and the youtube videos were crap

Dear SU fandom,

stop with the spoilers my god why are there so many leaks holy crap i went on youtube last night and there were like three videos but then i went on instagram just now and everyone has seen them and posted photos and comments about it like what the heck i cant believe you guys what are you doing we literally have leaks every time new episodes are aired and we always see and share the message to watch the official airing like w h a t a r e y o u d o i n g o h m y g o d

Caspar Lee || Caught ||

Anonymous said:

you’re imagines are the best! can you do one where you’re joes sister and he walks in on you making out with caspar?

- - -  

You were staying in London most of your summer holiday off school with your older brother Joe, you had of course visited your older sister Zoe and her boyfriend Alfie, but you loved spending time in London – especially since you were staying with Joe and Caspar who were both helping you with your Youtube channel.

You had been doing vlogs and some main channel videos but this summer you had started a posting main channel video schedule of Monday – Wednesday – Friday and really focusing on it.

You sat in Caspar’s room at his desk while he edited his own main channel video sitting on his bed, “crap! No! NO!” You exclaimed dramatically watching as the entire video you just edited and went to save disappeared from the editor.

“What’s the matter?” Caspar glanced in your direction because of your sudden outburst. “My whole video just disappeared!” You exclaimed in a panic, “I checked the trash to see if it accidentally went there but it isn’t there!” You hung your head in disbelief.

“Show me?” Caspar offered, putting his Macbook down off to the side, sitting up straighter on his bed, you picked up your Macbook and stood up sitting down on the edge of the bed beside him, “see?” You whispered sadly.

Caspar took it from you and looked around the screen, he doubled checked the trash folder and bit his lip in concentration, you felt yourself almost blush at how hot he looked in deep thought – of course, you can always found him attractive…

“I think I got it.” Caspar spoke up after a minute and you perked up looking at the screen while Caspar pressed some key combination and your whole video reappeared – he looked up at you with a toothy grin and you squealed.

“Ahh! Caspar thank you so much you are absolutely amazing!” You exclaimed not thinking about it you wrapped your arms around him tightly and kissed his cheek. “N'awh thanks!” He blushed his tone was bashful.

“Here, let me show you what I did just incase it happens again and I’m not around to save the day.” He laughed, you nodded and watched him explain the combination he’d found online a few years ago that saved his behind a few times.

“Okay and one more thing…” You said, “this option when it says auto configure frame rate – I know what that means, but … Is it better to let the editor figure it out or for you to do it manually?” You asked, waiting for an answer, when you didn’t get an answer after a few seconds you glanced up at Caspar and noticed him staring at you.

“…What?” You asked after a minute nervously with your heart skipping a beat.

“You’re really beautiful, you know that.” Caspars fingers brushed against your face as he tucked a stray piece of hair from your face and you blushed.

“Uhm, thank you.” You whispered.

He kept staring at you but surprisingly it didn’t turn awkward, “could you be mad if I maybe, kissed you right now?” He asked.

You almost melted into a puddle on the floor, you shook your head slowly. “No. Actually, I’d really like that.” You admitted and he grinned.

Caspar tilted his head leaning close to you, moving the Macbook from your hands at the same time, his lips were warm and soft as they connected with yours… Your eyes closed and you smiled into his kiss.

It deepened slowly and soon Caspars tongue was massaging against yours, his hand on the side of your face keeping you close to him.

“WHAT THE HELL!?” Came loudly from the door which broke you two apart quickly and you both seen Joe standing there with a serious look on his face.

“Joe – Hi!” Caspar said trying to pretend like Joe didn’t just walk in on him kissing his baby sister: (Y/N) Sugg.

“Joe.” You said knowing that look on his face, it was the exact same look he had the time he found you in your family home living room kissing a school friend.

“(Y/N),” he said seriously, “go wait outside, please.” He made a gesture for you to leave the room. “But, Joe - “ You went to protest you were turning eighteen in a few months, you were practically an adult.

“Go, wait outside.” Joe said more sternly through gritted teeth, you looked at Caspar with an apologetic expression as you got up and left the room, Joe closed the door behind you, but you stayed with your ear against the room.

