and their friend

roman reigns does NOT need dean and seth to come out there and help with him with ANYTHING. please keep thirsting and being disgusting and wetting your panties over something THAT WILL NOT FUCKING HAPPEN because roman reigns is 100% better and in a better place in the company then your two favorite white boys.


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I heard that the guys who made DHMIS were going to be directing an episode of Amazing World of Gumball, but it was definitely something exactly like this.


There’s nothing crueler than letting a dream end midway“ - Aizawa

Happy birthday to the sweetest Ana! ♥

“My love, come and build this home with me.” 

Izuku and Shouto’s first dance as husbands.  

things that make people feel loved:

  • making them a playlist
  • baking them cookies
  • giving them flowers
  • creating art for them
  • random reminders that they are loved
  • writing them a poem
  • complimenting them on their talents
  • asking how their day was
  • sending them links to things you think they will like
  • random hugs
  • “This made me think of you”