and the you smiled because you knew quote

“People always say love is a feeling,” he says to me, “but it’s not. It’s a choice.”

“How do you mean?”
I look puzzled, and he cracks a smile.

“Because. You may feel ‘in love’ when things are great. Everyone does. What about when things get bad? Whether or not you choose to stay. It’s what makes love a choice.”

And he was right, I thought. That’s how I knew I loved him even though he loved someone else.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
I knew I was deeply in love with you because whenever I am walking down a busy street or in a room full of people, I would always hope that I would see your face among the crowd. With you, smiling shyly at me, is all I ever want to see.
—  lm // i will look for you
Finding you

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Words: 5992

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

It has pretty much everything but there is a point where there will be smut so if you don’t fancy something like that you can just skip the part.

Description: Your cousin gave you a gift. It’s a pen, a pen that whatever you write upon your skin with it will also appear on your soulmate’s. Silly stuff, how can what you write with a stupid pen appear on your soulmate’s skin?

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She was so absorbed by you,
by your thoughts and your ideas,
so full of you, full of your habits,
that she totally forgot about herself,
you were covering her soul with those clouds of yours,
all gloomy and heavy,
she did not know who she was anymore,
but when you left,
you took back all your clouds,
and then the sun came to her,
everything inside of her flourished,
her thoughts sang her favorite songs,
her mind laughed at her father’s jokes,
her heart danced and danced and danced,
her soul smiled, because she knew,
even the moon has clouds,
but it doesn’t stop her from lighting up the sky every night.

you go girl, you light up this world

If only you knew she trusted you with every part of her soul. If only you knew she would stay awake late at night worried sick about you, wondering if you were okay or if you got that promotion at work.

If only you knew she had so many planned surprises set aside just for you, to show you how much she appreciates you. If only you knew she brags about you to her friends and family about how lucky she is to have found you.

If only you knew that the reason why she wears a smile is because she really believed she found someone real. If only you knew just how many insecurities she has beneath her beautiful eyes.

If only you knew just how hard it was for her to accept the fact that you don’t love her as much as you prmoised. If only you knew how hard it has been for her to move on 3 years later.

If only you knew what it felt like to be cheated on.

—  Tenari Ioapo // Please stop teaching the generation of today that side chicks, flings, mistresses, f**k boys and cheating is acceptable, because it isn’t.

I’m tired of people telling me what I’m feeling is normal. That feeling my heart plunge deeper into my body every time someone says your name is completely normal. It’s not, it’s not fucking normal at all. Don’t try and say you understand because you don’t.

You will not understand because you observed out love from the outside. Maybe from a distance, it didn’t look too serious, but trust me, you’ll never understand because if you knew how we felt you would not question why I shiver when I hear your name or see a picture of you, smiling and completely un-phased by everything.

—  i have trouble explaining why after 4 months im still on the verge of breaking down every time someone says your name

Quotes that are NOT Shakespeare:

1. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

2. When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew (Arrigo Boito)

3. Expectation is the root of all heartache (unknown, but not Shakespeare)

Quotes that ARE Shakespeare:

1. Fie, foh, and fum / I smell the blood of a British man. (King Lear)

2. If you can mock a leek, you can eat a leek. (Henry V)

3. I’ll do it in my shirt (Love’s Labour’s Lost)

Conclusion: ????

Check your goddamn sources and revel in the fact that real Shakespeare is far more entertaining than faux Shakespeare.

I knew you so well. I knew how your lips would curl into a smile, how your eyes light up every time your favorite song comes on, or even the way your heart beats. I knew every little bits and pieces of you. But now I know you much more. Because now I know the way you make a heart break.
—  P.G.G

Imagine Chris stealing your favorite sweater.

A/N: Fluffer-nutter. That’s a cookie, right? Anyway, point is that this is so fluffy and cute that it’s going to warm your romantic heart and make you smile like a delicious cookie would.

You were searching through your wardrobe for your favorite gray sweater when you heard your laptop ring. You glanced over your shoulder and saw Chris’ FaceTime call and walked over to pick up before returning to the closet. It’d been weeks since you last saw it and you had no idea where you put it. You didn’t even want to wear it, you were just the kind of person who couldn’t let things go until you had a resolution. You blamed your mom for that trait because she was the same; the amount of times she’d turned the house upside down for an item she suddenly thought of but had no use for was insane.

