and the yellow one with a bow is so cute

Is anyone going to talk about Yang’s sorry excuse for a dress at the dance?

OKAy so I love RWBY and the CRWBY with all my heart, and I have very few criticisms of the show in general, but something that has bothered me since the first time i watched it is Yang’s dress in Dance Dance Infiltration.

I mean, LOOK at the dresses her teammates got.

Ruby (feat. Crescent Rose) has a dress that fits her color scheme, has some cute detailing, and really suits her character.

Blake’s dress also fits her color scheme, and is something her character would wear. She even gets a cute, purple bow just for the occasion (although, you can’t really tell in this picture.) 

Weiss gets a dress that, while a little more simple, really suits her as a character, has a fun little–for lack of a better word–fluffy quality to it, and once again, it fits her color scheme. 

And then there’s Yang.

Her dress is one solid color. And that color is white. It literally looks like they just forgot to design her a dress and so they gave her a coloring book page to wear. She could have had a cute, pale yellow dress, or something more gold, anything would have been better than this. This doesn’t look like something Yang would pick out, and she deserved better.

#75 Your daughter interrupts his live show (requested)

Dan: “Yeah, it was really cool,” he smiled, leaning on the arm of his chair.

Just as he was about to say something else, he heard two little feet pattering down the hall.

“Someone is coming to say hi,” he whispered with a grin.

Your two year old daughter came into the room holding a piece of paper tightly. “Daddy look!” She exclaimed.

Dan pulled her up into his lap and took the paper, which showed a messy drawing of what seemed to be your little family.

“Wow, bear! That’s so good! Can we show our friends?” He asked, pointing to the screen.

She smiled and nodded, dark brown curls bouncing. Dan flipped around the paper so everyone could see.

“Isn’t it really good guys?” He asked, pulling your daughter in the shot a little more.

The chat flooded with things like “best drawing ever!” And “you’re the cutest thing to ever exist.” Your daughter grinned proudly.

Phil: “But isn’t that crazy? Like-” he stopped when your 2 year old daughter walked through the door. “Hello precious!” He smiled at her.

“Daddy! I missed you!” She ran to him, crawling up on his lap and wrapped her little arms around his neck.

“You missed me during your nap? Well I missed you too,” he kissed her cheek. “Can you say ‘Hi guys’?” He asked.

“Hi guys!” She giggled, waving her arm like she’d seen her father do.

“I like your bow,” he commented, adjusting the little pink bow that you’d placed in her hair earlier.

“It’s pink!” She stated, looking back at Phil.

“Very good! Now… What color are daddy’s socks?” He pointed to his feet, where he bore mismatched socks.

“Red, black, and yellow.” She pointed to each color on each sock. Phil genuinely didn’t think she’d get that.

“You’re so smart!” He pulled her close to him, tickling her stomach.

The Old House

@goldcaught, I was inspired to write a fic by your Southern Gothic Klaroline AU. I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed the idea!

              The place is haunted.

              Everyone knows that.

              So when the couple decides to buy it… well, the whole town tells them that they’re crazy.  There are perfectly nice houses right in town, after all.  And why would a nice couple like them want to live ten miles outside of town anyway?  Sure, there’s not a huge night life, but there’s the bar and bowling alley and a theatre that shows new releases on the weekend.  And wouldn’t they rather live close to all of that?

              Plus, the damn plantation house is haunted.          

              The girl – because anyone under the age of thirty is still a girl, and this one can’t be much older than twenty if she’s even that – smiles and says they’ll be fine.  She has manners that impress the older generation, and legs damn near up to her neck that she shows off with a sundress that make all the boys stare after her long after she’s walked past.

              The man – because even though he doesn’t look older than thirty, something about him says that boy will never be accurate – watches the girl with hungry eyes and smiles only when she whispers something in his ear.  Otherwise, he watches them all with the eyes of a hunter.  The townsfolk are familiar with those eyes; after all, lots of them wear that look themselves – just never with humans.

              When he hears the house is haunted, he says nothing. But everyone gets the sense he’s amused.

              They won’t last a week, some of the younger boys say, because they’re jealous of the man, and want him to run away and leave the girl for their hungry gazes.

              But the older generation, they aren’t too sure. Those hunter’s eyes… they aren’t easy to scare.

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I walked into the dressing room with 3 dresses and a few swimsuits. Rebecca was waiting outside the dressing room for me. “You have tell me how these look on me okay?” I yelled out to her. I waited for a response… “Becca… okay?”

“Yeah yeah, I hear you. I am not leaving.”

“Great, thanks.” I started changing into my first dress, a short, white and dark blue stripped dress. I came out of the dressing room a scanned my eyes for Rebecca’s bright green shirt. “So, what do you think?”

“Wow, that looks really cute on you. You should get it.”

“Thanks.” I gave a little twirl and looked in the full body mirror in the dressing room keeping the door open. I put my hands on my hips and looked at Rebecca, ‘“I do look great, don’t I?”

“Yeah, just like I said before, try on that swimsuit you really like, the one with the yellow bows on the side.”

