and then 3 guys were hitting on me

Ended a lucrative business relationship because of an incompetent, racist owner.

This happened over the course of the last week.

I hired a company to correct a big sinkage in my basement. They come in and drill holes and spray industrial foam under the flooring to level it. About a week ago they sent a guy over to locate all of the pipes and scope them for damage.

Then about 3 days ago the foam guys show up and get to work. About halfway through they stop and call me into the basement. There’s water running along my baseboards and they’re afraid they’ve hit a pipe.

They call the owner of the scoping company to come over and re-scope the pipes. He does and finds massive corrosion running all through it. I ask him why they didn’t find that on the first scope, and he tell me they weren’t looking for damage they were just locating the pipe. This makes no sense to me as you don’t need to put a camera into a pipe to locate the pipe.

Then he gives me the sales pitch. It’s going to cost between $4000 and $6000 to fix it, but he can get a “crew of cheap Mexicans” out there who “don’t pull permits” and can do it for much less. He says plumbers will rip you off, he used to be a plumber. I ask, “Oh, and you ripped people off?” I tell him no thanks on the labor, I’ll call my basement company back and let them deal with it.

During the course of the conversation with the scoping company owner he tells me they do about 100 of these a week for the basement company. Scoping is $99, cleaning is $125. At least $10,000 a week, probably $500,000 a year they make from the foam guys.

So here’s the rub. When things started to go pear shaped, I do what I used to do back in college when I had to have conversations with police. Put my phone in my shirt pocket and started to record. (No wiretapping laws in my state.) That’s right. I’ve got this guy soliciting illegal labor to me in full living digital color.

The next day, the basement company sends out some licensed and bonded plumbers to fix my pipes for $0 because of the failure to locate the pipes. That’s right, the scoping company marked the pipe FOUR FEET away from where it actually was. The scoping company not only didn’t find any damage, they didn’t even find the pipe. They did literally nothing. The basement plumbers do an excellent, professional job. They bill the scoping company for their time.

This morning the foam guys came back to finish the job and I tell them about the sleaze ball that they’ve contracted. I play the audio for them of the guy trying to sell me on “cheap Mexican” illegal labor. Half of the foam crew is Hispanic men. They are NOT pleased.

The white crew chief tells me, “We are never doing business with that company ever again. I’m calling our owner right now.” He also read me the contract that they had with the scoping company that explicitly says they are to look for damaged pipes, vindicating me once more.

Favourite bits in Thor: Ragnarok



- Hulk acting like a 5 year old. “Don’t leave!” Cue him throwing something. 
- When Thor gets thrown around by Hulk in the arena and Loki is like YES THAT’S HOW IT FEELS
- Thor’s expanded lightening abilities are amazing
- The snake story had me in stitches. Thor’s face looked so disgusted at the memory of it and Loki is just sat there smirking
- Valkyrie’s backstory
- When Bruce throws himself out of the ship, but doesn’t hulk out in time so he hits the bifrost. That literally got the biggest laugh in the cinema!
- The grandmaster and his melt stick
- Korg (aka rock guy). He had the best one liners oh my god
- “Asgard is not a place. It’s a people”
- Thor not falling for any of Loki’s tricks/ betrayals anymore
- Thor and Loki teaming up <3
- “If you were really here I might give you a hug.” “I’m here.” *cue me crying*
- Bruce and his very tight Tony trousers
- Dead Doug
- Korg and his rock paper scissors joke
- Valkyrie beating the shit out of everyone
- I see you Loki side eyeing the tesserect
- Heimdell looking fine while he saves everyone
- The score!!!
- Thor continuously repeating the sun is getting real low to try and calm Bruce down
- Get help
- “It is I, your saviour”

This film is a gift. 


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Annon 1:
Can you do a Bill S. imagine where he’s at an interview and he gets all blushy and cute when they start showing pictures of you two together and you guys always slay red carpet events 💗           

Annon 2:
Can you do one where Bill is telling the story of him scarring his wife (reader) and she hits him out of instinct and immediately she feels bad about it? Thanks💛

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader      

A/N: Woooow! thanks for all the likes and good vibes with my previous writing, that means a lot to me <3 here’s another one because my crush on Bill is getting bigger and bigger :3 sorry for my bad english and I hope you like it <3

Title: Social experiment

They were just a few days before the world premiere of ‘It’ film, which was expected to be a success due to good reviews from websites such as Rotten Tomatoes among others, Bill had been invited to an interview to Ellen DeGeneres Show and he was more than excited to talk about the movie, so there he was, behind the scenes waiting to be introduced by Ellen to enter to the small stage, suddenly heard his name and entered as he was told.

He ran into a huge crowd which applauded and screamed to see him, his wife was in the front row and stood up like everyone else to receive him

Ellen greeted him and made some strange grimace at noting his large height, especially because she wasn’t very tall, she told him to sit on a small beige couch, Ellen sat in front of him on another identical couch.

“wooow… what a good genetics” the audience laughed

“thank you” replied Bill, smiling at her

“Well, Bill, your siblings Alexander and Gustaf have already been here, both agreed to kiss me, I hope you do too, it’s for a social experiment” the audience laughed and Bill too

“Oh Ellen!, I wish I could support you in your social experiment, but you know, my wife is among the public and I doubt she’s very happy with it” The audience laughed even harder and the camera focused on Y/N, his wife, who also laughed

“Look at her, I’m sure she will agree to support me in my experiment” The camera refocuses on Y/N and could read on her lips saying, “go ahead” and Bill laughed ashamed buried his face in his hands, they were always this playful and they loved to make a fool of each other from time to time “Well, I have her approval Bill, but we can leave it for later. Now I want to focus on your new movie, It, where you play Pennywise”

“That’s right”

“Then, tell us, how someone as handsome as you, can play this devilish and horrible clown”

“You just said it, you know, it’s in my genetics to play psycho and attractive characters”

“Were you an It fan before you got the role?”

“Well, I remember watching the 90’s movie, and I also remember sleeping with the light on for the rest of the year, so I could say yes, I was a fan”

“We already know that your wife is here with us, you have a short time being married, am I wrong?”

“We’ll celebrate our first anniversary next month” he smiled victorious “we’re excited about it”

“Oh wow! Congratulations Bill, look, here we have some pictures of you two” on the big screen behind them began to appear images of they both in different places, walking her French Bulldog, going to Starbucks and especially on red carpets and movie premieres “You both look very in love, eeh” Bill began to feel his cheeks burn and he gave a shy giggle

“We are, Ellen, Y/N is one of my favorite people in the world, she knows how to show up the best of me in the worst moments” The public said an ‘awwwwweee’, seeing to Bill so in love” I mean, every time I see her, I feel like the first moment I met her”

“How did you meet her?”

“I was visiting my brother Gustaf on Vikings set, she’s part of the cast and was wearing those weird clothes…. I could only think “that woman’s so hairy” then I realized that it was the makeup” The public laughed out loud and Ellen too

“What did she say to you when you told her that you were chosen for the role of Pennywise the dancing clown?”

“She was like ‘Fuck yes, dance to me clown daddy’” Y/N laughed along with the public and her face turns red like a tomato because those were the exact words that she had used when her husband told her that he would play Pennywise

“It’s not going to be necessary to ask her if she’s fan of the book” said Ellen, who was laughing too

“Not at all”

“I heard that both are very pranksters, and that you love to make each other all kind of heavy jokes” on the screen appear small videos taken from Y/N Instagram, where she scared Bill on countless occasions and he fell in each one of her jokes, from the smallest to the worst “We found this video on Finn Wolfhard Instagram“ a short video where Y/N appeared entering Bill’s trailer on ‘It’ set, was on the screen “We don’t have much information, we only know that Finn was dying with laughter and decided to publish it with the caption  ‘LMAO, HE DESERVES THIS, SHE’S MY IDOL’  Do you want to tell us a little more about this?” she asked

Before he could say a word, Bill started to laugh and took a drink of water “Actually, there’s a very good story behind that video, it almost cost me my fiancée, but it was worth it, until a certain point of course.  You’ll see, Y/N had made me a very heavy, like really heavy joke, so I had planned my revenge and Finn had agreed to help me, we were in the city filming some scenes, my car was in the workshop and Y/N had me taken to the set in the morning and would pick me up at night, about eight o’clock, so… She arrived and she already knew that she could park the car in my place. She called me by the phone and said she was waiting for me, but I told her to get off the car and wait for me on my trailer because I was talking with Andy and it was going to take a few more minutes. Actually, I was in my trailer, full dressed as Pennywise, even my makeup artist was behind all this because she accepted to wait to remove my makeup once I had fulfilled my plan. Then, Finn was hiding in front of my trailer and filming everything from the outside, I had left my phone inside recording everything and then he would help me to edit it. I was hidden in my trailer and the lights were completely off, I heard Y/N approached and opened the door. She couldn’t turn on the light when she tried and it was when my revenge began.  ‘Hi Y/N’, I said in my Pennywise voice and I started to laugh, ‘You’ll float too’ and I appeared in the dark laughing like a maniac, making all that clown stuff and running towards her, but instead of being scared or I dunno know, perhaps by instinct, she hit me in the face and then in my throat or she tried, but I fell to the ground and my nose began to bleed exaggeratedly” the public and Ellen began to laugh and Y/N put her hands hiding her face feeling guilty again “She approached me and when she saw my state, she panicked and pulled me out of the trailer, that’s where you can see Finn laughing at saw my nose bleeding, Y/N instantly repented, well, she repented and then when we went to the hospital, I still full dressed as a clown to get x-rays and realize that my nose wasn’t broken, she said “you deserve it”, that’s when I decided not to bother my wife never again when she just arrived from her kick boxing class”

“Did you sleep on the couch that night?”

