and then all of a sudden she screamed that

With You-Newt

The Maze Runner Imagines

song I listened to while writing: If I’m Lucky by State Champs

“I’m just trying to find my place in this world, and I know it’s not so right to feel this way about a girl but if you stay or if you go I’m right there with you” 

Word count: 1816

Warnings: almost smut? 

The Maze


           The dark of the room was soon filled with a flashing red light and a blaring siren, I huddled into the corner screaming for help, my palms sweaty, tears falling from my eyes, my voice cracking against my dry throat. I was in a box, moving up, and moving fast, it didn’t look like it was going to stop, like I might be crushed like a bug against the roof that was quickly approaching. I squeezed my eyes shut and held myself tight as I waited for impact, but all of a sudden the box came to a screeching halt causing me to hit my head against the wall knocking me unconscious.

“She’s the first girl, and I know we don’t remember much from where we were before the maze, but she is off limits” Alby announced to the council room full of teenage boys, “come on Alby, she was a babe” Gally smirked “if anyone tries anything they’ll spend 2 nights in the slammer” he threatened. Newt stood quietly in the corner watching everyone, he knew he had to obey Alby’s orders but he couldn’t help but feel like he knew this girl before.

Present day

“Newt! Come on, Minho and Ben are gonna eat all the food before we even get there” I shouted at the sleeping blonde, pulling on his arm “alright, I’m up” he groaned rolling out of bed, I waited outside his hut while he got dressed then we walked to the kitchen. “Morning y/n, Newt” Minho smirked at us, “morning Minho” I said suspiciously then turned to walk away, but not before I saw Ben wink at Newt, I grabbed a tray and waited in line “what was that about?” I asked Newt, scooping eggs onto my plate. “What?” he asked cautiously “with Minho and Ben” I said “you guys have been acting strange” I pointed out “oh uh no, it’s just Ben and Minho being um, Ben and Minho” he laughed nervously “um okay” I shrugged it off. Once we got our food we sat at the table across from Ben and Minho “so y/n, got a crush on anyone?” Minho asked, both Newt and I choking on our food “what? no” I said clearing my throat, “liar” Ben mumbled “why do you ask?” I said taking a sip of water “because-” Minho started “because Ben likes you” Newt interrupted, Ben raised an eyebrow at Newt then awkwardly smiled at me.  I cleared my throat, “um Ben, I’m flattered but uh you’re not my type” I said “I knew some other lucky guy had your heart” he smiled, “so y/n what is your type?” Minho asked “why are you guys acting so weird?” I asked hesitantly “were just asking, why are you acting so weird?” Ben said, I looked over to Newt who’s been pretty quiet throughout all of this “I’m going to the gardens, I’ll see you guys later” I said getting up. I grabbed a basket and began picking the fresh fruits and vegetables “hey y/n sorry about earlier, I don’t know why they were acting like that” Newt apologized. “It’s fine” I shrugged turning away, they were acting different and I didn’t like it, I know Alby made a rule that I was off limits but I think they know I like Newt, and I know Ben liking me was a lie. The ground shook and the sirens blared pulling me out of my own thoughts, the noises reminded me of me coming up in the box, everyone surround the box waiting for it to open, when it did Gally jumped down “day one greenie” he said to the sweating brunette, 

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I watched as the boy made a run for it out of the group “looks like we got ourselves a runner!” Zart laughed, the boy soon tripped over his own feet, rolling multiple times in the grass “or not” I mumbled. The rest of the day went by just like any other day greenies come up, once it got dark Gally arrived with a jug of his special drink and put it in the middle of the glade, Alby and Newt built a bonfire and Chuck, Ben and I helped Frypan bring the snacks over while greenie sat on the logs still taking it all in. I sat next to him and watched Newt build the fire, lighting up his face, the shadows of the flames dancing on his body, “so how’s your first day been?” I asked “confusing” he mumbled “don’t worry, you’ll get used to it” I reassured him “but what is this place?” he asked “and why are their walls, why don’t I remember my name?” he continued “the Glade, keeps the Grievers out and no one remembers their name when they first get here” I told him, “hey guys” Newt said sitting down next to us “I’m gonna get some drinks,” I said awkwardly. I liked Newt but every time we had Greenie night I drank too much and embarrassed myself, “Minho” I shouted catching the runner’s attention, I ran over to him “hey y/n what’s up” he asked making room for me to sit down “so I need you to do me a favour” I said, he raised his eyebrow “I like Newt” I said, he over dramatically gasped “what, wow, I had no idea” he said sarcastically “is it that obvious?” I asked “not to him” he muttered “what?” I asked “never mind, what do you need?” he asked “I always get drunk and do something really stupid and embarrass myself in front of him” I said, “so you want me to make sure you don’t do anything stupid?” he asked, I nodded shyly, he smiled “what are best friends for?” I rolled my eyes at him.

