and them i saw this still

Sorry this took so long to actually get on here…I’d been typing…too much…hahaha…right so, HIGHLIGHTS! Just a reminder that what I saw was the first PREVIEW and I already know they’ve made some script changes, so until opening night on April 4th things will still be changing! Anyway here are my highlights (Re: Lauren trying not to just type out the entire musical.)

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I saw that you said in your recent post that you were gonna tell us what you liked about SS and I was wondering if you could still tell us because I'm curious what you have to say!! :) Also, why do you like them more than other Sasuke and Sakura ships if you don't mind me asking??

I ship SS because Sakura was the only girl who not only always wanted what was best for Sasuke, but also actively and constantly strove to make that happen. Karin always just wanted to help Sasuke, and I respect her for that. I’ve always been very grateful to her for helping to keep my favourite character alive on numerous occasions, and I believe her affections for him were genuine. However, that’s all I can say about it. Whereas not only were Sakura’s feelings for him also genuine, but she was also actively trying to secure a better future for him by trying to dissuade him from continuing down his dark path. Karin noticed how sinister he was becoming during the arc in the Land of Iron. Yet, she was still aiding him in committing all those crimes, and it was only after he had impaled her and completely disregarded her life, that she realized that helping him while he was in that frame of mind, wasn’t doing any good for anybody. It shouldn’t have taken that long, and that much for her to reach that conclusion. I know she was just trying to do all she could to help him, but she should have known that “helping” him in that situation wasn’t doing him any favours in the long run.

Sakura knew that from the very first instance she witnessed Sasuke’s darkness in the Forest of Death. As soon as she saw it, she tried to pull him out of the darkness, and this desire never diminished:

People tend to look at Sasuke’s side and say he always hated her or doesn’t care about her at all, when that’s just not true. Tobirama and Hagoromo explain Sasuke’s character brilliantly in 619 and 693 respectively. They basically reveal that the only true representations of Sasuke’s character were before the massacre, and after 698. Essentially, the times when he wasn’t afflicted by the curse of hatred which constantly caused him to push away love, and magnify the negative emotions, including resentment, hatred, jealousy etc.

But despite his affliction, you could still see that he cared for his friends, including Sakura. He described her as someone “dear” to him in 133, which was only reiterated in 177, when Kakashi stated that they had both found “precious” companions, to which Sasuke then thinks of Sakura and Naruto. He sincerely thanked her for everything she had done for him in 181. He was reminded of his relationship with Team 7 when he saw how much Taka were doing for him against Killer Bee in 414. Naruto indicated how Sasuke’s body just moved on its own to save Kakashi and Sakura from the infinite Tsukuyomi in 680 etc.

All these indicators demonstrated that despite Sasuke’s outward desires to be alone and push away the affection that was offered to him, he still deeply valued his friends. This told me that when Sasuke would be saved from the darkness, he’d welcome Sakura’s affections and start seeing her, as well as the entire world from a new perspective, and that’s exactly what happened. His hatred turned into love (as Hagoromo predicted it would in 693), and he was able to see things with clarity (as he described in 699):

I just really liked that Sakura (and Naruto) were always striving to attain a better future for their dear friend who was suffering so much. And that Sasuke, despite his internal struggle with his affliction, was still able to demonstrate that he cared about his friends, and that once the curse no longer had a hold of his heart, he was able to give Sakura such a meaningful expression of affection.


The Infernal Devices Appreciation WeekDay Two Favorite Ship: — Will and Tessa

You and I, Tess, we’re alike. We live and breathe words. It was books that kept me from taking my own life after I thought I could never love anyone, never be loved by anyone again. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them. Reading your words, what you wrote, how you were lonely sometimes and afraid, but always brave, the way you saw the world, its colors and textures and sounds, I felt - I felt the way you thought, hoped, felt, dreamed. I felt I was dreaming and thinking and feeling with you. I dreamed what you dreamed, wanted what you wanted - and then I realized that truly I just wanted you. The girl behind the scrawled letters. I loved you from the moment I read them. I love you still. Tessa had begun to tremble. This was what she had always wanted someone to say. What she had always, in the darkest corner of her heart, wanted Will to say.

