and then alex tells him she's not here to fix him

Skyline {III}

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Warnings: Blood

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 3.2k

A/N: You guys!!!!  I can’t believe you are all so nice honestly!!!!  I hit 500 followers today so as a thank you, here is pt. 3 a day earlier than expected!!  Forgive me if there are any mistakes, as I stayed up late to finish it (I have to be up in six hours for work oh lord) and I really hope you guys like it.  There most definitely will be a pt. 4, and possibly pt. 5, as this scene became longer than expected, and I decided to split it between two chapters.  Again, thank you so much, guys.  All my love.

{part I} {part II}

As the end of August neared, you began to fear the return of school.  Not because you hated it—in fact, you were fond of school.  You liked learning, you liked seeing your friends from certain classes, and you even missed some of your teachers. However, with the return of your school came the return of Spider-Man’s school.  He had explained to you how difficult it was to balance the responsibilities of his civilian life with the responsibilities of being a superhero. Between those tightropes of time management, you doubted there would be any hours allotted to visiting you.

You knew that you had no right to be sad about your predicament.  The right thing to do would be to not think selfishly, and just be happy with the time you were given with someone who doesn’t normally share their world. But, no matter how many times you had a talk with yourself, you still couldn’t bring yourself out of your melancholy thoughts.

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whoops, my hand slipped and here is a much more fic-like set of bullet points that i don’t have to heart to actually turn into a fic. part of a trilogy it seems.

one | two | three (THIS ONE!) | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

  • something to know about michelle: she’s very good at keeping secrets
  • once, when she was eight years old, her older brother broke the brand new watch his parents had gotten him for christmas. he begged her not to tell anyone, most especially their parents or her four year old sister who would undoubtedly tattle to their parents. she never spoke a word of it to anyone and helped him fix it as best they could so that her parents never found out.
  • then, when she was eleven, she had the biggest crush on this one girl in her class, layla. and one day, one of her best friends alex told her that he had a crush on layla. so she never spoke a word of her crush, nor of alex’s, to anyone. that is, until one day alex and layla walked around the playground at lunch time holding hands and told everyone they were now dating.
  • and then after she moved to new york, spent the year trying to find a place for herself, and then finally found and joined academic decathlon, she met peter parker and liz allan. and she knew immediately that peter parker liked liz. he always stared at her during practice and smiled at her whenever she glanced at him. she heard him talking about her at lunch. everyone knew that peter had a crush on liz. but one day after practice, she was in the bathroom stall when liz and her friend betty walked into the restoom, chatting.
  • “oh my goodness I can’t believe you have a crush on that freshman.” betty scoffed. “really liz, like half the junior class is in love with you and you’ve got heart eyes for the scrawny kid from, what is it, queens?”
  • “he’s really sweet!” liz laughed. “I think he’s really cute. he’s always nice to me. can’t I like someone who also likes me? is that really a crime?”
  • “of course not.” betty sighed. “I’m just saying. he’s a freshman, you’re a junior. in two years, you’ll be going to college and he will still be here. do you really want that?”
  • “I don’t know.” liz replied, pausing for a while before michelle heard the sink start to run water. “peter is really sweet and smart. i’d like to see what could happen.”
  • “fine, fine.” betty laughs. “but don’t wait for that boy to ask you out because he seems shocked every time you even look his way.” they both laugh and with that, walk out of the bathroom.
  • michelle never spoke of that incident to anyone either. so, she’s good at keeping quiet when she needs to be. which is why she never tells peter that she knows. knows that he spends his time stopping bank robberies, muggings, and helping old ladies cross the street. knows that he saved her friends in washington dc. knows that he’s the reason liz’s dad went to prison and she had to move to oregon. she doesn’t tell anyone this. not even peter.

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Save Her

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Pairing: Hannah Baker x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) cheering Hannah up when she needed a friend the most.

Word Count: 1.929

Posted: 07th of May 2017

A/N: Hey guys! I decided to write some Hannah imagines too. I never received any requests for her, so if you ever want to request, I am accepting them.
I hope that you enjoy this fic. Thank you so much for the love and the support that I am receiving from some of you, I appreciate everything! Honestly. Hope you keep on reading my fics and just request if you want some imagines. Thank you.

- G. x

“Hey Hannah, are you fine?” You worriedly asked her as you noticed that she was crying when she got out of Mr. Porter’s office. You carefully threw the pen on the desk and wrapped your arms around your friend’s body, trying to cheer her up.

It happened that you were in the department’s office as the secretary called you to sign some papers for the administration before going home.

“I’m fine, (Y/N).” She answered as she tried to dry her eyes, but too late because you already saw that she was going through something bad. “Don’t worry.” You broke the hug and you gathered the papers that you had to sign. You observed Hannah and she had dark eyes and a soulless body. It seemed like she was about to give up on her life.

“Nope,” You shook your head as you signed the papers as fast as you could. “we’re going to Monet’s and have a cup of hot chocolate.”

“I’m fine, really.” She flashed you a broken smile and you knew that she felt better, because finally someone stopped her and cared. You knew Hannah and she would never bother people to ask for help.

“No way!” You insisted and you thanked the secretary when you finished what you had to do. “You need to tell me some things and you pour your heart out, because you should let everything out.”

“Thank you, (Y/N).” She gratefully smiled at you and you gathered your backpack that has been thrown on the floor before signing the papers.

“Let’s go.” You grabbed her hand and you excitedly led her out of the office. She laughed at you because of your actions, she appreciated how excited you were because no one ever showed her their excitement whenever they would go out with Hannah. You knew that she needed someone beside her, someone who would give her some attention.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Your friend Zach greeted you as he met you in the middle of the hallway and you smiled at him. “Want to join us at Jessica’s house?” You looked at Alex, Justin and Montgomery, who were standing behind him.

“Sorry, I need to go somewhere with Hannah, maybe next time.” You answered as you chose to help Hannah, instead of hanging out with your close friends. You wanted to make some differences and to help someone who was really in need.

“Go with them, they need you more than I do.” Hannah let your hand go, whilst you shook your head. “Go on.” She uncomfortably looked at your friends and they somehow felt disgusting for what they have done in the past.

“I have priorities here, Hannah,” You smiled at her and declined your friends’ request. You gave a meaningful stare to your friends as some of them had issues with Hannah and they just nodded as they understood what you meant. “and, this time, you are that priority.” You looked at her and she flashed you a wide smile, a true and sincere one.

Hannah has been bullied by some of your friends and you have always despised them because of that. They ruined her reputation and you were trying to fix her once again, trying to help her to find the Hannah she lost few months ago.

“Have fun!” Alex happily said as he knew what you were trying to do. Alex was one of the reasons why Hannah got bullied by some students at school and you hated him for touching Bryce’s list to make Jessica jealous. You hated him, but you knew that he was already feeling sorry about it, so you remained friends.

“Thanks, Alex! See you around.” You smiled at them and you started to walk to the parking lot. You led Hannah to your car and you drove to Monet’s.

You hinted that Hannah was happy to be with you that moment. You noticed her singing softly to some songs that have been played in your car and she would even dance sometimes. Her mood was surely different from her mood in the office before.

“Two cups of hot chocolate.” Skye, a waiter and a student at Liberty High, declared as she carried a tray with two mugs on it. She put the blue mugs on the table and she wished you a good day.

“Thank you, Skye!” You sweetly thanked her and she smiled back at you, relaxing her shoulders a little bit. She started to go back to the counter and you glanced at Hannah.

“Why are you so nice to people, (Y/N)?” Hannah curiously questioned as she took a sip from her mug.

“Well,” You put the mug back on the table as you started to answer Hannah’s perplexities. “I never know what’s going on in other people’s life, Hannah. You should always be nice, because you don’t know what could happen to them or what’s going on with them.”

“Then why your friends never bothered themselves to be nice, not even for once.” Hannah asked as she was referring to your friends’ chaos. You remembered how Hannah spent her time with some of your friends before, but she just ended up crying. All she wanted was to have some friends.

“I don’t know, Hannah. I know them for many years now and they are goofballs and assholes,” You sadly shook your head as you said the truth. “but I really don’t know why they threw their hearts away and be that cruel to you, I don’t know why things happened one thing above the other. The only thing that I know is that I’ve always been here beside you and I will always be here to cheer you up, to stand up for you.”

“(Y/N), everything is just so hard.” Hannah bit her lower lip, trying not to cry. She thought of the events that happened to her, the days when she felt pity for herself. “I feel empty inside.”

“It is Hannah, I can imagine how hard it was. Unluckily, people mess things up and they barely use their brains to think.” You seriously said and you took the cup to sip from your mug. “I can’t undo the past, but you can always talk about it. I will always listen to you and I will never get tired.”

“I am afraid to bother people.” Hannah said. “People don’t trust me anymore, I would get those dirty looks and those meaningful judging looks from the people around me.” Her tears started to roll down her face.

“People suck.” You sincerely said and Hannah smiled at you. She let her tears stream down her face and she took a sip from her mug. “And you know that I will never judge you, I never did.”

“Thank you, (Y/N).” She gratefully said as she looked into your eyes. She found a friend when she needed one the most and you were so happy that you helped someone. Maybe this is one of the steps how to save a life.

“You don’t have to thank me, Hannah. You shouldn’t feel that you are bothering people when you need help, don’t be afraid to seek for some help.” You told her, hoping that she kept it as some good advices. “So, what are you keeping in your heart? What are your problems, maybe we can solve them, together?”

“Uhm…” Hannah bit her lip and she wiped her tears away, drying her red cheeks.

“Whenever you want, okay? Whenever you feel comfortable on telling me.” You caressed her hand in a friendly way. You wanted to make her feel safe and protected.

“No, it’s not that.” She shook her head. “It’s that I want to have a new start, I want to leave my problems in the past. I know that I can trust you and I will always do.” She positively said. Having you beside her motivated Hannah to begin her life once again, to start a new journey, to see things in a positive way.

“That’s the spirit, girl!” You cheered her and she laughed loudly, finally forgetting of the difficulties and the weight in her chest before. “You don’t work tonight, right?”

“Right!” She answered you with a wide smile, her eyes shining and emanating happiness. “What do you have in store?”

“I am thinking of a movie at Crestmont Theatre right now. I heard from Clay that there’s a cool movie about amazing things tonight.” You suggested excitedly.

“Sure, that’s a nice idea.” She nodded her head enthusiastically and you smiled at her. She seemed a little child, excited for Disneyland. “But before that, can we go to my house? I need to change.”

“Yes, of course.” You smiled at her as you both finished your hot chocolates. You both laughed when you had a simple stare. You both felt great and relieved, mostly Hannah. She found someone who really appreciated her presence and a friend.

Once Hannah opened her bedroom door for you, you already felt welcomed in her personal space. You started to wander around Hannah’s room when she entered her bathroom, preparing for your friendly date together.

Her room was clean and rose-scented. The walls were full of posters and pictures and her school desk was clean too, no messy stuffs around. Everything was on their place and the bed was perfectly made too.

“Hannah?” You called for her attention when she got out of the bathroom. You noticed somethings on her desk that amazed you and you were so curious to know what they were all about.

“Yes?” She stopped in front of the desk, putting her eyes on the things that you found on her desk.

“Why are these tapes here?” You grabbed one and you admired it while holding it in your hand. The tape had a cover with some cute drawings on it and there was a number three drawn with a blue nail polish on one side of the tape. “Is it a project?”

“Oh, no.” Hannah smiled widely. “I recorded them just for something.”

“Can I listen to them?” You shook the tape as you were so astonished that someone still used these stuffs. “How many are there?” You put the tape back on her desk carefully.

“No! It’s not that important.” Hannah protested and she took the blue and black shoe box on her desk. She looked at it for a while before she threw it in one of her desk drawers, together with the tape you were admiring before. “There were six tapes in that box with twelve sides, but I might break them because I don’t need them anymore.”

You looked at Hannah and she had a great big smile on her face. She felt good and wanted during that moment, because she finally found someone who could help her, someone who never judged her, someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up for her.

“I don’t need them anymore, now that I have my friend with me.” She winked at you and you both laughed, although you didn’t know to what she was really referring with those tapes.

“Always.” You gave her one true smile and she ran to you to give you a tight hug. You hugged her back and you felt nice that you helped her in a copacetic way.

“Thank you.” Hannah mumbled as she rested her chin on your shoulder, lingering the feeling of having a friend with her. You couldn’t understand for what exactly she was thanking you for but you assume that it was for helping her earlier. “You saved me today.”

3 weeks early

requested: can you also do imagine where y/n is married to shawn and she’s pregnant and she’s on tour with him and before every concert she goes out to fans to give them some tickets 😊 and it’s cute and fluffy ☺ thanks, love you 💖

okay i changed this one just a little bit, it’s not that much but she’s just not on tour with him



“guys where’s y/n?” the voice of your probably worried husband could be heard from his dressing room even though he was on the stage doing soundcheck for the show later on. he got no response from his team around him, causing him to worry more. “you left her alone? you guys can’t do that she’s 8 months pregnant!”

you chuckled, knowing he was going to send someone to the dressing room so you could sit in the audience and watch him or something. just so he can see you at all times. ever since you found out you were pregnant, shawn has been almost extra protective. you were surprised you were even allowed at tonight’s show. when you were in the early stages of your pregnancy, you were still allowed to tour with him and go to his shows but once you reached the 6 month mark, you were banned. you had managed to convince him to let you come tonight since it was a show in your hometown, but after a few weeks and a few deals made, he finally let you come. of course, he tried his best to make sure you were never alone just in case you went into labour early which was definitely a possibility. another reason he let you come to tonight’s show was because his family was also going to be attending, and you could stay with them while he was

“somebody go find-” shawn yelled, walking into his dressing room. “oh you’re here. okay never mind everyone i found her!” he came over to your spot on the leather couch, “how are you two?”

“i’m good,” you said, rubbing your giant belly. “she’s good too. she loves the music, she’s been dancing around in there all day.”

“that’s my girl.” shawn smiled, changing into a black short sleeved dress shirt for his q&a that started in about 45 minutes. “she’s gonna be a dancer one day.”

“you mismatched like all the buttons shawn.” you laughed,
nothing that all the buttons he just did were all in the wrong places. “how do you even do that?” slowly, you managed to get up from the couch to help him redo the buttons. you got as close as your stomach would allow to undo all the buttons as shawn just smirked while watching you intently.

“i’m having some sort of déjà vu,” he said. “last time you did this, that happened.” he pointed to your baby bump.

you rolled your eyes, swatting the side of his arm then quickly doing up the buttons. “you’re an idiot.”

“hey,” he raised his hands up in defence. “i’m just saying the truth.”

“all fixed,” you announced, lighting patting his chest. “what would you do without me?”

he shrugged, taking some food from the table that was set up in every one of his dressing rooms. “i wouldn’t be living y/n, my fans would make fun of me too much for not knowing how to do buttons.”

you laughed, taking a peek out the window to see a giant crowd of fans in the distance. you remembered going out into those crowds when you toured with shawn, you had a tradition of giving away tickets to a few fans who had none. of course, you kept it a secret because you didn’t want people to get greedy but you missed doing that.

“hey shawn?” you called, closing the curtains so fans couldn’t look in. you stood in front of his spot on the couch, wrapping your arms around his neck. he looked up at you, his hands grabbing your sides. “did i ever tell you how insanely attractive you are?” you smiled. you knew that if you wanted him to agree, you would have to do some kissing up.

“you want something don’t you?” he narrowed his eyes, not being able to keep a straight face.

“you don’t happen to have any extra tickets lying around do you?”

“y/n,” he sighed. “you can’t go out in that crowd. it’s too dangerous for you and the baby.”

“shawn i used to give away tickets all the time before! please, i’ll be fine i promise.” you begged. you wanted nothing more than to get some fresh air. after being in this stuffy dressing room all day, you were in desperate need.

“y/n, you could go into labour at anytime now! it’s way to dangerous and if i let you go out there and something happens i will never forgive myself.”

“nothing is going to happen shawn, i’ll be careful i promise. i really need some fresh air, i feel like i’m suffocating in here. if you’re really that scared, come with me.”

“if i come with you we’ll for sure get mobbed. i’ll get you some extra tickets.” he sighed, finally giving in because he knows you wouldn’t have stopped until he did. “but, you’re going out with security standing close by and i’m going to be watching. if i see anything that doesn’t look normal, you need to come in.”

you nodded, taking the tickets he handed you. some people would think shawn was being too demanding and overprotective but you know he’s just looking out for you and the baby.

“i’m not trying to be harsh baby,” he said, kissing your forehead. “i just want you to be safe and protected at all times. if anything were to happen at one of these shows i would never be able to live with myself.”

“i understand shawn, trust me. but i’m going to be okay out there, especially with everyone watching my every move. nothing is going to happen.”

“you could go into labour at anytime y/n, your due date isn’t that far away.” he said, cupping the side of your face with his spare hand.

you were due on april 21st and today’s date was april 2nd, meaning you were almost full term and the baby could come at any time but she would be early. you had the slightest feeling she would be late though, motherly instincts i guess.

“babies aren’t always born early shawn. she could come when she’s supposed to come.”

“y/n,” he chuckled. “how early were
you born?”

“5 weeks early,” you mumbled. “okay i see your point but still, i’m going to be fine you can watch from the window or something.”

he reluctantly handed you one more set of tickets and you were off. “be safe out there!” he called.

“i will!”

you met a security guard at one of the entrances of the arena who allowed you to leave, and another one followed you out. you were happy that he wasn’t right behind you, you needed some space. as soon as the door opened you were relieved that nobody was really paying attention to you. everyone was mostly occupied with their phones or talking to their friends as they waited to get into the arena.

as you walked around for a bit you heard a few mutters of “is that y/n?” or “guys look, it’s y/n.” but thankfully the crowd was calm and hadn’t erupted into screams yet.

you began to feel a large amount of pressure on your stomach which you were used to, but never this intense. you shrugged it off thinking it was just braxton hicks.

you noticed a young girl, probably about 6, and another older teenage girl who looked about 16, and their mom standing further away from the crowd. the two girls were wearing t-shirts with your husband’s face on it, but you had never seen those shirts before. they must not have been official merch shirts. the older girl smiled at you, and you decided to go over and talk to them for a bit.

“hi,” you smiled as you approached them.

“oh wow, hi y/n!” the older girl smiled. “would it be okay if we took a picture?”

you nodded, smiling for a picture with the girl and asking for her name. “i’m alessia, and this is alex.” she said, pointing to her little sister who was standing behind her mom.

“aless, who is this?” her mom stepped in. obviously noticing you were very pregnant, her eyes flickered to your ring finger, obviously looking to see if you were married.

“mom, this is y/n. she’s shawn’s wife, you know that already.” alessia stated like she should already know.

the girls’ mom asked you a few questions about your pregnancy which you were happy to answer. eventually the younger girl came from behind her mothers legs and asked for a picture.

“so,” you started. “are you guys coming to watch the show?”

obviously they just thought you were making casual conversation, but you knew what you were doing.

“no,” alessia sighed. “i wish.”

“i tired my hardest to get them tickets but they were so expensive and money is tight right now.” their mom said. “but they wanted to come stand outside for a bit just incase shawn came outside.”

you sighed, you suggest shawn come outside but you understood why he couldn’t.

“well,” you smiled. “i happen to have some extra tickets if you three would like?”

the two girls nodded eagerly, looking at their mother for permission.

“we could ask you to do this,” she said, shaking her head.

“please,” you handed her three front row tickets. “it’s my gift. take them.” she took the tickets, all three of them thanking you many times.

another sharp pain ran through your body although this time it was more noticeable.

“are you okay?” alessia asked, putting her hand on your arm.

“yeah,” you nodded. “i’m okay. she’s just kicking.” you lied. “anyways, i should probably get going but it was nice meeting you guys. have fun later!”

you met a few more fans, giving them tickets and making them promise they wouldn’t say a word about it. you forgot to tell the first family not to say anything, you really hoped they wouldn’t. as for the pains, they didn’t fade away. in fact, they were getting more intense but you didn’t want to go inside just yet. you were sure everything was fine. the fact that you were in pain was more noticeable now, almost everyone was asking if you were okay. you were sure shawn knew something was going on because at one point even your security guard asked if everything was okay.

you handed the last group of fans some tickets as you felt the sharpest pain followed by a trickle of water going down your leg.

“shit,” you mumbled, noticing that your dress was now soaked with water and there was a small puddle under you. the girls noticed what happened and were definitely all recording you but you didn’t care at this point. you were in too much pain to walk back into the arena and find shawn. you noticed a bunch of people from shawn’s team walking out of the main entrance, followed by your husband. he knew exactly where you were standing so he was at your side immediately. the rest of the team followed close behind, andrew was on the phone with who you hoped was 911 for an ambulance.

“y/n,” shawn said. putting his arm around your shoulder and his other hand on your stomach. “is everything okay?”

“yeah,” you breathed. you assumed you were having a contraction, which would explain the pains you’ve been having all day. “i’m in labour though.”

“what?” shawn practically yelled.

“my water broke,” you motioned to the puddle of water a few feet away. you managed to move a few feet in the time it took for shawn to find you.

“you’re joking.”

“shawn why would i joke about this?”

you felt another contraction hit, while shawn yelled at someone to call an ambulance even though it was already on the way. you could hear the sirens in the distance already.

“holy shit y/n this is really happening!” he exclaimed, kissing the side of your head.

“yeah, 3 weeks early.”

the ambulance pulled up next
to you after a few more
minutes. they helped you onto the gurney and shawn followed behind them.

“let’s go have a baby,” he said as the nurses closed the ambulance doors. “3 weeks early.”

anonymous asked:

Okay but how about Maggie trying to calm down Alex after the thing with mon el

Come over.

That’s all the text says.

That’s all it says, and that’s all she’s heard from Alex all day, which is unusual, but she’s not surprised.

Not surprised today, because today was her dad’s first day back in the DEO.

Today was all about Jeremiah, all about Alex, and Maggie is alright with that.

Of course she is.

But when she gets her text – her simple text – she rushes.

She knocks, because she could let herself in, but today was bound to be emotional, and today was bound to be hard.

She’s surprised when Alex just says “yeah.”

When the door is unlocked.

Because Alex Danvers never leaves her door unlocked.

But Maggie doesn’t know – not yet, not yet – that Alex texted Maggie and drank her way through a quarter bottle of liquor, straight.

Maggie doesn’t know – not yet, not yet – that Alex left the door unlocked because she trusted Maggie to rush. And she didn’t trust her legs to be able to get her to the door smoothly by the time Maggie gets there.

”Hey,” she offers as she steps inside, locking the door softly behind her because she knows Alex feels better that way. Hell, she feels better that way.

Alex doesn’t turn toward her, and part of Maggie relishes the trust they’ve built in just a few months. The other part of her stomach sinks as she walks around to try to get a look at her girlfriend’s face.