“Morning, ba-” He stopped when he realized he couldn’t see you. “Where are you?” He chuckled and you poked your head out, giving him a wave before returning to your search. “Oh hey,” he smiled. “What are you looking for?” He laughed when he saw something fly out of the closet and land on the floor.

“My gray sweater,” you told him and Chris pressed his lips together, glancing over his shoulder at said sweater which was lying on his hotel room bed. “I don’t know where I put it and I’m trying to find it. It’s weird, it’s been weeks since I last saw it.” You decided to put a pause on the search so you could talk to Chris; you walked over to your laptop and plopped yourself on the bed in front of it. “I think the last time I wore it was at brunch with you before you left for LA, right?”

“Ooo…” His fingers played with his lips as he tried to think. “Um.” He pursed his lips, looking up at the ceiling as he continued to ponder. “I don’t know, I don’t really remember.” Your eyes narrowed at his strange behavior, but you said nothing. “Why do you need it? You’ve got a billion other sweaters in your wardrobe, just wear one of those.”

“I like my gray one.”

“I know,” he smiled, “it’s your favorite.”

It was because it was your favorite that Chris took it. He’d been out in LA for a few weeks now, and soon he’d have to leave for Vancouver to film ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. He didn’t know when he would see you next which was why he took- a few was an understatement- of your favorite items with him when he saw you last. Items included: your gray sweater, your favorite baseball cap, your most used perfume, your red knit scarf, your iPod with your favorite albums, your cat plush cushion, your mini Polaroid photo album, and your copy of your favorite book. He took all that among other things; some you knew about and some you didn’t- like your gray sweater. He probably should’ve told you he was taking it to save you the trouble of looking, but he wasn’t going to now that you’d already search half the house. He thought about it, then decided to shoot you a text later so he didn’t have to face your wrath over FaceTime.

“It’s fine, I’ll find it later.” You said and Chris huffed with relief. “Let’s talk about you, how’s things in LA? You and Mckenna look like you’re having a lot of fun.” You said, then smiled when you saw him smile at the sound of Mckenna’s name; he loved the kid as much as he loved his own niece. “I see you finally decided to show off your amazing tap skills to the world.”

“Yeah,” he couldn’t help his grin, “I just couldn’t say no to the kid.” He chuckled and you did the same, shaking your head. “Just so you know, you are definitely going to be playing bad cop when we have our own kids. I can assure you right now that our little one is going to have me wrapped around his or her finger,” he told you, laughing.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you bit playfully. “And I’m sorry, our little one?” You quizzed and he nodded. “As in singular?” He nodded again and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face, “I thought you’ve always wanted a big family.”

“Yeah, I do,” he nodded, biting back his growing smile. “But I don’t know, I don’t want to scare you away considering I haven’t even put a ring on your finger yet.” You laughed like it was even a possibility you’d run from someone as perfect as Chris. “I know you’re not really a kid person, so- I thought I’d start slow by talking about having just one kid and see what your reaction is. So far,” he winked with a click of his tongue, “so good.”

“I already told you I’d have kids for you, Chris,” you reminded him and he nodded. “Not an unreasonable amount, but I’m more than happy to have a big family with you.” You said and he smiled. “You’re going to be an amazing dad, I can’t deprive you or any child from that. Plus- it’ll be different when the child’s mine,” you said then winced as you added, “I think.”

“It will,” he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t you worry.”

“I won’t, because you haven’t put a ring on my finger yet,” you held up your left hand and wiggled your ring finger at him; he chuckled in response. “I’m still young, but you’re not getting any younger. If you want kids, marry me, because we’re not having a child out of wedlock.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “Relax, okay? I’m working on it.”

“Tick tock, Chris,” you teased, tapping your watch-less wrist.

He dropped his gaze, laughing, which lowered his head enough to give you a view of his bed. Your eyes narrowed when you spotted your sweater lying on his bed. You scoffed, shaking your head in utter disbelief. You were very sure it was your sweater; you could recognize that gray heap anywhere considering it was your favorite gray heap. You crossed your arms over your chest as Chris looked up to meet your gaze. You shook your head at him with pursed lips and he raised an eyebrow at you. It was only when your eyes darted behind him that he realized you’d found out where your favorite gray sweater was.

“I see you found my favorite sweater,” you said and he winced. “Seriously?” You chuckled at his expression. “Are you kidding me? You took that too?” He nodded with pursed lips. “Chris! Why don’t you just pack me in your fucking luggage?”

