and the whole color scheme in this scene


Ernestine: Don’t know why you’d want to trap spirits after they die. Seems to me they finally free.

Table-Tapper: You let ‘em fester, them evil spirits will eat away at everything good and whole in this life. They follow you into the next. Ain’t no freedom in that.

On Izetta and the impact of a scene

Ever since I first saw Izetta a single scene always stuck out in my mind. A scene that immediately grabs your attention and simultaneously makes you laugh and smile at Izetta and Finé’s antics and then brings you back down to the reality of their situation. However, the more I came back to the scene the more I realized just how well thought out and clever it was. It’s not even 2 minutes long but it manages to carry an overarching theme throughout: Izetta’s view of Finé and their relationship with each other. Everything that the scene does from its’s color composition to its camera movements, to its body language is set up to expand upon that theme.

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Okay. Sooooo I recently just saw the movie Koe no Katachi and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised both in a good way and bad way. I know I’m probably late to watch the movie, but I still felt that I should give my insanely important  review on it. I’ll start off by talking about the good things about the movie. 

  • The animation was really beautiful- for me, it was one of my favorite anime movies in terms of animation style. The color scheme was well chosen and the whole aesthetic of it was amazing.
  • For the parts that matched with the manga, it was very well animated. Especially the elementary school parts. And the amusement park scenes.
  • I’m also glad that the character personalities weren’t changed a lot from the manga.
  • The soundtrack, I repeat, the soundtrack. Do I need to say more? 

and now, for the bad,

  • A lot of important plot lines were cut out- yes, I understand that when trying to condense a 60+ chapter manga into a 2 hour movie, a lot of pieces will get cut out. But it still would’ve been nice to see other parts. Such as the entire plot line with the characters making the movie was gone.
  • Lack of side-character development. Whenever i watch movies, tv, anime, or read books/ manga, I like to see the growth of side characters, not only just the protagonist. Secondary characters have some of the largest influences on the protagonist. I would’ve like to seen more of Mashiba and Shouko’s and Yuzuru’s mother.
.Agust D “give it to me”MV: another rundown.

Well the MV came out about 3:30AMCST on iTunes for me a few nights ago & about a few minutes later, YouTube & Twitter’s BigHit page confirmed I wasn’t delusional. So I was pretty much broadsided by all of this.

The timing is so random though, I wonder whether BigHit is trying to seriously test us or iTunes got antsy & made a mistake with the release time & BigHit needed to catch up.

Either way I’m now wide awake at odd hours & contemplating never sleeping again.

Note: Though I’m a bit late posting this, I wanted to get my thoughts out anyways- & this write up is a little more theory driven than the last, since I just felt an over all idea happening & read into the visual cues. Also I tie a lot of this rundown with the initial impression/ideas I got from the “Agust D” MV which I wrote up .:here:. So if you have a minute you should skim that too~ 

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anonymous asked:

How do you plan your colors? They're gorgeous.

Well uh, this is gonna be long, so apologies for that—I wanted to type a short response but then it turned into like a tiny shittier tutorial whoops.


There’s a lot of consideration to take in lighting situations, and generally it’s all about context. For a lot of the work I do in CAR, most of the situations are based around 1) the local color of the characters and 2) the lighting. From time to time, it may also be based on 3) the mood I’m trying to convey.

Hang with me as I go into all this COLOR FUN TAAAALK

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rosiedenn  asked:

Hey! I admit I was led to you by your Frozen article, but I've stayed for the conscientious handling of the fallout and as a fellow Disney lover. XD I have not heard of the Minty Sakura character on the Japanese Wreck-It Ralph before. I looked her up, but didn't find much. Can you explain a bit more about her, if you can? Thanks!


In Japan, Wreck-It Ralph was marketed much differently than it was in the US – because of its subject matter, it was anticipated to be highly popular with Japanese audiences, and obviously several of the settings and characters in the film were inspired by Japanese game aesthetics to begin with. The movie was retitled to “Sugar Rush” there, and at some point, it was decided that a Sugar Rush racer based on Japanese candy should be added, mostly so they could sell merchandise of her later. And thus, Minty Sakura was born:

Her whole existence is really confusing and contradictory, and not a whole lot is known about her. As you can see, she most resembles Candlehead in design, since she’s got green hair and eyes, the same basic color scheme, and identical boots and stockings. However, she actually replaces Minty Zaki in the Japanese WIR, not Candelhead. Well…kind of.

