C-can I be your partner?”

“Uh, y-yeah! Of course, (Y/N)” he said pulling out the chair for her to sit next to him.

“Thank you, Remus” she said smiling at him. “You’re very kind” she told him. Remus went back to the book he was reading but both James and Peter were looking at the girl a bit suspicious. “What?”

“Nothing” James said shrugging his shoulders as he turned around.

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Day Off (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Back again with another oneshot haha I tried to get this up as early as I could because I really hope that this cheers the anon up!! I tried writing as much fluff as I could but I don’t really know if it is enough haha. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!!😊

Request: Hey doll.. I feel so sad today, I really don’t know what to do anymore.. Could I maybe ask for a bucky imagine to distract myself? I’d really appreciate that. Maybe where you share an Apartment with him but are also really down cause of the lack of time you both have. So one day Bucky decides to do something and makes breakfast. Then he Wakes you up with kisses and you have breakfast in bed. As you want to get up then he pulls you into him where you spend the whole day cuddling together ? :)

You walked into your apartment, locking the door before trudging into your room. Sighing, you ran your hand through your hair after removing your hair tie and placing it on the nightstand. You stared at the bed, seeing that it was empty, not really surprised that it was that way. Even though you knew that he wouldn’t be home, you couldn’t help but feel upset.

Bucky and you were living together but the funny thing was that the two of you barely see each other the past few days even though you guys lived together. Both of you even worked for the same people, but him being a part of the Avengers, and you being a normal agent, you both had different schedules.

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The Over Romanticized Holiday || Yoongi || Oneshot

Originally posted by minsnuggles

Word Count: 2598

Genre: fluff, oneshot, holiday cheer

Summary: Yoongi could never understand it before. Not until this year.

There was something about the over romanticized winter holiday that Yoongi could never wrap his head around. Why did people always make Christmas songs about being happy and when they aren’t happy, why are they always depressed? It was either a get together or a break up holiday—at least, that’s what Yoongi got from it. Why couldn’t it just be another normal day? Christmas was, and still is, a holiday that everyone seems to have high expectations for or is dreading and Yoongi just…he didn’t understand it.

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Are you alright my son?’ Shepseheret put her hand on Ahkmenrah’s arm. 

He ducked his head and after a short while shook it ‘I have to let her go’ 

‘Maybe she can stay in London?’ she gently rubbed his arm.

That’s not a point mother’ Ahk turned and she saw that his eyes were glazed ‘I am an… exhibition while she’s alive and not only in night like me. Even if we would stay together now how long it’s going to last? A year maybe? No. I can’t take more of her life. She deserves someone who can be with her. Actually be with her. Grow old with her. Give her kids. I..’ his voice wavered ‘I can’t give her any of that’ he looked at the corridor you had disappeared minutes ago. ‘That’s why I have to let her go’ he whispered clinching his fists. 

You really love her, don’t you?’ she said, caressing his cheek.

I do. I’ve never felt anything like this before. But of course it’s a one thing I can’t have’ he let out a breathy, humorless laugh.

His mother looked at Merenkahre and nodded when their eyes connected. His father sighed but approached them.

There might be a way…’ he sighed looking at Ahkmenrah.

What?’ Ahk turned to his father.

I said there might…there is a way’ the old man repated.

Forgive me father but I don’t understand what you’re saying’ his son raised eyebrow.

This tablet have more properties that you may think’ he raised the object ‘As you know it gives you life and it wakes up exhibitions. It also can cure you, open gates to the underworld and…’ he stopped talking and looked at his wife who urged him to continue ‘…it can make you mortal once again’ 

Ahk looked at him speechless. His eyes glanced at the magical object in his fathers hands. 

We wanted it to be able to do that if you would die young before us’ his mother said ‘Bring you back. We couldn’t imagine the moment we would have to put you in grave. Our son. Especially if you couldn’t even taste what life is. But your brother waited until we died to…’ she closed her eyes ‘Anyway, there is a combination that can do it. Make you mortal again’ 

‘What is the combination?’ Ahkmenrah asked taking the tablet from his father’s hands. His fingers hovered over the golden object, his hopes raising. 

