and their cocktails were so good

I last saw Marilyn alive on 1 June 1961. I was working outdoors when I suddenly remembered it was her birthday. I had read somewhere that she was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and, on the off chance, I dialed the number. They put me through to her room immediately. Without saying who I was, I started humming ‘happy birthday…’. She interrupted me, sounding overjoyed. ’
'André is that you? Come on over at once, let’s celebrate!’
She was alone. On a little table beside some flowers she had placed a jar of caviar and two bottles of champagne. She seemed in a very good form.
'What a relief,’ she sighted. 'It’s so good to have some peace and quiet.’
Fox had organized a cocktail party in her honor at the studios but she had only stayed a few minutes before pleading tiredness and leaving. No one had tried to stop her. They were used to her unpredictable behavior.
'They’re all against me. When I just can’t take anymore they think I’m being temperamental. They can’t understand what it’s like to be so tired that it’s impossible to get out of bad in the morning.’
I knew only too well how badly she was sleeping, her whole nervous system was giving way. What really upset me about her wrecked life was her bitterness:  her success was a sham, her hopes thwarted; she had been let down repeatedly, even by the man who had said they loved her. Her money had been squandered; fame had become a burden.
'They’ve all exploited me and now I’ve got nothing.’
But she was a star. People would help her go even further, attracted by her fame. Others would profit by her success. This is the way things are.
I could see that the cover had been thrown back from the bed in the next room. I took her in my arms, searching for her lips. I lost my head. She cried out, protesting:
'Oh,  please, don’t ! I am so tired of that… Don’t ask anything of me, you of all people!’
Her eyes were full of tears. I felt I had been a brute. I knew she had only just left hospital after a major operation. I was ashamed of myself. I said goodbye and left her in peace.
The next day I sent a basket of her favorite fruit and before she left for Hollywood she left a bouquet outside my door: A selection of her latest photos. Smiling, radiant… and totally misleading. I little guessed that this was our last goodbye. - André de Dienes

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Can I get a scenario with Ignis and his s/o dancing to a slow song? ❤️ btw;; you complete me, 😚

Aww, you’re so sweet.

Imagine this;

You’ve been waiting for this little break in Lestallum. The days and on the road, fun as they were, left you strung out and exhausted. You adored the four blokes you travelled with but, by the Six, you needed a break.

You found what you were after in a small bar, crowded with working women, the air thick with music and chatter. The fans were going, the drinks were cheap and for once you looked good enough to eat. Nursing a highball cocktail that was half ice and half something bright green, you leaned against the bar and watched the crowd. You felt a little over dressed and soft compared to the half-dressed power workers, definitely an outsider at a glance, but it was like watching a water current flowing past, somehow relaxing.

The company helped.

Beside you, Ignis was noting something down in his little black book, lips pressed into a line. He’d made a comment about the loud music when he arrived, twenty minutes and two drinks late. Loud music was the point, you told him, lips by his ear, breathing in the smell of his cologne, herbal and fresh and working in tandem with the cocktails and heat. The sharp focus on his eyes as you pulled back made it all the worse.

He bought you a drink and one of his own and slipped into a seat beside you. During lulls in the music you spoke heads craning close, sharing tastes of each other’s cocktails. You rocked in time with the music, watching a crowd of dancer’s shimmy and twist.

A hand on yours pulled you from your daze, a bare thumb and gloved fingers gliding over your skin. You looked, meeting Ignis’ gaze. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips, brows lifting. He gave a slight nod towards the dance floor in invitation. You smiled in reply, a little excited thrill squirming up your spine.  Tangling your fingers in his, you nod and slip off your stool.

The crowd is easy to slip through, people parting for the stranger in the room. The music changes, slowing as you find a clear space and turn to your dancing partner. Ignis seems to have eyes only for you. The hand holding yours gives you a gentle squeeze before urging you closer. His other hand finds your hips, and yours finds home against his chest.

“Did you plan that?” You asked following his sway. It’s still crowded and hot despite the fans blowing across the dancefloor and the goose bumps on your skin. Ignis was just as warm against your front, a teasing smile on his lips.