The other part of her stomach sinks as she sees the liquor bottle that she happens to know was much, much more full this morning.

”What’s wrong?”

Alex says nothing, and Maggie braces herself on the counter with a shaky hand.

“How was your dad’s first day?” she asks, her voice soft, her voice nervous, her voice just this side of apologetic.

Alex answers by draining her drink – draining it long and hard and completely – and Maggie’s eyes watch the way Alex’s hands are oh so slightly unsteady, the way her eyes are oh so slightly unfocused.

The way her eyes have been refusing to meet hers this entire time.

“That good, huh?”

She shifts onto the stool in front of Alex, grateful for the way Alex responds to her touch on her calf, the way she automatically moves her foot so Maggie can sit down.

Grateful, at least, that Alex seems to want her there. Seems to accept needing her there.

Even if she won’t speak.

Even if she won’t look at her.

She goes to pour herself another, and Maggie’s heart clenches.

”Whoa whoa whoa, okay. Hold on.” She guides Alex’s hands away from the bottle and Alex just retreats into herself, looking for all the world like a small scolded child, in that little grey hoodie, shoulders rounded, arms limp, body as tiny as she can make it without actually scrunching up.

It breaks Maggie’s heart. But not, she knows, as much as Alex’s heart must be breaking.

”Hey,” she says, and Alex still won’t look up. Maggie touches her arm softly, softly. “I’m here. Okay? You can tell me anything.”

Alex nods, but she still won’t look up, and Maggie’s left hand reaches for her, almost of its own accord, and her index finger settles gently, tenderly, softly, under Alex’s chin.

”Hey, look at me.”

Alex does, and there is nothing but raw defeat in her eyes. Raw pain. Raw agony. Raw torture.

It stops Maggie’s breath, and she tilts her head to keep herself together. Tilts her head to keep her eyes soft, her breathing regular. Because she needed Alex on Valentine’s Day and Alex had held her and listened to her and soothed her all night long.

And tonight is Alex’s Valentine’s Day.

Fathers. Fathers. Fathers.

”What happened with your dad?”

Her voice is soft and her eyes are earnest and Alex takes a shuddering breath in, and Maggie’s heart breaks more than it is already broken.

Alex’s lips tremble and she glances up at Maggie’s eyes, on her own for the first time since she walked in, and Maggie knows.

Knows that her eyes are her words, right now, and that’s all she needs.

She stands and she pulls her close.

”Oh, sweetie. Oh.” She pulls Alex’s face into her chest, draws her back into her body, settles the side of her face onto Alex’s hair, and soothes her, soothes her, holds her, as she starts to cry.

As she starts to sob.


As she starts to weep.

The first two shuddering breaths she takes, Maggie thinks her heart might burst from the pain of it.

And then her voice catches in her tears, catches in her growing hysteria, and Maggie turns her face more toward her, expressionless, expressionless, because her own heart, now, is numb. Because if she allows herself to feel the pain, the rage, the agony, of hearing Alex Danvers, feeling Alex Danvers, come completely apart like that in her arms, she would be the one unraveling.

And her baby needs her. Her sweetheart needs her.

She’s grateful when Alex grabs onto her, more than just a hand on her arm, but her other arm wrapped completely around Maggie’s back and grabbing at her shirt.

Grabbing at her shirt like her grasp and her grasp alone can keep Maggie holding her, can keep Maggie close, can keep Maggie from disappearing.

But she needn’t worry, because Maggie wouldn’t leave her right now, or ever. Not even with the most powerful forces on earth standing against her. Not even with all of Cadmus’s worst weapons trained at her head –

“I…” Alex is gasping, but it comes out like a yelp, like a scream, like a plea, and Maggie kisses her hair and rubs her back.

”I’m here, sweetie, I’m here, shhhh, breathe, Ally. Breathe, breathe, breathe.”

Alex gasps again, yelps again, and Maggie’s face remains motionless.

She swears to herself will murder Lilian Luthor for what she’s done to Alex the first chance she gets, Kara’s feelings for her daughter be damned.

”I coul – I couldn’t kill him, Maggie, I couldn’t… I couldn’t kill him,” she’s gasping, she’s pleading, she’s praying, she’s begging, and Maggie kisses her hair again, again, again, rocks her slightly, holds her face close into her chest.

She doesn’t tell her that she doesn’t understand, doesn’t tell her to slow down and start from the beginning, doesn’t tell her to regulate herself.

Because she loves her, loves her, loves her, and it doesn’t matter if she has all the pieces to the Jeremiah Danvers puzzle just yet: all that matters is that she holds the pieces of his broken daughter together, safe, loved, with her bare hands.

”Of course you couldn’t, Ally, he’s your dad. He’s your dad, he’s still your dad,” she whispers, because she doesn’t know, but she can imagine, and her vow to destroy Lilian grows that much stronger.

”He said…” She’s gasping again, and Maggie nods as she rubs her back and kisses her damp forehead, because Alex’s entire body is shuddering with agony, and Maggie is so proud of her girl for letting it out.

So grateful that she trusts her enough to cry to her like about Jeremiah the way Maggie had cried about her own father.

Fathers. Fathers. Fathers.

”He said he was doing it for me. Betrayed everyone I… I love… for me.”

Maggie’s heart breaks, because she knows Alex.

She pulls back and Alex grabs at her desperately, and Maggie gives her a small, broken smile. “I’m not going anywhere, Al, but look at me.” Alex won’t, and Maggie lifts her chin again tenderly, softly, lovingly.

Alex’s eyes are beautiful, even swimming in torture, even swollen with tears, even red with agony.

”Hi,” Maggie whispers, and the ghost of a smile dances across Alex’s features.

”Alex, whatever he’s done – whatever he’s doing – it is not your fault. It’s not your fault that he started in the first place, and it’s not your fault that you let him go.”

Alex scoffs and tries to reach for the bottle again, but Maggie brings her hands to her lips instead, and kisses each knuckle in turn as Alex watches, as Alex cries silently.

”You are an incredible, powerful, brave, smart woman, Alex. You know – you know – that this isn’t your fault. That none of this is on you. You know what the brave thing was, Alex? Not pulling that trigger. The brave thing was compassion. The brave thing was empathy. The brave thing was looking out for your soul, because you never would have forgiven yourself if you killed him, Alex, and you don’t deserve to live with that. The brave thing was trusting the people you love – the people he betrayed – to fix this. With you. As a team. What is it Kara’s symbol means, stronger together, right? The brave thing was trusting that, Ally. Trusting the people who love you best.”

She pauses and she watches the hope growing in Alex’s eyes, watches the self-loathing seep out of her shoulders, out of her jawline.

She has never been in love like this.

”Trusting me,” she adds in a voice so small she barely hears herself say it.But Alex hears it. She hears it and her eyes widen and her breath pauses and her lips part slightly.

“I do,” she whispers back, her voice raspy with tears. “Trust you.”

Maggie stares at her, trying to read her eyes, trying to read if the word trust is, right now, a substitute for something else. Something like love.

“I trust you, too, Alex.” Another long pause, and Maggie swears Alex is trying to figure out the same thing she is.

“We’re going to fix this. Together. You and me and Kara and J’onn and James and Winn. You have people who love you, Alex, to the ends of the earth and so far beyond. I promise you, we’re going to fix this.”

“I don’t deserve you,” Alex murmurs, leaning forward to rest her head again on Maggie’s chest.

“You deserve everything wonderful and nothing less, Alex Danvers. I promise you that.”

Alex sighs and snuggle closer into her, and warmth courses through Maggie’s boiling veins.

“Stay tonight?” Alex pleads into her shirt softly, softly, softly.

“I’m here, Ally. Always.”

13 Reasons Why (Tape 6)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Sam, Claire, Jody, Alex, Gabriel, John(mentioned), Mary(mentioned), readers mom(mentioned)

Warnings: implied smut, swearing, arguing, angst

Word count: 11,147 (I am so sorry)

Summary: While visiting Jody’s, Dean finally listens to tape 6 and learns that some people had a deeper relationship with you than he had ever expected.

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

It was ironic really, that Jody had asked for them to go visit now that Dean was on tape 6. It was as if she knew it or something… But she couldn’t have. It was just a coincidence.

As soon as they walked in it felt tense. Jody, Alex and Claire were expecting you to be there, even though they knew that you never would be again. It was strange that you were gone. They were just waiting for you to walk in with a huge smile covering your face and a cheeky joke about your brothers. Back to when you were alive and everyone felt warm, but now they were cold. It was like a blizzard had hit them when the boys arrived without you. Like the sun had suddenly stopped shining and all the stars were missing from the sky. Sure, there were ups and downs that you had when visiting them, but regardless, it wasn’t the same without you.

Things soon started to ease up as Jody made conversation as she always did. It was kinda her thing- to be the one to break up the awkwardness. She was a sweet woman, not a bad bone in her body.

Claire was the most awkward. She didn’t even look at them, didn’t say hi or make any witty remarks about them as she usually did. She saw them, looked down and headed off to her room. It was coming close to dinner and Dean went to tell her to come help set up the table. He knocked lightly on the door before hearing her say, “come in.”

“Jody said she wants you and Alex to set the table,” he told her as he opened the door. She laid on her stomach as she looked at her laptop, her eyes never drifting to look at him.

“I’ll be there in a sec,” she replied with a cool tone, it was unreadable to what she was feeling.

“Everything ok with you?” He asked with furrowed brows.

She nodded. “Mhmm.”

“Ok, then,” was all he said before walking out of her room and shutting the door behind him. She was always a bit strange but never to this extent, she never acted this way around the boys. She was always confident and sometimes even rude, but quiet and nervous just wasn’t her style.

At dinner, they all sat around the dinner table as they usually would. Jody at the head of the table, Alex and Claire next to each other on one side and Sam and Dean next to each other on the other side. You used to sit at the other end of the table opposite Jody. Claire even realised as she sat down that she had put out a knife and fork for you along with your chair in place.

As Alex looked at it, she quickly looked away and acted like it wasn’t there. They all did. So Jody began to speak. “So, how have you boys been?”

“We’re doing okay,” Sam nodded. “Things are getting a little easier after what happened, but things still aren’t the same.”

“Yeah, they never will be,” Dean admitted before stabbing a piece of chicken on to his fork and shoving it in his mouth. Claire seemed uneasy at their reply, almost guilty.

“Yeah, she was a good kid,” Jody agreed. “How are John and Mary?”

“They’re doing good. Dad is a little on edge most of the time, mom just keeps herself busy with hunting,” Sam continued to answer the questions.

“You ok, Claire?” Dean asked to interrupt the conversation. She was half way through drinking her water when he asked.

She swallowed it slowly as if she needed more time to think about her answer. It looked like she was getting ready to lie but at the same time she wanted to tell the truth about something. “I told you already, I’m fine.”

“Then why are you acting like this?” He questioned as he slammed his fork down on to the table.

“I’m not doing anything!” She screamed back. She looked around at everyone and saw them staring at her. Silence. Everyone was silent, even Dean. What was she hiding?

“Is this to do with the t-” he was about to ask.

“Shh,” she shook her head. “Don’t talk about it now.”

“So it is about what I think it is then, huh?” Dean snapped. He knew someone from this house would be on here, he wasn’t surprised that it was Claire.

“May I be excused?” Claire asked Jody as she ignored Dean’s question.

“Wait, Claire, what is he-” Alex was about to ask but Claire interrupted her.

“I said, may I be excused… Please,” she begged Jody. Jody simply nodded her head. She was embarrassed about how Claire had acted. She was confused as to why Dean was shouting at her, Alex was baffled too.

“What was all that about?” Alex demanded. She looked at every single person on the table until Dean finally answered.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. Let’s just take a look at this case, Jody.”

After dinner they began looking over the case. It wasn’t much for them to go from but it was enough until they could figure anything more out. While Alex and Claire were in their rooms, Sam, Dean and Jody were all in the living room and checking out the case. “Jody, could you grab me a beer please?” Dean asked kindly.

“Sure, you want anything?” She asked Sam but Sam just shook his head as he kept his focus on the article he was reading.

As she began to leave the room, Dean hit Sam’s arm to get his attention. “Claire is on these tapes?”

“Keep your voice down!” Sam whispered harshly.

“Which tape is she? Tape 6?” Dean questioned back as he quickly glanced over at the door.

“Yes, hers is after Gabriel’s,” Sam told him. “I forgot, OK? I never would have agreed to come here while you were on her tape.”

“I need to listen to it now.” He stood up to leave but Jody had just returned with his beer.

“Here you go,” she smiled as she passed it to him.

“Thanks. Uh, is it okay if I just drink this in the room you set up for us?”

“Of course,” she replied as her hand squeezed his arm to comfort him. “Take all the time you need.”

Dean gave her a small smile before heading off to his room where he had kept the tape in his bag. It felt strange for him to be in another persons house and listening to the tape. Regardless, he shut his door and pressed play on tape 6.

“Lying. It breaks the best of us, especially when we’re lying not only to everyone around us, but to ourselves. But what do we do when the lies we tell start to hurt someone else? You think a person would stop, right? They would tell the truth rather than using you to protect themselves? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Until I met you… Claire Novak. Welcome to your tape.”

* * *

It was still only a few weeks after you had returned from Serenity Grove, but your brothers had expected the awkwardness to wear off by now. Of course it hadn’t. You and John still argued all the time and it didn’t seem like it would ever go away. Dean tried night after night by staying up and staring at the wall to just think of a solution, but he couldn’t. There was nothing he could do to stop the constant arguing because you and John were just as strong willed as each other.

Then Sam had a suggestion. It was only a temporary plan, not something that would fix it. However, the break was what you all needed, especially from all the family drama. So one day Sam told you to pack your things and go with him and Dean somewhere. Mary and John stayed behind, they had another hunt or something.

As you climbed into the car, Dean began to drive and you didn’t even bother to ask where you were going, you already knew.

“You care about where we’re going, kiddo?” Dean asked about 10 minutes into the drive after he noticed your facial expression.

“No point in asking, you’re sending me off somewhere, right? A kids home? Another mental hospital? Maybe you’ll just drop me off at the side of the road.” You shook your head with a sigh of annoyance.

“What? No, Y/N, we’re all just taking a trip to Jody’s for a while,” Sam quickly replied. “We’re not getting rid of you.”

“We’re going where? Who’s Jody?” You asked with sudden curiosity.

“She’s an old friend of ours, she’s a great person. We think the break will be nice, Jody took in two girls the same age as you. You can get to know some people your own age and make some friends,” Dean suggested as he kept his eyes on the road.

“I have friends!” You defended.

“Oh really, and that friend is?” Dean asked with raised eyebrows as he looked in the rear view mirror to look back at you.

“You don’t know him,” you lied. “He lives in Russia.”

“How do you even-”

“Ok!” Sam interrupted. “So not the point of the conversation, guys. The point is, Jody is our friend and we want to see her and we think you should meet her. The fact that she has two girls the same age as you doesn’t mean that’s the only reason we’re taking you there.”

“What are there names?” You asked, showing a little bit of interest in maybe making some friends your own age.

“Claire and Alex,” Sam replied.

“Oh, Claire. Cas told me about her, his vessels daughter,” you recalled. “Yeah, I suppose I can try to make friends.”

“Y/N, what you said before… We would never-” Sam was about to say.

“I know, Sam. I just feel a little replaceable sometimes after everything that happened. I didn’t mean to just jump to the conclusion that you would give me up like that,” you smiled sadly. “I never really thanked you both for never giving up on me, even when I was in Serenity Grove.”

“It’s no problem, we couldn’t imagine our lives without you,” Dean replied.

* * *

Dean felt a sudden shiver as he remembered the road trip to Jody’s when you were still alive. The exact words he said. We couldn’t imagine our lives without you. This was their lives without you, an endless maze that every time they thought they had found an exit to, it was just another trapped door; another place they were stuck in as they remembered what it was like when you were still with them.

He paused the tape as he heard a knock at his door. He removed the headphones and hid it all under his pillow. “Come in.”

He had expected it to be Jody, but it was Claire with a glass of water in her hand. “Hey, Jody said you weren’t feeling too good so I brought you this,” she said as she passed it to him.

“Uh, thanks,” he replied awkwardly as he took it and placed it down on the bedside table.

She stood there with her arms crossed over chest, her hand nervously scratching her arm. “Look, about the tapes-”

“I haven’t finished yours yet,” Dean interrupted.

She sighed as she lifted her gaze from the ground and finally to Dean. “I loved Y/N. I loved her so much but what she says isn’t true. I mean, what I did to her is true, what she says I did isn’t a lie and I feel terrible for it. But what she says about me, she says something and it’s not true, OK? It’s not!”

“Are you saying she was a liar?” He snapped.

“I’m saying she didn’t know what she was talking about,“ she hissed back.

“I think you need to leave,” Dean replied as he squeezed his fists together in anger, “right now, Claire.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. Now that was the Claire that Dean knew, at least she was being herself now. “Whatever, it’s not true so- so even if you don’t believe me it doesn’t matter! I know it’s the truth.”

“Really? Because you don’t sound to sure about that, Claire,” he articulated with a smug look, she just shook her head and huffed. “Y/N said that lying to ourselves is what hurts us the most… Learn from your mistakes.”

Claire couldn’t listen to anymore of what Dean was saying and that was because she knew he was right. That didn’t matter, she just pushed past it because she couldn’t deal with the truth.

* * *

When you arrived at Jody’s house, the boys faces instantly lit up as they saw this woman. They’d never even spoken about her to you before, maybe John and Mary didn’t like her. Maybe they were jealous of her because she was so kind and they were so, well, not.

“Jody, this is Y/N, our sister that we told you about,” Dean smiled as you stepped forward through the doorway and came in to the living room where they all were. As you shut the door behind you, Jody walked over and waited for you to face her before engulfing you in a huge hug.

“I have been begging the boys to bring you here ever since they told me about you,” she told you as she squeezed you tighter and you squeezed her back. She was much more motherly than Mary was.

“Can’t. Breathe.” You replied in a breathless voice and she let go of you and moved back to look at you. You smiled and said, “it’s nice to meet you too.”

“And these are my girls,” Jody began to tell you as she pointed to them. “This is Claire, and that’s Alex.”

“Hey,” you said to them awkwardly as they looked you up and down. You felt as if they were judging you.

“You’ve been stuck in a car with those guys for hours just to come here?” Claire asked. “Don’t worry, you’re finally with people that aren’t lame.”

“Nice to see you too, Claire,” Dean joked along with Claire calling them lame.

“I didn’t even know you guys had a sister until this morning,” she told them. “I’m glad to see she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of being a total nerd.”

And there she was cheeky again, but not too much that it was rude. She was growing on you already and you’d only met her five minutes ago. “Claire! Stop it,” Alex replied. “It’s not their fault that they were brought up in a world where it was believed that those clothes are actually fashionable.“

“We get it from Claire and we have to take it from you now too?” Sam chuckled.

This was good. They were all being mean to each other but it wasn’t like when you and John were going at each other- the people here could actually take a joke. Everyone got along fine and you felt that within the first few minutes of being there. It already felt like a home… That’s something you never felt with John.

“I made up the spare bedroom but I only have one so you’ll all have to share,” Jody told you as you made your way further into the house.

“Y/N could always stay in my room,” Claire suggested. “She seems cool. I don’t mind.”

“Oh,” Jody said in surprise. “That’s sweet of you Claire, are you sure?”

“Yeah, why not? My room is bigger than Alex’s anyway, so it would make more sense for her to stay with me. The bed is huge so we can just top and tail,” she replied before grabbing your hand and leading you towards the room.

“Ok, I guess I’ll see you guys at dinner,” you said to your brothers quickly before you were pulled away from the living room.

Claire opened up her door to show you her room. It was huge. Your room in the bunker was literally a side table and a bed. But Claire had an entire room with a desk and a chair, a side table next to a double bed, an entire wardrobe. You just kept your clothes in the room next to your bedroom. “Your room is… Wow.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty great,” she agreed with a bit of joke to her voice. She sat cross legged on the bed and looked at you while waiting for you to move. “You gonna sit or something? You’re making me uncomfortable.”

“Right, sorry,” you giggled awkwardly as you sat opposite her with your legs crossed too on the bed.

“So, you’re a Winchester. That’s pretty badass,” she smiled and you just laughed back. “So when did you move in with the boys?”

“It wasn’t really that long ago, but I had to move in with them because my mom wanted me to go and get to know my father,” you explained. “But I kinda don’t really like him that much.”

“Then why not go and live with your mom again?” She asked. She didn’t seem to have a filter, just asked things right out and didn’t care- but you liked that. She wasn’t nervous around you like everyone else. She didn’t watch what she said to be sure that she didn’t offend you, she just talked to you and you were sure it’s because she understood you.

“I tried, I went back to our apartment after John hit m- after we argued about something. Uh- it was a stupid argument, but anyway, I went back for my mom but…” You looked away from Claire and started picking your nails with your other hand. “She was dead when I got there.”

“I’m sorry,” she replied with genuine empathy. “I understand how you feel, my mom died too.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. How about your dad?” You asked.

“He’s dead too,” she smiled sadly.

“I wish mine was,” you accidentally blurted out. You looked up to see her staring at you with wide eyes. “That was so insensitive, I’m sorry-”

“No, it’s fine,” she laughed. “Seriously, I’m all for the hatred towards parents. So tell me, why’d you hate him?”

“Wow, you’re abrupt,” you concluded.

“I think we’re both very similar, and I’m interested. I wanna know what John has done to make you feel that way.” Again, no filter. But you really didn’t care, you actually liked it. It gave you a chance to talk to someone about John who might actually understand.

“Well, the first reason is the fact that he left me, and now It’s 18 years later, he’s finally bothering with me. And that’s only because I’m the one that went to find him!” You began to rant.

“What a jackass, I hate him already,” she admitted.

“I know right?! So then I went to live with him, because it’s what my mom wanted and I wanted to do whatever made her happy. So I got into hunting and everything, but I wasn’t the best hunter just yet,” you continued to explain, your hands moving around and you spoke. “And he got mad at every little thing I did, and he was angry that I couldn’t research properly yet but I was still learning. Then he hit me and kicked me out, but I ended up coming back when I had no other choice.”

“Because your mom was dead?” She questioned.

“Exactly!” You practically screamed. You were just happy that she was following the story. “And she was killed by demons. Nothing to do with monsters ever bothered us because he wasn’t around. So I guess-” you voice started to become quieter now. “-I guess I just partly blame him for her being dead…”

Claire started at you as she noticed the realisation on your face. You stared into nothing before you looked back at her face. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I just… I never realised that I blamed him for her death,” you revealed. “I guess you learn something new everyday, right?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push you that far,” Claire apologised. Her hand reached out and rested on your arm.

