and them both

HI IT IS I UR LEAST FAV !! shut up cecy no one likes u ! anyway i have workshop all weekend bc march has blessed us w a gazillion amazing comebacks that i gotta learn to .. u kno, teach them dkflsld w that said i’m still gna try to b on as much as possible n get to replies n hh questions in my ask so keep em coming to both inwoo n @tacyvng !

slight digression but i decided to ask y’all for ur opinion bc u r all my honey buns .. i might not even pick up a 3rd at all but seeing as i have no self-control i also .. might do it anyway dfjks my question is would u guys rather wna see a lowkey lazy n sarcastic songwriter chandler bing type of chara or a super angsty ex-convict who served time for smthn they didnt do n is now bitter n trying to get back on their feet ?

  • Kageyama: I have a plan.
  • Tsukishima: I'm not gonna like it, am I?
  • Kageyama: Not one bit.
  • Tsukishima: ... *sigh* Fine, what is it?

Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam.