and then beta

So…we gunna talk about the warlock Twilight garrison ability? How did I not know about the warlock twilight garrison ability?! 

I had no idea they got this and was hyped to try it out when I jumped on my character today. I’m really surprised to not see a bunch of posts about this fun new addition! I feel like deej went to developers and said, “I want hammers for my warlocks and a shadestep” lol. 

Its called Icarus dash which can be used much like titans twilight garrison except it has a longer cool down to keep those OP warlocks in check .The cool down is ten seconds but it is still very useful when floofing about in the air. 

…my nighthbot is a bully and I am extremely sorry to my viewers who may have been affected by them. Keep telling myself everyone has to start somewhere and a major thank you to those pushing through my fumbles with me. You followers are my motivation in this and I’m having so much fun learning new ways to enjoy connecting with games. You’re all so awesome!

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