“No, it’s good. You made me realise something that I hadn’t even thought about before,” you smiled half heartedly. “I always moved past that one. I hate him for other reasons too, like because he put me into a psychiatric institution and doesn’t love me like he loves my brothers.”

“Parents. They suck,” she concluded which made you giggle. She smiled at the fact that you didn’t seem upset anymore, she wanted to move past that conversation. “How about your brothers.”

“Sam and Dean?” You asked her. You didn’t know this, but as Claire asked about your brothers, they were walking past her room to get to theirs. When they overheard that you said their names, they stopped to hear what you would say about them. “I couldn’t love them anymore than I do. I mean, sure, I complain that they’re annoying- which they are. But, I can’t deny that they’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Without them, I don’t even know if I would still be alive. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be his happy. They’re kinda my rock.”

The boys decided to not come in and tell you that they overheard. They were so happy about what you had said. They gave each other that look to say that they should probably keep walking, and so they did.

* * *

Dean smiled at the memory.

“Hey,” Sam said as he opened the door and came in. “What’s got you so happy?”

“Do you remember when we came here with Y/N, and we overheard her saying that stuff about us. That we were the best thing that ever happened to her, we were her rock.”

“Yeah,” Sam chuckled. “I actually forgot about that. I guess when she died everything just seemed bad, I forgot to focus on the positives. I just came to let you know that the case is a dead end. It’s not our kind of thing, but Jody has got a lead on who the killer was.”

“We could still help if she needs it,” Dean offered.

“I said that too, but Jody doesn’t think we should get involved with a real investigation,” Sam replied as he stood awkwardly in the doorway. “But she said we can still stay for a few days, she doesn’t care if it’s a case or not. She just wanted to see us.”

“Well, when I finish this tape I’ll join you all. But right now I just need to know how this one ends,” Dean commented as a hint for Sam to leave.

“Of course,” Sam nodded. “I’ll just be in the living room with Jody and Alex.”

As soon as Sam was gone and the door was shut, it was back to the tape.

“From the second I met you, I felt as if I could trust you; like we have some kind of connection. We did, i know that we did. All that faith and trust I put in to you, Claire, was something I didn’t even trust my own brothers with. I was worried what they would think. I guess you have to put your trust into different people for different things. I should never have trusted you enough to think that you would put my feelings above your own.”

* * *

It felt like you and Claire had only been talking for a few minutes, but in reality it was had been two hours. Jody called everyone for dinner, where you sat opposite Jody at the other end of the table. Sam and Dean were next to each other and Claire and Alex were next to each other.

The conversation that had been brought up was hunting to which Alex had gotten annoyed at. “Can we just stop talking about monsters and hunting? What about real life?!”

“Real life?” Claire articulated with raised brows. “Ok, sure, let’s get real. You wanna tell Jody about what you were really doing last night at Lucas’ house?”

Uh oh. This is awkward. You looked at your brothers and cringed before the conversation that was going to follow. “Nothing happened,” Alex tried to defend herself. “We didn’t- I.. Look it’s not like we weren’t prepared- we used protection,” she stuttered. Claire just laughed at her desperate attempt to cover it up. “I hate you so much Claire,” Alex whispered through gritted teeth.

“Ok,” Jody began, “I’m not going to tell you that you’re too young to be having sex, or you,” she said as she pointed to Claire. Jody’s eyes then drifted over to you.

“You better stop there,” you replied.

“Why?” Dean questioned. “It may be too late for the talk but-”

“What do you mean it’s too late for the talk?!” You demanded with harsh eyes.

“Well, I just mean, you know- what happened with Gabriel-”

“Oh my god, are you kidding me?!” You screamed. “You seriously still think that’s true? I can’t believe you would take Gabriel’s word over mine!”

“Y/N-” Sam tried to intervene.

“No, Sam! Why won’t either of you believe me? And did you really have to bring it up in front of everyone?” You fumed. “You’re just as bad as dad.”

“Maybe you should just own up to what you did,” Dean growled back. “We’re not as bad as dad, he’s just telling the truth.”

“Screw you, asshole,” you replied as you picked up your glass and chucked the water at Dean. He gasped at the sudden contact of water but you stormed off before he could shout at you. A few seconds later all they could hear at the dining room table was the slamming of a door.

As you slid down the door in Claire’s room, you realised that you had fucked up. It was always your fault. Why did you have to get so angry and cause an argument? The boys brought you here to get away from family drama but it seems like you just brought it with you.

It was an hour later when someone decided to knock at the bedroom door to talk to you. You had expected it to be Claire or Sam to tell you that Dean was angry at you. You hadn’t thought that Dean would show up himself. “Can I come in?”

You nodded before stepping back and allowing him in to the room. You both took a seat on Claire’s bed next to each other, he shut the door behind him so that no one would listen in on your conversation. Dean noticed the tears staining your face, and how puffy and red your eyes were. He wiped your tears with his hand, “come on, you know I hate to see you cry.”

“I’m so sorry,” you apologised right away. “I’m the problem, and I keep causing problems for you and Sam. I just get angry so easily and I screw everything up-”

“Hey!” He cut you off. “I’m not mad, I wanted to apologise.”

“I threw the drink at you, what is there for you to apologise for?” You questioned.

“What you said about me and Sam being like dad… You were right. We take dads side and leave you on your own to argue with him. It’s not fair and we’re sorry, we should listen to you more.”

“You take his side because he’s right. There’s just so much wrong with me,“ you admitted as you let out a large breath. You needed to steady your breathing to stop the tears from falling but it wasn’t working. “I can’t do anything right, I get mad over the smallest thing because I am just so angry every second of my life. I’m angry at John and I’m angry at myself and I’m angry at you guys and my mom and Mary and I just never know what to do-”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Dean said softly to trying and calm you down. Your reflex was to reach out for him for comfort. You went to grab him but you stopped yourself, but it didn’t stop him. His arms were around you in an instant, holding you close and comforting you by rubbing your back gently. “Let it all out.”

“I’m so sorry,” you apologised as you sobbed into his shoulder. You finally allowed yourself to hug him back and accept his love. “I’m sorry that I keep causing you pain.”

“Well that’s what family’s for isn’t it? You’re a pain in the ass and I’m the bossy older brother, stick to your stereotype please, Y/N,” he joked, and you actually laughed. Somehow over all this pain you were feeling, Dean was able to make you laugh. He was able to spark a bit of light in you even in one of your darkest times. “As long as me and Sam are around, nothing bad is going to happen to you. You don’t have to be afraid of anyone, especially not dad. We will never let anyone hurt you. I promise.”

“Thank you,” was all you were able to reply. You knew that waffling on again about all the self hatred you had would just get you no where.

“Tomorrow is a new day,” he said as he pushed out of the hug and looked down at you. He smiled as he once again wiped your tears from your face. “We can move on and forget this ever happened. As long as you promise that we don’t fight anymore on this trip, and I’ll make the same promise to you.”

You simply nodded with a smile back at him. That was all you ever wanted, to move on and agree to not fight anymore. He said only on that trip, but you were planning on keeping that promise for as long as you could. Even when you returned to the bunker you wanted to stop yourselves from arguing so much.

Once again, you were left alone with your thoughts. Dean and Sam headed to there shared room that Jody had set up for them, so it wasn’t long until Claire came into her room to sit with you.

“You tired?” She asked as she came and took a seat on her bed, opposite to you.

“Not really,” you shook your head with a yawn. “I suppose a little.”

“So what was that whole Gabriel thing about?” She questioned abruptly which made you stare at her with wide eyes. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“No, it’s fine, I just didn’t expect you to ask. He’s just this Archangel that I used to like, but nothing happened between us. I thought you would just assume that I did sleep with him, that’s what everyone else believes anyway,” you explained.

“Why wouldn’t I believe you?” She almost sounded hurt that you would suggest that. “If you said you didn’t do it then you didn’t do it, you have no reason to lie.”

You sighed in relief. “I wish everyone in my family thought the same way as you did.”

She smiled before showing slight discomfort. She stretched her leg out so that it was next to you and rolled the bottom of her jeans up. She revealed a bandage covered in blood. “Jesus, Claire. What the hell happened?”

“Werewolf a few days ago. Jody stitched it up for me and put a bandage over it,” she replied as she began to peel the bandage back. As she lifted it she showed the gash in her leg that was refusing to heal.

“You’re supposed to change it regularly or it’ll get infected,” you replied with a frustrated tone. “That’s probably why it’s not healing properly.”

“For a newbie hunter you sure do know a lot. You know more than I do,” she replied as she watched you checking her wound.

“Yeah well, keeping up with John has kinda been a mission of mine ever since I met him. After what happened I can’t allow myself to make anymore mistakes and not know what I’m doing,” you explained. She was about to reply but you interrupted her. “I’ll sort this out for you.”

You grabbed your backpack from the floor and pulled out your small first aid kit at you carried with you everywhere. You were a hunter after all, you never knew when it would be needed. “I can get Jody to clean it if you want-”

“I got it, seriously,” you smiled. “It looks like it has actually healed, it’s just still a little sore and there’s blood left from before,” you evaluated as you stared intently at the wound. “I just need to remove the stitching and clean it with some rubbing alcohol, then I’ll put a new bandage on.”

“You’re cute when you’re concentrating,” she observed, which one again shocked you.

Your eyes shot up to her. “How many more things can you come out with that will surprise me? I don’t think there could possibly be anymore.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” She asked.

“Ok, I was wrong,” you laughed as you continued to clean her wound. You didn’t pay too much close attention to it because it was such a usual thing for you to do. You didn’t really have to think too much about it. “Uh, no. I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t think I’m cut out for the whole ‘romance’ thing. A boy I like tried to flirt with me and I instinctively punched him in the face.”

She laughed at your words. “That’s hilarious. Poor guy, he just wanted to take you out on a date. Anyone that gets to do that sure is lucky.”

“Are you asking me out?” You questioned as you stared into her eyes. Blue. They were a beautiful blue is what I you noticed as you took a real look at her now.

“Depends on what your answer would be if I was,” she replied cheekily.

“We’re just friends,” you replied with a questionable tone.

“Yeah, but, we don’t have to be,” she replied with a warm tone. She had never spoken to you like that. You’d never seen her talk to anyone else like that either. You noticed her bite her lip as she looked down at your mouth.

“All done,” you smiled as you finished wrapping the new, clean bandage around her leg. She rolled her jean leg back down over the wound.

“If feels so much better now,” she smiled. “Thank you,” she said as she leant forward and kissed your cheek.

She hadn’t expected to do it. It was a surprise to you both, neither one of you knowing what to do next. You stared into her eyes again. “You have really pretty eyes,” you commented. “I’ve never noticed that until now.”

What you said was enough for her. She carefully tipped her head forward and planted a kiss on your lips. It was only gentle and small, you both needed to test it out and see how you felt about it. As soon as she was even close to you, you felt butterflies in your stomach- but the good kind. You pulled away for a second and looked at her again before moving your hand to the back of her head and kissing her harshly.

Claire pushed your bag and the first aid kit onto the floor so that it was just you and her on top of her sheets. She pushed you back so you were laying down and she laid on top of you. You continued to kiss, her hands tracing over your body harshly with her hands. She squeezed you in all the right places and you gripped her hair in your hand. You were suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door.

Claire quickly jumped off you and fixed her hair. You sat in straight and made sure you acted normal. Claire steadied her breathing before opening the door to Alex. “Jody asked me to come get a lore book you borrowed from her or something.”

“Oh, right,” Claire laughed breathlessly. “Um,” she went to retrieve it from her small book shelf. “Here, this is the one she wants.”

“Uh, are you okay?” Alex questioned. “You seem a little, I don’t know, weird.”

“Yeah, I’m great,” Claire said with a tight smile as she waited for Alex to get out the way of the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Alex nodded with confusion. “Bye, then.”

Alex walked away and Claire shut the door with a sigh. “That was close,” she smiled as she turned back to you.

“You’re telling me,” you giggled back. “Anyway, we should probably get to sleep, right? Top and tail you said you wanted to do?”

“Yeah, I say a lot of things I don’t mean,” she chuckled before laying next to you and hugging you.

“We’re spooning?” You questioned. “I didn’t know you were one to cuddle.”

“Only with people I like,” she replied before kissing the side of your head. It was crazy, really, that you and Claire felt so comfortable with each other already. It hadn’t even been an entire day but you already felt like you had known each other forever, like you were safe in her arms.

* * *

“I couldn’t believe that I really connected with someone the way that I connected with you. It was weird but I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the kind of feeling I got from Gabriel, he was kind but he was a storm and I knew it. He was a storm but I was too afraid to be lonely so I let myself get hurt. But with you, Claire, with you I forgot what lonely even felt like. I thought things would really work out… I don’t know how I was still so naïve.”

“Claire and Y/N were a thing?” Dean whispered to himself.

Just as he was about to play the tape again, he heard the noise of a door opening. It was Claire’s bedroom door. He watched through the crack of his door and noticed that she was trying to be quiet. She heard talking in the living room and assumed that everyone was there, that’s when she decided to sneak out of the back door. She was up to something and Dean wasn’t going to wait to find out.

He headed out the front, as he walked through the living room he lied to Jody and said he forgot to buy something at the convenience store on the way there. No one questioned it, he left without suspicion from anyone.

He was careful when he followed Claire; always at a distance that she wouldn’t notice she was being followed. As she walked she seemed nervous. She constantly looked over her shoulder to check if anyone was there, but Dean was too careful to have been noticed.

As Claire turned a corner, he parked his car and climbed out to follow down what he realised was an alley way of a bar. Dean had never expected Claire to be meeting one of the biggest assholes he knew. Dean hid behind the dumpster and listened in on their conversation.

”We need to talk,“ she demanded to him. “It’s about Y/N, and the photo that you have. You need to delete it, you promised me that you would.”

“Really, Claire?” Gabriel asked with a smug smile. “You already made me delete the picture of me kissing her. Don’t make me waste the one of you kissing her too. It’s not like you can even tell that it’s you, your face is completely covered.”

“It doesn’t matter. I need you to delete it, you owe that to me, you asshole. You owe it to Y/N,” she fumed. She was angry that he lied to her but also that he lied to you.

“I don’t owe that girl anything,” Gabriel snapped, suddenly changing his tune.

“Yeah,” Dean said as he revealed himself from behind the bin and stood in front of Gabriel and Claire, “you owed Y/N a lot.”

“Dean, what are you doing here?!” Claire demanded harshly as she stood next to Gabriel.

“I knew you were up to something so I followed you here. Maybe next time you should be a little less loud when trying to sneak out,” Dean growled. “Now, what picture are you talking about?”

“The one of Claire and Y/N kissing,” Gabriel smiled. “I took it once when they were in a motel room. I dropped by to see Y/N and I caught her making out with-”

“I didn’t fucking ask you,” Dean shouted angrily. “You’re a worthless piece of shit. You lied and it ruined her, what the hell were you thinking? She’s dead now and you don’t even care?!”

“Y/N Winchester was a crazy bitch who just killed herself for attention!” Gabriel shot back.

“You better watch your mouth,” Dean warned as he took a step forward but Claire put her hands up in defence.

“Dean, stop it. Y/N wouldn’t have wanted this!”

“Oh, you’re right,” Dean agreed with sass. “She would have done much worse.”

“And look where that got her,” Claire snapped which shocked Dean. “Look, I’m not saying it’s her own fault. Yes, people pushed her, but Dean… She pushed back. She caused arguments, she hurt people.”

“But she never hurt you, did she?” Dean asked, but he already knew the answer. “No, she only ever loved you.”

“Claire was too afraid of her sexuality, so she chose to hurt Y/N instead,” Gabriel laughed like the evil bastard he was. “Come out, come out, little girl,” he chanted.

“Shut up, Gabriel!” She screamed in his face. “I told you to delete the damn photo, so delete it!”

“Fine,” he replied with a sly smile. “You see?” He showed her has he pressed the delete button and the picture was gone. “It doesn’t change anything, Claire. She’s still dead.” And with that, Gabriel disappeared.

Claire’s eyes now shot to Dean. He had never seen so much fear in her, but it didn’t matter to him. Dean had never been more angry with Claire in his entire time of knowing her. “I can explain-”

“I don’t wanna hear it,” Dean growled. “You can walk back to Jody’s. When I find out what you did I’ll decide if I forgive you or not.”

As he headed back to Jody’s he wondered if he should have given Claire a chance to explain. Maybe he should have given her a ride home so he could hear what she had to say on the journey back. But he knew that if he listened to her story she would twist it and try to make herself the victim of the story. He couldn’t let her do that, he had to listen to the rest of the tape.

So he went back, walked through the living room without even glancing at anyone. He noticed they all went silent as he walked through the house, but no one bothered to speak to him. They knew that he was in a bad mood about something, they didn’t know what, but they knew that he needed space to think on his own. So off he went, back to the tape in his room and pressed play.

* * *

It was a week later and yours and Claire’s relationship was growing every day. You took a day where you went to a motel room and just spent the whole day kissing and being together and eating take out. It was perfect. You were alone. Well so you thought.

But something from your past had come back. That something was actually a someone who wanted to get back at you for hurting him. Or maybe he wasn’t hurt and it was just for fun, just part of his game. But the day after you got back from the motel, you were still all staying at Jody’s. A weekend away had turned into a week, and you never wanted it to end. You sat on the bed in Claire’s room as she stormed in with tears streaming down her face.

“Claire?” You asked as she shut the door behind her. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“This is what’s wrong!” She fumed as she showed you the screen of her phone. It was a photo of a blonde girl laying in top of a girl with Y/C/H hair. It took you a second to realise who the two girls in their underwear was.

“Oh my god! Is that us?” You asked, almost sounding mortified as you took the phone. “Why would someone do this to us? We’re not wearing clothes, whoever took this is invading our privacy. This is-”

“That’s what you care about? Seriously?” She growled. Why was she getting so angry with you? You hadn’t done anything wrong, she never got this pissed at you and never spoke to you like this. “What if Jody sees this? Or Sam or Dean? We’re a secret, if they see this and see that we are kissing what are they going to think?”

“First of all you need to calm down,” you said in a harsh tone and it made her listen to you. “Claire, where is this picture?”

“Alex showed it to me. She said the picture was hung up in her school and everyone’s trying to figure out who it is. Alex didn’t know it was us and everyone at her school thinks it’s someone from there,” she explained as she nervously paced back and forth.

“There, you see?” You smiled as he grabbed her arm and pulled her down to sit next to you. “It’s nothing to worry about. No one knows who it’s of. We don’t have to tell anyone about us until you’re ready.”

“Tell them?” She asked with her eyes squinted in confusion. “Why would we ever tell them?”

“Well I mean,” you laughed nervously, “we’re gonna have to tell them at some point, right? We can’t stay a secret forever.”

“Right,” she nodded in agreement. Part of you knew that she wasn’t being genuine, but you didn’t have it in you to fight with her about it. You had a good thing going and you weren’t about to ruin it like you ruined every other relationship you had.

You just held her and promised this would go away, that it was simply a small glitch in the terrible things you had both been through in your lives. While she agreed with you, you could tell how much it was affecting her and there was simply nothing you could do about it.

“Hello,” you heard a jolly voice say. It was a voice that you despised so much. You both jumped at the sudden noise and Claire’s hunter instinct caused her to punch him in the face.

“Woah, hey,” you stopped her as you grabbed her wrist. “Stop it, I know him. Let me take care of him.”

“Y/N, decided to stop being petty yet?” Gabriel asked with a weird, joyful tone.

“That depends, have you decided to stop being a prick yet?” You shot back.

“Oh, fair play,” the Angel laughed. “But I would be careful how you’re talking to me there, Y/N.”

“Why? What are you gonna do? Share that picture of you and me kissing again?” You spat. Claire didn’t know this guy, all she gathered was that this was Gabriel, the guy your brothers thought you had sex with.

“Oh, I have a much better picture to share,” Gabriel smiled as he showed you the picture of you and Claire kissing.

You gasped at the photo and Claire tried to grab the phone, but Gabriel yanked it away from her. “Ah, ah, ah,” he shook his head. “Don’t try anything, sweetie.”

“That was you? You asshole! After everything you’ve done and you still feel the need to do shit to hurt me?” You growled.

“On the contrary, Y/N. I came down to speak with you, but I saw that you had already moved on from me. I took the picture simply as a reminder than you no longer want me. And I may have also stuck the pictures all around a high school close to here,” he chuckled at his own game.

“Delete the photo,” you demanded, but he just continued to smile. “I said delete the damn photo!”

“I will if you do one thing for me,” Gabriel chuckled. “You have to admit to having sex with me. Tell your brothers what they already think is true.”

“I’m not doing that!” You fumed. “Now delete the fucking photo, Gabe, or so help me I will kick your ass!”

“You have 3 hours to convince your brothers that we had sex. Doesn’t matter which one of you does it,” he said with a wink at Claire. “If you don’t do it, I’ll share the picture to everyone you’ve ever met.”

“Claire would never do that to me,” you snapped at him. “We love each other and respect each other to much to play your game.”

Gabriel shook his head. “Your 3 hours starts now. I’ll be watching.”

And just like that, with a click of his fingers, he was gone. You looked at Claire who looked strange, like she was thinking about something. “Claire, don’t tell me that you’re seriously considering what he said?”

“Y/N, come on, your brothers believe it’s true anyway, why not just tell them?” She suggested.

“Are you fucking kidding me? How could you even suggest that?” You growled.

“Do you even care about me?” She demanded as she stared at you with no love. You didn’t know how she could have lost her love for you so quickly.

“Sure, Claire. Make this about you just like you always do,” you snapped as you shook your head. You tried to leave the room but she blocked the door with her arm.

“This isn’t about me, okay? This is about you caring about your ego more than you care about me,” she replied as she yanked her hand down from the door.

“This isn’t about my fucking ego!” You screamed. “If I tell them, it might literally ruin my life. They’ll think that I lied to them and believe that I’m not trustworthy. I’ll lose everything if they believe that I really did sleep with Gabriel because they’ll think I’m a liar and that I threw that drink at Dean for no reason. You can’t use my life to protect yourself from your sexuality. You’re gay, so what? I’m bi, my ex best friend is a lesbian, God is bisexual. You’re not the only one that isn’t straight, and while you might not be ready to come out yet, you’re not allowed to ruin my life to protect that for a little while longer.”

“I know what you’re saying is right,” she nodded with tears streaming down her face. “But I can’t, all I’ve ever done is protected myself. That’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

“Claire-” you tried to protest but she was already storming out of the room and heading towards the living room. “Claire, stop. Please don’t do this!” You begged as you followed her.

“Please don’t do what?” Dean asked as he looked at you both. Your brothers noticed how desperate and worried you were right now. And since they heard you beg her not to do it, they’re going to assume that her following words were the truth.

