and them i saw this still

Max Headcanon

Okay, I recently saw a headcanon for Max where he was an abuse survivor (here)

And I wanna just kinda add on with what I think.


I saw it and thought, what if Max wasn’t abused by his parents but by a babysitter or some sort of caretaker? His parents would leave him with a babysitter for date nights or work, and it took them months to find out he was being abused by them. 

Max was upset that they didn’t notice this sooner and he eventually grew a hatred for them, causing him to the be the stubborn, closed off person we all know.

The parents didn’t trust many sitters after that, but they still had to do their things and couldn’t leave Max alone, so, they sent him to Camp Campbell.

Max hates that his parents dropped him off with another stranger and though he wouldn’t admit it, he was frightened that it would happen again. Which is why Max can’t let David in and help him enjoy his time there.

One day, Max would be sitting with David and would eventually tell him everything. David would be stunned by the information and would just hug Max.

He’d probably resist at first, but when David doesn’t let go, he accepts it and hugs back, crying.

Why must I hurt myself thinking of these? 

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Of course, that's only Ricky's side of things. The same Ricky who still makes tens of thousands of dollars by attending The 100-specific cons, only to trash JRoth and the show right in front of his former cast mates, creating an incredibly awkward situation when they all clearly love their time w/ the show. It's amazing how he can't let it go. How when he's doing interviews for American Gods that he, the *subject*, is the one bringing up his beef with JRoth, not the interviewer. So mature.

Truly shocking how his old cast mates still love him and support him them isn’t it considering how he is “creating an incredibly awkward situation.” I just saw him and Richard voluntarily hanging out less than 2 weekends ago. They were going out around Syndey and going to the gym together. Ricky has done the same with other cast members.

I love how you all seem to think it’s wrong for this man to have a voice and stand up for himself against someone who had authority over him that was mistreating him. Instead of showing concern over the fact that this was happening, or wanting to figure out what happened, you’re giving him shit about the fact that he’s still earning a living. “Oh people love him and still associate him with the 100, a show for which he was a main character for 3 seasons? He’s a good person and he’s willing to meet Lincoln fans? Guess since he’s a decent human being and earning money, any bullying done to him is void!”

What you’re saying is that just because a person is successful, they have no right to speak up for themselves. Instead of showing concern for this man, you’re doubting him. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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Did you read the Dyke March's statement? Does that change your perspective at all?

I did, and my understanding from it was that they only discovered the marchers they expelled were from A Wider Bridge after they expelled them, which still indicates a dicey association of the magen David with Zionism. I’m not taking A Wider Bridge’s “side” on this, but I do think that associating a general Jewish symbol with the state of Israel exclusively is highly suspect, especially when flags like the ones the expelled marchers were using are also commonly used by non-Zionist and anti-Zionist Jewish queer groups. (I assumed they were Keshet flags when I first saw the photos.)

okay but the actual spencer/toby scenes in the finale were so precious and pure, my sweet babies came back to each other in the end

the way their faces lit up when they saw each other at the stables made my heart so full, you could literally hear the emotion and happiness in her voice

and the lost woods/scrabble scenes were so beautiful and understated, i actually love that their storyline wasn’t rushed but they took their time reconnecting and reverting back to their old traditions. those scenes were proof not only of how well they still know each other, but also how much they still love each other and idk i just really loved them, it felt like the old spoby we’ve all been missing for so long

and the fact she sat there watching him sleep and put down “limerance”, such a typically spencer way of showing her true emotions but it felt so fitting and poignant for them

also, the twin scene. toby automatically going to alex, unconsciously knowing she was the twin straight away, and how he knew spencer’s books were always full of notes and annotations. the way he knew that only the real spencer would still remember her favourite poem and recite it back to him in perfect french, and the fact he still remembered it too. and the pure happiness and relief and emotion from both of them when they realised he’d worked it out and they’d finally found each other again

idk, I know we deserved a better on-screen endgame but i’m really happy with their actual scenes and i’m so happy we have their whole future together to imagine now

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#12 for the salty asks~

Even though a lot of people hate it, I actually really like the Jay and Nya arc during season 6! I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect, but I still feel like people tend to treat it the wrong way.