“Oh yeah, that one is real cute.” I closed the dressing room door and clawed my way out of the dress. I gave out a loud breath.

“Yo, you okay in there, you sound like your fighting a bear in there.” I could hear her laughing.

“Yeah, I am fine, just trying on the next thing.” I put on the bottoms of the swimsuit and tied on the little yellow bows that were on the side. I put on the top and arranged the straps. “I have the suit on, not sure what I think of it?”

“Come on out, let me see.”

“Na, I think I will just try on the next one.” I started removing the bottoms, and than I heard my dressing room door open slightly. “Becca, get the heck out of here.” I said in a hushed tone.

“What are they going to do, kick me out of the store for helping a friend get into her clothes?”


Plus, you look great in the swimsuit. You should definitely get this swimsuit.” Rebecca took a step back to get a better look at all of me. She looked me up and down, and for some reason I felt completely comfortable with it. Maybe because we used to take baths together when we were 4years old or, maybe it was because I knew that Rebecca had a crush on me and I secretly liked the attention I got from her?


“Yeah, Becca? What’s up?” I realized that I had slightly tuned Rebecca out.

“You should get the swimsuit, the boys at the pool party will go crazy. Also, I think you look really hot in it. If I was a guy I would be all over you.”

Wait what? What did she just say? Rebecca has never been that forward to me when talking about how she felt about me. “ It took me by surprise. I turning my back to Rebecca I turned around to look at myself in the mirror again. “You really think I should get it?” I looked at my self from each side.

“Yes Stephanie, I think you look amazing in this.”

She put her hands on my shoulder and turned me around. She put her hands on my face and pulled me closer to her.

“Stephanie, you look amazing in anything you wear, I find you incredible attractive.”

As she was holding my face she moved closer to me. At this moment I knew that things were going to change between us. Either I could pull away and freak out, or I could kiss her back and see what happens next. Next thing I knew I was kissing my best friend and yeah, it was freaking amazing,

Happy Birthday, Gwen!

AN: a-less-ordinary-life, it is your birthday, and I love you, so have some baby fluff <3

Tony couldn’t believe a whole year had passed since his little princess had been born. The years before her birth already seemed like a strange blur to him, and he simply couldn’t remember life without her; she was the most important part of his life.

“A whole year,” he whispered across their bed early that morning. “It’s insane.”

“She’s growing so fast,” Steve hummed in agreement, still half asleep. “Did you – you remembered to order the cake, right?”

“Of course,” Tony replied with a huff. “I ordered it weeks ago. It should arrive mid-afternoon.”

“Just checking,” Steve smiled, and then leaned forwards to kiss Tony gently on the lips. Tony edged forwards into his arms, never breaking the kiss, and was about to take it a little further when a wail came from the baby monitor beside them.

Sighing, they both pulled away again.

“I’ll get the squirt while you make a start on breakfast?” Tony suggested, and then rolled off the end of the bed when Steve nodded his agreement. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

He found Lily where he found her every morning – stood, gripping the bars of her crib while she cried for attention. She stopped as soon as she saw Tony, of course, because she knew exactly what she was doing, the little gremlin.

“The saddest part is that I fall for your games every single time,” he sighed out loud, leaning in to scoop her out of the crib. Smoothing some unruly hair out of her face, he kissed her cheek. “Happy birthday, little madam.”

Lily smiled sweetly at him, and he just had to kiss her again. Damn, she was just the cutest little thing.

Tony made a little more effort than usual in picking out her clothes for the day. She was only going to turn one once, after all, and he had no doubt that there wouldn’t be a minute of the whole day unphotographed, so he couldn’t let her go around looking scruffy.

He decided on a cute, lemon yellow dress with lacy white trimmings that Pepper had brought her back from Prague a few weeks ago. Pairing that with a tiny pair of white socks, and then a red bow in her hair and matching red pumps, she looked perfect.

“The fairest princess of them all, of course,” he hummed, carrying her across the room so she could see herself in the mirror. “What are the lady’s thoughts on today’s attire?”

Lily looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, and then giggled happily and looked up at Tony. He grinned right back and dropped a kiss onto the top of her head.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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Fic: Hold Onto The Handrail (or: The Tragic Demise of a Very Expensive Shirt and a Cup of Coffee and the Resulting Awkwardness)

hazelandglasz prompted:the subway brakes too strongly and bam, au meeting ?

It’s been a long, weird, difficult day and Kurt is exhausted and hungry and feeling annoyed. He’ll have to stop to get take-out on the way home, and his roommates are fighting with each other once again and money is tight so he’ll have to pick up an extra shift at the diner this weekend. And all he really wants right now is a shower. A nice, hot, long shower. He’s sure that that’s the only thing that will make this whole day infinitely better.

For now, he soothes himself stealing sneaky glances at the cute guy standing next to him, sipping coffee even this late in the afternoon. He’s adorable and Kurt’s had a crappy day, so if he wants to appreciate the sight of a gorgeous guy with the cutest head of carefully styled curly hair, he thinks no one can blame him. Besides. It isn’t often he sees people who can actually rock mustard yellow pants and bow ties with what looks like little sailboats on it.