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Basically Regina duplicated herself. Which was unnecessary and confusing, but our Regina is back. But I don't blame people for being angry because yes, the fact that EQ still exists did cloud the whole merging of dark and light thing. It was absolutely unnecessary to leave them as two separated people, but Regina is back to "normal". Maybe it would help if people imagined the EQ as a fake copy of Regina, like wish!Robin was kind of a copy of our Robin?

People need to get their shit together and think. Did the plot play out in a way I thought it would? No but this sl has the same message.

Love and forgive yourself.

The Queen is not just some fake copy, she has their shared light and darkness, their shared memories. She is though still her own person because she felt and saw certain things differently than Regina did.

So yes I blame people for being angry because they think just because they didn’t get or like the plot it was a bad one.

It wasn’t. It was not what I expected but it was not a bad plot.

I’ve been involved in a few fandoms in my lifetime, Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, X-Files and while I was involved in those fandoms, it was a lonely fandom for me. I wasn’t on social media and none of my friends were interested in the shows and movies that I was interested in. Part of being in a fandom like that was that the only time I ran into fans was when I met them in comic book stores. We’d talk and we’d buy fanzines and read those. For those of you who don’t know what a fanzine is, that is fanfiction. It wasn’t done on online sites like Fanfiction back then. Fans who wrote their stories would self-publish them and sell them almost at cost in comic book stores.

I wasn’t bold enough to do that. I wanted to write fanfiction and I did write a few stories but they were just for myself. No one ever saw them. I still have one of them sitting on my bookshelf, but I’ve never shared it with anyone. I never dreamed that I could do that.

When I discovered Bones, it was already in the middle of season 5. I discovered it on TNT and was introduced to the Bones world with the episode ‘The Yanks in the U.K’. I absolutely adored the episode and I tried to find out more about this show called Bones. Unfortunately it was Christmas and Bones wasn’t being shown on FOX at that time. I had to wait until it came back on to start watching the new episodes so I continued to watch the reruns on TNT. The more I watched the more I fell in love with it. After watching about six episodes I went to the store and bought seasons 1 thru 4 and binge watched them. By the time Fox was ready to resume Bones I was almost caught up. I had missed the first part of season 5 and I started watching season 5 with ‘The Bones on the Blue Line’. When Fox started the reruns after season 5, I was able to see the first part of that season and what I had missed.

This show was fascinating, the characters seemed so real to me. Their personal stories were a mixtures of tragedy and hope. No matter how bad the past had been for the characters, they hadn’t given up on the present and looked forward to the future. The show was an insane mixture of science, law enforcement, failed relationships, new relationships and possible relationships. It blended comedy and tragedy. It showed us the grossest bodies and some really bizarre crimes. Bones also kept me coming back for more because of the story arcs attached to the characters. We weren’t presented with just two main characters. We were given several characters that had continuing story arcs and they wove these arcs together giving us a broad story of almost epic proportions.

No character on this show is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. They all seem to have demons that they do battle with. They may not battle them every day, but they do battle them regularly and yet those demons don’t deter them for striving for the things they want, the future they long for and hope for.

What this all means to me is that this show made me let go of some of my shyness and reach out to other Bones fans. I started checking out some chat rooms and I found people that loved Bones as much as I do. We talked about each episode and broke down those episodes as much as possible. None of us sees the show the same way and it is so interesting to see how someone else sees what you have just seen in a different light. Our life experiences influence what we see and how we handle it.

As my shyness was pushed to the background, at least with other Bones fans, I realized that I wanted to write fanfiction. Bones is ripe for fanfiction. There are so many things left unsaid because of time constraints and those unseen moments are fascinating to me. I also thought it might be fun to write AU stories for Bones. ‘What if’ stories can be so interesting. Someone told me about a site that allowed amateurs to write and post stories and I checked out Fanfiction. After reading several fantastic Bones fan stories I knew that I could at least try and write something too. Since no one really knew who I was, that allowed me to try and that was important to me. If I failed then at least I tried.

My first stories were absolutely terrible, but I had a lot of encouragement from readers and other fanfic writers and they pointed out things that could made my stories better. There are a lot of great fans out there that love fanfiction and they are very encouraging when it comes to new writers, especially writers that have no idea what they are doing. True there are also people out that there that like to discourage writers, both good and bad because the anonymity of social media allows terrible people to be terrible with little consequence. Thankfully they are in the minority and most fanfic writers have learned to ignore them. Bones has allowed me to spread my wings. I’ve been able to write a lot of fanfiction because the show presents us with such fascinating topics and that gives me story ideas to work on.