“Would it help if I did?” He replied over the crooning voice of some singer, fingers pressing gently through the fabric of your top. You smiled, helpless, unable to look away even as he turned you both around the floor.

“Maybe?” You said, losing his gaze as light flashed over the lenses of his glasses. The music swelled and you shivered, heart aching. You loved this song, dreamed of dancing to it one day in white. For a moment you could almost pretend you were anywhere but a crowded club.

Ignis’ hand slipped around to your back. “Are you alright?” He asked. You nodded, shoving your thoughts away to focus on the man in front of you.

“Nostalgia.” You leaned in closer. He was so warm and real, arms looping around you. It was almost too warm to be held but you leaned in closer. “I love this song.” He chuckled, the sound vibrating against your cheek.

“Good to know.”

Sarah Paulson wants a "cocktail with my sweetheart" to celebrate Golden Globes nod
  • ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congratulations! Are you exhausted right now or has the adrenaline kicked in?
  • SARAH PAULSON: I’m only tired because the Critics’ Choice Awards last night had me out a little bit later than I expected, but now I’m on my way to the airport because I’m going back to shoot Ocean’s 8, so I’m tired, but in a good way. It’s a good kind of tired.
  • EW: Where were you when you found out about the nomination?
  • SP: I was in my bed. It was a little before I was going to have to wake up and get ready to go to the airport, so I was sleeping and had a nice phone call that made me very happy, and then I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was too excited. Then the phone starts buzzing and you want to reply to people as it’s happening.
  • EW: You mentioned that you’re heading to work. Are you going to celebrate in some way today or do something special for yourself?
  • SP: I hope so! I’ve got some traveling to do first but I’ll probably have a cocktail with my sweetheart by the end of the night if all goes well.
  • EW: How did your sweetheart congratulate you?
  • SP: She’s been calling nonstop since we’ve been on the phone, but I’ve been on the phone with you so I haven’t been able to speak to her yet. [Laughs] She’s in New York so she’s probably just waking up. She’s doing a play so she sleeps a little bit later. You know, I’m obviously up a little bit more early than I would normally be.
Post hamilton feelings

okay so i just got back from NY today and hamilton was AMAZING! ngl i was a little afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but the hype is Real y’all!! my full hamilton #Review is below and feel free to shoot an ask or a msg if you have questions or just wanna Yell with me about it, i still have a lot of feelings and Opinions. and besides for hamilton, NY in general was ofc amazing! it’s so big and loud and bright and beautiful!! the buildings were so cool looking i felt like such a tourist taking pics of all the buildings and shit but i couldn’t help it, i loved the #Aesthetic so much. i had so much good food and cocktails! we toured the morgan museum and library and it was so cool to see all these old documents and abstract art. the strand was so cool, i bought a second hand vintage aesop’s fables book and a cool hamilton themed canvas bag, i honestly could have spent all my money there. we p much walked from midtown (our hotel was in hells kitchen) to lower manhattan (west village) all day on the 31st and the rooftop party on new years eve was so cool! the empire state building was all lit up and was right there. if you got my snapchat you probs saw the pics and the following drunk snaps… there was an open bar, so i had a good time lmaoo

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pls tell us more about the renaissance artists!1!!!

here we go [ part one | leonardo ]

Soulmate AU: You're Born Knowing Your Soulmate's Biggest Secret III

When your parents believed you were old enough, they asked you what your soulmate’s secret was. You may have been old enough to speak, but comprehending why your parents would turn white at your revelation still escaped you. After stumbling around their words, their initial intentions on talking sweet words of encouragement took a completely different turn.

And that’s how you learned what an Obscurial was.

In hindsight, it might not have been a good idea. You were overcome with a vile cocktail of feelings: fear of what their capabilities as an Obscurial could mean; anger at your luck and at the world for hurting them so much that they became a host to an Obscurus in the first place; but most of all, an overwhelming sadness. Obscurials didn’t live beyond 10. Your soulmate was going to die soon, likely before you’d even find them.

