and their brotp

There are so many things to appreciate about this scene.

a) Ron and Harry having brotp moments (”do your fly by hand” hilarious!)

b) “Unwrap it up here, it’s not for my mother’s eyes”: Ron, could you be more adorable?

c) Ron is giving this book to Harry even though he knows that it will more than likely be used in reference to Ginny (so much for crazy, overprotective big brother Ron!)

d) This basically explodes the notion of Ron being suave and sexually experienced. The poor guy is obviously clueless.

e) It reinforces the idea that he wanted to get rid of Lavender, but was too inexperienced to know how.

f) “I would’ve known how to get going with…” (Even Harry knows who that ellipses belongs to!)

g) The greatest “wand innuendo” in the entire series!! The joke works on so many levels…first you get the picture of poor Ron trying to cast a complicated charm and not quite getting the wand movements correct (flick and swish), and then you get the notion that, despite what most 17 year old boys think, you have to have more than good “wand work” to satisfy a woman.

Three passages

I have overthought these three passages more than virtually any other part of the Potter series:

  1. “I saw the Death Eaters! I can give you their names! Lucius Malfoy -” Snape made a sudden movement, but as Harry looked at him, Snape’s eyes flew back to Fudge.

  2. “Tell me, how is Lucius Malfoy these days? I expect he’s delighted his lapdog’s working at Hogwarts, isn’t he?”
    “Speaking of dogs,” said Snape softly, “did you know that Lucius Malfoy recognised you last time you risked a little jaunt outside?”

  3. And Severus Snape moved off to the other side of the Hall, away from Lily, to where the Slytherins were cheering him, to where Lucius Malfoy, a prefect badge gleaming upon his chest, patted Snape on the back as he sat down beside him…
Brotp: Bees headcanons

-zack obviously being the captain of the trini x kimberly ship, even before either of them realize they like each other
-zack trying to be trini’s wingman, without her knowing
-trini acts like she’s mad, but she can’t help but feel so happy about how accepting he, and everyone, are
-trini always drops by zack’s trailer, making sure he’s fed and taken care for, because he’s always preoccupied with his mom
-them always trying to one up each other, which causes them lots of cuts and bruises, and trini gets a lot of scolding from kimberly (she doesn’t mind, she always gets a kiss out of it, which earns her teasing from zack)
-they see who can jump the farthest, who can sprint the fastest, who can last the longest sparring in the pit, etc.
-zack constantly teases trini about her height, which always earns him a punch in the arm
-the entire team calls them the bees, or the bees knees

Feel free to add on because I love these two

here’s the ‘Jemma Simmons has so much trauma that needs to be addressed’ fic that no one asked for. Takes place sometime in early season 2, after Jemma returns from Hydra.

Jemma passes her in the hallway, and May doesn’t need a second glance to know that something’s wrong.

She pauses in place, hearing Jemma’s heels click farther and farther away before May goes back the way she came and places a hand on Jemma’s shoulder. She jumps—just a little, but enough— before cracking a smile.

(It’s the kind of smile you crack because you’re cracking and there’s all these little pieces of yourself on the ground and you wonder how you’re going to put you back together again.)

“May! How are you? Can I help you?” Her voice is light but her eyes are bloodshot and puffy and she brings the stack of folders she’s holding closer to her chest.

“Okay.” May responds. “You?”


(But when has Jemma Simmons ever been? When will she ever be?)

“It’s alright not to be.” May finally says. “Okay. You’re allowed not to be okay.”

Jemma takes a shuddering breath, inhaling and exhaling, and cracks a smile larger than the one before. “I’m actually quite busy, so if you would excuse me–”

“No.” May takes Jemma’s hand and pulls her away, the folders falling unceremoniously to the ground, the papers in them spilling everywhere.


“Leave it.” May orders.

May doesn’t care about that—May doesn’t care about anything or anyone else right now.

May cares about Jemma, and she does what she should’ve done the moment Jemma came back.

(She takes her, and she runs.)

Jemma sits on the edge of the bed, looking around twirling a piece of her short hair with her fingers.

She stares at May, and May stares back.

(It’s like staring into a mirror. Staring into a mirror after pulling the trigger and after the blood stained her hands. She’s just a kid, May once thought.

She was a kid, May thinks now.)

(And this this what scares her the most.)

“Talk to me.” May says, moving forward to sit on the bed besides Jemma, reaching out once again and taking her hands in hers.

May doesn’t care to talk, but May cares to listen, and she cares that Jemma Simmons has to be heard.

Jemma’s lips quiver and she blinks rapidly and she gazes at the ground and she says nothing.

May waits.

And then Jemma begins to cry.

“I left and I left him behind and I had to but he doesn’t understand.” Jemma buries her face into her hands, shoulders heaving. “How can I explain it? That he’s the one who was hurt but I was the one who had to leave? How bloody s–selfish was I? How could I do that? How can I say that to him?”

May’s never been good with words, but this time her words are the only weapons she’s got to fight for Jemma.

(What Jemma needs, right now, is someone to fight for her when she isn’t able to.)

“Fitz went through something traumatic, yes. But, Jemma, so did you.” May sighs and sits gently on the bed, wrapping her arm around her. “He was hurt, and you were hurt. He needed time, and so did you. Don’t ever let yourself believe you weren’t.”