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Gally’s drink was quite addicting and since he only made it once a month I always helped myself to plenty of it, I was starting to feel tipsy but kept drinking anyways, I danced in the light of the fire but soon stopped myself when I noticed Newt and, I think he said his name was Thomas, sitting on the edge. I ran over trying not to spill my drink while doing so “what’s up party poopers!” I yelled “y/n how many drinks have you had?” Newt asked trying to take my glass out of my hand “hey get your own” I said swatting his hand away. Thomas stifled a laugh while he watched Newt try and take the glass from drunk me who refused to let it go, “Newt! No, bad boy” I said hitting him on the head. He smiled reluctantly “see you can’t stay mad at me!” I teased poking his button nose “no I can’t” he said avoiding eye contact “Newty look me in the eeeyyyeees” I slurred. He laughed and looked up “they’re so pretty” I whispered, my hand resting on his cheek he smiled shyly “you’re pretty” he mumbled “I like you Newt” I admitted “you’re drunk y/n” he stated, taking a step back. “Newt listen to me” I demanded stepping closer “you don’t know what you’re saying” he mumbled “I may be drunk but I still know how I feel about you” I exclaimed not realizing how much I would regret this in the morning. “I like you too y/n” he admitted, I smiled, but it soon disappeared when I realized he wasn’t. “What’s wrong?” I asked “come with me” he whispered, grabbing my hand, we walked towards the deadheads so we were far from the partying Gladers. 

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“It’s not right to feel this way, not here, you know Alby’s rule” he reminded me “screw Alby’s rule, besides he doesn’t need to know” I shouted “shhhh!” he hissed covering my mouth with his hand “sorry” I whispered giggling “y/n you don’t understand, I’ll get 2 nights in the slammer and you’ll have Alby watching over you all the time” he urged. I rolled my eyes at his cautiousness “live a little” I smirked pressing my lips against his, at first he didn’t move, staying there in shock, then began to relax kissing back his hands resting on my waist pulling me closer, my fingers ran through his hair, tugging lightly “y/n” he groaned. I smiled against his lips and started leaving open-mouth kisses down his jawline “we’re gonna get in so much trouble” he breathed “do you want me to stop” I whispered against his neck, he shook his head no, his hands travelled up my shirt, I gasped feeling his cold hands on my back “sorry” he mumbled against me, his tongue slipped into my mouth, exploring every inch of it, we readjusted and I was now on my back, laying on the forest floor, Newt held his body above me, my fingers tracing his toned stomach “you’re so beautiful” he moaned as my hand went to his waistband, he moved closer kissing down my neck leaving a love bite on my collar bone, “Newt” I moaned. A branch snapped, Newt and I both snapped our heads in the direction of the noise “so um, does this count as stupid?” Minho asked awkwardly “no, now go away” I ordered grabbing Newts shirt collar “be safe” Minho called walking back to camp “now where were we?” Newt smirked closing the space between us again.

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The next morning, I woke up with a pounding head ache and absolutely no memory of what happened the night before. I reluctantly got out of bed and threw on pants and a sweater and made my way to the kitchen, I grabbed some toast and a glass of milk and walked over to my usual table “good morning y/n” Minho smirked “shut up” I snapped “so how was your night?” he asked shooting a glance at Newt, my eyes went wide “Minho” I hissed “you said you would stop me from doing anything stupid” I whispered “hey you told me to go away” he defended “oh god” I mumbled resting my head in his hands. “Apparently that’s what you were moaning last night” Ben laughed “no” I said looking at Newt “I’m so sorry, oh my god I’m so embarrassed” I said turning red “it’s okay love, I enjoyed it as much as you did” he whispered the last part into my ear making me blush even harder. “Oh great, maybe we should tell Alby, that way we don’t have to see this chick flick” Ben muttered to Minho, I rolled my eyes at them scooting closer to Newt, he rested his hand on my thigh while we ate. After breakfast we walked to the gardens, Newt dug holes while I dropped the seeds in and covered them “do you think we’ll ever get out of here?” I asked him staring at the maze doors “whatever happens, whether we stay or go, I’m with you” he smiled.

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Yesterday while walking with two of my friends, we ran across a group protesting President Elect Trump outside the train station. We started to walk around them because we were all in fact Trump supporters. A couple people ran over to us and asked us to join them. We denied politely and started to walk away when one of the offhandedly said “What, you support Trump?” She was laughing like she didn’t believe. My friend, who is a white girl, turned back and said “Yes, I do.”

Big mistake.

What happened next scared me. The protected started screaming back at her people “Trump supporter over here! Trump supporter over here!” That huge group all of a sudden started to move towards us. There was lot of incoherent screaming but the bits and pieces I did hear were things like “Take your white privilege and go fuck yourself you fucking racist!” “Fucking ignorant white people!” “FUCK YOU!” “Get fucking raped and die!”

Then, a couple of the protestors started screaming at me asking how I could be friends with her.

We were already trying to rush into the station because at this point I was afraid they were going to attack her.

This is NOT OKAY.

I’m perfectly fine if you want to peacefully protest.

But you know what this was? BULLYING. RACISM. HATRED.

This from the side that was preaching love. This from the side that says that is what Trump is all about.

What. The. Hell.

You can be racist towards white people. Quit acting like they are a devil because of their skin color.

They didn’t ask to be born white just like you didn’t ask to be born whatever color you are.

My god, I’m so sick of all of y'all.


Radicals are what’s the problem these days.

I am bisexual. Do I hate Christians because they disapprove of my lifestyle? NO. True Christians are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They always treat me with respect, and they talk to me like I’m human. The “bad Christians” are the radicals like friggin westboro.

