and the wolves

Kurtlarla Koşan Kadınlar

“Yaratıcı hayatınız için, yalnızlığınız için, olma ve yapma zamanınız için, asıl hayatınız için en önemli şey devam etmek, direnmektir; devam etmek, çünkü vahşi doğanın vaadi şudur: Kıştan sonra, her zaman ilkbahar gelir.

Son aylarda günlük hayatın koşuşturmasına çok kaptırmışsam kendimi, kendi mağarama çekilip Kurtlarla Koşan Kadınlar’ a doğru yolculuğa çıkıyorum… Her seferinde kendime getiriyor beni. Henüz çocukken okuduğum-dinlediğim pek çok masalın bir yetişkin olduğumda yaşamıma rehberlik edebileceğini nereden bilebilirdim ki?

Yirmi yılını bu kitabı yazmakla geçirmiş olan yazarın kaleminden çıkmış çokça derin ve engin bir analiz..

Biraz müzik..


lorienofloth  asked:

Imrael, for the blog meme?

  • their blog url: @rae-of-sunshine
  • the kind of posts they reblog: Pretty much anything he thinks is interesting without much rhyme or reason. Neat facts, cool images of nature and architecture, social justice stuff, attractive people. More recently, gifs and pics of cute dogs (and ‘dogs’) with Khazri tagged. Science and magic posts with exhaustive corrections of misapprehensions added. 
  • the first person they followed: His bestie Keira, who first nudged him into creating an account, and then instantly regretted it when he took to it like a pedantic duck to a body of water in need of having eutrophication explained to it in unnecessary detail. 
  • what kind of theme they’d have: He spent like twenty minutes researching to find the most accessible theme. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: I’m not actually gonna write an example of an argument on magical esoterica, but I can show you how it’s gonna play out….
Episode begins. Oh noes, a white wolf is howling at the moon!

Wow, that’s quite a blizzard… I hope he stays war–

*it cuts to closeup*


Never mind, I guess there wasn’t any snow blowing after all. We must have all just imagined it. 

…anyway, the gang meets a guy with a head shaped like a butternut squash,

–Scooby reacts to a bunch of potentially-spooky things,

–and they’re shown to their room.

After all this stuff happens, several minutes later, we cut back…

and that wolf is still howling at the moon, in that exact same position, having not moved at all.

I guess wolf union rules aren’t too stringent about taking breaks.