“But I had the oxygen–”

“– and you had to drag your best friend from the bottom of the ocean not knowing if he was going to live.”

May pauses, and draws Jemma in closer.

(and Jemma lets her.)

“Listen to me, and listen carefully: it won’t become easier. All that talk about how ‘time heals’? It’s bullshit. Wounds become scars but scars still hurt.”

She nudges Jemma and Jemma lifts her head, May brushing the hair away so she can meet her eyes.

“It’s bullshit, but it’s life. And wounds become scars and scars still hurt, but they make you who you are. You are Jemma Simmons, and you are anything but selfish. You jumped out of a plane to save everyone else, even if it meant you couldn’t save yourself. You covered a grenade with your body to protect your friends, even if it meant your death. You dragged Fitz up from the bottom of the ocean because you couldn’t leave him behind.” May inhales, and tries to make Jemma understand.

“And you left because you had to for you. You left because you needed to, and because you had to take care of yourself. That isn’t being selfish. That’s being human.”

Jemma squeezes her eyes shut and breathes deeply, shuddering. “I’m so… tired.”

(May reaches out again, holding Jemma’s hand with the very fingers that pulled the trigger and couldn’t save the girl but can try to save this one.)

 “Then you should rest.” May stands up and pulls away the covers, patting the sheets and glares at Jemma, who’s watching with wide eyes.


“But this is your room.”

“Exactly. No one’s gonna bother you here. You can take a break for a little bit.”


“When’s the last time you really slept, Jemma?”

Jemma doesn’t answer that, which answers May’s question all the same. May just pats the sheets again and Jemma sighs, taking off her shoes and climbing into the bed as May lifts the covers over her.

“Thank you, May.” Jemma whispers, her eyes already fluttering and her breaths becoming more even.

“You’re welcome, Jemma.” May whispers back, but Jemma’s already asleep.

And when Jemma wakes up, May is gone. But there’s tea and toast on the nightstand and clean clothes on the chair, and for the first time in a while Jemma cracks a smile.

(It’s not the kind of smile you crack when you’re cracking and trying to pick up the pieces, but the kind of smile you crack when you realize you’re not alone.)


Friendship goals:

Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski

“Dude, you still got me

I had you before”

LoT analysis no one really asked for

So far nobody has really addressed that as of the latest Legends of Tomorrow episode, Leonard knows Mick has been hallucinating him. And because I’m an obsessive nerd who needs to point out every little detail imaginable, I need to analyze this and get way too deep into literally everything because that’s my one and only talent apparently.

When they saw each other on that battlefield and Leonard said, “My my my, how the mighty have fallen,” Mick replied with, “You said that the last time you appeared.” This means that Leonard is well aware Mick has been having hallucinations of him. Plus when Leonard revealed himself to the rest of the team, Mick had an “omg you see him too?” moment, further proof that Leonard knows Mick had seen visions of him.

Now keep in mind that the slightly younger Leonard who the Legion of Doom morons brought back isn’t the same one who died to save the Legends (especially his bff Mick) from the Oculus and the Timemasters. So this old Leonard from the past has none of that heroic-ness in him because he’s from before he realized what was important. The only thing he’s attached to right now besides money and his sister is Mick, his best friend since childhood and probably the only real friend he has. When he first joined the Legion, the only thing he cared about was all the riches he could steal. He didn’t care about anyone or anything, and the Legion likely convinced him that the Legends had been manipulating him when he sacrificed himself. In his eyes they are the ones who used him, who brainwashed his future self into risking his own life in a hopeless effort to save others just so they could survive, even if he died in the process. In his mind they are the bad guys. So he had no issue with letting whatever would happen to them happen, because he doesn’t know them yet. He doesn’t know any of them really, except for Mick.

And he probably assumed that Mick didn’t care for him either. He assumed that Mick chose them over him. That he was a traitor. That he didn’t even care that he died. But when they met up on the battlefield and Mick wasn’t the least bit surprised to see him there, Leonard was confused about what that meant. Until he learned that Mick, his best friend, his partner in crime, the person he loves secondmost in the world, had been having hallucinations of him just to cope with his death. Doesn’t that say a lot about what Leonard means to him? It says that what happened was so tragic and heartbreaking that Mick’s brain came up with visions of his friend just to deal with the agony he felt at having the one person who actually understood and cared for him die.

So that’s why Leonard wanted so desperately for Mick to join them Legion with him. If his best friend really cared that much about him, how could he just stand by and let him work with the very people who’d supposedly been using them from the start? As far as Leonard and Mick know, the Legends just thought of them as mindless thugs who were expendable and probably couldn’t be trusted anyway. So Leonard planted the little seeds of doubt in Mick’s head so he’d join the Legion, if only so Leonard could have at least one person on his side who genuinely cared for him. Because if Mick was so devastated he was having hallucinations, that already changes everything Leonard previously thought up until that moment. Right then and there his ties to the Legion grow a fraction smaller, and his ties to Mick grow tenfold.

To conclude, the reason Leonard wanted Mick to join the Legion was not because he was useful to them or he could make them more powerful; it was because after learning Mick had been having hallucinations to cope with the loss, he realized Mick actually cared about him and he wanted to have at least one person who genuinely loved him on his side.


these are all doodles from years ago when i first got into spn. theyre very bad but its nice to see how ive improved lol