“Y/N lied to you both,” Claire said simply. It seemed like the words weren’t even hard for her to say. “She did have sex with Gabriel. She told me and I thought you guys deserved to know.”

“No! She’s lying. Please, I promise you I didn’t-”

“Save it, Y/N,” Sam said. Now even Sam was against you, this was bad. “You’re getting caught up in your lies. It wouldn’t even have been a big deal if you would have just admitted it to start with.”

“But I’m not lying, Sam! I’ve been telling you the truth since the beginning but no one wants to believe me. Claire is just saying it to protect herself,” you screamed.

“Protect herself from what?” Dean asked angrily.

“I can’t tell you because I promised her!” You screamed, and everyone went silent. Jody stared at you while she gripped on to Alex, Sam and Dean both watched you to see if they could believe you or not. “I loved her so much, she was my best friend. Even if she is going to hurt me, I won’t let myself do that to her. I hate you, Claire. I will never stoop as low as you did. I will never tell them something that you believe could hurt you and I will never be as bad as you are.”

“What are you saying?” Dean asked with a soft tone.

“I didn’t have sex with Gabriel… I fucked him,” you lied. “Is that what you wanna hear? You want me to lie to you all so that you can just feel better about yourselves?”

“Y/N-” Dean was about to speak.

“Want me to say it again?” You smiled as you bit your lip. Your smile wasn’t sad or happy, it was a weird-angry kind of smile. “I fucked Gabriel. An archangel, I let him into my bed and I let him touch me, and do whatever he wanted to me. It was filthy and disgusting and I loved every fucking second of it.” A tear rolled down your cheek as you stared at your brothers. “You didn’t want me to lie but now you’ve forced me to because the lie that Gabriel told is the only ‘truth’ that you’ll accept. As long as I tell you what you want to hear, you won’t care that the words I just said make me feel degraded and vile and miserable.”

“I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t know who is telling the truth,” Dean shook his head. “But don’t you ever speak like that again.”

“I’ll do whatever I want you big fucking moron,” you growled.

“Don’t call me a fucking moron!” Dean screamed back.

You put your hand over your heart and gasped. “I can’t believe you’re swearing at me.” Your sarcastic tone was not what Dean needed to hear right now.

“Jody, I’m so sorry,” Sam apologised as he looked over to Jody and saw how terrified Alex looked. Why was she so scared?

Fuck. Now Jody was going to hate you.

“I’ll pack my bag and leave. I don’t want to cause anymore pain to any of you,” you simply said before walking off to Claire’s room to pack your bag. As you were packing it you heard a knock at the door but no matter who it was you didn’t wanna speak to them. “Go away.”

She opened the door anyway and came in. It was Jody. “It’s just me, I wanted to talk to you.”

You took in a deep breath as you continued to pack your bag; you were trying to hold back the tears. “I can’t do anything more than say I’m sorry. If I say anything else it’s just gonna seem like I’m trying to justify how I spoke to my brothers or the language that I used in your house and I can’t do that. Your home is supposed to be your safe place, I can’t take that from you and expect you to let me in with open arms.”

“Sweetheart, please can we just talk?” She asked as she took a seat on Claire’s bed. You obliged and sat next to her. “I know that things haven’t been easy for you while growing up. I know that coming in to this life is hard, I respect that.”

“Jody, I’m so sorry,” you shook your head. “The way I grew up isn’t an excuse-”

“I don’t care about what you said, I just want you to remember that your brothers love you. Now they’re gonna be mad, we both know that. But deep down their anger is because they love you and respect you and don’t want you to speak about yourself like that. What Claire said is just her word against yours, it doesn’t matter who’s telling the truth or whether they believe you or her. All that matters is that they are your family, through everything, they’re yours.”

“Why are you being so nice to me? After what I said to Claire and my brothers?” You questioned. No one had ever shown you kindness in the same way that Jody had.

“Because you remind me of someone. You’re like me when I was your age, I was so against everyone and I thought that it was me against the world. That’s why I took Alex and Claire in. They treated me like crap for a while, but we finally got past that at some point,” she admitted with a sweet smile. She rubbed your back to comfort you. “If things ever get too much, you can always come stay here for a little while. Obviously at some point you’ll have to go back to your brothers but, you always have a place here.”

“Thank you, Jody. I don’t think I can be near Claire right now. I don’t know what you believe or who you believe, but it doesn’t matter because she betrayed my trust,” you admitted.

“You know, your brothers said you would say that,” she chuckled. “You’re just as stubborn as them. Not a bad thing I suppose. They believe that you should forgive her, like you should forgive some other people in your life.”

Her kindness was so genuine, you loved that she respected you enough to not get mad at you for every little mistake you made. “By other people do you mean John?”

“Is it not a sign that you should forgive him considering he’s the first person you thought of?” She asked. And you thought Sam was good with words, he had nothing on Jody. She was on some other level. “Your brothers think you should all head home together.”

“They don’t want me to leave after what I did?” You asked.

“I already told you, they’re mad, but they’re family. They will get over it, Y/N, I promise.” And just like you were her own daughter, she hugged you to comfort you. She was much more maternal than Mary. Mary was just off with you, but Jody was sweet and made time for people. She was caring and didn’t have a bad thing to say about any of you Winchesters. “They’ve packed their bags, I think they’re all packed in the car.”

“Ok, I’ll be there in a sec,” you replied before she walked out and you finished packing your bag. Once you were done, you went to the living room to say goodbye, your brothers were already in the car. “Thank you for letting me stay. Getting away from the bunker for a while was good for all of us.”

Jody hugged you goodbye. Alex smiled and said, “it was good meeting you. You should come back some time, we didn’t really get to know each other well enough.”

“Yeah, and listen, I’m sorry about getting angry so easily-”

“Don’t worry about it, it happens to the best of us,“ she said with an understanding smile. You were sad that you never spent much time on her, you’d spent almost all of your time getting to know Claire.

Then you stepped over to Claire who was waiting to say goodbye to you. “Claire.”


You stared at her and shook your head. “I won’t fight with you, not now. Not after everything that’s happened. But at the same time I don’t think I can ever forgive you… I guess forgiveness isn’t for everyone.”


“Goodbye, Claire,” you said with a blank tone before leaving Jody’s house. As you shut the door behind you, you looked ahead at the car, where your brothers sat with anger and waited for you.

There was no point in stalling, you were going to have to get in the car with them even after what happened. You climbed in to the back seat. You were ready to head off but Dean and Sam just sat there in the front seat as they stared out the front window. “Aren’t you gonna-” you began to ask.

“Shut up,” Dean cut you off. “You’ve got a whole lot of apologising to do, and you’re grounded forever, until I change my mind.”

“That’s fair,” you agreed.

“It’s not just fair, Y/N. And it’s not just to punish you,” Sam added. “You can’t just act like that, you need to learn to control your anger and have more respect for yourself. You can never speak about yourself like that again.”

“I know that mow. You’re right and I’m wrong. I’m sorry,” you finished.

“Yeah, well,” Dean began to talk again as he stared to drive the car, “it’s gonna take a little more than that.”

“Well whatever it is, you tell me and I’ll do it,” you promised. “No more exploding like that, no more secrets. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you.”

“Thank you,” Dean nodded with a stern face. His eyes were on the road but you could see his expression in the rear view mirror. “You can start making it up to us by talking to dad.”

“I always talk to him,” you stated with squinted eyes.

“Well this particular conversation is going to lead to forgiveness,” Sam finished.

Forgiveness, you knew exactly what that meant… You had to forgive John for leaving you. How could they ask that of you? After everything John had put you through you didn’t know if you could really do it, but it’s what the boys wanted you to do to make up for the way you acted at Jody’s.

* * *

“My brothers wanted me to forgive you, Claire, forgiveness was all they talked about on the way back to the bunker. I wanted to forgive you and give you all my love. You won me over, you broke down every wall I had ever built up to protect myself. But while you were breaking these walls I didn’t realise that you were also slowly breaking my heart. There’s a thin line between love and hate. Apparently that line is trust.”

And there it was. Tape 6 was over, and Claire was exposed as to what she really did to you. She put her feelings over your life, he could never move on from that. He heard Claire sneak back in. He opened up his door and she stood in her doorway, staring back at him with fear. “Did you finish the tape?”

He just nodded, and she got the message. Like you had said to Claire before, forgiveness isn’t for everyone.

“I’m going on a hunt tomorrow, I’ll be gone for about a week, I probably won’t be back for a while. You won’t have to leave because of me. I made Y/N leave because I was stupid, I won’t push you and your brother out too.”

“Claire,” Dean spoke a little softer as he realised that Claire felt remorseful for what she did. “Look, we all did things that hurt Y/N, things that we aren’t proud of.”

“That doesn’t make what I did okay,” Claire replied as a single tear fell down her cheek.

“You’re right, it doesn’t. I haven’t even reached my tape yet, I have no idea what I did, and when I listen to it I know that I’m going to hate myself for what I did because I loved her too. What you’re feeling right now is because you loved her.”

“It doesn’t bring her back,” she snapped.

“No, it doesn’t. And you know what? Nothing we do will ever bring her back, no matter how much we pity ourselves or hate ourselves for what we have done, we can’t bring her back because she is gone.” Dean didn’t realise he was crying until now, until he felt the wetness of his cheeks with his fingertips. “My baby sister, the person that I was supposed to protect and believe in, is dead because of all of us on those tapes. It is the worst pain imaginable and I will never be able to do anything about it, but if we don’t at least try, we are just as bad as Gabriel, or Crowley.”

“Crowley, tape 2 right?” Claire recalled. “He killed her mom, but I still feel like what he did is nothing compared to how I hurt her.”

“The easiest way to hurt someone is to tell them that you love them and then shatter that love in a matter of seconds. Crowley hurt her in cold blood, she hated him from the moment she met him. But she loved you, and that’s why what you did feels like the worst thing in the world. You expect bad people to hurt you, and in some messed up way when they do hurt you, you feel prepared. The people that love you and hurt you, that’s the hard part.”

Claire just nodded at what he said. “I uh, I need to pack some stuff for my hunt. I guess I’ll see you.”

Dean just walked into his room, he didn’t reply or acknowledge what Claire had just said about packing. He went in his room and she went into hers; that was the end of that conversation because he didn’t know if he could continue.

It was too much for him to handle, so he put the tape away in his jacket pocket before hanging it up on the back of the door. Dean laid down on the bed and closed his eyes. The tiredness he felt wasn’t something that could be fixed with sleep, but he had to at least try. The next day, Sam and Dean were going to head back to the bunker, even if they had only been at Jody’s one day, he needed to go back and listen to tape 7. He hadn’t told Sam or Jody yet that he wanted to leave the next day, but since the case was a bust anyway he didn’t see the point in staying.

And he knew that all tomorrow would bring was another tape. Another thing to break his heart, and another way for him to feel worse about your death. But he had to get through the day, just like he always did.

My Saviour - Part One

A/N: I finally have enough chapters of this finished so that I can start posting. I will be posting once a week and I’ll try and stick to mondays, but I can’t guarantee anything. I need to thank my beta @thorne93 for still keeping up with me, you are awesome and I would be thoroughly lost without you. Feedback is highly appreciated since I practically live for the stuff.

This story is going to be a very bumpy ride, with a lot of angst, pretty much in most chapters. The reader is in an abusive relationship. I will warn properly for each chapter, and do my best to tag it properly as well. But if you are easily triggered, this might not be a series for you.

This is also an AU. Dean is a doctor, Sam is a lawyer. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Alex (OMC mentioned)

Wanings: Mentions of abuse, low self esteem, language, Dean being a doctor (yes that’s a warning)

Wordcount: 2170


You were sitting in the emergency room, one arm carefully cradled in the other, wondering if it was the third or fourth time you had broken that same arm. You could hardly feel the physical pain of it anymore, and on the inside… you were just numb.

You sat there and looked around the near empty room, some informative posters on the walls, some pamphlets on a stand in the corner, several year old magazine littering the few tables, and a half dead plant near the entrance. You had gotten pretty familiar with this room over the past few years, and you imagined that at some point you would get immune to the smell of disinfectant, and the deafening quiet in the room… but no. The smell still made you queasy, and you had read through all of the magazines at least twice.

As you sat there and waited, like you had done so many times before, you wondered how your life had come to this. After you graduated high school, you had decided to take a year off before you started college so that your boyfriend, Alexander, could move with you to wherever you wanted to study. He had gotten an internship at his dad’s construction company that was set to start right after graduation, but he promised that after that year, he would come with you wherever you wanted to go. You made your peace with that and started your own job hunt.

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Does this make you happy? - Alex Summers

Summary : your boyfriend alex has been pushing you away and ignoring you, and when you confront him about it you get into a fight.

Word count : close to 1k I think?

Warnings : fighting, angst, cursing

Prompt : (65) “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?” (69) “We can be friends instead.”

Pairing : alex summers x mutant!reader

A/N : there’s probs gonna be several parts to this.

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Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Alex had been ignoring you lately, and you didn’t even know why. He had been off and distant after the whole Apocalypse fiasco and nearly dying.

You sat in Alex’s room, little sparks shooting out from your fingers and jumping onto your other hand. Your mutation was electrokinesis. It wasn’t the worst mutation, but it surely wasn’t the greatest either. It surfaced when you were in seventh grade, a bit later than most mutants here. You were just at home, working on your art project when you felt a pulse of electricity through you, but you thought nothing of it. When you got up to get something your socks were rubbing against the carpet, creating even more electric friction. As soon as your hand had landed on the metal of radio it blew out, sparks erupting from every inch of the object and your hands. You had screamed out for your parents and the rushed to you, faces full of worry. When your father’s hand landed on your shoulder he was electrocuted and stumbled backwards. After that your parents sent you away to the school, hoping that your ‘disease’ as they called it would be cured. So far that didn’t happen, it only got worse.

The door to his room opened and you sat up, fixing your messy hair. Alex though his jacket and bag on the ground, huffing in…annoyance? Anger?

“Hey babe, what’s wrong?” You asked standing up and walking over to him. Alex ignored you, sitting on his bed and running his hands down his face. You frowned, wondering why he just blew you off. “Alex..?”

“What?” He snapped, his head turning in your direction. You gulped, playing with the bracelet around your wrist, the one he gave to you on your one year anniversary.

“Is something wrong? You’ve been ignoring me and you’ve been distant since whole thing with Apocalypse…” You looked at him, watching him closely.

Scoffing he rolled his eyes. “I’m perfectly fine, Y/N. Now go along and go do something else besides bothering me.” You rose an eyebrow, stalking over to him and standing in front of him with your arms crossed.

“Why the hell are you acting like this to me? I have done nothing, nothing wrong to hurt you or bother you in any way, so please tell me what the hell I did wrong to be treated the way you’ve been treating me.” Alex stood up, nearly towering over you but you weren’t scared of his height or anything about him for that matter.

“it’s not you it’s me, okay? I haven’t been thinking straight and I’m not happy, I’m really fucking upset, and you’re always just talking, talking, talking and it’s so god damn annoying!” His voice was raising, and that only made yours raise.

“I’m annoying? I’m annoying? Really, what do you think couples are supposed to do, Alex? Just fuck and then ignore each other?” You shot at him. “Am I not making you happy? Is that why I seem annoying to you?”

“I don’t know! All I know is that I’m just sick and tired of having to please you or the others, hell even myself and it’s not making me happy. This relationship isn’t making me happy!” Your heart shattered at his words and then you finally realized that he didn’t even want to be in this relationship with you, all of the feeling were completely one sided. Alex went wide eyed as he realized what he just said to you and before he could even speak another word you yelled at him.

“Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?” Tears stung your eyes and your tried your hardest not to have the spill out. “Does us fighting make you happy? Does faking your love for someone make you happy?” Alex reached out and raised your hand, glaring at him. The lights above you flickered and you eyes sparked dangerously.

“Wait no baby I’m sorry I didn’t-” Alex spoke quickly but you just put on your jacket, shaking your head and laughing dryly.

“Don’t ‘baby’ me, Summers. If this relationship isn’t making you happy, if I’m not making you happy than we can be friends instead.” Alex looked shocked, broken at your words and you opened the door to his room, stepping out before turning and saying, “Actually let’s just not be friends, I’ve wasted enough time on you, I don’t need to waste anymore.” With that you slammed the door behind you, running to your room and then collapsing onto the floor. All around you sparks shot out from your body, and you could feel the energy just draining and making you weaker.

The door to your room opened and in walked Scott and Jean. You must have looked like a total mess to the, so pathetic and sad. The two ran over to you, Jean carefully lifting you up and getting you to look at her.

“Hey, hey what happened? Why are you crying?” She asked, wiping away some of the tears that streamed down your face. You sniffled looking down at you lap.

“Alex and I broke up, he said that the relationship wasn’t making him happy..” You mumbled. Jeans mouth gaped open and she pulled you into a tight hug, rubbing your back as you let loose the tears once again. “I wasted years on him, Jean. I wasted so much time thinking that he actually loved me, but really everything was just one sided.” You mumbled, pulling away from Jean’s embrace. “God I’m so fucking stupid.” You muttered.

“You’re not stupid, Y/N, Alex is the stupid one for letting you go and saying such horrible things to you.” Scott said, patting your back softly. You shrugged, wiping your eyes and taking in a deep breathe.

“I need to do something, anything. It feel like my insides are burning and my heart hurts so bad.” You mumbled, standing up. Jean and Scott followed suit.

“We can go get ice-cream at the mall? From your favorite place and then walk around, just looking at stuff and talking?” You nodded. “I’ll get the others too, just to show you and Alex that you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.” You chuckled, nodding and giving a weak smile. Jean hugged you again before the three of you walked out of your room to find the rest of your friends.

You, Jean, Scott, Jubilee, Kurt, and Peter went to the mall, blasting music from he radio as your all drove down there. When you got there everyone jumped out, dragging you along with them, everyone smiling and joking around as they usually would. The group of mutants walked into the mall, going straight for your favorite ice-cream shop. Everyone ordered their ice-creams, you being last. When you reached the counter you were mesmerized by the boy that stood behind the counter. He looked back at you with a smile.

“What can I get you, Miss?” He asked. You shook your head slightly and looked over all the flavors.

“Um..can I get a scoop of cookie dough, a scoop of chocolate and peanut butter, with whipped cream, sprinkles, and choclate drizzle. The boy laughed and nodded, putting your order into the cash register and then putting everything in a bowl. You reached for your wallet but the boy shook his head, stopping you.

“You look like you’ve had a rough day, I’ll pay for this sweetheart.” He said smiling and handing you your ice-cream. You blushed as you took the bowl from him, your fingers brushing, sending a small spark up the boys arm. He looked at you in amazement. Your eyes went wide.

“I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t, I didn’t mean to do that!” You say quickly, pulling your hands back. The boy chuckled and shook his head.

“It’s okay, I won’t judge.” He smiled, holding out his hand. “My name’s Leo by the way.” You smiled back, shaking his hand.

“Y/N.” You pulled your hand back, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. “Well I should probably get going, it was nice to meet you, Leo.” Leo smiled and you walked off, jogging over to your friends with a smile spread wide across your face.

Peter looked over at you, raising an eyebrow. “For someone who just got out of a relation ship, you look pretty damn happy. Did you talk to that guy at the ice-cream shop or something?” You nodded, taking a bite of your ice-cream.

“Mhm, I did.” Jean chuckled at you, slightly nudging you.

“Meeting other people does help when you’re trying to move on.” Scott noted, You furrowed your eyebrows.

Did you want to move on?


Okay. I just want to say what i think about this. I’ve seeing a lot of people hating on hannah because she “ ruined clay’s and Alex, Zach, etc…lifes.”

Clay didn’t deserve to be on the tapes but he MUST be because as Hannah said was her story and if she was going to tell it Clay couldn’t stay outside.
Tony did not deserve the burden that Hannah left him but I also understand Hannah a lot and because she did the things she did. 
Also, we have only some of the reasons. Not all. For which Hannah killed herself, because the list said more.
Besides that, is true that Clay suffered a lot and if Hannah had been clearer with him surely she would have saved.
But Hannah was very hurted and got tired of asking for help from the wrong people and Clay really liked her so I understand why she felt afraid and was embarrassed to tell Clay what was wrong. (Removing the fact that she thought it was only going to ruin him, I think it went beyond that)
She didn’t want to lose him but she losed him anyway because he ended up going.

The point here is not Hannah.
Unfortunately, the point here is Clay. And Tony. And all who could do something but did not.
The point of the story is that, it makes everyone stand up and think ‘I should have listened, I should have said this, I should have insisted’
When Tony said he ignored the tapes until half an hour later because he thought Hannah was a bit dramatic. When Clay got scared and left the room because he did not know how to react. All those are things that they know were wrong. They could have changed everything from having been a bit braver or not to have judged.
So I’m not judging Hannah or thinking that she was wrong for put Clay in the tapes, Clay already suffered from panic and anxiety before the tapes.
This just hit him more and did all that because he suffered those things and Hannah didn’t knew but still, Clay needed to know the truth.
And Tony told to him this several times.
If Clay did not listen to the tapes, there would be no story.
Besides, was needed that clay to be brave to make everyone recognize their mistakes and do justice. If Hannah never made the tapes, what happened to her was going to keep happening.
And that’s what the show want to teach and that’s what Clay tries to prevent.

