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Can you please write Alpha!Mal and omega!Evie, maybe Mal being super protective and proud of her E (she still whipped though)

ABO fics are my ultimate weakness.

“Does it…bother you at all?” Jay asks one day from the back of an auditorium. They’re standing side by side, watching the crowd find their seats for a fashion show put on by Evie. As much as Jay and Mal want to be in the back, helping and easing their frantic omegas - Carlos is Evie’s ‘emergency sewer’ - they both know their presence would just fluster their loves too much. “That Evie, you know, makes more than you.”

“More what?”

“More money.”

Mal blinks and turns to look at Jay. “What now?”

“Like, when I got my tourney scholarship last year, I was stoked because tourney and all,” Jay rolls his shoulders and settles back against the wall, “but also because the scholarship included my omega. I provide housing for myself and for him.”

“Yeah, you talk about it all of the time.”

“So does it bother you that Evie-?”

Mal cuts him off. “She’s not supporting me. Evie is supporting herself.”

“Does it bother you that you’re not the one doing that?”

No. At least, Mal never thought about it before. She had never really bought into the whole ‘alphas are providers and omegas are dependents’ and the other bullshit that the Evil Queen had drilled into Evie’s head since she presented.

It had taken a while for Evie to realize her passion for clothes could be more than just a hobby and it had taken weeks of encouragement from her friends and her alpha for Evie to strive for more.

As much as she had stumbled with support and positive reinforcement, Mal thinks her efforts paid off. She’s sitting in a building with hundreds of people waiting in suspense for Evie’s newest designs. She’s not a huge name yet, but help from a couple of teachers and Ben’s friends had Evie being talked about throughout their city and being sought out by different clothing lines.

Mal, as much as Fairy Godmother insisted against it, was an art major. She should not expect to make a lot of money and work would be hard to find, but that’s what she signed up for.

“I’m not judging you or anything,” Jay amends quickly and quietly as the lights dim. “Last week, Carlos bought me a new jacket and it was…weird,” he shuddered, “for him to provide.”

“That’s just your arrogance,” Mal says without any heat. “Carlos isn’t providing for you, he was giving you a gift.” One that he made, Mal knew. There was a reason Evie brought him to her modeling shows as an emergency sewer.

Jay sighs and agrees, which surprises Mal. “Yeah. I guess it is. I just…”

“You get off on being the provider,” Mal continues for him. “You’re just so lucky to have an omega who enjoys being provided for, it’s why you and Carlos work well together. But Evie is…independent. It’s kind of hot.”


“Oh yeah,” Mal purrs softly. She’s seen all of Evie’s designs a thousand times already, but she’ll be quiet and not distract the guests from her omega’s big day. “All the confidence she’s gained over the past year? The way she makes a name for herself and surprises everyone when she says she’s an omega?”

She’s feisty and stubborn and nothing like anyone ever expected an omega to be. Evie is composed and hard working and paving a path for herself, despite being an omega, despite being an Isle kid.

The crowd falls quiet as a familiar omega, in a dark blue dress she made by hand, takes the stage. She controls everyone’s attention, demands their silence and respect without so much as blinking.

“Yeah,” Mal says to herself more than to Jay, “that’s my girl.”

This fic went nowhere that I planned, but I still like it anyway. I hope you do too!

Except, that the above is at a complete dissonance with what happened in canon.

@myrmidonofmelodrama and I have been discussing this (prior to Brian Paterson’s Q & A) because this idea that Jughead sliced Penny because of Betty suddenly went viral on our dashes. 2x08 and 2x09 were rewatched and canon content simply does not back up Brian’s statement. 

in 2x08 Penny threatens Betty ONLY AFTER Jughead threatens to bring the serpents down on Penny.

“An attack against me or my father is an attack against ALL the Serpents. And not even some fuzzy surveillance footage of me delivering a crate is going to stop us from coming for you.”

Then he storms off.

Then she mentions betty

And he walks back and makes an anxious scared face.

So Penny threatens Betty in retaliation to a threat on her own personhood. 

Then, in 2x09, Jughead goes after Penny only after FP continually shuts Jughead out of Penny related business. Jughead is, understandably, increasingly frustrated by this. He sees it as his mess and one that his father and other serpents shouldn’t be paying for. Jug proceeds to take matters into his own hands and rallies the baby!serpents. At no point in the episode, is there any mention of Betty being motivation for this behaviour.  I know Bughead fandom is all a flutter about this seemingly confirmed character motivations but it just doesn’t make a lick of sense. Jughead’s behaviour never suggests this is a Bughead moment and there is no onscreen evidence. It just reeks of the show trying to make us complacent without actually giving us content and to be told it is one is just pure revisionist history with the show trying to placate unhappy fans. 