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Harvard (part 7)

This is technically two parts in one, so it’s long. Hope you enjoy.

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6

“Hey,” he says, swinging the lab door open. I’m sat on top of one of the work surfaces playing with my phone as I wait, but as soon as I lay eyes on him I feel my lower abdominals clench and a slight tightening in my throat. Giddy is one way to describe it I suppose.

“Hi,” I reply.

“You ok?” he asks, walking over and leaning on his elbows onto the worktop next to me. I look from my taller height and we both watch his fingers twiddling below.

“Yeah,” I quietly answer. “You?”

“Hmmmmm,” he hums before taking a long breath in and holding it.

“What happened to you? Where have you been?” I try. He doesn’t seem to be in a chatty mood but I am curious about the past few days.

“Ugh, you know… Lara happened,” he sighs, turning around and jumping up to sit beside me.

“No, I don’t know.” I laugh at the situation I’ve put myself in. I’m falling in love with a guy who has a girlfriend, a girlfriend I’m purposefully keeping at an arm’s length just in case… In case what, Amelia? you ask. That, I’m not sure. A silence settles and I break it by saying, “You don’t have to tell me though, don’t worry.”

I see him physically relax, his jaw unclenching and his smile forming.

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?” I frown, having no clue as to what he’s on about.

“You…” He lifts his hands up to gesture in mid-air but I’m still lost. My frown turns to an amused brow tilt. “You just… Don’t worry. I shouldn’t say.”

“Well you can’t leave it like that!”

“What were we talking about? Oh yeah, so where are we going with the Borders lot?!” He skillfully distracts me.

“Oh!” I squeal, jumping down and turning round to grin at him. “We are going… drum roll please…” He rolls his fists against the granite next to him. “We’re going to Greece!”

“Greece?!” His voice cracks from the shock. “Holy crap!”

“I know!” I giggle. “This is why I wanted to know where you were. Can you believe it? We leave in a month, just after Easter!”

“This is amazing!” His eyes are as excited and brimming with glee as I imagine mine are.

“Yep,” I agree.

“Last year was incredible but I got a feeling this year will be better…”


“Yeah,” he confirms, tilting that damn head of his. I blush as his blue eyes catch mine and demand my attention. As usual I struggle to look away so for once, I don’t fight temptation and instead just stifle a smile by biting my bottom lip. As predicted, his eyes go straight to it.

“You know there’s a whole training week next week?” I say.

This weekend is when the entire university clear out, everyone goes home for the holidays, and only a few remain. The Doctors Without Borders members are some of those few, staying an extra week to finalise arrangements, sort out visas, practice any procedures they may have to face, organise any jabs and vaccinations for the local area etc.

“I know… Callie and Meredith are sticking around just for the drinking part of it!” Owen says.

“Hey, maybe I should get Arizona to stay. We’ll test out your theory of them being gay,” I tease, beginning to stroll around the room and fiddle with instruments.

“Joke all you like but there’s something going on between them,” he replies.

“I actually think you might be right. Arizona goes on about Callie as much as I go on about-” I stop myself, knowing I was about to say you.

“As much as you go on about…?” He lingers on the question.

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One of Those Nights- Shawn Mendes imagine

“Shawn? I can’t sleep.”

Me and Shawn were in a hotel, downtown, since he was on tour with Austin. The show was canceled due to the flooding in the stadium. So we just spent the whole day in the hotel.

“Me neither.” He replied and nudged towards me a little bit.

“I feel so wide awake, like I need to do something or else I can’t sleep. I feel like my day isn’t complete.”

“Exactly,” he said “Let’s go adventure. Just you and me.” He sat up abruptly.

“Where? It’s midnight Shawn, nothing’s opened.” I said sitting up too.

“Well we’re not going to sleep so what else are we going to do?” He did make a good point. I got up, put a comfy jacket over my tank top, slip on some shorts, clipped my hair to keep it out of the way, and unplugged the charger from my phone. By the time I was done, Shawn had changed into a black T-shirt and jeans.

He grabbed my hand and lead me out of the hotel. The air was a little chilly, but it felt nice compared to the heat in the afternoon.

Shawn intwined our fingers together and we walked down the sidewalk. Since we were in the city, it was beautiful. The city lights were bright in the moonlight, a slight breeze every now and then, there was not much traffic, and the sidewalks were mostly empty. It felt like I could do anything.

“This is nice.” I spoke up.

“Yeah it is.” We passed by the mall and I sighed.

“I wish the stores were opened so I can buy a new dress.” Shawn’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to look perfect for it. Shawn studied my face a little and a small smile crept up on his face. “Why wait for the stores to open, when you can go now?”

“Shawn Peter-Raul Mendes, are you saying we break in?” I said shocked. Shawn was usually the goody-goody who didn’t want to do anything that would get him in trouble, or have any fun.

Shawn grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back of the mall. He found a door and tried to think of some way of opening it. “My hair clip!” I said and snatched it out of my hair. I wiggled it a little until a heard a little click.

