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Back in the 90′s David Duchovny was once asked what he wants to do in his life and his answer was: 

“Write. Have a family. Be what my mom calls a decent man. I’d like to cause less pain than there is. Maybe alleviate some pain.” 

We all know years passed by and not everything worked out as planned. Guess what. He made mistakes. Guess what. You did too. I did, too. We all do. The things that differentiate us from each other isn’t in who makes mistakes but if we realise them at all. Do we always acknowledge our mistakes, others mistakes? Or we just become blind and ignorant? When we do acknowledge them, what we do with them, how we handle them? How we handle others failures, how we help them? Or not. These are the big questions.( Also, in his case, the mistakes being documented and thrown back into his face all the time)

David Duchovny went on with his life and became the person who he wanted to be. He became the person he was hoping for back in the 90′s. He is a humble, soul-lifting, decent, feminist puppy man who is absolutely happy in where he is at this stage of his life and I could not love him more. 

He keeps going around, acknowledging his previous mistakes and giving interviews on how failure can be a good teacher. He teaches his kids that it’s okay to fail. He started to learn the guitar so his kids can see how he struggles in something and keeps going, ‘cause it’s worthwhile.

He made mistakes, he acknowledged them, learnt from them and improved his and others life. So anyone out there, dragging him for no better reason than his failures in the past, or for the characters he played on TV!?, STOP IT. Stop the hate, the poison, we have enough of that already in here.

What we should always take away from the history of a person is the appreciation of their journey, their life. Leave the past in the past, improve and embrace the present. In the meantime living by these words does sound like a good idea:

“I’ve made so many mistakes but it is my feeling that you learn from failures, so I welcome them as often as I can.”

Who Am I?

I think the crows fear me. I think I am one of the fae, a child of theirs at least. For how else do I hold such power, to make others quiver in their shoes. For how else do I feel a longing, to the earth, the soil that I grew out of. I give heed to the warnings, make wary of respect to those that deserve. Sometimes I wonder, am I a replacement, a child put wear another should lay. For I have no memories past 5 years old, even then my memory grows weak. Pray tell me, what good is difference, when you are shunned by even those who are not “normal”. I have searched far and wide, for reasons of my calling. The Gods have brought me here, now I am at your humble regards.


If you want answers, go Underhill through the mirror in the Science’s Building basement. Keep a vigil outside the red door at the end of the passageway. It will open for you, in time.

If you want peace, get a coffee at the Night Denny’s and bring it with you on the white stone trail in the Forest. It will be good to have something warm in your hands. You will be less lost at the end.

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“You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious” with my boy hank if u will pls and thank and ilysm😭💕💕💕💕

a/n; this turned into a kind of five times fic? idek what it is tbqh and also i like calling hank ‘lanky boy’ so that’s happening. @dicckgrayson @paperclipmac @kurtwxgners @mvximoff enjoy even though this is garbage 

i. concerts

The venue is heaving with people, and you instinctively reach for Hank’s hand, knowing if you lose him, you probably won’t find him again. He glances down at your joined hands, a little startled, and you shrug and say “this is not the time or place to lose track of each other, lanky boy.” He flushes slightly and you grin at him. “Just don’t let go, McCoy.” His fingers lace through yours and his grip on your hand tightens slightly as he tugs you through the crowds. 

ii. conventions

Glancing around the convention hall, all you see are rows and rows of booths with signs up for various scientific advancements or research areas. Hank had asked if you’d come to the particle physics convention and even though hearing about particle physics is far from your preferred way to spend an afternoon, he had been so flustered and sweet when he’d asked that you couldn’t say no. The crowds are bigger than you’d expected for a science convention, but you’re not worried about getting crushed in them. You feel Hank’s fingers nudge against yours and you reflexively take his hand as he says, a little bashfully, “don’t wanna lose you in the people.“ 

You smile at him and squeeze his hand lightly in return and say “of course.” 

iii. theme parks

Late autumn would not be your first choice in time to visit a theme park, but it’s a crisp, clear day and even though it’s chilly, it’s not cold enough to deter you. The rest of the students scatter cheerfully throughout the park, queuing up for various rides. “Less crowded that if we’d come in summer,” you observe and Hank shrugs. 

