and their sass offs are some of the best things about series 2


Mafia AU

Word count: 1009

A/N 1: At the ending of last school year I was a little bit idgaf and missed a lot my lessons and so even this year a lot of my classmates and even some teachers began suspecting that maybe I’m in some shady business as I don’t really like telling people what I’m doing… So yeah, long story short quite a few people believe I’m friends with the wrong people or that I’m doing something illegal, I find this hilarious, so that’s why I wrote this short story…

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“Shit.” you mumbled to yourself

You were bleeding. A lot. Or so it seemed to you. But you never wanted for it to end up this way. It all started as a joke, why did anyone even make a big deal out of it?

“In pain?”

A black haired man was standing in front of you. He was wearing a black classy suit. Somehow even this appearance sent shivers down your spine.

“You know everything would have been much easier if you just told me in the beginning where the drugs were.”

This situation was so bad it’s funny. You taught for a while how to answer. You have been telling him the truth from the start but of course he wouldn’t believe you, who would. Stupid. You were so stupid to even start this game.

“As I told you before, I don’t know. Or more like there aren’t even any drugs, how many times do I have to say it?”  you told him through gritted teeth.

A sharp pain went through your body again.

“How about you stop talking nonsense and wasting my time and just tell me where they are.”

“Maybe I would if you stopped kicking me when I’m already down!” you shouted in pain.

It was not working. This torturing was going too far. You were still shocked as it is that he shot you. You were thinking about a way out of this but strength was already starting to leave your body.

“Oh no, you don’t get to pass out on me before you tell me” he put his fingers on your chin and made you look at him.

But at this point you were too tired. “Whatever” you thought. It’s not like you have a plan or anything and it’s too late to explain that none of that story is true. He wouldn’t listen anyway. You looked him in the eyes. They were so dark but no anger or anything like that in them. Actually there was no expression on his face at all. You wondered what he was thinking. With all the strength that you had you smacked his hand away from your face.

“Do not touch me.”

“I think you don’t understand the situation you’re in right now.” he told you standing up, still looking at you.

“I do actually,” you said. “And it’s so funny that this has been going on for so long that everyone really started to believe me and I even got myself involved with the real things!”  you started laughing.

That caught him a little bit off gourd but he didn’t let it show on his face. He sighed. I think it was about time he was done with you. He started pacing back and forth in the room.

“Ah, you’re a pain. What should I do with you?”

“How about you believe me and just leave me alone?”

“Nope, can’t do that. You see I have heard how good you are with words.”

“Great. Just great.”  you thought. He knows another lie about you. Well it was not exactly a lie, you were pretty good with coming up with stories. Actually really good, so good that everyone around you believed you even though you were bluffing all this time. At first you found it funny but later on you just couldn’t drop the act but now see where this got you.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked in a harsh tone.

You didn’t realize but while being lost in thoughts you stared straight at him. Okay. Don’t panic. You’re not afraid. Well you were but of course you can’t show it.

“I have eyes, so can’t I?”

Good job. You did not want to sass him. Why did out of all the possible answers you told him that. You waited in silence for him to say something. A small smirk appeared on his face.

“Okay, I see there’s no point from me to talk to you anymore because you clearly don’t feel intimidated. I think I should bring you to someone who will make you talk.”

He started approaching you. Still holding your wound you tried standing up from the wall and get something to protect yourself.

“And now you suddenly want to fight? Why not do it earlier?”

You did not say anything because even though you wanted to just kick him and go you did not have the strength anymore. You watched as he approached you and just threw you over his shoulder. He signalled the other men you even forgot were in your room to open the door. You tried punching or doing anything really but you couldn’t even see clearly. Did you really lose that much blood? He went for the stairs and took you out through the back. It was dark but of course he couldn’t risk someone seeing you. He placed you in the trunk and shut it. You tried your best to stay awake but you were tired and just done with everything, so you close your eyes not knowing if you will ever open them again.


But you did. You were surprised by the sight as you slowly opened your eyes. You were in a hospital. A nurse came to check on you.

“Oh, you’re awake!”


“No need to worry. You’re in the Phoenix Private Hospital.”

Good. You were still in the city.

“That was some nasty accident, we’re glad you’re okay now. It will still be some time till you recover but we will take good care of you.”


“Yes, don’t you remember? Oh dear, I will call the doctor, I hope you don’t have a concussion.” the nurse said as she quickly left the room.

Oh you do remember. But it was no accident. Why would she even say that? As you were pondering silent steps could be heard outside. You looked up expecting the man from the night before to enter the room. It was not him though.

“Yoongi.” you hissed.

“Well good morning to you too.”

~ I turned this one shot into a series you can read it here -> Part 1 ~

A/N 2: Thanks for reading! Also sorry for any grammar mistakes I may have missed. I may continue this or make a series out of this if inspiration strikes me again and if anyone would be interested  😂

anonymous asked:

do you have any good shiro fic recommendations?

I’ve been sitting on a couple of these, but yeah.  Let’s do this.

a hollow nest to dream in
@lightshesaid and Quadriviuum (I don’t know if they have a tumblr oops)

From the Voltron Gen Big Bang, this has been open for me to comment on for days now and I’m a bad person who hasn’t, so get a rec instead.  This is a gorgeous, amazing fic.  Taking place after Shiro’s disappearance from the Black Lion, this cycles through universes and time and space in a way that’s stunning to read.  Gorgeous.  Read it now.

All the World Will Be Your Enemy
@bosstoaster (lol self rec)

There will be a couple of these, indulge me.  Shiro escapes early and ends up captured with the GG.  This leads to him becoming a Space Pirate.  No, really.  This is my current baby so I’m going to show it off whenever possible.  I loved a look into Shiro’s head if he got just one extra push.

Prince of Memory

Shiro begins to get different memories from his captivities.  Ones that are painful, yes, but lead him on a different journey.  One to bring home the Last Words of his fellow captives.  Poignant, beautiful, touching.  Picking a favorite fic from Velkyn would be tough, but this is a serious contender. 

All Too Familiar

Shiro can’t sleep.  There are many reasons he can’t sleep, but there are also many people looking to help him out.  Adorable, heartwarming, with a couple of dashes of angst like a good hot sauce.  A++ stuff.

Ten Years On Series

Okay the last of the self recs, I’m sorry about this.  Shiro wakes up after the events of season 2 and finds himself ten years in the future, where everyone had to learn to get on without him.  Number three in the series is Teeth Ready for Sinking, which is the deepest examination of the situation and the highlight of the whole thing, in my ever so humble (lol) opinion.

From the Inside

Uliro.  Voltron is hit with an attack by Haggar that leaves everyone feeling vulnerable and violated.  Shiro is there for the others, and then Ulaz is there for him. Short but gorgeous.  Valkyrie is amazing in general and does a lot of Shiro focus, so keep an eye out on her others stuff.  Especially if you like Uliro.

Parasite Knight

Just how does Shiro’s arm work?  How did he get it? What does it run off of?  What happens when that runs out? Warning for this being a dark one, but it’s so, so, so good.  To say much more would be to ruin it, but this fic is amazing and it delves so deep into the very core of Shiro’s being and his relationship with the crew and I just love it.

what the living won’t let go

For the Voltron Gen Mini Bang, Shiro ends up as something like a ghost after the events of season 2.  He goes on a personal journey, seeing the team afterwards, and then goes through something bigger.  Galaxy big.  Universe big.  Time big.  The imagery and breathtaking scale in a relatively short read is reason enough to rec this forever.  Try it for yourself.

Nobody Learns

Another great Shiro-centric writer (tho some fics I’ll remind you to mind the warnings).  This one is Matt POV but Shiro is probably tied for the most important character.  It goes through Matt and Shiro’s time at the Garrison, up through the Kerberos mission.  Sass and I have a lot of agreements on Shiro’s personality, especially pre-capture/Voltron, so if you like my stuff you’ll like hers.

Something Strange

Andy does a lot of lovely Shiro shipping stuff.  If you dig Sheith or Uliro you should definitely check it out.  But my fav of her Shiro-focused stuff is this little gen piece.  Shiro can see ghosts.  No one else in the team of cryptid/ghost-hunters can.  This is not usually a problem, but sometimes it is.  A little big of horror, but mostly campy and fun like a good campfire story.  


Yeah, we knew we were getting to Miss Onions eventually.  So I’m really biased.  Super biased.  Crazy biased.  This fic was for me, lol.  But it’s SUPER cute and my favorite of Onion’s AUs (and that is a hefty title lol).  Hufflepuff!Shiro preps for his seventh year, only to find Hogwarts is prepping for the Triwizard Tournament.  Featuring everyone in fantastic roles with amazing parallels.  So good.  Please read.  Please love it.  Please help me convince Onions there needs to be more of it.

The Throne in the Hall

The crown jewel of Shiro-centric fics.  100 percent.  This fic is a battle between Shiro and a Galra Commander.  It’s nearly 13k of some of the best action I’ve ever read in any medium ever.  It’s an engaging character study, showcasing the depths of Shiro’s skills and perseverance.  It’s gorgeous imagery and breathtaking writing.  It is the best Shiro-centric fic on AO3.  Period.  I love every fic on this list, but it still holds that place in my heart.

Smile Wide

Shiro learns to survive in the world of gladiators.  Brutal, vicious, fantastic.  This is the only non-compete fic on this list, and it makes it because I think it stand on it’s own anyway.  Give it a shot.

Chasing Rabbits, Chasing Hope

Pacific Rim AU.  Voltron is an experimental five-pilot Jaeger .  It has it’s own, unique challenges and issues.  Shiro struggles under the pressure, and Coran offers advice, his ear, and tea.

Special shout out to @demenior who writes great Uliro, Shiro getting wrecked, and some of the darkest Shiro-centric fics in the business.  I don’t feel super comfortable linking someone straight to Little Monster, which would be my pick here, but here’s her AO3.

There are so, so many more good Shiro fics I’ve read and lost.  I’m terrible at keeping track.  Always feel free to add on!  But here’s a starting point.

Mulder’s Apartment.  The Goodbye We Never Got to Say.

Does anyone else feel like we never got a proper goodbye to Mulder’s apartment?  I feel that, in a lot of ways, his apartment was just as iconic to the show as the X-Files basement office.

Yet they ditched it without so much as a cursory glance, or a wistful note played of Mark Snow’s score.  We were there - and then we weren’t.  And now it’s gone forever.

The last time we see Mulder (and Scully) in his apartment, is in season 8′s Three Words.  

But it’s not actually the last time we see the apartment itself.  The last time is even sadder - because there’s no Mulder or Scully-  it’s through Agent Doggett’s eyes that we say our final farewell to this iconic location.  He walks into Mulder’s apartment to find it empty in the season 9 premiere Nothing Important Happened Today.

Mulder’s belongings all gone - now moved to Scully’s apartment.

I really think we deserved a scene where Mulder and Scully are packing away his things and they talk about all the times they had together in the apartment - Mulder musing about moving forward with his life - and leaving the past behind.  Them smiling at each other as they walk out of the empty apartment… and the door closes.

Did I just describe the series finale of Friends, there?  I think I might have.


As a homage to apartment #42, 2630 Hegal Place Alexandria, VA 23242, here’s a scrapbook of it’s greatest hits from season 1 - 9 and Fight the Future.  I will be posting at least 1 screecap of EVERY episode the apartment appeared in.

So yeah, this is gonna be long. VERY LONG You have been warned!

Keep reading

Feelings and work

Request: Hi! Can I request a little series, pls? The reader is playing Loki’s sis in the Thor movie. She and Tom don’t get along well. She is very sarcastic. But Tom and her are always arguing over small things. She always has this “I don’t give a shit” look on her face because when she was a little girl her parents died and had no body so she is afraid to show that she cares. One Day Tom goes too far and finally breaks her heart, she opens up for the first time. (She has dark hair and blue eyes). They slowly stared to fall in love and Tom just wants to protect her from the world. (If you do smut she is a virgin). Thank you!

Author’s Note: Hey peeps. This is going to be a little series. @legolasothranduilion requested it and I love this but I don’t know yet, how many parts it will be. Next up will be the final part of telling Tom you’re pregnant.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

You were more than excited when you heard, that you had a role in the new Thor movie. You would be playing Loki’s sister and it was great.

Until you got to know the man who would be playing you on-screen brother. You didn’t get along from the get go. He was handsome but somehow you didn’t like him. Which caused the scenes you had to do together to be even harder.

When the director called “Cut” you let out a exhausted sigh and made your way of the set, but you heard a specific person say something.

“Thank god, I can’t stand to be around her any longer.” Tom said, talking to Chris and taking a deep breath.

“Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine” you said, not being able to keep your mouth shut.

“Just shut up, weren’t you about to leave?” he said, gesturing towards the door.

“I was, but I think, I’m staying close. Don’t want you to miss me.” You said with your best fake smile.

“Oh for fucks sake…” he mumbled.

“The British gentleman cursing? No no, don’t want to destroy you image.” You sassed, keeping your best resting bitch face on.

He rolled his eyes and left. You smiled, being satisfied with yourself.

“Do you guys always have to bicker around?” Chris asked.

“Yes, he started though.” You answered and left to go to your trailer.

It was always like this, the two fighting over the smallest thing and you sassing him out until he left. You already started counting the days left of filming. But unfortunately then the interviews would follow. That would be the hardest, acting like you don’t hate each other. On screen is one thing, but in real live it’s going to be even harder.

Going back to filming you tried to pull yourself together. Trying to keep it professional, but Tom apparently didn’t try at all. It was a long and hot day and after hours of filming you slipped up and bumped into him.

“Dear god, can’t you be professional?” he asked, being pissed off.

“Me? I was, sorry to touch you. Didn’t know that wasn’t allowed. I wasn’t aware of the writing on your forehead that said ‘Do not touch, I’m out of glass and will crumble’. Don’t be a girl about it, I didn’t do it on purpose.” You answered.

“Why don’t you ever shut up?” he answered and glared at you.

“I would, but this is actually keeping me alive. I live on your annoyance and hate towards me.” You said with a smile.

He rolled his eyes and was about to answer when the director called “Action” again and you two got into your characters again.

The day went on like that and finally after being done you went separate ways and you went home, falling into bed to get some much needed rest.

The next day you started filming again and today everything was worse than before. Apparently the British gentleman got up on the wrong foot. He even snapped at Chris.

In the evening he snapped and you were surprised, cause you didn’t expect that. The scene was finished and you tried to leave but he crossed your path out of nowhere causing you two to bump into each other and him spilling water over the both of you.

“For fucks sake. I have enough. Can’t you watch where you are going?” he screamed.

“No, especially not, when you ran into me!” you said, crossing your arms.

“Didn’t your parents ever tell you how to apologize? Who am I asking. Apparently they didn’t teach you anything at all. No manners or anything useful. You aren’t even a good actress.” He said giving you a death stare. You were shocked. He didn’t just really insult your parents, did he?

You couldn’t speak, it hurt too much. You didn’t want to, but you couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down your face. You sobbed and covered your mouth with your hand. Tom looked at you confused and even a little bit worried.

You just turned around and ran straight to your trailer, locking the door behind you. This was too much. He crossed a line and you would make sure that he would regret it.

Mr. Barnes (Part 2 out of ?)

(A/N): I’m so glad everyone is liking this series so far!

Summary: Living in 1940′s Brooklyn as a crime lord is all fun and games until someone falls in love

Warnings: swearing, mentions of rape

Read Part 1:

(Tags at the end) 

Originally posted by livvy1800

 Bucky sat at his oak desk, a cigar hanging out of his mouth as he breathed in deeply. Ever since that run in with that…with that slum kid Bucky hadn’t been able to keep his mind off of them. Their rosy cheeks and bright eyes kept perforating his thoughts, making it impossible to think about much else. He had business deals to think off, he had other gangs to think about, he had to worry about some prick in England talking shit about him, he didn’t have time to focus on that low life nobody. With a sigh Bucky tossed his cigar into an ash tray, running his hands down his scruffy face. It was nearly half an hour later when A quiet knock on his study door is what finally broke him Out of his stupor. 

   "Yeah?“ Bucky’s voice was hoarse, much more than usual. The tall oak doors swung open to reveal Dot, Bucky’s saving grace, wearing nothing but a silk robe he had bought them for valentines day. "Hello there dot,” Bucky smirks as Dot waltz in, swaying her hips as she made her way to Bucky’s heavy desk. 

   "Hiya Mr. Barnes,“ she smirks as she stops before him, resting her hands on the arms of his chair. "I’ve been missin’ ya today,” Bucky hums as he leans forward, almost touching his lips against hers. 

    “Have you now?” Dot nods, her lips parting in a sultry fashion as she does. 

   "You’re favorite girl is feeling a bit neglected,“

    "Oh, we can’t have that,” Bucky smirks as he grabs Dot’s ass, bringing her down onto his lap. “Now can we?” Dot gasps at the contact, shifting a bit, rubbing herself against Bucky’s leg enticingly. 

   "Sit back and let Mr. Barnes take care of ya, eh?“

 (Y/N) bit their lip as they eyed all the couples dancing, trying so desperately to keep their mind off of their run in a few days prior. They had just run into one of the most dangerous thugs in all of America, the man had everyone in his pocket, he could get away with murder and no one would bat an eye and yet (Y/N) ran into him and here they were, able to tell the tale. 

   With a shaky sigh (Y/N) reaches up to tuck a strand of hair behind their ear, even though it wasn’t necessary. Honestly (Y/N) was trying their best to keep busy, even the most mundane tasks would help focus (Y/N)’s mind on things other than the dark haired, mysterious thug. 

    "Hey sweetcheeks,” a rather harsh, almost smoker like voice drawls in (Y/N)’s ear, sending shivers down their spine. “I couldn’t help but notice you here all alone, how bout you get up and dance with me.” His words were poised as a question but his tone hinted otherwise. (Y/N) gulps, steeling themself against the strange man.

    “I’m sorry sir but I really don’t feel like-" 

    "It wasn’t a Question sweetheart,” he grips (Y/N)’s arm painfully tight, leaving them to whimper in pain. “Now get up or I’ll make you get up,” it was either go willingly or against their own will and (Y/N) most definitely wasn’t all too thrilled about the second idea. So with shaking legs and a trembling lip (Y/N) stood from their spot, following the sketchy looking man out to the dance floor. His strong hands settle on their waist as he yanks them close, their hips pushed flush against his. “What’s your name kid?” (Y/N) trembles on the spot as they reluctantly dance with the man, praying that someone would notice how uncomfortable they were and come out a stop to it. But no one did, they all kept their gazes elsewhere, completely ignoring (Y/N) and the man. “I asked you a question kid,” The man growls dangerously, gripping (Y/N)’s hips enough to leave bruises.

    “I-I’m (Y/N),” they stutter, fear getting the better of their voice. The man hums, a sick smile overtaking his features. 

   "Such a pretty name…you wanna know my name kid?“ 

    "N-no,” (Y/N) manages a bit of sass, almost proud of themself for being able to have such attitude towards such a man. “Not really,”

    “It’s Brock fucking Rumlow,” He leans in, biting down on their earlobe slightly, sending the poor kid shuddering in fear. 

   Brock Rumlow- one of the most notorious gangs in all of Brooklyn, perhaps in the entire state. 

   Two mobsters in the course of a week? It seemed nearly implausible and yet here (Y/N) was, still reeling from their run in with Bucky and now their contact with Brock. 

   “No sassy remarks anymore, eh?” 

   “Get off of me,” (Y/N) mutters, pushing at his chest weakly. Their lungs were still trying to recover from the harsh weather, leaving them feeling much weaker than the usually were. 

   “Aww, aren’t’chu you a cutie?” He purrs, his sickening smile never once leaving his lips. “I ought to wrap you up and take you home with me….” Brock growls as he licks his lips, his cold gaze running up and down (Y/N)’s form. “Oh sweetheart, the things I’d do to you,” 

   “I’m going to start screaming,” (Y/N) whispers, grunting against his hold. Their squirming comes to an abrupt stop when the feeling of something cool presses into their neck. 

   “Scream and I’ll slit your throat,” Brock sneers, his tone smug as he digs the point of his blade into their neck. (Y/N) whimpers softly, closing their eyes as something warm trickles down their neck, most likely leaving behind a trail of scarlet liquid. 

   “What do you want?” (Y/N) tries to sound stronger than they are but it was futile, Brock could see right through them. 

   “I just want a little fun dollface, take you back to my place, rough ya up a bit,” Brock purrs as he leans in once again, licking up the small rivulets of blood that had cascaded down (Y/N)’s neck. “Then I’m gonna send you back on your way and we’re gonna act like nothin’ happened, sound good?” (Y/N) whimpered, trying to shy away from Brock’s invading tongue to no avail, the blade kept them still, nipping at their skin in a way that had them wanting to puke. “Now, I’m gonna escort you out of here all nice and slow and you’re not gonna make a sound, got it? If you do,” Brock chuckles as she stashes his knife away. “I’m gonna make that much more painful for ya, sweetheart,” 

   Brock’s grips on (Y/N)’s arm was painfully tight, no doubt leaving finger shaped bruises in their skin. He dragged them down the streets of Brooklyn, towards the nicer area of town, to where all the rich snobs lived. No one here would care that (Y/N) was being manhandled by Brock, hell, no one in the slums even cared as they watched the tall, burly man guide the smaller human being along. Tears burned at (Y/N)’s eyes but they refused to let them fall, they had to keep some shred of dignity with this man and letting him see them cry would be the last straw. 

   “No tears huh?” Brock chuckled as he turned a corner, harshly jerking (Y/N) along with him, resulting in a few pops from their elbow. “Most of the time people are sobbing by now, begging me not to hurt them but you-” He chuckles again, shaking his head as he makes his way towards one of the nicer streets. “You’re different, maybe I really should keep ya, you seem like a firecracker,” 

   “Burn in hell,” (Y/N) growls, as they struggle a bit, pulling backwards as Brock moved forwards. Why the suddenly had fight in them now only god knows but it was there, a kindling flame of hatred and fear and dammit (Y/N) was going to use it. 

