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Old post in drafts. i JUST KEPT GOING WITH MORE SKetches

More Ageswap AU Mob Psycho 100 - captions on pics

This was originally posted on LiveJournal on September 25, 2009. I’m keeping the text its original form as much as possible; the only things I’m updating are broken links, broken pictures, and a touch of formatting. This is something that I went back and forth about transferring to Tumblr because it’s insanely personal and emotional… but it’s also one that I should probably preserve in more than one spot. 

Context: This was written the day after 5x03 aired. Yes, I have been talking about the codependency for a very long time.

My respect for Supernatural just went through the roof.

I plan on doing a review later today, complete with pics and probably some capslock. For now, I need to address something else. 

Last night I watched the ep, I chatted about it online, and then I tried to go to bed. As I rolled over to shut my eyes, though, two little things came into my head and I found I couldn’t go to sleep. 

This episode kept me awake last night.

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  • after every mission they would be taking the transport back to the ship and they would just rest their heads on each other and fall asleep and the troopers will go oh fuck not again and argue about who has to wake them up because oh boy general skywalker is definitely not happy when he’s woken up from a good nap
  • of course at first ahsoka gets all embarrassed and flustered when it happens because she’s extremely conscious of how this might be considered attachment or even a sign of weakness
  • also because it’s just a few months after she became his padawan, she’s still worried that she’d be a burden to him, or that he wouldn’t want her anymore
  • anakin (of course) gives zero fucks whatsoever and shrugs off her stammered apologies, telling her it’s alright snips, dont worry about it, just go get some rest ok? while yawning
  • ahsoka later learns that her master is really okay with it and doesnt mind it at all (of course as the war progresses, they’re both honestly too tired to care)

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I’ve been quiet lately because uni has kept me INSANELY busy and when I wasn’t either studying, working on my assistance job, training or volunteering I was so drained of energy I pretty much spent my time lying in bed watching Netflix 😅 But the Agents of SHIELD renewal, beautiful weather and my first free weekend day in ages gave me the energy to head out for a photoshoot so I finally shot 01x03!Skye as well as an improvised framework!Daisy! Stay tuned if I can work up the energy to edit when I get home from uni I might have some pics tonight 😊

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Got a quick prompt for you: Hartwin fooling around in one of those photo booths with the strip of pictures as a souvenir. Harry in Eggsy's cap, Eggsy kissing his cheek as one pic for instance

Eggsy’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas, his birthday and Daisy’s birthday all at once.

Harry followed his beloved’s eye line and frowned. “You must be joking.”

With a grin, Eggsy pulled Harry towards the photo booth setup and dug through his pocket for the required money. “C'mon, Haz.”

“Not that again,” Harry murmured with a look to the heavens as if praying for strength. He learned the move from Merlin, but until Eggsy had come into his life Harry hadn’t had much opportunity yo use it.

“It’ll be great,” Eggsy gently pushed Harry into the booth, settling beside him and drawing the curtain shut. “Besides, won’t it be nice to have pictures of us together that aren’t selfies or things Roxy and/or Merlin plan to use as blackmail someday?”

The younger man pushed the buttons so rapidly, Harry could barely catch any of the choices he made of framing or number of photos to be taken. “You certainly know your way around these contraptions.”

Eggsy looked over at Harry and said, “Contraptions? Jesus, luv, you ain’t that old. Telly ain’t a magic talking box and a photo booth ain’t fucking run by Oompa Loompas or summat. Now just,” he draped Harry’s arm over his own shoulders and tucked his head into his preferred spot against Harry’s neck, “fucking smile like everything’s all sweetness and light or swear down, I’m letting JB into the linen cupboard.”

Harry kept his face forward, but said, “You wouldn’t dare.”

Eggsy pushed the button to begin the countdown for the first picture. “Try me, bruv.”

Harry’s mouth pinched at the word and the damn camera flashed. “Fucking hell,” he swore.

Grinning, Eggsy slipped his cap off and put it on Harry’s head. The camera went off again. Eggsy laughed so hard at Harry trying to see the top of his own head, that he doubled over and the next picture was Harry alone, staring down at the chuckling blond with an expression that promised severe punishment.

