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SHERLOCK - :Happy Pride Month 2017:
Wacom Intuos Pro 3 in  PSCS3 (new window for hi-res)

Bleh, I’m stupid late with this but better late than never, I suppose.

Have a cheesy Johnlock husbands pic for pride month (no seriously, I made them husbands look, rings! XD) :) It’s not fantastic and it took me 3 weeks to complete, but I love these two so effing much and I just really needed to put them together okay? And the idea for the shirts, I have no idea where it came from… I think it was on a google search for “cute couples” and a similar shirt came up in the images LOL. 

Slowly but surely getting the hang of this digital art thing. I love my marker brush so much. It emulates my traditional style nicely :D

Hope you all like it, and happy pride month everyone <3

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anonymous asked:

A girl in my photography class literally just spent like 10-15 minutes talking to the teacher about how they think trans people aren't valid wtf should I do? I don't want to tell the office because I'm pretty sure they'll know it was me and they won't do anything anyway since it's the last week before the finals but I don't want them to get away with transphobia

If you’re like a week from graduation, complete your finals. Wait until the school has no power over you whatsoever, then report it. Focus your report on the teacher, the one in a position of power. If you think the school will not act in an way, report it loudly. Put it on their social media, put posters on the walls. Stir up a public stink. Obviously this is scary, but calling attention to injustice pretty much always is. Reducing risk to yourself is sensible but no action against injustice is ever risk-free.  If you’re prepared to fight for this, it’s sensible to wait a few weeks until the system you are now in has no power over you anymore, then fight.  Don’t do this alone if you don’t have to, include supportive friends, school LGBT clubs, etc.

 Finally, it is possible that there is no way for you to fight this that you consider an acceptable risk. In that case, there’s not really any advice we can give you. Sometimes we gotta accept that we are not in a position to change things yet and all we can do is grow and organize until we are.


I had lost quite a bit of weight due to life etc but I’ve been eating like a total pig the last couple of weeks and feel that even when my belly is completely empty it now sits likes a ball again, always sticking out, stretching my tops around it! My thighs are definitely rubbing more and stairs (which have always made me breath heavily) are now a more laborious task that leave me noticably winded and red in the face! Encouragement needed as it is always this point i begin to flake out

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July Schedule

Here is my first draft of my July schedule. I am using the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 training plan.

I modified it due to my Vacation (July 4-9) where I did not want to do long runs. I also reduced the long runs over the next 2 weeks. I have already completed a half and feel comfortable with that distance. 

I am also adding recovery yoga after any 8+ mile runs. 

This makes my target - 100 miles for July which I hit in both May and June. 

  • Saturday, July 1 - Run 8 Miles
  • Sunday, July 2 - Rest / Recovery Yoga
  • Monday, July 3 - Run 4.5
  • Tuesday, July 4 - Run 4 miles
  • Wednesday, July 5 - Run 4 miles
  • Thursday, July 6 - Run 4 miles
  • Friday, July 7  - Run 4 miles
  • Saturday, July 8  - Run 4 miles
  • Sunday, July 9  - Rest
  • Monday, July 10 - 60 Min Cross Train
  • Tuesday, July 11 - Run 5 miles
  • Wednesday, July 12 - Run 3 miles
  • Thursday, July 13  - Run 3 miles
  • Friday, July 14  - Run 4 Miles
  • Saturday. July 15  - Run 8 miles
  • Sunday, July 16 -  Rest  
  • Monday. July 17 - Run 3 miles / Recovery Yoga
  • Tuesday, July 18  - Run 2 miles
  • Wednesday. July 19  - Run 2 miles
  • Thursday. July 20  - Rest
  • Friday, July 21 - Rest
  • Saturday, July 22 - ½ Marathon! 
  • Sunday, July 23  - Rest / Recovery Yoga
  • Monday, July 24  - Rest (May walk if I feel up to it.) 
  • Tuesday, July 25 -  Walk 3 miles
  • Wednesday, July 26 - Run 4.5
  • Thursday, July 27 - Run 4 miles
  • Friday, July 28 - Run 3 miles
  • Saturday, July 29 - Run 8 Miles
  • Sunday, July 30  Rest / Recovery Yoga
  • Monday, July 31  Run 4.5

i dnt know if this is an Actual Manic Episode That I Should Consider Telling A Therapist Abt or miss adhd but i love going to michael’s retail chain company and buying excessive amounts of scrapbooking paper for a hilariously ambitious project that i will show no one, assuming i dnt completely abandon it within a week

anonymous asked:

I take FOREVER to complete assignments! Like weeks researching until I finally get to the report/essay writing. A process that feels like I do at snail speed whilst finding stuff to include as I go. Is this normal?

Spending forever researching is a anxiety/perfectionism thing for me, as is completing the construction part at a snail pace. For me it is tied in with ADHD for sure as both of those things really play off each other for me, but it’s probably hard to say for each individual. 

Depending on the things that you find most exciting personally, you may find researching much more interesting than writing stuff up perhaps? Research is an easily identifiable step which can have a pretty low initiation barrier if you’re comfortable with the subject at hand but doesn’t always have a distinct “this task is done point”. So if you do find it interesting/stimulating it’s definitely something you can end up losing hours too. By comparison, constructing your essay, or whatever else it may be can be fairly overwhelming by comparison. Researching too long can definitely be a procrastination/avoidance thing.

For me, I find the best approach is to break down all the things. Find out what specific things you need to research and set a time limit or a due date on it. Break down the essay (or whatever other project you’re working on) into it’s sections and smaller tasks. Smaller tasks tend to be much more approachable, and if it’s clear what exactly needs to be done for it, at least for me it makes getting started a lot easier.

There’s a lot of other study/getting things done related tips in the tags as well which describes strategies for being more efficient c: -m

dwight and caroline are literally just getting the minimum of scenes required for the rest of the story to make sense and judging by their complete absence from next week’s promo, that’s not about to change and I’m angry?? sure, dwight wasn’t really in the book, but dwight’s storyline isn’t gonna play out like it did in the books and if they want me to buy the ptsd storyline that’s waiting for him there needs to be more to explain it than him calling the pow camp hell. Also it’s not like there’s nothing in the books they could use - there’s the letter to caroline, for example, in which he gives a pretty detailed account of what he’s been up to so far. As for caroline, what happened to her doing literally anything she can to help dwight?? Sure, she was fucking scared in the book as well, waking up in the middle of the night to worry about him (i want that scene btw) but she was also visiting people in London to ask about a possible prisoner exchange and taking in / sponsoring the French refugees and their counterrevolution etc. And yeah sure, maybe they’ll find a way to squeeze all of that into next week’s episode, but I’m not seeing it tbh and it’ll have consequences for both of their characterizations I won’t like.

Once I have access to a studio beginning at the end of August I want so badly to choreograph and film some pieces but I’m also so discouraged by the fact that my body can’t do any more what it could back when I danced 5 days a week in high school. Which is completely expected and natural but the ideas in my head just aren’t gonna align with the reality that is my own body as a medium…

I've heard a lot about intermittent fasting

*the new trend*
My sister has been doing it for 2 weeks and seen crazy results however she has a completely different metabolism than me
I am always staaaarving when I wake up, which is the only thing keeping me back from trying it because I think it would be impossible for me to ignore that

Has anyone had good / bad experiences trying it????