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Morning Routine for a Busy Witch

A lot of people have asked me for tips on how to incorporate witchcraft into daily life. How you incorporate it depends on your schedule, your habits, and your tools on hand. However, I’ll list my ideal morning routine in order to give you some ideas. 

  • After I wake up, I add some cinnamon to the coffee grounds before brewing*. Cinnamon increases luck and energy, so I like starting off my day with that little boost.
    • *The reason I add cinnamon to the grounds and not the finished coffee is because powdered cinnamon can’t actually dissolve; it’ll just sink or sit at the top. By adding cinnamon to the grounds, you’re able to infuse the cinnamon into the flavor and charge the spell. .
  • If you don’t drink coffee, you may want to brew some tea. 
    • Black tea (like most chais, earl grey and breakfast teas) aid alertness and energy, their caffeine helping to dispel negative premonitions of the day. 
    • Green tea (like jasmine, senchas, and matcha) can help detoxify your energy and clear your conscious mind. 
    • White and herbal teas help with clarity, serenity and wisdom (though this largely depends on the ingredients in the tea).
  • If you don’t want coffee or tea, drink some lemon water. The water will hydrate you, and the lemon will cleanse your energy and invigorate you.
  • For an easy boost, place a crystal next to your coffee pot, tea pot or cup to charge the drink.
    • Clear quartz boosts clarity.
    • Rose quartz increases chance of love and attractiveness.
    • Obsidian, bloodstone and onyx stabilize and ground you.
    • Opal and lapis intensify awareness and spiritual powers.
    • Tiger’s eye increases courage.
      • I won’t list all crystals here because that would take forever, but those are a couple ideas. 
  • While the drinks are brewing/charging, I take some time to ground. I like to do yoga, but some people will meditate during this time, or practice energy techniques. You only have to do this for as long as the drink is charging (so like literally five minutes, trust me it makes a difference). 
  • If you eat breakfast, give a piece of your breakfast as an offering. If you don’t, give some of the drink you made as an offering. I’m the kind of person who works with multiple deities and spirits at a time, so I like to give an offering to one of them and then rotate. This helps mindset and motivation, because if you have low spoons or a down day, at least you’ve completed something.
  • While you’re getting dressed/doing makeup, light a candle. I like to start my day off with a little light; it acts as a positive omen and can wake you up more.
    • Candle color ideas: white (purity and beginnings); red (courage and strength); green (healing, luck and prosperity); blue (calming and spiritual awareness); purple (psychic powers and control); yellow (positivity and attractiveness); pink (beauty, serenity and positivity); orange (stimulation and energy).
    • Scent ideas for the candle: floral (healing and cheeriness); citrus (purity, energy, and focus); sweet (happiness, kindness and patience); spicy (passion, motivation and magic); subtle (grounding and calm).
  • Do your makeup in the morning? I recommend placing some sea glass or rose quartz next to your makeup supplies as you use them. It’s a simple tactic that’ll really up your look for the day.

This morning routine takes about twenty minutes, and includes six witchcraft spells. That’s a lot of productivity that’ll help wake you up and motivate you for the day!

Other ideas that I don’t personally do, but others do:

  • Turn your morning shower into a cleansing ritual not that i don’t take showers, I just don’t take them in the morning. 
  • Color-coordinate your outfit for your day’s intent.
    • or your makeup/accessories
  • Make some fruit-infused water to carry with you throughout the day for an energy boost.
  • Carry an appropriate crystal in your pocket to help calm, stabilize or motivate you.
  • Add an herb to your eggs (or other breakfast food) that’ll help your intent for the day
  • Say a prayer while you’re still in bed, before you get up in the morning. That’ll count as a simple offering.

Feel free to add some more ideas, especially for the late-sleepers and spoonie witches out there! Have a beautiful morning (ᗒᗨᗕ) /

  • Pidge: I set up an electric eye yesterday, so if anyone enters this room, an alarm will go off.
  • Pidge: Lets move. Don’t cross the beam.
  • Pidge: [jumps on a chair and flips over a beam]
  • Keith: [uses chair to leap and roll over beam]
  • Lance: Cool, yeah, that’s something I can do, without any problem.
  • Lance: [tries to jump with chair but face plants through the beam into the ground, alarm sounds off]
  • Pidge: Alarm works.
a spell for winter warmth

this is a spell for the witch who craves warmth in her heart and spirit as the world grows quiet, cold and dead; it inspires self-love, calmness, and coziness. best done on a cloudy or rainy day. you will need:

❄ a brown candle (earth magick, home blessing, winter)

❄ a warm wintery tea (spiced chai, peppermint, etc) 

❄ your favorite tea mug

❄ a cinnamon stick (strength and healing)

brew your tea as you like. sit comfortably with a blanket around you, and light your brown candle.

take your cinnamon stick and hover it above the flame for a moment; endow it with the properties of the winter fire.

hold the tea in your hands; stir it clockwise with the cinnamon stick. if you like, whisper into your tea; ask it to bring you warmth through the cold months and fill your heart.

drink your tea while reflecting in the presence of the candle’s flame. when you finish your tea, blow the candle out.

Gift art, somewhat rough around the edges, for @adgerelli / @scisetdiary  to celebrate the addition of lil’ Sapphy to the SciSet family. <3

I discovered adge’s work not too long after I found Sil’s blogs near the end of last year; I’ve been following and enjoying it, especially the SciSet diaries, ever since. With the birth of the little blueberry there, it seemed a good time for some ‘thank you’ art – and an opportunity to draw two of my favourite ships in one scene!


So many of you seemed curious about how Twilight looked without her suit in this AU, soooooo here ya go!

The first one is just a headshot of Twilight without her helmet on. Twilight can manually remove her helmet at will, but she much prefers keeping it on unless Rarity asks her to take it off. Twi’s skin and fur is duller than it usually would be and her eyes have a glow to them, a side-effect of having a Tantabus. Her mane was shaved down real short in order to keep it from getting in the way when she has her helmet on, and when she’s connected fully to her suit it represses hair growth. If she were to leave the helmet off for long periods of time, though, her hair would begin to grow again. (The hair on the suit is fake; it’s colored the way it is to mimic Twi’s actual hair)

The bottom image is to show off what Twi actually looks like underneath the suit plus how she’s connected to the suit. The back image on the left is what she actually looks like: with the exception of Valkyries and Dogfighters, all Guardians get their limbs amputated to make way for large ports that connects to the legs and arms of the suit. The gray things along her spine are also ports, all directly linked to her nervous system. These things are how she’s able to fully control the suit as naturally as she does despite it being larger than herself. The connection doesn’t just allow control however; she can also feel, see, hear, and smell, experience her surroundings as if the suit itself is her body. And in a way, it is; she is permanently connected to the suit, with only her helmet being able to be removed manually. And even then she doesn’t remove her helmet unless Rarity specifically asks her to; removing the helmet is painful (it connects to the port at the base of her neck) and very disorienting; it would probably feel like removing your own head in a strange way.

A pretty basic thingy to help with the visuals of a Guardian’s make up. :3 

@rarilight Nuzzling without the helmet eh? YOU MEAN LIKE THIS?!?!?

Very fast sketch I did in like 10 minutes so there’s gonna be issues, but yeh (rarity’s horn’s there just hidden by Twi’s head :p). Either Twi’s seeking reassurance or Rarity is. Maybe comforting each other, they’ve been through hell and back that’s for sure. o3o