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Oh when you’re near me 
I see the world more clearly
Hold me and I’ll hold you too
I want to spend my time with you. (x)

some swing dance batjokes because i’m really diggin electro swing music lately…

sometimes when sherlock starts to get irritated about something or just slightly annoyed John will lean over on the sofa or cup Sherlock’s face in his hands and pull him down gently, whatever it takes so that he can press a gentle kiss to the small wrinkles that form between his brows or on his nose when he frowns

this of course makes the frown go away, so it’s basically magic (or has something to do with the fact that it always makes Sherlock smile)

Why don’t boomers understand

























centurionlena  asked:

Young Minerva McGonagall headcannons?

i’m super sorry this has taken so long but i’m here now n I’m ready with some young mcgonagall hcs

  • she was an early morning person
  • as a student minerva almost always plaited her hair in a long french braid because yes it was pretty but it also kept her hair out of her face while she worked
  • she wasn’t the kind of troublesome that played pranks or was especially boisterous in class but there was always something about minerva that made unnerved professors
  • she was a serial note passer in class
  • and snuck back after being in the library after curfew most nights
  • not that she ever got caught
  • she was notably one of the brightest witches in hogwarts which is probably why she got away with her slight bending of the rules
  • she was the star of gryffindor team during her time playing quidditch at hogwarts
  • she always smelt of broom polish and leather
  • following her injuries in seventh year she was forced to give up the sport
  • but she never quite left her love for quidditch behind
  • and her final months of study involved an honorary seat in the commentators box where the microphone often picked up her raging at the opposing team
  • it was not uncommon to hear her falling into a thicker Scottish accent when she got riled up
  • ‘ye bastards that’s a foul if ever I dae see one’
  • teachers were too fond of mcgonagall to tell her that her cursing under her breath was magnified by the speakers
  • meanwhile the rest of the students watching the match found it hilarious to hear such a reserved and collected head girl have a reaction so full of expletives
  • slytherins attempted to pick fights in her first and second years at hogwarts and soon found she wasn’t to be messed with
  • unless of course they wanted to be transfigured into a toad - or worse
  • she always hummed absentmindedly and her dorm mates listened especially hard when they heard her quietly singing her favourate gaelic lullaby because godric minnies voice is so pretty
  • when she was a child she was forced not to exercise her magical talent in front of her muggle father which meant that when she was accepted to hogwarts she was so eager to get there that she almost forgot to say goodbye to her parents on the platform
  • when she came back during the summer after first year she realised how much her mother envied her ability to openly do magic
  • minerva made a promise to herself that she would write to her mother every week when she returned to school and she did, for the rest of the six years she was there
  • achieving top marks in her OWLs and NEWTs and being awarded most promising newcomer in ‘transfiguration today’ was no surprise to any of her professors
  • it was difficult to get close to mcgonagall, she was an enigma to most younger (and even some of the older) students
  • the thing people agreed upon was that they respected her as a head girl
  • she was esteemed as a student who was fair and just and loyal
  • when people did manage to infiltrate her circle of trust, they were always pleasantly surprised by just how warm and kind she really was
  • she always had a stock of her favourite shortbread biscuits to hand which she offered in emergency situations
  • these ‘emergencies’ included jeremy Higgins moping over his ex-girlfriend, or georgia banning worrying over NEWT revision
  • though the first years were terrified of her - whenever they brought this up with an older student the sixth and seventh years seemed to have a collection of anecdotes about how minerva had helped them in transfiguration or given them the last packet of sugar quills on this one hogsmeade trip or even how she had hexed a bully for them secretly of course
  • she was also known for the most clever put downs in the history of hogwarts
  • “learn to take a joke”
  • “when you learn to make one, I will”
  • and
  • “you see the trouble I have with you is that you lack the power of thought but tragically for all of us, not the power of speech… its most unfair”
  • she could often be seen walking on the grounds burying her face in the chunky gryffindor scarf wrapped around her neck
  • when she moved to london during her brief stint working for the ministry, it became acutely clear to her that she was not a city girl
  • she missed the fresh air in the countryside and apparated to scotland frequently just to relieve the homesickness
  • and when she finally returned to hogwarts to teach, she was overwhelmed with nostalgia but more importantly to her, a feeling that she was finally back in a castle that she could call home

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