and their relationship in this movie

Myths about Soul Mates

1. The relationship should be natural, easy and uncomplicated: The truth is that all relationships take time, effort, commitment and energy. You need to make time for each other, to do fun things together, to work on communication, and to learn to negotiate and compromise.

2. The relationship should be conflict free: Because we are each individual and unique we all disagree with others at times, so conflict is natural, and not to be feared. In fact, conflict can force us to confront our differences, and to grow as individuals, and as couples too.

3. Soul mates are romantic: Real life is not the movies, and love can be expressed in countless different ways, and still be genuine. Look out for all the signs that show your partner cares, and don’t be disappointed if they’re not “the stereotype”. Don’t force them to be something that is maybe nor their style.

4. You should always see things the same way and have the same opinions, outlooks and beliefs: You both have different backgrounds and have individual brains so you’re going to sometimes differ in the way you look at life. That needn’t be a problem – you don’t want to be clones.

5. My soul mate will always like and love me: Consideration, respect and a concern for your partner are symptoms of a loving relationship. But being rude and disrespectful or irresponsible are not endearing qualities that build relationships. Instead, we need to give to get – as it’s not “all about me”.

everyone knows that Even is super smooth and that Isak gets all cutely flustered but less people know that it actually kinda intimidates Isak how smooth and romantic his boyfriend is because Isak is still finding his feet as a young gay man let alone a young man in his first relationship

so when Even slips up and one of his plans don’t go quite as planned Isak can’t help but feel relieved and he jokingly asks what happened to being the director of your own movie huh that wasn’t your best scene Director Næsheim and Even doesn’t miss a beat he just grins and winks at Isak and replies all movies have a gag reel baby!

and yeah it was cute and funny and Isak loves their banter but damn does Even have to be able to recover everything so smoothly like damn

it totally becomes one of their inside ‘couple’ jokes though. whenever something goes wrong they just look at each other and go well that was one for the gag reel!

idk i wish i had friends that were wild and reckless and always up for an adventure and live near me and i’d have known them since i was little and we’ve spent basically our whole lives together and nothing could ruin our friendship and we know each other so well and we’d be at that level of comfort where no topic is too strange or off limits and if we’d be feeling down we’d sneak into each others houses late at night with movies and snacks when our parents aren’t home and spend just about every day together and never get tired of seeing each others faces every single day and never getting exhausted of the same topics or the same niggling fears that need to be comforted in the way that only a best friend can

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Why does someone who simply wanted to do her job over a man a bad thing? Isn't that what people have been asking for in movie relationships? And I mean, even though she loved her job so much she still helped him in the end so I don't get all the hate for Tina. #MoreLove4Tina


I know what you mean - if she just followed after Newt like a guppy they’d complain that she’s “boring” or “a weak female character” like make your mind up.

Tina, I feel, has some of the best subtle development in FBAWTFT and I can’t wait to see how she continues to develop in the future movies!

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Last song I listened to Thomas Sanders own Soundtracks (I love Thomas Sanders, gaaawd. He is my spirit animal XD)

Last movie I watched One Piece Movie Gold~

Top three TV shows

  1. One Piece (well, the manga at least)
  2. Supernatural
  3. BBC Sherlock

Top three characters

  1. Sanji (One Piece)
  2. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Top three ships

Zoro x Sanji

Luffy and Law (but just in a funny “best friends” way XD)

My Niji from the BrotherhoodAU x Taysir (@infinite-interstellar-time OC~)

Sorry, I’m Yaoi trash.

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Ok, wait, people hate on TINA? I don't understand. WHY? She wasn't written horribly (at least, I personally don't think she was), and she's interesting as far as her job, her attitude, her relationship with her sister, etc. What is there to hate?

I can understand that some can dislike her (like me at the beginning, I really couldn’t like her much, I don’t know… she was kinda irritating at the beginning of the movie), but seriously… to HATE her like… HATE with all this passion that some people have? It’s so stupid… at least for me… and for some…
I agree that she wasn’t written horrible! To be honest she is written very well, if I may say that (since I really don’t know how to write, like at all ahaha). I think the moment when she said she love Swooping Evil, was the moment when I started liking her? She opened a bit and she started acting more naturally around Newt, and THE MOMENT WHEN SHE WAS DUELING GRINDELWALD?! FFFF ThIS IS LIKE MY MOST FAVORITE MOMENT OF HER.
And her bond with Queenie, oh maaan…. I just love them together. I love seeing sibling relationships like that. It’s a bit similar to this I have with my own younger sister, she is prettier and have some skills that I’m jealous of, she is way more popular than me also… on the other side is me, this career girl (like yeah… working working working, I f***ed up my relationship a bit lately because of it, and I’m very tired, and I’m in similar age). We had to take care of ourselves too, because our mother “left” us, my dad is living in other town with his new family, my younger brother has problematic life too, and two year old son… So just seeing those two sisters who love each other, and care for each other is just nice. Fills my heart with warm and fuzzy feelings. There is really no place for hate.
It’s so amazing that… those characters are constructed like that… With Queenie I fell in love in the moment I saw her, but with Tina… you need to know her a bit more to see her other, more gently, and fun side.