Before season six I wasn’t interested in Jaya at all. I just kind of saw it as “oh, we’re just having this because we need a romance arc now” and the love triangle in season 3 didn’t exactly help.

But when Season 6 came out I was really surprised what they did! Instead of making it a “does she like me?” story, they actually go through an interesting dilemma, where they both are debating whether or not the two of them would work out, if maybe it would be better if they just focused on their work, or if they should follow what Jay saw in his reflection. I thought that was a lot more interesting and realistic, and I haven’t really seen that sort of maturity in Ninjago.

I really like the ups and downs they go through, like where Jay thinks acting like a jerk would be the best way to get her attention, and he ends up getting punished because of it.

I think the thing that really stands out about this arc is how it knew to keep it slow, it knew that you can’t force relationship arcs or its going to feel forced. So they give them a lot of time to debate and discuss their feelings and act like real friends around eachother. I swear that episode where they’re going to the safe place at Dr. Juliens island, and they’re just talking to each other like normal friends do, I really liked that. I really like it when they’re not flaunting anything in your face like that, they’re just trying to keep it real.

I could go on and on about how awesome season 6 was honestly, but thats just what I thought about this arc that everyone seems to dislike.

Ask me more Salty Questions! These are really fun!

Tracy Boy Origins - JOHN

when John was born

John’s turn at last, with a new suitably starry illustration

“Luc! Wait!  PLEASE!!!”

But she had flung open the car door at the junction and got out.  How she’d managed it so quickly in the last stages of her second pregnancy amazed him.

He ran after her, abandoning the car, lights on, engine still running, and caught her up at the bottom of a ridge.  They were miles from anywhere, the dark night engulfing them away from the lights of the car.

“Please Luc you’ve got to believe me!”

“Why?  Why the hell should I?  I saw her Jeff!  Laura Wills was all over you, in her skimpy little silk dress!”  Her voice broke, she was close to tears. “And then there was me, 149 months pregnant, literally the elephant in the room in my marquee sized dress!”

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine

Originally posted by jgilinskygifs

It was early when jack called you but you still answered. You loved taking to him no matter what hour in the day it was.

“Hey J” you said as his face showed up on your phone.

“Hey (Y/N)” positive as always. You looked in the background and saw Jack J was sitting looking at the wall. “J what is the other J doing?” You laughed looking at them both being weird as always.

“Oh he is just upset I called you before he did. He wanted to call you first” he lifted the phone so you could see him better

“Aww that’s cute” you teased him, you watched as he slowly turned his head.

“Hey johnson, aren’t you going to say hi to (Y/N)” Gilinsky said waited just as you.

“Hi” johnson gave you a fast hello and kept a serious look.

“What kind of a hello is that?” You laughed watching the boys crack up too

“I said we should call you but he did it first. It was my idea” johnson said getting closer to the camera

“Don’t worry. Next time you can all her first” Gilinsky said still laughing

“You said that last time ” you just couldn’t stop laughing. Those two always knew how to make your day much better

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what is your fav deckerstar scene

Copy/pasted from a previous ask here

Why do you do this tO ME. This is like choosing a favorite child?! I love all of their moments so much?? Okay but if I must.

I’m very old school deckerstar haha. My favorite moment still stands at 1x04: the wing scar scene.

Why? There was something so immensely tender and heartbreaking about both of them. I think this was the first time that Chloe saw past Lucifer’s mask and also the first time Lucifer let his mask slip. Just the look he gave her, like something in him just shattered. It was like this was the first time someone had actually shown genuine concern for him. He walked out expecting her to be completely distracted with…other things. He expected her to graze over the scars, maybe drag her nails across them in bed, but instead Chloe does something he never would expect. She shows that she cares and that changes everything that Lucifer has ever desired.

The same goes with Chloe’s perspective. Before this Lucifer was delusional and arrogant, but the moment she sees those scars something inside her seems to break. I think she believed his Daddy Issues, but when he says they were a gift from his Father, that does not sit well with her. Now she has him in this completely new light and I think this is the first time she even considered there was more to Lucifer than sex and drugs.