Eggsy popped his head back up and launched himself at Harry, snogging the daylights out of the older man as the last flash went off, the picture nothing more than his back and Harry’s surprise arm flailing.

Still laughing, Eggsy reached down and collected the strip of photos. He passed them to Harry, who raised his eyebrows.

“Well this was clearly a terrible idea.”

“You joking?” Eggsy said, grabbing the pictures back. “Luv, these are exactly what I was hoping for. For the most part,” he shrugged and his smile dimmed.

Harry heard a klaxon go off in his head. “What do you mean, Eggsy?”

The younger man looked up at Harry. “It’s nice to have something to hold, innit?

Like the pics in my phone are gone if the battery snuffs it or the thing gets smashed. Least til I can charge up or switch out the card. But these,” Eggsy looked down at Harry’s face in the pictures, “I can hold onto no matter what. Mum and I used to do this, ya know?”

Harry kept his silence, but nodded that the story should be continued.

“I don’t have a lot of pictures of my Dad and don’t you dare feel guilty,” Eggsy said, anticipating Harry’s moods as he always did, “weren’t your fault. Anyway, me and my Mum would find one of these and takes pictures whenever we had a little extra pocket money. Did the same when Dais was born. Just, it’s nice to have pictures of yourself with the people you love most, right? To hold when you can’t hold them.”

After a silent moment, Harry took out his own wallet and dropped in enough money for another strip of photos. He felt Eggsy’s intense look like a tangible heat on his left cheek as he scrolled through the many options. Eggsy had opted for a simple black frame, but Harry found one with a tasteful border of hearts and selected it.

“Okay, so I know what you’re doing, but I ain’t sure about the why.”

“You’re right,” Harry said. “And I’d like some photos of us I can hold onto when you’re away on a mission. Sit up straight, darling.”

“I will sit as gayly as I please,” Eggsy said in his posh dialect and the two of them burst into laughter just as the camera flashed.

“Bugger,” Harry said, “a serious one now, darling, please.”

Eggsy kept his grin but settled against Harry’s side just as they next photo was taken. With a quick move, he turned to press his lips to Harry’s cheek. Harry’s eyes slid closed in happiness, feeling his beloved’s smile against his cheek put one on his own face.

The camera took the photo and Eggsy pulled back, beaming up at Harry like he had hung the moon and most of the more impressive constellations.

Harry was paralyzed by the tidal wave of love that spread through his entire body as he looked at Eggsy, who had surprised him since they day they met and would probably continue to do so for the rest of their lives.

The flash went off just as Harry realized that he desperately wanted the rest of his life to be spent with Eggsy and the aptness was not lost on him.

Eggsy grabbed the pictures and bounced out of the booth to examine them next to the previous set.

Harry moved slightly slower, giving himself a second to let the weight of the realization he’d come to show on his face before he exited the booth to sidle up to Eggsy.

“This are brilliant, luv,” Eggsy said, waving them in the air.

“I wouldn’t know, as you’re moving them about.” Harry took Eggsy left hand and examined the two photo strips.

Eggsy used his right hand to slide Harry’s wallet from his pocket; a move Harry felt, but didn’t react to in order to see the reason for the lift.

Eggsy folded the second strip of photos until the photograph of them laughing was the only one visible and slid it into the top pocket, where Harry kept a photograph of his family. “There, now I’m always with you even when I can’t be.”

Harry returned the wallet to the pocket of his jacket and patted it in an unconscious move he was sure he’d never made before. As if he was carrying something important and had to be certain it was there before he could take another step.

Three months later, Harry made the exact same patting motion before he left the house to meet Eggsy for dinner. There, nestled next to the photo strip in his wallet was his grandfather’s wedding ring, re-sized to fit Eggsy’s left ring finger. All that was left was for Eggsy to say yes.