What was more was that there supposedly hadn’t been Obscurials for centuries so you didn’t have the first inkling of where to focus specifically on to find one. And even beyond just that, your soulmate probably felt trapped and scared of their own selves; what pain had they known?

You felt almost like a failure for not being there to comfort them.

By the time you reached 10, you had to be placed under close watch to assure that you didn’t cause any harm towards yourself at the awareness that your true love was likely dead by now. To your parents’ surprise, you instead provide yourself a code to live by: to be happy for both you and your deceased soulmate.
From then on, you took care to take on a happier approach to life, to be as helpful as possible to those in need and developing a tremendous soft spot for those who felt trapped. You felt it was your calling and for as bittersweet as the surrounding situation was, you couldn’t help but feel thankful to your dead soulmate for pointing you in such a direction.

So when a destructive, black mass appeared and began to reek havoc upon the city, you couldn’t help but feel an odd breed of happiness upon the realization of what it was. You didn’t care that you looked like a looney, running towards the destruction rather than away from it. You’d spent years thinking he was dead before you even got to meet him and now that you knew how to care for others, you sure as hell weren’t going to let him go for real!

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what's up nerd? :D here's a question: how would the rfa+v+saeren if mc can play a complicated piece on a...KAZOO??? like it's legit good rendition and mc's just rocking it!!!!

Back at you fellow nerd! ;D Kudos to the creativity of your ask..I’ma have fun with this one!!


  • you were at a private dinner party. again. is it the sixth one this month? 
  • honestly these rich people act like throwing a 10K grand cocktail gathering was like throwing a kids birthday party
  • it’s still so much to get used to, adjusting to such a frivolous and cushioned life. just standing around for three hours, wearing a stiff dress probably worth somebody’s rent, and talking to dull socialites who were completely ignorant of anything outside their narrow world view was…tiring!
  • but you tried bearing it and staying positive
  • this party was the last straw, though
  • the guests flocked to the mansion’s music room, and made it a mindless game more like show-off to display their musical talents
  • a wife of a famous composer and a re-owned violinist herself asked you if you knew how to play any instruments
  • you looked at her in the eye and replied, “kazoo.”
  • she wrinkles her nose, turning it up.
  • “that’s not a real instrument”
  • oh?
  • you were on your fifth glass of wine, you were freaking tired of being stuck in a tight dress, and goddamn it, you could’ve been binge watching parks and recs in your sweatpants instead of being at this stupid cocktail
  • you shoved your glass into jumin’s other free hand, and huffily marched up to the front stage. he couldn’t real stop you 
  • you proceeded to play a rather passionate cover of rolling in the deep
  • everybody’s speechless 
  • because h o l y f u c k how did you play that entire song without losing your breath?! and you were actually rocking it??? with that?? tiny and usually annoying-sounding instrument???
  • triumphant, you walk back to jumin, and he’s grinning so proudly


  • when she comes home stressed from a day at the cafe, you pull out the kazoo
  • at first you try to make her laugh by just blowing nonsensical notes
  • and she’s like, “MC plz, kazoos are literally the least relaxing thing to listen to”
  • you’ll show her the ways
  • you proceed to play a bunch of lullaby renditions on the kazoo
  • and it’s soothing? 
  • jaehee loosens up and acknowledges your raw talent


  • yoosung’s pulling a pouty one night because LOLOL needed to be updated and have its content updated
  • you decide to cheer him up by pulling out your kazoo
  • from the top of your head and memory, you play a medley of the LOLOL soundtrack
  • this boy is awestruck
  • he thinks you’re a wizard
  • completely forgets moping about waiting for the game to update
  • like an eager child, he requests a bunch of his favorite songs off the top of his head to see if you can play the kazoo version of it
  • by bedtime, oh my god you’re so thirsty and you’re actually out of breath from playing the kazoo
  • but it was worth seeing that cinnamon roll’s face light up