“Still plenty of others around,” he says, glancing at the lines for the rides. You nod in agreement and the two of you continue walking around, keeping an eye on the students you see as you look for something that interests the two of you. A few minutes later, you feel Hank take your hand. You glance down at your joined hands and then back up at him in surprise and he flushes slightly. “It’s still plenty crowded,” he says a little defensively. “Don’t want to lose track of you.” 

vi. movie theatres

“That was a garbage movie and no one should ever see it,” you declare as you walk out of the theatre, blinking a little blearily against the sudden change in brightness. Hank chuckles behind you.

“It was pretty shit,” he agrees. You can see the others walking a little ways ahead of the two of you, headed towards the theatre exit. There’s a small handful of other people besides you and your friends, but when Hank reaches for your hand, murmuring “it’s crowded”, you don’t correct him, instead just linking your fingers together as a smile tugs at your lips

v. grocery shopping

“Remind me again never ever to leave the grocery shopping till this late again,” you groan, clutching your jumper a little tighter around your body as a defence against the chill. Hank chuckles as he follows you into the grocery store. 

“I did try and remind you earlier today,” he says, smiling as you glare at him in mock irritation. “You were the one who insisted that the students should have snacks for the excursion tomorrow.”

“Zip it, McCoy,” you retort, your sharp tone belied by the smile tugging at your lips. The two of you wander into the almost completely empty grocery store, snagging a basket before heading down one of the aisles. You’re browsing the available selection of snacks when you feel Hank tentatively lace his fingers with yours. Looking down at your joined hands, you look up at him with a crooked smile. 

“Don’t tell me this is about crowds, Hank,” you say and he flushes. 

“I-it-no. I wanted to-I really-it’s-” he’s fumbling over his words and he’s not quite looking at  you and it’s sweet and you sort of think ‘fuck it’ as you reach up to tilt his face down to yours so you can kiss him. When you pull back, his eyes are wide and his glasses are a little askew and you smile at him. 

“You can hold my hand without an excuse.”

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Headcanon... the Chubster™ learns to FaceTime really early (watching Clarke do it) and keeps stealing Clarke's phone to call Lexa randomly during the day.

Okay but do you know how fucking excited Lexa AND Alex are when they answer the call???
“Hi baby! Where’s mommy?”
“I dunno. When you come home n play?”

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hi, i'm looking for a fic where dan and phil start talking on snapchat (i think???) and eventually they decide to meet up and they fall in love but dans family is really homophobic and they send him off to a place to wipe his memory and make him straight and dan was calling phil while his dad brought the people in so phil knows about this but he can't do anything and so when dan gets back phil has to make dan fall in love with him again. can you help me out???


philly: who’s this?
danhowell: your future husband

- Tori

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CollegeStudent!EE x Mermaid!ATh first met pls

“What are you?” Mochi asked, staring at the creature he’d found.

He liked walking along the beach.  It tended to clear his mind from thoughts of papers due, dumb professors, and dumber friends.  But this was an unexpected distraction - a man with teal hair and a teal tail in place of legs, sunning himself on a rock.

“What does it look like I am?” the man answered snappishly.  His tail flicked in the water, tossing droplets into the air to spatter across his (very nice, Mochi noticed distractedly) body.  “A b’tulat ha’yam.  Do you not know one of us when you see one?”

“A- I can’t pronounce that.”  Mochi shook his head.  “Uh, we call you mermen.  Assuming you are a mermaid.”

“You just called me two different things,” the merman pointed out.  “Which is it?  Merman, or mermaid?”

Mochi shook his head to try and clear it.  The merman was still there  “Merman for guys, mermaid for girls and the entire species?”  This felt surreal.  “Wait, wait.  Aren’t you supposed to be singing to me or something?  Trying to lure me in and eat me?”

“I am full,” the merman said with such blitheness that Mochi stumbled back in shock.  Then the merman laughed.  “No.  We do not eat humans.  You have odd myths about us, no?  Singing is a good way to communicate underwater.  Tunes carry better than words.”

“I… Okay.”  This still felt like a dream.  Mochi pinched himself.  It hurt.  The merman tilted his head.

“What are you doing?”

“Are you real?” Mochi asked.  The merman flicked his tail once more, sending another glittering shower of water over himself.

“I tire of your inane questions, anoshi.  Yes.  I am real.  Why are you still bothering me?”

“Just curious.”  Mochi stared for a moment more, taking in the way his hair and tail matched in shimmering blue, his pale skin and well-defined muscles.  “Um.  So… I’m Ain, but my friends call me Mochi.  What’s your name?”

“My name is not important to the likes of you.  But my title among my people is Armae Tzaumautorgie.”

