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Ok but you know what this means right?

KomaHina boat headcanons!

- Both of them taking a nap together on deck during a sunny day.

- Visiting each other’s cabins. Or maybe even sharing a cabin if there isn’t enough rooms for everyone.

- Reenacting the Titanic pose. (Ok I don’t think they’d actually do that but still!) 

- Komaeda being worried about his luck and trying to get Hinata to wear a life jacket when the water gets rough. 

Feel free to add to the list

the best way to vibe out with your favorite criminals.

dedicated to @tamelcss

A-SIDE: Leave Your Mark On My World

1. Animal / Black Light Burns
2. Search & Destroy / 30 Seconds to Mars
3. Fall Below / Black Light Burns
4. Little Lion Man / Mumford & Sons
5. Home For A Rest / Spirit of the West
6. Get Off Of My Back / Bryan Adams
7. Rusted From The Rain / Billy Joel
8. Up the Wolves / The Mountain Goats
9. Runnin’ Across the Track / Billy Talent
10. Hell to Your Doorstep / The Count of Monte Cristo

B-SIDE: Leave It In Beautiful Shambles

1. Flawed Design / Stabilo
2. Don’t Stop / InnerPartySystem
3. Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time / Panic! At The Disco
4. Volatile Times / IAMX
5. Flesh / Simon Curtis
6. Magic / Mystery Skulls
7. Lost Stars / Keira Knightly
8. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables / Les Miserables 
9. Just One Yesterday / Fall Out Boy
10. Silhouette / Owl City

BONUS: It’s The Last Memory I Have Of You

1. No Children / The Mountain Goats
2. Run To You / Pentatonix
3. In A Week / Hozier
4. All the Stars In Texas / Ludo
5. Hoist the Colors / Hans Zimmer
6. C’est La Morte / the Civil Wars
7. Nothing I’ve Ever Known / Bryan Adams
8. House of Memories / Panic! At the Disco
9. Fools / Lauren Aquilina 
10. Chasing Twisters / Delta Rae

anonymous asked:

what did kim say now?

She did an interview with Billboard magazine (and got a cover… even though she is not a music artist…………..) and yet again, spoke about Taylor, despite saying she’s over talking about Taylor. RIGHT. Sure. Ok. We all know Kim isn’t naive enough to not know that those questions can be blocked.

But she knows why she’s on that cover tho. And it’s sure as hell not because she’s Kanye’s wife - they’ve been together for YEARS now. 

Hmmm, I wonder what is new with Kim… Oh, wait. I know. The bullshit feud narrative that she’s carefully cultivated with regard to one of pop music’s titans. Timing is a funny thing, isn’t it?

Swan Queen date - mini dialogue fic

Emma: I’m really happy you accepted my invitation to dinner

Regina: Why wouldn’t I accept this Emma?

Emma: I don’t know

Regina: Emma…

Emma: It’s just, you are mayor and so, so … look at you and I’m just me.

Regina: Emma, no. Just you is perfect

*Emma snorts*

Regina: I’m serious Emma. You are more than ok. More than enough. More than I ever dreamed in a partner.

*Emma looks up in Regina’s eyes, tears forming in her eyes*

Emma: Regina…

*Regina just smiles at her*

Regina: Now what do you say we go inside and enjoy this date?

*Emma smiles at Regina*

Emma: I see you’re not really holding back

Regina: Is there a point? As you’ve said “We’ve been through too much together”. Besides we already share a son.

Emma: Let’s go in. I’m starving.

*Emma loops her hand around Regina’s arm and leads them inside Granny’s dinner*

I finally feel ok enough to write about last nights emmerdale. I have a daughter and a younger brother holly’s age who is a heroin addict so as you can imagine I felt like seeriously triggered.

First of all can I just say how spot on it was. The script..the way it played out..everything. It wasn’t over dramatised like so many soaps tend to do. It showed so many sides of grief which is incredible to be able to achieve in just 2 30 minute episodes. And it was real. so facking real. and raw. and heartbreaking.

I wasn’t prepared for all that when I sat down with my cuppa hoping to catch a glimpse of our boys. I had to ring my brother and go in and check on my sleeping baby girl afterwards. Then I spent half the night laying awake thinking about it.

Oh and give Natalie Robb ALL the awards. Seriously. she is INCREDIBLE.

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👕 - a nice fitted suit - that actually is tailored to his body yes.

        make em wear things. dress him up. pls.

   well since you asked – have him posing as a modigliani painting because this photoshoot’s suit was like the best looking suit on him ever and it’s important to me i t even seems comfy enough ok not like those event suits this one’s nice // @the27percent

i was asking my english teacher a question about a paper and he was like “you’re a very talented writer. i trust you. just go with your gut and you’ll do well.” and i’m like “what the fuck? no one’s ever said that? for the past 12 years, my teachers have consistently said my writing is ok enough but i should work on it a bit. what happened?”

like that’s why i was asking. because it’s so hard for me to believe i’m an ok writer.

  • fans:make captain america bi/pan!
  • fans:have more female superheroes with real stories!
  • fans:more asian,latino,and black heroes!
  • marvel:lmao hail hydra bitch

“Sleep well, my friend
There will be another moment we’ll meet again
Just let it go
Sleep well, goodnight
You’re something to remember
I wish that you were here by my side”

- Everything’s an illusion / Mayday Parade

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