Context [CHAPTER 2]

Rating: 13+

Genre: Romance/Slice of Life

Summary:You were a simple child who in their teenage years had spent their time watching Youtube videos. You loved Let’s Plays, and had fallen in love with horror games, so you started your own channel at the ripe age of 15.
It’s three years from then, and here you are, moving into your first apartment in Los Angeles. You’re doing it for the opportunities, really. Little did you know, however, that your neighbor was going to be your idol. Time to keep of a facade to end all others, or you might just risk ruining a friendship… Or possibly more.

(YT)  Youtube Channel Name
(N) First Name
(H/C) Hair color 
(E/C) Eye color

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Things you may have missed in the vmin reaction video

Before the BTS reaction even started, we got vmin. Besides Tae eagerly wanting to sit next to Jimin this time, you can clearly see that he saw Jimin’s hand resting on the couch yet he put his hand over it. Tae actually does this a lot but I won’t go into detail YET

The next thing is also a typical Tae thing to do. To anyone you can see that rapmon is completely content with the space he has on the couch. Even so. Tae still scoots closer to Jimin:)

This part actually got me and the feels kicked in. I don’t know why it feels so iffy that Tae repeatedly called out “"KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME” and got super close to Jimin. I know he was referring to jhope’s part. It just felt too coincidental and my heart did things okay?

AND I GUESS WE’RE JUST GOING TO IGNORE THIS BIG DORK YELLING “VEEEEEEEEEEEE” when everyone started hyping jhope and screaming his name.

Then this happened. I’m going to make a compilation later about it (so nobody do it!) but v always has the instinctive to try and hold Jimin’s hand. You guys know what I’m talking about. That thing he does when he pointlessly reaches out for Jimin’s hand for no reason at all but to just touch him. It’s cute.

Then another Jimin affect happened. I don’t think Tae was going to laugh at rapmon’s comment but when he seen Jimin burst out laughing, he immediately joined in.

Now this was the first time Jimin relaxed into Tae. Again, Tae immediately wants to touch him. His hand comes up naturally and he was going to place his hand on his shoulder right then and there but he hesitates. Which is weird for them but he does. He even does it twice before deciding not to.

THIS. So someone said something funny and we got Tae flipping out and putting his knee on Jimin. (Which is what the two have been doing the whole time. Using crazy enthusiasm as an excuse to lowkey cuddle with each other.) Anyway, Jimin here, pats Tae’s knee out of laughing so hard and then tightens his grip slightly when his expression suddenly changes. It’s not so friendly either.

To anyone, I think this was the sweetest part of the whole video. Jimin being all smol next to Tae, tilts his head into his chest and we get this beautiful shot of the 95z. But what’s even cuter, is that when Tae was shouting and being all goofy with the rest of BTS, he takes a moment to smile the exact moment Jimin puts his head on him. It’s fucking adorable. Go back and watch it. I dare you.

This is the second time Tae hesitates to touch Jimin. He starts off playing with his boot in the first pic then eventually he’s able to smoothly bring his hand up to Jimin’s shoulder after a while.

The only way he was successfully able to put his arm around him, was when Jimin pointed out something in his and V’s part in the live performance. They started giggling and getting lost in each other, which explains V’s eyebrow raise that he did when the both of them turned back to the screen. So V was also able to put his arm around him:D

This part made me tilt my head cause I was confused tbh. Jimin kept glancing over at yoongi because he was saying something and he wanted to pay attention ig. He glances over twice but he does it so fast that it seemed a bit odd. The second time it looks like he snuck a glance at Taehyung too cause his eyes are a little higher but that’s not the point. It felt like he didn’t want Tae to look over at him when he was trying to listen to yoongi. You know that feeling you get where you’re trying to pay attention to one person but you don’t want the other to think you’re looking at them? That’s what I got from Jimin. Even though they should be extremely comfortable with each other.

Then we just have Jimin finding his rightful place on Tae’s waist again. They were most likely about to walk off and Jimin was ready to pull Tae along again but then Shinee happened lol. Which resulted in Jimin pulling Tae on his lap but to then again be crushed by his seniors haha.