We need to stop generalizing people and judge individuals by their actions, not groups.

Igbo and Romance
  • I want an au where Draco hits on Harry but in other languages (he's had to learn them because he's a Malfoy but literally no one else at hogwarts knows them) like Celtic or Gaelic, even like ... Yiddish. And he does it so flawlessly too and it's working perfectly for a while until Malfoy moves onto Igbo (a South African tribal language), not realizing that Hermione is fluent and she's forced to listen to this poor boy and his comments until one day she gets so fed up she starts screaming at him across the table in Igbo at the top of her lungs and then malfoy just squeaks but Dean hears and all of a sudden their having a three way argument in Igbo and everyone else is just like ...
  • W
  • T
  • F
He’s Gone (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

Isaac x Reader sister/brother imagine

Requested: Yes

Can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Isaac’s sister and after suffering from so many years of abuse from their father along with her brother she is scared of males (excluding Isaac) because of it. -thank you 😊

Warnings: Mention of Panic Attack, abusive father

(If you have any requests don’t be shy and send them in!)


The man sitting next to Y/N shouted all of the sudden only to make her jump in her seat frightened. One of the reasons she hated school games was because of that, especially away games like this one. Beacon Hills lacrosse team was currently playing against Devenford Prep and not much to surprise, Beacon Hills was losing. Y/N tried to cheer on her own team with Lydia and Malia but the man next to her kept on bumping into her and screaming loudly every time Devenford scored.

The coach had kicked Stiles out of the field only to put Isaac, Y/N older brother to play the last few minutes of the game. “Are you okay?” Malia asked, as her and Lydia looked at her worriedly. They had noticed Y/N wasn’t cheering on the team with them and spotted her nervously tapping her finger on her knee; something she would do whe she got anxious.  

“I’m just going to the bathroom; I’ll meet you guys by the car.” Y/N informed the two as they spotted the shouting man wearing the Devenford shirt beside her. She tried to steady her breathing as she went down the steps of the bleachers without her brother noticing. He always insisted in her to tell him when she was feeling anxious in the crowd but she didn’t want to ruin his focus on the game.

Y/N walked out the bathroom to meet with a quiet and peaceful hallway with no one else to be seen besides her. The school was a hundred times fancier compared to Beacon Hills, they even had uniforms. If the school was amazing, imagine the huge trophy case they had in the hallways for everyone to see. There was no doubt that Devenford Prep was good at lacrosse, but they had the trophies to show it off.

“They’re nice, aren’t they?” Y/N gasped when she felt a hand on her waist and the presence of someone else standing behind her. Y/N pressed her hand on her chest as she tried to catch her own breath and relax her beating heart from the scare.

“Jesus, don’t you know not to scare a girl like that?” She angrily pushed away the sweaty lacrosse player away from her and backed away from him until my back bumped into a wall. Brett Talbot smirked at her as he teasingly approached her once again. “You know my brother is going to kill you if he finds another dog so close to me.” She threatened, placing a hand on his hard chest blocking him from getting closer than what he should be.

“I still can’t stop thinking about you since the last time I saw you.” He teased while his glowing eyes stared back at Y/N normal ones. “Go out with me, Friday night.” The boy never knew how to give up. It surely wasn’t the first time he had asked her out and he wasn’t taking no for an answer.  

“You know I can’t Brett.” Y/N choked out as his hand found their way on to her wrists. She cried out as images of her father pressing her tightly to the wall punishing her after he had locked Isaac away; preventing him to save her from their abusive father. Brett must had realized that she was truly frightened about something and pulled away, but after that he was pushed harshly on to the floor.  

“I told you to stay away from my little sister.” Isaac growled at the other wolf as he easily got back up to his feet. Y/N closed her eyes shut as she tried to hold back the tears stinging in her eyes. It wasn’t a night where she would want to be seen crying hysterically on Devenford property and be a joke to everyone else the whole week. Even though Y/N was crying uncontrollably, Isaac kept screaming at Brett not even noticing that she was having a panic attack. If it wouldn’t have been for Malia’s fast instincts, Y/N would have fallen to the floor from her legs giving up on her.

“Isaac please.” Lydia shouted at him, only for the two wolfs to notice what was happening behind them. The tears were falling hysterically down Y/N’s cheeks while Malia held her up tightly. Isaac’s glowing eyes faded as he saw the state of his own sister. His heart broke as he saw how vulnerable and fragile she looked.

“You get lost.” Isaac warned Brett for the last time before he reached out towards Y/N and held her in his chest tightly. “Take slow and deep breaths Y/N.” He said, pressing a kiss on her temples. “He’s gone and he is never going to hurt us anymore.”

And he wasn’t. Their father was completely out of the picture and they had a new family who cared for them.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized, wiping her tears away with her sweater. Isaac brushed her baby hairs out of her face and helped her walk over to the car with Lydia and Malia leading them quietly.

“Do you like Brett?” Isaac suddenly asked, turning towards her as Lydia drove out of the parking lot. Y/N’s heart started to beat uncontrollably but this time it wasn’t because of a panic attack. It was because she did feel something and was afraid of her brother’s opinion.