I just don’t understand the hate, when I just see those amazingly horrible comments about her. Or those crazy comments like “I HATE HER BECAUSE NEWT IS MINE” - it’s kinda disturbing how many comments like that I’ve seen so far, and the movie is not even half a year old, like… go see a specialist or something, because that’s… really crazy.


To the boy who snapchatted me all day, everyday for one hundred and thirty-one days but never once asked for my phone number; who took me to a movie and held my hand but never hung out with me again; who told me we were friends, then dropped me without an explanation on the last day of 2016:

I know we were never in a relationship or anything close to that, but you still broke my heart. I don’t know how you can talk to someone for over four months and then stop talking to them like it’s nothing. It’s been almost two months since you stopped talking to me and my heart still hurts. Were you just leading me on until you found someone better? I’m still sad about it and I’m trying my hardest to pretend I’m not.

I don’t know what exactly I did wrong, but I’m sorry for whatever it was.


Relationship Headcanons June Moone

• Lots of cuddling
• She’s basically a koala when you two sleep
• Playing with her fingers
• She writes littlr messages/the alphabet game in the palm of your hand
• Your relationship is quiet until Harley finds out and then everyone knows
• Leaving eachother little notes especially on bad days
• She reminds you she loves you everyday all day
• Being there for her when she’s scared about Enchantress
• Talking her out of the things she says when she’s afraid
• Sharing clothes……June mostly just steals yours
• Giggling through movies together
• She likes kissing your hand more than anything
• Traveling a lot together
• Long daily phone calls if you’re away from eachother
• She falls asleep on the phone despite saying she’s not even tired
• When you’re both excited she loves to jump up and down and dance around
• Singing aling to songs together
• Both being the voice of reason when the Squad wants to do something dangerous
• Becoming best friends with Rick
• Infinite inside jokes
• Dates are usually in pajamas ordering takeout
• When you haven’t seen eachother in awhile she attacks you with kisses
• And shows you love songs that remind her of you two
• She never forgets important dates
• Flirting with eachother from across every room

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Noya, Kenma and Suga friendship hcs, pls? ^^


  • 10/10 always down to fight anyone who even thinks about disrespecting you
  • bromance with tanaka bc there’s no way you couldn’t be friends
  • movie nights and throwing popcorn at each other
  • yelling insults across the room at each other and affectionately calling each other “babe”
  • cheering him on at volleyball matches
  • him being 10000/10 supportive of whatever relationship you have with whom bc he’s basically your brother at this point
  • laughing at lame jokes


  • just hanging with each other while he plays video games
  • bringing him apple pie and him bringing your favourite food in return if you have had a hard day or you want to surprise each other
  • “y/n motivate kenma!”
  • *you raise a fist lamely from the bench you’re lying on* “GoooOO”
  • study and movie nights
  • being there at every match to cheer him on and to take snapchats that have the same captions of ‘that’s my buddyyyyy’


  • clothes lending — one time suga just came into your room and took your band tee and then just left, you do the same with his jersey
  • baking brownies and singing along to his spotify playlist
  • “remember a jacket” “yes, muuuUm”
  • studying together in the library and slipping crumpled notes to each other
  • laughing along to dacha’s lame puns (suga sighs)
  • if you go on a date and call him in the bathroom he will always come to collect you no matter what, which has lead to some interesting conversations
  • cuddles and hugs whenever

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Top five Star Wars fanfics?

I run pretty old school, still, so:

1. Spirit Warriors of Angharad, by ophelia  (Sorry, her stuff is either no long online, or lost to the pits of TFN. I do, uh, have it, though.)

2. The First Four Days, by ophelia. Absolutely adorable and sad take on the post-TPM relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan while they try to adjust to each other. 

3. Stuff, by gheorge2. Classic. If you want to know why Luke/Mara is a thing, but don’t want to slog through a trilogy of military scifi, here you go! It does obviously reference a lot of EU events and a lot of characterization notes for Luke may not ring true if you have not read the wringer the EU put him through, but absolutely worth it even if you have only seen the movies.