   “I suggest you stop struggling sweetheart,” Brock growls as he yanks them forward, nearly tripping them in the process. “I’m not opposed to slaughtering you right here and leaving your body to the dogs,” 

   “Let go of me!” (Y/N) yells, struggling to get away. They twisted and flailed, clawed and kicked, anything to get this man off of them but Brock was strong and he held on tightly, causing much discomfort on (Y/N)’s part. “Get off of me!” (Y/N) screamed helplessly, hoping that anyone would come to their rescue. Little did they know that just up the street there stood a man dressed to the nines, a Brazilian imported cigar hanging out of his mouth. 

   “Get off of me!’ a voice screamed down the street. Bucky looked up from his suit, a small smirk rising to his lips at their person’s frantic cry. Sounded like someone was going to get lucky tonight, maybe if he caught them in time he’d be able to join in too. Bucky chuckled as he huffed on his cigar, reveling in the high it gave him. His pristine shoes clicked down the street, creating a soft clacking against the somewhat nice pavement. It was the only other sound in the air other than the person’s screams and to be a bit morbid he was enjoying them. Call Bucky a sadist but god- that noise was like music to his ears. 

   “What the fuck did I tell you was gonna happen if you struggled, huh?” A voice growled as Bucky got closer. Bucky’s brows furrowed in confusion;  that voice sounded so familiar, he could’ve sworn that he had only heard it a few days ago- Bucky comes to an abrupt stop before the source of noise, his eyes quickly taking in the rather shocking scene. It was the kid from a few days ago, the shabby, slum kid, struggling against the grasp of some tall, wide man…

   “Brock Rumlow,” Bucky growls, a small smirk rising to his lips. “How strange to see you here,” Brock stops fighting the kid immediately, his entire body going rigid at Bucky’s voice. 

   “Barnes,” Brock smiles sickeningly, that same smile that had been twisting (Y/N)’s stomach for the last half an hour. “Fancy seeing you here,” Bucky smirks as he flicks his cigar to the ground, allowing it to burn out and die slowly. 

   “Who’s the kid?” Bucky gestures to (Y/N) with a simple quirk of his head as he stuffs his hands in his pockets. 

   “Just a lil’ something I picked up earlier,” Bucky looks at (Y/N), his harsh gaze raking over their trembling form. He regarded them with a look of prejudice, sneering down at them with an upturned nose. He hoped his look was enough to convince Brock that he had no care for this (Y/N) creature when in reality the look of fear on their face had stirred something deep within him. 

   “How much do you want for ‘em?” Bucky asks coolly, as though he wasn’t bargaining this persons life right before them. 

   “Sorry Barnes but you’re out of luck, this one’s a keeper,” 

   “I don’t think you understood me,” Bucky chuckles darkly as he reaches in his suit, retrieving a small albeit dangerous handgun. “How much do you want for ‘em?” He points the end of the barrel at Brock’s stomach, inconspicuous enough that if anyone walked by they wouldn’t think anything of it. 

   “Fuck you Barnes,” Brock growls as he shoves (Y/N) towards the brunette. Bucky was quick to steady (Y/N), incidentally pulling them to his chest. “I’ll get them back,” Brock chuckles darkly as he saunters off, shaking his head as he does. “Just you wait and see,” Bucky keeps his ground as Brock saunters off, keeping (Y/N) against his chest protectively but as soon as the other mobster was out of sight Bucky broke, his facade crumbling to the ground. 

   “You alright kid?” Bucky asks as he inspects (Y/N), checking them for any wounds of any sort. 

   “Why do you care?” (Y/N) grumbles as the bat his prying hands away, being mindful not to expose their bleeding neck to him. Bucky immediately retracts his hands, as though (Y/N)’s words had burned him. 

   “Really?” Bucky chuckles dryly, shaking his head in disbelief. “I just spared your fucking life kid and now you’re gonna give me sass? I could’ve let that bastard rape and kill ya but instead I saved ya and this is the thanks I get?” (Y/N) huffs as they brush their outfit off, as though trying to get rid of any remnant of Brock. 

   “I didn’t ask for help-” (Y/N)’s sentence cuts short when Bucky grips their chin, forcing them to look into his eyes. 

   “I own this town sweetheart, I own half the country, with a snap of my fingers I could have you beaten to a bloody pulp and left at my doorstep if I so desired,” (Y/N) glares up at Bucky indignantly, flaring their nostrils angrily. “So I suggest you stay on my good side, got it?” Bucky gave them a little cheeky grin as he stepped back, wiping some ‘dust’ off their chin before turning on his heels to saunter back home, his energy for the night gone. He knew (Y/N) was glaring at his back so he turned his head, giving them a little smirk as he pulled out a new cigar, placing it between his fingers as he spoke to them. “I’ll be seeing you real soon (Y/N),” And with that the mobster turned away, lighting his cigar as he walked back home, whistling a chirpy tune. 

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Angelina’s Best of August

What a great month August was! A few of my favorite people have birthdays this month, oh and me too. But let’s not forget about the awesomeness that is MinnCon 2017! I met so many amazing people and since I took a week off, the list may be a little shorter than usual got hella long and I don’t know how that happened, but then again, RPF Day provided some excellent material! Thank you all for your continued support. Now go show these authors some love!

I did have a little time to finish up two series and put up a long one shot for y’all…

On The Ropes Series - COMPLETE

Stronger Than Me - Jensen x Felicia Day one shot

The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple series - COMPLETE

Gil McKinney Drabble

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Characters: Clint x Reader

Summary: After a string of less than perfect dates maybe your Mr Right has been in front of you all the time.

Word Count: 2580 words

A/N: By popular demand (and a great prompt from @feelmyroarrrr) here is Part 2 of Perfect.

The mission had taken its toll on you all and a heavy silence had descended on the Quinn jet as you all metaphorically licked your wounds.  You were sat on the floor towards the back when Nat slid down beside you.  “So, I was thinking…”  she began, causing you to roll your eyes.

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Reasons I think Fablehaven is a grossly underappreciated series

I’ve been a huge fan of this series ever since my parents bought me the books about 8 years ago or so, but sadly, in the light of the final novels for the Harry Potter series making their debut, other fantasy novels were lost to the wind in the tidal wave of fame HP received. So I’m just going to make a big appreciation post for one of the greatest novel series of all time (in my opinion - and I’m going to keep it as spoiler free as possible). If you read this series, or heard of it, you might understand what I talk about, and you are now my friend.

Here’s a list of things that, as a writer, I appreciate:

  • The story context. The idea of a preserve for magical creatures is just baller, okay? Tell me that doesn’t sound epic.
  • The protagonists. Not only are there two main protagonists, who share the attention of the plotline equally, but they are also SIBLINGS. The brother, Seth, is a bit of a troublemaker, and is the catalyst for a lot of crazy interactions (though he rarely takes things too far if he can help it). He’s got high levels of sass, and his lines are some of the best I’ve ever seen in writing. He’s enjoyable, but also knows when it’s time to cut the crap. Since he’s rarely serious, that makes the impact all the greater when he DOES get his act together. Kendra, the older sister by one year, is a stickler for keeping to the rules, but will often cave in and follow her brother around at the promise of a little fun, even though most of the time she’s making sure he just doesn’t hurt himself. While more sensitive than her brother in some cases, she’s often the stronger of the two, in that she gets. Sh*t. DONE. It is so rare for me to find novels and written works that have protagonists who are also close siblings and maintain their relationship as brother and sister realistically throughout the series, and their personalities bounce off of each other SO WELL. They’re easy to follow, but still intelligent. A good balance that respects the characters as well as the reader for not dumbing down their speech when unnecessary.
  • The writing. The style is beautiful, it absolutely paints pictures in your head. Which is great, since actual illustrations are hardly ever present in the book - only 2-3 full-page images per book that aren’t the small titlecards to the chapter at the top of the page, which only serve the purpose of showing the location of the current chapter. A lot of care and attention went into the writing of these novels - the pacing is perfect to keep you absorbed and not bore you, but also not too fast so as to be throwing things at you when you need a break from the insanity. And trust me. There will be insanity.
  • The Fables. They’re not technically called ‘Fables’ in the books, it’s just easier for me to call them that - in reality, I’m referring to EVERY SINGLE FANTASTICAL CREATURE. Not just the classics - demons, dragons, fairies, centaurs - but also the incredible variety and the sheer scale of it all. Fablehaven incorporates legends from all over the world, it truly gives you the feeling that there is magic everywhere, to the point where you almost can’t escape it. I swear to god, I started checking everywhere to look for magical animals when I was done reading these novels, and I was sixteen when I finished them - these books are that good, people. Egyptian/African mythological creatures? Got ‘em. Native American legends? Those too. Australian terrors? Yep. Nordic mythical creatures? Absolutely. Outlandish and surreal new monsters you haven’t thought of? Definitely. You want it? Fablehaven probably has it.
  • The risk. There is no pussyfooting around with this series. They establish right away in the very first book that literally anything can kill you. ANYTHING. Clay golem = deadly as hell. Water nymphs = oh their goal in life is to kill you because it’s ‘funny’. Fairies = mess with them, they will wreck your shit. Cursed plants = have been known to leave no survivors. Floating balloon-like bulbs = yeah those are filled with an extremely acidic gas that will fill the air instantly and melt you like butter if they pop, which can happen if you so much as touch them. The sense of danger being everywhere is very potent, and keeps you on edge for something to go down all the time.
  • The villains. Oh, there’s no way in hell I’m telling you who the villains are. Because you will never see it coming when you find out. Half of the series, you don’t even know who the villains are, and sometimes you even question which is morally right or wrong. Which makes it all the more disturbing when you find out who. But I will tell you this. The villains are some of the most bone-chilling I’ve ever read about, and this is coming from a second-year college student. This isn’t Scooby Doo, kiddies. The author doesn’t BS around and treats it as real life, and by god does it work.
  • The plot twists. Once again, I ain’t telling you jack. You have to find out for yourself. The writers and editors for these books were geniuses. Only when you hit the plot twists and the bombs are dropped on you do you realize that they were being hinted to at all.
  • THE MOTHERF%$#ING DRAGONS. DUDE. Fablehaven has one of the BEST. THE BEST. INTERPRETATION OF DRAGONS I’VE EVER SEEN. Dragons aren’t just beasts to be slain, or ridden like steeds - the dragons are magical beings of incredible power, revered and allowed to live freely in secret magical preserves. Not because they’re hunted, oh no. Because if they were allowed to be released into the world, they would cause massive chaos when attacked by humans who don’t understand them. The dragons are NOT to be trifled with - in fact, if you tried to ride one, they would kill you on the spot. To put a skeleton of one on display is practically blasphemous, so trophy hunters beware. And since their powers vary by species and individual, they aren’t just stereotypical firebreathers. There’s dragons who can turn into human form, there’s dragons who are made entirely of poison to the point where being in the same room as them would be instant death, dragons who can do nothing but turn invisible, even a six-legged Quetzalcoatl-like dragon who breathes a gas that forces people to tell the truth. Just. Mother. F*&^ing. DRAGONS.
  • The Fairy Trader. If you’re not even slightly amused by the fact that the magical preserve owners purchase and trade fairies with an Indiana Jones-type guy whose job is to travel the world and capture rare fairies to swap like Pokemon cards, our friendship is in jeopardy.
  • The drama. The moments when shit starts to get real, I can guarantee you will never forget. I can recall every moment from every book when things started getting heavy and dangerous, practically by heart. I draw a lot of inspiration from them, too. And harkening back to the variety of magical creatures that I mentioned before, that gives me a LOT of great source material from around the world.