Yesterday I read that a girl put “I hate Hannah because of her Clay’s going to spend his whole life trying to save everyone”
I think not just Clay, everyone on the tapes are going to think twice before doing things and I think that’s not bad.
Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes people prefer to ignore things to do something because it’s very painful to face it or take justice. But sometimes ignoring it is worse. And that’s what Clay learns. That it is necessary to speak when one has to speak and do something, that one has to be courageous.
That’s why Clay also continues passing the tapes at the end to Porter because everyone needs to take responsibility for what they did. ( also that jessica asked him for do it) And if you can not live with it, you try to live to repair it. And If what you did has no way of being fixed you have to live with it in the way you can.
But you can’t live like nothing if you made someone kill himself.
No matter how few intentions you had or how little you did compared to others, you did it, and anyway, none of those who did Hannah things had good intentions.
Not even Zach.
Just Clay.
That’s why, although for clay it was very painful to listen to the tapes and this almost did killed himself ( i cried a lot in that part) I think he had to listen to them and it’s like Tony said “you’re not God, you can’t stop everything”
Clay only feels guilty because he couldn’t save Hannah but none of they could, they all failed even if Clay loved her.
Tony is very sensible about what he said to Clay, because he needed to know about the tapes but he also had to know that he should not be there, that he didn’t do anything wrong, and that he was the only reason Hannah could have had to stay.
But I think guilt sometimes causes people to react.
And even if to Alex made him kill himself, if the tapes did not exist they would all have continued to live their lives quiet while Hannah killed herself.
And Bryce and all those who fucked up his life would never stop hurting others.
What is being said behind the scenes “if Bryce or any of them don’t get a cost for what they did, they will keep doing it over and over again.”
So I think everything had to be in that way. If Clay wasn’t on the tapes, nothing would have happened and no one would have done justice. Jessica would have believed Justin just as long as who knows and when she knew, she would not have the courage to talk about it or face anyone. Justin would never have considered the things he did or would never have had to tell Jessica the truth or face Bryce and break their false friendship. Bryce would never have confessed and would continue raping girls because no one of who are in the tapes faced bryce. They just left it that way. They kept their mouths shut for their own protection.
The only one who did something is Clay. And Alex would have continued to do things to be part of the bryce group and the idiots. Alex would have continued to do lists or who knows other things.
Marcus would have continued to play girls whenever he felt like it.
(And although many believe that zach is innocent and what he did was minimal or not important, I do not think so) maybe what Zach did was minimal compared to others in the tapes. But it matters. In the end, everything matters.
As hannah said is a snowball that is getting bigger.
So Zach stole the only source of happiness that Hannah had at that time (besides he being very childish making this lmao) and not only that, Hannah wrote to him a letter telling him how much she was suffering and that she needed those compliments.
And Zach ignored the letter. Maybe he did not throw it. Maybe he saved it. A point for Zach.
But he ignored her. He did not do anything. And sometimes don’t do anything is worse than doing it. That’s what the series is all about.
Maybe Zach was scared but I refuse to have compassion on him and minimize what he did, because minimizing what Zach did would be minimize the pain of hannah, and I think we’ve all learned that’s a BIG mistake. Minimizing the pain of others is not good. Zach might have a good heart … or not.
I’ve seen the series already three times and I could not help think: why do y'all overlook the scenes where Zach is a bully? LITERALLY. Zach laughs and encourages Bryce to send the picture of hannah from Justin’s phone, Zach makes obscene gestures along with marcus and the others to Hannah in the hallways after Alex’s list, Zach pushes Clay down the hallway and mocks on him. Zach stoled clay’s bike with Alex and Justin. ZACH AS THE OTHERS KEEP SILENCE ON A RAPIST. Zach continued to be friends with this rapist. Was Zach scared to help Hannah? But not scared enough to bullied others?
Maybe Zach wanted to be a marine biologist and maybe he’s allergic to strawberries. But I’m not interested. Because Zach is no different from the rest. And if Clay had not scratched his car, and if he had not faced Zach, maybe Zach would have done worse things in the future, he would have never felt guilty at all.
If Hannah did not make the tapes or did not include Clay in them, maybe Mr. Porter would never know the truth and ignore other people asking for help or advised them wrong again, and Hannah’s story would be repeated.
Maybe Courtney would continue to pretend to be friends with everyone and use people to cover her homosexuality. And Tyler would continue to spy on people and stalking people through his windows and would continue to take photos and violating the privacy of others if Clay had not faced him and the tapes did not exist, because he would never understand what hannah felt if clay did not make him feels it too.
And Ryan would continue stealing things that do not belong to him and leaving others in ridicule for his own arrogance.
And Clay would never know that it is better to say things when you should and when you have the opportunity because you could save a life.
And nobody would know the importance of what they did and said. And sheri would continue to do bad things and leave them that way that could lead to the death of more people and not just Jeff. And there would be more than one Jeff.
The only one different on the tapes is Clay. So clay had to be in the tapes because otherwise, they would all have continued to live and who knows if the tapes had kept going, maybe Bryce would have burned them and no one would ever know the truth more than they. And maybe he would have even looked for Tony to get rid of the copies or who knows.
Because not even Tony was encouraged to do something when he knew the whole truth Even Tony did not know what to do, just Clay.  
Because it’s easy to stand up and say “Hannah is a bitch she ruined everyone’s life with the tapes”
But what about her life? Who would pay anything for ruined Hannah’s life?
Were all the others supposed to keep living peacefully because Hannah was dramatic and crazy according to them? No.
 Hannah and Clay are the ones who didn’t deserve so much pain throughout history. Then maybe a little bit Alex and Jessica.
But everyone else deserved to be on the tapes and deserved to take responsibility for what they did. And I think Hannah was not dramatic. That’s all. Thank you if you read this mess until the end.

Truth or Dare? | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! I was finally able to write another imagine! This wasn’t requested though, the idea just suddenly popped into my head and I just ran through with it haha. I’m gonna get the requests started so that I can post them soon and re-open my ask box for more requests. I hope you enjoy this one. It’s a bit short and straight to the point lol.

Overview: Reader likes Zach. Zach likes reader. Their friends think they should date and they all end up playing spin the bottle. What could possibly go wrong? Or perhaps, what could possibly go right?


“Hey Y/N, you should totally come to Jessica’s party later.” Justin says as he nudges my arm.

“Hmm, yeah sure I guess. I mean I don’t have anything to do tomorrow anyway so sure, I’ll come.” I reply with a small smile.

“Really!? That’s great!” he replies his fists throwing up in the air in joy.

“Calm down Justin. Uhm, who else is coming?” I ask and let out a laugh.

“Just the usual, Hannah, Clay, Sheri, Alex, Monty, Tony, Jeff, Zach.” he answers.

Zach?! Zach is coming?” I reply as my eyes widen in shock.

Zach, Zachary Dempsey. How do I begin to describe Zach? 6foot3 in height, dark brown hair, milk chocolate colored eyes, plump lips, nose accurately shaped by the Gods, and his smile, oh his perfect smile. He was the captain of the basketball team in our school. 

Every single girl in our school swooned over his presence, you can almost hear their hearts race whenever he walks through the hallway. Almost all of the girls had a crush on him, and all of them had no chance with him, and that included me. Although he was this popular, social butterfly in our school, he still kept the right amount of distance to others, which made him seem mysterious and cold.

We’ve always been close, and he was one of the people I often share my secrets too. In our group of friends, Zach and I always get teased. They’d always tell us that we should go out, we should date each other and stuff like that, but for some reason it never actually happens. I’ve heard some of my friends say that he liked me, and I mean like, like, not as a friend but as something more, but I just ignore them. I mean, yeah, I like him too, but I’m just not the kind of person to make the first move. I kind of like what we have now, we’re really close, special friends and I like how comfortable I am whenever I’m with him.

Everytime he’d flash his smile at me, everytime I’d tease him because he’s abnormally tall for his age, everytime he’d give me a back hug, everytime he’d feed me food when I’m busy, everytime he’d whine when I beat him in a video game, all of the little things made me fall more and more in love with him everyday. It’s just a shame that I can’t confess to him and that he hasn’t tried telling me what he feels too, if ever he did feel anything for me.

“Y/N.” Justin calls my name.

“Y/N!” he snaps his fingers in front of my face as I awaken to reality and realize I’ve been staring blankly, thinking about Zach.

“Oh! I’m sorry.” I jump as I give him a faint smile.

“The bell just rang.” he says as he stands up from his seat and laughs at me.

“Oh it did? Ugh, sorry I was kind of lost for a moment there.” I reply as I stand up to get my backpack.

“I’ll see you at Jess’ later, okay?” he says as we walk side by side to leave the classroom.

“Oh yeah okay. See you later!” I reply as I wave my hand goodbye and walk to the other direction to my next class.

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You Understand, Right? (Part 13): It’s Not Over Yet

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader

Length: 1280+ words

TW: Descriptions of injuries

A/N: Three more parts for this series, and it will be over! Are you guys ready? BECAUSE I’M NOT. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!


“What’s gonna happen now?” Y/N asked quietly, fidgeting with her fingers. Despite the relief she felt for coming clean to the brothers, she couldn’t help but feel worry that she was going to a burden because of the deal she made with the King of Hell. “Crowley is gonna be pissed that he didn’t get the Colt.”

“He won’t try anything,” Dean said confidently.

“But what if he does?” she refuted. “I don’t want to bother you with anymore problems.”

“You don’t be,” Sam said.

But Y/N had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something was going to go wrong. She knew it.

They all went to shower before leaving the motel- both brothers insisting that Y/N went first. She took off her shirt, noticing a cut on her hip. With furrowed eyebrows, she shimmied out of her pants, her heart stopping when she noticed the cut had slit through her possession tattoo.

‘Oh Y/N. I was hoping you’d get us to the bunker before you find out.’

“What the hell?” Y/N’s heart was pounding against her chest as the voice inside her head spoke to her. “Who the hell are you?”

‘I’m you. Just a better, improved, version of you.’

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{ ways to make you cry }

pairing: poly!hamilsquad x reader

au: omegaverse

t/w: angst

tags: @tayahqr @moonchildcharm @izzyy-bee @breathingstops @ichbindeindod @sxnyalxveshxrses @stuckonswan @ancrazyfan @lastfallenstar @mollieknighton4000 @louisianaspell @companionintime @stubbron-love @hippie-spice @silence–in–the–library @angelicahamlton @kbells822 @artistxalex @shadoweddarkness @tobesxtisfied @lilyofthevalley63 @hanakatsumi @musicalmoriarty @under-hellfire @pippasoup @obiwan824 @me-idiedforhim @parksxo @thegreaatcomet @2p-trash @raesof-sunshine @poptartroyalty @merrahonthawall @gallopingwithwolves @sarmar29 @ghostieatemymoxie @hellhole-of-musicals @littledelirious @lawnmowerswig @emotrinitytoptrash @patron-saintof-sluts @gracefullystubborn @aanhtrang @onelastfic @librarychild @echo-maniac-23 @idkimrllynerdy @lovelythoughts28 @casualcannibleprincess @scrabblesense @unidentified-failing-object @roliepoliegirl @bethbat @un-surpassable @tailored-shirt-tails @curiousplanets @astudentsnightmare @scum-fairy @sapphirerosee @izzylt123 @sweaterkitty-fluff @like-blue-bonnets @blu932 @nixilton @thataudreydork  @lifeless-galaxy-water @queenofrock0369121518 @stillcooli0 @elenavaldez02 @novarebel @local-atbest @girlmeetsvouge @wolfygirl722 @darksoulcupcakes @promisesandmore  @laurenslover864 @bad-hatter @hello-fanfiction-goodbye-grades (wow this url is me) @the-puppeteer @dianaftop @burrbbery @i-am-nonstop @a-hamilton-mess @fislan @hamilsquadfics @someoneisholdingmynamehostage @thepervertcreature @kralbaron  @ficsandships @lattes-and-wildflowers @laureninthewoods  @sweet-fate @dontsay-notothis @sappasie-wolf @hamilbroke @the10dollarfoundingfather @koolok1996 @ecurrier109 @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @commander-rowan @doctor-desi  @arissanoddle​ @daddysprettypagan @dear-theodo-xia@hamilbroke @cutekittybast 

a/n: hello friends it’s time 2 suffer

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part three 

John looked down at you warily. He stroked your hair, saw your face relax slightly underneath the morning light. Your arms were still tightly wound around his torso. You had your head on his chest. Alex had woken you up, but he managed to get you back to sleep. 

It was only the two of you in bed. Alex had gotten up to talk to Laf downstairs. He was fuming, looked ready to punch Laf as soon as he woke up, but John touched his hand before he left the room. 

He needed to stay calm for once. At least calm enough to put Laf in his place. 

“Baby girl,” John said softly, kissing your head. “Alex is gonna sort this out. Just need you to talk a little today.” He stroked your hair, running his hands through it gently.

You were still asleep, quiet and pliant. You had yet to speak, but you looked better than you did last night. John pressed one more kiss to your cheek before deciding not to disturb you further. You’d be up in a little. There was no need to worry. At least, not now.

Alex took three deep breaths and then went downstairs. He was frustrated and angry and yet there was a little part of him that told him that Laf was always right. Listen to Laf.

His hands were shaking so much. He quickly knew why.

“Laf.” Alex said quietly, standing in front of him. He stood up a little straighter, knowing he would need the courage to stand up to his alpha. 

“Hm?” Laf glanced up at Alex from his book. He only looked up for a moment before looking back down at the words on the page. Alex growled in response and grabbed the book out of his alpha’s hands. Alex tossed the book to the side, heard it hit the wall. He wasn’t surprised when Laf shot him a glare.

Laf straightened up. Perhaps Alex was being difficult again. He opened his mouth to say something, but Alex quickly cut him off.

“What are you gonna do? Give me the same speech you gave (Y/N)?” He snapped. His voice echoed throughout the living room. “Which by the way is not okay!”

“Alexander -”

“I’m not done!” He felt his chest rise and fall, but he was quick to start up again. “You and Herc always say you’ll be fair. That’s why John and I chose you and I’m pretty sure that’s why (Y/N) chose you too!” He screamed. “We chose you because you didn’t demand our respect. Y-You sought to earn it. So how do you think I felt when she told me what you said to her to get her into the car?! How do you think John felt?!”

He paused, letting Laf process his words. He saw how Laf’s face started to crumble a little. Suddenly, their roles were reversed.

Alex found it strange, found it uncomfortable even, but he began to like it. He liked having Laf at his feet for once instead of the other way around. Sure, Laf and Herc always listened to him but this–this was different. This was a different kind of power.

He’d take advantage of this.

“For you to force her into the car like that wasn’t fucking fair at all. Now you have her walking around on edge. Did you even notice that? I’ve never felt her cling to me and John so tightly before. Never.” He emphasized, feeling his eyes well up with tears and his face grow hotter with anger. He sniffed a little, but he cleared his throat. His voice was softer as he said, “S-She’s not even talking, Laf. Congratulations, you’ve literally rendered her speechless.” 

Laf looked up at Alex confused. He furrowed his brows together almost like he didn’t understand what Alex had said but he did. He understood every word. 

“You don’t get to be fucking quiet, Laf. Say something!” Alex screamed. 

“S-She’s not talking?” Laf whispered. He felt like someone had poured a bucket of cold water on him. His hair stood up on end and he felt like he couldn’t move. I did…that? 

The first word that popped in his head was monster and it rang and rang and rang through his mind. It was this horrible cacophony of ugly words, making him feel nauseated. He couldn’t think about anything else. All he knew was that he messed up. He hurt you and he was horrible.

Alex yelling at him didn’t help either. 

“Yes! I-Is that what you wanted? Are you just trying to scare us all into staying here with you and Herc?! Do you want us all to be quiet? You might have done it to her, but I won’t fucking let you do that to me.”

Laf was quiet. For once, he was having a hard time looking at Alex. He looked down into his lap, rubbed his hands nervously. His shoulders were hunched together. Alex had never seen Laf look so small. Alex was suddenly so big, filled the room to the point where it might overflow, and gave Laf little space to breathe. 

Alex didn’t care. He demanded his alpha’s attention. 

“Say something, Laf.”

“I-I didn’t know.” Laf finally said softly, feeling a slight pain in his chest.

“You knew exactly what you were doing.”

“I didn’t know it would leave her like this.” Laf bit his lip, looking up at Alex helplessly. “I figured that–We just needed to get her home and I knew t-that would work so -”

“Did you stop to ask why she left in the first place?” Alex raised an eyebrow at him, arms crossed over his chest.

Laf thought for a moment, before letting out a quiet “no.”

“See that’s the problem with you alphas! You don’t listen. You think you’re p-perfect or something. Like you can never be wrong about anything.” Alex let out a heavy sigh. He ran a hand through his hair and watched as Laf sat forward slightly. 

Laf rubbed his temples before burying his face into his hands.

“I messed up.” He whispered quietly, feeling a horrible mantra running through his head. “I failed her. I should have stopped a-and -”

“Laf. Snap out of it.” Alex said, suddenly sounding exhausted. 

“I failed her. I messed up and -”

He leaned down in front of Laf and pulled his hands away from his face. Once he did so, he saw the tinge of red in his alpha’s eyes. He looked so heartbroken, so desperate to fix things, to fix anything, to fix (Y/N). Alex bit his lip. 

Shit. He thought. Laf was spiraling.

He tried to soften his tone, but he was still angry. “Laf.” 

Laf was quick to look up. Alex let out a little sigh. 

“You can fix this, okay? You can fix this and I’m going to tell you how.” 

Laf pursed his lips together and gave Alex a small nod.

“Go to her.” Alex said slowly. “Herc’s not home yet but when he gets here, he’s going to do the same thing.”

“But -” Laf said weakly, eyes glassy.

Alex leaned in close, grabbed the collar of Laf’s shirt. 

“Go fucking apologize to (Y/N) before I take her and John, pack up our things, and leave this damn house. When you hurt her, you hurt me.” He snarled. “And if you try to keep me here–-if you even think about trying to stop me, I have no problem calling the authorities. I know my rights as an omega and I can spin this a thousand different ways so you’re at fault.” 

Laf swallowed, nodded shakily as he looked at Alex. “O-Okay. I will go.”

Alex nodded, backed away from Laf. He watched as Laf got up and headed upstairs.

As Laf went upstairs, John came downstairs. Alex was still shaking as he stood in the living room. He was shaking out of anger, out of frustration, but mainly because of the heat of confrontation. Because the entire time he was yelling his instincts were screaming for him to be quiet. John quickly pulled him into his arms, ran a hand through his hair. Alex wrapped his arms around his neck, let John hold him.

“We’re gonna be okay.” John said softly. “Don’t worry. They’re gonna be okay.”

Before Laf came in, John helped you sit up. You leaned into him, buried your face into his shoulder. You closed your eyes and felt him shift against you.

“Baby girl,” He whispered. “I’m gonna go downstairs, okay? You need to talk to Laf. If anything doesn’t feel right, me and Alex will be downstairs.”

You whimpered, your lower lip trembling as John slipped out of your grasp. You reached out to him, grabbing his arm as he stood up. He sighed, looking down at you. He turned back and ran a hand through your hair. You leaned into his touch.

“I know, baby.” John kissed your head. “I won’t be far. Just be brave for a little, okay?”

Laf stood in the doorway, watching how John had to comfort you. Laf felt his heart shatter. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. This wasn’t supposed happen.

He messed up. He was never supposed to make you cry. He was never supposed to put you in such a broken state.

He was supposed to protect you and love you. That was his job as your alpha. He wasn’t supposed to hurt you.

John kissed you once more, gave you a big hug, closing his eyes as he tightly embraced you. He pulled away, straightening up. John looked up at Laf and walked towards him.

“If I even hear her whimper,” John growled. “I’ll slit your throat.”

Laf swallowed. Nodded quickly.

With that, John walked out of the room and headed downstairs. 

Laf carefully stepped closer to you. He left the door open, not wanting you to feel uneasy.

He sat on the edge of the bed, still quite far from you. You were clutching the sheets tightly beneath your fingertips. Laf bit his lip, unsure of what to do or say. He looked around the bedroom before closing his eyes and opening his mouth to speak. He knew what he needed to say despite it being so hard to do. 

“I’m sorry.” Laf whispered.

You didn’t say anything, didn’t even move. He sighed, folded his hands in his lap.

“Your silence is what I deserve,” He said. “You shutting me out is what I deserve, but I hope you can forgive me, my darling.”

You still hadn’t moved, hadn’t shown any indication that you were even listening. As much as it frustrated him, he knew demanding you to listen would make it worse.

“I-It was unfair for me to say what I said to you. I did not…I should not have done that to you.” He looked over at you, biting his lip a little.

He got up slowly, not wanting to frighten you. Just as slowly, he knelt down in front of you, startling you from where you sat. You looked down at him, eyes wide and uncertain.

He rested his head in your lap and just before he turned his head, you could see the tears rolling down his cheeks.

You tensed, your whole body going rigid until Laf continued to speak.

“There is no excuse. I am deeply sorry, my love. I n-never meant to hurt you. I’m supposed to protect you from harm. Not bring the harm onto you. I am not ashamed to beg for your forgiveness. I am truly sorry.”

You looked down at Laf, felt your eyes well up with tears. Your lower lip trembled a little and your hands shook. You loosened your grip on the sheets. With Laf at your feet, you suddenly found your voice.

“Y-You hurt me.” You said, your voice trembling. Laf ducked his head down, feeling more shame fill him as he heard the sorrow in your voice.

Very slowly, you slipped your ring off. You set it next to you on the bed, eyes cold and calculating at you looked at Laf.

“Do you feel that?” You lifted his head up, holding him up by his chin. You looked him right in the eyes. He met them nervously. With one look into your teary eyes and with your scent hanging in the air, he could feel it all. He could feel your insides twisting as you were caught in a turmoil–one side screaming to submit while the other wailed that this wasn’t fair. 

He felt his chest tighten, felt his throat clog.

Laf nodded, tears spilling over his cheeks at a rapid rate. He opened his mouth to say something, but it hurt too much.

“I couldn’t talk.” You said sadly. “Your speech…it hit me hard, Laf. I was in this horrible state of d-distress. I feared if I said the wrong word you’d have to remind me of my place again.” You laughed bitterly. “I thought you’d m-might even hurt me.”

Laf bit back a sob. He let you finish.

“For a moment, I hated you.” You weakly smiled. “Oh, I wanted to hate you. The mark you left on me. It burned, Laf. It felt horrible.”

You were quiet. Laf started to speak, but his throat felt like it was closing and his heart felt like it was going to shrivel up. Suddenly, he felt something wet plop down on the side of his face.

You were crying.

“R-Remember that,” You said hoarsely, slipping your ring back on. “And please,” You begged, shutting your eyes tightly. “Don’t hurt me again.”

“I won’t, ma chérie.” Laf closed his eyes, feeling his chest relax only slightly. “I promise.”

Laf still had his head in your lap. With a shaky hand, you started to run your fingers through his curls. His whimpers subsided as you moved your fingers through his hair. You gently pulled it out of its usual bun, combed through the curls.

You weren’t sure how long you stayed that way, with Laf at your feet. It was long enough for you to feel okay. Long enough for you to get your voice back.

Herc received a different sort of scolding. He was quick to comply, quick to apologize, but you were angry for a different reason.

“Why didn’t you stop Laf?” You whispered. “You kept looking at him like you knew he had gone too far, but you didn’t stop him. Why Herc?”

“Because I knew it would work.” He said quietly. “And I know you. You could sit out there for hours. We had good intentions. We just wanted you home.”

“If you weren’t being such controlling assholes, I would have gotten in the car with you.” You grumbled. You bit your lip, felt your fists clench and then unclench. 

“It was a birthday party, you know.” You whispered.

“W-What?” He asked, frowning a little.

“The party. The club.” You said slower since Herc couldn’t keep up. “It was a birthday party for one of my best friends since I was a kid. We grew up together! I was going one way or another.”

“He’s an alpha, isn’t he?” Herc pointed out. “How do you think that makes us feel?”

“No, no, no!” You snapped and Herc quickly quieted. “This isn’t about you. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it. That’s why we’re here in the first place because all you and Laf do is think about how stuff makes you feel.” You snarled. “If you thought about how I felt, we wouldn’t be having this fight right now.