These newfound discoveries just immediately put more trust and compassion between them than they have with anyone else on this show. It just, to me, is the most heart-wrenching deckerstar scene to watch.

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On the subject of Nogitsune, I was always disappointed that it was singular in the end. At some point it referred to itself in the plural, and for the longest time I thought that we were being faked out concentrating solely on Stiles. I was semi-convinced that either there were two, or that the one had possessed both Stiles and Allison simultaneously, made them a gestalt entity. IDK. I still think that would have made a better story for Allison to have ended on.

Okay, so this would have been incredible! 

Also, because when Deaton talked about them letting the darkness in after they did the ice bath thing to save their parents… we only really saw the consequences for Stiles, didn’t we? What if the nogitsune did get into Allison too? And maybe it couldn’t get into Scott because he’s a wolf, but why was only Stiles affected by the darkness? 

It would have been an amazing twist if the nogitsune had been in both of them! 

Catch and Release

mcreyes week day three - f i r e f l ie s

Gabriel kept rewinding the footage, not believing what he was seeing. His heart ached inside of him each time he heard the bang! and saw his agent fall to the ground.

He rewinds the video again.

This time he won’t pull the trigger.

But Jesse McCree still stands behind Taylor while he’s in front of the bathroom sink. Jesse McCree still pulls the trigger. The mirror in front of them covers with blood and Taylor’s hollowed head bounces on the sink before his body stumbles to the ground. McCree sheathes Peacekeeper, washes the drops of blood that stain his face and walks away, hat hiding the devil’s eyes.

“Gabriel,” Jack’s soar voice gets him to stop pushing the button. “That’s enough. We need to act now.”

Gabriel frowns at Jack, tired old Jack who let a criminal in between his agents. Who let his own guard down and allowed McCree to sit at his table during lunch. The same McCree he has asked on a few Overwatch missions because he was fitting for a spot they needed to fill.

The same Jesse McCree Gabriel held hands during their winter walks. The ex-gang member Gabriel kissed when the sun woke up on the first day of summer. Jesse McCree, who kissed, caressed and bit every inch and secret spot on Gabriel’s body, who cured his aching bones after battles and sang lullabies to get Reyes to fall asleep during restless nights.

Gabriel gazes over the coffee table of his office, where a nice case is set. Inside, his two shotguns lay comfortable, like a brand new present every time he opens it.

“I’ll take care of it.”

Gabriel makes his way to Jesse’s room and plans to not stay long. He won’t linger on the memories they’ve shared between those walls, nor how his own scent is kept between the threats of Jesse’s sheets. When Gabriel slides his card and enters, he feels something is wrong before the lights turn on.

Jesse’s sand colored covers are gone, along with his smell. The drawers of his dresser are opened, what’s left are the dark pieces from Blackwatch uniforms, even his black cowboy hat Gabe gave him for missions remains on top of the dresser. There’s nothing Jesse about this room anymore, but the small chip on top of the nightstand with smeared blood and Jesse’s ID.

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Hi there! I love your opinions about silvermadi and I want to ask you why you ship them? Why are they a beautiful couple? None on tumblr has never described properly:)

Ohmygosh, thank you and thank you for asking! I love talking about them. And hopefully I can give you a decent answer, instead of just babbling incoherently about my babies. 

So, from the first time they saw each other, you could see the pull between Silver and Madi, he is interested in her because she could help them (since at that time they were still prisoners at the maroon camp) while Madi is intrigued by him, by what would make a man like Silver fight against England. Added to that, they are in similar positions as second in-command, Madi to her mother, Silver to Flint, and yet how they deal with that is very different. 

Then comes the dialogues, I just love their conversations. They’re usually very honest with each other (I’ll talk later about s4) and there’s so much respect on Silver’s part for Madi, for the position she occupies and what she embodies. And even if he didn’t respect her, she showed him time and time again she shouldn’t be crossed with, and you can see he is a little bit in awe of her (like in that scene in 308 when Madi sets her man free and Silver wants to know what the guy is going to say and Madi is like, “he is not going to say anything” because they wouldn’t dare to cross her).