I slowly opened the door and looked around. It was dimly lit and me and Shawn walked around. I was pretty sure we were in Nordstrom. No one was around so all of it was to ourselves. “So what do you want?”

Me and Shawn looked around the section filled with dresses. I chose some and Shawn chose some. We went to the fitting rooms and chose the handicapped stall. Shawn sat on the long bench attached to the wall. We’ve changed in front of each other lots of times, so it was okay that he was in here with me. And it was kinda scary being here all alone.

I tried on lots of dresses, some of them were too big, too small, too bright, some of them were okay, but not perfect for Shawn’s Birthday. We were down to our last few dresses and I put on this short, long sleeved, black dress. Shawn pulled up the zipper while I looked at the mirror.

It was perfect. It fit me exactly, showed off my curves, and hid some of my imperfections. I turned around and faced Shawn, and he look mesmerized. “You look absolutely beautiful.” He said and looked into my eyes. Our lips touched and butterflies filled my entire body. It was a sweet and gentle kiss, not rough, and it abousolutely amazing. He rested his hands on my hips and I put my hands on his shoulders. We let go breathing heavily and blushing slightly.

I changed back into my normal clothing, we walked to the cash register, and I realized something.

“Shawn, how are we going to pay for this?” There was no one here just me and Shawn. And I was definitely not going to steal a expensive dress.
Shawn thought for a moment, and took my dress. He took off the price tag, and put the money for the dress on top. “So they can scan it to see what dress it is, and put the cash in the cash register.”

“Great idea Shawn.” I said, pecked his lips, and switched his money with my money, and gave him back his money.“My treat.” He says and puts the money back in my hand. I really hate when he does this because when I pay him back, he just buys me something else with the money I gave him. I sighed, I was too lazy to argue so I just put the money back in my pocket.

Shawn walked towards the door we used but I pulled him back.
“Men’s is that way, Shawn.” I said smiling slyly. He groaned, but smiled back.

We looked at some of the fancy suits, since Shawn doen’t have any. He never wears any of this stuff, so why not buy just one?

We chose some jackets, pants, ties, and bows and went in the fitting room. Well Shawn felt kinda self conscious so he made me wait outside. I was a little upset because I let him go in the room, but it was kinda cute that he was self concious.

We tried on different colored ties, bows, and shirts, but all of them looked kinda tacky. So when Shawn changed into another suit, I chose this all black suit and white shirt. I came back and Shawn was wearing a suit with a yellow tie.

“Try this on” I said and nudged him in the room. I waited while the sound of clothes swishing filled the air. Finally I heard a small click of the lock and Shawn came out. And may I say I did a pretty good job choosing this suit.

“Oh my god, you look so good wear this to my funeral, my wedding, wear this every single day.” I said. Shawn blushed slightly and pecked my lips.

We paid for the suit and went out the door we unlocked. It was 6:00am by then and I was tired, but happy. It was one of those nights I felt like we were the only 2 people in the world.

profaning  asked:

Hey! I've been looking to re do my whole wardrobe and I need some advice and pointers to the right direction please !(:

Hi honey, you’ve come to the right place! I usually shop at Sheinside and Romwe for fresh and trendy looks. They sell a lot of tumblr-ish clothing and dupes for American Apparel and other expensive stores that celebrities buy at.

Here are my recommendations for the late spring season:


Blue V Neck Lace Dress (I got this one a couple weeks ago, I love it)

White Lace Bodycon Dress

Yellow V Neck Lace Split Dress (would look so fab on tan/deeper skin tones)

Backless Florals Dress

Spaghetti Strap Asymmetrical Dress


Bleached Denim Blouse (I ordered it last week, can’t wait to get it)

White Black Striped Bow Back Crop T-shirt

Floral Short Sleeve Loose T-Shirt

Fox Print With Pocket T-shirt (so cute)

Lace Hollow White Blouse


Denim Shorts (Like Miley’s)

Ripped Denim Shorts

Pleated Black Skirt (like American Apparel’s tennis skirt but better)

Faux Roses Embellished Pink Skirt (so cute)

Denim Black Shorts (like Taylor’s)

Special sale at Romwe

Special sale at Sheinside


Happy shopping, xoxo

Change- A Sam Wilkinson Imagine- Chapter 13

Previous chapters here

Chapter 13

I stopped when I saw she had a thin plastic tube under her nose, which was connected with a small pink tank with stickers she was dragging. My heart flipped and I understood the reason why Sam’s voice changed abruptly when he talked about her. I felt terrible, I couldn’t believe why these things happened to so small innocent kids, who still had a lot to discover in this world.

“You are Y/n?” She asked looking at me with her beautiful big brown eyes. “Yes” I said smiling widely. “Hi” she exclaimed touching her green dress. I laughed, “hi”.

“Sammy talks a lot about you, he told me you were pretty and you are pretty” she said shyly.

I laughed at her comment, “Well, if I’m not mistaken you are Allie" she nodded showing her smile which had a single tooth missing, “and you are very pretty as well”

“Thank you” she bowed at me and I giggled. “Do you want to play with me?” “Of course I want"

I grabbed her tiny hand and she led me inside her bedroom. It was painted a bright pink and had drawing of butterflies, flowers and trees all over the walls. She had a huge collection of dolls and stuffed animals, probably the most numerous one I’ve ever seen.