“I don’t know Isaac and stop asking me that, it’s weird.” Y/N blushed, as Lydia snorted behind the wheel catching everyone’s attention.

“I’m sorry honey but you like him, I saw it since that time in the club.” Lydia admitted to everyone in the car as Y/N blushed even more as her brother stared at her widely.

“What time in the club?” Isaac asked furiously as everyone else in the car laughed uncontrollably.

A little poem I wrote about The 100

I call it “Thanks JFlop”

There once was a ship
So sacred and sweet
Obviously soulmates
Destined to meet

One from the sky
And one from the ground
A fairytale really
Except for the sound

The sound of the straights
Ready to fight
Clarke was a princess
And Baloney her knight

Now Clarke had a girlfriend
A commander so tough
Until JFlop decided
Enough is enough

Lexa was choosing
Head over heart
Cause all love is weakness
And JFlop’s a fart

Clarke became a lone wolf
So sad and alone
Lexa left her
So she left her home

She was taken to Polis
By Roan, the prince
The Spit came so sudden
Apparently Lexa needed a rinse

The Bow was surprising
Lexa’s not really subtle
Hearteyes extraordinaire
That soft gay puddle

Then came The Sex
And we were all screaming
This wasn’t happening
We had to be dreaming

A gun was then fired
A stray bullet flying
Titus you fkn asshole
The Commander is dying

Jason was crying
His story backfired
Never could he prepare
For what it inspired

Now Lexa’s a chip
A new ship is sailing
Clip is it’s name
The Blorgkes are still wailing

They scream about crocs
Too easy to drag
Elshit’s their leader
That nasty old hag

Now Clarke is flamekeeper
She’s got some new hobbies
And Lexa’s still screaming
Dan Klark your bobbies

Junior English

My junior year we annexed schools and we ended up having this one teacher for an English teacher. (She’s older. Sometimes she wears slippers. If she’s having a “cane day” she will basically sit in a computer chair/use a cane for the majority of class.)

ANYWAY. We were reading To Kill a Mockingbird and the teacher is having a cane day. So, she’s sitting on her computer chair. All of a sudden, you hear her SCREAM.


She made him go wash his hands.

I’ve heard from my younger friends that she still tells that story to this day.

Just a random what if...

Ladybug and Chat Noir have to deliver Christmas presents using a magic bag (obtained using lucky charm). When you reach in, it’s a pre-wrapped gift that varies depending on what the person wanted. They go to Marinette’s house last. After placing Tom and Sabine’s gifts under the tree, she reaches in for hers when, all of a sudden, Chat dissapears. Screaming is heard from inside the bag, so she empties it to find a huge box addressed to herself. Ladybug is confused, Chat is both flattered and amused. “I would make a paw-some purr-esent”

Hope and a Speeding Bullet

Hope burns at her chest, It’s not an s, it’s not an s, it’s…

Cat Grant’s fingers bunch her shirt right over that Hope and she is much too close for Kara to breathe, to suck in air that isn’t laced with her perfume. Her shampoo. Her skin. Kara swallows and it’s loud but not as loud as Cat’s pulse.

Her pulse races under Kara’s fingertips. Briefly Kara thinks it’s because of the bullets still smoking in Cat’s desk but Cat’s eyes. They mirror Kara’s own.

Kara has to tear away, break away, deal with the men exclaiming that Cat Grant’s assistant isn’t bleeding. Deal with the screams because here and now she isn’t just Kara Danvers.

Her suit is visible below her ripped shirt. All of a sudden, she is angry. Angry that this could happen when Supergirl isn’t around. Angry that these men would try this. Angry that humans are so fragile.

Supergirl rips her shirt off. She isn’t caped, Kal-El’s blanket stored in her desk drawer, and her hair is up but Hope burns on her chest. She will always feel its weight. She crushes her glasses on accident.

The glass does not puncture her skin, she is powerful right now. The men crumple around her, they fall back because Kara is light and fire and righteousness and her eyes burn.

The office was empty. Empty except for the DEO agents and men who would soon remember little of today and the noise of people destroying evidence. They do this for Kara, but Kara cannot hear them.

She hears ice clink against glass, a shaky breath, a heart beating too fast. The office is empty because Cat Grant stands on her balcony.

Alex’s hand is pushing her forward and even though Hope stands boldly on her chest, Kara is not Supergirl in that moment. Kara fights monsters and holds buildings but she does not know how to comfort this woman.

She starts with, “Sorry.” as she leans against the railing. She doesn’t touch Cat, Rao, how she wants to though, doesn’t know if she’s allowed to.

Cat scoffs. “For saving my life?”

Kara cuts her off, “For lying.”

Cat stiffens and takes another drink. She glances behind, into the office, watches the men yell about who Supergirl really is. Listens to the promises to hunt down Kara’s family. To give Supergirl’s name to people who can actually hurt Kara.

Kara doesn’t hear them, she’s distracted by the soft pull of Cat’s clothing over her skin. The rustle of hair across her shoulders. The air pooling in her lungs. 

It takes Kara a moment to understand the words that slip past Cat’s lips, “I’m beginning to see why you do.” She looks to Cat then, sees the worry creasing on her face, the fear yet to pass. “What will you do now? Keep them locked up forever?”

