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All of the sunshine children (and their guardians and the other "adults") get some kind of a happy ending or are on their way to a positive conclusion (I hope; eyeing you very intensely). But what about Gorilla Bodyguard? Doesn't he also deserve some happiness? #HappyGorilla

The Gorilla has been quietly observing Adrien since Mamagreste passed away.

He was there when Adrien broke down on the way home from the funeral.

He was there to get drunk and destructive Adrien out of the messes he made, and for years he silently bore witness to the anger, the sorrow, the numbness in Adrien’s eyes through the rear view mirror.

He was there to drive Adrien to and from Chloe’s doctor’s appointments.

Then one day, he noticed Adrien paying more attention to his phone than usual.

He heard his stifled laughter and saw the excitement in him whenever his phone chimed.

He sees the way Adrien’s eyes light up when Marinette is around.

And he smiles and thinks to himself:

“Thank goodness.”

She looked like an angel, and maybe she was. But she had her bad side too. She was a lover, and a bitch. She wore both extremely well. But, the devil was an angel. Dirty wings didn’t scare her at all.

i have reached an incredibly unbelievable follower milestone and i just want to say that when i started this crazy little blog- as a place to flail and dump all my x-files related thoughts- i never in my wildest dreams imagined it would become what it has.

thank you for following me. thank you for being here, thank you for interacting, and thank you for helping me make this place one of kindness and fun.

i love each and every one of you so much.

thank you.

I remember it now...

I just finished my rewatch of Eureka seveN after few years since last time. And I am a crying mess right now.

I remembered what I forgot through all those years. I was reblogging E7 related stuff on this blog for a long time now, but I didn’t feel anything. I was just mindlessly doing it out of habit.

But now I remember. How I felt as a 12 year old boy, who stumbled upon this show by pure coincidence. Ever since then I was mesmerised by it. I couldn’t wait till next episode. Nine pm, everyday. I remember the time when episode 50 aired. How sad it was to see that my favorite show, my favorite characters, my favorite world was gone. It felt like leaving something behind. Something really important to me.

Back then I thought that if Renton’s 14, then I still have 2 years to become as cool as him. This memory is so vivid it feels like it was yesterday. When I was a child, I didn’t know where lies the limit of human imagination. Eureka seveN felt real to me. I wasn’t looking at this show as a cartoon made by people. For me it was a real world. It was an experience. A journey.

This anime taught me a lot of things, With every year I gained, I was learning different things from it. I’m still amazed that even after 8 years, I can see new things in this show. New things I can learn from. This show taught me about family. About friendship. About love. That not everything in life works out. That to get something, to make something real, I can’t wait for it to happen. I have to do it myself.

About 4 years ago I think I forgot why I even liked this show. I thought I remembered it well. Well, I was wrong. Without realizing it, I forgot why I am so attached to it. But while I forgot a lot of things, it let me feel like I was watching it for the first time. I felt like a kid again. It felt like definitive end for my childhood, even though I’m 20 years old already.

But I remember it now…

I finally remember why I fell in love with Eureka seveN in the first place.  

Something There :: Beauty and the Beast Retelling

Overview: Four years have passed since the war and you and Draco are now soon to be married. But as his insecurities catch up to him, he begins to wonder why someone like you would ever want to be with a former Death Eater like him. For who could ever learn to love a beast?

Word Count: At least 10.

Warning(s): Some fluffy fluff.

Note: This was loosely based on “Something There” (link broke, sorry). Also, sorry if the format is off! I edited on mobile, smh.

Draco watched as you twirled around the kitchen of the Malfoy Manor, a sterling silver spoon in hand. In a cozy robe and pajamas, he thought you were quite a sight. His favorite sight in the world, nevertheless.

“One more week,” you sang. “That’s seven more days until we’re married.” After placing your dishes in the sink, you sat down at the dining table next to Draco. “Can you imagine?”

“Seeing as we already live together,” said he, gesturing to the vast interior of the manor, “I quite easily can.”

You nudged him with your elbow. “It’s still not the same. Soon, we’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy.” You paused. “Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

Although he replied with a nod, Draco couldn’t help but frown at the sound of his last name. What was once a word he flaunted about and held to the highest esteem had turned into a scarlet letter after the Second Wizarding War.

He furrowed his eyebrows, dragging his spoon along the rim of his bowl. Soon, you would bear the name Malfoy. Malfoy. A name tarnished and sent to Azkaban and back as nothing more than a patch on his parents’ clothing.

And the more he thought about it, the more Draco realized that wasn’t a burden he wanted to share with you.

A day passed and Draco still had an unsettling feeling in his stomach. It wasn’t uncommon for him to wear long-sleeved shirts, but now he could hardly bare glancing at his Dark Mark.

Is this what being a Malfoy meant?

“Draco,” you said, climbing into the bed as you stared at his back, “what’s the matter?”

He tucked his hand under a pillow. “Nothing, love. Just tired, is all.”

“I don’t believe you.” He felt the mattress shift ever so slightly as you drew nearer to him. “Before all else, Draco, I am your friend. Before being your fiancée, your girlfriend, your anything– I’m still just your best friend.” You peered over at him, his eyes focused on the wall. “So why on earth would you expect me to believe that lie?”