Shit.  Mochi knew he was going to butcher that name.  “Arme… Thaumaturgy?”

“Close enough.”  The mermaid smiled, revealing sharp teeth.  “You are a curious creature, if slightly banal.  I shall see you again tomorrow at this time.”

And before Mochi could protest, the merman was gone, sliding back into the sea.  Only a disappearing ripple in the wave-broken water showed he was there at all.

Mochi sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, already wondering if he’d imagined the entire encounter.

“Arme Thaumaturgy,” he repeated.  “Arme.  Guess I should come back tomorrow and check if this was all real.”

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I don't really know if this is the right blog to ask but I'll just give it a shot.^^ I'm demisexual (and bi but that's not important rn) and I wonder if it's ok to call myself asexual sometimes? It's just that I relate to a lot of asexual puns/jokes but I don't want to offend anyone by doing so. I know I'm not asexual and when someone asks me I do explain that I'm demi,but ace just seems like an umbrella term that I identify with. Thank you for your time. ^^

Hi !! Yeah !! Ace/asexual can be used as an umbrella term for all acespec/asexual spectrum identities, so if you want to call yourself ace/asexual as a demisexual person, you totally can !! ^-^

Mod Wesley

The8: In love with a voice

Request: Hey~! Can I have a request where Minghao’s (uhm the8 from svt :->) crush speaks five languages, including Chinese.. and he finds out when she suddenly begins speaking it on the phone ??

Enjoy! 💖

Nothing made Minghao more happier than talking to you. Listening to you voice was heaven to him. He was always happy when you would called him, it didn’t matter how tired he was at night, he would either call you or wait for your call.

You’d always answer with the cutest ‘hi the8!!’ and he couldn’t help but melt. Nothing you could do could make him happier.

But then one day you cursed.

It wasn’t the cursing that startled him. But the language you cursed in.

It was his native language.

For some reason he felt his face flush. But he managed to ask you why you were cursing in his native tongue. You giggled and told him in the calmest and not in any way bragging -

“Don’t you know? I’m fluent in five languages?”

From the on you would carry your conversations in the beautiful language he grew up speaking. It made him miss home sometimes, but it made him happy to know that if he ever took you to meet his mom you would be able to speak to her in his family’s native tongue.

It made him red all over just thinking about it.

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Name: Krys

Height: Last I checked, I was like 5’5”.

Ultimate Bias: I’ve had many a bias over the years, but when it comes to an Ultimate Bias, it’s currently without a doubt Lee Joon Gi. Former ultimate biases are Kamenashi Kazuya and Taguchi Junnosuke. They still hold special places in my heart (and Kame can do no wrong), but unfortunately, it’s not the same as it once was.

Nicknames: None, really. (Oh, Lily calls me Yuy, though. ♥)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Favorite Fruit: Mango

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Color: Midnight Blue

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate. My sweet tooth cannot be denied. >.>;; I drink tea occasionally (milk tea more so, which is not at all the same ofc…). Ironically, I love coffee-flavored everything (ice cream!!!) but hate drinking actual coffee.

Favorite Animals: Still don’t have one.

Last TV Show I Watched: Voltron: Legendary Defender (Shiro, come back to me.)

Last Movie I Watched: Wonder Woman (everyone needs to watch it)

Dream Trip: Japan (for the nth time), Korea

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1 usually, 2 if it’s cold. Though 0 at the moment b/c it’s hot af in California rn.

Song Stuck in My Head: “Hold On” by Chord Overstreet

What Kind of Stuff Do I Post? See this post here. But in short, I post mostly about Moon Lovers, Lee Joon Gi and Lee Ji Eun (IU). Once tvN Criminal Minds starts, I will absolutely be obsessed with posting about it because I’ll finally get a new weekly LJG fix.

Last Thing I Googled: The meaning behind 21 roses. (If more than one person gets this, then we’re reading the same thing. lol)

Side-blog: Two, but not listing them because they’re basically dead in the water.

Following: 138 - I should probably clean this up and start following more people. ^^;;

Follower Count: 821 - Prettyyyy sure more than half of these are either spam blogs and/or inactive from my KAT-TUN days, lol.

When Did You Make This Blog? Some time in 2010 when Tumblr was suddenly the new place on the block to be.

Do You Get Asks Regularly? Nope, only once in a blue moon~

Why Did You Choose Your URL? This has been my username since the time when AOL reigned supreme. I haven’t changed it since. It’s a combination of Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing though, for the curious.