Kara shakes her head and stares out over the city. Cat knows about her now but J’onn is a secret that is not hers to tell. “We’ll let them go, they won’t say anything.” 

Cat quirks an eyebrow but she doesn’t ask anymore. She takes a step toward Kara and leans against her. Kara doesn’t breathe. “You still could have let me get shot and no one would be the wiser.”

She hears the blood rushing through Cat’s veins, can hear it from anywhere in the city, and she steps back from Cat. “You should know I can’t do that.” She looks at Cat and Cat looks back. 

Cat is searching her eyes, Kara doesn’t know what for, but it gives Kara the chance to study Cat in turn. Her skin is not as clear as usual, she should schedule an appointment for that. Her hair blows into her face and Kara is too tired to keep herself from brushing it out of Cat’s eyes. 

She hears the catch in Cat’s breath and freezes. Her fingers still rest on Cat’s forehead. 

“You’re magnificent.” The words slip out of Cat’s mouth and crash on Kara’s ears. The world is quiet, muffled.

Kara leans in and kisses Cat’s forehead. Alex is calling her. The world is rushing back to meet them. Kara lingers, her eyes on Cat’s features, she has the itch to paint the scene before her, but Supergirl turns back to the office. To deal.

They will talk, eventually, but for tonight there is justice to be wrought.

Cat Grant returns to her computer and tears down the agent sent to get her signature on a confidentiality form.

“Supergirl can bring that to me in the morning, without your germs all over it.”

The next day, every media outlet is running the story: Supergirl, Faster Than a Speeding Bullet.

got you!

captain cobra swan snowball fight.  that is all.

merry christmas/happy hannukah/happy holidays everyone!  here’s some ccs fluff for you all~

The first time it happened, he screamed.

He darted back into the house, water running off his jacket in rivulets.  “Swan!”  He wailed.  “Our boy attacked me!”

Emma ran down the stairs just in time to find her pirate boyfriend standing in the foyer, completely drenched.  Little spots of white dotted his damp hair.  Snow was splattered all down his front.  

She bit her lip and attempted a serious expression.  “Killian, it’s time you learned about ‘the snowball fight.’”

A huge clump of snow dislodged from Killian’s hair and slipped down his back.  He yelped at the sudden cold, and in that moment, he made his decision.  He’d risk his life for two things: love and revenge.  This time, it was revenge.

“Teach me.”

The second time, he should have seen it coming.

He was sauntering back to the house again, but this time, he was on high alert.  His eyes swiveled around the front lawn once, twice, three times before he took another step.  He peeked into the hiding places Henry had used before during the hide-and-seek game–nothing.  Smiling confidently to himself, he made his way to the front of the house.

He opened the door.

A spherical white monstrosity came hurling at him from the inside.

He screamed.


Henry snickered.  “Got you!”  He threw another one for good measure, then scampered down the front steps.  “Good thing you came when you did,” he murmured thoughtfully.  “If I’d waited a minute more, Mom would have killed me for getting water all over the front mat.”

Killian was inconsolable.

The third time, he was ready.

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this is a very fun bit of lore trivia about the weapons that the wardens use but whats especially fun about it is imagining that at some point while nighthold was canonically happening jarod shadowsong was probably off doing his taxes or whatever in some val’sharah condo while maiev was polishing her glaive in another room and all of the sudden jarod just hears this primal scream of annoyance from down the hall

I know Setsuna is supposed to be a calm, all knowing goddess but like she’s been at the time door all her life and now in mortal body and I just think that she’s gets really excited over trying new earth things she hasn’t had the chance before

like Haruka and Michiru are sleeping peacefully and all of sudden at 3am she breaks down their door screaming about how she tried her first jelly donut and holy SHIT GUYS HAVE YOU HAD THIS???? I’VE SEEN CIVILIZATIONS RISE AND FALL I KNOW WHAT WAS IN THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA BUT NONE OF THAT COMPARES TO WHAT I JUST PUT IN MY MOUTH

To which Haruka nearly throws Michiru off the bed as she gets up because FUCK RIGHT??? RIGHT?????? JELLY DONUTS ARE OUR GREATEST CREATION AS A SPECIES



Michiru thought Setsuna was finally someone she could find kinship in. Now she has to wake up in the morning and deal with her kitchen being over run with boxes of cheap pastries 

she sighs and closes her eyes because she’s not dealing with this right now nope


They rushed to the girls as fast as possible but what they saw… was rather strange. There was someone who they’ve never met. He was tall and his face was deformed. This alien could frighten anyone. Maybe that’s why the girls screamed? Well, to be more specific - girls excluding Iris. She was standing still with her nose hight in the clouds. Laughing.

She was above all the things that could scare everyone. She was the one who could dance with a devil - and be the one who would frighten even Boruta from folk stories. Iris was strong and she loved showing it.

Vivilly, Nathanny and Primrose obviously wasn’t like her. They were hiding after each other as little kids in hounted house. The sudden appearance of stranger scared them and they couldn’t hide it at all. They were hard outside but weak inside.

26. “Just do it!” Theo Raeken

You froze, keeping a wary gaze on the chimeras fanning out around you. Tracy bared her teeth and you growled, eyes flashing blue. You bared your teeth at the chimeras, backing up down the underground tunnel.