And Madi sees the parts Silver is too afraid to show anyone else. It’s not even that he lets her see, she just sees it and he has no choice but to let his defenses down because they are useless against her - as if they didn’t even exist in the first place. She sees his weaknesses (the physical and the psychological ones) and understands how he feels. Like Madi tells him in 306 when he refuses treatment for his leg, “You’re frustrated. You’re angry. You’re tired. Perhaps no one else knows why. I believe not even you know why. But I know why. The crown is alway a burden, but it cannot be borne if you cannot stand.” And Silver never had anyone that not only could read him like that but also cared and was so willing to help him. He is almost crying at the end and it’s not just because he is pain, but because of Madi and her words. She not only convinces him to accept treatment for his leg, but is there for him in relation to Flint and his darkness, “Maybe their mistake was to try to do it alone. Maybe to go to such a place, one needs another to hold the tether and to find a way out.” That’s still my favorite quote from them and the moment I was sold on them as a couple. I mean, how could you not ship a couple that says that??

Then, on 309, we have the opposite, that is, Madi is the one breaking down over her father’s death and finding comfort in Silver because she can’t afford to be weak in front of her people, but she can do so with him *cries*.

Comes season 4, and we see them already in a established relationship and honestly, besides the really hot sexy times, POWER COUPLE GOALS, KING AND QUEEN. They are so in sync to each other, to their fears and wants, I love it. But also, what we see is that, by helping Silver deal with his own darkness (and by extension, Flint’s), we see Madi’s darkness as well. It’s not that she is being consumed by Flint’s war, it is her war and it has always been. And Silver can see that, and he acts in his own way to guarantee she won’t be consumed and that she won’t die, putting her above everything else. 

(And, even though I was heartbroken over his betrayal, I loved that he did because it was so in character, it brought his character full-circle. In s1, we see him scheming and not caring about anyone else, just for the money, and now he is still the same conniving bastard, but he is doing it out of love for her. I thought it was very in character and I wanted Madi to see that side of him, because it felt like something she had overlooked over the fact they were fighting on the same side.)

Last but not least, I love that now they will have to help each other cope and become the light to the other’s darkness. It’s not only about Madi helping Silver, it’s also him helping her. They are both broken and bruised, but it doesn’t mean they can’t find comfort on each other and help each other heal. And, like the sucker that I am for angst and hurt/comfort, I love this idea that their love is still there despite all the resentment and it will eventually bring them closer and they will be happy (I refuse to believe anything else). 

And that’s it. I hope this is satisfying. Again, thank you for asking!

Day 3: Darkest Moments, Brightest Lights

(nbReyder. There’s more alcohol in this, but only like…the canon amount of alcohol.)

Reyes held Dani’s hand as they took a seat on the crates with their legs dangling over the side. They trusted him enough to not let them fall. That part was more telling than the kiss they’d shared back there, though his lips still tingled in memory. Maybe that was the whiskey.

Dani made grabby hands for the bottle as he cautiously took a seat diagonal from them. He rolled his eyes and took a long drag before passing it. They flashed that grin that made his heart stutter before lifting the bottle to their lips. When they lowered it again, their gaze panned out over the golden sunset. 

“Gorgeous isn’t it? I sometimes forget.” He turned to look at them, but only saw them in profile, if that. “Is Andromeda everything you hoped it would be?" 

"I came to protect my family. Mission failed, I suppose.” They chuckled at their own dry humor.

“You crossed darkspace for your family?" 

"Somebody had to keep them from dying alone. Mom wanted me to go along to keep dad grounded and my brother sane. I couldn’t say no to her. So here I am." 

"So here you are.” He smiled to himself.

Dani took another long drink then passed the bottle back to him. “Back at you, Reyes. Why’d you come?" 

He lifted the drink for a quick sip. "To be someone." 

They shifted to sit thigh to thigh, taking one of his hands in theirs. "You’re someone to me." 