  • he caught you jamming it out on your kazoo when he came home early from a rehearsal
  • you were in the middle of playing a whole new world from disney’s aladdin, while you were making dinner
  • zen doesn’t waste this opportunity
  • he jumps in, belting out the lyrics
  • you pause and the kazoo drops out of your mouth
  • zen arches his eyebrows like, babe u gotta continue
  • you spend the rest of the time cooking dinner playing the kazoo and zen singing disney songs in the background
  • he really is a disney prince ~swoon~


  • your kazoo is a weapon
  • you show your rocking kazoo skills to saeyoung over the phone
  • by proceeding to play a kazoo rendition of never gonna give you up
  • the memer has been memed i repeat the memer has been memed
  • he teaches himself how to play the kazoo over a week just so he can play wake me up inside and the john cena theme
  • fuck what have u done
  • sometimes you and saeyoung have a full out kazoo battle 
  • saeren must be freed from this h e l l 


  • saeren had one of those days where he re-lapses and just…becomes moody and brooding
  • in pained you and saeyoung seeing him like that
  • so when he was curled up in a corner, his eyes glazed over from flashbacks of the past…
  • you start playing you are my sunshine on the kazoo from the other side of the room
  • he doesn’t react instantly
  • but he defrosts, life returns to his eyes, and he glances over to you
  • his face scowls, and he was about to ask you what in the ever loving fuck is that annoying sound you call music?
  • but listening to the iconic childhood lullaby and seeing your earnest expression, reaching out to him…
  • he bows his head and waits for you to finish
  • “thank you, MC…” 


  • he is sitting outside on the porch, feeling the warmth of the sun
  • and then he hears something playing from within the house
  • music? 
  • knowing it’s you, he grabs his cane and makes his way inside
  • for a blind man, he’s pretty quiet getting his way around
  • you were playing river flows in you still trying to get some of the right notes in the pretty song
  • suddenly, somebody’s clapping
  • you whirl around, and sigh in relief to see v, then blush
  • “hope i didn’t make you go deaf, too,” you laugh
  • he shakes his head, managing to find your face and cups your cheek
  • “i can both see and hear your effort,” he reassures kissing you.

The cocktail bar was unusually crowded Friday night, so Jerry and I sat at a table to wait for the bartender. She smiled when she saw me and asked how I was. There were many orders and we were fine with waiting. It was unexpected and stressful, so she got a bottle of something for a shot and invited me to take one too. “I’ll be right back,” I told Jerry, and I raised my shot glass to hers. We downed them, it vaguely reminded me of Guinness, then she laughed and shook her head, “I needed that. You’re a regular. Good to me.” I smiled and nodded appreciatively.

Later Jerry wanted an old fashioned but with different ingredients, and he wanted me to ask the bartender if he could get it with the happy hour deal. “You have to ask her. You have clout here,” he shrugged, and it wasn’t a convincing argument to me, but she agreed as I knew she would. The last time she took shots before leaving, she included Jerry and I. “You see, this is a good place,” I said. He nodded, “But maybe you come here too much.” I smiled and spun the glass of mezcal negroni in my hand.

I knew when the next bartenders came in for the shift change that if I ordered another drink, it would be too much for me, but I wanted the white negroni to finish off the night as I usually did. So I ordered it and it warmed my spirit and my skin as Jerry tried to help me sort my thoughts out. I was well enough to see him off when we left, but when I got to the car I was almost incoherent.

So I called. “Hey,” Nina said. I don’t remember what I told her but I was in some sort of mental pain and I expressed that. “You, uh, you work in the building where the Senator is, right?” I said yes and then I realized she was trying to call a cab for me. I convinced her not to, that I would wait before driving. I said I would call her back and my eyes opened again hours later to the parking lot asphalt and dark streaks flowing down near my face. I told her I was okay and I was.

It wasn’t right, how I reacted tonight. I was getting used to hearing Nina’s voice again and it scared me because I didn’t want to be dependent on it. It felt wrong when I tried being snarky with her and it felt worse when I knew it hurt. You say sorry and you try to set the ship right but you never know how many times that will work.