The end.


missbrodieblue ! Look what I did for yooou =P Sorry about the quality but The Network wouldn’t behave. Anyways the first seven pics are from a match that was The Shield vs Ziggler and Dean came to the ring with a fat smile on his face and during the match he kept shaking his head at Dolph when Dolph failed (I really liked those parts). The last 3 is are from The Shield vs Big Show, Cody and Goldust and yeah those last two are Dean’s reactions after getting slapped by the Big Show :P Hope you enjoy!

'nother MariChat head-canon

AKA this kept me up last night and theses sinnamon rolls are too much.

(and I might try and draw it too, like my other MariChat pic, if I ever get around to it)

  • Chat Noir stops by Marinette’s place randomly one night at the end of patrol to check in on his princess. (because hey, he’s close by, why not?)
  • At one point while they’re talking, she hears his stomach growl. He’s famished because he missed lunch today (saving the world and all) and wants the ground to swallow him whole when it happens.
  • Marinette just laughs, saying something along the lines of “silly kitty, you should have said something”! And runs down to the bakery to grab him some food.
  • She doesn’t know what he’d like, or how much he wants, so she grabs a LOT.
  • Comes back bearing all sorts of delicious pastries, cookies, cakes, sandwiches - you name it - leftover from the bakery that day.
  • Chat is absolutely flabbergasted, he doesn’t need all this.
  • But #feedadrienagreste2016
  • He takes one bite of something and W$@$59RL it’s absolutely delicious.
  • He forgot how good her bakery’s food is and he never gets to eat food like this (model diet and all) and he just starts scarfing it all up (all be it in still a polite way, he’s still f-ing Adrien Agreste and he has manners dammit).
  • And Marinette is equal parts pleased and floored that Chat loves the food so much.
  • And it makes her think - how hungry was he? Which spirals to - when was the last time he ate? Because he’s mentioned his home life isn’t ideal, but she doesn’t want to pry…
  • After Chat eats his absolute fill (and then bashfully apologizes for eating so much and I WILL PAY YOU BACK FOR ALL OF THIS I SWEAR ON MY NINE LIVES) Marinette just laughs and tells him it’s the least she could do for Paris’ greatest hero.
  • (Which he totally notices, and gets embarrassed about. Everyone, including himself, always says Ladybug is number one. Never Chat Noir. And he really, really needed to hear that from someone.)
  • He eventually leaves, thanking his princess for being purrfect (and kind, she’s so unbelievably kind!)
  • And Marinette makes up her mind. She’s going to do something special for Chat Noir, since he’s so special to her (and she thinks no one should need to be so thankful for food, again, #feedadrienagreste2016 people!)
  • So the next day she saves some more leftover food stuffs from the bakery, and makes him a “kitty bag” (get it? From doggie-bag? Shut up Chat would love that pun).
  • She leaves it on her balcony/rooftop at night, hoping he sees it. She doesn’t know how often he comes by here, or when he may be back…
  • But he totally comes back that night, fully intending to pay Marinette back somehow for the super delicious food (and her kindness and smile, cause he’s been thinking about her all day although he tries to deny it LOL).
  • But when he knocks, she’s not home.
  • And before he leaves, he sees a little brown bag with a black cat doodled on it.
  • When he opens it up, he’s stunned to see the goodies inside.
  • Along with a note that says something along the lines of “for Paris’ greatest hero”
  • And really, this is just too much for him. No one has ever done something like this for him before.
  • When Ladybug meets up with him just shortly after at their predetermined spot for patrol, she sees him happily holding the bag and eating a cookie.
  • And he seriously looks like he just he went to the moon and back. (He’s flustered and giddy and touched and feeling a million other things he can’t describe.)
  • All during patrol, he can’t stop talking to Ladybug about this amazing bakery and this amazing girl who gave him these and she can just see how happy he is. And she thinks it’s the food, and that she will do this for him every day from now on just to see him like this.
  • Not knowing it’s not just the food, it’s the girl with the big heart behind it that’s making him smile.
  • So Marinette starts leaving him a bag every night, with a new doodle or drawing or note on the bag.
  • He doesn’t come to pick it up every night (busy schedules, Akumas and all. They can’t be super heroes every night).
  • But he does come every chance he can.
  • And once or twice a week turns into more frequent visits. More often than not, she tries to be there when he is so they can talk and laugh and just be there for each other while he eats.
  • She starts picking up on his favorite foods.
  • And the kitty-bag starts shifting from day old croissants, to freshly baked pastries, to recipes she tries to make on her own and works really hard on to try and impress him.
  • From simple cakes to lovingly decorated cookies, because she’s putting so much into them.
  • The simple doodles of cats on the bag start looking really intricate and beautiful.
  • Because she starts falling for him, like he’s falling pretty hard for her.
  • And he’s definitely noticed the shift in the baked goods, and in their relationship.
  • And he’s loving it. Loves her.
  • Annnnd- well, you can choose how it ends from here.
  • I personally think that:
  • He finally can’t take it anymore, he has to tell her.
  • Marinette, one random day, comes home, and when heading up to leave the next bag for Chat upstairs, sees a beautiful box on her balcony.
  • And of course, is suspicious.
  • She finds a card attached, and it reads something like: to my princess, my heart.
  • She opens it up slowly, and finds a cake inside.
  • You can tell it’s homemade, but it’s a tad sloppy (ADRIEN HAS NEVER BAKED BEFORE OK. HE TRIED).
  • But it’s beautiful, and her breath is taken away when she reads the icing on it.
  • “I love you”.
  • And she’s breathless, and so happy, and laughing and crying and where is that stupid cat because she needs to kiss him right now -
  • He awkwardly hops down from his rooftop perch, hands nervously going through his hair.
  • Says something cheesy and lame like “I hope you like carrot cake?” because this is so awkward, did she like it, does she feel the same-
  • And she just pulls him down to her so fast, kissing him senseless and putting everything she’s feeling into it-
  • And he’s giving it right back. He’s so whole and happy and feeling out of this world.
  • And who would of thought that all of this started with a simple bag, filled with pastries~
  • END?! <3