“What the hell man?!” You heard Joe exclaimed at Caspar. “That’s my sister! My LITTLE sister!” You could just tell Joe was using a lot of hand gestures, you thought about poor Caspar getting reemed out by Joe.

“Joe, I like your sister – she’s beautiful.” Caspar explained, “you like a lot of women, Caspar! You’re a slut.” Joe expressed and Caspar sighed, “you know I’m not, everyone just thinks I am.” He muttered.

“Awh.” You whispered, pressing harder to the door.

“Caspar! If you so much as hurt my sister so help me God, I will murder you in your sleep!” Joe said sharply.

“I wont hurt her Joe, honest, I promise.” Caspar said, “yeah? Well you better not, just ask Alfie what I threatened him with if he ever hurt Zoe, I’ll do ten times worse to you.” Joe darkly warned

There was silence for a long while, finally the door knob turned and you didn’t have time to flee away, you lost balance as your weight was against the door and you fell straight on your front in front of Joes feet, you looked up and casually waved, “fancy seeing you here.” You said.

“Ugh.” Joe scoffed.

Fandom treats AMV editors like crap

There seems to be this mindset in fandom that AMVs are just a bunch of clips shoved together and spliced up with some effects, and that they take no effort or talent or even thought to make.

Like anyone could make them. Like it’s just some stupid hobby from when you were 12 that you obviously outgrew.

Especially on YouTube, it’s so hard to get views, let alone likes, or- god forbid- comments. Unlike with art and fic, there isn’t just silent consumption of our work- there is literally backlash against the whole medium.

People shit-talk the anime or song choice in AMV comments, sometimes even insulting the AMV or editor. And if a comment is positive, it’ll likely say something like, “I like how you did x, since most AMVs do y, and that’s lazy/stupid/[some other insult].”

People make such pretentious, generalized remarks about AMVs so goddamn frequently that I’m almost glad I have so few comments on YouTube because it means I don’t have to deal with this shit!

It’s awful, and it’s also bullshit.

Editing isn’t taught in school. Most people don’t even have access to the tools needed to make an AMV. So even though I am largely self-taught, I probably already knew more when I started editing that most AMV makers did, simply because I knew how the program I was using worked. And that was literally all I knew.


Stop insulting AMVs due to quality! Constructive criticism is one thing, but we never get that.

Also, AMV editing takes an insane amount of work. People spend literal months working on these videos that are treated like trash. And yes, it takes an extremely deep understanding of multiple aspects of the medium you’re editing in order to make an AMV- way more than I need for my art or fic.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the problem with stealing other people’s editing, because it’s really bad. AMVs just get so little respect that sometimes people will literally take an AMV that the like, put it to different music, and claim it as their own creation. I’m pretty safe because I edit raw style, but I can’t imagine how awful it must be to find something like this with your work. Cause you worked so hard, and someone fucking stole it and nobody gives a shit.

I’m really mad about this. It’s unfair and disgusting, and nobody talks about it because AMVs are a taboo subject. Well, fuck that.

Don’t insult us or our work. Don’t fill our comments sections with arguments about our anime or song choices or the very nature of our art. Don’t elevate some of us by putting the rest down. Don’t call us lazy, don’t call our art stupid, don’t tell us our ideas are uncreative and our clip choice overused.

Don’t act like the quality of our art is dependent on what and how you think we should be editing. Stop insulting us as a joke.

We work so hard, and get so little recognition, or even acknowledgment that we exist. It’s okay to talk about AMVs! Even if you know nothing about editing, it’s okay to say what you like! We made up most of our terms anyway.

But I’m begging you, please respect your fandom’s AMV editors.


Over 8 years ago, I uploaded my second ever video to Youtube.
A fairly crudely edited full reel of the bloopers that play during the two sets of ending credits that were view-able by winning the hardest regular and star tournaments in Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo Gamecube.
At the time, it was quite a high quality upload by YT standards.
It was recorded directly onto and ripped from a DVD Recorder, rather than any of that camcorder nonsense.
A time long before the existence of USB capture devices or HDMI.
Over 5 Million views later, it’s still by far my most popular video on Youtube,

By current standards however the quality is absolutely crap.

