and the worst selfie ever

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SUPRISE SELFIES?? how do they react? I would love to know


  • shows everyone around him
  • “Isn’t she cute????”


  • he will reply with a selfie
  • and it’ll probably look better than yours


  • even if it’s the worst selfie you’ve ever taken
  • she replies with something nice, or heart eyes, every single time you send one


  • saves them all to his camera roll
  • but he would never admit it
  • also sets some as his wallpaper 


  • similar to zen, he’ll send you a selfie
  • but instead
  • he mocks yours, posing the same way you did

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what are the best/worst selfies you've ever taken?

ehehe, any selfie when i don’t pay attention to the lighting… well… (・・。)ゞ

and if i forget about angles… then i end up looking really weird (;へ:)

but the best selfies… are the ones with all my friends in it! even if the angle is wrong or the lighting is bad… it doesn’t matter (☆^ー^☆)


Apparently I missed dark skin appreciation day and the fact that it was Pride month, which is… par for the course. Here’s a twofer. Pics have comments because I can never shut up.

[she/they because English is trash and there aren’t any other options]