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MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I met Jaime preciado from pierce the veil on 08/04/2015 in birmingham,UK outside the venue they were playing at,he was super sweet & took time with everybody,after quickly meeting them i went to there show after being ouside the venue for 7 hours with my friend we finally got inside,we took our seats which were right by the stage,sleeping with sirens & issues performed which were amazing then pierce the veil came on through the show vic & jaime(whowas on the left side,i was on the right)kept looking up at me & my friend,jaime then half way through the show chucked his pic from where he was standing on the left to the right side of the belcany it bounced off my head & landed behind mein which a girl then got it,i wasn’t going to ask for it as she looked so happy anyway jaime laughed and kept looking over atus throughout after the show me & my frriend went home but somebody i know was there & met them after the show shetold jaime about me & how i met him & what he did as i spoke to her straight after the show & she told him & he responded with ‘i cant wait & she had big smile’ in respnse to my friend saying that i was going to get him back for bouncing the pic of my head & when i met him,also earlier that day after we met jaime vic get escorted into the venue he was super happy to take photos but his manager escorted him in & said he had to get to sound check,vic looked really down that he had to go straight into the venue as we only wanted quick photo with him but it was really nice to quickly see him & wave at him,i wasn’t to excited for the concert as pierce the veil & sleeping with sirens are not my favorite band but i do adore pierce the veil i think there great band either way but there show was incrediable & i deffinatly would see them again & meet them again,jaime was so lovely & it was an amazing oppertunity to meet him.


She can’t be serious. What could POSSIBLY lead to your demise in a matter of minutes?




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A couple freshly-shed pics before I head out the door. Was hoping to get a pic of him being held, but he’s quite squirmy off the perch and kept heading for higher ground. Since he doesn’t get to go near my face, wrangling him with one hand wasn’t gonna happen.

Despite talking a big game with his hissing he was pretty well behaved. But he’s still the least trustworthy of my critters, so there’s always extra care taken with this grumpapotamus.

Larry was checking my titties y'all!

Can I start off by saying thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I did indeed turn up, I spent far more money then necessary.

