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Parents and shirts

Title: Parents and shirts

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader. Sherlocks parents come over to visit and meet his girlfriendSherlock x reader and Sherlock comes home to find his wife playing the piano. But she’s only wearing his purple shirt”

Characters: sherlock, his parents and you

Pairing: sherlock x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 415


“I can’t wait to meet her darling!” Sherlock’s mother said excited. “indeed, you should have told us about her sooner” his father agreed. “yes well, you’re meeting her now aren’t you? It’s all very exciting” he said as he waved their comments away. “don’t be like that Sherlock. It’s your fault we have to act like this” his mother said. “is it now? How could it possibly be my fault?” he asked frustrated. “you never introduced us to your other girlfriends and you never introduced us properly to John. We met him when you brought him over for Christmas!” his mother answered. “John wasn’t my boyfriend, why should I have introduced him?” Sherlock said, not grasping it. “never mind you foolish boy. Now come on, our cab is waiting” she said, basically dragging Sherlock and his father towards the cab.

“just don’t make this weird” Sherlock said to his parents as they stood before 221b. “don’t worry, if she loves you she’ll certainly love us, won’t she? We’re the ones who raised you in the first place” his dad said. “right” he said, opening the door to 221b.

“hello Sherlock!” you smirked. “out!” Sherlock yelled at his parents, shoving the door in their face. “what’s going on? Who’s at the door?” you asked. “uhm yeah we’ll get right to that. But more to the obvious part, why are you dressed like that?” he said gesturing to your exterior. You were wearing only wearing his purple shirt. “don’t you like it?” you purred. “my parents are outside” he said pointing at the door. “you’ve got to be kidding me!” you yelled. “when were you going to tell me that” you said. “I just did” Sherlock said. “Sherlock?” you heard as his father opened the door. “oh dear” his mother said as she saw you sitting in front of the piano, in Sherlock’s shirt. “hello, mrs and mr Holmes, nice to meet you” you said shyly, trying to cover yourself as well as you could. “so you play the piano, I assume” Sherlock’s father said. “I do actually” you said, as you started to play. “that’s marvelous dear! Truly amazing!” his mother said as you finished the piece.

“oh darling she was amazing” his mother said, as Sherlock dropped them of at home. “she really was” his father agreed. “don’t you dare let her go” his parents said. “I promise I won’t” Sherlock said, knowing how lucky he was that he met you.

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Title: Protect Me (Part 11.)

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Samantha (fictional/original character).
Summary: After Todd’s arrest, Sam confronts him during a meeting with his lawyer. 

Word Count: 2,141
Author’s Note:  We’re on the final stretch guys! We’ve got a one more chapter left of this story, so stay tuned! 
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“I’ll be just right outside, okay?” Jason said, looking down at Sam. She was released from the hospital just yesterday and now, she had to face Todd.

The start of their relationship began in the hospital, but Jason didn’t mind. He knew that she only felt safe around him and he wanted to keep it that way. There had been times during her hospital stay where she would wake up in tears and Jason did his best to calm her down.

“You can’t come inside with us?” Sam asked, resting her forehead against Jason’s chest. His strong arms were wrapped around her, keeping her safe and protected.

“I can’t, no. But just look outside and I’ll be right there, okay? Alicia said all you’ll do is make a statement and then you can leave the room.”

“W – What if I can’t do it, Jason?”

“You can.” He reassured her, his hand gently cupping her cheek. “You can and you will because Todd will know that he didn’t break you. You’re stronger than you think, Sam.”

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what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Prompto was SO EXCITED to meet Lunafreya (and Pryna again too!!) She was his motivation to meet and befriend Noctis, he took her words to heart and worked SO HARD to make it a reality and finally after all these years he’s on his way WITH NOCT, HIS NOW BEST FUCKING FRIEND to meet her. But it never happens, he never got that. He never got to thank her for helping him pluck up the courage to befriend Noctis. He never got to give Pryna a scratch behind the ears and a tiny ‘thank you’ to her too for happening across his path. His voice at the Cartanica train station “I finally get to see Lady Lunafreya’s home…” It’s probably the last “highlight” he has to look forward too on this journey, given their present circumstance. He probably dreamed about it for years aND HE DOESN’T EVEN GET THAT B/C ARDYN IS A DICK.