“Believe me,” he laughed, “I would if I could.” You laughed harder at that because you knew that was one hundred percent true. “I’m sorry, I just- I need your things to make myself feel more at home.” You rolled your eyes. “You know we wouldn’t have this problem if you’d just left some of your things in the LA home, but no- you had to move it all to Boston.”

“You told me to!” You protested, laughing; Chris cracked a smile. “You’re the one who told me to move everything to Boston because you said and I quote, 'Boston’s going to be our home base when we get married. LA’s just a work space, so don’t worry about leaving your things here.’ You said that, did you not?”

“I did,” he answered monotonously.

“And now it’s my fault my things aren’t there?”

“Yes,” he nodded and you scoffed, chuckling. “It’s fine, I’ll just steal whatever I need.” He leaned back in his chair to reach for your sweater and pulled it off the bed in one swift movement, pressing it to his nose as he turned back to you. “Yup, it smells like you. Like if you were standing right in front of me,” he mumbled, breathing the perfume he’d spray on the soft material in.

“You could’ve had the same effect by spraying my perfume around the room, or on one of your own shirts, or your skin. I don’t see why you had to steal my sweater, and my favorite one too.” He just grinned cheekily, making you roll your eyes. “Oh my God,” you chuckled, “you’re such a dork.”

“That’s why you love me,” he kissed the air in front of him.

“Well, I’m glad I took this then.” You got off the bed to pick up Chris’ NASA hat that you’d taken out of his backpack before he left for the airport. He made his jaw drop as he tried not to smile; he’d saw you take it out of his bag and didn’t stop you because he wanted you to have it while he was gone. “Among other things, but hey, I won’t tell you what they are so you can spend weeks looking for said items.” You teased as you tugged the hat off, grinning the same cheeky grin. “Let’s see how you like it, Captain.”

“Well you know me, baby,” he winked. “I love games.”

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“Perfect Gentleman”

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Gif not mine!

Warning: Kinda sexy time but not really, cursing, and a dominant Tom

“Tom Hiddleston, hollywood’s perfect gentleman, he is a true prince only he needs is a crown. He has an amazingly captivating accent, his well spoken and kindly mannered, he has the utmost respect for woman around the world, he can sing and dance, he’s gorgeous, he can speak 4 different languages fluently, he’s amazing with kids, an ambassador for the UNICEF, and to top it all off he’s a total sweetheart when it comes to his fiancé and soon to be wife (Y/N) he truly loves that woman. This man can do no wrong-” you shut the television rolling your eyes.

“Hear that babe! You’re hollywood’s ‘perfect gentleman’” you said air quoting perfect gentleman because they didn’t know the Tom you knew behind closed doors. He laughed harshly “Baby I never understand why you never believe that I’m a perfect gentleman do I event disrespect you?” He said roughly grabbing your waist turning you around to face him. The devilish smile began to form on his handsome face.

“You’re a bad boy. Mama warned me about the charmers like yourself, you always do bad things to a little woman like me.” You said mocking a southern accent, he chuckled and began to slide his hands up your shirt.

“Oh really, charmers like me darlin’? But I’ve done things to you that no one else could’ve ever done, not even Christian fucking Grey could handle what I’ve done.” He said softly in your ear causing your core to become dampened by his sensual tone. “So if you’re not Christian Grey who are you? Cause I want Christian Grey.” You said pouting causing Tom to playfully push you onto the bed while he slowly crawled up your body leaving kisses softly on your exposed skin.

“I’m. Thomas. William. Hiddleston. Your husband.” He said kissing you roughly while you began to intertwine your hands into his hair deepening your kiss.

As quickly as he was on your lips he moved his way down to your neck leaving sweet kisses until he hit your neck line, he then pulled away from your body causing you to look at him with sad eyes, you craved his touch, his skin, his kiss, his heat, his hands and before you could even complain you shirt and shorts had been taken off in a rushed moment leaving you in shock. He had made his way to your collarbone and began to work his way down until he hit the beginning of your panties but before he could work his magic you both heard a knock at the front door.

He mumbled a few curse words “Baby don’t get it just stay here.” You said softly, Tom shook his head and kissed you softly “It’s Luke, he wanted to discuss upcoming movie plans.” He said softly walking to the door not bothering to fix himself “So? Good boy doing bad things huh? Looks like you had a good time.” Luke said stepping into the house.

