and their little pet

Things I need my care giver to understand

1. I will feel like I’m lonely sometimes
2. I will get jelous
3. I will not let other girls/guys talk to you if I feel they might take you away
4. I need more attention some days
5. I won’t want to leave my house some days
6. I will disobey you when I feel like being naughty
7. I will ask for more stuffies, even when I have way too many
8. I might not like my body but I believe you when you say I’m beautiful
9. I don’t try to be annoying it just happens please don’t get mad

What Not To Do While Your Little/Pet Is In Their Headspace

-Yell at them – Their headspace is supposed to be a safe place.

-Have arguments with them – Unless it’s relating to your little/pet being stubborn, but still be gentle.

-Call them annoying – Most littles/pets are extremely sensitive while in their headspace and calling them annoying will hurt them and possibly ruin their headspace.

-Tell them to grow up/stop acting childish/say they aren’t a kid/pet – Again, their headspace is supposed to be a way for them to deal with whatever they’re going through

Fussy Kitty

Kitten: *pouts and meowls*
Caregiver: Someone’s a fussy kitty
Kitten: *continues to pout*
Caregiver: Are you a fussy little kitten? *smiles a little*
Kitten: Nu! *crosses my arms*
Caregiver: So fussy! *picks kitten up, pulling them into their lap and begins petting them*
Kitten: *begins purring as they uncross their arms*
Caregiver: My fussy little kitten *kisses kitten’s forehead*
Kitten: *melts in caregiver’s arms*

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Operation Undercover Little🍼

🍁Being in your headspace/safe space/littlespace and having/wanting to go somewhere can be very taxing and difficult to do! But don’t worry! Here are somethings that will help you out

🍄It’s getting colder out which gives you an excuse to wear your favorite sweaters and scarfs. No matter the design on it!

🍄Are you upset that you can’t take your pacifier with you? Well, take a small backpack or purse and put it in there. If anyone asks why you have it say you are babysitting later.

🍄Are you upset that you can’t have sippy cup with you? Get a water bottle, or a travel cup and decorate it!

🍄Wanna bring a stuffie with you somewhere? Go ahead! Do it! Anyone asks say you like it. Ignore how everyone else views you and focus on how you view you!

🍄You can bring your blanket places now! People can’t judge you. It’s getting cold out and you wanna be warm and cozy

🍄You can wear fuzzy socks as much as you want! You can eat little snacks and be cute

🍁Stay safe everyone! It’s getting cold out🎃

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What To Do While Your Little/Pet Is In Their Headspace

-Cuddle/pet them
-Reassure them that they aren’t annoying
-Call them pet names (prince(ss), babygirl/boy, kitten, pup, bun, etc)
-Give them treats/rewards for good behaviour
-Punish them for bad behaviour (but make sure not to be too harsh and do NOT abuse your little/pet)
-Remind them that you love them (not just their big/human side, but their little/pet side too!)