and their deals with the devil

Have a quick scribble of ya boi

I’ve discussed with friends and settled on Mic for his nickname. Everyone in the Casino knows and calls him by that - but for his real name only a few knows.

King Dice sometimes calls him Micboy when he’s feeling snarky enough pffft

Also I didn’t mention this before, but please credit me back if you wanna use him or any of my HCs, thank you! 👌

So long ago I made an au called “Toon Goons” and hadn’t touched it in a few months, so I decided to redraw a lot of the characters and shenanigans!

The main three are Sonic, Cuphead and Bendy out of the goons! They are the leaders. Mugman, Astro and Tails are the brains of the group and love to study together. Oswald and Mick are kinda the older bodyguards of the group and Felix…he is just there. Ozzy can’t stand him. 

The other characters are just people who attend the same school and interact with the goons!