On to the shit you actually care about. The journey there was disgusting. Why is when ever I’m going to see these lanky negros I have some hard time getting there? I was cussing on the bus, which we waited 15 minutes for, after it was meant to come in 2. Bouncing in my seat, getting vex when the driver slowed down, telling man to run people over, jump lights all that shit. I has places to be and people to grope goddamn it!

But we made it, got slightly lost walking to the studio. And then this boy couldn’t find the email with the tickets….can I tell you about the side eye I was throwing his way. Mans opening up all kinda of emails, saying “this is the one.” Then a pause and “ah.” So while he’s looking, this guy came in tapped the girl on the desk and said “this is regi.” So I look up like the nosey bitch I am, and regi walks past, dreads up on his head looking all cute and shit. I died. Swear I fucking died!

Eventually I had to open the email he forwarded to me to prove we actually had tickets. Got us some wrists bands and were told to wait, meet and greet would start at about 9. Bare in mind it’s 8:30, so we settle down to wait. There was a wifi password all set out so obviously I jumped on the wifi and jumped on tumblr. What I need to know is, who was the fast person, who got a video of the work shop up while it was still going on? Badman.

I would like to dedicate this little section to all the girls in heels. I know your foot was burning you, it’s ok girl, I’m here for you, in my flats. And a special mention to the chick with no ass, in see through leggings, a crop top and heels. You black thong was showing, you distressed my bae…

And another shout out to the boy who tried so hard to be them, with your neck warmer, Afro (dusty) and knee pads round your ankles, no boo boo. It was a good attempt but just no.

So we eventually got tired of standing in a small room with loads of other people waiting for shit to start, so we moved to the hall to stand there with loads of people and wait for shit to start. Progress people, that’s the name of the game. So we standing around, I have to say I was on fine form, no one was safe from the shade I was throwing. I reckon turning 26 unleashed my true powers, I have reached my final form. But yea, there were these two girls there with their mum, well one of them was her daughter, the other must have been a friend. But they were about 13 maybe, and so excited. I was attempting to hold it down, I’m sure I failed. But it was awesome to know that lt ladies start young. So the organiser come out, at like 9:30 and tell us to just go in, the workshop ran over. Apparently they got carried away… So everyone is filing in all cool and collected, until she says that they are doing some free style. Stampede! Well, no I’m exaggerating, but there was a definite increase of speed on my part, I nearly ran down a little girl.

Enter the studio, music so loud I felt it in my bones, and then I see this crowd, walk over and I see Larry’s head over everyone. I freeze, the bae pushed me forward, and I join the back of the crowd. I couldn’t actually see much, I had to watch on the screens of phones in front of me, and then I remembered my own phone. Wacked that shit out and started to film. Now I have videos that I will put up, I’m waiting on the bae to send me his, cos he is taller and his videos will be better.

I’m freaking out, cos they so fine and so close. Like super close! Closer then close. And they so DAMN FINE. Tears y’all, like with the strong jaws, Larry with his little scruff of hair on his chin, both of them sweaty…let me stop. But yea! Dancing and shit, I could barely see any of it, I mostly concentrated on Larry and Lau and their faces while they watched people dance. Lau kept going round the circle and tell people to move back. It wasn’t working. I would have moved, nigga was all intense and scary and sexy and shit. *sigh* Regi danced too, and when he was done they all threw up their criminalz c’s it was so cute.

Music cuts off, organiser says that since it ran so long, there’s no time for the full meet and greet, pics only. Now I was slyly pissed, big money was spent, I wanted to get them to sign shit, and talk to them…and climb them. But that’s beside the point. So we line up for pictures, and I’m having a bit of a fit, cos these two fine bitches are all huddled up in the corner, by the door…bitch if they left without me getting my pic. Death and destruction. But it was cool, Lau came striding up. Pausing to check the mirror, take of his hat (batman btw) shake out THE TWISTS and make sure he was looking right. Then he gave this little speech about how we had to move fast so every one could get a pic. Larry comes after, I got my head right and tried to take a pic. Came out all blurred cos he was moving so fast.

