and then Bae hugged him back as tightly

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Can u do bap reaction to u hugging them in the middle of ur heated argument?

Thank so for your request anon bae ^^ Let’s get into this leggo xD

So it all just started with a disagreement and slowly got into a very heated argument. You were feeling really bad all of a sudden because you didn’t like that you guys were augmenting and you wanted to say sorry and change it all but you didn’t know how. You could tell he was getting really upset and you impulsively just hugged him.

Yongguk: Bang wouldn’t be mad before you hugged him he would just be really serious. But once he felt your warm loving embrace he would start feeling absolutely horrible and like the worst boyfriend ever. He would hug you back and insure you that he would be better. And for the rest of the evening he would be dragging himself and feeling bad for even disgussing with his princess.

Himchan: Himchan would be really cold throughout the whole argument. He would act as if it didn’t touch him that you were mad but you could tell he was extremely upset by this whole situation. Once you hugged him he would totally melt. The coldness would just disappear and he would feel like a complete jerk. And afterwards he would treat you at the coffee shop.

Daehyun: Daehyun would honestly be a bit shocked when you hugged him. But he would also find it really cute that you just suddenly hugged him when he got a bit mad. He would slowly hug back and he wouldn’t say a single world. It would be completely quiet and you would be able to hear a bit of sniffing because he would get a bit emotional.

Youngjae: Youngjae’s first reaction would be to be overwhelmed. He would get extremely mad at himself because he would feel as if he should’ve hugged you first ad it would make him feel horrible that he didn’t. He would tell you that you mean the world to him and that he is really sorry for not hugging first.

Jongup: As the sweet cupcake, he is he would get extremely emotional. Your hug would have been so all of a sudden that he would just stand and process the whole scene in his head a few times. He would just like the others feel really bad for making you feel like you had to hug him to calm down he situation. But it would also make him happy knowing that you wouldn’t ever let stupid arguments come between you. And he would tell you that you’re his happiness.

Zelo: Junhong would already be feeling emotional throughout the argumentation. And feeling your tiny arms wrapped around his waist would just break him down. He wouldn’t be able to hold it in, so he would just start crying and sobbing, hugging you back tightly and rocking back and forth. After a few minutes, he would start apologizing and he wouldn’t stop apologizing for the rest of the evening.  

Him Comforting You When You Have A Nightmare


*It starts kind of sad but don’t worry, i don’t want to give anything away but there is a happy ending*

He was just killed. Shawn was killed. How could this ever happen? You loved him so much and would never be able to live without him. You woke up. It was just a nightmare. You sat there in your hotel room bed breathing deeply trying to calm yourself down. You decided that you should go find Shawn because he would be better at comforting you. You opened the room door and walked into the hallway. All the boys were probably in Nash’s room because that was where they usually hung out together so you decided to head there. You knocked on the door and were greeted by Cam. He asked you what was wrong and you said you needed Shawn. He guided you into the room and everything fell silent. All the guys were looking at you. Shawn came up to you and pulled you in close and squeezed you tight. After a while he asked what was wrong. You told him about your nightmare. He told the guys that you were both going to go back to your room. He kept you hugged against him with his arm around your waist. When you got back to the room, you both sat down on the bed and Shawn told you that your nightmare would never happen in real life. You told him that you knew it wouldn’t happen but it’s still scary. He told you that he knew it was scary but you needed to forget about it and not let it bug you. You nodded and hugged him again, burying your face in his chest. He held you tightly for what felt like the longest time in your life and finally pulling away he told you that you needed to get back to sleep. He layed down with you and you cuddled up beside him, falling asleep instantly to his gentle touch and amazing smell.