My son, if you are going to do that then there is no coming back’  older pharaon said. ‘No more living forever’

‘What kind of living?’ Ahk looked at his father ‘Only at night? Without a person dearest to my heart? Forgive me mother, forgive me father I do understand why you did it’ he raised the tablet’ and I will never be able to express my gratitude but you have to set me free’ he said more gently taking his mother hand ‘Mom, you said you wanted me to taste what life is. Let me’ he kissed her forehead when he saw tears escaping her eyes. Ahk turned to his father with pleading look on his face. Merenkahre only nodded and gulped fighting his own tears. They just got their son back and now they have to say goodbye. 

The smile that blossomed on Ahkmenrah’s face could light up the room.

I have to go tell Y/N’  he said and started running after you

You walked slowly. your hands once in a while removed the tears that gathered on your cheeks. This whole task was pointless though because when you wiped them away more immediately came. Larry looked at you and sighed. He slowed down until you reached him before putting arm around your shoulders. 

I’m sorry’ he whispered ‘I know it’s hard but it’s for the best’ he squeezed you reassuringly. That’s when you heard it. Rushed footsteps behind you and your name echoed through the corridors. You recognised this voice.

Ahk?’ you said your voice slightly hoarsed. You turned around just in time to saw him running through the entrance to the room you were in. He didn’t stop when he saw you only captured you in his arms and raised you up. You let out a squeal and wrapped your arms around his neck. 

What happened Ahk? Are you going with us?’ Larry asked and you looked at pharaoh your heart started beating faster until he shook his head. This small movement made you clinch to him harder. 

No I’m not. Well sort of…I have an amazing news’ he looked at you his eyes sparkling ‘I mean I hope it’s amazing for you too’ he said less sure of himself. He put you down. 

My father told me that the tablet can make me mortal again’ he smiled. The room was silent.

Does it mean.. what?’ you asked

Ahkmenrah chuckled ‘It means that I will be alive during the day and I will grow old. No more immortality, eternal youth and changing into dry corpse in the morning. I can be with you’ he reached and caressed your cheek removing dry tears ‘That is’ he bowed his head ‘If you want me too’ he bit his lip.

You didn’t know what to say so you only threw yourself on him and felt his head nuzzling in the crook of your neck, his fingers digging in your back. 

Of course I want to you moron’ you whispered in his ear. You felt his body shaking with silent laughter when he hugged you even tighter ‘But…’ you pulled away ‘I can’t let you do that’ 

‘What do you mean?’ he asked his face filled with confusion.

You can’t give up something like that for me’ you said looking down

Y/N’ Ahk bowed his head slighlty so he could catch a glimpse of your expression ‘My love look at me’ you did as you were told ‘I want to do it. Nobody is making me do that it’s my choice and I’m not giving up anything because if you let me spend my life with you then I get so much more than any magic can offer me’ he smiled at you. 

You laughed through tears that left your eyes and looked at Larry and your friends. All of them had the biggest smiles on their faces. 

Go girl!’  Jedediah shouted making you laugh even more. You wiped your eyes and gave Ahk sweet but short kiss before he gripped your hand. 

I would love to go with you guys but the morning is coming’ Larry gestured at the exhibitions. 

Of course. We will meet again Gurdian of Brooklyn’ Ahk smiled before pulling you in the direction of the Egyptian room. 

You both were grinning the entire way there and when you finally approached his parents.

Mother, father I am ready’ Ahk smiled squezzing your hand. 

Then come’ his father gestured at the huge window in the celling ‘We need moonlight’

You kissed Ahk cheek and before he could follow Merenkahre you pulled him close once again ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ 

Ahk only leaned down and kissed you ‘A hundred percent’ he winked and walked towards his father. 

You turned around when you heard quiet sobbing. Shepseheret sat on one of the sarcophaguses holding a small object in her hands that she was completly focused on. 

Queen? Is everything alright?’ you asked slowly approaching her.

It was his favourite’ she whispered laughing softly reaching with her palm to remove tears from her cheeks. ‘He would play with it all the time’  you glanced at the thing in her hands - it was a beautifuly painted wooden horse. ‘I remember when he lost it once. I’d never seen him more crushed. That is…’  she finally met your eyes ‘Until today when he had to bid you farewell. Every mother wants her child to be happy’ she looked at her husband and son who were preparing the tablet ‘even when it breaks her heart to let him go’  she stood up ‘You must be a remarkable girl Y/N’ she put her hand on your cheek ‘Take a good care of my son’ before you had any chance to answer  Merenkahre’s strong voice was heard through the room calling his wife. ‘Stay here. We don’t know how this magic might affect you’ she said.