You first see her in the scene where King Candy is explaining the rules of the Random Roster Race. In any shot where you can see all the racers, Minty Zaki appears in Minty Sakura’s place.

However, when she goes to throw in her coin during the same scene, she replaces Snowanna Rainbeau instead, and you can see Minty Zaki in the background:

This is most likely because more focus was given to Snowanna then to Minty in this part of the scene, and they wanted to showcase their replacement character. But then Ralph attacks, and in various background shots, Minty Sakura spontaneously turns back into Minty Zaki. (I can’t find a video of it at the moment, forgive me.) She also doesn’t appear at all in the kart-wrecking scene later, she’s not pictured on the Sugar Rush roster at any point, and for the rest of the movie (besides the race at the end) she just sort of randomly pops on and off.

She is, however, heavily featured in the film’s Japanese promotional material and merchandise, despite the fact that she’s about half a cameo in the movie.

…and that’s all I really know about her.

Batman #50: Superheavy Part 10 (Review)

  • Writer: Scott Snyder
  • Artist: Greg Capullo
  • Price: $5.99

“Batman has returned to Gotham City! In this extra-sized conclusion to Snyder and Capullo’s epic story “Superheavy,” Bruce Wayne returns to the cape and cowl to battle Mr. Bloom alongside Jim Gordon for the fate of the city they both love.”

The return of Bruce Wayne! This oversized issue opens immediately inside the action, with Bruce suiting up, Jim beaten up and a couple of officers in Robobats (Is that what they’re calling them? Eh, I’m calling them that anyway). We also see a couple of “Bloom-ified” people attack Jim. Of course, this is where we see the Dark Knight make his appearance in a new costume! Alfred also explains to Bruce that after his “revival,” his body is fully healed, meaning, he is faster and stronger than ever before. After taking care of the goons, Bloom goes on to create this “black star or sphere” that continuously grows, which would possibly destroy the whole city. Bruce then heads on to cuff Jim to a helicopter and orders him to go to the hospital. We head on to more action with Batman vs Mr. Bloom; and after a few punches, we witness Batman vs a-bunch-of-Robobats-designed-like-Batman’s-rogue-gallery. While Bruce is taking care of the villainous (bad pun intended) Robobats, Jim is seen to be finding a way to disrupt the black sphere. He is immediately attacked by Mr. Bloom but thwarted by Batman in a Robobat of his own. On with the oversized Bloom vs Robobat Batman! Bloom manages to pin Batman on the ground until Duke magnetizes Bloom’s sharp and creepy fingers on a blimp that he is in.

Okay, let’s take a break from the action to show what Duke was up to while chaos ensued in Gotham City. He is first seen in this issue to climb into a blimp with Daryl in it. The whole conversation follows a “Bloom-ified” Daryl attacking Duke. Daryl then revealed that he was the “first Bloom”. After the whole Riddler incident in Zero Year, he decided to create seeds that can seemingly give power to its user; but after failing miserably with a prototype he gave to his cousin, he burnt it all. Daryl’s motivation to create these seeds was reinvigorated when Joker attacked Gotham, during the events of Endgame. His seeds were what seems to be a failure until someone knocked on his door (Mr. Bloom in the present) and took all his work. Daryl admits not knowing who that person is. After his whole exposition, Duke kicks his butt and heads on to where Batman is, leading us to where we were.

I’ll try to make this a bit shorter. This is a long issue! Anyway, we return to Jim wherein he is looking for a superconductor to shut down the star, which he successfully does and destroys Bloom in the process. We time-jump for a little bit to see Jim recovering from the previous events. He is visited by a couple of old friends to announce that he has become Commissioner once again. After being alone, he heads out the window and has a conversation with Batman.

Okay, wow! This issue is… AMAZING! No words are enough to possibly describe how incredibly great this issue is. It wraps up the arc pretty well, even more so after learning that this is related to Zero Year and Endgame. Not much for me to say here, but I will mention that Batman’s new costume is pretty neat. I liked how Greg found a perfect mix between keeping the classic look for Batman, while paying homage to the purple color scheme (oh and don’t forget the golden line on the Bat symbol!). Regarding the art, I found myself staring into every panel/page; so much happens in each scene that I just need a moment to take it all in. I also enjoyed the whole Bruce/Jim interaction as both Batmen. The most memorable part of this issue, in my opinion, is the conversation between Bruce and Jim by the hospital window. Bruce does bring up a good point that Bloom was Jim’s to defeat, not Bruce. It would’ve been weird and awkward to have Bruce defeat Bloom. I especially liked Scott’s portrayal of how they are alike in some ways. They both adore and love Gotham City the same way, which is why maybe Jim had the courage and capability to become Batman even for just a little bit.

