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Karen Chen, Turandot || 2015 Skate America (x)
Favorite Asian-American Ladies

+ Other recommendations:
2013-2014 SP “Esperanza”
2014-2015 SP “Requiem for a Tower”
2014-2015 FS “The Godfather”
2015-2016 FS “Les Miserables”
EX “The Butterfly Lovers”

it’s still Shiro Weekend!!!

so many posts this weekend it wasn’t possible to put them all on one day :) I’ve been tagging this glorious escapade as “it’s Shiro Weekend!”, in case you need to black list or backlog.

Happy Sunday, friends! Hope your weekend has been restful and you’re getting some good relaxation time in, just like this dude hopefully will too <3

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Sir, is Buster Brown, mascot of the Brown Shoe Company, a busta or merely named Buster?

Normally, I’d say that this is an unfortunate naming coincidence but I mean WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR FAAAAACE? Anyone with a face like that is 100% a busta through and through.

Y'all need to stop the Veronica hate. HER DAD MAY HAVE MURDERED SOMEONE HAS THREATENED HER AND HER MOM AND IS ABOUT TO BE RELEASED FROM JAIL!!! If that happens she will have to unknowingly live with a murderer???? Like damn STRAIGHT she’s going to become single minded and want to know who TF killed Jason before that happens.

Get out of my faaaaace with all that bad friend nonsense!!! Has Jughead or Betty once come to Veronica to see how she’s been dealing with all this??? NOPE! They have been to busy being in puppy love to notice that one of their friends is really hurting and scared right now. Veronica is NOT a bad person. God damn.

#okay so I am BY NO MEANS an expert on fighting/tactics/general badassery #purely an observer of hunky supersoldiers and their angst lbr #but did anyone else like LOSE THEIR SHIT when the soldier Bucky PULLS STEVE LIKE SUPER CLOSE before shoving him away??? #like seriously that gesture is just WAYYYY TOO INTIMATE for my fragile heart #and it’s actually hurting my soul to watch #because OKAY MAYBE Bucky was just using the motion to get some leverage when he shoves Steve away again #that would be a perfectly reasonable explanation #but instead I’m watching Bucky draw Steve closer #and I’m just sitting here CLUTCHING MY FAAAAACE #because Bucky’s mask hasn’t fallen yet #they’re still strangers to each other here #but Bucky just BRINGS STEVE IN TOWARDS HIMSELF #Steve’s no longer an arms length away #but like RIGHT UP AGAINST BUCKY’S BODY #and like I said I’m no fighting expert #but I’m pretty sure that Bucky could throw Steve into next week without the wind-up #it’s almost UNECESSARILY RECKLESS to bring Steve in closer #it could mean Steve has a better chance of grabbing Bucky or getting away #but Bucky’s metal hand is like a goddamn VICE around Steve’s throat #and he just DRAWS STEVE IN and I just kjsfhasjkdghkjsadg #Bucky was brainwashed and trained to kill without prejudice or hesitation #he was trained to kill his victims INTIMATELY and by any means necessary #no matter the cost to himself #and you watch them in this tiny little moment #and you can see how CLOSE THEY ARE and I’m just clawing at my face and screamingggg #ARE YOU GOING TO KISS HIMMM?? #like ARE YOUUUUUU????? #and I know that I’m PROBABLY READING INTO THIS WAYYYY TOO MUCH #but it just struck me as a STRANGELY INTENSE/INTIMATE MOMENT between them #and maybe it’s only fitting that it occurs amidst one of the best fight sequences around #okay this post turned out wayyyyy longer than expected #sorry?