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Powerpuff Girls #25, Powerpuff Girls & “Superman” vs Mojo Jojo pinup by John Byrne. 2002.

John was asked if it was true he did a commission of The Powerpuff Girls and this was his reply:

T'wasn’t a commission, t'was a pinup.

And an unfortunate illustration of just how f**ked up DC can be sometimes.

Hearing that I was a fan of the Powerpuff Girls, the editor of their book contacted me about doing a pinup. I said Sure! and suggested a scene of them dreaming about “realistic” versions of themselves teaming with Superman as the Professor read them a Superman comic as a bedtime story. This was approved, and drawn – and then the Higher Ups at DC got a look at it, and killed it, saying that the Powerpuff Girls office did not have the “rights” to use Superman.

Think about that.

The image was altered and saw print as the pinup seen above.

“You used me. You let me believe you cared for me.”

“You would have preferred threats and coercion?” the antagonist replied. “I would have got what I needed from you either way, it merely seemed kinder to do it pleasantly and with the illusion of your free choice.” They studied the protagonist carefully, and took a step forward. “Nothing has to change, we’ve made a great team.” 

“But it’s all a lie!”

The antagonist closed the gap the rest of the way and cradled their head. “You couldn’t tell the difference. You thought I loved you - does it really matter if I actually do or don’t if it feels the same?” 

“Of course it matters - I - stop it. Stop talking. I need to think.” 

“And I need to know you’re not going to do something stupid if I let you do that, I would prefer this not to get violent.” They stroked the protagonist’s cheek. “But I need you on my side, here.”