“I was and then you knocked.” Tom said laughing while he followed Luke into the living room. Once you were dressed and fixed your hair you joined them on the couches lying on the armchair slowly falling asleep as the men discussed business as usual and before you knew it you had sleep take over and the last thing you remember hearing was “She’s the love of my life.” Which made you smile in your sleep.

“Inner beauty doesn’t get you drinks at a bar.” He snorted, there was something vicious in his eyes, his words were meant to bite, to tear.

To his surprise, the girl only smiled. It irked him, this smile of hers, that familiar glint in her eye.

“You’re right,” She finally said, and despite her concession, he had the feeling he hadn’t really won. “Inner beauty doesn’t get you free drinks at a bar, it gets you a bottle of dom perignon in the french countryside with someone who treasures you the most out of everything they have on this earth.”

For a second all he could do was stand there, dumbfounded. That smile of hers hadn’t vanished quite yet, and now he knew why it irked him so. That smile, that glint in her eye, they were borne from sympathy.

Because he had never been loved, nor in love, as deeply as she had.

“it’s a shame you put stock in the former.”

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write

Requested. (Not sure in which direction you wanted this to go, so I winged it.)

Song or quote : “You want to know a secret? I stopped writing for a while when he left, and that was the moment I felt like he had stolen a part of me"  
Who: Chris Evans

“This is beautiful, [Y/N]!” 

She smiled softly, looking down in her lap, her hand reaching to smooth out the wrinkle in her black dress pants. “Thank you.” 

The publisher agent leaned back in his chair, shaking his head, his eyes skimming back over the beautiful writing that was sitting in front of him. “I can’t believe it, you’re back, baby. You are back!” Leaning forward a little too violently, he grinned. “This is gold, [Y/N]. You have no idea how happy I am that you’re getting back into writing. The community missed you, you know.” He frowned, “Where did you go, exactly?” 

[Y/N] sucked in air as she relived the happiest and saddest moments of her life. It had all started years ago with a simple meeting between herself and a man that she would owe most of her greatest works to whether or not she wanted to. She was writing a lot back then but nothing was standing out until she wrote a literal book of poems. Pouring every bit of herself into every page, creating a story with rhymes and meaning. It flew off the shelves and eventually went on back-order. 

The demand for her book was incredible and a lot of people saw potential. One in particular wanted to turn it into a short film for the Sundance Festival and [Y/N] couldn’t say no. She couldn’t wait to see her words transpire in front of her eyes and neither could her publishing agency. It meant big bucks and boosted her into the top.

She was to meet the cast and go into detail to explain the characters they’d play a little more deeply than what was evident on the pages. And among that cast was Chris who so easily stole her breath the minute he delicately shook her hand. [Y/N] wasn’t known for falling but Chris had made it happen within seconds. 

They dated on and off for a few years before he made the move to keep her around for good. He was wonderful to her, made her feel like a queen and more. She was happy, more than that actually. He was her muse and whenever he was around, she wrote beautifully. Chris loved to watch her write, loving the way she’d bite the corner of her lip when she’d dig in her mind for a word that rhymed with the one before. 

But all good things must end and their love ran out. It was a shame because neither of them saw it coming and it was because of that reason that made it so hard for the both of them to move on. Chris resorted to heavy drinking, staying out late with friends, trying to numb the pain of what could have been. It took less than a year for him to forget her name and face despite the many years they shared together. This was his job, he was conditioned to play different people and emotions. Once he got back into the swing of things, it was easy to forget her. All he had to do was force his mind into living like his character and once he was done, he’d move onto the next one until he forgot why he was doing what he was doing. 

[Y/N] on the other hand lost it all. She had trouble grasping that the man she had spent all those years left had disappeared. It wasn’t fair seeing him genuinely laugh and smile in interviews and parties. How could he have moved on so quickly? Granted the calculations of his misery was six months, give or take some. It took her way longer to grieve over the death of her relationship. 

“I traveled some,” [Y/N] spoke, an underlying tone of sadness lacing her voice. “I felt lost so I decided to see the world hoping that it’d give me something to write about.” 

“I’d say that it did it’s job. This is wonderful, people are going to love this.” 

“You want to know a secret?” She waited for him to nod, “I stopped writing for a while when he left, and that was the moment I felt like he had stolen a part of me" Looking back down at her lap, she bit her lip. “That’s why I was so lost because when I was with him, I knew everything about myself and I felt like I could write eternally. And when he left, he took all of that.” 

Nodding, he gave a soft smile. “It’s good to have you back, [Y/N]. I trust that you have found yourself?”