“There’s nowhere to run.” Theo said. “Don’t make us hurt you.”

You growled again, spinning on your heel and sprinting down the tunnel. The sound of thundering feet behind you made you speed up, the dark walls blurring around you. Spinning around, you slashed down with your claws, and Tracy screamed, a chunk of her tail falling to the floor.

You almost laughed as you continued your sprint down the tunnel, until all of a sudden your legs gave out. You swore as you collapsed in a heap on the ground, your limbs refusing to listen. The damn kanima had venom on her tail didn’t she?

Theo’s laugh echoed down the tunnel as he crouched down in front of you. “You know I didn’t want to have to do that.”

“Sure.” You rolled your eyes. “And I didn’t want to cut off Tracy’s tail. Oh wait, I did.”

The girl lunged forward, fangs bated, and Josh grabbed her around the waist. You smirked, even though you couldn’t move. “Do you want to kill me Tracy? Is that why you’re here?”

She snarled something in response.

You shifted your gaze to Theo. “Is that why you’re down here? To kill me.”

Theo shrugged. “Maybe. I’m not sure yet.”

“Oh come on you ass.” You snapped, growing angry. You wanted to feel the rush of heat through your body, the pressure on your fingertips as your claws ached to come out, but you felt none of it. “Just do it. Before I can move again. This time I won’t only scratch her tail.”

Theo sighed, sitting down beside you. You wanted to get away, but you were forced to lay there as he rested his arms on his knees and leaned forward to study you.

“Why you?” He asked quietly. “What is it about you that is so interesting?”

You rolled your eyes. “Seriously?”

He nodded. “Scott wants you, the dread doctors want you, the desert wolf wants you. Why?”

If you could have shrugged you would have. “How should I know? If you’re going to kill me, just do it, don’t talk me to death.”

Theo rolled his eyes. “I’m not going to kill you. Yet. First I want to–”

“Theo!” Cory appeared out of thin air, eyes wide, breathing heavily. “It’s coming!”

The cocky smirk was gone immediately, replaced by an alpha. “Josh, Cory, go find Hayden. Make sure she’s okay.” Both chimera’s nodded. Theo looked at Tracy. “You need to get out of here now. Bleeding like that, you’re drawing that thing right to us.” All three of them nodded, taking off down the tunnel.

Theo pushed himself to his feet, watching them disappear.

“It’s the beast, isn’t it?” You asked, heart pounding against your chest. Theo nodded, looking back down at you. “Then kill me!” You begged. You hated giving him this power over you, but you would rather this then let the oncoming monster tear you apart. “Theo please! Just do it! Before that thing gets here!”

“Theo!” Josh’s voice echoed down the tunnel. “Hurry!”

He looked down the hall, then back at you, looking torn.

“If you just leave me here to die I swear I’ll kill you Raeken.” You growled, your left pinkie twitching. “At least have the decency to kill me before it does. Please.”

An angry growl tore through the tunnels, and you allowed yourself one moment of panic. “Please Theo. I don’t want to be another body.”

“Theo!” Cory shouted.

Theo ran towards you, and you met his gaze. You were going to die with your eyes open damn it, not cowering.

“Come on.” Theo grabbed one of your limp arms and slung it over his shoulder, the other arm sliding under your legs. He lifted you up in one quick motion, turning and running down the hall I the next.

“What are you–?!” You cried, head slumping against his shoulder, much against your will.

“Saving your life.” Theo replied, still sprinting. “You can thank me later. Let’s just get out of here.”

A/N. I love writing imagines/drabbles for Theo! He can go either way and its so fun :) Please request and tell me what you think 

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“This is so stupid.” Wanda huffs, Crossing her arms. She was making so many comments about how she could handle it, It was even a bit annoying. You just humm in response.

All of a sudden someone on the scream pops up, And Wanda screams loudly, Burring her face in your neck to hide from the Horror movie. Latching onto you for her life. 

“It’s okay, Don’t worry, It’s not real.” you start to run a hand through her hair, Trying to comfort her, But she bolts back to where she was sitting before. 

“I-I-i’m not scared!” She stutters. “Bullshit. Now come here and cuddle with me, It’ll make it less scary.” You offer, Giving her a warm smile. She rolls her eyes.

“Fine. Only this one time..”

You know what annoys me most about 6a and the whole forgetting of Lydia’s s5 character development?

It’s like they forgot she can fight. They forgot her abilities. She banshee screamed all of three times, once to stand against a banshee, and twice to save Stiles in the finale. 

Her banshee voice could have and should have been used throughout. Why did she never scream at any ghost riders before that? Why did she not scream at Mr. Douglas? Why did she just stand around? Why were people regularly getting hurt protecting her?

We went through this great development in season 5 where she learned to use her voice as a weapon, and learned how to actually fight, and she learned how to no longer sit on the sidelines and fight back. Even in season 4, before she knew how to use her voice, she went up against a berserker with just a baseball bat.

And then we hit season 6, where all of a sudden, she was a delicate flower that just cried all of the time.