“Uhhm, not exactly, she felt really bad for hitting me, my nose was very swollen”

“She’s lucky not having sanctions for domestic violence in her records, uh?” Ellen joked “What about kids?  Have you planned to have any?  You would give us very beautiful babies”

“Oh, thank you, Ellen” Bill laughed “But we’re not interested yet. Both Y/N and I are very focused on our careers, maybe in the future, but not now”

“That sounds good Bill!  And just to say goodbye, could you make that characteristic Pennywise’s smile?”

“Of course, for which camera?”

“Number two” Bill turned to the camera and made the smile, the audience applauded and gets excited “thank you Bill! I hope to have you here again very soon!”

“I hope so  Ellen, it was a pleasure” He stands up to say goodbye and Ellen kissed him for her “social experiment” the audience applauded and Bill turns red with embarrassment, he had completely forgotten about that…

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Safety Check Post:

The hurricane didn’t hit us directly like we were expecting. So in the South of the island only got lots of rains and tropical storm winds.  The north part is the one that got affected the most but not as much as St. Martin and Barbuda. For those in Republic Dominic, Florida and the rest of the Caribbean please be safe.  

Thanks to all of those messaging me here or in Snapchat and all those positive vibes, I really appreciated! Love ya guys <3  

Rooftop Season (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 2

You have an undeniable crush on Peter Parker, but not everything is simple as it seems (Peter Parker x Reader)

Parts: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

A/N: MASSIVE thanks to everyone who liked/reblogged RS part 1!!! I honestly did not expect that reaction, and I’m really grateful I’m able to share this love for Peter Parker with an audience like you guys. Thanks for welcoming me as a fellow Hollander.

You stepped off the bus, holding onto your bag as if it were a life jacket. Waves of anxiety hit you at random, making it hard to maintain a steady breath.

You didn’t understand what was so nerve-wrecking about your task this morning: thanking Peter for the help he gave you yesterday.

You twisted the handles of your bag. Was it was because you were shy about approaching people? Or was it the fact that you finally caved in to the crush you’d tried so hard to fight off?

The school bell rung loudly overhead and you felt the colour drain from your face. You were going to be sick.

Yep, it was definitely because of the crush.

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what's new pussycat?

‘What the hell, man?’ the guy cries, covering his head as he shuffles backwards. ‘What’re you— What’s with the frying pan? This isn’t Tangled!’

Keith frowns, still holding the frying pan in the air. ‘What?’

‘Tangled? You know? Rapunzel gets the frying pan to knock out Flynn and—’ The guy cuts off abruptly, eyes narrowing slightly. ‘You were gonna hit me with that, weren’t you?’

‘No,’ Keith lies, dropping his arm so he can hide the frying pan behind his back. ‘Definitely not.’

There are probably worse ways to meet the love of your life besides nearly knocking him out with a frying pan. Probably.

pairing; keith/lance
status; incomplete (1/3)

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GUYS. This is a little far fetched but…

What if Mark and Selene were engaged or something? What if that was the reason why were celebrating in the first place? 

It was a bachelor party of sorts.

Where did this thought come from? Well from the pictures in Chapter 2, it seems that Mark, Damien and the Colonel were really close…until Selene came into their lives. All 3 of them were in love with her–as the Colonel said in Chapter 3;

“I trust Selene with all my heart!”

But in the end, she chose Mark. Perhaps it’s why the Colonel was so salty at Mark, and this slightly explains Damien’s eagerness to talk to Selene. But it seems that she and Damien have a bit of a strained relationship.

Idk, it just hit me xD @fear-is-nameless @hufflepufftrax @no-strings-puppet any thoughts?

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Can we hear more stories? Because your stories are the best.


So first things first if you want to know how to say “SACABAH” out loud, go out and find a Culver’s, get a triple bacon deluxe, eat a full tray of pot brownies, wait half an hour, try to shove that entire goddamn burger in your mouth at once, then try to scream “SOCK COMBAT” at the top of your lungs with your mouth full. This is how Josh came up with the idea of SACABAH and it was our last resort for settling roommate disputes.

Basically in the hell pit that was our apartment, we would sprint through a short list of solutions and discussions to solve any problems between us before we arrived at SACABAH.

  1. If one of the disputers was that week’s King of the Cock (determined by a weekly tournament in a randomly selected EA Sports game and designated by the possession of a giant pink dildo glued to the end of a walking stick), they were automatically right
  2. Talk it out like the adults we regularly told our parents we were.
  3. Compromise.
  4. Roommate vote, incredibly ineffective because there was an even number of us

If none of these steps led to a solution we moved on to SACABAH which also had a lot of rules, mainly because of previous instances of SACABAH where we didn’t have some of these rules.

  1. Combat was held in the living room. If you left the living room you forfeit.
  2. Combatants must wear protective headgear, a mouth guard, and a cup. Gloves are optional, but recommended, and additional protective gear will be allowed on the basis of how cool it looks.
  3. Combatants are allowed one sock of their choosing, filled with a substance of their choosing.
  4. The sock can be attached to the end of a pole or stick to increase range, but each time you strike your opponent with your pole it is a foul. 4 fouls and you forfeit.
  5. You may bring 2 items from your room to place strategically in the living room as either cover or as a hazard.
  6. No using noncombatants as shields.
  7. No condoms. This was instituted after Josh put on a condom and tried to cock slap Paul for 25 minutes. Fun fact, it’s pretty hard to stay hard when you’re trying to cock slap someone as they swing a sock full of marbles at you, so Josh was also furiously masturbating for those 25 minutes.
  8. No putting the socks over your own body. This was made surprisingly not after the cock slap incident but after Josh bought thigh highs so that he could literally kick the shit out of Eric.
  9. All weapons have to be approved by at least 2 of the noncombatant roommates. This was because of the cock slap incident as well.
  10. No going full Canadian. This was instituted after I filled a hockey sock with pucks and tied it to the end of a hockey stick and became unstoppable for two weeks. Every time I participated in SACABAH I tried to go full Canadian again but I was shot down, except for one time, and that’s what this story is about.
  11. One song played on loop until the fight ended. This was our original song choice until THIS came out and we decided to alternate between the two match by match, technically three if you include the Gaeilge version.
  12. No grabbing your opponent by the balls. That’s an automatic forfeit.
  13. Fights go until someone forfeits, someone surrenders, or 3 of 4 judges declare a combatant unable to continue.

So in like March, Eric and I had a pretty significant issue with each other because of some incorrect relationship decisions he had made. He was dating one of my exes, which normally for us wasn’t a big deal, but she had cheated on me twice and then dumped me when I called her on it, so there was pretty significant animosity between the two of us. The issue between Eric and I wasn’t about if he should date her or not; he’s a grown ass adult and is allowed to make his own terrible decisions. The issue was that I declared that she wasn’t allowed over ever because I never wanted to see her again and I didn’t trust her in my house, even with other people there. He thought I was overreacting, and I thought he was being an inconsiderate fuck. This led to the initiation of our dispute system which didn’t go well. Paul won our Madden tournament that week, so we had to actually compromise, which neither of us were willing to do, so we moved on to the vote. Kyle and Paul sided with me in the vote, but Brad thought this girl was nice, and Josh just wanted to watch us fight so we split the vote.

So two days after the vote, Eric and I gear up and meet in the living room where we all discover that he is literally the smartest one of all of us because he has two pool balls in a pair of stockings. He had made SACABAH nunchucks and it was fucking awesome.

So I had attempted to go full Canadian again, because obviously why not and Josh and Kyle argued that if we were to allow fucking nunchucks I should be allowed to use my favorite. Plus, Josh pointed out that if Eric got within 3 feet of me I was basically fucked because I wasn’t allowed to hit him with the stick, which was something that literally none of the guys had thought of before that moment.

I lived with geniuses.

