and the way you move your hands when you talk

this means war | jun

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pairing: jun x reader

genre: angst, fluff & smut (later parts)

word count: 1.1k

warning: swearing lol

description: when you moved in with the four girls, you didn’t expect them to be in a prank war with the boys in the apartment downstairs, and you didn’t expect to fall for one of them either.

Adjusting your position in the chair, you awkwardly look around the apartment as a way of trying to ignore the four girls as they sat in front of you, judging your very move.

“You’re a student, right?” a pink haired girl asks.

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you are so beautiful when you talk about something you love. the crease in your forehead deepens as your eyes widen, and your hands move faster, faster, as you talk. i love you most like this. your eyes light up without the sun and you walk with a skip in your step because this, this is what you want, what you need. And I know it might sound selfish, but the reason I love you like this is because it’s the same way you talk about me.
—  what you are passionate about
I compared our ‘first date’ to the last first I had.
I noted that it was more awkward this time than last.
I think I love that about you.
First dates should not be ice cream and laughter and hand holding without awkward.
First dates should be coming over to bake cookies and ending up sitting together in a way that allows you to stand up with ease.
Just in case you cannot take the awkward and must stop the small talk.
I am in love with your small awkward ways.
You dance, well- move your head- to a beat no one else can hear.
You will gladly have a poking battle with me even when I declare that I win because you respect me and refuse to touch my chest.
You answer my name calling with terms of endearment
And I am in love with you.
I know it is unethical and frowned upon to tell someone that you love them when your relationship is so new,
But when I look into your auburn eyes-
I think to myself, “I am in love with this boy.”
—  It’s Wonderful;L.L.

You meet an old man in an alley.

You’re not surprised by this. Old guys probably hang out in alleys all the time.

Upon that thought, you realize that no, it is not normal. It is actually pretty weird and you should leave before he does anything pervy or starts to talk to you about his religion.

You attempt to leave the alley but he steps in your way. This kind of flips you the fuck out, but he raises his hands and says please calm down, he just wants to talk. You are about to ask him who he is when you notice that time has stopped moving. You decide not to ask.

I’m going to give you superpowers, he says matter-of-factly.

Cool, you say. Isn’t there a price, though? Like my soul or something?

Nah, the old man replies, that shit’s for noobs. But people with superpowers make chaos, and I’m kind of a fan of that.

You nod. You can appreciate that.

But after you get superpowers, you should probably learn to use them. The League of Villains is recruiting, and they tend to get a little kidnap-y.

You just said there wasn’t a price, you whine.

Well, fuck, says the old man. Still, it’s not my fault. I can’t change human nature. But you’ll be okay, because these powers are rad as hell.

You shrug. You’ve recently found yourself with a lot of time on your hands, and some excitement would do you good. Why not, you say. Give me these rad as hell powers.

public speaking can be an absolutely terrifying process, so here are a few tips and tricks to ace your presentation (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

facing the audience

try to focus on the wall and the tops of the heads in the audience. that way, you don’t have to focus on any faces or certain people at all, yet you still look like you’re facing the audience.

making hand gestures while you talk is helpful too, but don’t overdo it too much. just do it when you need to add emphasis.

pacing around a tiny bit is fine because you don’t want to seem stiff, but moving around too much is a little weird. i like to pace to another section of the stage after i finish saying about a paragraph of stuff or when the topic changes to ensure that i cover all of the audience.

using your voice

make sure to project your voice. pretend like nobody in the room exists and that you’re in your own bedroom. that really helps me to loosen up and get my voice out there.

try to add some emotion and depth to your voice too. nobody wants to listen to a robotic voice reciting out a memorized speech. just speak in a comfortable conversational tone, kinda like you’re talking a friend.


try not to think about the fact that you’re speaking to the public. honestly, if you don’t think about it and just get up there and look at the back wall, it’s much easier. sometimes, people end up building up more and more fear by constantly worrying about it.

remember: the person who cares most about you is yourself.
barely anybody will notice if you slip up and nobody except you knows how your speech is supposed to go. nobody will notice if you rearrange topics or change up the flow a bit.

you’ll be fine.
now get out there and rock that presentation!!

