and then a really good friend got on skype

Ok but Yuuri and Phichit’s relationship though

-I bet they were dating back in Detroit. 

-They weren’t the kind of couple to dress up and go on fancy dinner dates, they just liked staying at home under some blankets watching movies

-Lots of cuddles and soft kisses uwu


-One day Phichit came out to Yuuri as asexual/panromanctic and he was scared Yuuri would break up with him but Yuuri, being Yuuri, was super supportive and assured him he still wanted to be his boyfriend

-Phichit did Yuuri’s makeup all the time and got really good at it (still not over his eyeliner in episode ten)

-MOVING AWAY FROM EACH OTHER WAS THE MOST HEARTBREAKING THING. Tears were shed at the airport but they skyped as often as they could

-As we all know, though, they did break up, but it wasn’t over an argument or something. They just both decided the distance put too much strain on their relationship and decided to break up. They remained really close friends though and their relationship wasn’t diminished in the least

-Sometimes Phichit visits Yuuri and Viktor in St. Petersburg and he and Yuuri are still really cuddly which makes Viktor a little jealous but he knows how much Yuuri loves him and how happy Phichit is for him and Yuuri so he lets them be

-Actually, he joins in on the cuddling a couple times which Phichit doesn’t mind. He looked up to Viktor for years too

-Phichit and Viktor get to know each other really well, bonding over their love for Yuuri. 


Should I write a fic of this?? I love Yuuri and Phichit’s relationship so much, I can hardly help myself.

Bonus: Phichit bringing up the body pillow of Viktor that Yuuri owned and Yuuri blushing up a storm while Viktor dies laughing

I remember when I used to have a group of friends who I could talk kaiju stuff with. None of them were in the U.K. (since the fandom doesn’t really exist over here beyond interest in films like PR, G'14, and now K:SI - which is fine, frustrating but fine) and so it was restricted to things like Skype and Facebook, but it was fun. As I got older (I first met a lot of these people when I was around 14) I grew apart from a lot of them - be it from political differences, difference in personalities, or just a lack of shared interests beyond kaiju. Idk, it’s funny to think back on that group of friends, a few of whom really weren’t the best to me (I hesitate to use the word toxic but it could be applied).

Obviously I still have a lot of good friends who I can still talk kaiju with - @thegreatdyldo and I have been close pals for nearly four years for example, @stevenscrivello continues to astound me with his kindness and support, and the more I’ve talked to @cosmavoid the more I’ve seen how supportive and understanding they are - and those individual friendships have been wonderful. Despite that, I don’t really talk to a group of kaiju fan friends anymore. The group dynamic isn’t there for me. That isn’t bad per say, just different. Just a random series of thoughts.

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im so Proud of you tbh youre doin good and im glad that you got to practice your english!!! it doesnt sound stupid for you to be happy you had a Conversation with someone whos first language is english !! im so proud you could do it!!!

omg skgkgks this is so sweet i’m!!! tbh i practice my english everyday because i talk to some of my irl friends in english too and i also skype my internet friends (and also talk to myself but u know) BUT YEAH it was really cool to have an important conversation with a native english speaker THANK YOU UR SO SWEET

"Can I kiss you now?" ~LUKE IMAGINE~

So you and Luke had been really good friends for a while and you talk everyday when he’s on tour and when he’s not away you hang out a lot. One day you were joking around while you were skyping, challenging each other to see who could fit the biggest amount popcorn in their mouth in 30 seconds. You were laughing so hard bc let’s be honest, you both looked like idiots. When the challenge was over and you had dried your ‘laughing-tears’ away Luke suddenly became really quiet. “Hey what’s wrong?” You asked him, worried that he got a popcorn stuck in his throat. He shook his head and smiled. “Nothing I just-” he didn’t finish the sentence.
“You what?” You were a bit nervous about what he was about to say.

“I like you, like a lot. You make me so happy all the time and I feel like the only thing that’s keeping me from being the happiest man alive is that I can’t call you mine.” The truth was out and Luke didn’t dare to look at the screen. What if you didn’t feel the same, what if he’d ruined everything?
“Luke.” His head popped up and you could see his unsure eyes trying to figure out what you were feeling.
“If you want me, I’m yours.” You said and a smile appeared on his lips.
“So I can call you my girlfriend now?”
He grinned as you laughed.
“Yes you can.”

2 weeks later the boys had a break from tour and you were finally going to see each other for the first time after becoming a couple. You both were new to this relationship-thingy so you didn’t really know how act, but you knew that everything would be ok when you had his arms around you.

You texted Luke before he boarded the plane;

-Do you want me to meet you up at the airport?

He answered;

-That would be great babe but we won’t get any privacy, I’ll come to you

11 hours passed and suddenly your doorbell rang. You hurried as fast as you could to the door. You opened it and it was almost as everything turned into slow motion. “Y/N.” His eyes met yours and you didn’t know what to do so you just answered him with ; “Luke.” He gave you the biggest smile and wrapped his long arms around your body. You almost forgot to breath when he nuzzled his face into the gape of your neck.
“Can I kiss you now?” He mumbled.
You just nodded and soon his hands were on your cheeks stroking them tenderly as his soft lips searched their way onto yours. They collided into your first kiss, of many.