Yesterday I was doing my makeup and I was super focused bc I didn’t want to mess up my eyeliner and my sister came into my room but I didn’t hear her then all the sudden I just hear her whisper right next to my ear “it’s free real estate” and I fucking screamed


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You heard the alarm go off, the one signaling a new Greenie was here. You sighed and walked over to the box. Gally and Newt looked at each other and nodded, signaling that they were both ready to open the doors.
They grabbed the handle and pulled, only to be pushed out of the way by a rising stage.
“What the bloody hell?!” Newt yelled.
Smoke filled the air, and different colored neon on lights floated around the Glade.
You pushed your way to the front to see what was going on, when all of a sudden Matt Healy rose up center stage and you almost fainted.
“NO WAY!!” You screamed. The rest rose up shortly after making you ecstatic. “Is this real life?!”
Matt smiled down, singing to you, “With a face from a movie scene, or magazine, you know what I mean,” he stroked the side of your face.
“Oh God, this isn’t the band she’s always talking about, is it?” Minho rolled his eyes, “how can she even remember them?!”
“I don’t even know,” Alby replied with a blank expression.
“Why would the creators send them up?”
“Cause they know how she’ll react and they love screwing with us,” Gally cooly answered.
The turned to find you on stage dancing away.
“Because she way out, I’ve never seen her dance moves - dancing like "she way out!!!” You screamed into a mic, jumping up and down.
Matt started serenading you, pushing your hair back staring directly into your eyes causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach.
“I’m putting an end to this now,” Gally tried to push his way over, but the rest stopped him.
“Let’s leave it mate,” Newt began.
“Ya, it’s worth it to see that beautiful smile,” Minho admitted.
“Ya, I guess you’re right.” Gally gave in.
“It’s just you and I tonight- why don’t you figure my heart out!” You and Matt sang in perfect unison into the mic.
“That’s it, I’ll be in the Homestead!” Gally walked off.
“I’ll go with you!” Chuck called running after him.

Imagine a fan congratulating Jensen and you for your relationship, years after them shipping the two of you.

“Oh my gosh, first I have to say I am really excited to be here and see you all and second- HOLY HELL YOU AND (Y/N) I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” she could hardly keep herself from screaming.

“Sorry, it’s just we all got so excited at finding out” she laughed shyly “And it was so sudden! You kept denying it and suddenly- BOOM!” she made hand motions “It all was real!”

“Well, thank you” Jensen said with a sheepish smile “I don’t know how I got so lucky”

“And I don’t know how (Y/n) got so unlucky!” Jared exclaimed and everybody laughed.

“Oh she is lucky! Just like Jensen! Our favorite singer and my fvorite actor got together! I know almost the entire tumblr was screaming once we saw your kissing pic!”

Jensen laughed “Well, she was the one that insisted on saying it that way. We thought about a video as well, but, well we didn’t want to give you a heart attack” and everybody cheered.




“Uh sorry but should I be offended at the favorite actor part?”Jared exclaimed.


When the girl was young, she often dreamed of falling in love with a boy. A boy who was special and sweet and said all of the right things, but never if they were a lie. A boy who’d she run to to cry on his shoulder but that never would make her cry himself. She dreamed of a great love, a true love, an everlasting love. She was in love with love. But never did she dream of loving her best friend. He was there when she was young and dreaming of her love and slowly yet all of sudden she realized he was the man of her dreams. She wanted to scream out how much she loved him from the top of her lungs yet she was silent. No one knew she loved him, not even himself. But she loved him so much she didn’t mind. She loved him so much it didn’t matter he didn’t reciprocate those feelings. But when she saw him love another, she never could imagine the pain she’d feel, not even in her wildest dreams.

His house was full with all the people who loved him, although no one loved him quite as much as she did. That much, she was certain of. Y/N was happy, her blissful mood radiating out from her like she was lit from within. Everyone took notice and the crowd of guests parted for her as she almost floated through the room. It was her favourite day of the year. It was the day that her love had come into the world and she thought that he couldn’t be celebrated enough.

She spotted Harry from across the room. He was glowing, just as much as her. Anyone from the outside looking in would say they were meant to be. Their auras were the same. They connected on a level much deeper than anything in this superficial world. His eyes found hers and he smiled. His beautiful mouth spread into the most glorious of smiles. All white teeth and dimples. Oh how she loved his dimples. She walked towards him as if she were floating. As if she were in slow motion. The world, the party had stopped as if only the two of them existed.

Y/N weaved in and out of the crowed easily. Nothing would keep her from reaching Harry. He stepped forward the moment she threw her arms around his neck.

“Happy birthday,” she whispered.

“Thank you, beautiful.” Harry inhaled her scent, brushing his nose against her exposed skin.

The moment was perfect. Just the two of them. Until it wasn’t anymore. Her world shattered, sending her back into reality. Her dream became a nightmare.

“Hey handsome, I’ve been looking all over for you,” the girl said, snaking her arms around Harry’s lean waist. She pressed her lips into his greedily, making Y/N’s head spin. Harry smiled into the kiss. Y/N slowly backed away from the couple, feeling her entire chest tighten with envy and heart break.

“Y/N, this is my girlfriend Morgan. Morgan, this is Y/N,” Harry introduced the two ladies.

She smiled a tight smile, one that no one would believe was genuine. Morgan returned a hideous excuse for a grin and Y/N decided she hated her. A girl like her didn’t deserve a boy like Harry.