“I was going to go out no matter what you two said because before you two came along, he was one of the best alphas I knew. But after yours and Laf’s little stunt, I’m starting to think maybe I’m better off with him.” You felt your heart sink. 

That cold realization hit you again, the one that made you feel empty, the one that made your marks burn. 

“M-Maybe loving you was a mistake.” You found yourself whispering. 

“Baby -”

“I-I’m not your baby.” You closed your eyes tightly, feeling your shoulders tense. You let out a shaky breath, managed to relax. “I’m…not your baby right now. I just need you to listen to me.”

“Okay.” Herc whispered. “Okay.” 

You straightened up. “I wore the ring.” You said calmly. “I-I don’t go anywhere without it.” You laughed, feeling your eyes well up with tears. “Because no matter where I am, no matter how far I go, it reminds me that I have four people to come home to. It reminds me that I’m taken. That I’m happy. I’m being protected. I’m safe even when my alphas aren’t with me.

“And that confuses me? B-Because why did you buy this for me if you wouldn’t even let me out of the house?!” You threw your arms about flippantly. “A-Are Alex and I just pretty things that you two have? Are we just pretty things that you only bring out whenever you like? Because I can’t live like that. I w-will not be some trophy to you.” You looked him in the eyes. “I won’t. I refuse to.” 

“It’s a lovely ring. I cried when you gave it to me. It made me feel fuzzy inside, all those dumb emotions because I thought now I wouldn’t have to deal with bad alphas anymore. I was safe from them.You sniffed, feeling your tears roll down your cheeks. “But when I got into that car, I thought this ring is broken. I’m in the car with the bad alphas.”

Herc stiffened. Alex and John were in the living room. They didn’t have time to leave since you attacked Herc as soon as he came in through the door. Laf was in the kitchen, head down on the table with his eyes closed. The house was full of tension, so different from the usual love that filled it. 

“You had no reason to freak out because one, I had the ring. You had no reason to freak out because two, Connor knew I had mates. Three, you had no reason to freak out, because I was coming home to you.” You said. “I wouldn’t let anyone touch me. You should know that.” You looked up at him with tears in your eyes. “I’m going to let you speak, but don’t say, we were just trying to protect you. Don’t say we got jealous and our instincts said do this. You t-two know better. That’s why it hurt so much.” You felt your chest tighten.

“I know,” Herc whispered, too feeling the pain in his chest. It seemed to grow with each word you said. He felt that it might swallow him whole. “I-I know.”

“You don’t own me.” Your voice trembled. “If you won’t let me go out to some birthday party without acting like this then, we’re not going to last. You have my heart, yes, but you don’t own me. I respect you. I love you.” You sighed. “But I can’t love you if you can’t do the same for me. Okay?”

“Yes. We’ll do better. I-I will. I’ll do better.” Herc promised, stepping towards you. He took your hands in his, pressed soft kisses to the back of them. “I’m so sorry.” He slowly dropped to his knees, wrapped his arms around your torso.

For the second time today, you had an alpha at your feet. For the second time today, you made sure that your alpha felt what you felt. You slipped your ring off, let your scent fill the air. 

You heard how Alex let out a small from the living room, heard Laf’s sad sigh from the kitchen, but Herc’s was the most prominent.

He let out a whimper, low and quivering as his chest tightened, his throat clogged, and his head pounded. You felt your shirt get slightly damp. You knew he was crying. You knew he was sorry.

“It’s okay now, Herc.” You whispered, feeling your eyes well up with tears. You bit your lip and slipped your ring back on. “P-Please get up. It should be the other way around.” You mumbled quietly.

“No. I was in the wrong.” Herc said softly. “Me and Laf…we both were. We shouldn’t have done that. If we l-let you go out in the first place, we wouldn’t be fighting right now.”

“Mm.” You said, wanting to laugh because finally he understood. Finally, he saw your side of it.

You lowered yourself down a little, kissed his head. When he looked up, you saw a single tear roll down his cheek. You brushed it away with your thumb, feeling your lower lip tremble.

“You’ve always been there to protect me,” You gave him a small smile. “I’m not asking you to stop. P-Please continue, really,” You laughed a little. “But I need you to keep Laf in check too. Can you do that for me so this doesn’t happen again?” 

He nodded, looking at you with such love and devotion. “I’d do anything for you.” 

With that, you helped Hercules to his feet. He gave you a tiny smile and you managed to return it. You brushed away the little tear that slipped out. You patted Herc’s hand. You watched him as he kissed the backs of your hands once more, softly and sweetly.

“I’m going to check on Laf.” You whispered, pulling away from him. You looked around for help. 

John pointed to the dining room from where he sat on the couch. You thanked him quietly.

You found Laf without much trouble. You slipped into a chair next to him, gently placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at you as soon as you touched him. His eyes were so sad.

“I know you were listening,” You said softly. “I just want you to know I forgive you too.” You cleared your throat a little. “Thought you needed to hear it.”

Laf nodded and you shyly kissed his cheek. He felt his eyes water, felt them filling up with tears, but he kept it inside. 

“We do not deserve your forgiveness.” He whispered. 

“Yeah, you really don’t.” You said bluntly. Laf tensed at your words and looked at your warily. 

“But, I’m going to forgive you anyway.” You sighed. “You and Herc are good alphas. You’ve been good to me in the past. You just…had a bad moment. As long as it doesn’t happen again, we’re okay.”

He smiled a little as you gave him a smile too. He felt relieved more than anything.

“Please give me some time. To, um,“ You paused, trying to think of the right words. “Learn how to love you again. I’m still a little frustrated, b-but I’ll get there.” You said, feeling confident in what you were saying. “We can be a pack again.”

Laf nodded, eyes no longer as sad. “Take as long as you need, chérie.”

My Saviour - Six

A/N: I know I said I would be posting Thursday or Friday, but I’m not going to be able to do that, so I’m posting today instead. A huuuuge thank you to all that has commented, liked and reblogged this, it means so incredibly much to me. Special thanks to my beta @thorne93 and also a shout out to @torn-and-frayed for helping me figure some stuff out for this part. READ THE WARNINGS ALL!!!

Characters: Dean, Reader, Alex, Bobby, Dr. Crowley.

Warnings: Angst, Pregnancy, Physical abuse, A little fluff in the middle (if you squint).

Wordcount: 3606.

Catch up HERE

Dean was restless at work the next afternoon. Sleep hadn’t come easy the night before, and you were constantly on his mind as he was trying to think of how he could make things up to you.

He was barely two hours into his shift when his boss, Dr. Crowley, pulled him into an empty exam room.

“What’s going on?” Dean asked, confused by the sudden action.

“I’ve called in Dr. Matthews and she’s on her way in to cover your shift,” he explained, giving Dean a stern look.

Dr. Fergus Crowley was a man that just oozed respect. It was something about the way he carried himself, or maybe it was the British accent… whatever it was, people just instantly respected him. He was also a fair boss who treated all his employees with the same respect they gave him.

“What?” Dean stupidly questioned.

“I can tell you’re not on your A game today, Winchester, and I need my doctors to be on their A game,” he said. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I want you to take tonight off and then come back well rested for your morning shift tomorrow, can you do that?”

“Yes, sir,” Dean said, still a little confused about what just happened.

As soon as the conversation ended, Dean made his way to the nurses station to give them some updates and some notes to pass on to the doctor who was coming to cover for him. The nurses were all gathered around the computer to look at picture of one of their grandkids when the phone rang. All of them looked up at Dean and he instantly reached for the phone and answered, introducing himself as he picked up.

“Hey, this is Bobby Singer calling, do you have a patient by the name of (YN) (YLN) there?”

Dean recognized the man as your boss, and as soon as he heard your name chills went down his spine as dread filled his entire body. “No, she’s not here. What’s going on? I’m a friend of hers.”

The line went quiet for a bit before Bobby spoke again. “How good of a friend are you?”

“Good enough that I know what’s going on at home,” Dean answered boldly.   

“Okay,” Bobby dragged. “She didn’t come into work today, which never happens, she always let’s me know, and I can’t reach her on her phone.” He sounded worried.

“Have you called her house?”

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anonymous asked:

Ok I'm trying to keep hope, so what if Kara is really only getting with Mon-El so that she can deny and push down her feelings for Lena? Bc if not the idek what to think just I really hope that's all it is.

Oh honey, the Swan Queen fandom has been doing this for years, and it is a beautiful and clever and necessary coping mechanism. Here. Enjoy.

Alex calls for an emergency Sisters’ Night. In fact, she demands it.

And Kara is excited, because Rao, does she need to talk to Alex. And Rao, does she need to hear Alex talk, because so much is going on with Maggie, and with her lab work to find Jeremiah, and with J’onn missing M’gann, and with just… everything.

But even more than talking, Kara just wants to snuggle on the couch with her big sister.

So when Alex lets herself into her apartment and Maggie trails in apologetically behind her, Kara bristles.

She adjusts her glasses and she forces a smile. “Hey Maggie,” she strains, reminding herself sternly that Maggie has been through so much, that Maggie was just retraumatized, that Maggie is probably going to be her sister-in-law one day, so might as well start attending Sisters’ Nights now, right?

But Alex is throwing up her hands and taking Kara by the shoulders, because she knows her sister, and she knows the war that’s raging in her head, in her heart.

“So, Kara, I lied. I want to do Sisters’ Night, just you and me. Because Sisters’ Night will always just be for us. But, tomorrow. Not tonight. I lied, and I’m sorry about that, but I was afraid you’d tell us not to come over if I told you…”

Kara backs away from Alex and furrows her brow.

“If you told me what?”

“We’re worried about you, Kara,” Maggie chimes, and holds out a bag of potstickers that Kara hadn’t noticed before, and Kara snatches them with narrowed eyes and a suspicious glare.

She sits down with a grunt and begrudgingly nods her sister and her sister’s girlfriend to do the same. Alex and Maggie exchange a glance, and it’s like they can read each other’s minds, they work together so seamlessly.

Kara feels a stab of something like jealousy, but she knows it’s not about Alex. She’s purely happy for Alex. It’s about something else, something different. Something that she hopes against hope that Alex an Maggie aren’t going to try to make her talk about, because Rao, she doesn’t know how she can handle it if they do.

She tears into the potstickers and blinks. “So, what are you worried about?”

Maggie and Alex exchange that glance again, and Alex leans forward and puts her hand on Kara’s knee.

“Kara, you know I respect you. And I respect your judgment, and I respect your heart. I love what a big heart you have. It’s what makes you a hero. But Kara, I…”

“You’re getting with Mon-El, Little Danvers, even though you really kind of seem to hate him, and that’s… we’re worried about you, Kara. Not because we don’t think you can handle yourself, or because we don’t respect your decisions, but because I… we… we know what it’s like to be with someone because you feel like you have to, not because you really want to.”

Kara nearly chokes on a potsticker, and Alex thumps her back mechanically, her eyes fixed on her sister’s face.

“That’s ridiculous,” she splutters when she finally swallows. “I don’t feel like I have to do anything, I’m Supergirl, I – ”

“Well, Mon-El doesn’t seem to respect that, and you don’t seem to think he does, either.”

“I’ve never told you anything like – what are you talking about, I – ”

“Kara,” Maggie says, her voice soft and her voice full of understanding pain, mixed with the beginnings of ironic humor. “The entire DEO heard you yelling at him. And lemme tell you, for secret agents, your people are pretty terrible at, you know. Keeping secrets.”

Alex mock-glares at Maggie before leveling Kara with a look of significant concern.

“Oh please, Detective, it’s not like any of that was a secret. Kara was shouting what a misogynist, unsupportive, manipulative, disrespectful, gaslighting, mansplaining – ”

“Nice new vocab, Danvers.”

“Thanks babe, I’m trying.”

“Alex, I – ”

“Oh, I’m sorry Kara, did you want me to stop that list?” Alex’s tone, the way she’s caressing Kara’s face, is much softer than her words. “Because I don’t have to. I have more, and they all seem to have come from your mouth in one way or another – ”

“Alex – ”

“And I love you, Kara. I love you, more than anything, more than life itself, so here’s the thing I can’t understand: why are you throwing yourself at this guy when he spends every waking minute trying to stomp all over the powerful woman that you are? It would be like me actually going for Max Lord or something – ”

“You and Maxwell Lord were a thing?”

“Ew, god, no, which is exactly why I can’t understand what you’re thinking, Kara.”

“And she’s not blaming you, Little Danvers, no one’s angry at you – ”

“No, Maggie’s right, I’m not, I just – ”

“We’re just worried, Kara. Your sister loves you, and I’m growing to love you, a lot, and hell, even J’onn asked us – and believe you me, it was as awkward as it sounds – if we could talk to you to make sure you’re really okay, because this is… we’re worried about you, Kara. So are you? Okay?”

Maybe it’s something in Maggie’s soft eyes, or maybe it’s the way Alex is stroking her hair, or maybe it’s the way they’re both going through so much of their own struggles right now, but they’re making it a point to check in with her. Or maybe it’s all of it, everything, the way his hands were too fast and his tongue too eager, the way he’s an okay guy, she supposes, but as a wayward brother or something, not as a lover, but she was so worn down and she’s just so tired and maybe it’s everything, all of it, because Kara breaks.

She breaks into her sister’s arms and immediately she feels the walls of Alex’s love rise up around her, protecting her from all her enemies, protecting her from herself.

Immediately she hears Maggie kneel down in front of the sisters, in front of her Danvers girls, a hand on Alex’s knee and a hand hovering over the small of Kara’s back until Kara nods through her sobbing that Maggie can touch her, of course Maggie can touch her, because god it feels good to be held by two women who love her for exactly who she is, not for what they imagine her to be, what they wish she were.

“I’m so…” She gasps wildly for breath and Alex kisses her forehead, smoothes her hair, rocks her, rocks her, rocks her. “I’m so scared, Alex,” she chokes through her gasping, through her tears.

“Shhh, I know, it’s okay. I’ve got you, Kara. I love you, I love you, shhhhh. Cry it out, Kara, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here. I’m here, always. I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.”

Tears bite at Alex’s eyes, and she glances down across Kara’s body to meet Maggie’s, and she’s almost surprised to see tears gleaming in Maggie’s eyes, as well, and she knows it’s not the time, but she also knows, beyond doubt, that she’s in love with her.

Kara grabs at the back of Alex’s sweater and is forcibly reminded of when Cat grabbed at the back of Supergirl’s suit – her suit – and it’s suddenly all too much, suddenly all needs to come out, no matter how scared she is.

Suddenly, she knows she needs to dive.

“I didn’t want to, Alex, I didn’t want to because you were just coming out and I’ve taken so much from you, so much attention, for so many years, I didn’t want to do it again – ”

“Kara, it’s okay, everything’s okay. I’m not angry, I’m not going to be angry, but what… what are you talking about?”

Alex’s face is a map of compassionate confusion and Maggie’s face is a map of compassionate realization, and she glances at Alex because here we go again.

“I was in love with James, so… so in love with him,” Kara gasps, and Maggie nods slowly, and Alex just tries to keep up as she wipes Kara’s running nose with the tissue Maggie passes her.

“And kissing him was nice, it was… he was lovely, he is lovely, and I love him, I do, but it… it didn’t feel… ka-pow.”

Alex smiles uncomprehendingly but supportively, and Maggie smiles knowingly, and they both rub soothing circles onto Kara’s skin as she gathers the courage to continue.

“And I didn’t understand it, I didn’t have to words for it, but then… but then you came out and I was doing research, for you, and I found… I found out that you can be in love, straight love, but not want to have sex with men, be asexual towards men, even though you can be in love with them… and that you can… you can also… at the same time…”

She glances down at Maggie, and Maggie nods slowly at her, a small smile on her lips, because like sister like sister.

“You can also like girls. Women. Romantically. And even sexually.”

Comprehension starts to dawn on Alex’s face now, too, and she gets flashes of Kara spending so many nights crying when Cat left National City, of her terror when Livewire got loose again, because Livewire had tried, so hard, to kill Cat.

Of Kara adjusting her glasses a bit extra whenever Lena came up in conversation.

Of Kara steadfastly refusing to lose faith in Lena, even when everything looked, well, grim.

Of Kara’s desperation to find her. Of her more-than-just-everyday-heroics willingness to die for her. Of her beautifully, passionately written article vindicating her.

“Kara,” is all Alex says, all Alex can say, as she pulls her little sister in closer, closer, closer.

“I’m sorry, Alex,” Kara chokes, pushing back, pushing away, so she can look Alex in the face. “I don’t want to take attention away from your coming out, I don’t… I don’t even know what to label it all, I just know that I… I’m so scared that if I…”

“If you don’t throw yourself into the most easily available thing – if you don’t surrender to the guilt he’s putting you through – you’ll have to confront your feelings for Lena Luthor,” Maggie supplies softly, softly, because Kara is shaking so badly, and Maggie knows that look, knows when someone needs to hear the words before they can say them themselves, and sure enough, when Maggie says it, Kara stops trembling quite so much, and her tears become of the silent variety, and she nods, nods, nods.

“Please don’t be mad,” she whispers to Alex, and Alex does nothing but shake her head and kiss her face, tears and snot and all.

“Kara, listen to me. I need you to really listen, and I need…” She glances down at Maggie as she cups Kara’s cheeks in her hands, and Maggie gives her a small smile. “I need you to really hear me. I would never, ever, ever be mad at you for loving whoever you love. However you love them. Because whoever you love, and whatever kind of love it is, whatever kind of intimacy you want with them? That’s absolutely fine. It’s absolutely perfect. You’re absolutely fine. You’re absolutely perfect. And I would never be angry at you, or disappointed in you, or resentful toward you, for being who you are. I promise. Alright?”

Kara shudders and smiles and reaches for the last of the potstickers.

Alex chuckles and Maggie laughs and Kara chews with a bashful smile.

“Will you help me break up with him? I still care about him, as a person – ”

“We both will, Kara. Whatever you need.”

“You got it, Little Danvers.”

“And then… then maybe you can help me talk to Lena?”

Alex groans with a smile and Maggie laughs and puts both hands on Kara’s thighs as she stands up to slip onto her girlfriend’s mock-traumatized lap.

“Of course we will, Little Danvers. Of course we will.”

It Started With A Note (Zach Dempsey)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warning: shorter than usual? Visuals are shit

A/N: Let me apologize for the visuals because I just made that note on Photoshop and I’m a noob HAAHAHHAHA And incase you didn’t know, Badminton is a sport where in you use a racket. It’s pretty similar to tennis but different ball and rules and the racket is lighter.

It was the end of the first half of communications class. Honestly everyone found this class stupid but this was your favorite. Why? Because you loved understanding people and helping people out.

You see, in communications class, you had this thing called “compliment bags” the only rule was to be nice. And you loved it. You were always the type to write sweet notes to make people happy and you wrote for everyone…. except one guy. Zach Dempsey. He was your crush actually. You didn’t want to write in his in fear that he might tease you or he might laugh in your face. You were an athlete but you weren’t popular. You didn’t do group games. In fact, you played badminton and not much people watch your games but you loved it no matter what. You weren’t popular but you weren’t an outcast either. You just didn’t hang around Zach’s friends. And that’s why you were scared to approach him.

But to everyone you had nice notes for whether it was something as simple as “you look amazing today! Keep smiling and being you!” Or as complicated as “I saw that you were sad today and I really don’t know why, but I know that you are an amazing person with a strong personality and I know you can get through this. I wish you the best”

You checked your compliment bag to see 5. Surprisingly. You usually only get one and it was always anonymous. The anon usually wrote Pick up lines. You read the names out loud. “Hannah, Sheri, Alex, Skye and Anon??”

“Wow y/n/n! That’s a lot” Sheri says gesturing to the notes you had in your hands. “Uh thanks Sheri for yours” you say politely. “Damn girl, I’d thank you because you always write a note for me” she replies holding it up proudly. You laugh and look at Hannah. “What did you get?” You asked her keeping your notes. “Besides my usual note from you, I got another bunny” she smiled. “Aww what a cute bunny. I bet whoever wrote that likes you” you say winking at her. Both her and Sheri laugh as the begin talking about who the mystery bunny man could be. You glance to see your crush Zach looking in his bag frowning.

Your head slightly tilts to the side as you look at him confused. How could THE Zach Dempsey be sad about his compliment bag? He should have dozens of notes. You watched him trying to see how many notes he’s got but then he doesn’t pull out any and makes his way out. He turns back and you turn away pretending like you weren’t watching him. Sheri giggles at you and your obvious red cheeks.

“Hey Hannah, got anything?” He asks with a smile. “Nothing earthshaking. You?” She asks him folding her notes. “Nada. Kinda soul crushing, isn’t it?” He says walking out. Your heart melts upon hearing this.

“Poor Zach” Sheri begins. “I wonder how someone like him gets nothing though” Hannah asks, mostly talking to herself. You sigh and sit down and begin to write a note to him

‘I’m sorry this is late. I’ve been scared to write to you but I honestly love you and you deserve the best. Watching you sad makes me sad. You deserve all the notes from head to toe and I think you deserve to be loved and reminded how amazing you are. I love you I love you I love you. I’m sorry I can’t tell you in person. But smile for me and I’ll always be happy. Because you make me happy’

And you fold it and put it in his bag. “Nice way of making a move y/n/n” Sheri teases as you guys walk out. “He deserves it” you shrug. “So what does your anon note say?” Sheri asks gesturing to the note you just opened. “A letter. This time it’s a ü” you say putting it in your wallet. Little did they know you knew what the letters meant. And in your wallet written with the small letters read “I like u”

The notes from anon were the ones that made you smile the most. And another attached read “Good luck with your badminton tournament today” Wow, Anon does know everything. You giggle and hide your wallet and walk out communications class. You walk and sit with Alex today seeing as he was alone. Alex was your only close friend from Zach’s circle. You were friends with all of them but not enough to hang around with them. Little did you know that Alex’s friends were just finishing up.

“What’s up with the sports get up y/l/n?” Alex asks looking up as he takes a bite of his sandwich. “I have a tournament after lunch” You say putting down your gym bag. “No friends today?”

Alex was about to reply until the lunch doors open and you see all his friends. You begin to stand up before they walked over but you were too late. “No, y/n, stay! We’ve been meaning to hang out with you” Justin says grinning. You look over to Alex who shrugs. You sit back down as everyone else sits down. You were sat beside Zach and Justin, the two best friends, with Monty, Alex and Bryce sitting across. “You guys are less today” You comment biting an apple. “Yeah well Jess has cheerleading practice and Marcus has a student council thingy” Justin explains. “May I say, damn y/l/n, nice legs” Bryce comments. You shift in your seat uncomfortably. “shut up walker” Zach says in a half joking tone but you can tell he’s serious. Bryce shrugs it off.