So we go to our corners in the living room and Brad reminds us of the rules and we begin our fight. We both come out of our corners and immediately I wind up and swing as hard as I possibly can at Eric’s knees, because 1 I am an asshole and 2 I genuinely wanted to hurt him.

I catch him on the inside of his left knee and his leg literally snaps out from underneath him. I took him out in one swing, and he had been talking for three days about how he was going to fuck me up.

Anyways, Eric is on the ground crying because I just destroyed his leg with a sock full of pucks and I’m parading around the apartment roaring at the top of my lungs because I won and that means I needed to celly and after like 20 minutes of me gloating like a fuck we load him into Paul’s truck and drive him to the hospital and he gets a big ass cast on his leg because I broke his femur and we get back home at like 12:45 and he left his phone in the apartment and he has like a dozen texts from this girl.

She was talking about how he was a great guy and she was having fun but she didn’t like his friends (read: me) and she knew that if she told him to choose between her and us that he would always pick us so she was “making the decision for him” and breaking up with him and she sent him all of this literally an hour after we got to the hospital.

That was literally 4 years ago and Josh and I still to this day regularly ask him if he remembers the time I broke his leg over a girl that dumped him two hours later.

We’re a bunch of fucking savages.

Pumpkin carvings (Tom Holland)

Hey guys, so in the spirit of halloween, im gonna post some imagines tonight.

Warnings: none

You had been planning it out for ages, how you were going to persuade Tom to take you pumpkin carving with his family. You knew he wasnt really fond of the idea, so when he had suggested it, you thought he was joking at first. Turns out, he wasnt.

So here you were, sitting with Tom and the rest of the Hollands. You were sitting across from Tom, something him, Harry and Sam had almost forced you to. Not that you minded sitting next to Nikki. It was just the fact that the boys were being so weird about it.

You decided to have a contest with Tom. The one who makes the scariest pumpkin, wins. Judged by Paddy. 

“Ready to loose, darling?” Tom asked you with a smirk on his lips. You rolled your eyes at him and began cutting.

About and hour later, you where both done. If you had to judge it yourself, you would win. Of course you hadn’t seen Toms yet, but you knew yours was better.

“Okay guys, on the count of 3, you will turn your pumpkins, okay?” Harry asked, standing with his camera. You figured it was to capture the pumpkins.




You turned your pumpkin first, then Tom. It took you a second to realize what he had spelled out, but then it hit you. Will you marry me?

You looked up to see Tom being down on one knee. You simply nodded, then you were a mess of tears and laughter. 

“Told you i was gonna win, darling”

Bad Girl ; c.g.

Originally posted by shamelessturkey

Word Count: 3,187

Warnings: smut, cursing, violence, drug dealing, basic Shameless shit


Part: 2/3


I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing and look to my left.

2:26 a.m.

I let out an unladylike groan before pushing the covers back and grabbing my phone. I pull on my ripped black skinny jeans and a hoodie, not bothering with a bra since it wouldn’t be on for much longer. Pulling on my combat boots, I quietly open the door to Debbie and I’s shared room before going down the stairs as quietly as I can.  

Grabbing a cup I move in front of the sink before filling it with water and downing it all at once. I put the glass in the sink before turning around to find Carl standing at the bottom of the stairs.  My hands flew to my chest as I tried to control my breathing from the small fright the boy gave me. His grey shirt is baggy but not too baggy, even though you can’t really see the boxers that he’s wearing under it.

“What are you doing up Carl?”

“I should be asking you the same thing.”

I move to walk out of the kitchen but Carl is standing there to block my way. I sigh softly before looking at him in the eyes.

“Get out of the way Carl.”

“Not until you tell me where you’re going Y/N.”

I quickly pull my hair up before looking at the phone. 5 minutes before he calls again.

“I have to go, you won’t like what happens if I don’t go Carl.”

Carl stands there looking at me. I look back down at my phone, 2 minutes. Taking advantage of his distracted look I turn around and head of the back door.


I don’t look back at him as he continues to follow me. I quickly look down at my phone and notice a text instead of a call.

“There is a car waiting for you by the Alibi Room. Hurry up, I’m getting impatient.”

I run quicker trying to make it to the bar. When it comes into view I turn back to look at Carl. His hair is a mess, and his eyes are still heavy with sleep. I turn back and run up the the black Sedan waiting for me, I quickly open the door and jump in. I barely have time to hear the click of my seat belt before we’re taking off down the road.

*Time Skip*

Feeling the bed move behind me I turn over and see G-Dog getting out of bed. The early morning sunlight pours through his blinds causing me to see what a mess his room is. My hoodie is thrown across his TV and my panties are hanging on the door knob. Running my hands down my face I groan loudly. I feel on the table for my phone and when I grab it I turn it on.

*6 missed phone calls*

*4 new texts from Carl*

I’m quick to grab my clothes that are scattered around the room and pull my panties up my legs. I quickly rush to put on my pants and hoodie before rushing down the stairs. G-Dog is sitting at the table with some men I don’t know and when I come bounding down the stairs they all look at me. My eyes flash to G-Dog and I realize the act I have to play.

Running into the kitchen I grab a poptart from the cabinet beside the fridge.

“You couldn’t have woken me up earlier? I missed the bus you asshole.” I say in fake frustration.

I lean down and kiss his cheek quickly.

“I’ll be home at 4, and I’ll cook dinner tonight too. Be safe.”

I quickly grab the keys to the Sedan that picked me up last night and rush out the door. Quickly climbing into the vehicle I plug in my phone and make my way to school.

*Time Skip*

Pulling into the school with 10 min before the bell rings I unplug my phone before walking through the front doors. The halls are still packed with kids and all the at the end I can see Carl. His cornrows peaking through the crowds and his arm around Dominique. My heart settles in its place at the pit of my stomach and I suddenly feel sick. Almost like he knew I was looking at him, he looks up and stares right at me. I pull at the hoodie I’m wearing trying to cover the marks I know litter my neck. They look exactly like his but darker, more rushed and with the need to claim.

I walk towards him, but only to get to my locker and when I pass the couple I make sure to keep my head to the ground. His arm brushes mine and just like the first time my arm tingles. My breath catches in my throat, but I keep walking away. Hoping he’ll stop me and notice something is wrong.

I had no plan to come to school and stay here all day, no my only plan was to come here to get my bag. I open my locker and grab the dark blue backpack that hangs on the hook. I swing it over my shoulder and turn to shut the door. Before I can I notice Carl standing behind me looking in the mirror. His face shows pure anger and disgust. Turning around I glare at him the best that I can while I cross my arms over my chest.

“What the fuck is your problem Gallagher?”

“You left at 2 in the morning and when you finally show up to school you’re sport major fucking sex hair and hickies up and down your neck. What the fuck is up with that?”

I hand automatically moves to cover the bruises on my neck, not even wanting to know how bad the others are. The ones he can’t see..

“Well? Do you have a fucking answer?”

“I got mine the same way you got yours asshole.”

I move past him and push the school doors open as hard as I can. Carl lets out a subtle “ouch.” so I’m assuming the door hit him when he was following me. I continue to walk towards the blacked out Sedan so I can leave.

“Where did you get the car? Can you even drive?”

I continue to ignore him and open the driver side door. I hear the passenger door open and immediately pull out the gun from under the front seat and aim it at the person. Carl looks at me in shock when I finally lower it and put the gun back where it was. I can feel his gaze on the side of my face while I start up the car. Carl climbs into the passenger side and buckles up as I drive out of the school’s parking lot.

“Where did you get the gun?”

I tense, not wanting to tell him anything. I couldn’t trust him anymore, he didn’t need to know right?

“You have a lot of questions today Carl. I thought you didn’t care?”

I stop at a red light and turn to face him.

“I don’t.” He says with a shrug.

“Then what the fuck are you still doing in my car?” I shout as the light turns green and I press on the gas.

“Wanted to make sure you wouldn’t crash this baby. You know, G-Dog has one just like this. Gun below the driver’s seat, bumping bass and even..”

I look over at him to notice the overflowing condom glove box. I tense up and realize Carl has been in this Sedan before. Carl isn’t stupid but he is usually slow, but the look in his eyes tells me he knows where I was last night, because that’s the only place I could get this Sedan.

“Even a condom filled glove box. Were you with G-Dog last night Y/N?!”

I don’t answer, maybe if I ignore him he’ll drop it.

“Pull over.”


“I said pull over Y/N. Now!”

I notice an alleyway and turn down it. At the end I make a right and place the car into park. I shut off the ignition and hop out. Carl meets me on my side and looks at me in disgust.

“Don’t fucking look at me like that Carl, you have no idea what the hell is even going on.” I say while I grind my teeth together.

“Then how about you explain it! You been fucking G-Dog? Been keeping his fucking bed warm and being his little booty call when he’s bored?!”

My arm swings back before connecting with his jaw just like it had two weeks ago. I shake out my hand in frustration that I hit him again and also for the fact that he got it so quickly. I hop back in the driver side of the car and start the ignition. I watch Carl who is holding his jaw still walk in front of the black Sedan before getting into the passenger side. We sit there for a few minutes before Carl speaks up.

“What’s been going on Y/N?”

I quickly grab my pack of cigarettes from the console and light one up. I inhale and watch the smoke swirl out of my mouth.

“The day I got your letter, I decided to go to a party 3 or 4 blocks away from the house. I wanted to get away. I met G-Dog there. It wasn’t a big deal until I noticed some of his guys were walking around tryna sell some ecstasy.” I laughed, it wasn’t a real one, I haven’t laughed in a very long time.

“Every time they sold a hit they would shuffle back to this corner. Me being the nosey ass I am, I followed them back there. G-Dog was sitting on this ragged old couch with two girls on each side basically passed out drunk. At first I didn’t even realize he was the guy you worked for until I noticed his rings. I almost killed him, but instead I showed him how big of pussies his guys really are. I made him a bet. I told him I could sell to more people in an hour than his boys. They were selling around 20 an hour, maybe more. So when he put the pills in my hands I went straight to work. You know me, I’ve always been about the money. I went back for more over 3 times in 45 minutes. He was shocked to say the least. From then on I become the best dealer in our little ghetto. He gave me your corner, and called me “Baby Cakes”.

I take another hit of my cigarette and look out the windshield. I refuse to look at Carl, taking one more hit I continue.

“Shit got worse from there, I was selling percs, oxy, weed, acid, You name it I was selling it. Shit really hit the fan one night at a party. This guy was mad at G-Dog, something about shitty product. He came storming into G-Dog’s house and when he saw him, he whipped out a gun. I knew the game, I’ve been in it since I was living with my mom, but this was new. Everyone had a gun pointed at someone, but by the way they all stood, they weren’t willing to shoot and every single one of them had their safety on. I wasn’t really scared, more aggravated because I just wanted to party. I was high as hell, and all the tension was ruining it. So I took a gun from one of G-Dog’s men, I think it was Tyler honestly and pointed it at the main guy. I was the only one with enough balls to take off the safety and when he called me a dick licking bitch I shot him without a second thought.”

My voice has become as hollow as I felt. It held no emotion, I felt nothing. It had been way too long since I had actually felt some kind of emotion. Lust, anger, sadness. It was all the same to me.

“From that day forward G-Dog called me his ride or die. He thought me shooting that guy was an act of loyalty when in reality I hate him almost as much as I hate myself. I don’t know when we started sleeping together. It started with putting his arm around my waist, and claiming kisses when other men looked, then it become phone calls at 2 am telling me to come over. I sold my soul to G-Dog. I can’t get out. At this point, I don’t even know if I want to.”

I put my foot on the brake and start the car. I back out of the alleyway and head towards G-Dog’s house. I notice that a new car is here and automatically know who it is. I throw my cigarette out the window and rolls my eyes.

“Fucking hell.” I whisper to myself.

“What’s wrong?”

I point to the black 2016 Jeep Wrangler sitting in the driveway.

“That’s G-Dog’s fiancee. When we get out I need you to put your arm around my waist. If not she’s gonna freak because she already suspects that G-Dog and I are a thing.”

I look at Carl and notice he looks skeptical. I roll my eyes again.

“Just go with it okay? I’m not in the mood to deal with her shit. Plus the last time she was actually here in Chicago we were together. So just help me out.”

Carl nods. We walk up to the door before I open it and walk in.



G-Dog and Lilliana (A/N not a real Shameless character) walk into the hallways from the living room. Carl’s hand on my waist is causing my body to tingle a slight bit and I can feel G-Dog glaring a hole into Carl’s hand.

“Lilliana I didn’t know you were coming to visit!” I send her a fake smile.

The woman glares at me and pulls a pair of black panties from behind her back.

“Do these belong to you? I found them in my husband’s room hanging from the door.”

I feel Carl’s hand tighten on my waist, I stiffen slightly but look at her and force myself to blush.

“Uh- well.”

“That’s my fault.”

Lilliana looks over at Carl with disbelief all over her face.

“Y/N and I came home late last night and we were kinda drunk. Every time we drink we end up having sex in the wrong places, last night it just so happened to happen in G-Dog’s bed.”

Carl looks over at G-Dog with a look I don’t recognize.

“I’m sorry about that man. Didn’t mean to get you in trouble with your woman.”

G-dog looks back and forth at Carl and I for a moment before shrugging like he doesn’t care, but I can see the look he’s giving me. Carl must have to because before anyone can say anything else he pulls me to the stairs and smacks my ass as a way to tell me to walk.

“Excuse me as I have a ‘talk’ with my woman. Lilliana, G-dog.”

I make my way upstairs with Carl right behind me. His hands rest on each side of my waist sending shocks where his fingers touch my bare skin. When we make it to my door I unlock it and walk in. My baby blue walls are covered in black and white photos ranging from Chicago at night, to Debbie and I, baby Liam and even some of Carl and I before he left. Carl notices some of the old pictures and his hands tighten on my waist once again.

“I never want to do that again Y/N.”

I nod in understanding. I never want to have to ask him to do it again. I hate that I had to ask this time.

“I know Carl.”

His lips touch my neck delicately and his warm breath sends a chill throughout my body.

“You said earlier that you hate yourself. I don’t know why. You’re the strongest person I know Y/N. No one could handle the shit you’ve went through and still be able to stand every morning. I know I was a pussy with how I left, but in the time I was gone it was you. It’s always been you. You’ve been my girl since day one ma and you’re always gonna be my girl.”

I turn in Carl’s arms and before we can say anything I press my lips to his. His hands wander on my bare skin, getting used to the feel of it. Things have changed in the last year. Neither of us are the same. We can both feel it. My hands come to the bottom of his shirt and we separate to remove it. My hoodie comes off next and then his pants followed by mine.

We don’t say anything as he backs me up to my bed. I can feel his hard on pressed against my thigh. There is no teasing or foreplay because this is what we’ve both wanted for years. His lips attach to my collar bones adding to the purple splotches that already litter my skin. I wrap my legs around his waist pulling him towards me impossibly closer and he pulls back. For a second doubt passes through his eyes and I melt it away with a smile. A real one, the one made just for him.

I gasp loudly when he enters me. It felt foreign, something new, but it was exciting all the same. I loved the way my body lit up wherever he touched. How neither of us could get enough. We didn’t move fast, but I knew I was being loud. I didn’t care though because this feeling was better than any drug could ever give me.

His hand rests on my waist with a tight grip while his other is entwined with mine. My free hand was clawing at his back as he rocked his hips into mine harder. I couldn’t hold on for long because this was Carl. My whole heart and this was the closest we’ve ever been. I came around him, moaning loudly as he continued to fuck me through the earth shattering orgasm he has brought me to before he came too.

We lay there, his head buried in my neck and hand still on my waist. My room smelled of sex and weed. While he smelled like me, weed and sex. Something I thought would never happen. We don’t say anything, he just climbs off of me before grabbing his boxers and putting them on before throwing me his t-shirt. He climbs back onto my bed and gets under the covers, pulling me with him. He lays his head on my chest and rubs circles on my thigh.

I hear him whisper something but I don’t hear it because my eyes are already closed and I fall into a deep sleep.

My North Star (pt 8)

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A/N: AH so I got around to typing this part out! I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! Do you want a part 9? I won’t write one if no one lets me know haha 

Length: 2076 words

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And a new guy tries to win your heart? 

Previous Parts:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

I love her

Jin started to panic. I love her? No, I can’t. I can’t feel that way…. Jin felt like he couldn’t breathe all of a sudden as the realization hit him. All this time, he saw you as his best friend, and he loved you very much. Only now was he beginning to realize that he loved you more than anyone else. After all the years you spent together, he realized that you were what people called a soulmate. The one person that understood everything about him. The one who loved all his virtues and even loved all his vices. And he loved everything about you too. And that was why it was so important that he couldn’t lose you.

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Say-no-to-the-o asked...

Let’s see, a follower asked me (some time ago) to tell you guys about the advantages of denial.

I got into it by accident. It started when I found a blog dedicated to orgasm denial. I’m a virgin and I got no one to have sex with. Scrolling through that blog made me so wet. I started playing with myself a lot. Then I started to search for masturbation instructions, preferably ones that didn’t let you cum at the end. All though, I could never control myself and always slipped over. I went looking for a master, contacted many doms. When I found mine we talked about boundaries, fantasies and wishes.

Fantasies about punishments.
Fantasies about dripping through panties.
Fantasies about dressing more slutty.
Fantasies about being more provocative in an subtle way.
Fantasies about no touch periods.
Fantasies about begging for ruined orgasms.
Fantasies about never having an orgasm again.
Fantasies about being filled all day
Fantasies about being an anal only girl.
Fantasies about being shared,
and so much more

These fantasies got me pretty horny. Wet enough for my master to give me edging instructions. Just now when I slipped over I had to face the consequences.
I received lots of punishments. I learned from them. I got so much more obedient. I didn’t forget things anymore (like how I should always edge naked). I didn’t slip over anymore and I was becoming a good girl (advantage number 1)

When things were going better and learned how to control my body, I noticed me getting drippy a lot (advantage number 2). I noticed puddles in my panties. That’s when I didn’t need a “warm up” anymore before edging with my master. I was already leaking when he’d send me a message.

My master wanted to control how I dressed. Since I live in a cold country I didn’t have to wear dresses and shirt skirts all the time. But he trusted me to wear it every time I could, without underwear. This made me feel so sexy (advantage number 3). Like I was walking around with a little secret. I don’t know why but in that period guys started hitting on me a lot too. Not because I was acting slutty, but maybe because I was walking around with some kind of confidence and sexiness. People notice that about you.

The no touch periods were horrible, he wanted to test how desperate I could get, and trust me, I got very very desperate (advantage number 4). I started begging for all kinds of stuff. I was begging him for permission to grind against furniture. I was begging him for permission to push something inside me. I told him “I don’t even want to touch my clit, but please let me have something inside me”.
I was even begging for ruined orgasms.

Pretty soon after that he made me a promise. He brought it like this “I have a Christmas present for you little Doll”. And then he promised me that he’d never allow me to cum again. At first it made me laugh. I must’ve called him silly. But when I noticed he meant it.. it was waterfalls down there (advantage number 5).

Then master wanted me to know I’m owned at all times. I put some beads on a string and I’m supposed to wear that every day inside my pussy. It makes me feel owned (advantage number 6) because I can feel them move inside me with every step I take.

When you’re denied for so long, you start thinking about more extreme things. Because maybe if you do those, maybe you are allowed one orgasm. So we talked a lot about being an anal only girl. I started to train my ass (advantage number 7). It hurt in the beginning. But my master is the sweetest so he always told me to take baby steps.

Most of my fantasies already came true. Some of them even amaze me. I never thought I’d start fucking my ass. I never thought I’d ask someone for permission to touch my pussy. I never thought I’d never cum again.

But I have never been happier (advantage number 8)


Reggie Mantle x Reader: The Set Up


I love your writing!!! Could you write a Reggie x reader imagine where the reader and Reggie are secretly dating so b&v set the reader up on a blind date and Reggie gets jealous and what not!

Hellooo, so I love your imagines and I’ve never done a request before (yeah this is my first) and sorry in advance if I misspell something, I’m from Spain. Here goes my request: Reggie and the reader have been dating in secret during the summer and they keep it that way when classes start, but somehow Jughead finds out and he tells the rest of the gang, they don’t like her dating Reg but she defends how Reggie is and not how everyone thinks he is. All the fluff is up to you, thaaank you 💜

If you’re taking requests, can I get an imagine where the reader is like smol, innocent bean and the whole gang just treats her like a kitten? Reggie finds her adorable and the gang tries to keep him away from the reader, but he tends to sneak into her room through the window & cuddle w/ her and stuff? Thank you!!❤

A/N: Okay so I was going to do all of these separately, but then I got this idea in my head and this came out. Hopefully you guys enjoy this and to the people who requested these I hope I did justice. Unless like you really don’t like how I did this you are welcome to request your prompt again and I’ll see what I can do. I know I was supposed to post this morning, but my Wi-Fi went out.  I don’t know how I feel about this, but I hope you guys actually like it.

Words: 2584

Summary: You start dating Reggie during the summer going into your Junior year.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Like one swear word.

One day you decide to go on a walk because the clouds and the sun ratio was perfect. You ended up in Sweetwater River enjoying the smell of the flowers during the summer. Although as you were enjoying your day you saw him sitting in a rock, eyes puffy from crying. He looked sad and you weren’t a person to ignore that. You approached him sitting next to him and handed him a sunflower you found.

“Do you need someone to talk to?” you shot him a small smile rubbing your thumb in his face to clean up the last residue of his tears a bit shocked by your motion he grabbed your hand against his cheek and you both just looked in each other’s eyes for a while. You could see the hurt in his eyes, so you pulled him for a hug and he held you tight like he never wanted you to leave.

You guys got to talking and Reggie confided to you things you were pretty sure he’d never say to anyone else. He told you about the troubles in his family, his best friend Jason who was murdered last year and how that sometimes affected the way he played thinking he could never amount to how Jason played. You reassured he was great since you’d seen him play as you went to every single game and supported your friends.

For two weeks you both met up near Sweetwater River and just talked about anything and everything. For those two weeks you saw the real Reggie, the one he didn’t allow anyone to see. You were delighted that Reggie would let you see that side of him. Soon your friendship would end and the relationship started when he asked you out on a date to Pops to keep it simple. Although at the very end of your date your friends arrived to Pops and disrupted your date because they thought he was bothering you not letting either of you speak a word they dragged you out of there.

They had always been your protectors against the bad world. They claimed you were too sweet and innocent and the world didn’t deserve a person like you, but were elated you existed in their lives. Anytime anyone that wasn’t them would try to talk you they directed them to an exit because your pureness was not to be corrupted by anything or anyone. Sometimes they would be so strict as to only watch PG-13 movies and were certainly surprised when they caught you watching a horror film once. They made you swear to only watch those kind of movies on their turf and you gave in pleasing your best friends.

Although your new found friendship that was blooming into a relationship may catch them off guard you decided to keep quiet about it until you and Reggie spoke further about where it was going.

To: Reggie

Hey, I’m sorry I got dragged out of our date. They can be a little over protective when they want.

To: (Y/N)

A little?

To: Reggie

What can I say I have good friends, although I was quite enjoying myself this time. 😉

To: (Y/N)

Can I stop by or is the police still hogging you?

To: Reggie

Police is gone lol, window is open Mantle.

To: (Y/N)

Be right there 🙈

It all became routine, when you were not the gang and their over-protectiveness during the summer you were with Reggie on dates as you made your relationship official, but you hadn’t told any of your friends because you weren’t sure how they would react. He would climb your window and into your heart every day. Because of your overprotective friends you found it quite surprising you didn’t get caught especially because he was your first boyfriend and kiss. You wished to tell the details to Betty and Veronica but your lips were sealed for now until you and Reggie could find the perfect moment.

One day Betty and Veronica tried setting you up with the new kid Jake, but you denied it and told them you weren’t ready for a relationship because you were with Reggie and they stopped insisting after a while because as always maybe he wasn’t the best for you. Nobody would ever be enough for them to choose. They just wanted you to find someone so that you four could go on double dates. Though to you, you had the prefect guy, he was sweet, tough, cheesy, and he loved you back; so you texted Reggie to meet you in your house to talk about your status.

“Hey baby” he spoke climbing through your window “what happened?” he saw the nervous expression plastered on your face.

“B and V keep insisting I go out with the new kid” you sighed as he sat down next to you and put his arm around you.

“Well he’s gonna have to wait forever because your mine” was all he said as he placed his lips on yours a sensation so close to home, yet every time he did it the butterflies in your stomach would go crazy.

The next day though someone was about to reveal your secret relationship with Reggie.

The brooding writer who’d never leave anywhere without his beanie gathered your friends without you to tell them his new findings.

“Hey Jug, what are you big news?” Archie spoke across the booth at Pops.

“(Y/N)” he spoke a bit out of breath from rushing to Pops.

“What about our kitten?” Ronnie smiled.

“Well yesterday I was walking home and saw Reggie Mantle leaving her room through the window” he confessed.

“No way” Kevin gasped.

“That can’t be true Juggie” the blonde protected.

“You must have seen something in another house, but certainly not our girl” Archie reassured.

“Pics or it didn’t happen Jones” the raven haired girl challenged.

Thank god no one believed Jughead, but this also meant they didn’t think Reggie was good enough for you and that hurt a bit when Ronnie and Betty told you about their secret meeting and you laughed it off not wanting to blow your cover.

After you hangout session, you couldn’t risk Reggie meeting you in your room so you texted him to meet you at your spot in Sweetwater River.

“Hey (Y/N/N) what happened this time?”

“Jughead saw you leaving my room last night and he almost blew our cover” you answered with a small smile “they’re getting pretty close why don’t we just tell them.”

“Anything for you babe, why don’t we tell them this weekend” he kissed you and you nodded “You wanna know something princess?”

“What?” you smiled in his arms.

“Sweetwater River is named after you because you’re sweet” he grinned at his cheesy line.

“That was terrible” you chuckled as he kissed you again.

Except now he had finally caught you both. Jughead Jones in his regular sleuthing routine spotted you two, and did a double take and then he saw you kiss and he really freaked. He realized his friends weren’t going to believe him without evidence so this time he took his phone out as fast as he could and got a picture of the two of you kissing, thankfully though he hadn’t paid his phone and he couldn’t send it to your friends and it was far too late to show them so he’d have to wait till the next day.

Thankfully though Jughead Jones was nowhere to be found during the school day and since he had the reputation for sleeping in none of you bothered but go look for him, just texted him on what he was “missing out” that always bothered him.

“Hey (Y/N)” a familiar voice spoke to you as you peeked out of your locker.

“I was just wondering if you could help me with our American Government homework” Trev announced.

“Sure when?” you noted.

“Today afterschool at Pops” he paused “if you can of course” he stammered.

“Sure yeah, I’ll move things around” and you texted Reggie you had to cancel since you were an assigned tutor for that class and had to help the students if they asked for help.

Later Trev met up with Betty and Veronica in the student lounge.

“So did she fall for the tutoring thing?” they squealed at Trev.

“Yeah were meeting today at Pops” he gave a small smile.

“Yay! Okay well don’t forget your homework or else it will be so obvious” Betty grinned hoping you both would hit it off.

Later you were sitting across Trev in a booth at Pops with your textbook in front of you.

From: Reggie

Just ditch the guy and come with me babe😍

Babe please😧

Answer me!

We’ve been dating for like 3 months and you still don’t understand I’m needy.😍😍

Kitten please don’t ignore me 😋

Fine princess, I guess imma have to go see he keeps to himself 😉

Those were all the messages your boyfriend Reggie bombarded you with on his way to Pops. You ignored them as you apologized to Trev and put your phone on silent reassuring him you were there to help him. In this moment Jughead finally resurfaced trying to get the gang to meet him to reveal the news.

“Okay how about we start with some definitions, they usually help me out the best” you directed at Trev.

“Sounds good” he smiled “thank for this, you are an angel” he smiled.

“It’s no problem really” and continued “so electoral college, do you know their part in the presidential election?”

“No sorry, they help with the votes don’t they?” he placed his hand and yours which made you a bit confused.

“No actually, they’re the ones who choose the president, the government likes to make the people think it’s their choice; but that’s not true. The people actually didn’t even start to vote until like our 3rd or 4th president which is understandable because we were a beginning nation, but I just laugh it off when people get mad over the election because our votes are practically pointless.” You blabbed removing your hand from his and tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Oh, well see I wouldn’t have known that without you” he smirked.

“Right, okay onto the next word is Legal Standing which is pretty much you must pass a two-step test which says you have to be able to present that you were harmed and that there is a remedy. If you can’t prove either your case or you has no legal standing” you answered as he started writing down everything you said and you were soon distracted by a bit of commotion outside, but you kept your eyes on your textbook ignoring the voices who sounded familiar.

“Why can’t we go inside to talk about this?” Jughead asked Betty and Veronica who were blocking the entrance to Pops.

“Because sweet sweet Jones, we finally got (Y/N) on a date” Veronica proclaimed.

“What?” Archie peeked and saw you sitting in a booth across Trev.

“No offense babes, but it looks like just another study session” Kevin addressed.

“Oh c’mon soon Trev will turn on his sweet charm and she’ll fall for him and we will finally have a couple to go on double dates” Betty chimed in.

“Well sorry to be a buzzkill, but she’s not into Trev” Jughead rang back.

“What do you mean Jones?” Veronica rang back at the beanie obsessed boy.

“She’s with Reggie, I’ve been trying to tell you, I saw them kissing at Sweetwater River” Jughead stated triumphantly while showing the group the picture he took of you both last night.

“Is this photoshopped?” Archie questioned mad that their sweet girl would pick Reggie.

“Omg our kitten with the biggest jock” Betty confused about their sweet girls choice of first boyfriend as well.

“Damn she beat all of us” Kevin was struck by your friends for encouraging the relationship.

“Well here comes the man of the hour” Veronica pointed at Reggie arriving at Pops.

“Hey Reggie” Archie gave him an annoyed look.

“Hey Andrews, can you let me through” Reggie ignored the death looks shooted at him.

“Nope I’m sorry, you might ruin (Y/N)’s date” Veronica sassed.

“What?” Reggie gritted his teeth.

“Why do you care so much?” Betty challenged.

“My man” Kevin patted his back, and the group pushed him again.

“It’s just tutoring” Reggie tried to contain his temper knowing how you felt about him acting like a jerk.

“How do you know she had tutoring?” Jughead asked.

Inside Pops Trev moved to sit aside you, he claimed it would help him better as he looked through your notes.

Reggie just stared at you through the window, his blood boiling from not being able to go in and get him away from you. Though something broke it, inside there sat his girl laughing at a joke Trev had just told her. He broke, pushed your friend’s barricade and swooped into Pops all you saw was Trev being forcefully removed from his spot next to you.

Your friends rushed in as Archie tried to remove Reggie away from Trev.

“Reggie what the fuck?” was what came out of your mouth and it shook everyone, they had never heard a swear word come out of your innocent mouth.

“He had his arm around you! You were giggling at him, I couldn’t take the police keeping me away from you, I- I- I was jealous you’re my girl!” Reggie let out.

“Oh my god” Kevin gasped.

“I was just tutoring him Reg” you exclaimed oblivious to the set up Betty and Veronica planned.

“Oh c’mon he’s a guy, to him this was a date, B and V set it up” he confessed coming closer to you.

“What?! You did what?!” you looked at the couple who gave you a shy smile “and you, you agreed with them?” Trev scratched his head.

“I can’t believe you guys, this is why we never told you anything” you confessed which caused them all to gasp and Reggie just wore the biggest smile as he held your hand.

They all had wide eyes plastered on their faces so you continued “I like him, he makes me happy, and I hope you guys can accept that because I’m not letting him go.”

“If you hurt her Reggie I swear…” Archie gave in.

“I don’t have the heart to hurt the most amazing girl in the planet” he added as you blushed.

“Swoon” was all Veronica said.

“We’re sorry (Y/N/N), you guys are adorable” Betty pulled you in a hug.

“Does this mean you’ll leave me alone” Jughead directed at Reggie.

“My girl wouldn’t have it any other way” Reggie pulled Jughead in for a small bro hug.

“For the record I was all for this” Kevin smiled.

“Okay so can we go on a double date this weekend” Veronica smiled at you both.

“Sorry after what you pulled you’re gonna have to wait a while” you sassed at them.

“Oh c’mon” Betty and Veronica groaned.

You were so caught up with your friends and revealing to your friends your secret relationships you didn’t realize when Trev left, but you honestly didn’t care. Your friends welcomed Reggie with open arms which is what you were hoping for. You all were the loudest group in Pops that day squeezed in a booth. You sat on Reggie’s lap happy about how it all turned out.


@sgarrett49 @casual-ellipsoidal @isis278 @stxrmqueen

@forsythependletonjonestheiii @oharchiekinz 

I know this is, like, old stuff by now, but do u know what really gets me about Alex Hirch’s seemingly intense dislike for Ford?

Like… abuse is a very tricky thing to handle in kids media. The message can get muddled and misrepresented easily, because no one can really flat out say “I was abused”. I don’t think it’s a surprise at this point when I say that I was a victim of parental abuse and was abused by someone that I thought was a friend, not to mention that I was autistic and subjected to severe bullying because of it. Growing up, all cartoons fed me were messages like “forgive your friends even when they hurt you” or “family is family, no matter what” or “your bully is secretly sad so you shouldnt be mad at them”, and all these messages tricked me into thinking that I was the bad guy for hating my family, for being unable to ‘fix’ my bullies, for developing deeply rooted trust issues

Then came Ford Pines

I had caught up to Gravity Falls right before Ford’s appearance, so ‘Not What He Seems’ was the first episode I caught on air. As the episodes were released and we slowly learned more about Ford, I actually didn’t like him so much at first. He was angry, he was loud, he was distrustful, he kept to himself; he was everything that I was always told not to be. However, as the episodes continued, I realized that I saw a lot of myself in him

Like, lets look at Ford for a second. He is clearly a victim of abuse and bullying (and heavily implied parental abuse), and he’s mad at the people who wronged him, and you know what? The narrative celebrates that Ford hates his abusers (well, Bill, at least)! But guess what? He may have been angry, but he was nice. He adored the kids, and it shows. He was one of the only members of the Pines family who wasn’t always poking fun at Dipper, and its clear that Dipper appreciates that. He’s sweet, dorky, and a good guy

For the first time, I was face to face with an abuse victim who was angry, but a good guy, and you can’t understand how unreal that felt to me. I’m sure Ford’s not the first character to fit into this idea, but he’s the first cartoon character that I’ve seen that did this right

Even Journal 3, with it’s flaws, showed a pretty accurate process of an abuse victim realizing that they’re being abused (at least, from my point of view). The idolization, the distrust of actual friends, the abuser convincing him that his real friends were out to get him, and then when he realizes that he’s been played this entire time? It hits him HARD. He can’t sleep, he’s scared, he doesn’t trust anyone, and how he views reality is altered because of this. Whether they meant to or not, Journal 3 was a great book from an abuse victim’s point of view

So… yeah. At this point, you can probably tell that Ford was an important character for me (and many other abuse victims that I’ve met too). Finally, an abuse victim we could root for, who’s abuse didn’t ‘turn then into an abuser’. FINALLY, an abuse victim who was angry but was still someone we could root for. Almost every trait about Ford clearly links to some form of abuse, and it’s something that me and other abuse survivors can relate to

And Alec Herb wants us to hate him for it

He calls Ford a bad guy. He calls Ford ‘egotistical’ for daring to be proud of the things he’s good at. He says that Ford ‘deserves to be punished’ for not immediately forgiving someone who hurt him in the past. During one of his streams, he even said ‘Ford is a popular character and I just don’t see why’, implying that everything I said before was a complete accident on his part, that he wasn’t taking abuse victims into account and wanted us to think that he was a bad guy. And, of course, only us scary mentally ill abuse victims could ever relate to him

God. I just. Fuck. You can all understand why I hate him now, right?? 

The Coffee Shop Incident [Tom Holland smut]

Request: “ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) daddy kink tom holland” -  @shirokirito-sao

Words: 1.7+k

Rating: M

Trigger warings: Smut

Summary: Tom gets jealous and you take advantage of the poor boi’s kink.

A/N: This came from a chat we had on the sin chat with the x-fam so I hope you like this sin.

Tom have been acting up throughout the whole day.  Ever since you left starbucks this morning he hadn’t let go of you, with his possessive grip on your hand or an arm around your waist. He had been grumpy all day.

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File #666

“So let me get this straight, Yoongi: you’re saying that this thing is the reason why your friends were found hanging from the ceiling fan? That this was the thing that nearly killed them?”

Yoongi’s convinced a double suicide attempt is actually a murder, and you’re busy stalking a comatose student’s blog.

request - 666: for continue file #666 from welcome to ; badpasta gone cereal.

horror triggers apply.

5.5k words, horror/thriller, yoongi + reader, college/cop au.

You tug the thick manila folder from the stack of files. File #666, marked as “resolved.” You take it from the storage and back to your cubicle. Ruminate over the case a bit. In a strange, twisted way, it’s funny: for months, members of the department had been making bets and dark-humored jokes about what the six hundredth and sixth case would be. Would it be bizarre? Or something more commonplace?

When case #665 turned out to be the kidnapping of twenty-six schoolchildren and gained international attention, speculations for case #666 grew exponentially. A mass murder. A mysterious outbreak. Or maybe someone would actually manage to summon Satan.

And yet, after all the debates and guesses, case #666 turned out to be a double suicide attempt. It’s uncommon—of course, but it was underwhelming compared to all the expectations it had garnered. You lay the folder on your desk before taking a seat. Two college students. Roommates. Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung. You review their profiles, just to make sure that nothing’s been changed.

Nothing has, as expected.

According to the case file, one of them was a blogger—Jimin, you think—and a link to the blog is hastily scribbled on the bottom corner of the folder:

mochi-min. university . blog . com

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Guess who’s going on a cruise in December? This bitch right here! :D

Finally, all these years of entering contests and putting my name into prize draws has paid off! I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise guys. A whole two weeks out on the beautiful blue sea. Away from stupid work, away from all my responsibilities, and more importantly- away from freaking winter.

I’ll make a special tag for my cruise album so you all can keep up on it. Hearts!

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Cresco Amor

So I have been trying to start writing little things here and there and decided to give this a shot. I wanted to explore slow, burn, pre-official MSR with my own personal ideas of the season 6-7 timeline and what I think may have been happening behind the scenes leading to … well, everything. Totally innocent (at this point), nothing explicit here. This is (hopefully) going to be the first of many stories. But that all depends on my motivation and bursts of quasi-creativity.

Somewhere in Nevada, heading east

October 30, 1998

“I do want to stop.”

“Mmk” she responded groggily rubbing her eyes and reaching for the folded map in the glove box. “I think there’s a motel about 20 miles or so ahead, small town called Littlefield.”

“No. I mean stop. Get out of the car… eventually”

“Oh.” She said simply, realizing his meaning. “That’s… good, Mulder.” She looked out of the window into the darkness wondering what she would be seeing if it were daylight. It was a barren desert which they had been driving through for two hours now, since they were turned away from Area 51.

“I just cant stop now, Scully. Not with everything that’s been taken from us.”

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Threesome! Mistaken

Pairing: Y/N, Michael and Stephanie.  

Words: 2.4k

Summary: You and your boyfriend Michael go to a bar and the bartender, Stephanie mistakes you for being gay and hits on you. 

“What you getting?” Michael mumbled, opening the bar door and letting me through. I made a humming noise, thinking of all the drinks I could possibly have. Today at work was long, you had 3 meetings and all you hardly participated so you were just sat there nodding. Finally though it was Friday which meant you could get drunk and have a hangover in the morning without getting scolded for. We both walked into the bar avoiding the people making out and the tough guys playing pool. 

“Hi, w-what would you l-like-” the girl stuttered out looking up at me. She swallowed and parted her lips again to speak, but clenched her pen. I raised my eyebrows at her smiling and she blushed under her blonde hair. I bit my lip and scanned down her body. She was really cute, big perky boobs spilling out of her pink shirt. Long blonde hair, some wrapped up in a bun at the top of her head the rest falling above her boobs. Her eyes were a light blue colour and she had freckles scattered around her nose.

“Can we have two ciders please?” I said leaning on the bar and winking at her. She nodded walking over to the other side of the bar. I turned to Michael and laughed. He was looking at me shocked and tilted his head.

“I think she likes you” He said, poking his tongue between his teeth and giving me a cheeky smile. 

“She’s hot Mike” I smiled, giving him a cheeky smile back. Michael’s smile faded into a jealous look, his eyes now glaring at me. He lent in close and brush my hair behind my ear.

“You’re mine” He whispered against my ear, sucking onto my lobe and kissing my cheek sitting back up. 

“No harm in a threesome” I grinned, turning my head towards him our faces just inches apart. 

“Y/n, babe” he laughed, throwing his head back. I just turned my attention back to the bartender who was talking to her friend, who kept pushing her towards us and giggling like school girls. The girl pushed her hair over her boobs and grabbed the two cider bottles, taking a big breath. She walked back over to us and placed one of them down in front of Michael and then held the other one, smiling at me. 

“I’m Stephanie, but you can call me Steph” she muttered, licking her lips. She placed the cider on the bar and pushed it towards me.

“I’m Y/N” I smirked, grabbing the cider and bringing the bottle to my lips. 

“You’re really hot” she giggled, a red rose colour taking over her cheeks. I gulped down some of the cider and I had a massive smirk on my face. 

“You’re pretty cute yourself Steph” I whispered hotly, leaning my on my left elbow and rasing a eyebrow at her next move. She tapped the bar a couple of times and kept opening her mouth.

“So I was wondering maybe if I could get your number, we could go on a date or something” she blushed. I laughed a little and looked at Michael who was clearly enjoying the interaction. 

“I’d have to ask my boyfriend” I laughed, looking at Mike who raised an eyebrow.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I just assumed you might be gay because of your clothes and the cider” she stuttered, trying to hide her face in her hands. She went to walk away but I grabbed her wrist. 

“It’s ok, you can stay and talk to me, to us” I smiled. She questionably looked at Michael who just drank down his cider, his eyes scanning down her body. 

“Ok I’ll stay” she grinned. I bit my lip as she stared at me with a mischievous glint in her baby blue eyes. 

We had gotten home to our flat, we being Me, Michael and Stephanie. Her flirting didn’t end there, we teased Michael all night. When her shift was up we went to a nightclub and she continuously kept trying to kiss me. I was teasing her back to be fair, stroking up her thighs and grinding her body into mine. There is defiantly some sort of sexual tension between me, her and Michael. Michael had glared at us the whole night, creating sexual tension. Like I was saying we had gotten home, Steph was pressed up against our door as I pinned her against it. 

“I want first dib’s of this pretty pussy” I whispered into her neck, she let out a breathy moan as I sucked onto her neck. I stroked my hand over her collar bone and over her boob, pushing her shirt to the side. I sucked onto her neck and over her sweet spot feeling her breath hitch. I licked over the spot watching it turn red with hints of purple. I kissed over her jaw and back to her mouth and sucked onto her lip. I swiped my tongue over her lips and I kissed her deeply as she let out a whine. Her lips tasted of mango chapstick and I made sure to suck onto them.

“So pretty” I whispered against her lip’s kissing her lips over and over again. I undone her shirt revealing her bra, I pulled it off her arms and threw it on the ground. Steph let out a squeal as I grabbed her boob in my hand. She kissed my jaw as I rolled her nipple in-between my fingers. She sucked onto my jaw and I let out a mewl. I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled away from her. I bit my lip and scanned down her body, her breast’s cupped in a black bra and her lips bruised. I looked round at Michael who was leant against the door frame to the bedroom and smirking at me. 

“Enjoying the view” I said licking my lips. Michael nodded his head as I grabbed Steph’s hand. I pulled her towards Michael as he turned back into the bedroom.  I walked Steph over to the bed and pushed her down onto it. Her head hit the pillows and I climbed over her. I kissed her lips hungrily and grinded onto her, my pussy slightly tingling. I unclasped her bra and pulled it from her chest throwing it on the floor. I sucked onto her nipple and licked over it, kitten licking it. I sat up and took off my t-shirt. I turned my head to Michael who was stood with his hands down his trousers stroking over his bulge. 

“Mikey take your clothes off and come sit” I ordered. Michael smirked at me raising his pierced eyebrow and taking his shirt off. He unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down his legs and sauntered over to the bed and climbed in the middle, Steph sat up as Michael rested his hands behind his head. I felt Stephs hand stroke up my back and take off my bra, I pulled it down my arms and threw it on the floor. Michael’s eyes flickered in between our breasts as we shook them for him. Steph put her hands in the waistband of Michael’s boxers and pulled them down. She kissed over his thighs and licked up his long dick. 

“What a good girl?” Michael smiled, brushing her hair to one side and looking at me. I raised my eyebrows and grabbed a hold of Michael’s dick, holding up to Steph’s lips. She kitten licked his tip and looked up at him with her baby blue eyes. She edged her lips onto his cock and sucked around his tip. She pulled up and sucked down a bit further. There was salvia collecting at the bottom of her mouth as she slid down her mouth down his dick. 

“Take it all the way” I whispered, kissing the sides of her mouth that were swallowing up Michael’s cock. She bobed her head down all the way chocking on it. She pulled up and spluttered out. I shook my head at her and she looked at me. 

“Deep throat him” I snarled, she nodded her head sucking back onto him and I rested my hand on the top of her head. I pushed her down so her nose was pressed against Michaels skin and I kept her there as she sucked. Michael let out profanities as he grinded into Stephs mouth. I took my hand off her head as she bobed her mouth on him. I took a step back and stroked my hands down Steph’s body flipped her skirt up on her back. I clutched the sides of her panties pulling them down her ass and down her legs. I kissed her round ass and down her thighs. 

“Such a peachy ass baby” I said, kissing her ass and sucking on the dip that led me to her pussy. I moved back round to watch her take Michael all the way and I moved my hand under her. I stroked my fingers over her folds and pulled them away. I sucked onto my fingers and put them back on her pussy. I swirled my fingers around and dipped them into her entrance. She choked around Michael’s dick and lifted her head.

“Fuck Y/N” she moaned. I moved my fingers inside her was she rolled her hips on my fingers. I took them out of her and she glared at me.

“Suck” I said nodding to Michael’s cock. She smirked and licked over Mikey’s dick. I pumped my fingers back into her as she whimpered around Michaels cock. I leant forward and took one of Michael’s balls in my mouth rolling it around as I gave harsh thrusts into Steph’s pussy. I curled my fingers in her and she gave me a wink. I licked up Michael’s dick as Steph bobbed her head. I took my finger’s out of her pussy and she stopped bobbing her head. I brung my fingers too her lips and she suck on them, shutting her eyes.  I pulled them out and leant forward pecking her lips.

“Y/N, let us please you” Steph blushed, stroking down her body.

I moved so I was lying on the bed as Michael climbed above me, he pulled off my leggings along with my panties. Steph came besides me and started kissing over my chest. She planted one hand on my boob and twisted my nipple between her fingers. Michael ran his dick up and down my wet folds spreading the wetness around. His tip circled my entrance as Steph latched her lips onto my nipple. Michael edged his cock into me, the thickness spreading out my pussy around him. 

“Fuck” I moaned, grabbing Stephs hair and pulling her up for a kiss. She moaned into the kiss as my hand ran over her ass. I squeezed it in my hand and gave it a spank. She bit onto my lip and crawled over my body. Michael thrusted into me and ran his hands over Steph’s ass. I felt his cock fill me up to the brim as he’s tip glided across my walls. I ran my fingers down her body, her beautiful smooth skin and her slight stretch marks on her hips. Michael’s cock pulled out of me and I felt Steph jolt forward, shutting her eyes and parting her lips. I stroked over her face pecking her lips as she moved bounce forward couple of times before she whined. Michael’s cock was back in my pussy, pounding at a fast pace. I looked up at Steph who had a pout on her face as she looked back at Michael’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

“Sit on my face” I whined, grabbing her hips and pulling her up. She smiled and scooted up my chest, I felt her wetness rub against my chest and over my chin. She sat up straight and her thighs were either side of my head and I looked up at her pussy. The pretty little freckles over her pussy and her wetness making her pussy glisten. I kissed over her clit sensually looking up at her. Michael’s balls slapped against my ass as his hips rotated into mine. His tip brushing against my g-spot, I let out a whimper as I sucked on Steph’s clit. 

“Oh Y/N” Steph whined above me, grinding herself into my face. I wiggled my tongue around weft her clit and licking down to her entrance. She tasted so sweet on my tongue making my mouth drool almost. I circled my tongue around her entrance and delved in. I moaned into her pussy as Michael hit my g-spot, I took my mouth off Steph and looked under to see Michael. His blonde hair flown everywhere and his eyes watching my tongue flick into Steph’s pussy. He furrowed his eyebrows as his thrusts sped up, I went back to sucking on Stephs pussy. I tucked my tongue into her pussy, stroking it against her walls.

“I think I’m going to cum” Steph whimpered falling onto the bed frame. I sped my tongue up as she bounce on my face. I felt Michael slap her ass feeling the ripples through her thighs. I sucked around her entrance as her walls clenched around my tongue. 

“I’m cumming” she screamed, rocking her hips on my face. She pressed down on me as I sucked harshly. She came around my face as Michael repeatedly him my g-spot. I moaned into Stephs pussy as my orgasm approached. I slurped up Steph’s juices as she climbed off my face. I shut my eyes grinding up onto Michael. Steph crawled down to where Michael’s dick entered my pussy and she sucked onto my clit. I arched my back as she flicked her tongue over my sensitive bud whilst Michael grinded into me. 

“S-shit” I stuttered running my fingers through my hair. 

“Cum for me baby girl” Michael groaned, he threw his head back and I felt my insides flutter causing my lower body to shake. I bit onto my lip as I came letting out a small raspy moan. Michael came inside me and I sat up slowly, Steph sitting up with me. I kissed her cheek as she laid down on the bed. I did the same falling back as Michael pulled out of me. He gave me a lazy smile and dropped down next to me, wrapping me up in his warm arms. I was facing Steph as I ran my fingers over her prominent cheek bones. She faced me and Mikey and smiled, looking me directly in the eye.

“I’m glad I mistaked you for being gay” 

Old Hello

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Summary: After you got tortured for serval of months that felt like years you suddenly woke up buried alive in your own coffin

Warnings: Mention of being Tortured, Swearing, Dean Winchester, Grammar Mistakes

Words: 1,318

A/N: Hiya guys, it’s been a while, huh? I dedicate this Imagine to by best friend Micky, she inspired me months ago to write this one. And I actually finished writing it since June but I was too unsure to actually publish it. I cut this imagine in two parts and actually, I don’t know when I’m going to upload part 2. Going to be a surprise,, I guess.

(The imagine is written pretty plain, and I hate myself for this. Including the fact that there are A LOT of Grammar Mistakes that I’m going to edit asap)


My heart was pounding against my chest, as darkness took over my eyes and the pain that swiftly faded away was hardly noticeable; everything was a deafening silence sheathed. My breath was fleeting and hesitated as the realisation hit me harder than the demons in hell already did,, I was buried alive.

The oxygen in the coffin was a just thin layer of air, giving me the feeling of almost choking on nothing but just on my own breath - making everything hot and sticky in the little wooden box, probably even self-build. Panic started to rise in my chest as I felt my blood rushing through the veins of my body and my heart started pumping just as fast as the speed of light, it felt like my heart was about to break through my ribs, leaving me in emptiness and fear.

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