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I’m not one to rant about topics like this, but Net Neutrality is something important to me; I am able to escape from the world that had isolated me since childhood, draw whatever I want and post it when I can, and so much more. 

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai claims that the internet was better in the Clinton era of the 90′s. I wasn’t around when the internet was just starting up, but I do know that the internet at the time was dial-up, and it would take sometimes HOURS just to visit one website. The internet at the time was more of a LUXURY at the time.

Nowadays, it is a UTILITY! Schools, businesses, the government, news media, and ordinary citizens now use the internet on a daily basis. The world is becoming a more knowledge-based economy; and if Net Neutrality is removed; than we won’t reach the economy that has been growing.

People left cable television because they were extremely limited on what they could watch. And if there’s something they want to watch that’s on a channel that’s exclusive; they have to buy a whole package for just a few extra channels. Cablizing the internet will just go the way of cable TV; people will leave and will find some other way of entertainment.

People of all parties agree that Net Neutrality should be left alone. And there’s just one more thing I have to say:

We told you once; we’ll tell you again, leave the internet alone! Even if you take Net Neutrality away, we will fight to gain it back; even if it takes years!

 The people are speaking; and you are not listening Ajit Pai. What you are doing is corporatism, not capitalism. You have admitted that you are doing this to benefit your former employer; Version, and other ISP’s. Even laughing at the Telecom Prom about the more than 22 million comments that were sent to you and the other members of the FCC; as well as laughing at someone who is not afraid to speak out against your actions.

You think that we, the citizens of the United States of America are less than you, but I will tell you; WE ARE NOT LESS THAN YOU! WE FOUGHT TO SEPARATE FROM A POWER THAT SAW US AS NOTHING; AND WE WILL FIGHT A POWER THAT OPPRESSES US AGAIN!

[after Lup and Barry hook up for the first time]

Barry: So, I was thinking…
Lup: You don’t even have to.
Barry: It didn’t happen. It’s not that it was a mistake, it’s just that it didn’t happen.
Lup: It was a crazy battle.
Barry: Exactly. Tension relieving.
Lup: Absolutely no need to mention it to anyone.
Barry: Right! No big deal, nothing’s changed.

[they enter the kitchen of the Starblaster]

Taako: Something’s changed.
Lup: … Oh, Taako… crazy Taako…
Taako: No, something’s different now.
Merle: Could be me. I’m sporting a man-thong.
Taako: Maybe.