“So what do we owe the pleasure to see THE y/f/n y/l/n wearing shorts?” Bryce asks winking. You force out a small chuckle and explain that you have a game. “Can’t wait to watch” He says winking. You glance at Zach seeing him ball his hands into a fist. You look at him confused but then shrug it off. You never spoke to Zach unless he talked to you first because you kinda feel like a nobody and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself.

The bell rings and you shoot up grabbing your bag and fixing your shoe laces. “Good luck y/n” Zach says after walking out. You sigh knowing he probably won’t watch because it’s free cut for the rest of the school. It’s supposed to be so that they could watch but they usually throw a party and what not.

You walk into the sports hall and see your competitors warming up. “Y/n, guess who else is here to watch” Hannah states running up to you. “You?” You reply giggling. “Nope. Dempsey” she says pointing over to Zach who’s reading a note in the bleachers with a cute smile plastered upon his face

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“Is that-“ Hannah cuts you off before you have a chance to finish what your saying “Your note? Yeah. And I can tell he likes it. This is like the 4th time he’s been reading it. And he keeps asking Sheri who she thinks wrote it” she smiles beamingly. “Not now I’m gonna look disgusting when I play and I might be nervous and screw up the whole tournament” You sigh. “Tell him when you win y/n/n, plus you look amazing when you play” Hannah says patting your back then walking to the bleachers.

You breathe in and out then start the tournament.

Zach looked at his long time crush playing badminton, this was where he felt he could see her best. She looked flawless when she’d play. He clutched the note in his hand. “Sheri who wrote this?” he asked the curly haired girl. “I dunno, who do you want it to be Zach?” she asks him teasingly. “Honestly, I really like this girl and I wish she liked me back” Zach replies as a tint of red flushing upon his cheeks. “No way who?” Sheri asks looking around. Zach looks was about to reply until he saw you going in for a smash and all he could think about was how cute you looked with your shorts and jersey, how your ponytail swishes from side to side, how you have this different aura when you play. Hell he was mesmerized by you. “Zach? Zach? Zach who is it??” Sheri whines shaking Zach out of his trance. He blushes looking down “Number 13” he mumbles. “I knew you were here for a reason!” Sheri screams searching for “number 13”

“Yo Dempsey, what number is your girl?” Justin asks beside him. “13… and she’s not my girl…. yet” he mumbles. Sheri finally spots number 13 and once you turn around her face is filled with shock. “Sheri don’t tell” Zach pleads. “Zach, she wrote that note for you” Sheri says with a grin on her face.

Zach’s pleading face quickly turns into a wide smile. “What are you waiting for? Get her” Hannah whispers to him. “What? She’s playing” Zach says gesturing to the court. “You were to engrossed talking to Sheri, you didn’t see it was half time” Clay says beside Hannah. Zach quickly runs down to where you are. “y/n!” he says running up to you. You wave at him and smile “Hey Dempsey! And what do i owe this pleasure?”

“Did you write this?” He asks quickly bringing out the note you wrote and handing it to you. “You figured it out? Look Zach, I don’t want things to be awkward and I know you don’t feel the same way but please don’t point and laugh and make fun of me right now I reall-“ he quickly cut you off. “No, God I won’t do anything like that. I love you actually. Ever since I saw you. There’s something about you, i don’t know if its the way you move, the way you talk or the way you play badminton. Heck I don’t even know if its the way your hair falls perfectly on your shoulders, the way your eyes sparkle or those lips that are just so damn kissable” he says walking closer.

“If they’re so damn kissable, what are you doing talking to me” you whisper leaning in. And from hearing your consent, Zach smashes his lips on yours kissing you ever so gently. Holding you close like this would be the last, but both of you knew it wouldn’t be. Once you pull apart all you can do is smile at him and hug him.

“y/l/n! Stop smooching and get back in the game” Your coach yells just as the bell rings signaling break is over. “y/n! Wait” Zach calls as you jog back to your team. You turn around and he asks “Will you be my girl?” he shouts and its as if everyone in the whole sports hall stays quiet just to hear your answer. “I thought you’d never ask” You grin and begin to play. Zach grins widely and runs back to his seat.

“Nice one Dempsey!” Justin says patting him on the back. “You got the girl” Sheri comments. “Number 13 is all yours” Jessica winks. Zach just smiles as his cheeks heat up. He turns to Hannah and Clay “Thanks for waking me up”

“No problem jockhead” Hannah replies smiling. He watches you play, more than in love. But when he sees your smash he does what he’s been wanting to do ever since he walked in. He stands on the bleachers and screams “GO Y/L/N! THAT’S MY GIRL RIGHT THERE”

You suddenly get a rush of confidence and before you know it, You won the game. Everyone screams and lifts you up “MVP ! MVP!” they chant. You smile cheering with them while holding the trophy then someone lifts you and puts you on their shoulders. “I knew you could do it” Zach’s familiar voice rings through your head.

“You brought out the best in me” you shrug. You both walk out of the Sports hall and go to his car “hey Zach?” you say playing with his hair

“Yeah?” he replies holding you tighter so you won’t fall

“Let’s have our first date right now in Rosie’s…. if that’s okay” you mumble

“Of course baby” he says bringing you down. He opens the car door for you and closes it when you get in. He walks to the driver’s side and goes in.

He turns on the ignition but before driving he looks at you. “God I’m so lucky” he mumbles and leans in and kisses you once more and with that you both drive off

Hot Head part.2 | Montgomery De la cruz

Read part 1 here 👉🏽

*In Mr Porters office*

You sat uncomfortably in the seat opposite Mr porters and had begun to unconsciously crack your knuckles- nervous habit. You wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for Hannah but she practically dragged you here. You stopped doing it once Mr Porter had sat back down, straightening out his tie then leaning over to hand you both a sheet of paper.

Hannah scoffs “What is this?”

You turn your paper the right way up and scan the sheet. Date, time, event, people involved, the list went on.

“Whiteness statements Hannah” Mr Porter huffed as he rubbed his forehead “I will need to know exactly what happened”

He explained- almost too casually. It was almost as if he didn’t want us bothering him at this moment..

“But we already told you what happened” Hannah explained. I watched as Mr Porter grabbed a pen out of a black pot in the desk and open the lid with his teeth.

“But I need it in writing” he mumbled as he scribbled with the pen on a yellow post-stick note, then reached for another one, one that actually worked “I also need anyone else who was in the room to write a statement too, so, do you care to tell me their names?“

You hesitated to name anyone. You didn’t want them to be involved and you certainly didn’t want anyone to think you we’re a snitch.

Just before you could say anything, Hannah had already piped up “Justin Foley, Alex Standall, Bryce Walker” she listed, counting on her fingers as she did so, “and all the other poor excuses of men in that locker room”

“But Alex didn’t do anything” you declared, speaking for the first time in about 5 minutes, gaining an eyebrow raise from Mr Porter before writing down the names.

“Exactly” Hannah said, folding her arms over her chest “He just sat back with his bowl of popcorn and watched the show”

“Hmm, what Flavour?” Mr Porter asked, still writing on the post stick note. Me and Hannah both looked to each other then back to Mr Porter.

“Salty?, Sweet?, Toffee?” He quizzed

“I’m glad you find this so funny” Hannah remarked. You were already out of your seat with the paper scrunched up in your fist.

“We’re wasting our time Hannah, let’s go”

Hannah pushed her chair out and got up. “Ok- Ok ladies, I apologise” he said, holding up both hands. You and Hannah reluctantly sat back down.

“Look, I know this seems like the end of the world right now, but this kind of stuff happens all the time. As much as it shouldn’t, boys and girls get into fights too”

“Yeah, because men are trash” Hannah whispered under her breath

”.mBut what if it wasn’t just a fight?” You asked “..What if it was- what if it was more than that?”

Mr Porter leaned forward “Montgomery and yourself, you guys are in a relationship right?” He asked

“Yeah” you agreed

“And this is the first time he’s even been violent towards you, correct?”

“..yeah” you lied “yes”

“And what is it, you said to provoke him to do that?”

Your eyebrows knotted in confusion “And why do you assume that I had done something to provoke him?(!)” you mildly shouted, your voice beginning to shake.

Mr Porter’s eyes shifted from Hannah to you "Well something must have happened for him to be angry”

“Or he could just be abusing her?” Hannah quickly responded

“I’m just saying-

“Well don’t ‘just say’” Hannah snapped back

“Hannah, I’m gonna have to ask you to wait outside” Mr Porter told her, he then walked over to the door as held it open.

Hannah mumbled something about Mr Porter to you before flinging her backpack on her shoulder and storming out the room.

“So, Y/N” Mr Porter begins “Did anything happen for Montgomery to get angry?” He repeated before slumping back down in his seat. “There had to be something?”

You waited for the sound of the door to be shut before answering “..I may have hit him, only because he called Hannah a slut”

“um-hmm” Mr Porter hummed then scribbled something down “So you hit him first?” He asked

“Yeah but-

"And do you think hitting him was the right way to react?”

“What? And hitting me was the right was to react” you say, putting emphasis on the ‘me’.

“Listen Y/N, it seems to me like neither of you thought before you reacted, doesn’t mean that anyone is an abuser. That’s a very serious allegation to make”

Yeah, if only you could see the scars on my back and the bruises under my skin, you thought. You began to crack your knuckles again- consciously

"You two are a couple and that’s what couples do sometimes” he explained “Monty was just probably embarrassed that you hit him in front of all his friends”

“Yeah, I guess I hurt his precious ego” you sniffed


“Mm” you agreed as you stood to your feet and pulled the strap of your bag over your shoulder “..and perhaps I could get over it in a week or so”

“I dunno- perhaps” Mr Porter shrugged You just shook your head in disbelief and opened the door.

“Well, you don’t have to leave right now!” Mr Porters voice echoed as you walked further away from him. Hannah got up as soon as she caught sight of you but you didn’t say anything, you just kept walking.

You heard her footsteps gain speed as she jogged to catch up with you. “What did he say?” She asked

"Nothing useful” you told her “I have to go meet up with Clay”

“Oh, right well, maybe we could meet up at Monets after school” she suggested “Hot chocolate can be a really good cure”

You didn’t want to go. You didn’t want to talk about this anymore. I mean, what was the point? Talking about it with Mr Porter hadn’t helped at all so why would talking to Hannah make a difference. Hannah didn’t even know the half of what was happening and only saw a fraction of what you had been going through. And she thinks a hot chocolate would fix things..

“I’ll text you” you assured her before walking faster. You soon approached the library, fixing your make up in a compact mirror before you went in. You rushed over to the table Clay and Jeff we’re sat at and plopped down on the seat next to Jeff.

"Someone’s early” Jeff chuckled

“Sorry I’m late. I was speaking to Mr Porter” you told them as you searched through your bag for an assignment you was working on. Once found, you handed it over to Clay. You noticed that Jeff had kicked him in the leg as their eyes shuffled from you and back to each other. "Shit. Don’t tell me I have something in my teeth” you said

“..Urm..Are you okay Y/N?” Clay asked out of the blue

“Yup” you answered, popping the ‘p’ “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Clay and Jeff looked at each other then back to you. Jeff inched himself closer to you and placed his arm over the back of your leg.

“It’s just, we heard what happened in the locker room today-

You sighed.

"And we want you to know that we’ve got your back” Jeff continued “Always”

“Yeah” Clay nodded “And don’t worry, no ones on Monty’s side. Everybody thinks he’s a dick for what he did to you”

“Eveybody?” You questioned

Clay and Jeff just nodded, clearly confirming the fact that ‘everybody’ now knew what had happened.

You sighed again “Great”

Your phone buzzed loudly in your bag, earning you a few hushes from other students in the library. You fished for your phone out of your back pocket and swiped the screen to unlock it. A text from Hannah and from Alex and from Zach popped up immediately.

Hannah🍑: See you at Monets?x

Alex🤘🏼🖤: Wanted to check up on you. Call me x

Zach Dempsey (Tall jock from English class) : Sorry about the boys. Their dicks. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. Always.

There it was again. The 'Always’, like they had 'always’ been there. You rolled your eyes and threw your phone into the bottom of your bag. All of a sudden, people cared about you. All of a sudden, people wanted to check up on you and call you and listen to you and be there for you. And all of a sudden, you were a victim. And that wasn’t a label you wanted to have or own or be associated with.

It just didn’t sound like you.

—— Okay so that was part 2! I hope you guys like it Oh and thanks for all the support on part 1, it means a lot so thankyou💞✨

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Peg’s Flowers (Laurens x Reader)

Words: 2100+


Warnings: None, just fluff my dudes

A/N: i wrote this in a hour so im hope it’s halfway decent, enjoy! and i havent wrote any soulmates so i hope i did this right??

“Well, you’re pretty beautiful.”

Those were the words on your skin. Those were the words that your soulmate would say to you. Overall, it was quite uncommon to see soul mates together. Most people gave up on the idea, marrying someone other than their soulmate. But you, on the other hand, were determined to find them, whomever they may be. But every time you looked at those words, you worried that you would never find them. That you would never experience seeing and hearing your soulmate for the first time.

And it was killing you.

You worked at a flower shop, across the street from an office building. Some days, you would encounter customers whom worked in that building. A lot of them told you about their jobs, some more than others. As you were unlocking the door to the shop, your boss, Peggy Schuyler, sneaked up behind you.

“Y/N! Why are you coming in so early?” She asked, perky as always. You smiled at her, unlocking the door. You held open the door for her, and she bounced in with you.

“There’s a big order for flowers that came in yesterday. I just have to make sure everything is ready for the delivery.” She nodded, sitting on top of the counter. You rolled your eyes at her, smiling softly.

Peggy was the most energetic boss you’ve ever had. She didn’t seem to be too concerned about sales or anything that seemed too troubling to her. She always called you her boss, saying that this place would not run without you. You didn’t mind, since being around flowers all day was pleasant. As you cleaned up the shop, she grabbed a flower, sniffing it.

“You know, Y/N, you’re amazing. You keep up with this stuff more than I do.” She winked at you, helping you fix up the shop. The hours in the shop were short, opening at 7am and closing at 2 in the afternoon. Honestly, this was the best job you’ve ever had. And she paid you more than what you needed. You even told her that she gave you too much, but she shook her head at you, saying that you were her best employee.

Oh, by the way, you were the only employee.

“Did you go and see your boyfriend yesterday? You were talking about how excited you were to see the movie.” You said, fixing a display. You grabbed the order form, and began filling it. She nodded, giggling.

“Herc brought me to a restaurant afterwards. He’s so sweet.” She has a dreamlike gaze in her eyes, and you smiled at her, feeling a small emotion called jealously full your heart.

Peggy was one of the lucky ones. She bumped into her soulmate on the way to her shop. She almost dropped flowers that she was carrying, but Herc helped her, asking if she was alright. And that’s how they knew. It was a love story unlike any other; they were complete opposites, she was all smiles and laughter, and he was loud and sorry to say, obnoxious. But the look on her eyes when they were together told you that they were meant to be.

“When you get married, you better invite me.” You teased, winking at her. She blushed, putting her face in her hands.

“I’m so nervous, Y/N. What if Mull doesn’t want to marry me? What if this whole thing is a dream and I’m actually a single, lonely Peggy.”

“Trust me, this is real, Peg. And I could tell he’s ready to be with you forever. Did you forget that you were soulmate? You’re meant to be, And the universe picked for the two of you to be together. Don’t worry about it.” She beamed at you, running to the back of the store. You noticed her trip over her feet, but she caught herself, continuing to run to the back.

She’s an interesting woman.

The bell pinged, indicating a customer walking in. You glanced up, seeing a man with straight brown hair walking in. He wore a dark green suit, looking around the shop. You greeted him. “Good morning, sir. How can I help you?” He looked at you, his brown eyes meeting yours. He gave you a warm smile.

“Oh. Hi. I’m just looking for lilies. My wife is kind of stressed, since we have four kids at home. I wanted to give her something to remind her that I love her. And her favorite flower is lilies.” You nodded, guiding him to the white lilies. He smelled the flower, then looked at you. “Do you ever smell anything but plant when you sniff flowers?” You laughed.

“Actually sir, I do. Yes, they do smell like plants. But certain ones have a sweet plant smell that I just love. But yes, plant smell.” He chuckled.

“Can I get two dozen of these?” You raised your eyebrow, and he shrugged. “She’s the love of my life, so there’s no limit for her. Have you met your-“ He glanced at the black tattoo on your arm, and stopped talking. “Sorry.”

“No biggie.” You replied, smiling.

The people who have met their soulmate have their tattoos faded into a light red, still permanently on their skin. You already knew he was telling about his, since you noticed the color peeking out of his sleeve. He smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck.

You took two dozen lilies off the shelf, and as you were packing them, you told him how to care for them properly. You heard Peggy come out of the back, her grin widening when she saw the man. “Alexander!” She squealed, running into his arms. The man, you now knew as Alexander, widened his eyes, and pulled her into his arms.

“Peggy! How are you?”

“I’m well. I thought you knew this was my flower shop? Didn’t Eliza tell you?” He shook his head.

“Eliza told me you owned one, but I didn’t know which. I should have noticed, since it does say Peg’s Flowers.” He joked. She laughed, then glanced at you.

“Oh! This is Y/N, Alex. She’s the manager and my only employee. She pretty much runs this place, I just do the accounting.” She smiled, and Alex held out his hand. You took it, and shook his once. “Without her, I think nothing would get done.”

“Well then, thank you for dealing with Peggy.” He said smiling at you. You shook your head.

“Peggy’s the best boss I’ve had. I’m sure I should be the one thanking her.” As they talked, you packed the flowers, making sure that everything was okay. After you were finished, Alex handed you cash, in which Peggy quickly took away. You raised your eyebrow. “Peggy, that’s two dozen.”

“Anything for my brother-in-law. But if you come back, Alex, you’ll have to pay.” He laughed, shaking his head.

“I’ll pay now. I have no problem with doing so Pegs.”

She refused to let him pay, ushering him out the shop. Once she went into the back, Alexander quickly came back in, handing you the money. You thanked him, giving him the change. He waved bye to you, running out into the day. You continued to fill the big order, finishing just in time for the customer to come in.

You looked up again, seeing a group of men walk in. One was taller than the rest, his curly hair pulled back into a bun. Lafayette.  As he was speaking to his friends, you noticed a distinct accent. There was another almost as tall, wearing a light gray hat and was bulky. Hercules. The shortest one, had a freckled face, his wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail. This was one you didn’t know, so you kept your eye on him. They all wore suits, so you assumed that they were coming from the office building just across the street.

“Good morning, love.” Lafayette said, winking at you. He already found his soulmate as well, the red bright on is dark skin.

“Good morning to you!” You said, smiling. “How can I help you?” You asked.

“We ordered flowers yesterday, for a proposal.” He said. “Well, it’s not mine, it’s this fellow right here.” He pointed at Herc, and Herc winked at you. You rolled your eyes.

Why would you but flowers for your future fiancée at her own shop? “Nice job, Herc. That’s the smartest idea you’ve ever had.” He frowned.

“You know, Y/N, I feel like I sense some sarcasm in your voice. How dare you treat me this rudely.” He crossed his arms in mock anger. You stuck your tongue at him, taking the flowers out of the back. You heard the smaller one talking to the others, and you heard your name in the conversation. You walked back with the flowers, frowning.

“You know, it’s rude to speak about someone when they’re not in the room.” You said to the freckled man, which then, his smile grew, looking at you. His eyes twinkled, and you wondered what his problem was.

“Well, you’re pretty beautiful.”

You almost dropped the flowers in your hand, looking at him. He smiled, showing the words on his forearm. You looked at it, seeing the words that you just said glowing on his. You looked down at your, seeing the words glowing as well. “You’re my soulmate.” You whispered. He smiled, helping you with the flowers in your hands. Your fingers brushed against one another’s, and you felt that spark that people talked about.

“And you’re my soulmate. Nice to meet you, I’m John Laurens.” He placed the flowers in his friend’s hands, holding out his to you. You touched his, feeling the warmth going up your arm. “Wow, so this is how it feels, to finally be with the one.” You noticed that his arm was shaking, probably from his nerves. You didn’t blame him, you were still shocked as well.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N. Nice to meet you as well.” You replied, smiling shyly at him. You didn’t know why you were so nervous, since he was the person you were supposed to be with for the rest of your days. You heard a laugh from Herc, his grin almost cracking his face.

“Wow, Laurens and Y/N? I should have guessed this before.” You sighed, your hand still in Laurens’s. You took it out, unwillingly. He laughed, touching the back of his neck.

“Do you want to go somewhere?” He asked, “I mean, after work. Do you want to get some coffee?” You nodded.

“I would love that, but I’m paying.” You replied, and he shook his head.

“No, you’re not, I am.”

“Are we having our first argument already, John?” You said, joking in your voice. He laughed, it now becoming the most beautiful melody you’ve ever heard. Lafayette and Herc coughed.

“This is how it feels to be a third wheel? Wow, now I know what Laurens has been talking about,” Herc mumbled, his frown becoming wider once he saw Peggy running out of the back. She jumped in his arms (that’s seems to be her usual greeting), and kissed his lips. Lafayette looked at the flowers in his hand, then back at Laurens and you. You quickly took the flowers away from him, placing it back on the counter.

“Babe!” She squealed as Herc put kisses all over her face. After a couple of seconds of this, you sighed. Laurens looked at you, a warm gleam in his eyes.

“That’ll be us soon enough.” He said, and you blushed. He placed his hand in yours, rubbing it softly. Peggy was finally out of Herc’s arms, and looked at the two of you together. Her eyes widened at the contact, and she leaped happily.

“You and Laurens? I should have guessed!” You smiled at the same phrase that Herc just said, come out of her mouth. She pulled the two of you into a group hug, kissing both of your cheeks. You laughed at her excitement as she pulled away.

“Go and get some coffee! Get anything! I’ll be here to watch the shop, don’t worry. Wait, you know what, take the next few days off. That’ll give you a chance to know each other more!” She said happily, looking at the two of you.

She really was the best boss you’ve ever had.

“Are you sure, Peggy? I don’t want to leave you alone here.” She shook her head, pushing you out the door with Laurens. After she left you two outside, Laurens looked down at you.

“Coffee or Brunch?” He asked, entwining his fingers with yours. You felt a swell of emotion, looking at him. His freckles shined in the morning light, and you hoped soon that you’d be able to memorize how many he actually had.