Teaching To Love Again Teacher Bucky AU - Part 6

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC (Alice Manning)

Rating: General

Genre: Fluff, Romance, slight angst

Word Count: 849

Plot: When single mother Alice goes to meet her daughter’s first teacher for a parent/teacher conference, but things do not go as planned. She hopes to never have to see Mr. Barnes ever again, but life has other ideas for Alice and Bucky.

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Bucky can feel his nerve begin to take over, standing in front of Alice’s door. What if she slaps him for his behavior yesterday? He would deserve that, but not exactly how he wants to start off an apology. What if she told Katie the things he said and how he acted? It will crush him if Katie begins to hate him for how he treated her mom. Again, not that he wouldn’t deserve it, but it truly would break his heart to have Katie hate him. Making it even more important that he apologizes and makes it up to Alice for his behavior.

Before he can have anymore doubts, Bucky quickly knocks on the door. He stands there waiting for someone to answer, hoping it would be Alice to make this easier. But of course nothing has to be easy for Bucky. The door swings open and there is little Katie standing there staring up at him with her big blue eyes,

“Mr. Barnes!!! You’re here, at my house!!! Yay!” Katie screams with excitement, crashing into Bucky as she tries to wrap herself around his legs.

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Baby!Yami meeting Isis?

(so long overdue but oh well)

“Ishizu! Ishizu!” Yami babbled happily, giggling as the woman tapped his nose lightly.

“I didn’t think you would teach him my name,” Isis commented, adjusting her hold of the baby. “In fact, I didn’t think you would trust me to hold the ph-… your little brother.”

“I didn’t teach him, and I don’t trust you,” Yuugi said frankly, observing how Yami cuddled against Isis’ chest. He was relaxed, almost boneless within the arms of the item wielder. The only times he had seen Yami so trusting to people he first met was with the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, and he had instantly given them nicknames as well. “You know him, don’t you?”

“It is my clan’s-”

“Not like that,” Yuugi waved off. “The only time Yami’s tried (and failed) to say a name without me teaching him is with Kaiba-kun and Dark Magician,” he saw Isis stiffen at that. “And with the tablet you showed me, it’s obvious why, he knows them… albeit vaguely.”


“You insist that Kaiba-kun’s the reincarnation of the pharaoh’s high priest carved in the tablet, you’re so sure that I’m not the reincarnation of the pharaoh despite my resemblance to him on the tablet,” he continued. “It’s like you’re familiar with being reborn to know which is which. It’s like you personally knew them enough to know that Kaiba-kun was High Priest Seth and that I was not the pharaoh.”

Yami frowned as Isis had a blank look in her face. “…’Shizu?”

“If one priest could reincarnate… and I suspect it’s two priests, really, then why not a priestess?” Yuugi tilted his head. “The Necklace just doesn’t show the future, doesn’t it? It shows the past as well.”

“… It is blurry, and there are missing pieces,” Isis admitted. “The Necklace has not been used for a long time, and most of the techniques to use it has been lost.”

He supposed it would be rude to point out that for a clan whose goal was to guard and preserve the pharaoh’s belongings, they were doing a horrible job at it. He’d let Kaiba do the roasting.

He observed the woman some more, taking note of the interactions she had with Yami. There was a soft look in her eyes, a familiar fondness he had seen in Kaiba when he looked at Mokuba (and in himself when he thought of Yami). She held the baby with a gentleness she didn’t show before, her touches saying she was afraid to hurt him. This was not the regal and impassive woman he met in the museum, the one who seemed to care less about Yuugi as long as he could help in her clan’s mission to send the pharaoh to eternal rest.

It seemed that while he couldn’t trust Isis around his friends, he could at least trust her not to harm Yami. But he wondered how long that would last, considering her little brother was their enemy?