To wrap this up, it was pretty obvious that I enjoyed this issue. DEFINITELY pick this up! This is a must read not only for the return of Bruce Wayne as Batman, but also because this is a satisfying end to a great arc by Scott.

mushroomstairs  asked:

gah a whole bunch of color questions if that's ok!! (i'm tryin to figure out how to color comic pages i'm workin on!!) how do you pick the colors for different pages of bloom? do you make your palettes beforehand or do you wing it? do you have base colors for poppy and copper that you edit to fit the scene?

well!! when i need to change a color scheme i always figure out the basic background colors first. after that im pretty good at figuring out what copper and poppy’s color schemes would change to given the lighting. i dont really like just having a default palette on standby and altering it for different settings because what looks yellow on one background wont necessarily look yellow on another. as an example, i’ll show you the color guides i’ve made for poppy in the four different backgrounds shes been in.

in direct sunlight (this doesnt include the red on her because i always used that as a base color)

at sunset

in the tunnel

lit by the lantern

so like, you can see how the yellow of her shirt in direct sunlight is way different from the yellow of her shirt in the tunnel. the latter is actually a dark reddish-pink! but because the lighting in the tunnel is so dark and so purple it makes that color look yellow by comparison.

so with each new color scheme i do have to take a little extra time to figure out how the colors on the characters are going to translate, but i usually do it directly on the page so i guess you could call that winging it? idk. i consider myself to be pretty good at color in general so it’s not that hard for me. but i hope this explanation was helpful in some way!


So, as per @theowldetective’s teasers, Upstate is an episode that really enforces the idea that R*cas=Corpanga and Maya=Shawn. Consequently, as we prepare for the crap fest that will be the fandom over the next few weeks, I thought I’d point out this costuming detail.
Girl Meets High School has a really obvious callback to BMW’s Back 2 School in the form of the door hitting the knock off version of the main two friends. And yet, Riley’s costuming parallels Shawn’s and Maya’s parallels Cory’s. Riley might not be in red, but I’d say her color scheme is very close to Shawn’s + she has on a vest, which can’t be a coincidence.
What can be taken from this? The first episode of the season sets up the trajectory of the season. Considering that this season has such a major arc that pushes the idea of BMW parallels being exact, the two girls shouldn’t be paralleling “someone they aren’t.” The opening scene of the whole season says Riley=/= Cory and Maya =/= Shawn, and I really don’t know what to tell you if you don’t think that’s significant to the season as a whole.
Side note: I’m not arguing that because of this detail, Riley=Shawn and Maya=Cory (there really are no 100% parallels on this show), but I do think it’s interesting how Riley and Shawn have very similar idealizations of what the Corpanga romance was.


Hey guys!

Here’s just a couple “behind the scenes” pics of the Daring Do collab I did with my buddy Nico a while back.

I worked over his original sketch with the color scheme and basic shading just to get an idea of the light source. Nico then provided me with corrections/revisions after I passed it back to him for the final.

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without Nico’s awesome sketch. He posted his original drawings on his blog so be sure to check them out to see how the whole concept started:

anonymous asked:

Dunno if this has been mentioned, but the color scheme for the promo art is the same as the one in the red belt stuck in life scene, giving more evidence to the idea that they are connected.

Yep, that’s one of the details I’m bringing up.

Basically: We have Marco in the suit they were “buried” in, metaphorically speaking.

What originally sparked the whole theory was that Marco’s casket represented “Marco” becoming a dead name, so what if the dance is where “Marco” dies as an identity.

Not to mention that the shower “leak” could be from this episode, since it shows Marco clearly getting ready for something. If Marco starts off this episode in the same towel they started the series out in, that could mean that this episode would be the one where Marco “comes out” to complete the parallel with My New Wand, and would let them use the actual finale for whatever plan Ludo & Toffee have planned.

Not to mention that they just revealed that Marco has dysphoria, which is HUGE, and already established that Jackie doesn’t think differently about Marco despite whatever secrets he may have.