Over the years I’ve experimented with story ideas. I’ve altered my writing style and it’s not quite as bad as it used to be. I don’t claim to be a great write, but Bones fanfiction has allowed me to improve how I write and it allows me to share my story ideas with other fans. I love that there are fans out there willing to immerse themselves in Alternate Universes and will go a long with story ideas that take them on adventures that they didn’t see on the show. They are willing to let writers stretch canon and I want to thank them for that. You guys are wonderful.

It’s sad that Bones is ending, but wow, we’ve had twelve years and we’ve seen a lot of wonderful character growth on the show. We had six years of ‘will they won’t they’ and then another six years of a loving relationship that has grown stronger with each season. The fans were allowed to see what a loving strong relationship between two damaged characters could be and wow the transformations we have seen has been wonderful. Not only have we seen Booth and Brennan get together and form a family, we have also seen Hodgins and Angela move forward into a relationship. The fans witnessed Cam find someone that loved her too and I appreciated that.

We went through the loss of Vincent Nigel-Murray, Lance Sweets, Aldo Clemens and Max Keenan. We’ve seen two weddings. One of them in a jail and one of them in the Jeffersonian Garden. We’ve seen serial killers and horrifying accidents. The fans were allowed to see trials and the outcome of those trials. Who didn’t love seeing Brennan and the squints studying putrid bodies and cleaned bones searching for clues to help Booth solve crimes? Let’s face it some of those bodies have made us gag, but we brushed it off and looked forward to the next soup body or body with a chainsaw sticking through its chest.

Bones has made us laugh and cry. It’s made us anxious and upset and still we couldn’t get enough. The cast and the crew, the showrunners and the writers have worked hard to give us an interesting show and I think they accomplished that. Twelve years and after Tuesday there will no longer be any more surprises coming our way from the Bones set. Even though I didn’t start watching from the beginning I am so glad that I discovered Bones when I did. This show has been a fan dream and I want to thank everyone involved, be it the people attached to the show or those talented fans that write fanfiction or make GIFs for everyone to sigh over. Thank you for an amazing time.

So... yu gi oh arc v just ends like this??

Really? I think this is a really bad ending… everything happened in just one episode, the girls and the boys remain inside of their main counterparts… i wish they could all come back, after the girls disappeared, they were vanished for the rest of the anime, completely, i wish i could have seen more of them, but there were a lot of plot twists until the end, i mean, it could have been much better and much easier to digest everything if they didn’t put so much plot on just one episode (around 126 till the end), but still, it was a great anime no doubt, one of the best. And i do hope Vrains is a good one… After i saw that Yoshida is back again, i got a bit afraid, but let’s see what happens. Still hyped for what is about to come!

Went to GOT7 open fan-sign event just now and oh my gosh, people were already standing in the first few rows and they still feel like they need to stand on chairs and ladders like com’on, consider those standing behind you WITHOUT a stool please, everyone wanna see them as much as you do, be more considerate. So basically (excuse my language) I legit saw no jack shit.

Current situation is sitting in the backyard “ashram” admiring the new patio. Glass of Sangiovese poured and Noodle is cooing himself to sleep. Bestie on her way to town for one whole week.

What happened to my 6PM sleeper? Ugh. At least he’s still cheery about it. I let him and Nugget take bottles to bed. Judge away.

In Italy last year, I saw heaps of pre-k kids running out of the int'l school with bottles and pacis glued to their faces. I’m sure an entire EU country is not lamenting bottles before bed.

I also stress about not holding/rocking/making eye contact for every bottle feed. One of my bff mommy friends (who I actually respect her parenting) told me to get over it. None of them will be babies forever so I try to soak up as much QT as possible and minimize the guilt.

It’s a beautiful night. March in FL is bliss.

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Nice guilt trip from the houis except I think a lot of larries just want them happy and if I saw either of them happy in a relationship with someone else I would be fine with it. I haven't seen that and there is still too much evidence pointing that they are together so that's why I'm still here in this hellhole fandom getting shit on.


