and the worst selfie ever

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SUPRISE SELFIES?? how do they react? I would love to know


  • shows everyone around him
  • “Isn’t she cute????”


  • he will reply with a selfie
  • and it’ll probably look better than yours


  • even if it’s the worst selfie you’ve ever taken
  • she replies with something nice, or heart eyes, every single time you send one


  • saves them all to his camera roll
  • but he would never admit it
  • also sets some as his wallpaper 


  • similar to zen, he’ll send you a selfie
  • but instead
  • he mocks yours, posing the same way you did

Please enjoy these semi-awkward pictures of my in my Chidori cosplay from last year.
More writing is on the way, just fighting some writer’s block.

Got tagged by @atano513 a few days ago (It’s night now but I took those screenshots today earlier) Thank youu~ Lock screen is a deer, because I love them!

Home screen is a picture I took on my last trip, my boots and a leaf 🍁

Last song, Aline Barros & Michael W. Smith -Above All( in this version both sing together but in some parts each uses their own language and it’s beautiful.

Last, perhaps hardest, the selfie( tbh I don’t take selfies so I had to take a picture for the tag, ignore it pleasee, I’m so weird).Long braid & long bangs™

I won’t tag anyone as I think the ones I know have done this already but feel free to do if you feel like ~

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what's your favourite cute fact about green day

Oh man every fact about green day is cute but Idk maybe the fact that they had a worst selfie contest on Instagram is probs the cutest thing ever in the history of the world 😹💖✨