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The song of the ocean breeze fills the air around you and Shawn as you lazily swing back and forth in that old hammock on the front porch of the house you’re renting, the one with ropes that looked about ready to snap. Shawn spent the day yesterday repairing it while you watched him, iced tea in hand, sunglasses perched on your nose and encouragements falling from your lips. (“Babe, your back looks so good like that”; “Stop wiggling your ass at me dipshit”; “Can you take your pants off too?”)

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Anniversary week challenge!

Hi members!
As both the network and EXO both have anniversaries coming up. I thought it would be fun to make a project of some kind. So I decided to basically make a challenge week with day to day challenges! Members can choose to join or not, that is completely up to you! ^^

The anniversary week challenge will start April 2nd, basically on the actual 2 year anniversary of this network, and end April 9th, two days after EXO’s 5th year anniversary. You will be given completely freedom to do whatever you want, as long as what you do have something to do with the challenge of that day. And I’ll be reblogging all the posts to the blog of course! 

- Make sure you tag them #bbnawc as one of the first five tags, so I can keep a track of the posts, and no you don’t need to tag #byunbaeknet  this time around!!

Here are the day to day challenges!:

  • Sunday, April 2nd: Choose your absolute favorite moments* of Baekhyun. (2015 - present*) (Happy 2nd year anniversary BYUNBAEK-NET!)

  • Monday, April 3rd: Overdose era Baekhyun vs Monster era Baekhyun, pick one!

  • Tuesday, April 4th: Choose your favorite moment(s) between Baekhyun and another member(s).

  • Wednesday, April 5th: Choose one particular moment where you felt that you are so lucky that you stan Baekhyun.

  • Thursday, April 6th: Choose your favorite performance(s) of Baekhyun.

  • Friday, April 7th: Your aboslute favorite EXO moment(s) of all time! (Yes they can be OT12.) (HAPPY 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXO!)

  • Saturday, April 8th: Showtime vs Exomentary; pick your favorite Baekhyun moments from both.

  • Sunday, April 9th: Choose one moment from each era you just cannot shut up about.

Okay, but it was so hard to come up with these challenges! Anyways you do not have to do them all, but I hope this will be something fun for the members to do! - If there is anything you’re wondering about, message us and I’ll try to answer you!

* reason I choose 2015 - present is that this blog was created April 2nd, 2015 and I want to just see which moments you choose from the past two years because of that haha.

* when I say moments, it can be literally anything. It can be written interviews, performances, variety shows etc.. knock yourself out.

- Admin Ida-Eveline


Sitting at your apartment, you sipped your coffee. After everything that happened with Jimin, you decided to take a week off from work just to completely recoup. Scrolling through the news, your jaw dropped. An article popped up. How I put my brother in prison. You re-read the title a million times, but finally you opened it. It was a viral post that people were constantly sharing, but it hit incredibly close to home.

When I would do something wrong, I would twist the story and my brother would fight for me. He protected me from people that I didn’t need protection from, but he didn’t know that. I preyed on my brother’s unconditional love and his need to protect me from the world. Soon, I had completely forgotten that I wasn’t invincible.

Most of you may know my brother, Park Jimin, as a criminal, but I want to tell you that he had no idea he was committing a crime. I didn’t tell him about my crimes, I didn’t tell him I had fled the country, I hid all of my secrets from him and he suffered.

Jimin was only doing what he had promised when he was young. He promised me that he would always protect me. But what I want to tell him is that he shouldn’t protect me from the world. He should protect himself from me.

Your eyes stung with tears as you read the post. JiHyun had posted it and people were sharing it at alarming rates. They found it heartwarming that a younger brother was looking out for his older sibling, but also heartbreaking. Scrolling to the comments, you saw a ton that asked the government to relook into the case, many were pushing for a petition to be signed to get Jimin released, and some cried that he was still a criminal. However, most supported Jimin and hoped for him to be released. You picked up your phone, but before you could dial a number, your boss was calling.

Y/N. His stern voice threw you off guard.

Yes? You answered and he sighed.

I need to take you off the Park Jimin case. You’ve had too much involvement with his brother and now with this post, have you seen it? He asked quickly and you told him you had. Well this post is causing us nothing but grief, we need to vet that this is JiHyun and then we have to make a deal. But you can’t be there. He said and your mouth hung open.

Why? You muttered, but your boss was already complaining about the mountain of paperwork he now had to complete because of JiHyun’s post. You sighed and hung up the phone. You thought about calling the house, but instead you laid down and put a hand over your eyes.

A flood of memories popped into your head. The little things that Jimin would do when you came into the house. How he would smile at you and his giggle would light up your day. But now you dreaded what the government was going to do, how they would react, you weren’t there to protect him anymore. You couldn’t help the sigh that escaped your lips once more. It hurt to know that Jimin would probably blame himself for you leaving, he would assume that him and his brother were the cause, but you knew you couldn’t reach out to him. The tears streamed down your face. It’s not supposed to be this hard. You whispered into the empty apartment.