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Lesbi honest. NMW Lauren does she is harassed by Camren.. even i saw on her families posts...ppl still harass them & shaun. And she shared pics of Lucy (4 the benefit of LGBQT community. i might add) and ppl still won't leave her alone. So, unfortunately for L.. nmw she does, she still gets harassed. I hoped her saying 'it was never real' would help ppl move on. I rlly wish C would get her back.. she never does on this..& it's sad. She shud back her up real or not...right? 4 L.'s sake

i do think camila should talk about it, like just say it’s not real and tell people how annoying it is i feel like people listen to her more!

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Dude if you're still looking for autistic voices, I'm autistic and I've never heard of aspec being used as a general term to apply to autism, or even in specific cases. The only time I saw someone using aspec to refer to their autism was actually, I think, someone engaging with your blog. I talked to them and they admitted that they were wrong and started using it to refer to aces and aros. So yeah, even some autistic exclusionists know it's bs.

I’m always looking for autistic voices on this matter! Thank you for the info.

–Mod Mercy

Writing questions thingy thing thing

saw this on @desayunogratis and nicked it because …

1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress?

Ignoring the fics on MNFF which I’ve abandoned (there are around 5, I think) then I would say 2 for haikyuu, 2 for YoI, one novel I’ve abandoned and one I’m still thinking about. Plus two HP stories that I might get around to finishing. (I’m not including the ones in my head, just the ones I’ve started). I’ve stopped starting fics and publishing them before they’re finished because it got too stressful!

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?

I do because discovering fanfiction was the thing that kicked my butt and got me writing anything at all. (Never diss fanfiction in my hearing, unless you want a slap.)

3) Do you prefer real books or ebooks?

Uh … ‘real books’ ??? Are you saying ebooks aren’t real?   Have I imagined them all?  Wow. Perhaps rephrase this to be ‘paper books’.

(shakes head at book snobbery)

I like the convenience of the kindle. Reading is reading - no matter what medium it comes in, so I’m not that fussed where my words come from especially as I read a lot of fanfiction and manga which isn’t in paperbook form. I like paper books because, on the whole, they’re easier to flick back through to find your favourite bits unless you get into the habit of highlighting. Also, bookmarks are pretty.

4) When did you start writing?

Apart from the books I tried to write getting to a page and a half and then abandoning, or the awful poetry I wrote as a teen, then I started in 2008 when I discovered fanfiction as a way for me to get over the loss I was feeling after the end of the HP series. It completely changed my life. 

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

I publish practically everything on A03 and most of my early work is on MNFF

6) Where is your favourite place to write?

In my bed on my laptop.

7) Favourite childhood book?

Moomins and Winnie the Pooh

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?

Fun, but I’d like to be published. I mean I always say my aim is to make a living with writing, but in reality, I love writing fanfiction (despite my frequent moaning) because I actually just love the canon material and I want to write my versions, so fun mostly.

9) Pen and paper or computer?

Computer. I stopped using paper for a first draft round about 2009, when I realised I could edit as I typed anyway. 

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?

Yes. Well, my college degree was partly Creative Writing, and I took a night class in Writing too. But they were mainly for journalism type pieces.I’ve learnt more by listening and reading other writers, tbh. MNFF was HUGELY instructive.

11) What inspires you to write?

The canon as a whole. Music. A lyric will float into my head and I’ll picture someone so have to write it. Also dreamt up a time travel thing which I want to OF (or turn into an Iwaoi au - haven’t decided yet.) 

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(I am entirely NOT okay with Zedd being mind controlled like that. Like when I saw it I literally could not believe for a moment that they let this go and that ZeddRita is such an accepted thing when it is literally what you said DX)


Here;s the thing. Once they break the love potion thing, and he still loves her? That i’m fine with. Because it makes sense that he would love her for such an underhanded trick, for something so evil. That’s just how Zedd is. 

There’s nothing wrong with loving Zedd and Rita; hell I love them together because they are a good couple. 

But having said that, you can’t forget how it started, and I really think that they shouldn’t have done that the way that they did. 

Like, once Goldar breaks the spell, everything from that point on is fine. But you can’t just ignore the fact that it started with him being brain fucked when he slept for the one time he has to every century and thus was at his weakest. 

Even if he respects Rita for being so evil and underhanded as to do that when he was that way because he’s evil. But that’s probably not what you should be showing children XD

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Ok I saw part of that disgusting anon's hate and let me tell you, that really got my blood boiling. HOW DARE THEY. First of all your art is so, so beautiful and you're a truly amazing person. Secondly, homophobia makes me want to kick that anon in the fucking teeth. You can ship what you want and if someone tried to tell you not to, eat them. I'm so glad you found a way to block them. Anyways I love your art and you're amazing!! You deserve all the love!! ❤️❤️

thank you!! i honestly don’t know how to answer anymore, all these kind messages oh man 

yes haha i’ll eat them, but truly, same, i can’t stand homophobic people who insult lgbt+ people, they have their opinion but they don’t have to say hateful things. sadly this is the world we live in. 

i love your art too! thanks again!! 

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i will just say.. i saw them in newark and jimin is so smol (not as smol as yoongi) but his thighs are still skinny (cuz their all models tbh) but they THICC at the same time 😏😏

i heard conflicting reports about this tbh from my friends who went, one said that his thighs seemed skinny but others said they were really thick, same size as kook’s but when you take in account his stature and how narrow he is they seem big, also heard about how round and big his butt really is IT’S ALL TRUE KIDS  but all said he was really small even in comparison to yoongi because he is just very petite :D i think the best way to describe jimin is just -meaty- though i’ll never know for myself until i see him which will be never cause the golden europe + too poor to travel combo

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I think that Gator actually did know about SH's pregnancy before it became public knowledge, because someone sent annashitter that video of BC and SH at the NT. You know, the one that they didn't post. The one that made them all start saying that SH was gonna fake another pregnancy. In the video they did post, she was wearing that distinctive yellow top, the one that she wore when they flew into LAX from Bora Bora after the honeymoon. No big leap to guess what they saw in the "missing" vid.

Oh yes, that’s pretty much the consensus since only part of the video was posted. Even so, I still liked my earlier anon’s point about how it’s so completely obvious that Gator is totally making up her claims about having “mutual friends” with Benedict. Not that any rational person would believe her in the first place. 

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10? For the song thing! :)

10.) A song that reminds you of your childhood


there is no icon currently to express my feelings bc I just saw Beauty and the Beast and iT WAS GORGEOUS…..STUNNING……I CRIED 3 TIMES……….all that rococo fashion…..and AN UNEXPECTED DELIGHT OF DIVERSITY!!!!! I mean, I’m still waiting for them to remake a Disney movie and cast a PoC as the lead princess for no reason other than they can, BUT THIS WAS CERTAINLY A STEP IN A GOOD DIRECTION!! And ffffff I wasn’t so sure about Emma as Belle at first, but she ended up winning me over. 

New Addiction (Ford Pines)

I saw @pirably post a drawing with Ford reading Harry Potter, and I had to write something because of how adorable he looked ^^

I remember getting hooked on the books when I saw very young, and I pre-ordered most of them when they were released. Also I managed to read them all in a day, which was fun :)

Harry Potter still holds a very dear place in my heart, and I can totally see Dipper getting Ford hooked on the series.

When Dipper mentioned the book series titled Harry Potter to Stanford, at first he was hesitant. The fact there were witches did turn him away at first, but hearing Dipper gush about the books and how it had gone on to be an amazing movie series turned Ford’s heart to mush, and he promised to read it once he and Stan returned from their voyage.

“Sorcerer’s Stone huh?” Ford mumbled to himself, sitting on the couch with a pleasant sigh. He and Stan had returned that night, and after a hot shower and quick shaving session that had Stan yelling at him about setting off the smoke detectors, Ford found himself beginning the book Dipper had sent some time ago, it’s sequels stacked neatly beside him. Stan couldn’t tear Ford away from the fourth book when it came time to pick up the twins the next morning, a child-like smile on Ford’s face as he immersed himself in a world he was growing to love. The younger twin rolled his eyes and left to pick up the kids, happy to see Ford so relaxed for once and not immersed in research. He was lying on his stomach when Stan returned with the twins, now onto the fifth book with his head being propped up by his right arm, grin still on his face as he scanned each page, unaware as Mabel tried to get his attention.

“Ugh Dipper, why did you tell him about Harry Potter?” She whined to her twin, who was snickering at her. “He’s just like you right now!”

“Isn’t it great?” Dipper teased, their bickering going unnoticed by Ford who only shifted in his seat as he continued to read, Stan eventually motioning for the kids to go unpack. His brother read on, eyes shining with curiosity and enjoyment as he continued to lose himself in the world of Harry Potter, his worries gone for once.