So saying as the Wii was hooked up and I had save games in place, I re-recorded and re-edited them to a vastly higher standard and here it is.

This is one of my online ‘legacies’, and the biggest one I’m directly linked to.
It’s somewhat less known that I recorded the majority of the Super Mario World cartoon episodes for YoshiArt from which the whole “Mama Luigi” meme/youtube poop would arise.

Rebecca Breeds Gif Hunt

Below the cut are 100+ gifs of Australian actress Rebecca Breeds. She is best known for her role as Ruby Buckton on Home & Away. All gifs were created by me, off of YouTube videos, as I live in America and do not have access to better quality videos of the show. All are small/medium in size, and I tried coloring them to the best of my ability. I really only made these because I wanted to played her, but I decided to share them to the world incase someone else wants to play her! Enjoy. {Also, more will be added in time.}

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2012 fantastic foursome culture
  • you said you didn’t have a favorite. but you definitely had a favorite
  • feeling like you found one of the fucking dead sea scrolls when you found a new foursome video that you havent seen before.
  • you probably shipped two of them. it was usually phan or kickthestickz. occasionally you ran onto someone that shipped kickthefire or amazingpj, but they usually tended to disappear into the great cosmic void and were never heard from again
  • following every single imagines blog that you could possibly find. and every preference blog too
  • setting an ot4 selfie as your lockscreen AND background
  • definitely not having a folder with every single foursome selfie and gif you could find nope didn’t have that at all
  • making a youtube playlist of all the fantastic foursome videos you could find so you would never lose themgetting deep into the fandom 
  • finding random crap like chris and pj’s album they made together
  • getting innapropriately for things like stic or vidcon bc, of course, new fantastic foursome pics
  • reading every scrap of fanfic you could find even though it was all fucking shit but you needed your fix because the italy vlogs got old after the 56th time watching them
  • also
  • thank the lord chris kendall for italy trip 2k11 and the 4953409543 foursome vlogs and videos it gave birth to
  • spending (in retrospect) an embarassing amount of time imagining what itd be like hanging out with them
  • you didnt have one direction you had the fantastic foursome
Another carbed up fruitbat! 🙌

So it was February of 2015 and I was desperate to find a lifestyle that didn’t make me feel like shit. I was depressed and was barely eating to punish myself. I would eat 300-500 calories all week then binge out on the weekends and then feel even worse. I didn’t want go anywhere or do anything. I was always tired, tired of myself, tired of life. It was an endless cycle of hatred for myself so I started searching for something that would make me healthier and feel better. I remembered that a long time ago I watched a girl on YouTube eat 51 bananas. She was a thin bean AND she looked so happy! So I looked up the video again and started watching a bunch of her videos on a vegan lifestyle. I began to understand that it wasn’t my fault that I was feeling like crap all the time. I am a huge animal lover but I never put it together on the whole eating them thing. I just thought some animals were for eating and some weren’t. I watched documentaries on how poorly the animals were treated in the industry and that was the tipping point for me. I went vegan THAT DAY. I promised myself that I would never intentionally hurt another being again including myself.

Now I’m happy again for the first time in a long time! I’m finally true to myself. I don’t care about what others will think of me because I am my own person and I love ME.

Thank you Freelee for inspiring me to be Carbed up💪 and to love myself no matter what ❤️ I can never thank you enough!

Little trip down memory lane.  My first post was Feb 9, 2014.  I fell into the 1D abyss roughly a year before i started this blog.  I remember seeing Harry and Swifty on the Times Square, New Years Eve broadcast and thinking, “Who cares about those two?”  By February or March 2013, I saw the X-Factor YouTube video (All You Need is Love) and went on a big 1D YouTube binge.  Once I found Chockuhblock’s YouTubes, all the pieces fell into place and I understood who the lads really were and all the closeting and PR crap.  Through Chockuhblock, I discovered a place called tumblr and then found many logical, well-reasoned blogs.

Hard to believe I’ve been a fan for almost 3 years now (over half of 1D’s existence.)  I’m really looking forward to the next chapter of 1D.  I’m not planing on going anywhere.