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“support (dance)”

😂😂😂 based on this (I couldn’t help but imagine viktor doing the mini dance while yuuri was skating)

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how are the kitties this fine night, morning, afternoon? pics for science

Pangur & Grim went to the vet this morning for their annual shots & examination, and this was the medical diagnosis given:

1. Pangur makes for a painful scarf. she kept trying to leap off the table onto my shoulders, and twice the vet had to pull Pangur bodily away as I unpried front-talons from my shirt & skin

2. Grim is chubby. she’s got a nice waist & muscles, but that soft belly gotta go. I’ve got her calorie calculations & a higher quality food, so anticipate a buff slim Grim in a month’s time!

3. Grim’s personality is Better. when the vet tried listening to her heart, Grim did a partial roll so that her (SOFT) belly could be more easily accessed & pet, and the vet commented on how absolutely chill her heartrate was. I’m surprised she could hear it over Pangur’s agonizing background wails


Too Agressive Square vs Smol Triangle Gremlin (or just two dorky sisters fighting)

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