And these are just some of the things! I can’t tell you any more of the things I want to gush about because they would be spoilers. But if this post doesn’t at least poke at your interest, well, I enjoyed writing it anyway.


Yep, another picspam review. I mean, with this episode, how could I not? I was broken for a full two days, so of course it warrants me repeatedly smashing my face into the keyboard… which is pretty much what this entire post is. Face smashes and screencaps. (And boy howdy, do I mean screencaps. There’s a LOT. *rolls around in all of the caps*)

I actually did not have all that much time to get online yesterday, so this time around I don’t believe I’ll be unintentionally quoting any of you guys. \o/

First, I will share this… I get my legal digital copies from Google Play (I have Android everything, including a fucking television that’s running Android… of course I use Google Play and also ‘cuz fuck a whole lot iTunes). Someone at Google knows exactly what they’re doing because THIS is the picture they decided to use as the thumbnail of this episode. And I am DYING because this exact moment is when Cas says, “get out” and Sam is just staring like, “omg mental note do not fuck with Cas right now.”

Yah, that’s perfect. YOCKEY: I am Cas. Get the fuck out, you broke me. I am also Sam. I cannot believe you just did that jesus fuck.

(Side note: that picture is taken with my Android phone of my Android TV.)

That said.

Number of Obligatory Dean Wall Slams: TWOOOOO!!! Yockey, you speak to my heart.

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Alone p.1 - Peter Parker

Prompt: Based off the song Alone by Halsey. Y/n Stark x Peter Parker. This first part is mainly just background on the lonely life of Y/n Stark but don’t worry, a certain crime fighting boy will change that eventually. 

Words: 3,726

Warning: Some swearing, mention of murder.

Being a Stark wasn’t all what people made it out to be. Sure it had the glitz and the glamour but that was replaced with lies and deceit. Fake friends flooded her texts, all asking for a favor rather than starting the conversation with a simple ‘hello’ or a ‘how are you’. Parties were never her cup of tea although they did keep her from feeling lonely. As nameless faces piled in her home invading the life that was once hers, she hid away. Hearing the chatter of the guests in the room below her’s was enough to make her feel as if she did have friends.

Her new Malibu home fit the lifestyle of all her well known neighbors and the parties she threw sure did too, but her? She was nowhere near the criteria for a Cali teenager. Her mother had pointed this out to her on numerous occasions when she first brought up getting a place of her own. Her seventeen year old self felt suffocated in her father’s home in California and decided to buy her own. Not that her dad was ever around much. Tony spent close to all of his time in New York. Pepper, her mom, was against the idea from the start knowing much too well her daughter was far more lonelier than she cared to admit. It drove her mad, Y/n that is, how in a room full of people she still felt alone. She figured moving to a city filled with people dying to be her friend would maybe help her regain that connection she had lost years ago.

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Hostage Situation || Jason Todd /The Red Hood X Reader

A/N : I really enjoyed writing this hope y'all like it too.


PROMPT 11: “ ……ignore that explosion ”

PROMPT 56: “are you ready ?/no I’m not ready at all !!”

“You know ” The Red Hood drawled , tapping his gun against his helmet making a clinking sound “When I came here , I never expected it to be a hostage situation ”
“You and me both, buddy ” you answered looking up at him from where you were tied to the chair. A voice at the back of your head warned you not to sass The Red Hood but you had been tied to a bloody chair for over an hour now and your hands were beginning to hurt and you were pretty hungry too and being nice to someone was really not something you cared about , even if that someone had a very big gun.

There was a moment of silence as the Red Hood continued to stare down at you , with that creepy red helmet of his that made you want to scream and smash it with a bat or something.
“Can you stop staring at me with that thing on?” You snapped “ It’s fucking creepy ! And how do you even breathe with that thing on anyways ?”

However your question wasn’t answered as the Red Hood suddenly leaned over you , his helmet inches from your face and if your hands weren’t tied you probably would have tapped or poked it with your finger. So the restraints at that particular moment were not so bad apparently because you were pretty sure The Red Hood would not like having his helmet poked at.
“You know it’s very strange to find you just randomly being held hostage in a drug warehouse ….almost as if you have some sort of involvement in it , don’t ya think ?” He drawled and you resisted the urge to scream and punch a wall or something. Instead you just sighed ,
“That’s what those guys thought too ” you said , nodding your head towards the very unconscious drug dealers on the ground “But I have nothing to do with it ”
“Then whatever were you doing at an abandoned warehouse at 12 AM ” he asked , his voice still laced with disbelief and instead of being intimidated you could feel the embarrassment of the circumstances of the situation catch up to you.
“I uh found a mewtwo around this area on my way back from work ” you mumbled and you felt the Red Hood draw away from you slightly.
“You came all the way to an abandoned warehouse for a Pokemon ?” He asked incredously and you winced at how bad that sounded.
“Uh yeah ……I mean I didn’t mean to but like I was crossing this place and uh I was on the app and before I knew it I was looking for the mewtwo ” you offered as he moved away from you completely.
“You know at this rate , you should have been dead by now ” he said and you rolled your eyes.
“Says the guy who came to a warehouse full off drug dealers all alone and just started shooting ” you shot back.
“Hey ! I’ll have you know I handled that situation very well ! ” he exclaimed and before you could even say anything a loud boom rang through the warehouse as one of the crates nearby exploded , probably destroying the buttload of drug evidence in it. Looking directly at the Red Hood you gave him your best bitch face .
“Ignore that explosion ” he said simply.
“Because you’re handling the situation so well right ? ” you asked sarcastically.
“You know you’ve got a pretty big mouth for someone who’s tied to a chair and arguing with their only chances of survival ”
“There’s always the police ”
“In this town ? Pft yeah good luck with that sweetheart , no one would buy the whole the whole ” came here looking for a Pokemon “ story and the Gotham police love finding someone to blame , considering the drug lord himself now has a bullet making itself real cozy in his brain ” he said gesturing towards the very dead guy on your right making you pull a disgusted face.
“You sure know how to charm the ladies , eh ?”
“All part of the charm sweetheart ”

However before you could answer him you heard police sirens coming from the distance , making your eyes widen in alarm.
“Alright , this could go two ways , either you come with me and get home safetly or I leave you here and you spend the rest of your life in the Gotham prison accused for drug trafficking ”
“I like the first option Mr Hood ” you said hastily and he nodded as he reached behind you to undo the ropes
“Smart girl ” he mumbled as you stood up and stretched your arms “Alright , let’s get you outta here ”

Before you could answer him he was grabbing your hand and leading you out of the back gate of the warehouse and once you were out you were met with a very nice looking wall marking it a dead end. With wide eyes you turned to the Red Hood who was reaching for a gun like thing in his belt and shooting it at the top off the wall. A grappling hook. Very nice.
“Are you ready for this ?”
“No I am not ready for this at all ! I’m scare of heights and can this thing even sustain my weight ?! I knew I would regret eating that extra burrito ” you rambled but before you could finish your sentence you were being grabbed by the waist and being lifted in the air. You almost let out a scream before realizing that you would infact alert the police that you were there trying to run away with the Red Hood.

Once you were safely on top of the building, the Red Hood turned towards you
“I normally don’t ask this on the first date , but where do you live ?” He asked and at this point you didn’t even bother asking why he was asking you that or shoot a smart ass comment at him , instead you just tell him.

And that night the Red Hood personally escorts you home and the whole time you can’t help but think that maybe all the rumours about him are wrong and how you can’t wait to get home and tell Jason about what happened.

A/N #2 : I’m thinking of making this into a series , response would be greatly appreciated since I need appreciation for motivation yeah thanks.


It’s His Nature: Fox [4] - Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by witchyautumns

Summary: You learned through moments after meeting Bucky what his “animal” side was like. [Aka. Using metaphorical animal stereotypes to describe pieces of Bucky ]

in this chapter: the surprises keep coming when he starts to flirt and respond to your sass with an equal bite. He makes training especially difficult and you never would have predicted how much this would escalate. 

Series Warnings/Themes: I’ll always be cussin’ please close ur ears, kids. Slowburn. Angst. Fluff. There’s gonna be some dirty talk and adult themes (but no smut) in this one and in some future chapters! Please be aware!

Author’s Note: This’ll be split into 2 parts because I got a little carried away~ I must say that when I write a confident, flirty Bucky I must tell my heart to be still. A happy Bucky makes me so giddy.

Y/N = Your Name

Fox: Sly, Snarky, Sassy

“keep your arms higher, [Y/N]!” There’s a quick flash of Natasha’s fist and you duck just in time as it swings over you. “Whattya think I’m doing?” you growl, bringing in a full-forced jab to her shoulder. It lands and she staggers back. However, she isn’t fazed for too long because she’s quickly springing back towards you, aiming for a throat grab. The both of you had been exchanging kicks and punches for the past 15 minutes. Unfortunately, you were struggling to keep up with her experienced maneuvering. You’re on high alert and you make the move to snag her arm, pulling so that she’s forced downward onto the mat. However, the redhead smirks and twists her body, using her free hand to pull you down with her. You grunt at the sudden impact, scrambling to get control. This only results in you trapped underneath, her body pinning you from the back and your arms held down. You huff in agitation.

From the corner of your eyes you can see a few of your teammates on the benches. Steve looks a bit concerned. Sam, however, is laughing and nodding in approval. “Finally, you get a taste of your own medicine!” He directs towards you. For years you had been winning the sparring matches between him and you, Steve just had to mix it up this week. Nat was never partnered with you as per a special request from yourself. There was no way in hell you were going to make a fool out of yourself against her. You can’t help but scoff when Sam winces in pain and mutters a “what the hell! I was joking!” It was most likely courtesy of Bucky elbowing him in the side disapprovingly.

“Give up, darling?” Natasha asks tauntingly. You drop your face into the mat, letting out a grumpy whine. “Naaaat, you’re hurting me.” She laughs, loosening her grip just a bit only for you to force yourself onto one knee and lunge forward. Natasha was flexible and fast, but you had your ways. Before she could pull back, you put all your weight on one knee and snap your hip to the opposite side, throwing her onto her back. She blinks in surprise and laughs. She tries to catch her breath before shaking her head, obviously amused by the trick you pulled. “Really thought I could let my guard down for a bit. You usually suck at this” she quips as you pull her up onto her feet. The boys let out a chorus of gasps at the predicament. “ooooh shit” Sam says, grinning widely. Panting, you flip her off with a “fuck you” for emphasis. Both of you stop for a water break, the gym filling up with lighthearted banter. 