Sighing, Draco turned on his other side to face you, propping himself up on his arm. He noticed the way you scrunched your nose in concern, a wrinkle appearing between your eyebrows.

“Please, tell me what’s wrong, babe,” you pleaded. Your face softened as you examined his tired eyes, bringing your hand to brush against the cold skin of his face. “Is it the wedding? Are we going into this too soon?”

“No, of course not. It’s not–” He took a deep breath, unsure of what he wanted to say. Draco captured your hand in his, pulling it near his chest. He stroked the calloused pad of his thumb against your knuckles absentmindedly. “If I had to describe you in one word, it would be perfection.”

You quirked an eyebrow, unsure of how to react. “I’m no where near perfect, but– Don’t try to change the subject.”

He let out an indignant chuckle. “I wasn’t finished. I only meant…Just look at yourself and then look at me.”

“I see a witch and a wizard.”

“Funny,” said Draco with a straight face. “But really look. Because when I look at you, I see a compassionate, intelligent woman who fights for what’s right.” His eyes darted to his clothed forearm, the black mark almost visible through his white night shirt. “When I look at myself, I see is a monster. A beast. A coward, at best.”

You stayed silent, Draco’s hand still in yours. “I think your perception is tainted,” you said, withdrawing your hand from his to gently push back at his sleeve. He caught sight of a sliver of his Dark Mark, causing him to wince. Draco saw you reaching for a black marker next to your journal on the nightstand.

You uncapped it, taking hold of his hand.

“What are you–”

You silenced him with a brief kiss on the lips. You sat up and moved his arm onto your lap. “When I see you, Draco, I see someone who shouldn’t be defined by their mistakes.”

As you lifted his left sleeve even higher, you exposed half of his Dark Mark to the air. Draco tried to draw himself away from you. But you were firm.

“Do you trust me?”

“With my life,” said he, without missing a beat. Still, he attempted to tug his sleeve down.

“Then will you let me see your Dark Mark?” You left the marker half capped, your other hand laced through his. “Please?”

Draco rolled his bottom lip between his teeth, uncertainty plastered on his face. He trusted you, no doubt, but the marking on his arm was something he lived in constant fear and shame about. Giving you a slight nod, he let it go.

You smiled down at him, bringing the marker to his forearm, shielding it from Draco’s view. He swallowed hard as the cool ink pressed against his skin.

“Do you know what else I see when I look at you?” you asked as you got to work. “I see a bright, hard-working wizard who would do anything for the ones he loves.”

He felt his cheeks heat up. Growing up with his parents, Draco was used to rarely getting praised. And if he was, it was never heartfelt. This–with you–was something different.

You dutifully continued drawing on his inner forearm. “I see someone different from the boy I met at Hogwarts. Now, I see the man I fell in love with.”

Draco shook his head slightly in disbelief. “How?”

You looked up from your work, eyebrows furrowed. “I’m sorry?”

“What I don’t understand is how you fell in love with me– How you still love me. A Death Eater whose family escaped life in Azkaban by placing larger blame on others.”

“You’re not a Death Eater anymore, Draco. Your past doesn’t have to define you any more than your family does.” You added another doodle on his arm. “And there is no one else I’d rather have waiting for me down the aisle next week than the you I see right now.”

He leaned his head back on the bed, staring at the look of concentration on your face. “Every day, since the day you said yes to being my girlfriend, I realize I must have done something right to deserve you.”

As you finished up your drawings, you capped the pen before admiring your work. “Maybe it’s not so much whether or not we deserve someone. Maybe it’s just fate. I found you, and you found me. And no matter what happens, we know we’ll have each other.”

A weight was lifted off Draco’s chest. To him, you were the most important person in the world. Nothing else mattered to him as long as you were happy.

You played with the cap of the marker as Draco examined his forearm. What was once a Dark Mark now looked like a plethora of flowers and leaves.

“See, now you’re not a Death Eater.”

“I guess you’re right.” Draco traced the outlines of your doodles, a smile spreading across his face. “Thank you.”

“Anything for you.”

Despite himself, he couldn’t help but smirk at the drawing. “Not that I don’t appreciate everything you did, but,” he paused, “it’s a good thing you have no dreams of becoming a tattoo artist.”

You threw the marker at Draco, causing him to laugh at the light thud he heard when the marker hit his chest. He wrapped his arm around your waist, making you lie down on the bed. His hand was on the small of your back as he pulled you closer to him.

“I couldn’t think of what to cover it with,” you laughed, burying your face into him. A deep chuckle sent a vibration down his chest and you pulled away, placing your hand on his face. “It was harder than it looks.”

“Thank you, babe. Really.” His eyes locked with yours, the playful expression being overtaken by a serious one as he felt the close proximity of your body. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Your legs were intertwined with Draco’s as he placed a soft kiss between your collarbone and neck. He continued up until he reached the corner of your mouth, avoiding giving you the kiss you desired.

“How did I get so lucky?” he murmured against your skin.

You tangled your fingers through his hair, feeling the heat of his breath as his lips skimmed yours. “Just kiss me already.”

Draco smiled, leaning forward to kiss you as the tips of his fingers brushed the back of your thigh.

“Anything for you.”