Queen!’ your voice made her turn around ‘I promise. I love him.’ she only smiled and joined her family. 

You sat on the stairs and watched the scene before you - Ahkmenrah looked at you and raised both his thumbs up making you laugh before he hugged his parents and told them something. But it was too quiet for you to understand and you were fairly sure it wasn’t english. Then he stood in front of his parents and his hand hovered above the tablet. His father started chanting a spell, his voice strong and sure, when the tablet began to glow. But it wasn’t the golden light you were usted to - it was white. When Shepseheret added another line to finish the spell Ahkmenrah put his hand on the object. 

The light that bursted in the room blinded you making you hide your face in your arms curling them on top of your knees. You looked up few second later and when you saw that it was gone you glanced around the room. You quickly looked at the royal family before standing up and running to Ahk’s side. He was on his back on the floor his father helping him to sit up.

Ahk! Are you ok?’ you said falling on your knees next to him. He closed his eyes and clasped the side of his head.

I think so’ he responded blinking then looking at you. A small smile graced his lips ‘I think it worked’ his gaze moved to his parents.

I believe it did’  Merenkahre smiled sadly ‘You’re mortal now’  Ahk nodded before brining you close to him. You could feel his hot breath on your neck when his laughter filled the room. 

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If I Fell In Love With You || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: i was listening to the beatles and “if i fell” came on, and i felt like the lyrics would fit perfectly with newt falling in love with the reader


‘If I fell in love with you
Would you promise to be true
And help me understand
Cos I’ve been in love before
And I found that love was more
Than just holding hands’

You and Newt were sitting together in the case, laughing as the niffler scurried between your pockets, searching for any shiny objects. Newt then looked at you, and felt a strange feeling in his chest, his eyes widening when he realized it was the same feeling he had felt years ago when he had fallen in love with another, by the name of Leta. However this one seemed to be stronger.

'If I give my heart to you
I must be sure
From the very start
That you would love me more than her’

The next day you noticed that Newt was studying you more than usual, you smiled and glanced over to him.
“What are you up to sweetie?” You questioned, using the nickname casually.
“Oh just trying to make sure I know more about some things.. nothing bad of course.” He replied, smiling at you in return.
“Ah alrighty then, well then carry on.” You gave him a playful wink before going back to the garden you had been working on.

'If I trust in you oh please
Don’t run and hide
If I love you too oh please
Don’t hurt my pride like her
Cos I couldn’t stand the pain
And I would be sad if our new love was in vain’

Newt was close to telling you that he loved you. Except he still feared that you’d break his heart in a way just like Leta had.. He didn’t think he could stand that pain, yet whenever he doubted it, you just reassured every one, making to where he couldn’t think of any reason not to.

'So I hope you see that I
Would love to love you
And that she will cry
When she learns we are two
Cos I couldn’t stand the pain
And I would be sad if our new love was in vain’

You were slowly falling in love with him as well, although he couldn’t quite see, you were starting to study him more and more. The only thing you had been worried about was the Leta girl, you didn’t know if he loved her still. Yet you would still happily give him a chance, you’d probably give him dozens of chances.

'So I hope you see that I
Would love to love you
And that she will cry
When she learns we are two
If I fell in love with you’

Then later that week you both seemed to have run to each other.
“Y/N! I have something to say..” Newt told you breathlessly and you nodded.
“I have something to say as well, but you first sweetie.” You smiled widely at him and waited for him to tell you.
“I-I love you..” he whispered, his cheeks flushed.
“Oh Newt! I love you too!” You grinned and pulled him down into a hug, which he slowly but happily returned in full.

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S.Coups: Childhood Friend

Originally posted by j1nwoo

school AU

  • if you want to fight choi seungcheol and you know it clap your hands
  • jk jk
  • no i’m not
  • ok so once upon a time there was this five year-old named choi seungcheol
  • seungcheol always brought this cute little red wagon with him everywhere
  • he used it to transport his toys, his friends, you name it it was in there
  • at the beginning of summer vacation you moved across the street from him and saw him walking around with your wagon
  • that was a damn cool wagon
  • you were jealous as he happily pulled it around and enviously stared at the boy
  • you also noticed he had weird looking ears
  • seungcheol saw you pouting while sitting on the sidewalk as boxes were loaded into your house and ran over to you, leaving his wagon on the sidewalk across the street
  • he smiled a  l o t
  • “um, yeah. i’m (y/n).”
  • “that’s a cool name! wanna play?”
  • you stared at the wagon
  • “yup!”
  • you two played construction workers as you both pulled the wagon to and fro as it carried your tools (sticks and big rocks)
  • it turns out seungcheol was pretty nice
  • and funny
  • a perfect candidate to be your new best friend
  • luckily he thought you were awesome too
  • he was a little starstruck
  • new neighbor from a far away place?
  • noice
  • school started and you spent most first grade clinging to seungcheol
  • his friends were louder than he was
  • and meaner
  • when seungcheol was absent they picked on you and almost made you cry
  • but you didn’t tell seungcheol
  • what if he liked them more than you?
  • eventually seungcheol found out
  • he was with his friends at lunch while you were at the dentist and they started making fun of you
  • “her pigtails aren’t ugly!” seungcheol finally exploded
  • he stopped being all their friends that day
  • it hurt him that they hurt you
  • he asked you later if his old friends treated you badly and you didn’t say anything
  • that made him angry
  • not only at you but himself too
  • he was a manly man
  • manly men protected girls
  • that’s what all the stories say, right?
  • during a sleepover seungcheol pinky promised you that he would always protect you
  • you told him you weren’t a princess
  • the two of you spent the rest of the night arguing about him protecting you until his mom said to be quiet and go to sleep
  • during middle school seungcheol started doing sports and girls started to talk to you to get to him
  • after all you were the only girl he really talked to
  • and by talking to
  • i mean he would whisper-shout at you across the room and get the both of you in trouble
  • it got annoying
  • the girls were even worse
  • the last thing you wanted to hear was how hot seungcheol was
  • you shrugged
  • eh
  • boys were meh
  • then in high school seungcheol became an even bigger deal
  • captain of every sports team this kid
  • he led everyone to championships with you cheering for him during every game
  • you felt proud of him
  • but not like a mom proud
  • you felt something……… more than that
  • you fell for seungcheol
  • hard
  • it was during chemistry when he told you a cheesy joke and chuckled
  • his smile looked great
  • he sounded great
  • his jokes were okay you guessed
  • but
  • he was great
  • you kept your crush for him pushed into the back of your mind
  • you couldn’t lose him
  • he was your best friend!
  • ……and you doubted he would pick you when he rejected all those girls that were prettier, smarter and sportier than you
  • so prom finally came around
  • and you had no intentions of going
  • you were watching netflix when he texted you
  • ‘what r u doing?’
  • you replied ‘not u’
  • he laughed from his room ‘no seriously’
  • ‘i’m watching netflix’
  • ‘without me? what happened to netflix and cheol?’
  • you regretted making that pun
  • ‘anyways come to my house i have a surprise for you ;)’
  • you were suspicious
  • surprise?
  • the last time he sent you a text like this his surprise was that he forgot to do his history hw so you had to help him catch up on the past three chapters
  • ‘if its hw i’m punching u’
  • you walked over to his house
  • it was so far away
  • all the way across the street
  • seungcheol better have a good reason for making you exercise this much
  • the said dork opened the door and pulled you into his house
  • “close your eyes” he said
  • “ok…” you really didn’t want to but you did
  • he led you with his hand on the back of your waist to a room that smelled like cake
  • “ok open your eyes”
  • you did and gasped
  • a huge ass cake sat on the table and you were drooling at the sight of it
  • “ohmygod YESSSSS” you squealed
  • he smiled hugely “YES!”
  • what?
  • he picked you up?
  • and spun you in a circle?
  • then kissed you?
  • WHAT?
  • WHAT?
  • you were in total shock as he pulled away
  • you blushed and looked to the side to hide your face with your hair
  • then you saw on the top of the cake
  • ‘i love you (y/n). how about prom?’
  • on the cake was a drawing of a red wagon
  • you giggled
  • seungcheol beamed
  • and you kissed him again, shorter this time
  • just a peck
  • “i love you too”
  • “-and the cake”

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