Jimin stood in your office as the movers took everything from your desk. He watched intently and with a deep scowl on his face as they packed up boxes of papers and journals. Stripping away the light and life that you brought into that place. He walked back to his room and Yoongi knocked on his door.

What? Jimin said and Yoongi chuckled.

Wow, show me how you really care. He jeered and Jimin didn’t break his angry gaze.

Y/N is gone. No note, no warning, she said she was going on a couple day leave, now they are taking her things. Jimin threw his hands in the air, but Yoongi shook his head. Pulling his tablet out from behind his back, he lightly tossed it at the angry inmate.

Things aren’t as black and white as you thought. Yoongi replied and Jimin scanned the document. It was your hacked file and under your reason for leaving, there was a simple message.

Forceful reassignment? Jimin read it aloud and Yoongi nodded from the doorway.

Guess her bosses thought she was getting too cozy with us, plus with your brother coming to join the house, I’m sure they just wanted a new, clean slate. Yoongi shrugged. And I was actually starting to like her. He murmured and Jimin nodded.

Jimin didn’t tell anyone, but he was not only starting to like you, he was really starting to fall. He saw you as an escape from the pain that the house brought, he saw you as a center of calm in the chaos that was his life, but now you were gone and he didn’t know what to do. Looking at the document, he looked up at Yoongi.

I can still forge. He quietly spoke and Yoongi raised an eyebrow. Maybe, her boss will listen to a more intense government official. Jimin contemplated the idea, but he could see you shaking your head vehemently in his mind. He pictured you looking at him with disapproval in your gaze, Yoongi tried to humor the idea, but Jimin shook his head. No, no. She would kill me if I broke the law now. Jimin murmured and Yoongi left the room.

Jimin wanted to make you proud, even if that meant you were not longer his doctor. Jimin would try to do the right thing, so he could look you in the eye as a free man one day.

Klangst Week

Day Four - Injury
It has occurred to me that my angst is getting slowly less angsty as the days go by, and I apologise sincerely, but I’m just happy that I’m completing a prompt every day?

It was obvious to the entire team that Keith and Lance did not get along.  

So why did Allura keep sending them on missions together?

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hiatus ;_;

Hi, I just wanted to check in on my status with fics and everything. I haven’t updated my Yooseven fic in… a couple weeks now… and Star Prince has been completely neglected whoops. I hate to do it but I need to put all of my non-school priorities on hold for like at least two weeks.

April is the cruelest month and that’s especially true when you have a senior thesis due very very very soon whoops. Every time I sit down to write fics, I make it like… a few paragraphs before getting overwhelmed with fatigue…. Writers block isn’t usually a problem for me but I think I’ve just got too much going on to really be able to focus on what I’m writing.

Anyway I hope you guys can all be patient with me and I hope maybe you’ll still be here to read my shit once things get easier with my school obligations. ;__;

Thanks friends <3333

porridgeandtea  asked:

Since turning vegan (7 weeks and counting!) i have completely fallen in love with your channel and the message you stand for it's honestly so inspiring! I never thought I'd say that as I previously used to be so (ignorantly) opposed to you as i was just ill informed and labelled you as a 'radical vegan', i used to 100% support tana mongeau and think so wrongfully bad of you. And now words can't even describe how wrong i was and how shameful i feel now I've entered this beautiful lifestyle ily❤️

All that matters is that you found the vegan lifestyle 🙏 Thank you for connecting the dots 🐷🐮🐔🐠❤️

roman-dax  asked:

"Players will receive one Age of Triumph Armor Ornament token for successful completion of the featured Raid (once per week per account)." You can absolutely get 7 ornaments this week, if you also complete all challenges across all characters.

I must have misread this then! Or quickly skimmed past it! Nevermind! 7 it is! The magic number

anonymous asked:

Not to be complete 2jae trash (lmao sike) but have you noticed the glances and looks JB and YJ throw at each other when they're performing like if you see the fancams to their recent peformances and shit you'll see what I'm talking about but it's legit so subtle yet not. YJ especially glances at JB a loooot when they're performing and like the glance he throws him during MK's verse in Never Ever is so extra. It's not even a part of the choreo but he legit can't help but look at JB. It's amazing.

THIS. this is why when people say yj sees jb as just a hyung im like ummmmmmmmm but no????????? yj literally looks at jb like hes everything???

also link me to those videos pretty please!!! bc i dont watch fancams :( i should tho bc its tons of gif material lmao

Healthy Habits Challenge

So, I’m done w/week 2 of IF. Meaning I’ve completed it, not that I’m finished with it. I made it 6 out of 7 days, and I feel great! My pants have started to feel more like I can fit into them again, which was the main point. My bras too feel better. I’m in week 3 now and I think I’ll keep this up until my vacation later in April.




he’s actually talking about his senior debut grand prix final win but they just saw sixteen candles so

Yuri Plisetsky Week Day 1: Birthday