Average Hours of Sleep: I don’t know. My sleep schedule is a mess. I either get too little sleep or too much. There is no in-between.

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this is kinda a weird question but do you have any idea of what those brush pen things are called that are triangular and look kind of like octopus tentacles? i see them everywhere but they have no markings on them whatsoever!

Hi there! HAHAH ‘octopus tentacles” :’) This the the exact same description that I (Kat) gave to Christy when I asked her what those markers were. 

I think the brush pens you are referring to are the Artline Stix Brush Markers. I’ve included a link so you can check them out, and if they’re not the ones you’re referring to, let us know, as we’ll see if we can figure out what they are! 

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She texted me again
After she called me 3 times in a row
And I sat beside my phone waiting to get back to my apps
When her text appeared saying
“Hi sweetheart, call me”
I ignored it like usual

My father drove me to work and
took the chance to speak to me since I couldn’t run away from his life lesson of the hour.
He said, “I know you don’t want to
But you should talk to your mother”
And I waited for the lecture to end

You see, when my friends say they don’t like their parents
Their pleas for love and freedom make me ashamed
Because when they ask me “what’s wrong with your mother”
I have to answer them with
she loves me

For the longest time I thought I wanted it and I tried to
I spent nights wishing that I had her by my side to cry to
To have someone hold me when I’m lied to
And a home to go to whenever I choose

But this is not the way the world works
You pick up a phone and the dial tone doesn’t hurt
Because you know the sound on the other end
Is more comforting than the sound of silence

How can I love someone that isn’t there?
She’s been drained
And what remained
Is a futile effort left done in vain
Because everyone revels in this success story
But I can see that this a monstrosity
How can you say that you won a battle when all that remains is a battlefield?
Yes she’s breathing, yes she functions, but she doesn’t do much since reconstruction
She doesn’t have a life out side of my brother and I
And I begged her to but she couldn’t even try

This is the hollowed remains of a person
And I can’t love her no matter how much I wish I could
If I am a flame she is a cold candle with no wick
And when I am made guilty for not wanting to see my mother
I have to remind myself that she’s gone, not in hiding
I have to remind myself that I tried

written by Alice

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Why is art so frustratingly hard and slow?

I don’t think I’m the right guy to answer this but…

Art is hard, and it’s slow but it shouldn’t be frustrating. If you’re getting frustrated doing art then you need to take a break, and try different approaches. Believe me I know what you mean because I’m still learning and I do get frustrated when I feel stuck or I can’t get something to look the way I want it to but as soon as it stops being fun, I call it a day and focus on something else.

Remember, it’s not worth it if it’s not fun!

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1. Drink: cloudy lemonade. that shit good 
2. Phone call: my mum telling me I have to get a bus for 5:30 am :)
3. Text message: “I’ll boil you like a potato” to jo (aka p-j)
4. Song you listened to: skydive by bap, I really like that song
5. Time you cried: like five minutes ago when jo set her dp on kkt to bare faced wonho


6. Dated someone twice: unfortunately yes :)
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: not regretted it
8. Been cheated on: :)
9. Lost someone special: yep
10. Been depressed: not clinically, but I go through down spells
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: been drunk but not thrown up 


12-14: yellow, soft pink, black


15. Made new friends: yes actually
16. Fallen out of love: I guess
17. Laughed until you cried: yes
18. Found out someone was talking about you: yeah and she’s a bitch so idfc
19. Met someone who changed you: not really
20. Found out who your friends are: !! yes !!
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no..


22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them?? I aint no catfish tf
23. Do you have any pets: one dog named alfie
24. Do you want to change your name: nah I like it
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: tbh I can’t remember, I know I went to dinner but honestly last year was a blur
26. What time did you wake up: like eight bc my family are very loud :)
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: writing my yongguk scenario!!
28. Name something you can’t wait for: monsta x to get their first win fight me 
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: like twenty minutes ago she wanted me to hang something up
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: the fact I decide to start a new project every single DAY
31. What are you listening right now: in my car by primeboi
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes, my second classmate online, his name is tom, i just talked to him five minutes ago.
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: my freakin wifi that is going to kill me 
34. Most visited Website: tumblr and mywriteclub