“You won’t ask me about my tube?” she said suddenly in a sad tone. I didn’t know what to say, “Why should I?”.

“I don’t know, people usually stare at it and sometimes the kids laugh” she said looking down and my heart broke completely, I felt like crying.

“I like the stickers you have there” I exclaimed pointing to her tank. “Oh really? Sammy helped me” I smiled warmly and sat on her bed.

“Do you want me to show you my dresses? I was trying to pick one but I don’t know which one.” She asked heading towards her closet and taking out a big pile of shimmering dresses. I laughed at how that pile was even bigger than herself, and how she struggled to carry everything.

“Do you need any help?” I giggled.

“No… I’m… fine” she said dropping them at her bed, trying to recover her breath. I was slightly worried given the fact she was already breathless after only carrying some dresses from her closet to a really short distance. But I guessed she was used to such a horrible thing- not being able to breathe properly- and soon enough she was breathing normally again.

“I’ll try the yellow one first” I nodded and she took it out of the pile. She took what she was already wearing off and quickly slipped inside the bright and glittering yellow dress.

She started walking across her bedroom, making faces and pretending to be a famous model.

“That looks good”

“I don’t like yellow, I like pink” she said shaking her head while she looked at the mirror. “I’ll try the pink one. Pink is better than yellow. Yellow is ugly”

I laughed at how cute she was. Allie took the yellow dress off and put one the pink one. She spun around and started walking as she did before.

“That looks so much better than the yellow one” I exclaimed clapping.

“Thank you” she said bowing.

“Y/n?” I heard a voice calling me. I looked up only to find Sam leaning on Allie’s door, “what are you doing here?” he had this worried look on his face and I was so afraid I had done something wrong.

“I, I was just…”

“She was just helping me pick up a dress, look! Do you like this one?” Allie said walking towards Sam, he just smiled warmly and said, “Yeah, it looks good sis, do you mind if I borrow Y/n?” he said looking directly at me.

“Nope” she said turning her attention to a brown stuffed dog.

I stood up and walked outside following Sam. He stopped once we were quite away from Allie’s bedroom. “Why didn’t you tell me you were in Allie’s bedroom?” he asked, a slightly angry tone in his voice. “ I’m sorry, I just ended up there somehow. You are mad?” He sighed, “No, I’m not. It’s just… its kinda difficult introducing her to people.”

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously. “I’m afraid what they would say about her, some kids made fun at her for having, you know… lung cancer some time ago. I don’t want that to happen again.” “I understand.” I said and we stayed quiet until I added, “She is really cute” he laughed, “Yeah, she is so annoying as well.” I giggled.

Just then, Anne called us for dinner. We went downstairs and Allie followed us. I realized a man was there, he must be Sam’s dad. He was a tall brunette man with a big smile and he was wearing a suit and a tie. He was Sam in an older version. They had the same pair of eyes and the same mouth. He opened his eyes when he saw me and I smiled shyly not knowing exactly what to do. “Honey, this is Y/n” Anne said to the man, “She is you know, a ‘friend’ of Sam” she said winking at the word friend. I blushed and laughed nervously. “Mom…” Sam said blushing as well.

“Oh, is okay, you don’t have to blush kids” He said laughing and turning to me.

“Hello, I’m James but feel comfortable calling me Jim” I smiled at him.

We all sat up in the table and starting eating dinner. It was spaghetti with tomato sauce.

“Daddy, do you like my dress?” Allie asked smiling. “I love it princess” he exclaimed smirking. “Y/n helped me choosing it” she added. “Oh really? You are friends already?” Anne asked and laughed. “We are friends?” Allie, who was sitting next to me, whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. I laughed, “Of course we are friends”.

 She smiled satisfactorily and stuck a mouthful of pasta in her tiny mouth. “So, Y/n, Sam told me you aren’t from California?” Anne asked. “Yes, I’m from Indiana, we moved in about a week ago” I replied smiling. “And you are two blocks away from here right? I’ve seen the moving trucks when you moved” Jim asked and I nodded.

They asked a couple more of personal questions, which made me quite nervous to be honest. But I guessed it was okay, my parents would bombard Sam with questions as well.

“Sorry if you are a bit annoying” Anne said suddenly.

“No, no, it’s okay” I said laughing.

“We don’t do this very often, in fact you are the first girl Sam has ever brought here”

“Really?” I asked with a big smile on my face. “Wow” I laughed and looked at Sam, who was blushing slightly. “Mom…” he said.

“Oh sorry” she said quickly, “I wasn’t supposed to say that? Isn’t it a good thing though? I mean, you…”

“Ok, Anne, darling you are embarrassing the boy” Jim said and I laughed loudly while Sam was literally killing his parents with his look. I laughed even harder.

“Sammy is red!” Allie exclaimed laughing.

“Ok that’s enough” he said.