I want actual Bughead content and clearly communicated bughead motivations and intentions. Not this half assed, after the fact, bogus ‘confirmation’. Also if the writers have to confirm things of this magnitude through twitter? There’s something clearly not working with the actual aired episodes. It’s like they’re reading the room after the episode and realising they haven’t communicated what they wanted to OR what they communicated was so unpopular they decided to revise intentions.

It’s like what LaToya Ferguson of the AV Club said:

“When in doubt Riverdale resets”

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How would a alpha react when losing their omega to another alpha in a fight?

Hey! That’d be sad!! 

  • Some AUs that Alpha, who lost their omega, would be dead. This AU tends to have the hc that bonds are broken when one of the parties is dead. I
  • They could die of heart break. They are to depressed to properly take care of themselves. They hide away, they don’t want to talk to anyone. They don’t want to face the fact that they were not strong enough to protect their Omega, to keep them. 
  • They don’t want to face society, in fear of the words and the stares they’ll get from others. Word spreads fast. 
  • It would be very, very hard to get a new mate (if your AU allows them to have another mate if the previous bond has been broken). Though if they do get a new mate, they may be over protective since they are scared to lose this Omega too. Their mate would be to be very reassuring to them. 
  • They would hide away healing their wounds. Very temperamental, could have a break down anywhere. Could lash out at anyone. Hurting them physically. Thus causing more fights. 

When you’re fighting someone that been playing fighter since day one vs you playing it on release

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Have some details in canon ever bug/surprise you? Like how Sakura only shows her physical power in battle (destroying stuff/enemies by punching, becoming a living puppet for Chiyo in Sasori's fight), despite how smart Kishimoto claims her to be? Or how most of the S-rank shinobi are missing nin instead of being in their village (Itachi, Tsunade...)?

Beta: Details in canon bug us? OH YEAH.

Here are some posts: Like shoes, and more shoes, and timelines,and world building, and more world building and i’m sure there are more because I remember more but I can’t recall the right words to find them. But if there’s something inconsistent about the canon, trust us, we’ve found it and ARGGGG’ed over it. Also discussed the use of powers and abilities, like how the log thing mysteriously disappears? Or how certain abilities and characters are critically underutilized? Or how once you pull on the thread everything unravels and nothing makes sense.


Here’s an entire tag of me watching Naruto and my thoughts.


I think we need a tag for this shit. #problems with canon

Lang: I am pretty sure the average canon arc provides us with more wincing, what-the-fuck moments, and headaches than entertainment, at least at this point. I make things worse by pointing out as many Kishimoto retcons as possible while Beta is screaming at the inconsistencies.

It’s like an MST3K more than a proper marathon. What’s even worse is that the series was bright and innovative and so on…when it first debuted. And now here we are, well into the “saga” of banana-head and the next generation or whatever.

And yeah, that tag’ll work.

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Thoughts on a Omega being in prison due to something terrible he did. And how the beta/alpha prisoner react to such a cute omega being in prison with them. I feel like due to their more placid nature Omegas usually are less likely to break the law.


My thoughts. Well, what they did must of been extreme. 

I also wouldn’t be surprised, if they were mated, their mate would have to go with them. Or at least, fight very hard so their mate didn’t go to jail and just went under house arrest. 

Well, I’d also think this Omega would have a specific area / cell just for Omegas. But of course there would be common areas were all dynamics would hang out. Like the Dining Hall or some outside courtyard. Whatever. 

But the Betas/Alphas that share these common places, sure, they’d be surprised, but it’s not entirely uncommon. Just not as common (if that makes any sense lolol). They wouldn’t be afraid of coming up to this Omega and introducing themselves. and trying to be friendly and helpful. Giving the ins and outs of the prison. Of course, they’d eventually ask why the Omega was here. 

Prison packs. How many packs that are made within the prison depends on the size of the prison. Perhaps, each wing of the prison is a pack. Or each level of the prison is a pack. 

Sorry, I got carried away.
El cisne (The Swan) - Chapter 21 - fieryrondo - Figure Skating RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 21: 継承 (Succession) 

Summary: Daisuke and Yuzuru talk after the men’s victory ceremony at the 2012-13 Japanese Nationals in Sapporo.

Fic Premise: Magical realism!AU of Javier Fernandez’s figure skating journey with his training partner, Yuzuru Hanyu, from their fated meeting in 2010 to the 2017 World Championships.

At a Pyrenean folk festival in Jaca, fourteen year old Javier Fernández receives a fortune from a Romani woman who tells him the love of his life is the most beautiful swan in the world that will teach him how to fly. Javi’s not impressed.

Five years later, Yuzuru Hanyu makes his international senior debut at the 2010 Cup of Russia Grand Prix event. Yuzuru’s no swan (what’s up with the feathers though?) but he does show Javi how to fly.