There’s a balance and I owed it to her to find it.

Nightcrawler x Reader - Who Knew?

Warning: Smut
Notes: Thank you to the anon that requested this!
Summary: During a night of drinking with the gang, Kurt gets very drunk and shows you how much he needs you

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Nalu Assassin's Creed #1

I am going to take a stab at a chapter fic! *insert screams of horror*
Yes, a Nalu Assassin’s Creed AU! *more horrified cries*
 So, I was inspired by jirochan and the art done for a Nalu Assassin’s Creed and this is the post! It was so beautiful and I was trying really hard NOT to write it until I had time.

I forgot to think of a good name for this fic…oops.

Chapter One: Dragon Assassin Natsu

Autumn wind always brought thesweetest scent of apples and cranberries growing in the fields around the town of Magnolia. The air was a cocktail of what would soon be available in the market stands, if one had the necessary funds to afford such treats.

Not excluding the crisp beans or the new crop of onions, but those were not as desired as the first taste of the staple foods for this region.

The looming threat of winter lay far away, summer having just relinquished its presence for the glory of the changing leaves and the fireflies that will now play close to the earth. The bitter chill will not arrive for a few months, giving families time to stock up on the necessities.

Morning in Magnolia was as bustling as ever, the bakers and butchers moving even before the crack of dawn to prepare their wares. Sleepy eyed children dragged on to morning lessons while mothers shooed them off with smiles and well packed lunch bags. Horses nickered to each other, overtaking the cries of the occasional rooster that was rather late in the alarm call.

All over the cobblestone streets, citizens were moving, keeping to themselves or friends. Not one looked the paroling guards in the eyes, out of fear or respect, is unclear. Not many were brave enough to go against the crumpling system that the wealthy politicians built. The rich stay in power, and things worked to protect the powerful.

It was how things worked.

With citizens moving about in broad morning light, the red garbed guards never looked to the shadows, ignorant to what would lurk there.

Shadows in Magnolia had purpose and a will. Power feared a strong will.

And, in those shadows, lurked the greatest power the citizens of Magnolia possessed. They just didn’t know it.

So, along Century Street, crammed into the corner between an armory and a butcher, was a tiny little tavern called Sitri. It wasn’t popular or famous. The small, shack like store just served drinks and food to the weary travelers that happened to pass through the north-east side of the markets.

Within the old wooden plank door rested a dimly lit tavern with mediocre tables and chairs, dust cakes on the rafters and shelves of miscellaneous knickknacks.

All run by a tiny violet haired woman with tender eyes.

But, beyond the liquor cabinet and the pathetic kitchen lay an iron door with a rusted completion that foretold age and service. Behind that door, is where this tale begins…

Within the deep walls of secrets and mysteries, tucked under the tavern and the butcher and the armory, rested the central hub of the ‘shadows’.

The Assassin Guild known as Fairy Tail.

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Worst coursework of the week is done!
Went into uni despite still being mega ill.
Last night me, Ella and Abbie went to this weird little cocktail bar in Hoxton & I LOVED it! I bought free drinks on Groupon back in October for Abbie since we share the same bday so she took us out after 6 months of ‘getting round to it’. It only had a 1 star review so we were expecting it to be terrible but the music was old school R&B and it was really small but not cramped and it was so nice to be out with girls 😂

Coughing fits are ruining my life & I’m struggling to get much sleep

Jinwoo hopped up onto a stool at the bar, taking the opportunity to grab the two free seats before anybody else could take them. He took a cocktail menu into his hand, scanning down the list, eyes focussing on the ones which were pretty colours. The past few days at home had been draining for Jinwoo, spending his time moping and mourning in bed, getting far too into his head about everything that happened. Though he resisted at first, he couldn’t deny that being out was already doing him some good, distracting him from the thoughts and memories that had been swirling around his mind.
“There’s so much choice.” He spoke to Min, loud enough to be heard over the music, sighing as his eyes kept scanning the drinks menu. 