Dinner went out good eventually. I was really nervous at first but then everything turned out smoothly. I loved Sam’s parents, they were so funny and I loved the way they embarrassed Sam. But what I loved the most was Allie; she was full of energy and spread happiness around. It was incredible.

After dinner, Anne and Jim insisted I stayed to watch a movie with them but I told them that although I wanted, my parents told me I had to be home at 23.00, and I would be late. They said it was fine and told Sam to walk me home, but he said he was going to do it anyway even if they hadn’t asked him to. Allie fell asleep right after dessert but I recalled a thing she said to me which made my heart melt: “You are going to come more often now right? Because I can’t be away from my friends too long, I get sad”. That girl was just a vivid image of hope and motivation. Just that.


“So” Sam said looking at me once we were walking down the street. “It wasn’t that bad right?”

I laughed, “It was great.”

“Really? Didn’t you find my parents too…”

“… Awesome, yeah” I finished.

“Well I was going to say embarrassing but ok, if you think so” he smirked.

“I love Allie, she is so cute. I wish I had a little sister”

Sam smiled, “Yeah she is. It’s difficult though, you know, with all the cancer thing”

“Yeah, It must be, you know I’m here right? Like for anything you need, you can trust me” I said looking at him. His face was half dark and half illuminated with the dim light of the streetlights. He did that cute half smile guys do, and I realized how difficult it must be for him. We always complain about so irrelevant and unimportant things, when there are things out there that are so much more serious and crucial. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it, I did it out of an impulse and without really thinking but I knew it was the right thing to do. He clenched it tighter.

“I know Y/n, thanks, it means a lot”

Before I could realize, we were already in the door of my house.

“So” I said, “Thank for tonight, I had a great time. I haven’t forgotten that I owe you a frapuccino” I winked.

“You are welcome and I will kill you if you keep saying that” I giggled

“Fine” “Fine”

He slowly got closer and pecked my lips, and that turned into let’s say, a more complex kiss.

“What’s this?” We quickly pulled away and I looked at Tyler, who had suddenly and out of nowhere opened the door.

“Jeez, Tyler you scared the shit out of me” I said trying to dissimulate my blushing and pretending nothing had happened.

“So you are the famous Sam Wilkinson, I suppose” Tyler said in a superior tone and looking at him in a quite derogatory way.

“Um, yeah… hey” he said scratching his neck, really nervously.

“Do you need something?” I asked trying to make him go away.

“Do you guys need help in something?” he exclaimed mockingly.

“Haha I think we are fine, could you please go away now?” I said clenching my teeth, sick of his immature and overprotective attitude. He rolled his eyes and said, “Nice meeting you Wilkinson” “Same” Sam answered. “Try to be careful with her” and then he slammed the door in our face.

“Just ignore him” I exclaimed quickly turning to him. “It’s fine” he laughed. “I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” “Yeah” I replied. He kissed my cheek and I blushed. I waved him as he walked down the road. I quickly slipped inside the house letting out a sigh and smiling widely.

Last chance-Jack Gilinsky imagine

I’ve been a fangirl for awhile, I have a couple fanfics going, but I thought I’d try my hand at imagines. Let’s see how this goes.

Jack G’s POV

I’ve been best friends with Johnson, Sammy, and Y/N my whole life. We met on the first day of kindergarten. Jack and I bonded immediately over our shared name and then we met Sammy, with Y/N in tow. They were neighbors, completely inseparable, just like Johnson and I. I knew, even then that we were all meant to find each other. The four of us have been best friends ever since, almost siblings. We spend more time at each other’s houses than our own. Other friends have come and gone. Y/N has some girl friends, but none of them compare to Sam, Johnson, and I. Over the years we’ve accumulated countless group costumes for Halloween and 12 first day of school pictures. Tomorrow, tomorrow will be our last. It’s our last day together before we leave for separate colleges. It wasn’t the plan, we had all planned to go to the same school and take whatever city it was in by storm, the four of us against the world, but it didn’t work. Y/N wanted to go to school in Boston, Johnson and I are moving to California for ours, and Sam’s staying in Omaha; he and Nate, some guy he met on the internet, are staying to work on their music. I can’t believe I have to start a new life without them, I never thought I’d have to; I know I’ll be with Johnson, but it’s not the same. Especially without Y/N. We’ve spent so much time together over the years. We’ve all been so close, but her…I knew I loved her as soon as Sammy brought her over to meet us on the first day of kindergarten. She had on a cute blue sundress with yellow flowers and a green bow in her hair, the exact same color of her eyes. She was special, back then I didn’t know how special she’d be to me. As we grew up though, I figured it out, we were meant to be together; I loved her. Johnson and Sam had many girlfriends and, well one night stands over the years, but I only had eyes for Y/N. I tried to date other girls, but I soon realized that it wouldn’t work when I loved her. She had a couple boyfriends, but the three of us got to be a little to intimidating for perspective boyfriends to deal with. She thinks of us as her older brothers, I’m sure of it. I’d feel better about leaving tomorrow if I knew where we stood. I’ve been trying to shut out these feelings so our friendship wouldn’t suffer. Johnson knows, but we’ve been trying to avoid telling Sammy, he’s so close with Y/N, we just didn’t want him to accidentally let it slip. Johnson says I should tell her today before I miss my last chance. Suddenly, my phone starts ringing, my screen shows Y/N duck facing, clearly she’s calling me. I pick up, “Y/N? Where are you?” While I’m on the phone, Sam and Johnson are taking useless selfies. “Gilinsky, I’m on my way, but is it ok if I bring someone today?” I look over at them and stick my tongue out at the camera. Despite my funny facial expression, my heart is sinking in my chest. “Yeah Y/N, bring whoever you want.” I sigh completely defeated…I need to talk to Johnson. I turn back to the boys, hoping I’ll be able to get a word in with Johnson before Y/N shows, but I realize they’re done taking pictures and she’s here. She walks towards us in a gorgeous red dress and I wish with all my heart in that moment that she was walking to me and that I could hold her to me and kiss her lips, but then I see who’s behind her.


