and their fcs are aidan and olga


aidan turner and olga kurylenko as kupalo and kostroma, the tragic lovers from slavic mythology, the twins who fell in love unaware of their blood tie, the couple whose souls bloomed into flowers.

once upon a time, the myth says, there were twin brother and sister – kostroma and kupalo. separated at birth from each other, they grew until they were at a marrying age. as she was walking by the river one day, kostroma’s wreath fell from her head into the river and was accidentally picked up by her long-lost brother – kupalo. ignorant of being relatives, kostroma and kupalo fell in love and got married, since a man who picked up a girl’s wreath was bound by custom to become her husband. learning however that they were related, kostroma and kupalo drowned themselves, and the gods, feeling pity for them, turned them into flowers. those flowers later were called ivan-y-mariya.

“kostroma, kostroma
why do you love kupalo?
i love kupalo because
he has curly hair” (x)