Love Like Winter

After leaving the delicately written note for Caius, Aranea made her way to her home country. Though the government was in shambles and there were daemons around every dark corner – this place had an odd soft spot for her. This was where she started her road to success. So many memories were filled within these streets.

Tonight she would be adding yet another…be it for good or bad.

Unlike her usual attire, Aranea sported casual wear. She had a black cocktail dress, matching leggings, black heels and a light coat to cover her shoulders. Leaning against a wall, she anxiously looked between the street ahead of her and her phone screen.

Did he get her letter? Would he come meet her? Or would she receive a text stating he wouldn’t?

So many questions formed in her mind as she waited for him. The sound of a door opening made her jump a bit, placing a hand over her jumpy heart. She gave a playful glare to her second in command, Biggs.

“Gods..don’t do that. You scared the shit out of me..”

He laughed a little at her. “Sorry ‘bout that Lady A. Ya’ sure you don’t want to come inside? We are supposed to have a wicked storm tonight. You’ll be safer with the boys instead of standing out here.”

She stared down at her her blank screen for a moment, feeling an usual tinge in her gut. An emotion that could only be classified as being nervous. Swallowing a dry breath, she slowly shook her head.

“I’ll be fine, really. You guys go on ahead. “

He eyed her for a moment. “If you insist. Though if it gets too cold, might I suggest you at least come in for a few minutes?”

“I’ll think about it..” she uttered, waving a hand to him to head back inside the bar.

This was a common place where mercenaries and hunters in Niflhiem gathered. It served as both a haven and an outpost to share information on daemon activity. Aranea thought that this was the perfect place for them to meet..assuming he would come.

If he came, then she would wave off to her boys before leaving with him. If not..well, at least she had a safety net to fall back onto. Either way, she was prepared for whatever became of this night.


@mykcnos ‘d. / Still accepting.


Jak hated the bitter taste of the stuff normally, but there were nights like these where he craved the after effects–the feeling of groggy lightness, like he was floating despite being chained to the ground. So he had a habit of mixing together his preferred drinks, (unhealthy, bright neon coloured sodas) with the strong stuff (whisky and vodka), adding a scoop of ice cream, and then going to town on his Frankenstein cocktail. Today’s ingredients included melon soda, vanilla ice cream, and good ol’ Jack Daniels. 

Grabbing the materials from the fridge and freezer, Jak turned to find he had company. With a nod of his head, he greeted the other, before setting to work mixing the various liquids together, much like a mad chemist in his laboratory.

Evenin’, McCree. Up fer a midnight snack?

Three times Lois was drunk, and one time she wasn’t


Eyes still on the movie currently playing on his TV, Clark got up to grab his phone, too preoccupied by what was happening to James Bond to look at the caller ID.


“Hey, you answered!”

“Did you think I’d be asleep at eleven thirty on a Saturday?”, he smiled as her pecky tone, immediately recognizing who it was.

“Well, you did fall asleep on my lap last night,” she chuckled, voice unusually high.

“In my defense, I’d just helped clean up after an earthquake, and that movie was really boring,” and she laughed at that. 

A lot. 

“So, are the cocktails good over there?” he asked as he smirked, realizing what was going on.

“You know, they’re actually not bad,” she said in a very serious tone. “The Mojitos were a bit disappointing, but the Piña Coladas are quite nice! But I think I might have had a little too many, because I feel reaaaally fuzzy right now,"and here it was.

"Oh, really? I would never have guessed,” and the fact that she missed the irony only confirmed that she did get too many. “You alright?”, he asked with a smile, amused.