My best friends are idiots. I love them, but they’re stupid. Considering I grew up, surrounded by them all day everyday, I suppose I had a crush on each of them at some point, Sammy was first, he was my first friend and we were so close, but I knew he had a type and it so wasn’t me. Johnson was the adorable one and I liked him through middle school, but he’s definitely more of a brother to me. Gilinsky though, he caught my attention freshman year and he’s had it ever since. Telling him, so not an option, we leave for different coasts tomorrow, there’s no way it would work. I’ve been spending a lot of time with this guy, well, my ex, Cameron lately, I’ve been using him as a distraction actually, and I’m hoping Gilinsky won’t hate me for inviting him to our last party. I call him, asking if I can bring someone and his reply breaks my heart a little, “Yeah Y/N, bring whoever you want.” There’s an emotion there I can’t place, but I really just wanted him to say no, because it’s our last night together and it should be the four of us and the people we care about…but he lets me bring Cameron, completely unknowingly. Cameron is my ex, we broke up once he realized my heart wasn’t completely his, but now we’re both going to schools in Boston and I figure, why not give it another shot? Jack will be all the way in California after all. As I walk down the hill in Gilinsky’s backyard, I see my three favorite people in the whole world standing there. I tear up a little because I love these three boys so much and tomorrow we’re all going to be separated (except the jacks, because let’s face it, there’s no keeping those two apart) and I can’t stand it. It’s always been the four of us and now it won’t anymore. It’s just that simple. I hug each of them and then they all surround me in a huge hug. “Guys, I need to breathe!” Sam immediately answers with, “Nah Y/N, you’re staying right where you are, oxygen isn’t an option right now.” The other two agree with a synchronised nod. I sneak my way out anyway, right between the two Jacks. All three boys make puppy dog eyes at me and I say, “I still love you, now I have to go to talk to the parents.” They all let me go and start mingling as well, but I do notice that Gilinsky’s eyes stay fixed on Cameron.

Jack G’s POV

Of all her exes, Cameron was always my least favorite. There was just something off about him. I suppose death glaring him all night could be taken the wrong way…I turn to Johnson, “Bro, can we talk for a sec? Somewhere..else?” He looks confused, but I flick my eyes toward Y/N and back and he gets what I mean immediately. Jack mindreading powers. Or just best friends for years, but whatever. We go into the house to “help with dinner,” but as soon as we’re out of earshot I growl out of frustration and punch a pillow on my couch. “Dude, the pillow didn’t do anything, give it a break.” Johnson’s always been funny, I’ll give him that. “Ha ha. What can I do? Cameron? Of all the people she could’ve chosen, why him? THIS SUCKS!” I hit a different pillow. “Hey, she doesn’t know how you feel, bro. She has the right to date whoever she wants. If you’re this upset though…we really shouldn’t leave without you telling her. She deserves to know how you feel.” As soon as the words are out of his mouth I look over at him. “Really? Is that a good idea?” “Of course it is, look at you, you’re hitting innocent pillows, you need to be stopped. Actually though, you’ve been in love with her forever and she deserves to know it before you’re on completely different sides of the country. It’s your last chance, man.” Johnson is always right. That’s so unfair. I know what had to be done. “Alright, I’ll tell her, but when she thinks I’m weird and I ruin our friendship, it’s on you.” “I’m not worried, but I’ll take responsibility for this outcome, not matter what,” Johnson says. “Ok…but did we come in here for something? Like is my mom going to kill me if I go out there empty handed…?” “Get the serving spoons for salad, don’t wanna disappoint Mama Gilinsky.” “Riiiiight.” I say, then I go to the kitchen, grab the spoons off the counter and bring them outside. Johnson follows close behind. After I hand the spoons to my mom I immediately begin my search for Y/N, as Johnson, being the suck up, asks if there’s anything else he can help with. As I spot Y/N I try to figure out the best way to tell her everything I’ve been feeling for the last 13 years. I walk over and put my arm around her shoulders, completely disregarding Cameron, and say, “Heeeey, can we talk for a sec?” She rolls her eyes at me and answers, “I suppose, what’s up?” As much as I just want to get it all of my chest this second I say, “Uhh…somewhere quiet maybe, with less people?” I try not to look nervous, but let’s face it, at this point my heart is beating out of my chest and my thoughts are spinning with all the pent up feelings I have. “Sure Gilinsky, but if you’re taking me somewhere private just to burp in my face, I will kill you.” God, she looks cute when she’s fake threatening me. Ok, focus. “That’s not what this is, I promise. And for the record, that was once and I was eight. You have to learn to trust, also to let things go.” She smiles at my response and follows me to my gazebo. We’ve spent countless summer nights on here, with Johnson and Sammy. I sit on one of the benches that run along the wall and she sits next to me. I rub my hands on my pant legs and then one through my hair. Y/N looks at me, her face full of concern. “Gilinsky…what’s going on? I’ve never ever seen you this nervous. Did something happen? Are you going to tell me that some girl hates me and I can’t be your friend anymore? Are you going to a different country instead of just to the other coas-” “Y/N! This is hard enough as it is. Shut up for a sec.” That makes her quiet. I take a deep breath and then the words just fall out of my mouth. “So there’s this girl, she’s super adorable and kind and smart. She’s beautiful, her eyes, her hair, her everything. She lights up a room when she walks in and you can’t keep your eyes off her, she’s that beautiful. She argues with you adamantly for hours, even if she’s wrong. She’s passionate and caring, if she loves you, she’ll do anything for you. When she smiles the world stops, I swear that smile is magic. Her laugh is music, I could listen to it all day. She’s so funny, she cracks herself up sometimes. I wish I could just call her mine. I wish she would love me they way I love her, but I don’t think she ever will.” I stop and hope she realises, by the look on my face that it’s her, but she’s looking at her hands.