“I’m on my way.” [Y/N] said calmly with a small smile on her lips. It might take a few more years but at least she was on the right track. 

I love talking to you until the late hours of night, to hours we’ll both regret in the morning. But, It’s the best kind of tired, the kind you can’t help but smile about, because every time I yawn, I think of the smiles we shared late at night, and when I feel exhausted, I remember why I am. I remember the way you talked to me and the way you listened without purpose, without necessity, but you still did anyway. I remember the dead silence late at night, only broken by our whispers and silent laughs. I remember checking the time and hours had gone past and I hadn’t realized. I remember us talking thirty minutes to say goodnight, only to end up talking more. These are the memories we’ll hold on to, the late at night conversations that neither of us will forget, the way I just knew you were smiling because of the way you talked. I’ll never forget this, and I hope you never do either.
—  K.E.F

When we first met, you would drive me crazy. You were always around and you always had to put in your two cents. You would tease me about the girls I was hooking up with and you’d call me an idiot because I’m was idiot sometimes. I’m still an idiot. But then it happened so often that I expected you to be there. And when you weren’t - I missed you. When I saw you again, I realized I didn’t ever want to miss you again.

I just want you around. All the time. I want to hear your annoyingly enticing voice and see your goofy gorgeous smile. I want you to be around because when you weren’t there I felt an emptiness inside of me where you belonged. I don’t want to feel that again.

I ended up falling for you because we knew how to get on each others nerves but then we realized we liked that about each other. You always challenge me. Especially when I’m being an idiot. It bothered me before but I needed that. I still do. I think I always will.

Because I need you - I love you.

—  Oko Ninjah (you’re what I need)
A Letter

Jughead Jones
Quote: Somebody asked me if I knew you, a million memories flashed through my mind and I just smiled and said I used to. 

Dear Jughead,

It’s crazy to me that I’m writing to you right now. I couldn’t honestly tell you how many times I’ve backspaced this very sentence. I don’t know why I feel so compelled to email you this because it’s been years since we’ve exchanged any kind of words with each other. Funny how that is, isn’t it? We both live in this godforsaken town and go to the same school, how is it that we’ve hardly said a word to one another? It’s mind blowing how friendships can die within such close proximity. 

But, we both know I’m to blame for the end of ours. I won’t deny it and I will never deny it. It was my fault. I left you. I left you high and dry like you were nothing. And for that, I’m truly sorry because even with the friends I have made in this small town. The friendship we shared will always be my favorite because you understood me. You never judged me, never scolded me, never told me what to do, and most importantly accepted me and my flaws. Granted, we were a lot younger back then but it didn’t matter. You liked me for me and I liked you for you. The simpler times, right?

Earlier, I was searching through old photo albums and a picture of you and I surfaced and I was reminded of all the mischievous things we’d do. The picture was of us at that carnival the town over had, you remember, right? The one that used to scare me to death because of that over sized clown cut out? I laugh at myself now because it such a ridiculous thing to be scared of. But, in this picture, we were hugging. You were wearing your famous crowned beanie and I, well, I was wearing my hair in my famous braided pigtails. I cringe at the thought of how my hair was day in and day out for seven years straight. I’m really glad I outgrew that. But, that beanie always looked good on you, though. I could never imagine you without it and still couldn’t. 

As I sat in the middle of my room staring at this picture, a friend asked if I knew you. Like actually knew you. A million memories flashed through my mind and all I could do was smile and say I used to. 

I want to apologize, Jughead. Because I feel like I never did and you deserve that. And with all the crazy events that have been happening in this town, I feel like you and I both need closure. After everything you went through, the last thing you needed was for me to walk away and abandon the friendship we had. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone and I know that now. And I know that you probably will never forgive me and I don’t blame you. But, I want you to know that I really am sorry. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there when you needed me. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for you when your father failed you for the millionth time and got arrested. I’m sorry that I’m not there to tell you that you’re better than what you think. I’m sorry that it took me this long to realize that I had loved you a lot more than a friend all those years ago. 

 I hope that you’re doing better because you deserve that and so much more. Surround yourself with your friends, Jug. They won’t desert you like I did. And don’t feel the need to reply, we don’t have to pretend to mend a broken thing. I just needed you to know what has been locked up in my stupid brain. 


[Your name]

Evak + William Shakespeare

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

I would not wish any companion in the world but you

the course of true love never did run smooth

Love is a smoke, made with the fume of sighs