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#tiff16 soirée cocktail party -Nightmare scenario: As my suitcase was 3 days late after I arrived in Toronto I didn’t have my dress I didn’t have anything so I rushed to Marshals last minute for a dress, shoes, makeup! - dressed at Marshals and rushed to Soirée- My hair was half done, threw my stockings on in the theatre before conversation and afterward did my makeup before going to cocktail. Then went downstairs to check my Marshals shopping bag in coat check. I was almost in tears as I felt so out of place -it was a nightmare for me. Coming back up stairs and walking down to the the entrance there was Michael out in the foyer talking to a few people. I waited until he was done and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention - he turned, gave me a smile with recognition. We were like ‘Hey’ how are you… He said ‘You look good’! Which made me melt and forget what I wanted to say. I fumbled some reply I think then he went on his way, me following behind - happy!
No pictures with him other than me in the background of someone’s picture… As seen (cropped). Disaster turned out great with one word!!!! Thank you Michael - you’re a good good man! #fassy #fassbender #fassbenderforever

Even if you haven’t watched the show in 15 years, you have to remember the Flaming Moe. It’s the drink Homer invented that Moe stole and made him famous. The characters in that episode make the drink sound so good that there was no way I couldn’t include it on this list. I remember enjoying it, but I don’t remember finishing it, which is odd because the glass was empty and I had taken quite a few notes that become less and less coherent.

Homer: “I decided to mix the little bits that were left in every liquor bottle. In my haste I had grabbed a bottle of the kids’ cough syrup. I don’t know the scientific explanation, but fire made it good.”

In my case, it was a little bit of rum, some whiskey, SoCo with lime, tequila, and Scotch. I mixed them all together in a glass, then added a capful of children’s cough syrup.

Like Homer, I too passed the first test: I didn’t go blind. The drink itself was very good, especially since I was already a fan of all these liquors by themselves. If I had one suggestion, it would have been to add more cough syrup to supplement the strong liquor taste this drink had going on. But I couldn’t justify adding more medicine to the glass, so I left it the way it was. Now for the fun part. Since I value my eyebrows and a few other parts of my face that could go up in a fireball, I took the proper safety precautions before lighting my drink on fire.

6 Fictional Alcoholic Beverages That Actually Get You Drunk

Getting Through the Second Trimester Slump

With my first trimester behind me, I was looking forward to the second phase of my pregnancy; a time that some refer to as “the golden months,” where things like nausea, extreme fatigue, and bloating are safely in your rear view mirror.

And guess what? They were right!

Well … for the most part.

During my second trimester, I felt like the black cloud of extreme fatigue had lifted and I was 100 percent myself again. I was ready to hit the town in a cute outfit, grab cocktails with my girls, have wild sex with my husband … Oh, but wait, I’m still pregnant.

There were times during my second trimester when I felt so good that I forgot I was still carrying a child. This mind f— of trickery led to what I believe should be called “the second trimester slump.”

Yes, it was amazing to finally not have to deal with the misery and discomfort most women face in their first trimester. But how awful is it to feel like your old self again, but not be able to participate in any of those fun activities you once took for granted?

During this time I had many a vivid dream about martinis and the occasional cigarette that felt so real I found myself panicking when I awoke thinking that I must have sleep smoked or drank. I didn’t of course, but was deeply repressing my urge for my old life.

Other things changed as well. Things like sex with my husband became a bit odd for me due to the fact that I was now limited to about two positions in order to not squash — as my husband puts it — “it’s roof” or have the baby (my belly) staring him in the face. I feel like men are constantly imagining their baby winking at them when they make love to their pregnant wives thus making sexy times more few and far between.

Speaking of your belly, this is the time when most women really pop. You’re now sporting a full on bump, that albeit cute, comes with its own set of challenges. Now that my midsection was large and in charge I started to require assistance to tie a shoe, get up, and adopted a stop drop and roll technique for getting out of bed.

With all of these massive, and sometimes difficult changes happening, there is one thing about the second trimester that makes it all worthwhile: Those first real kicks from your baby. I had felt flutters here and there throughout my first trimester, but by the end of my second, baby Dorsey was a full on kicking machine! I felt the baby all day, every day and it always made me smile. I will never forget the moment Ryan felt the baby kick for the first time. It truly was one of those precious memories I will have forever. It also serves as a great party trick when you can press a spot on your belly and watch baby kick back!

So enjoy all those little moments mommies-to-be, and look forward to the last few months of this incredible journey. I know I am!