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SO I HEARD YOU WERE ADDING HAIZAKI.,Whale, can we get a soulmate AU where you have a tattoo of the first words your soulmate says to you, and when they meet she's completely disappointed that it's someone like him. At least they are at first?

yay!! first haizaki request!! 

warning: some swearing

‘Yo, you’re hot.’

It’s like some kind of twisted motivational poster, tattooed onto your arm to forever make you smile and hold your head up high- walking positively from place to place.

Except, it’s not.

All those three words can ever do is make you scowl. You didn’t need a soulmate in the first place; you never believed in the fairy tales so why would it have to happen to you? And, of all the people it could have been, it had to be a fuck boy.

A fuck boy.

Well, sucks to be you.

He approached you as soon he realised, and by then you were already groaning with irritation about the mark just above your wrist.

“Hey, can we talk?”

He held up his arm; you struggled not to punch him in the face for existing - let alone being the reason you were in this mess.

“No. Fuck off.”

A low whistle answered you and you regretted everything. Apparently, the stronger the hate the stronger his “I think I’m seductive but I’m actually not” moves were to become.

“But babe,” his mouth was situated far too close to your ear for your liking, “we’re destined to be together.”

“Anyone with that attitude is destined to be alone.”

Shutting his mouth, he walked away with a swagger - a form of mischievousness, a tiny promise that he will be back.

You hoped desperately that that wouldn’t be the case.


“I don’t want anything to do with you.” The words are vicious, icy- hateful with no hint of more caring emotions. And this, this sentence of venom, is your best friend. Or, perhaps it is more accurate to state ex-best friend.

She walks away and you break down.

It’s a cruel world, and you have experienced the worst.

But then, amongst your tears and cries of the toxic friendship that you needed home but could never have wanted to lose, two strong arms wrap themselves around you. You are pulled into a powerful embrace, wet eyes hidden against a muscular chest and the steady rising soothes your shaking form.

He is what you have been missing.

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name: Martine

a four letter word: Meet
a boy’s name: Martin
an occupation: Missile engineer
something you can wear: Mittens
a food: Marshmallow
something you find in a bathroom: Make-up
a place: Marseille
a reason for being too late: My slow ass
something you shout: MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN
a movie title: Moby Dick
something you drink: Milk
a type of car: Mitsubishi

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Klaus FanFic #1

Length: 1,423 words

Summary: Your first time meeting Klaus Mikaelson.

Warning: I guess it gets a little gory?

A/N: Aye, it’s my first fanfic! Finally lol. It only took me forever to get one out xD. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it! I know it’s really not the best but if you have any helpful suggestions on how I could improve my writing, I would love to hear your guy’s opinions. And as always, feel free to request!

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Maybe, meeting you—it was like a first kiss. A kiss like how they described it in books and how they’ve shown it in movies. Something like music without its lyrics, only those beautiful melodies. Something that will make you think of your wonderful dreams. Something that made your feet move up from the ground, that it feels like you’re flying. It’s like magic happening in reality. Meeting you—it feels like being excited about something that’s going happen. It’s like something that gives you mixed feelings, yet in the end, no matter how much it made you nervous, you’re still glad that it happened.
—  ma.c.a // It Was More Than Nice
Maybe we’ll meet again, who knows? When we’re older, when we’re more mature, when we’re right for each other but not meant to be.

And you’ll forever wonder why did you ever let go of a woman like me

// a.s


You can make it.

A new year.
A year of healing broken hearts.
A year of meeting new people.
A year of new places and new faces.
A year of accepting what you can’t change.
A year of learning to love yourself better.

A year of happiness.

—  N.C. // we deserve it.

Say fucking cheese, pal.
We gonna take a selfie.

Happy New Year from the Hong Kong side of earth!
And may I welcome everyone to add yourself into the pic!!
Let’s make one big new year celebration photo here!!!

(Feel free to join this little New year collab lol, all of this is just for fun, since I feel like it is a good start to leave a memory on the start of 2017. Yeah let’s try this out)