35. Mole/s: a few??
36. Mark/s: I have a birth mark on my thigh and knee
37. Childhood dream: to be a games designer at Bethesda. I love the elder scrolls
38. Hair Colour: ginger to blond
39. Long or short hair: longish
40. Do you have a crush on someone: I had a crush on my boss at mcdonalds last year but not now
41. What do you like about yourself: I have a meme for everything 
42. Piercings: ears
43. Bloodtype: O
44. Nickname: liv and livvy and oli/ollie
45. Relationship status: single WOO
46. Zodiac: leo
47. Pronouns: she/her
48. Favorite TV Show: empresses at the palace, basically anything from china, scarlet heart, GoT
49. Tattoos: I have big plans for a big ass dragon down my back (from TES) and the rack for dragon priest masks going around it, with some other stuff going on
50. Right or left hand: right, I’m boring
51. Surgery: had my tonsils out, adenoids out twice (?? They grew? Back???) and grommets in thrice
52. Hair dyed in different color: black, red, brown, pink, blonde and how it is now
53. Sport: football and also diving???? I live for it man
55. Vacation:  I wanna go to japan bc I wanna find himiko bye 
56. Pair of trainers: the puma ones


57. Eating Currently: wine gums
58. Drinking currently: cloudly lemonade
59. I’m about to: write a drabble for hosh
61. Waiting for: monsta x’s first win yo
63. Get married: depends who, I’m not fussed if I do or not
64. Career: forensics; psychology


65. Hugs or kisses: hugs make you feel warm
66. Lips or eyes: eyes always show the truth
67. Shorter or taller: tbh it doesn’t matter, most people are taller than me tho
68. Older or younger: either or
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: cant I ask for nice shoulders…?
71. Sensitive or loud: loud 
72. Hook up or relationship: relationship
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker


74. Kissed a stranger: nah
75. Drank hard liquor: :)
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: I don’t wear them
77. Turned someone down: yeah
78. Sex in the first date: :0 no
79. Broken someone’s heart: I’d like to say yes but I have not
80. Had your heart broken: nah
81. Been arrested: no
82. Cried when someone died: yes.
83. Fallen for a friend: no, all they do is expose me


84. Yourself: yes!
85. Miracles: 
after my philosophy exam, no
86. Love at first sight: 
87. Santa Claus: 
88. Kiss in the first date: 
it depends on how long you’ve know each other before said first date 
89. Angels: 
yes, but not the bible ones


90. Current best friends’ names: char, alex, jo
91. Eyecolor: they’re like brown yellow
92. Favorite movie: devil’s mistress was good I guess

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Some stupid shit i found on a stupid blog

A age : Is the police asking 
B birthplace : My mums vagina
C current time : Time is a social construct 
D last drink you had : something alcoholic 
E easiest person to talk to : Myself obviously 
F fave song : Friday by Rebecca Black
G grossest memory : When a girl talked to me 
H horror no or yeah: Is it porn ?
I in love: madly (only serious answer) 
J jealous of ppl : Nooo… (Cries inside)
K killed someone : Is the police asking ?
L love at first sight or should i walk by again : Love is just a buzzword to get laid
M middle name : Adolf
N number of siblings : I think I’ve killed them all 
O one wish : To stop being so perfect 
P person you called last : An employee at Mcdonalds
Q question you are always asked : Can you please get away from me 
R reason to smile : So they don’t think you’re dead inside 
S song you heard last : Gangnam Style 
U underwear colour : Not wearing any
V vacation destination : Yo mamas jungle in the south of the border
W worst habit : - 
X x-rays ( boring so instead it will be favorite porn theme because XXX) : Amputee Midget Futanari hentai 
Y fave food : Yo mamas pussy 
Z zodiac sign : killer
@iustus-lupus-da-aurora answer them

We promised some neighbors across the way our futon before we moved, and they just dropped by to pick it up. Cue our racist AF next door neighbor harassing them about parking in front of our building, asking who they are, and demanding they get out before she calls the cops.

New Neighbor: Thank you so much! That crazy white lady? Is that who you were talking about last week? She’s nuts! She gave us the run around, and we’re just here helping you out since you’re moving. Is that everyone here?

The Husband: No. She’s the only one, and she’s leaving this week, too. Hopefully the random cop calls stop.

New Neighbor: That’s nuts. She’s gotta learn to listen to people when they answer all her questions. It’s not like we weren’t just talking to you two. You think it’s because I’m brown as chocolate?

Me: Yes. That’s absolutely the reason.

New Neighbor: Well good riddance!

Me: I could not agree more.