Here are my favorite preggo products right now:
1. An essential oil cocktail for stretch marks (Mix 5 drops of frankincense, myrrh, and french lavender with almond oil and rub all over belly, butt, back, and thighs. Use only 100 percent pure essential oil!)

2. Baby Keepsake Book and Planner by Mindy Weiss

3. BellyBuds

-Naya Rivera

Cocktail Party - OMFG.

I was feeling hella crap after my Misha auto, so my friend very kindly offered to do my make up for me after I got dresse - I was feelin’ alright.

Got down there, caught the fever of the atmosphere, and eventually the guys came along.

For those who don’t know, the cocktail party is limited to angel passes only, and each guest sits at each table for 2 minutes.

Its usually around 10 people per table, and there were 27 tables in the room. I ended up being the super lucky bitch who had the empty guest chair next to me so they ALL sat next to me. Defo used that well.

MARK SHEPPARD: My favourite guest of the night. Greeted him with a good ‘you alright?’ and he proceeded to make fun of me. Went round asking where everyone was from, I was last and I said London. He asked what part, and when I said where he told me that that wasn’t London. That innocent question turned into a 2 min argument of me and Mark saying whether I was actually from London. Repeated mention of the London Underground. We got super into it and he was smiling at me constantly. I said we should agree to disagree and as he said that that was no fun! When he left he was like 'remind this one she isn’t from London’ and smirked at me as he got up when I started yelling at him. Got told by a girl that she shipped us together :0 sooo excellent.
Lord. LORD. When Misha sat down I wanted to cry. He looks SO MUCH BETTER up close. Was wearing his leather jacket which was HNNNGGGG. He has a dimple in his left ear (old piercing I think) which is cute as fuck, and GREAT hands. Great everything. His jawline could cut glass. THOSE EYES MY GOD. And he smelled gooooood. He was holding a beer and when he sat down he asked if we had any questions. I got so overexcited I slammed my hand down and kinda half-demanded, half-screamed 'why didn’t you do tough mudders?’ Responded that it was 2 reasons - it meant being away from his kids for even longer (AWWWW) and second that he would have left them behind and would have to constantly wait for them to catch up. He smiled at me, really genuine lovely smile and I MELTED. Then moved on to Russian accents thanks to the girl next to me. CHRIST. So good. So GOOOD. I am actually in love with him, I had the dumbest look on my face the rest of the night! He looked mega tired though.
She was gorgeous, but felt a little jetlagged. She was clutching a packet of Haribo sweets and talking about how she had way too much coffee the night before so she couldn’t sleep properly. Mentions that she gets killed by good people all the time (Eureka, SPN, etc.) and that the way to stop this was to make sure she was on the posters of tv shows next time.
Straight after Misha so I was a little high when he came down. Kept hugging the girl next to him who seemed afraid of him. Remarked that he has a secret cosplay for tomorrow (dun dun duuuuun) and that he was pissed cause he left his cocktail dress back at the hotel.
First guest on our table. Lots of where you froms and remarking at how we were all dressed up, to which we replied that he looked lovely too! He was in an Idjits shirt.
Lovely. Can’t remember a lot. He spoke about Russia to one of the girls there and attempted a few words in Russian.
Last talk of the evening - very lovely. Said he saved the best till last (awww). Lots of talk about Italy and he attempted to converse a little in Italian.
Very jolly. Was still reeling from Mark so when I saw him I remarked that it was the first I had seen of him all weekend. He answered that it was only Friday lol, and proceeded to rib me about this. Touched me on the shoulder as he left (squee).
Was wearing the rainbow coloured tutu from his panel. I told him it brought out the colour of his eyes and he thanked me. Lots of asking where people were from and how they were doing. Kept referring to the skirt as a dress so I told him it was technically a skirt. He told me technically it was rainbow coloured. I never disagreed with him on this lol.
Wonderful and very polite. Lots of talk about the beard. I asked him how he keeps it in check and he answered soap and water. Mentioned that the mud from Tough Mudders made it really easy to play as the mud slicked the beard for him. Hand slid past my back as he left.