and their use

Occurances so far:

  • Entry 1: Anti appearance. “You weren’t paying attention”.
  • Entry 2: Loading dock. Creature hides under the van.
  • Entry 3: Anti appearance in conference room. There are four other individuals in animal masks.
  • Entry 4: Corner hallway. A person with hair over their face walks into shot, then disappears.
  • Entry 5: Makeup room. The mannequin heads, which were initially facing the wall, turn towards the camera, then return to normal.

DM: You’re in a log tavern with stone floors. A fire crackles in the fireplace. An old man spots you from across the room and-
Rogue: I steal the fire!
DM: You do what now?
Rogue (rolling a nat 20): I. Steal. The. Fire.
DM (sighing): Without anyone noticing, you slip passed the exposition-giving old man and slip the Entire Fire into your pack.


some wintry spiderbytes… i cant believe blizz hasnt given amelie a nutcracker skin its so obvious?? its right there?? they could just recolor her huntress skin and give her a ballet bun and a big stupid hat??? blizzard come on

  • US Colleges: *forces you to pay tens of thousands of dollars into your education plus the additional thousands of dollars on textbooks, parking passes, housing, and every little fee tacked on*
  • US Colleges: Congratulations on graduating. Thank you for pouring money into our school for years, if you'd like to get your diploma please pay another $100 dollars.

favourite telltale games ships bigby & nerissa (the wolf among us)

From where I’m standing you did the right thing. You’ve been given this job for a reason and I left Faith at your doorstep, because I knew if anyone stood a chance against the Crooked Man, it was you. I hope I’ve at least done some good here. You’ve changed this place. For better or worse… Fabletown wouldn’t be the same without you.

You might have to excuse me
I’ve lost control of all my senses