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Magical Astronomy   (Satellite Café Terrace)

—English fanlyrics—

Maribel: asa-turney

Renko: lori-hime

Just imagine…

Hot chocolate darker than a midnight sky,

Cream swirling through it in a milky way,

Topped with a whipping of a cloud on high,

Fresh from the Satellite Café.

Glaze on the layers of the atmosphere,

White stardust sprinkles on a fine parfait.

I’ll take your hand and you can take me here,

Up to the Satellite Café.

Price is steep–  Oh, but the flavors are the richest.  Before you’ve gotten in

Too deep…  make sure you know what you want will be worth what you paid.

What’s your wish?–  Look at the menu, stretching lightyears into the night.

We choose our dish–  No choice is wrong if it’s one that we made.

Waning from the round fullest pie into a thin croissant,

This ball of swiss is any shape we say.

All of the cheesecake we could ever want,

Right at the Satellite Café.

Star caramel clusters with a sauce on top:

Dark matter softened to a thick puree,

Poured from the Little Dipper drop by drop,

Just at the Satellite Café.

Zero G–  Space is the best place for a coffee.  A vacuum

Of energy…  instantly boiling and freezing, a magical state.

Drink it black–  Deep as a black hole that just may take us anywhere.

No, take that back–  We’ll need some sugar to lighten the weight.

  Now with such a dazzling atmosphere outside the window,

  It’s a bit of shame we have to be indoor.

  But, if we make a special reservation,

  Maybe we can take a table out on the wing, and take in a bit more.

  Even here with no fresh air around us, why,

  The views would leave us breathless anyway!  Ah…

  Don’t be late (who’d be late?) for this important date;

  I want a small eternity to sit and stay.

  Kudos to our long-eared chefs above:

  The main course is coming soon, soon, soon.

  One rare treat any connoisseur would love:

  Mochi pounded on the moon.

  Gazing up at such a clear horizon,

  I’m thinking, it’s so pretty I could eat, eat, eat eat eat it up!

Now, when the sun begins its run once more,

Warming and rising like a great soufflé…

Soak in the taste that we’ve been craving for,

Soon at the Satellite Café.

Crêpes even thinner than the ozone flow,

Baked to perfection by a UV ray.

Macarons, in the spectrum of a whole rainbow,

New from the Satellite Café.

Try a bit of iced tea that’s flavored with a hint of peach,

Plucked from celestial branches this same day.

I’ll take the special;  make it two of each,

Here at the Satellite Café.

Pop bubbles popping at the speed of light,

All earthy senses are eclipsed away.

Now open, day and neverending night:

This is the Satellite Café.

  Earth is nothing but a satellite–

  And yet the place we seek is just a satellite of Earth.

  Because…  we humans really like to know that

  Something in this universe revolves around us.

  Spin, spin, spin, the pull is growing stronger.

  We can never let this vision fade away!  Ah…

  We’ll take it, escape it, this orbit of routine,

  And find a better way to measure out our day.

  If that café serves that famous brew:

  The elixir that would quench our worry…

  Come one day, if I could share it with you,

  Surely, surely, I would order in a giant hurry.

  In this moment, though, there isn’t much rush.

  This dream that we’ve imagined here is sweet, sweet, sweet sweet sweet enough!

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consider this: lup was bi and polyamorous and dated both barry and lucretia

I don’t know when this was sent to me but this is confirmed!!! This is the truest as Lup deserves as many partners as she can carry and they are in a beautiful poly relationship and Lup has so much love to give and they all have so much love to smother Lup with and it’s good y'all

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Hi! I was looking for this story and I only remember one scene. Draco and Hermione left the ministry of magic together and to avoid being photographed, Draco hid their faces behind a folder with the ministry logo because it immediately distorts the photo that was taken. I forgot what story it was.

Hello that would be this story. The story was last updated in August of last year so it might be on hiatus.

Beautiful Disaster by ForeverAlwaysTogether- M, WIP 

Hermione Granger has never been one to give up and walk away. So when she discovers her pregnancy only weeks after Ron calls off their engagement, she is determined to do everything she can to keep her child from the father that abandoned them. Even if it means accepting help from the most unlikely of sources.

- Wynken




Lion’s Chain - KLance Modern/Veteran AU

Written by Luna_Vulpes on ao3: the first fanfic written by BOTH authors! Release date is same as the final chapter of “The Ultimate Wingman” by Luna

Please check us out!

Luna: Me
Vulpes: @jknight236

Betas: @karmadash-is-fandomtrash and @bookstvseriesandanimes

HOPE YOU GUYS COME AND ENJOY! It’s going to be crazy slow burn, fun, angst, and, most important KLance ❤️💙

Okay guys, so before you think I’ll abandon Tau, I won’t. But lately, and you know, I’ve been strulling with her. Mostly because I returned for reasons that I don’t wanna mention here, and aren’t worthy, and I’ve tried all the changes to make her feel like home again as she felt for nearly 2 years now. But either for the wrong reasons or being a single blog, I can’t seem to give her the attention she deserves anymore. & I’m constantly afraid I’ll loose my roleplay partners and that I’m not good enough, so I might as well move her to my multimuse? I mean, I have done it with Ariën & it’s been so much better. 

So give this post a like or a comment if you’d be okay with interacting with Tau & keeping threads we have going on there? Because this blog is not home anymore & I need to feel comfortable. 

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Company Behind DAPL Dumps Polluted Fluids Into Ohio Wetlands

you know who’s awesome? my queerplatonic partners are awesome. i don’t talk about qp partners enough on here, so consider this not just a shoutout to @thesylverlining and @in-fi-ni, but to people who have or are qp’s in general. y'all are fantastic and your relationships are amazing, as is your placement on the ace and/or aromantic spectrums

i’ve seen a lot of lashing out against the existence of the term lately, but y'know, i personally like and love it as an expression of the realities of different relationships that different people experience, and having language to express and understand that is wonderful. don’t let people shame you for it, or try to dismiss it. your words have meaning for you, so go ahead and use them

the same, i feel, applies to the lgbt community. if, as an ace or aromantic person, calling yourself lgbt has meaning for you and provides comfort and a sense of community and identity, you go ahead and do it. i am saying this with the full authority vested in me as a nonbinary bisexual who previously identified as a cis lesbian, then a cis bisexual (ladies and enbybabes), then a trans man bisexual, before finally bouncing off the beaten tracks altogether. live the dream. live as who you are, and everything will follow.

you are loved, and important, and i will march to war for your right to use your terms as feels right for you. my inbox is always open, if ever you need support or a kind word. keep on keeping on, friends

Ya know bisexual characters can be…bisexual….you don’t gotta write them in fanfic like they’ve been Straight™ all their life but this One Person is the exception….like I know it’s wild….but their partner doesn’t have to be the only person of the same sex they’ve ever Noticed™ ever