4. Samizdat, by Shura4 (I admit that I haven’t reread this one since I was a teenager, but it was utterly haunting.) Disturbing dark take on Luke and his Academy.

5. Black Mirror, by @darthnickels, which is the reason I decided to wage a campaign to befriend her on tumblr. Plus, space hyenas. Vader, body horror, and lots of emotional confrontations. Excellent writing and characterization, to the point where she made me care about the Rebels characters.

Introducing: Insidethering’s Ocs

Now that we have such a large variety of wrestlers here, the admins of insidethering are excited to announce that we will be allowing for OCs - or original characters - into the group to help bring even a large of variety into the group. There are a few rules though for the OCs to still maintain the group as staying realistic.

  • All OCs must have backstage, off camera jobs. This excludes wrestling, interviewers, managers, etc.
  • All OCs must be completely original. Therefore they cannot carry the FC or be based off of popular movie characters (ie. Harley Quinn, Batman, etc.), therefore Margot Robbie is ok, Harley Quinn is not. They also cannot have any relation to a superstar, other than a past relationship if that mun agrees. So former friends, former collagues, exes, etc. to a superstar is okay. Child, sibling, relative to a wrestler/interviewer is NOT allowed. Two OCs may be related to each other, again, with mutual consent.
  • An OC still counts as a character. The character limit is three. You’re granted a fourth with permission from an admin based on your activity. If you have very high activity with four characters and would like to take on an OC, because we’re just allowing them in, this can be something discussed with an admin, again, based on your activity.


Activity Level

Original Character Name:
Original Character Age:
FC (Face Claim):
Backstage Occupation:
Wrestling company Employment (ie, WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground):

So I read somewhere on YouTube that Sasuke and Sakura will not get an episode dedicated to their relationship. First of all, I don’t believe it because a user on YouTube is not a credible resource. Second, we are getting a glimpse of how the different relationships formed with the other characters. We had a whole movie dedicated to Naruto and Hinata, we had a scene about Ino and Sai, and now Shikamaru and Temari.

How is it fair to ignore SasuSaku? I mean I can’t be the only one who wants to see how they even became a couple. When the series was ending, I wasn’t sure if they’ll end up together, but it was a pleasant surprise indeed when I saw they had Sarada. But now I want the story, I really hope we’ll get a Sasusaku episode.

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Hi, can I get help with my character? He's around 14-15 is a nice guy he doesn't easily get mad, at least doesn't show it, would never be the first to throw a punch unless those close to him are threatened but he can call out on a person's flaws but means well, he's a dog lover, works with cars, plays soccer and wrestles, loves puns and sitcoms has a guilty pleasure for pop songs and almost never keeps hobbies (like they die out) and recently has picked up making movies. (1/2)

He also has a girl best friend, they’ve been together since they were seven, he acts as a “chill” to her “unchill” and takes a backseat to her antics mostly and I plan them to end up together. My problem is that I think he’s bland confined to the boy next door trope, and his friend’s relationship is boring or cliche. I don’t want to change his and his best friend’s relationship’s “basis” but I don’t want either to be boring. I’m sorry if this is too long but I appreciate your help 2/2

Well, seeing as he’s the protagonist, it’s fine if he’s chill to her unchill, but he needs to be an active character and he cannot take a backseat and simply react to other people. Engaging protagonists have to direct the plot, and the story must be led by their decisions and goals. Which might be why you’re struggling and finding him bland. She might be the unchill one, but he can’t just follow along. He has to say, actively try and peace-make and resolve the situations because he knows what she’s like, etc. 

 As a character, otherwise, he seems fine. Nice isn’t the same as bland and a character doesn’t have to be angsty or tortured to be interesting, especially in I think a time when the broody male character is so prevalent. For example, I find the fact he can’t keep a hobby interesting and quite divergent from the boy next door trope, and it’s also worth noting that ‘the boy next door trope’ is pretty much always used for the love interest not the protagonist. So you’re not actually falling into the cliche as much as I think you fear you are..

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 Top Three TV Shows:

  1. Criminal Minds
  2. One Piece (I prefer to read it^^)
  3. Tracks (cultural show from the Fr-De channel Arte)

I don’t usually watch tv and need to catch up with many shows lol

Top Three Characters:

  1. Joseph Cooper; Interstellar (He reminds me of my own father. And those scenes…! *cry*)

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  • 2-3. Donquixote Rocinante ♥ & Doflamingo 

Top Three Ships

  1. Doflamingo x one of my multiverse OC
  2. Doflamingo x Crocodile/Croc x Dof’
  3. Doflacora… but don’t really sure about this one *nervous laugh*

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