A calm washes over the group. You decide to plop down onto the mats, facing to look up at the ceiling to rest. You glance over at Bucky who had been quiet throughout the training session, wondering what was going through his mind. He turns to you, and although you’ve managed to relax your heartbeat, it only quickens with the intense look in his eyes. 

Bucky instantly grabs everyone’s attention with his sudden request. “You and me?” he simply asks, pointing at you. You’re not sure what got him interested in sparring you, but you smirk, tilting your head to the side. This was intriguing. “Dunno, can you handle me?” you respond in a sultry voice, egging him on. That seems to flip a switch in him. 

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BTS As Roommates

“Hey I don’t know if the request is still open but could u do a how would it be having bts (any member of ur choice) as ur roommate? Thank u, love ur blog.💖“

So, because this was a super fun request idea, I decided to do A L L the members. Idk how long this will take me but pray for me my dudes. (ty sweet human for the compliment aw <3)

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by baebsaes

(look at this absolute darn cutie)

  • tbh i think he’s barely at home.
  • he’ll be spending all of his damn time in the studio so much so that you often forget he’s your roommate.
  • sometimes you text him like “do you know what a roommate is you lanky meme?” and offer to buy takeaway for the night.
  • throwing things at him when he snores bc you can hear him through the walls.
  • “(Y/N) why did you throw that at me?”
  • bless him, it’s not his fault.
  • asking you whether his outfit looks okay before he goes out.
  • always has his headphones in, so you often yell at him bc this dork can’t hear you.
  • you’re always worried about him
  • boy can’t hold a knife properly, he needs protecting.
  • him always losing things.
  • you always having to find his things.
  • him borrowing your things and losing them
  • him getting really angry about losing his things only for you find them in an obvious place.
  • you cook and he cleans bc that is the safest arrangement.
  • when neither of you can sleep, you stay up and talk about life.
  • when he breaks things, he gets hella nervous and doesn’t reply to texts.
  • him being on edge whenever you leave the house.
  • just pls keep an eye on him, okay?

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Desire Pt.6 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5

Word Count:2088

Author’s Notes: Thank you all for reading the series so far! We really appreciate it! Please again follow @bamboree  :) she’s the best!

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

As we got to our cars we exchanged goodbyes. Caroline walked up to me, I didn’t really know what she expected from me. She smiled at me, throwing her arms around me. I stood motionless, patting her back. Eliza and Jimin were talking, a few seconds later she hugged him and got in the passenger’s side of my car.

“Bye Elizaaaa!!” Caroline yelled.

Eliza waved unenthusiastically, shutting the door of the car. I couldn’t help but smile at what she did, Caroline shrugged it off and began walking to Jimin’s car.

I glanced over at Jimin who was smiling too, I stood in front of him and gave him a hug. He gladly returned it, squeezing me tightly.

“Thank you for coming, Jimin.” I said into his neck. He pulled me closer, as if it were possible.

“Happy Birthday, I’ll see you soon.” He whispered in my ear. His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I slumped in the passenger seat. My eyes followed his car, as it pulled out of the parking lot. My vision was starting to blur and I began sobbing. Eliza turned to me while turning the radio lower. We still hadn’t pulled out of the parking lot,“Amber! Holy shit. What happened?”

I rubbed the back of my neck,“Caroline-” I managed to breath out between pants.

“What about Caroline?” Eliza asked, sounding concerned.

“Sh-She’s cheating on Jimin, and there is nothing I can do about it.” I finally mustered. I brought my legs up, clutching them to my chest. A part of me regretted telling Eliza, but the other part was thankful that I let it out and told someone before I burst.

“She what?!” Eliza’s voice rose,“Oh Hell no!”

Tears were streaming down my face,“What am I going to do Eliza?”

“First thing’s first, you have to tell Jimin.” Eliza told me. I felt a giant weight on my chest as the realization dawned on me. “Maybe you could tell him at the beach?”

“And ruin his good time?” I shot back.

“It’s better if he knows Amber,” she told me, as she started the car and pulled out of the lot. “This trick ain’t seen nothing- wait a minute… Is that why she invited us in the first place?” Eliza began going off.

“To get on our good side? Well she just burned her last damn friend in this circle, I mean she did that a long time ago by interfering with you and Jimin. But with this happening it’s perfect- I mean not for Jimin, but for you.” She focused on the road.

My heart constrained.

“I like Jimin a lot Eliza. I want him, but if it involves him being upset because of it then I don’t know if I should pursue it. If he’s happy and it’s not with me, then I will accept that, because you know what? He will always be in my life, and I will see him smile everyday. That’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. If that involves putting his happiness before mine than so be it.” I guess the alcohol in my system was letting my true feelings come into the light.

“Okay I didn’t know Nicholas Sparks wrote your life, damn.” She laughed,“I know you don’t want to go to the beach.” I looked at her pained expression. She saw right through me, and she was completely right.

“But think of it this way, you won’t really be third wheeling if I’m there, we get a separate hotel room from them, and free food! What more do you need?” She gave me a smirk.

As we rode through downtown I laid my head on window. Flashbacks clouded my mind entirely. “Are you okay?” Eliza’s voice broke my thoughts.

“Not really.” I said, without even thinking about it.

“Something else happened Eliza.” I said breaking the silence.

“Is this some kind of life time movie or what?” Eliza said laughing. “Tell me though, wassup?” She told me.

“Well Jimin and I-” She interrupted. “Y'all what?” She said mischievously.

“We were sitting in the booth when you and Caroline went to dance. He was saying how we didn’t take a picture. So we began taking some, and I felt his hand around my waist. I brushed it off at first, thinking it was nothing. Like a friendly gesture-”

“Girl. You know damn well that wasn’t friendly.” Eliza sassed me.

“Anyways, shortly after we were done taking photos, he kissed my shoulder.” I felt that familiar sensation of my skin burning once again, hearing myself say it aloud.

“Did I hear that right?” Eliza sort of rose her voice again, parking outside of my apartment.

“Yeah you did.” I said smiling.

“Amber. You’re in. You’re fucking in.” She told me getting all excited.

“As if, it was probably nothing.” I replied, taking off my seatbelt.

“It was something Amber, quit being so hard on yourself.” She started her car once again, after I got off.

Eliza rolled down the window,“Text me when you’re inside. Bye!”

“Okay, bye mom.” I stuck my tongue out playfully and waved to her, watching her drive off.

I got my keys out and started walking up the stairs. I wiped my shoes on my welcome mat, and opened the door to get inside.

I placed my purse on the counter, and took my phone out. 3:24 a.m. My time read, damn already?

To: Eliza 💛
- Hey mom. Just got inside, be careful getting home. Thank you for tonight. 👍🏽

I was about to put away my phone, and I got a notification.

Jimin iMessage: (2)

I anxiously opened the message.

I’m sorry it’s really late. But can I come over?

Is that okay?

I calmly set my phone down and screamed.


I wrote back quickly. But not to quickly. 

Yeah! Of course.

I began running around the apartment, cleaning up anything that was out of place.

I called Eliza, getting all antsy.

“Hey I was just about to text you back!” She said into the receiver.

“Jimin is coming over.” I said my words coming out like vomit.

“This just keeps getting better and better. Holy shit Amber.”

“SHUT UP I’M SERIOUS!” I grabbed my clothes that were on my couch and threw them in my closet.

“Maybe he’s going complain about Caroline because maybe he found out.” I said, looking out the window.

“Damn it Amber, shut up. Can you record it?” She laughed.

I scoffed, laughing a bit. “N-no Eliza!”

Jimin’s POV

I kept pacing around my living room trying to process what just happened.

20 minutes ago…

We pulled out of the parking lot and all I could think about was Amber. Although I didn’t have her in my passenger seat.

I glanced over at Caroline who was leaning against the car door.

“Here, you can change the song.” She told me, while handing me her phone.

I scrolled through her music, while occasionally looking at the road.

I was about to pick a song, and then I felt the vibration of her phone in my hand. A notification from Facebook messenger. It was a set of heart eyes, and my curiosity got the best of me and I opened the message.

I saw that Caroline sent a photo of herself from inside the bathroom of what I’m assuming was the club we went to.

I glanced up at the road again, turning into her neighborhood.

“What’s taking so long?” She asked me, sounding tired.

“I’m just trying to find a song.” I selected a random song, and went back to the messenger app.

She wrote,“All for you baby.”


I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I felt sick to my stomach. All these emotions were coursing through me at once.

I checked the road again coming to a stop sign. I exited the app, and chose a random song. I gripped the steering wheel tightly.

“Are we here?” Caroline said with her eyes closed.

“No babe, there was a dog and I didn’t want to hit him. I let him walk by.” I reassured her, and kept driving.

I could see her house, I was so relieved to get the fuck out of here. I parked her car in the driveway, quickly turned it off and hopped out.

I went to start my car, the fog from the night coated my windows. I heard her heels approaching, “You’re not going to say bye?” She said in a sad tone.

I looked up at the girl that wasn’t mine anymore. The pain I was supposed to feel was a slight pinch. I wondered why it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.

“Sorry, I’m just feeling a little sick.” I gave her a side hug, she went in for a kiss which I dodged. I felt her lips skim the bottom of my jaw.

“Okay dude what the hell? You didn’t want to kiss me at the bar and you don’t want to kiss me now. What’s wrong?” She spat.

“Caroline I just told you I don’t feel well. I just want to go home.” I got in my car and rolled the window down. “Okay whatever bye.” The annoyed tone  pissed me off so I took off.

I could feel tears streaming down my face. I didn’t know if I was sad or angry. Or if I was mad at myself for not feeling anything at all. I know Caroline and I had been fighting but I felt hardly anything in my heart for her.

I could really only think of one person. I had been thinking of them for awhile.

I pulled up to my place, and got off the car.

3:04 a.m.

I needed to see Amber, she of all people won’t laugh and tell me they told me so. I saw the signs in Caroline, she pulled away and I really didn’t stop it.

Before I knew it I was staring at my home screen on my phone. I clicked on the first contact, “A”.

I debated on texting her, what the hell do I say? I wrote and erased for what felt like twenty minutes. I sent what I thought would suffice.

I went to my drawers and took out a white t-shirt and some basketball shorts. I changed my clothes and heard a ding from my phone.

I’m sorry it’s really late. But can I come over?

Is that okay?

Yeah! Of course.

“Shit.” I was thinking she’d say, not right now or maybe we can see each other later on tomorrow. I realized I was pacing and grabbed the cold keys from the counter.

Amber’s POV

I heard a gentle knock at my door. I knew who exactly who it was.

I opened the door to see Jimin in some basketball shorts and a white t-shirt. He looked up at me and gave me a half smile.

I gestured for him to come in and he made his way to the couch, practically throwing himself  onto it. I sat down next to him, nervously drumming my fingers on the arm rest. I turned to tv on to ease the tension.

The theme song to Family Guy played and I let out a relieved sigh. Just when I thought I could relax I felt his head rest on my shoulder. I looked down at him just as he rose his head up.

We were now face to face. He looked at every inch of my face as if he could see right through me, then he looked into my eyes. I felt as if my heart was going to come out of my throat.

I could see his smile lines, and his little freckles. I could see my future in his eyes.

He leaned forward, I could smell his cologne. He placed his hand on my knee, inching closer and closer. I felt his breath on my lips and closed my eyes.

“Oh shit.” I thought to myself. Just before anything could happen the moment was over in an instant when he rose up abruptly and began grabbing his car keys.

“Amber I’m sorry. I- I have to go.”

He stumbled off the couch, he looked at me and ran out. Just like that he was gone. I could hear the tires screech off.

I didn’t even notice the tv was still on. I clicked the power button, and I was standing alone in the dark. Nothing but the light of the parking lot illuminating the room once more.


A/N: This masterlist contains upcoming series/one shots that will be out throughout the rest of the year and are in the process of writing. If you would like any added, do send me a message and I’ll add it to the list. If you like one of these fics and want it out sooner, do let me know. I’ll be sure to make it a top priority. 

Dean Winchester 


Summary: Reader feels insecure. Dean does everything to make her smile, even if it means having a chick flick moment. 
Warning: a lot of fluff

Can’t Help Falling In Love 

Summary: Dean doesn’t like to dance, and he doesn’t want to be forced to do it. Reader loves to dance, and she would dance for the world if she could. Reader and Dean get into a fight that could possibly lead Dean to doing something he thought he’d never do…
Warning: a bit of angst, a lot of fluff, swearing, a little of smut 

A Teenager in Love 

A Woman in Love 

Summary: Dean falls in love with the girl that lives with Bobby and he doesn’t like the feeling of it.
Warning: fluff, little angst

Me Too 

Summary: Reader and Dean have been together for two years now. They’ve been past the ‘I love you’ stage, except Dean always says ‘me too’. And after witnessing the love of his life nearly die, he finally says it. 
Warning: violence (abuse and torture), angst, little fluff

Underneath Your Clothes 

Summary: The Winchesters come back from a hunt and Reader notices that Dean isn’t the same. She overhears a conversation between the two brothers and finds out that Dean thinks he doesn’t deserve Y/N and that he believes that his figure isn’t attractive to her. She does everything to make him believe that his thoughts are false. 
Warning: low self esteem, angst, fluff

Sam Winchester 

Back of the Class 

Back of the Impala 

Back of the Hall 

Back of the Mind 

Summary: Teen!Sam and Teen!Reader become instant friends when they both learnt that they shared the same interests. Within two weeks, they became close friends. And within those two weeks at a new school, Sam becomes an easy target to bullies. Reader notices this and decides to step in.
Warning: angst, verbal abuse, sass, fluff

God Only Knows 

Summary: God only knows what Sam would be without Y/N. 
Warning: fluff with minimal angst, pregnant!reader 

Finding Happiness 

Summary: Four years too long, Y/N and Sam finally realise their feelings for each other.
Warning: tiniest violence scene, blood nose, fluff

Love You Goodbye 

Summary: With no other choice than to leave, you pack up your bags and bid your final goodbye to the man you had loved. But even without his soul, Sam doesn’t want you leaving until he gets the goodbye he deserves.
Warnings: angst, brief smut, soulless!Sam 

The Devil’s Tears 

Summary: Sam will do anything to save the life of his best friend—Y/N Y/L/N. If that meant surrendering his life to the Devil, then he’ll jump at the opportunity.
Warnings: angst, minimal fluff

Say You Won’t Let Go (COMING SOON)

Summary: Sam and Reader have been best friends since the age seven when they were both stuck at Bobby’s whilst their parents took off. Twenty six years later, and they’re still attached at hip. So when Sam’s best friend calls him crying, he immediately sets off to visit her, dropping everything for the one thing he loves most.
Warning: major fluff, angst, implied smut

Castiel Novak

Fuck You Negan! 

Summary: Castiel has lost his grace and is now human. Reader takes it upon herself to teach him the ropes of life. After getting him to agree to having a TWD marathon, he begins to feel things for Reader. 
Warning: so much fluff, TWD spoilers

All I Wanted 

Summary: After coming back from a war in Afghanistan, Castiel thinks it’s for the better if he leaves his fiance. But all she ever wanted was for him to stay.
Warnings: angsty fluff 

See You Soon (COMING SOON)

Summary: After leaving the hunting life, Reader lives a white picket fence life with the occasional visit from her lover Castiel. She promised to live until her appearance made her look older than she acted. He promised on her final day that he’d see her soon.
Warning: character death, angst, fluff

Chuck Shurley

Oh my, God!

Oh my, Chuck! (Part 2)

Summary: The Winchesters believe that it’s a good time to introduce Reader to God, a.k.a Chuck. 
Warning: swearing, mind reading, fluff


Summary: Chuck is dealing with a migraine and Reader, being his assistant, helps him out. 
Warning: a shit load of fluff



Summary: Crowley convinces everyone that he’s a heartless demon who is willing to annihilate anyone to be King. But that’s all shattered when he is around Reader - his weakness. 
Warning: tiny bit of violence (if you squint) but mainly fluff

Not Too Close 

Summary: Reader is sick and Crowley takes care of her.
Warning: so much fluff


Summary: When Reader finds out that the brothers have locked Crowley up in in the dungeon, she sneaks down to make sure he’s alright and keep him company. 
Warning: angst, fluff

SPN Ships

I Found - Destiel 

Summary: Castiel wasn’t meant to feel. He wasn’t supposed to care for the man in front of him. It was forbidden to love a human. Castiel never intended to fall in love with the eldest Winchester. But he found love where it wasn’t supposed to be; right in front of him.
Warning: angst, abuse, very little fluff, flashbacks (in italics)

Jensen Ackles


Summary: It has been seventeen years since Reader has spoken to her best friend, Jensen. Last she heard, he was beginning his acting career. What happens when she bumps into him on a set they both will be sharing? 
Warning: angst, fluff, dirty talk, mentions of smut and swearing


Summary: Reader loses her childhood best friend and Jensen tries to comfort her. 
Warning: mentions of suicide, sad angst 


Summary: There wasn’t much to sunrises that you liked. Nothing gave you a reason to wake up every morning. That was, until you met Jensen, the love of your life.  
Warnings: fluffly fluff, pregnant reader

Big Jet Plane (COMING SOON) 

Summary: Jensen never believed in love at first sight, but after a fateful meeting with the woman by the river, he starts to believe in it. After having to leave to continue filming, he promises to take her to the bigger cities one day.
Warning: shit load of fluff

Jared Padalecki

The Letter

Summary: After a rough break up with Jared, Reader’s friends think it’s a good idea to take her out to have a good time. But once they’re at the club, her night is anything but fun.
Warning: angst, cheating (sadly), little fluff


Summary: You get caught reading fan-fiction about yourself and the famous man the fandom ships you with.
Warnings: fluff, two paragraphs of mild smut, and cocky Jared

Misha Collins

Set In Stone

Summary: It’s been five months since Misha and Reader last seen each other. With Misha being busy filming the new season for Supernatural and going to conventions and Reader being busy with writing her new book, timing was tough. After a stressful day of paperwork, reading and writing, Y/N wants nothing more than her boyfriend to come home.
Warning: angst, fluff

The Priest and The Nun 

Summary: Reader bumps into Misha at a Halloween fraternity party, and it’s only a coincidence that they’re both dressed as a pair - a priest and a nun. After being dragged into a game of truth or dare, things get a little heated. 
Warning: fluff, smut (involves some female x female), fratboy!Misha (bc that’s a damn warning)

Flaws That He Loved 

Summary: Misha’s definition of beauty and perfection lays bare right in front of him.
Warnings: fluff

Sixteenth Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


“Mulder, it’ll be fine.”

“Can’t we just drive? I mean, we’ll leave early and take in some sights and get there and have Christmas and then drive home. It’ll be like old times.”

Scully looked at him over her spoon, oatmeal piled high, “you want us to drive through both the Smokey and the Rocky Mountains in December? Really?”

“We did a Christmas in northern Minnesota. I think we can handle a nice drive through the mountains.”

Watching him stir his tea, butter his bagel, dart his eyes from her spoon to her face to his plate in repetition, she saw the man she used to sit across from at a Formica diner table at 2am, in the middle of Nashton, Delaware or Tarkington, Colorado, eating greasy hashbrowns slowly while he tried to convince her that the footprint wasn’t human, the lights weren’t a wayward swarm of fireflies, the evidence he has was just slightly more extraterrestrial than he had imagined when they first arrived. He wore a smile that only she would recognize as such, the small muscle on the left side of his upper lip nudging just slightly upwards, fractions of millimeters, twitching more than moving, spasming so minutely that anyone else in the world would think he was sitting stone still.

She felt her muscles give way, her face soften without regret as she simply shook her head, once again, as so many countless times in the past, she gave in to him, knowing they may not get to their destination in a straight line or with relevant speed but eventually, with stories to tell and laughter to share.


And, as things progressed in the fashion normal from the first day they’d met to this very moment, he grinned in her direction, taking a bite of his bagel and talking around it as he chewed, “when do we leave?”


Maggie, being Maggie and loving her daughter and what she now referred to as her ‘one of these days, eventual son-in-law’, graciously patted Scully’s hand when she told her they’d be driving to San Francisco instead of flying, “he gave you that look, didn’t he?”

Her mother knew them too damn well sometimes and with an eyeroll of someone happily resigned to caving to her Mulder, she then nodded, smiling, “it’ll be a nice trip through the mountains.”


Jeep packed, house locked, food and blankets stowed, flashlights, shovels, emergency flares, tire chains, assorted rescue equipment stashed in a box in the back, they headed off into the early morning light, sky rosy, temperatures below freezing, Mulder smirking, poking Scully in the ribs as she attempted to continue her night’s rest in the passenger seat, pillow jammed up against the window, “I will cut off the tip of your finger if you keep doing that.”

“My God, you are still cranky after all this time knowing I’m going to be poking you. Why aren’t you used to it yet?”

“Why the hell haven’t I cut off your finger yet?”

Feeling his inner sass kick in, “you like what I do with my fingers, Scully. You’d be very sad if one of them disappeared.”

Her chuckle was involuntary and for it, she received another seven pokes, the last one culminating where she liked his fingers best and pushing his hand away in amusement, “would you just drive already? Christmas is in five days and knowing you and your tourist-trap stops, we’ll get there by New Year’s if we’re lucky.”

Removing fingers, he returned to the steering wheel, “you’re bossy in the morning.”

Scully settled into her pillow further, “you’ve never complained before.”

“Usually you’re naked at the time though.”

Her hand shot out, pointing through the windshield, “Go!”

“Yes, ma’am.”


First day, nothing.

Second day, she began noticing things but argued with herself that she was wrong.

Third day, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, she politely brought up the subject, “Mulder?”

He was sitting in the corner of the room, tugging off his shoes and absently pulling the curtain tighter over the window every few seconds, “yeah?”

“Are you okay?”

Genuine confusion met her gaze, “I think so. Why?”

Biting her lip, she wondering if prodding would bring about an argument she didn’t want to have, “you … you keep checking the curtains. Do you see something outside?”

The barest hint of anger chased its way across his face before settling back into Mulder, “I just want to make sure no one can see in. Not a fan of getting naked with an audience, especially on the first floor.”

Not wanting to ruin their trip, she let go of the fact that he checked several more times, then covered the peep hole in the door with a bandaid, moved the phones to charge in the bathroom covered with a towel, Scully assumed to block the cameras and their conversations from anyone possibly listening. He unplugged the room phone, pushed a doorstop from home under the room door, then came to bed, settling in to read his book while she did her nightly routine.

How had she not noticed his habits? Had she really been spending that much time at the hospital that she neglected signs so obvious to her that she felt utter stupid in having missed them?

When had he taken his paranoia to this next level?

Fourth day, she woke to find him spooned behind her, hand under her shirt, a little something pressing insistently against her pajama bottoms. Seeing the curtains opened to the third story morning glory that was the Rocky Mountains, she decided to let things go until they got home, choosing to keep an observant eye on him for now. Instead, she relished in his fingers, playfully grumbled something about sleeping in before she pressed back into him, his hands moving to slide her flannel down before pushing himself up inside her.


Only getting lost once, which was impressive for the pair to say the least, they pulled up to the house Christmas Eve morning. Once to the front door and inside, they found the holidays were in full swing at Bill’s house, Matt and Graham running to them, hugging, making general 12 and 8 year old boy noise. Maggie squeezed them both tight once the boys cleared out and then Tara made her way over, completing the greeting, Bill still at work until the late afternoon.

Festivities happened, dinner occurred, games commenced, sweets consumed, goodnights given, the pair ended up, at midnight, lying cozily on an air mattress in the back room, curtains open to the full moon pouring in the room. “Merry Christmas, Scully.”

Snuggling even further in, she nuzzled under his chin, “Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

“This is our 15th Christmas together, did you know that?”

“I remember.”

Voice soft in her ear, “what if I hadn’t come over that night? You would have put your tree away and never blown on my hot chocolate to cool it down and I never would had fell in love with you that very second and we wouldn’t be lying on an air mattress in your brother’s house on Christmas Eve thinking that we should sneak out of here and go check out the Golden Gate all lit up for the holidays.”

“I don’t like to think about the first part of that and the second part is more comfortable than I thought it would be for an air mattress and the third is a really good idea except for the fact that I’m already falling asleep right here.”

His hands roamed lightly over her back, “thank you for driving out here instead of flying.”

Nearly unconscious as this point, her words were slurred and soft, “if I were afraid of flying, you’d have driven out here without hesitation.”

Mulder’s voice grew hard, “I’m not afraid of flying. I just thought it would be nice to take a little vacation with you. You spend so much time at the damn hospital that I never see you.”

Pulling back immediately, brain slow to react to his sudden harshness, but realizing they were doing this now, “you’ve been covering up the windows and the cell phone cameras and avoiding using anything with your name on it. I’ve been signing everything and you cover the camera at the gas station with your hand even though you think you look casual and leaning when you do it but I notice. It’s okay.” She moved her hand up his chest, stroking his chin, watching his eyes still full of fire, “you would have had to give the airlines your name and then whoever you think is out there would have been able to track where you were going and when you’d be leaving and you were worried about what could happen with us in the air and what could happen to you trapped in a plane full of people you didn’t trust.” All this poured out, Scully herself discovering most of the information as it came to vocal fruition, without more than one breath and with complete calm. Stopping with her last revelation, she felt her heart twist when she realized, in his expression, that it was all true.

Then she watched him morph into Deniability Mulder, the man who could talk himself out of anything involving a head-on collision with his darkest fears and feelings.

She simply closed her eyes, feeling him roll off the mattress and begin pacing, pulling on sweatpants and shoes while she lay there, dreading the prospect of the impending fight, the inevitable closed-off interaction, the silent, polite, pretending Mulder she couldn’t stand. Opening them back up, she found him kneeling on the floor, sliding his arms into his thermal shirt and about to apologize, he held up his hand, then leaned over to kiss her forehead, “I need to get away from you for a little while. I don’t want to fight and I can’t … just …” shaking his head, he stood, “I love you.”

And he was gone, slipping into the dark hallway, moving quietly enough that only Scully could track his movements, given years of midnight bathroom breaks and 2am snack attacks.

She tried not to cry but the moment she heard the front door click shut, she fell apart.


Not sleeping well, she spent 20 minutes in the bathroom with a cool washcloth trying to reduce the size of her puffy eyes to levels that wouldn’t warrant drilling questions about why she looked like she’d been sobbing most of the night. Once she achieved what she thought was a look of polite exhaustion from an uncomfortable mattress in a strange place, she snuck to the makeshift bedroom once again, finding Mulder dressed and lying on the mattress.

Before she could ask where he’d been, he took in her face, knowing it better than his own, and stood, enveloping her in his long arms, “I hate making you cry.”

“I wasn’t crying.”

“I hate … making … you … cry.” Each word punctuated with a kiss to the part in her hair, “I didn’t want to fly because I wanted to be alone with you, trapped in a car like the old days, where the only thing we had was each other and we loved it. Everything else … I’m not thinking about right now … but I’m sorry I made you cry. You have no idea how much it kills me.”

Enjoying his warmth, she stayed there until she heard footsteps upstairs then pulled back, “will you go to mass with us?”

“Will your mother believe in my eternal damnation if I don’t?”


“Then we’d better get out there.”


Church didn’t burst Mulder into flames. The priest didn’t call out the atheist amongst them. The demons weren’t writhing in Mulder’s soul. He knelt, sat, stood, moved politely aside when the rest of the pew moved to take communion. During the Sign of the Peace, he shook Bill’s hand, kissed Maggie’s and Tara’s cheeks, quietly patted the boys on the shoulder, whispered his apologies once again against Scully’s hair while he hugged her.

She held his hand tightly the entire time.

Then Maggie slipped on an icy patch, swore in front of the priest who was outside shaking hands and any tension between the intrepid duo evaporated, nothing like a good swear on Christmas morning to push them back to normal.

Scully broke first, then Mulder, then the priest, followed by Maggie and the rest of the family, the boys laughing so hard they nearly fell over themselves. After that, Christmas spirit returned and they all moved back home, breakfast and Santa awaiting.

In the midst of present opening, Maggie handed Scully an oblong box, tag stating, “for Small from Tall.” Smiling down at her daughter sitting on the floor, Mulder molded behind her, “I can only assume you are ‘Small’?”

Mulder took the box, “yes, she is.”

The room had quieted given it was Scully’s turn and looking at Mulder over her shoulder, “I’m ‘Small’?”

Grinning, “you are very small, indeed.”

Nudging him with her elbow, she opened the box to find her latest Christmas ornament, a glassy, metallic, painted mug of hot chocolate, complete with sprinkles, whipped cream and Mulder’s boxy alphabet announcing across the front, ’15 Years’. Scooting around to face him, she held up her gift, “did you really fall in love with me when I blew on your hot chocolate to cool it down?”

By now, their audience was listening intently, even the boys, “of course. You took my drink right out of my hand and blew germs all over it? How could I not fall in love with you?”

“You’d think that would have been a turn-off in some respect.”

“You kidding? Hottest chick in the room giving two craps about me burning my tongue? I really should have kissed you right then.”

“I was the only chick in the room, Mulder.”

“Still are.” Giving her a grin, he leaned forward, kissing her full and long, not caring about anyone or anything watching them.

Scully, however, remembered they weren’t alone after about 10 seconds and pulled back, pink with embarrassment at her sudden and unusual public display of affection. Gliding her thumb over his chin briefly, she twisted to settle against his chest once again, holding her hot chocolate mug and grinning happily.

Maggie handed Mulder, a few minutes later, his own box, “to You from Me.” Shaking her head down at the pair, “we have to talk about your labeling system, daughter of mine.”

“Thank you, Maggie.” She ruffled his hair as she sat back down and watched as Mulder opened Scully’s gift, a collection of eight glass-blown tropical fish, brightly colored and finely detailed, hanging from thin wire and ready for hooks, prepped for tree trimming the moment they found their back home. Admiring each one in turn, “why eight?”

“There were eight different ones and I couldn’t decide so you got eight.”

“Makes perfect sense to me.”


Much later in the day, after an obscene amount of food was inhaled, they were back on the air mattress, Scully on her side, Mulder on his belly, arms over the edge, examining his fish more carefully. Watching him with half-lidded eyes, she reached out, running her finger along the outer shell of his ear, staring peacefully as his lip curled upwards involuntarily, “enjoying your gift?”

“Of course.” Holding up a beautiful sunset colored one with fiery red fins and glittery blue eyes, “this one’s Scully,” then picking up a sword fish type with a long snout and long blue fins, “and this one’s Mulder.”

Scooting closer against him, “are you going to name them all or just those?”

“Just these for now. Maybe later, I’ll do the rest but these are the ones that matter.” Setting them down gently, he turned his head in her direction, resting his mouth on her forehead, whispering into her skin, “I don’t think fish mate for life but I like to think that ours will.”

“You get sappy when you’re sleepy.”

Moving in more, he found her lips, “but I think I can stay awake a few minutes longer.”

In Defense of Hiyoko Saionji (and others)

I serious, massively despise the way Saionji’s character was treated.

It’s a little-known fact in our fandom that Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu was meant to die during the third chapter, but that plot was scrapped both from a writing perspective in order to avoid making the previous chapter seem like a shaggy dog story, and from the more sympathetic perspective of avoiding Pekoyama’s sacrifice being rendered equally meaningless. I genuinely think this was a tremendous mistake for several other characters at the benefit of only one.

To start, let’s contemplate this revision: these writers, of all writers, were afraid to create the despair of a character arc being cut short? Kodaka, of all people, being afraid of despair? The same Kodaka that was alright with putting Ishimaru through an absolute hell that ultimately led nowhere for him before ending abruptly. And then his answer to this dilemma was to do exactly the same thing to Saionji, only far worse. Let’s not forget that writer sadism plays a major part in just how sadistic the characters in play are allowed to be portrayed: thanks to so little thought being put into her death to the point that no one bothered to look for her murder weapon, the entire Celestia parallel of that chapter is marred by confusion more than despair by making Celes seem ruthless while Tsumiki ends up looking sloppy (I’m sure the laundry list of plot holes with that investigation have been covered enough).

Let’s talk about Ishi for a second: he was basically one of the only people in the original group honestly trying to inject some order into the predicament and keep everyone organized and united, whether they were willing to listen or not. When that sense of responsibility reached a point of him blaming himself for not stopping his best friend in a situation he couldn’t possibly have controlled or predicted, he went near-catatonic with the guilt. Finally, when our protagonist felt bad enough to try and cheer him up using the laptop that seemingly held his last shot at being “forgiven” it only ended up making him an easier target for Celestia to kill (again, she looks so very ruthless under this light, like a proper villain, while Naegi looks so very human and fallible, unlike the messianic figure he’s portrayed as later in the franchise). The real tragedy was that his overbearing nature made it that much harder for the other characters to mourn him because of how poorly they understood the depth of his suffering.

Compare that with Kuzuryuu, who actively tried to spread distrust within the group and failed at it, directly caused two people to die and ultimately grew to be a better person partially through his friendship/comradery with the protagonist. Picture for a second how off-putting it would be to have him die just as he was showing signs of growth, making players long to know what kind of or how much of a good person he could have been. Under these circumstances, he almost becomes a mirror to Ishimaru, much like the majority of the Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa 2 casts play foil to each other’s traits.

Losing this dichotomy, the writers are forced to keep the Chapter 3 parallel going by handing those traits off to Mioda, emphasizing her friendlier nature with her attempts to organize a concert in a need to bring the group closer together. Like Ishimaru before her, she stumbled on her way with all these good intentions in her heart by instead freaking them out with the kind of music she plays, only to be tragically robbed of the chance to at least die the way she would have wanted to (with a completely different personality). While certainly a flattering portrayal for her, it still comes out of left-field because of her spending the last two chapters acting as the loopy comic-relief character more often off in her own world and detached from the severity of the situation: compare her contributions during trials to Ishimaru trying to push the discussion and realize she has more in common with Hagakure up to that point. I’d even argue her final free-time event attempts to play into this unexpected quality of hers by making her one of the only students either trying to help Hinata recover his talent or help him come to terms with himself (which, if I’m being honest, comes off as a little cheesy and unusual coming from the girl that called Imposter Ham Hands or whatever translation you like to use so shortly after his death, almost as if the whole FTE was written in at the last moment). I like her character enough for her to be in my top 3 female students, but I just don’t see a throughline or a foundation for this characterization compared to the rest of her development, and so it comes off as awkward; I want her to be motivated by fixing her own flaws, rather than acting as literally the only student in the series who helps the protagonist at the end of her free-time event path instead of the other way around. There’s more interesting parts for her to play than just tragic savior (because rarely has this series explored the angst of being an unappreciated artist).

So naturally, this shake-up of how character development was getting doled out meant Saionji now had to occupy the same space Kuzuryuu was going to of being the mean character that would die before getting the chance to redeem themselves, except the role made a lot less sense for her because she needed more development up to that point in order to make her loss feel that much more tragic (the way she praises Mioda’s performance felt incredibly forced considering her clear preference for all things traditional). I love to think of what it’d be like to see her looking at the guy who killed her best friend bled to death on a pole and realizing it doesn’t make her feel any better. I cherish the thought of her being forced to see the girl she picked on losing her mind in the courtroom and her being completely terrified at the sight, before finding a certain sense of guilt in wondering if her behavior may have led to all this (and you can probably imagine the epic smack-talk Tsumiki would have given her before her execution). Saionji’s was the redemption arc that could have been something incredible; it felt like it was supposed to be something incredible before getting cut short.

So let’s examine the aftermath of her death and the subsequent redemption arc Kuzuryuu receives in her place. While I know some did appreciate where his character ended up going, to me his development felt like it had stunted after chapter 3, where he either held the position of Hinata’s right-hand man or spoke in mournful tones about Pekoyama (the former a role Souda could have performed easily and the latter I’ll touch upon next). To me, this does little for his character besides revisiting the themes he’s already played through as if Kodaka didn’t know what to do with him past the third chapter, while also doing less than was necessary for Pekoyama.

I honestly thought her send-off was perfect left the way it was: she delved into the darkest aspects of samurai loyalty and ultimately fought with everything she had up until the end to fulfill her duty to protect Kuzuryuu, which made her one of the few characters to truly shatter Monokuma’s point on every philosophical level. He told her she’d feel despair at the end of her life like everyone else he’s executed had and she instead held on tightly to the one hope that her master would be alright, only giving in when her body could no longer last. That is incredibly dignified, and I feel like Kuzuryuu pushing the topic of her death the way he did undid some of that dignity, because I have trouble believing a servile bodyguard who denied her own wants and desires so adamantly is really suitable to act as a guide from beyond the grave; I don’t believe she could yell at him to stop acting like a child the way he said she would have in that final trial. Sometimes it’s best to let a character death lay where you left it.

Compare that to if Saionji had done the same by emphasizing Koizumi’s motherly qualities, and then realize that a girl like her who has plenty of sass to spare and who’s moral foundation held strong enough for her to declare murder wrong even up till the end of her life would have been a great source of guidance; she would yell at Saionji to take responsibility for their actions in the past and to stop being a big baby if Enoshima had pushed her into despair over said past. They could have made Saionji’s dialogue grow subtly less biting over time or even have had her drop vague compliments here and there as she comes to see the rest of the group’s more admirable traits (maybe even coming to begrudgingly admire them or want to change herself in a desire to not be left behind). This is a far more realistic portrayal of how people like her tend to grow: by looking inward and slowly realizing they’ve been a bad person, or seeing the drawbacks of their habits before deciding they don’t want to continue being this way. Bully victims like her who choose to become bullies themselves take years to really change under most circumstances, and that’s a theme that the series has yet to tackle properly. I find that a little sad, and I find how much flatter Koizumi’s character looks by not helping to teach her this lesson even sadder (everyone’s favorite photographer has so many moments of human depth that barely get touched upon, which to me is an absolute crime of character writing).

So to recap: because of Hiyoko Saionji’s death and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu’s survival, we have Tsumiki’s murder case making less sense than it could have along with her chance to publicly tell off her bully taken away, Mioda given traits she was never properly implied to have while ignoring traits she could have had, Pekoyama receiving guardian-like qualities she never displayed in the form the game was implying, Koizumi’s better maternal traits being given less chance to shine than they deserved, and one severely wasted redemption arc. Say what you will about her personality defects, but you can’t deny Saionji was the biggest victim of that re-write.

So to Miss Saionji, I give a toast and a clap. You have a fan in me, little dancer.

One Last Time - Part 9

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Ok it’s not super late, but this is what happens when you stick me in meetings for 3hrs straight, I dick around for the last half hour…

 Summary:  Prompt request turned drabble-series. Unbeknownst to you, your best friend Bucky is in love with you, but you’re engaged to someone else.

Anon prompts request: “angsty and painful and in Bucky POV”
1: “A wedding?”
231: “May I have this dance?”
236: “My parents asked about you.”
243:“Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”
369: “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with him…”

Warnings: swearing of course, hi, have you met me?

Word Count: 797

Author’s Note: Paragraphs in italics are just normal journals this time. :) Still a vortex-o-angst though, as per usual. Hang in there sweet peas… (ok pause to look at that fucking face, I’m sorry, are those eyes even real??? wtf. I’m swimming. ok on with the story…)

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Even though the break up had been about as smooth as you had dared to hope, there was still a lot of fall-out. So many phone calls, cancellations, arguments with vendors over what could be refunded. You and Steve both needed space and time but couldn’t find it anywhere.

Nat helped when she could, which was a lot, but what you really wanted was Bucky. To be in Bucky’s arms, curled against him on the couch watching crap TV at 2am; to have his skin against yours, flushed and warm; to have his hair tickle your neck when he scooped you into a hug. But he had run. After all of this he had run.

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8/25/2017 by Taylor Weatherby - Billboard 

August 25 may as well be officially dubbed Taylor Swift day, as the superstar released a brand new song “Look What You Made Me Do” promptly at midnight (well, actually about 11:30 pm EST) and subsequently created T-Swift chatter all over the Twittersphere and, frankly, the world. The feisty track marks the first single from her forthcoming sixth LP, Reputation, which will be released in Nov. 10.

Swift has had a way of making a grand introduction to her next set of material throughout her career thus far, whether it was through a song that gives you all the feels or simply makes you want to drop everything and bust a move. Swift threw fans for a bit of a loop with her latest single, delivering a fairly dark, hostile song (and eerie lyric video to go with it) that feels like the beginning of a new T-Swift era – one that tells the world she’s done playing games.

Since Swift decided to start her Reputation​​ period off in a rather scathing way, she’s certainly got the world intrigued for what else is coming with her latest piece of work. In celebration of the kickoff to the next Swift phase, Billboard decided to rank all of her album lead singles to see where “Look What You Made Me Do” falls amongst its predecessors. Take a look at our critic’s takes below.

6. “Look What You Made Me Do,” Reputation (2017)

Using snakes to hint what was coming, Swift insinuated that her newest single was going to involve some spite, and that’s exactly what we got with this hauntingly bitter, bass-thumping tune. If there was any question that Swift may go back to her country roots, this is a pretty solid confirmation that the innocent, sparkly guitar-playing Swift isn’t making a return (she did declare that the old Taylor is dead, after all). Whether that’s a good or bad thing, well, we’ll wait to hear the rest of what Reputation has in store before we make that call – but for now, we’re acclimating to this caustic new vibe.

5. “Tim McGraw,” Taylor Swift (2006)

For a girl who was just getting her start in the songwriting business (while her friends were busy doing high school homework), Swift’s lyricism and smooth vocals on “Tim McGraw” are nothing short of impressive. Perhaps the only issue with it is that both her songwriting and singing have consistently improved throughout the subsequent 11 years.

4. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Red (2012)

Swift was technically still considered country at this point in her career, but her initial single from Red definitely hinted at the eventual pop direction she took, adding a little more sass than she had ever brought before (like, ever). Most of her pre-Red breakup songs had a sense of despair and sadness, but there’s absolutely none of that in this farewell tune, which makes it all the more desirable to those who are looking for a way to tell their exes off for good — Swiftie or not.

3. “Mine,“ Speak Now (2010)

Swift had shown that she’s a master at writing love songs with her first two albums, but the first single from her third album showed that she was nowhere near finished writing them — and getting better and better at it. “Mine” is as cute as they come, telling the tale of a couple who are taking on the world together, closing out the spirited chorus with a perfectly mushy-gushy love song line: “You are the best thing that’s ever been mine.”

2. “Shake It Off,” 1989 (2014)

Ditching the banjos and country twang, Swift introduced her new pop sound with this sick beat - and a chorus that makes singing (and dancing) along unavoidable. While parts of Red showcased a bolder, almost more confident side to Swift, 1989 as a whole proved her to be practically invincible (especially after that album of the year Grammy). That’s immediately apparent from the moment the pounding bass begins in “Shake It Off” and is further solidified through the hater-dismissing lyrics. This is one of those gems that even those in the worst moods can’t help smiling and shaking along to.  

1. “Love Story,” Fearless (2008)

If “sophomore slump” was even still a thing in 2008, Swift’s Fearless certainly didn’t fall into that curse, and she established that straight out of the gate with this Romeo-and-Juliet-tributing romance tune. Starting out with an enchanting banjo, the track’s awe-inspiring series of building melodies (and sweet story line) make for quite the happy ending and belt-worthy finale. While it may not necessarily be her catchiest single to date, a then-teenage Swift crafted a song that made people of all ages want to find their own love story – in under 4 minutes – and that is the sign of true musical genius.

Locker Neighbour (Calum Hood Imagine) - Part 3

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Summary: Calum and Y/N finally talk things out, but things don’t go the way they hoped. 

Requested: yes 

Warnings: swearing + talks of sex/manipulative relationships 

A/N: tell me what y'all think and what you wanna see next! This hasn’t been proof-read. Also tell me what song you want next from my DW album series. :)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 (here) // Part 4

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