Reyes looked into their eyes for a moment. There was no pretense of playful flirting. The walls had been stripped away. The titles didn’t matter anymore. Just Reyes Vidal and Dani Ryder. As he leaned in slowly with a hand cupping their cheek, it felt perfect. 

"I’m starting to think that kiss was more than just a distraction." 

Dani met him halfway. Their hand travelled up to his shoulder. They deepened the kiss with leisurely speed. Like the two of them had all the time in the world. He ran a hand through their hair. Sleek and soft. Reyes could feel them smiling still, and when he finally pulled back, the dazed smile on their lips floored him. How could somebody so arrogant and blunt be so gentle when the moment called for it? 

"Been wanting to do that since we met. Just didn’t feel right any other time.” Dani’s voice cracked from nerves. It was the first time he’d ever seen them flustered. He could get used to that. He wanted to get used to that. 

Their omnitool dinged, and both of them jumped. Dani grasped at his jacket for fear that their flinching would send them off the edge. Reyes leaned in and kissed their cheek once. They sighed in resignation and checked their omnitool. 

“Can’t stay long?" He seemed a little disappointed.

"Had Vetra set to ping me if I wasn’t back from the party in three hours. Safety precaution. Nothing serious." 

"Afraid I would whisk you away somewhere?" 

"Well, to be fair." 

Reyes laughed, and they just stared at him in wonder.

"A-Anyways. Good whiskey. But I tried some questionable drinks, and it’s probably best if I get back before I make even more questionable decisions. I’m only coherent right now because biotic metabolism." 

He raised an eyebrow at them. 

"Not to say I regret any of that, I just-" 

Reyes kissed near the corner of their mouth. Dani brought their fingers to their lips. "It’s okay, Ryder. Call me in the morning?" 

"Post-hangover, most likely. Wish me luck.” They pushed themself to their feet and headed back down the pile of crates. 

Reyes sighed to himself and nearly reached for the bottle when he realized it was no longer with him. He chuckled darkly before hopping up and scurrying after them. Dani’d made it out of the cargo area and to the docking bay before he caught up with them. He caught them by the shoulder. 

“You are not subtle. Or cute." 

"I am definitely one of those things. Thought I’d see if you were paying attention.” They handed over the bottle. “Until we meet again, my dear." 

Reyes watched them disappear up the Tempest’s docking ramp. He swished the bottle around only to find it empty. Maybe they really did know this game. 

10 fun facts

@cps-oteric mine will be nowhere near as meta and insightful but here goes…

-I have 6 tattoos, all bad and gotten drunk between 17 and 21, one in particular is rather problematic, but I don’t regret any of them

-my parents met while my mom’s mom was dying in the hospital where my dad was a med student. Since childhood my dark romanticism has interpreted that to mean they’re meant to be together. I pretend to understand about their divorce but I still wish they would call it off and I still hope one day they’ll get back together.

-I also met A in a hospital. My first day of group therapy for college binge drinking and I only stayed because I saw a cute guy going into the room. I felt like I’d missed him my whole life before I met him. It’s ten years later and my life though radically different still revolves a lot around missing him.

-being arrested was not the first time I was in a newspaper. When I was a kid a picture of me standing next to Hillary was in from some local event.

-I was the head of model UN in high school. I loved the research part and hated the public speaking part. I’d get so nervous before the conferences that I’d faint.

-a famous funny author once paid me $120 (I think? maybe more maybe less) to text him a racy pic and go shopping for groceries with him on Father’s Day

-M’s birthday is New Year’s Eve. I want my next kid to be born on Halloween.

-“The Harvest” by Amy Hempel is my favorite story

-I was a vegetarian until I met A, as in hadn’t tasted a chicken nugget or any other flesh until 21

-we had a darkroom in Chicago and even though I was more the creative vision one and A was more the good at executing the ideas one, I might buy a film camera and enlarger for my birthday and start the darkroom back up in my bathroom

I can’t remember who’s already done this and who hasn’t… @mixed-beginnings
@considertheseacow @turn-and-run @fosteringfrenzy

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First date with Curly and/or how he asks you out?? Thanks love ❤️

curly asking someone out:
so this is just gon be an explanation; curly has 2 ways he’d ask someone out in my opinion. if he saw the relationship going nowhere and was just bored, he’d be really blunt and just straight up ask and not really do anything special or put forth any effort. if he actually liked the person and wanted them to last a while he’d probably buy them some flowers and still bluntly ask but treat them well and be polite about it.

first date w/curly!!