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

The "Keys and Locks" Soulmate AU

What if when you’re born, you’re born with either a key or a lock on your lower arm almost like a tattoo. And when you’re 18, you go to a meeting near the end of the year with all the other 18 year olds and get a “keys and locks” talk where pretty much they tell you that when you come into contact with someone who has the opposite symbol of you, and both of your arms begin to glow gold, it’s just another way of saying you’ve met your soulmate.

Can you just IMAGINE:

-The “we were only 5 or 6 and the teacher told us to stand in a circle and hold hands, but when we did, my lock and your key began to glow.” AU (Bonus if the teachers moved us around and call our parents).

-The “I’m a college student who goes to the cafe you work at, and not that I’m looking at you, but rather the person next to you. But today, they seem to be gone so I went to ask you to make it when you reveal you always do. When you finish my coffee, you walk over with your sleeves rolled up and hand it to me. However, I grabbed it weird and now we’re sitting here staring at each other, your lock is glowing gold and I can see my key through my coat doing the same, and now everyone is clapping. Oh god kill me.” AU

The “My partner just broke up with me and you’re my best friend comforting me when my key/lock begins to glow gold and now it’s awkward.” AU (Bonus if my best friend actually wondered if it would happen).

The “I watch your kid while you finish your finals in college, and when they were in the room alone and laughing, I ran into the room to find their arms glowing gold” AU (Bonus if I called you and you offered to keep them together until they’re old enough to understand)

The “I bumped into you and your friends on the way to work, and now I’m sitting in my office with my assistant teasing me about my glowing arm rather than working” AU (Bonus if you come into the office, trying to find me when they call security and now I’m trying to fight back two big guys and hold you back so we don’t mess up your face).

The “We’re trying out for a play and were placed on a team together. However, when we were acting out our scene, you grabbed my arm and we stopped, and everyone began to clap and cheer and I don’t know why– oh my god we’re glowing… LITERALLY” AU. (Bonus: we bow to them by holding my hands in the air and get the leading roles)

The “We’re apart of an assassination group together and oh shit! You’re about to fall off a cliff while everyone is blaming each other for the target getting away, but I swiftly slip over to you before you fall, and wow how your eyes match the gold on your arm.” AU.

The “you’re a hothead who wants to fight this guy who looks double your weight, and I try to pull you away, and end up triggering your lock and shit now he’s making fun of you and we should probably go before you either break into tears of happiness or tears of anger and rip his head off” AU.

The “we met in therapy for when we both were caught cutting and now we became best friends, but you moved away one day and I never heard from you again, but here we are now; happy and alive. You explain to me that your parents wanted you to focus on getting better than making friends which is kinda shitty but your better now. Now we hugging and my lock is glowing next to your key and I’m so happy I could cry” AU (bonus if when we hug, our old scar glow with our key/lock because the keys and locks glow due to blood injection we get when we’re younger).

So many possibilities…

Subway Ride

Hello there!I was wondering if you could do a Modern AU of this? I was thinking that maybe the reader is sitting next to Burr, because they’re friends, then the squad try to get the reader’s attention.

Requested by vanessawolfblue 

You smiled at Aaron as he held your hand so you wouldn’t get lost in the sea of people. The both of you were on your way to go see a play and had to take the subway to avoid traffic. 

“Thank you again for inviting me Aaron.” You said as the both of you had entered the subway.

Aaron smiled. “It’s my pleasure (Y/N).”

You both sat next to each other and began talking about the play. You and Aaron have been friends for a while now. You’ve been quite intimidated by the sheer liveliness of New York ever since you moved here. But, when you met Aaron you felt much more at home. He was kind enough to show you around and over time, became your best friend. 

As the train was about to depart, you noticed out of the corner of your eye that four guys were running towards the subway very quickly. The doors were about to close until you got up and held it open for them.

They all instantly sighed in relief and began to thank you. Once they made their way into the subway you sat down next to Aaron again. 

Aaron’s eyes widened at the sight before him. Of all people that (Y/N) had to let in the subway. Of course, it had to be Alexander Hamilton and his friends. 