Pictures start, and they ain’t messing. Say hi, click, flash, get the hell on. Larry kept leaving, so Lau had to call him back. One girl had her own Patro, I think Lau was slyly pissed cos he grabbed it off her and wouldn’t give it back, so Larry tried to get it off him. They cussing and fighting, and somehow Larry drops the phone. This chick looks so sad, and slightly scared, Larry was looking everywhere but at her and Lau was looking all smug like he wanted that shit to happen. She got moved on quick. Then someone gave Lau a gift but not Larry, swear he was gone cry. He looked so damn heart broken! And Lau again all smug dangling the bag from his hand, grinning like a fool.

There’s only one person in front of us now, and both the twins have gone off somewhere, so the people in front went to have pics taken by themselves, lord knows why. Larry came back when they were taking it and just stepped in drinking his water like he was wanted there. Rude.

Then it’s my turn, I get called up, bae pushed me again, I stumble up, hands all twisted together. And I can’t breath. All my shit talking, out the damn window, none of this I want y’all to sing to me. Nope, I could barely tell them it was my birthday. And when I did I sounded all of fucking 5. Eyes all wide “It’s my birthday.”

Side note, now, all girls have that one bra. The bra that lifts and shoves together and makes the breasts look delicious. Today I wore that bra. And the boobies were up and on show. It was part of my plan. I will admit. So the way I was holding my hands, I was pushing them up more. (Tactics, Even when I ain’t thinking, I always know my plus points.) Laurent smiled at me and said “aww happy birthday.” DEATH, why is his voice so sexy?! Tell me why? I need to know! *ugly tears* so I look at Larry all stunned and shit and he smiled and made me come over to take the pic. I’m grinning like an idiot. Then I ask if bae can have one with us too. They say yea, he comes over all cool, says hi in French. Wish I thought of that. We take a pic and it’s over. I’m all flustered stuttering bye and we out that bitch.

How is it that even after maybe 3 hours of straight dancing, they still smelt good?! Sweaty, but still good. And it don’t give two fucks what anyone says! Larry was looking at the girls! They called to him, they craved him….too much?

Oh, crazy bitch moment. I keep my phone in my bra. And when Lau said happy birthday, I got a text. I was so out of it I thought it was a sign from god. Like “bitch, you feel that? That vibration. Its cos this is your soulmate.” I snapped out of that real quick, so close to making a fool of myself right there.

All in all, amazing birthday. Thank you so much to my boo for getting me tickets. This officially makes marriage a given. 😁


so I literally couldn’t get Suga out of my head cuz I was listening to the new BTS Album so much XD  and I really liked Suga’s voice in it! 

Don’t get me wrong I stan Jimin and I ADORE AND LOVE his voice, but Suga’s some how kept getting stuck in my head. 

And well I wrote something before but that was stupidly stupid which wasn’t satisfying me so I wrote this one :3 

I also have some drabbles I need to post up QWQ but Suga held my head hostage till I put this out!! so I’ll post the drabbles up soon!! please don’t hate me who ever sent them in!

Pairing: Suga/Reader

Type: Smut and stuff

Word count: 2,145

GIF/Pic inspired me: So this time I made a post while ago asking my friend for help on which GIF/ Pics to use for inspiration and that is here Here

but the main one was this one… 


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The Abusive Weeaboo - Part 2

So at the end of part one, Kaito the weeb had basically isolated me from all my friends.

TW: VERY STRONG emotional abuse, sexual coercion, cutting

Around this time, I watched the movie Sweeney Todd (you know, the one with Johnny Depp). Somehow I got it into my head that Kaito and I were just like Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. He was brooding and tortured, hated by the world, and it was my job to be there for Kaito and support him because I was in love with him. The fact that he refused to have a real relationship with me was just because he was too distracted by the injustices brought upon him. If I waited long enough, he would allow me to heal him fully, open his eyes and realize I had been there all along and love me back. (That was where it was different from the movie, clearly). This thought pattern was the basis for me excusing a lot of his behavior.

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