- knocks on ur door and shit all polite
- grabs ur hand and takes you to wherever (I mean I don’t think he’d have a car tbh, more of a walker)
- you go out to eat and maybe like on a walk bc it’s simple
- this fucker is the kind to steal off your plate or wipe icing or whip cream on your nose
- just to lighten the mood tho bc he’s lowkey nervous but he has to keep that tough™ exterior
- compliments you and high key checks you out
- holds open doors
- bc just bc he’s a tough™ boy doesn’t mean he’s not a polite™ boy
- arms around ur waist and shoulders
- u guys walk around a while and joke and shit
- rubs his neck a lot
- smokes a bit too tbh
- buys you a flower or smth so that you can take smth home
- actually brings you home by curfew bc he knows he wants to be allowed to take you out again
- kisses u
- on ur facey face
- on ur doorstep
- deep chuckles!1!!! so hOt💦
- waits till you get in the house to go back home


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Thanks for your answer, yes I saw your Larry, but still no sense. For me the most strange things are: Eleanor (Louis family seems to love her), Freddie (he is Louis fake son??? But why would they do this?? And why Louis didn't say NO to this?? and how is this gonna finish? For me, although all weird things around this baby, he is his son. I don't see any reason to invent a son), and if H&L are a couple, why has nobody seen them together in 18 months? No pictures, no fans who said they saw them.

I honestly don’t have time for this…if you don’t think they’re together why are you on a Larry blog?

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I went lookin' fer smut and I found some NSFW headcanons, then I saw you rebageled Focus and I learned you are literally TAG GOALS, THEN YOU FOLLOWED ME AND I RECALL SAYING I PEED A LITTLE CAUSE I WAS SO EXCITED AND STILL AM OMG YOU BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED CREATURE 😍😍😍😍


I’m basically in awe that you even noticed me tbh, LOL You one of those big blogs that puts out quality everything (from smut to drama and romance) and LITERALLY A THOUSAND FOLLOWERS

So really idk why you gonna be excited over my lil thot ass over here in my thot corner, LMFAO

But I’m totally blessed that you did. Cause you’re great. AND FOCUS STILL FUCKS ME UP TO THIS DAAAYYYYYY LAWWWDDD HAV MERCYYYY


He smiled contently as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He kissed the top of her head and relaxed now he was sated and satisfied.

“Didn’t hurt ye too bad did I?” He asked, not regretting what he did but still concerned. He didn’t want to scare her off by what he’d done. His hand came to her head and started playing with her hair absentmindedly. He enjoyed being here with her, if felt right and he felt wanted. The only thing that bothered him was how different his and Connors relationship had become. Since Connor and his lass got together he’d barely saw his brother and they barely even spoke. He hated the distance that had been put In-between them. Normally he’d be gushing to Connor about Laura and they’d have probably have already met. But Connor didn’t even know Murphy was seeing someone and it hurt Murphy that he’d been so distant.

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I don't know if anyone told you, but I saw you posted a list of questions you still had and one of them was "how did Mona get Alex and Mary after the cops took them away" and the cop that took Alex and Mary away was the boy Mona kissed/her boyfriend. Just incase you didn't know.


Prompt 10, I can wait

Prompt: “No, it’s fine. I can wait until you’re done talking to them.”

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Ship: Iambic Prose (Danny x Ghostwriter)

Ghostwriter is looking around the school area for his mate, having heard the last bell ring out for the day he is quite certain that he should still be within this vicinity. Turning a corner he finally saw him at the other end of it.

Smiling he speed up a little and call out as he gets close.

“Hi Danny, I was wondering if-“ and that is when he sees that beyond the next turn that the halfa stands by, is his two fully human friends. “Oh.”

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