Once you sat down next to Aaron, you saw that he was staring in the direction of the four men that you had held the door for. 

“Is there something wrong Aaron?” You asked with concern in your voice. 

Aaron was pulled out of the thoughts swarming in his head. He looked at you and shook his head with a wry smile. 

“No, everything’s fine.” 

You nodded, it was obvious something was bothering him. You decided not to pry though, if he didn’t want to talk about it then you’d respect his wishes. 

After about 10 minutes into the ride, a bit of noise was being made. 

Aaron began to glare at the source of the noise. You followed his gaze to the four men that he’d been looking at earlier. 

When your eyes met with the shortest one with brown shoulder length hair, he seemed to brighten. He waved at you and the rest of his friends began waving as well. 

You waved back at them and smiled. 

Aaron continued to glare at them. He put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer. 

“(Y/N), you can choose to talk to them if you wish, but I have to warn you, they’re very loud and unpredictable. I just don’t want them to get you into any trouble.” 

You nodded your head and looked over at the four men. Your eyes widened at what they were doing. They were dangling on the subway poles and chanting. 

“Yo, yo what time is it?” Chanted the one with curly hair and freckles. 

“Showtime!” The rest of them sung in unison. 

Aaron’s face went completely stoic as he sighed. 

You giggled a bit at his reaction. 

Once the four men saw that they had grabbed your attention they walked over towards you and Aaron. 

“Well, if it isn’t Aaron Burr.” Stated the one with shoulder-length brown hair. 

Aaron sighed once more. “Hello, Alexander.” 

“And who’s this lovely lady?” Alexander asked while looking at you. 

“This is (Y/N), (Y/N) this is Alexander. I met him in college, we both majored in law together.” Aaron said as he introduced the both of you. 

“(Y/N)? What a gorgeous name! As you know, I’m Alexander. That’s John,” Alex said as he pointed to the man with curly hair tied into a ponytail and freckles that covered every inch of his face.”This is Lafayette,” he pointed to the tall man with fluffy hair. “And that’s Hercules.” He said as he pointed to the man with a beanie on his head. 

You smiled and waved at each of them.

“So,” John began. “Aaron, when were you gonna tell us about your little girlfriend here?” 

Your cheeks began to turn pink. You looked over at Aaron and he seemed surprised. You could see that his were cheeks dusted pink as well.

Aaron looked over at John. “She’s not my girlfriend John.”

John smirked and sat down next to you. “So, she’s single?” 

Aaron pulled you closer to him and glared at John. “Do not get any ideas.”

John chuckled. “Dude quit being so protective I’m just messing around.”

Aaron reluctantly let go of you and apologized. You smiled at him and told him that it was alright.

“So, where are you guys from?” You asked the quartet, attempting to start polite conversation. 

Alex smiled. “I’m from Nevis! It’s an island in the Caribbean.”

“I’m from Ireland,” Hercules said with a grin.

“I’m from France!” Lafayette said with a proud smile.

“And I’m from South Carolina.” 

Your eyes lit up and you began chatting some more. 

As the conversation began to pick up. You and the rest of Alex’s friends began talking about politics and quickly got into a heated discussion. You tried to include Aaron, but he never stated his opinion, instead just telling Alexander to calm down every now and then. 

About half an hour passed and you felt Aaron tugging on your sleeve. He signaled you that this was your stop. 

You gave a sad smile to the four men and told them that you and Aaron were getting off. 

“What a coincidence. This happens to be our stop as well.” Alex said with a smirk plastered on his face. 

“Are guys you going to see the same play as us?” You asked Alexander with a raised eyebrow.

You fished around your purse for your ticket and when you pulled it out, Alexander held the same one in his hand. 

“It seems that we are,” 

Aaron grumbled under his breath and grabbed your hand to lead you out of the subway. 

You followed him and felt your other hand being held as well. When you looked up, you saw Alex. He smiled while your cheeks began to heat up. 

Lafayette chuckled and ruffled your hair as the six of you continued walking together. 

Hercules grinned while he put his beanie over your head. