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A lot of people seem concerned about Touhou being on Steam, which seems kind of ridiculous. You love Touhou. It’s something really important to you. Why would you be concerned about it being shared with more people? Wouldn’t you want people, who might not have gotten the chance to otherwise, to appreciate something that makes you so happy? Why do you automatically assume that if new people get into Touhou, they’ll ruin it or make it bad? A new influx of people will change nothing about the series, or what it stands for. Does what other people harmlessly do or think really affect your enjoyment of Touhou?

The western Touhou fandom is going to grow and flourish. Touhou is going to grow and flourish. We’ll see more fan works and ZUN will earn more for his hard work. Many, many more people are going to be able to experience the magic of Gensokyo, and the fantasy of Touhou is going to be stronger than ever before. So let’s enjoy it.

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Not an ask, but what the hell, just in case anyone interested. The HSiFS release on Steam is identical to the CD version. THCRAP (and any other patch that would exist for the disk version, though I'm not aware of any) does work just fine, still. You just have to point it to the right folder.

Good to know! Also good to know the touhou patch guys won’t have to stress over making the patches compatible.

Billy Hargrove

I think one of the most appealing things about Billy is that he’s that cocky macho jock/popular guy who is kinda broken and you’d highlow-key love to date - but, in real life you’d hate him and never think twice about because you’d know that he would only want one thing and then move onto the next one. The fantasy of dating this charming and impulsive guy is pretty alluring.

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Wakti Wapnasi Doll?

I’ve had this idea that maybe Max’ new friend (the doll, photo from his Instagram) could be Wakti? Because of the hat, clothes and eyes.

I sent him a tweet and he liked it so maybe there is something true behind it. Could be relevant for new theories or something and I thought I should tell you :)