His smile was contagious, making you break into a grin as well. You bit your lip, looking out into the street.


awkward-silence-turtle  asked:

Do you think you could write a soulmate au for lafayette/hamilton/laurens/hercules/reader? Something with a happy ending and lots of fluff. Smut is up to you (sorry for so many characters!) Or a bodyguard!Reader/ward!Philip, like, she needs to protect him since he's the secretary of the treasury's kid? Ok, one last idea. SugarDaddy!Hercules/Reader. She's a broke college student and he loves to have someone to take care of. He makes her the most beautiful dresses and spoils her rotten? :-D

I hope this is alright uwu

A soulmate au with the reader and poly!hamilsquad (Al, Herc, John, Laf)

The soul mark is a star, and most people get the whole star instantly as they meet their soulmate, but for some reason, when (Name) meets her soulmate, only one spoke fills in…and it’s the same for him, too.


Five-Spoked Star (Laf/Herc/Reader/John/Alex)

Your mother says her star mark, the half star that she had had all her life, suddenly formed another half the second she met your father, and the same went for him. Your best friend, Thomas, swears that his star tingled and he could genuinely feel it forming on his skin the instant he met James. Your other best friend, Aaron, admits that his heart was pounding when he met Theodosia. Eliza promises that she got a fluttering feeling in her stomach the moment she laid eyes on Maria. 

If that was the case, why hadn’t your damn star completed fully when you met Alexander Hamilton?

As soon as he walked into the near-enough empty common room, pen in his mouth and piles of books and notebooks encased in his arms, as soon as his gaze locked with yours, as soon as he froze up, hastily placed his writing supplies on an overstuffed armchair and crossed the room to you in mere seconds, work-roughened hands reaching up to cup your face, you felt it. The tingling on your wrist as the black markings pushed their way to the surface, the fluttering feeling in your ribcage, the all-too-loud pounding of your heart. He was familiar, despite you never seeing him before in your life.

In that moment, he kissed you, and although he was a literal stranger, although you had never even laid eyes on him, let alone spoken to him, you let him, kissing back happily because here he is, the guy you’ve been waiting for your whole life! The guy who was made for you! 

When he pulled back, intelligent, beautiful eyes shining as he drank in the sight of you like a man dying of thirst, you couldn’t help but smile back. 

That is, until you noticed the jet-black star on his wrist was not a star. It was…two triangles. Two kites?

You pulled back fully, frowning, and slowly lowered your gaze to your own wrist. The same for you.

As you looked up unsurely, eyes locking with his, you said your first words to your soulmate.

“Why aren’t our stars stars?”

And he had looked down, examining his star with a furrowed brow and his mouth set in a straight line.

“I…don’t know.” He had said. His voice was higher than you thought.

“Are we broken?” You had whispered, voice coming out cracked because how could we be broken already, we’ve only just found each other and he had swiped his thumb over your cheek, catching the tears already beginning to fall as he let out soft sounds of no, no shh, we’re okay, we’re fine, I love you.

And you had sobbed and clung to him like a lifeboat, like he was your lifeboat, because you’d only just met him, only said two sentences to him and for Christ’s sake you didn’t even know his name but you loved him, he was yours, you were his. You were literally made for each other.

In the months that followed, you moved out of your college dorm - who am I kidding, you hadn’t even set foot in it yet, you met him on your very first day - and into his little, college-funded house in town. It was small, but you were deliriously in love and you didn’t even care what your living conditions were as long as you were together.

The second you moved in together, Alexander began research. Of why your stars only had two points, one for you and one for him.

Google had no answers.

Bing even less.

He Skyped with professors and soulmate scientists, vying for an answer.

It all came up blank.

Until one day, a year after you met.

You had just gone to sleep, curling up in Alexander’s hoodie like it was your comfort blanket.

A blinding light awoke you, and you winced into the lightness as you felt Alexander frantically climb into bed with you, pulling you close and peppering your face with kisses.

“Urg…Alex…its two a.m.” You protested sleepily. “We needta…go to sleep…got classes…”

“I’ve cracked it.” He said urgently, lips trailing down your neck.

“Mmm…what’ve you cracked now, baby…?”

“Our stars.”

That woke you up.


“We’re not broken, (Name)!” His eyes were alight with excitement. “I was reading this article online, and it was about this woman who only had two thirds of a star when she met her soulmate. Her soulmate also only had two thirds.”

“And?” You were fully awake by that point, eyes glittering as he explained the solution.

“She didn’t know why, until she met this other guy at her new job and the rest of her star formed.

You blinked, morning mind fogging over what this meant, until it clicked and your eyes opened wide. “You mean-”

“Two. She had two soulmates, honey.” He held his wrist next to yours and tenderly stroked your mark. “We’ve only got two fifths of a star each, so that means we’ve got three more soulmates to go. Three! That means there’s five of us!”

“Yes, I can do basic maths, baby.” You said wearily. “Five of us? What if your three remaining soulmates are different to mine?  It can happen that someone can have an unrequited soulmate.“ Poor Angelica. Why couldn’t she have been one of your five soulmates, Alex…?

"I…” He paused, pursing his lips. “I don’t know.”

“Well…” You grinned at him. “It’s like before I met you, all over again. Searching for soulmates.”

He laughed. “Sure is.”

You spent literal weeks looking for your remaining soulmates, to no avail. 

Each day you came up empty handed, you grew a little more depressed.

One weekend, your best friend Aaron literally dragged you out of bed, grumbling under his breath.

“Enough with this trying to find your soulmates already. I’m going to take you to have coffee, and we can have a heart to heart.”

He took you to the local cafe, buying you a (favourite drink) and sitting you down. You sighed.

“Alright, alright. What therapeutic methods are you going to try on me now?” You asked with a smirk.

Aaron opened his mouth to retort but was cut off by a loud yell.

“If it ain’t the prodigy!” Called a man’s voice, and three handsome men popped up behind Aaron. As soon as they did-

Oh. There it was, the heart pounding, the fluttering, the tingling. Only much, much stronger. You glanced down at your mark, and grinned as you saw the remainder of the black ink pushing its way to the surface. Your star was complete.

You looked up at the three men who were jesting around with a very irritated Aaron, and frowned. You needed to get their attention.

“Excuse me.” You called. The buff one with short, bandana’d hair glanced at you and held his gaze as he realised who you were. “What do you three, my soulmates, think you’re doing with my best friend?" 

That caught their attention. The other two fixed their eyes on you and gazed, transfixed.

"Oh shit,” said the freckled one, grinning. “We’ve found one, guys.” He walked towards you, grabbing your hand and raising it to his lips.  "John Laurens, at your service.“

The buff one, the one who noticed you first, walked to John’s side and placed a strong-yet-gentle hand on your shoulder.  "Hercules Mulligan.” He said lowly.

“Don’t be scared of him. He’s a teddy bear.” John smiled up at Hercules, leaning slightly into him.

Et je m'appelle Lafayette.” The last one, with a crazy puff of hair in a bun, came to John’s other side and reached for your free hand.

Aaron looked between the four of you, a slow, steady smile crossing his face. “Should'a seen it coming.”

“Oh!” You gasped, causing your three soulmates to jump. “I have to introduce you to Alexander! He’s…the last puzzle piece.”

“Lead the way.”

Alex was, predictably, clacking away on his laptop when you got back. As you stepped in the front door and saw him, back turned, you could see Lafayette, John and Hercules visibly freeze up. You grinned.

“Alex…” You said, voice sweet as sugar.

“Hmmm?” He let out a vague noise of acknowledgement.

“I have some people you need to meet.”

“Ah, um. Honey, can it wait? I’ve really got to do this paper…”

“Baby, you’ve got two weeks to finish that paper and you’re halfway through already. Take a break." When this gets no response, you sigh. "I found them, Alex. They’re right here.”

“Who are?" 

"Our other soulmates.”

Alexander jolts as though your words have pierced him, and spins around in his wheelie chair faster than you can say seven-eight-nine. He gets up as though in a trance, and before you know it you are crushed in a huge, five-way hug.

“Our stars are finished,” He mumbles thickly. “We’re not broken.”

“We’re not.” You agree, sniffling.

The hug is drawn back, and you stand, grinning, between them as they all introduce themselves.

You feel happier than you ever have in your life.

Kinda feel like doing a sequel to this.

I’ll tell you what, if this gets enough reblogs, captioned with something along the lines of ‘Please do a sequel’, I will.

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 6/?)

PART 1    PART 2     PART 3     PART 4       PART 5

I arrived at school and spotted Jess, Sheri and Zach standing outside.

“Hi, guys”, I came up to them.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s up girl? Did you do that English homework?”, Jess asked.

We had English together, and having class with Jessica had good and bad sites. Good – I was in class with my friend. Bad – she have never done her homework.

“Yes, I did”, I rolled my eyes and took my notebook out of my bag.

Unfotunately, along with the book my home keys fell out to the ground.

“Shit”, I mumbled and bent down to grab them, I was wearing loose shirt, so when I reached down more of my chest was visible than when I was standing.

“Wait, wait, wait”, Jess titled my shirt showing a lot of my boob to the world.

“What the hell, Jess?”, I asked shocked. Zach quickly turned his head away, which was nice.

“Is that a hickey?”, she pointed at my breast.

“…Nooo?”, I patted her hand, she stopped  holding my shirt and I could finally fix it so that everyone around couldn’t see my boob.

“Then what is that?”, she asked crossing her arms on her chest.

“I… I… Ummm… Burned myself with a straightener…”, I tried to come up with any excuse. “Yeah, right, I was playing with a straightener and burned myself. On a boob”, I shrugged like nothing.

“You burned your boob with a straighneter?”, she totally wasn’t buying it.

“Can you just stop saying boob?”, Zach asked.

“Well, yeah, I was home alone and tried to learn how to curl my hair with a straightener, I was holding it like this”, I started showing them some moves that was supposed to show playing with straightener, “and then I got notification on my phone and I wanted to check it, because I’m stupid, cause who normal would check their phone while holding straightener, right?”, I started giggling nervously. “So yeah, I took my phone, then straightener went like this and yeah, I burned my boob. Sorry, Zach, I burned myself”, I nodded my head as if I tried to convince myself it was true.

Jessica stared at me for a longer moment and when she finally open her mouth to say something Justin and Montgomery came up.

“Hey, y’all”, Foley wrapped his arm arund Jess. “What’s up?”

Fucking bastard, I thought when I quickly looked at Monty. Sheri was biting her lip trying not to laugh.

“Y/N, you’re lying”, Jessica laughed. “You have a fucking hickey!”

“Shut up!”, I nervously looked around just to see few people turned their head in our direction and few jocks sent me cocky smiles, so obviously they had heard her. “It’s not a hickey”’, I said quietly.

“She has a hickey?”, Justin asked, again too loud. “I don’t believe it until I see it”

“You’re her boyfriend, I’m not gonna show you my boob”.

“I’m nobody’s boyfriend”, Monty spoke.

“Fuck off, Montgomery”, I rolled my eyes. “Nobody’s gonna watch a hickey”.

“Ha! So you have it!”, Justin pointed at me.

“I don’t have any… You know what, whatever, here, copy your homework”, I gave Jess my notebook. “I’m going to the class, see you later losers and I don’t want to hear about hickey that doesn’t exist again”, I waved at them and went inside.

Instead of going to class and went to the toilet, locked myself in one of the stalls and tilted my shirt.

“Fuck…”, I mumbled.

Hickey obviously was there, but I was dressing up in such a hurry in the morning that I didn’t even saw it. I took my phone and texted Monty.

Y/N: I hope you’re fucking proud of yourself.

I left the stall and my phone buzzed.

Montgomery: I don’t consider your breast as a visible place. It’s your and your blouse’s fault.

Y/N: You’re ridiculous and I’ll kill you the first second I met you.

The first second came quickly, because I bumped on him when I left toilet.

“Hello, hickey girl”.

“Don’t even start”, I stopped him with my hand and quickly walked passed him and went to the class.

Second period was Math, but luckily when Monty got to the class I was talking to Alex, de la Cruz had to take the seat and because his seat was at the opposite end of the room I was sure he wouldn’t try to talk to me for another hour.

On lunch break I was waiting in line in cafeteria when I felt someone staring over my shoulder I turned my head and saw one of the jocks trying to look under my shirt.

“Seriously?”, I asked. “Seriously?”

I took my tray and walked away to the table where already sat Sheri, Jeff and Zach.

“What did he want from you?”, Jeff asked.

“To check if there is a hickey on my breast”, I said basically throwing food at the table.

“Is there any?”

“No!”, I lied and lying to Jeff felt terrible, but I couldn’t just say ‘yes there is, Monty did it during our casual sex’.

Speaking of the devil, he showed up shortly after me with Justin and Jessica.

“Hey, thanks for homework, I changed it so it wouldn’t look too obvious”, she put my notebook next to me.

I nodded my head without saying a word.

“Oh, Y/N, come on”, she jerked my arm. “Don’t be mad”.

“How can I not be mad when you basically shouted out that I have a hickey on a boob and three minutes ago this jerk”, I pointed at the guy who was standing behind me in the line, “tried to see if it’s really there”.

I spotted Monty’s jaw clenched, I kicked him under the table, so he would calm down.

“Just tell me who did the damn hickey and if it’s really not a hickey, say it again and this time I’ll believe you and never talk about this again, I promise”.

She bit her lips waiting for me to response.

“It’s not a hickey”, I said quietly.  

“Okay”, she smiled.

After lunch I left cafeteria with Monty as we were going for chemistry, but I didn’t even say a word.

“Hey, say something”, he said. I didn’t answered. “Oh, come on, you’re not that pissed.”

“Yes, I am”.

“It’s not even my fault”, he rolled his eyes.

“So are you saying you’re not the one who did the fucking hickey?”, I asked quietly but harshly.

“Well, obviously it was me, but everyone found out because of fucking Jessica”, he defended himself.

“I’m lying to my friends because of you. You’re lying to your friends, you feel good with that?”.

“Jeez, it’s not like somebody gets hurt or anything because of that. Don’t treat it like lying, consider it as… not saying the whole truth”, he said.

“Okay, listen”, I took a deep breath. “I got mad and it stressed me a bit, so I might be a bitch today. Just give me a day, tomorrow I’ll be normal, I don’t stay mad for too long”.

“You know, I can make it up to you”, Monty smirked at me.

“You’ll do whole chemistry project by yourself?”, I smiled with hope even though I knew he wasn’t talking about that.

“Nooo, I mean something more… physical”.

“No, no, no, not anytime soon”, I shaked my head.

“Why, I didn’t pushed anyone today!”, he protested.

“You did other things. Now you have to get punished”, I said. “And I don’t mean any weird foreplay or whatever you’re imagining in your head right now”, I added quickly seeing smirk on his face. “And nothing’s gonna happen for like another five days, I can tell you”, I say quietly. I looked at him, Monty clearly didn’t have any idea what am I talking about. “It’s these days”, I put an accent on a word, so he would finally understand.

“Ohh… Right…”, he nodded his head being a little uncomfortable. “But your mouths aren’t bleeding, right?”

“You’re a dick”, I said a little bit too loud while we were walking into class.

“Ms Y/L/N, language please”, teacher reprimanded me.

“Sorry, “ I mumbled when I was taking my seat while Monty was cracking up trying not to laugh.

This one is a little bit shorter, because… idk why, it is what it is, there isn’t even a lot of Monty in it lol

sneak peak: next part - protective (!) Monty

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I've wanted to see the Superfriends+grumpy space dad on the beach or something else vacation-y, so I thought you might be able to do something with it.

Maggie’s used to waking up alone.

It used to be because even when they would stay the night, they’d slip out in the morning.

Now, it’s because Alex Danvers likes her morning runs. A lot.

Maggie prefers her heavy bag, and her sleep, so she’s perpetually in charge of breakfast and coffee.

And that works just perfectly for her.

But today, she doesn’t just pad out of the bedroom and find herself in the living room.

Today, she finds herself in the house Alex grew up in, in Midvale, and she smiles as she tip toes downstairs, taking her time to gaze at pictures of Alex and Kara in various stages of adolescence, her heart swelling with each moment.

She sneaks past James and Winn sprawled out in the living room, Winn wrapped in blankets upon blankets on the floor, limbs all akimbo, James taking up less space, arms above his head, breathing slowly on the couch.

She loves that Eliza and Jeremiah invited them all to Midvale to get away, to crash together at a beach house without having to shell out a half a month’s worth of rent, after their latest, decisive, victory against Cadmus. They certainly all needed it.

Maggie knows that of course she was invited – she’s Alex’s girlfriend, she was instrumental in rescuing Jeremiah, of course she was invited – but she can’t quiet get over the feeling of shock, the feeling of awe, that Kara and the other Superfriends seem to feel like she actually belongs. That she’s in the house her girlfriend grew up in and her parents aren’t threatening to run her out of town and back to wherever she came from for corrupting her daughter.

Quite the opposite; two of Alex’s parents are sitting quietly in the kitchen together, Jeremiah’s hand on Eliza’s, drinking coffee in whispers so as not to disturb their girls’ friends in the living room, and seemingly utterly unsurprised to see Maggie up so early, to see Maggie’s hair tousled like she’d had sex with their daughter in their daughter’s childhood bed – because oh, she did – to see Maggie in their house as part of something natural, as part of something good, as part of something right.

“Sorry to intrude, I didn’t think anyone would be up – ” Maggie whispers, and Jeremiah shakes his head at her and taps the kitchen’s bar stool next to him.

“When Alex was a girl, she’d wake up every morning to go surfing. She’d be quiet and considerate – too considerate, always, that girl – ” He smiles broadly, fondly, gratefully, when he sees Maggie nodding emphatically in agreement – “but I always knew, and I could never sleep while she was out there. She’s excellent, of course, I just…”

Maggie thinks about every time Alex goes into the field without her, and she nods.

“I know what you mean.”

Jeremiah smiles and Eliza sips at her coffee with her eyes glued to Maggie’s face, and Jeremiah shrugs. “The water’s too calm for her to get any good waves this morning, so she’ll be swimming. But still – I guess a decade of being locked away by Cadmus doesn’t kill all the old habits, huh?”

There’s a pattering of feet upstairs and Jeremiah chuckles.

“Well, the boys are about to get a rude awakening. Kara’s up.”

Maggie grins and Eliza sighs affectionately and sure enough, faster than humanly possible, Kara is downstairs and Winn is yelping and James is groaning and Jeremiah and Maggie are laughing because Kara is come on come on come on time to meet Alex on the beach, the beach, when do we get to go to the beach all together like this, and J’onn’s gonna meet us soon, come on come on!!

“Yeah, the beach is great, Kara, but when do we get to sleep?” Winn wants to know, yanking the blankets back over his head, but James leans down and rips them off, knowing it’s better to surrender than try to fight, because when Supergirl is determined, she gets her way; even moreso, Kara Danvers.

“Alright, alright! I’m up! It – Maggie, why are you already up? You’re making us look bad!”

“I think your bed hair’s already doing that for you, Schott.” Winn groans and his hand flies to his hair. “No, I’m joking, it’s cute.”

The banter and the teasing and the laughter and the sweet relief of just being together and not strapped into armor, lives about to be taken away at any moment, echoes throughout the house as Maggie slips into a bikini under one of Alex’s t-shirts and basketball shorts, as Winn slathers himself in sunscreen and Kara bounds through the house checking on everyone because are you ready yet are you ready yet are you ready yet.

When finally, everyone is, Kara squeals and leads the Superfriends – Jeremiah and Eliza elect to let the kids have their fun – way down to the beach, waving her arms wildly above her head and shouting to the figure way out in the water. “Alex! Alex! Alexxxxx!!!!”

Alex pauses and waves and does something with her hand that Maggie can’t see, but Kara can, of course. “She’s got five more lengths to go, she’ll be in soon,” she translates, and Maggie smiles at her girlfriend’s consistency, her girlfriend’s sheer power.

J’onn joins them as Alex is starting to swim back to shore, and he hugs Kara and covers Maggie’s bare shoulder with his hand, and Maggie beams, still unused to the growing fatherly affection from the man, but loving it.

“Nice shades, sir,” she tells him, and he gives her a rare grin.

“I quite like yours as well, Detective Sawyer.”

“What about me, J’onn? Do you like mine?”

“Mr. Schott, your sunglasses are no doubt calculated to make you look sophisticated and cool, which you might have been able to pull off if your swim trunks weren’t emblazoned with the crest of the House of El.”

James snorts and Maggie tries to hold down a chuckle. Winn brandishes the plastic shovel he’d brought to help him build the perfect sandcastle and splutters. “Well hey, listen, I’ll have you know that these shorts were super popular – ”

“In the sixth grade. Before your best friend was Supergirl.”

“Hey, Guardian, did anyone ask your opinion? Mr. Look at My Six Pack I’m So Cool I Don’t Even Need to – to – hey! Wow!”

Everyone turns to follow Winn’s gaze, and Maggie’s jaw drops and her knees go weak, because Alex is striding out of the water, body dripping, hair tossed just so, black bikini highlighting all the right things, a small, cocky grin on her face.

James whistles and Kara whoops and J’onn grins and Maggie just can’t speak, because Maggie’s whipping off her sunglasses to get a better view and Maggie’s brain is short-circuiting.

“Hot damn, Danvers!” Winn shouts, and then his eyes grow wide with giddy excitement. “Hot Damnvers!

James laughs and Kara groans and J’onn chuckles and Maggie gulps and Maggie wets her lips and tries to remember that little thing called breathing, because water droplets are dripping down Alex’s nearly naked body, and her eyes are fixed, only, on Maggie.

“I don’t care that my sister’s the one with the superpowers, I will personally throw you into space if you say that again, Schott,” Alex calls as she strides closer, and Maggie thinks she should try to speak, try to do something other than stare, other than let her jaw rest in the sand.

She inclines her head toward J’onn, not taking her eyes off Alex. “I um… your Earth daughter’s very… um… very beautiful, Director Henshaw.”

“Yeah, I’m sure beautiful was the word you were looking for, Sawyer,” James teases, and J’onn laughs.

“I’m sure you’re right, Mr. Olsen, but at least Detective Sawyer was raised with some level of decorum.”

“Yeah, you should’ve heard the sounds coming from Alex’s room last night, decorum my – ”

But Alex has reached them, now, and Alex is smacking Winn upside the head, and Winn is flinching and everyone is laughing and Alex is putting her hands on Maggie’s bare hips.

“See something you like, Sawyer?”

“Good god, Agent Danvers, can you not wait until I’ve had the chance to absent myself before you – you – ”

Everyone, even Alex, turns to J’onn, waiting for his wording, shocked because he’s never spluttered before.

“Seduces her girlfriend right in front of you?”

“Makes sweet love to her right here on the sand?”

“Right in front of her childhood home?”

“Because really, what else is vacation for if not to abandon your friends and bang your girlfriend?”

“I’m right here guys.”

“No one’s abandoning anyone, I can just take her right here right now, yall can stay or leave, I’m not particular, but it’s your call – ”

“Oh, yeah, real nice decorum, Sawyer – ”

“Lalalalala, I am not hearing any of this!”

“Good god, if this is why there were no beaches on Mars, I am eternally grateful.”