“We gotta mingle. I’ll see you around, Y/N.” Harry clapped her on the back as if she was nothing more than one of the guys, a casual buddy.

The seed of panic within her stomach magnified tenfold as Harry turned away from her. She pushed through the crowd, desperate to leave his house. Leave and never come back. She tripped over bodies as she found her way to the exit. No one noticed her this time. She was invisible.

Her heels clacked against the sidewalk as she swiped at the angry tears falling from her eyes. She found herself wishing unthinkable things. She wished she never met Harry. Never fell for him. Never loved him. But she had to be careful what she wished for. She was just hurting. Nothing hurt as much as wishing she was something more. Something better. Something worry of an angel.

She didn’t know where she was walking, but somehow her legs had managed to carry herself to the little diner that held so many memories for her and Harry. The place was small and dingy but it was perfect. It was always empty and she and Harry had found themselves spending way too many nights at way too late an hour under the fluorescent lighting. They always shared a slice of apple pie. He ate the crust and she ate the apples. The perfect team, he had said.

Maury gave her a sad smile as he handed her the usual on a paper plate. She began to interrupt him as he handed over two forks.

“Take them. You might need them both,” he said kindly.

She didn’t have it in her to fight him, even though she knew he was wrong.

She sat at an empty booth and shut her eyes in pain, willing herself to unsee what she had seen. His lips on hers. His smile directed at her. It was too much and it was killing her.

As much as what she saw hurt her, there was so much that she didn’t see. She didn’t see the pure look of panic in his eyes as he realized she was gone. She didn’t see him push open every bedroom door in his house to make sure none of his friends were taking advantage of her. She didn’t see him shake off Morgan’s grip as he set off to look for her. And she certainly couldn’t see the broken look on his face as he stared into the diner window, looking at her.

She had shoved the last bite of apple into her mouth. She stared at the plate of flaky crust, desperately hoping someone was there to eat it.

“Is that for me?” Harry asked, sliding into the booth across from her.

She didn’t answer. Couldn’t answer. He stuck his fork into the dessert and made a moan of pleasure as he swallowed. He always made that sound. Usually she would suppress her giggles; now it was a miracle if she suppressed her tears.

“So,” Harry said in between bites, leaning forward. “You left.”

Y/N nodded, not sure what to say. Would anything she say matter? Nothing she said would change anything. Was it worth being a fool?

“Can I know why?” Harry placed his hands on top of hers on the table. She felt safe and warm.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, savouring the feel of his skin on hers.

“You not know something? I don’t buy that. Please, tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours,” Harry begged.

She removed her hands from his grip and placed them on her lap.



“No, you can’t talk to me like that. You have a girlfriend now, Harry.” She said, heart shattering as she spoke.

Harry’s brows furrowed. “I don’t get it. How do I talk to you?”

“Like…like I’m important. Like I mean something. Like you love me,” she told him.

“I do love you,” he said calmly.

Y/N’s head snapped up and she stared directly into his eyes as she poured her heart out.

“No. I love you.”

Harry’s lips parted and his eyebrows widened. “I…I don’t…”

The shrill ring of his phone interrupted him. She could see the screen flashing with his girlfriend’s name. She turned her head to the side. She couldn’t bear to see him answer her call. Within seconds the ringing stopped. And Harry’s phone was pressed into his pocket.

“I’m with you right now,” Harry explained.

Her broken heart slowly pieced back together in her chest. But she was too hurt. The damage was irreplaceable.

The shrill ring started up again.

“It’s Morgan,” Harry whispered.

“Get it,” she told him.

Harry looked unconvinced as he pressed the phone to his ear.

“Yeah, hey baby…” he spoke.

She had seen and heard too much. She sprang from her seat and ran from the shop into the lamp lit sidewalks. Her heels were hindering her ability to keep a steady pace. She heard her name being called angrily from behind her. The sound distracted her and she tripped over her own feet.

She lost her balance. She was off balance. Her world was off kilter. The one she loved loved someone else. She was lying on the cold hard ground, lost and alone insider her own head.

Except she wasn’t. Just as she braced her body to fall onto the concrete, she felt two strong arms wrap around her from behind, steadying her.

“Y/N, it’s me. You’re okay,” Harry whispered into her ear. “I’ve got you.”

She gripped his strong forearms, loving how solid he felt in their embrace.

“She’s nothing to me,” Harry said, unshed tears in his eyes. “They all are. You’re the one who matters. You are the one whose on my mind the second I go to bed and the moment I wake up. You’re the one I love. Really love.”

She wanted to believe him but his words were so beautiful she thought she was dreaming.

“What about Morgan?”

“She’s just someone I’ve been passing the time with. We’ve just been fooling around, I swear,” Harry wanted her to believe him. Needed her to. “I love you. Y/N, I’m in love with you. And hearing you say you love me makes me the happiest man on earth.”

His confession was the glue that sealed her heart back into place, fuller than ever. Harry was looking at her with hooded eyes. His head was cocked to the side and he leaned in, pressing his lips softly into hers. She was floating, glowing and the intensity of the physical connection was terrifying. She wrapped her arms around his neck tighter, pulling herself into him.

Reality was finally better than her dreams.