“I don’t think she ever will.” His words keep echoing in my ears, breaking my heart over and over. I can’t help but wish he means me. I fiddle with my hands and keep my eyes on my fingers, so I won’t cry in front of Jack. “Well she sounds amazing, Jack. Just tell her how you feel, there’s no way any girl would pass up loving you, especially if you feel that way about her. She must be really special. She’s lucky you love her that much.” It’s all the advice I can muster. My heart aches so much, I knew he’d never feel that way about me, but I never imagined I’d have to hear this about another girl. I sigh and keep my eyes on my hands. Then I hear, “Y/N, look at me, please?” There’s something soft in his voice, like he knows something I don’t.

Jack G’s POV

I don’t know why she won’t look at me, is it really that far fetched that I could feel this way about someone? I really hope she knows I wouldn’t tell her this if it wasn’t her. I’m dying to tell her, but it’s just so hard; a 13 year friendship is on the line here. I take a deep breath and know that I have to say it now, or I never will. “Y/N, look at me, please?” She slowly turns her head up towards me, she looks like she’s about to cry. “Y/N, could you pass up loving me?” I hope that she’ll get what I’m asking by the way I used her words from just moments before. She doesn’t seem to notice though, as her expression changes from hurt to confusion. “Jack, that’s a dumb question I’ve loved you for years, you’ve been my best friend since kindergarten.” I sigh. Right. Best friends. Well, not anymore. “Y/N, I’m in love with you, ok? I have been since the day Sammy introduced me to the girl in the blue dress with the yellow flowers. And I wanted you to know, because tomorrow there’ll be a whole country between us and I couldn’t let that happen without you knowing that I felt this way.” She looks at me with an expression I can’t place, but she stays silent, I can hear my heart beating so hard. “Come on, you have to say something. I’m freaking out.” If she doesn’t say something my heart is going to fly out of my chest. I’m so nervous. “I…I had no idea you felt this way.” She sounds amazed. “Did you mean all those things you said?” “Of course.” How can she even ask that? “You really remember that dress?” “Yeah, and the bow in your hair matched your eyes,” I add, blushing like crazy. “I can’t believe you remember that too…Jack, I.” “What Y/N? You’re killing me. Is this friendship ruined? Am I the worst guy on this entire planet?” I stand up suddenly, I’m so nervous, I wish I knew what she was thinking right now. “ILOVEYOUTOO, idiot!” I sit, stunned for a moment. She loves me too? I’ve never been happier. I lean towards her and connect our lips, kissing her is more amazing than I could ever imagine. She pulls away and says, “I love you Jack Gilinsky.” “I love you too, Y/F/N. Always have, always will.” I pull her back towards the party, with the biggest smile on my face. I love her. She loves me. That’s all I need. Even if there’s a world between us, nothing else matters.



the yellow goodnight’s name is Wink (yes, like Rip van Winkle) and the freebie screen cleaner is so soft and looks really cute with the bow on top of it even though it’s a hair bow ._.

and then.





i’m not even kidding, everyone who collects alpacasso needs to go buy one immediately it is the best thing IT IS THE BEST THING YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT REGRET IT

Just a little fic inspired by this photo and the spoilers (suggestions? theories?) that Felicity’s dad will be a big bad in season 4

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A Light in the Dark

Her soul felt heavy, grief and guilt an oppressive weight smothering her; yet she also felt fragile and brittle, as if she could splinter apart and drift off into the aether if she let herself accept the truth of what they had discovered.

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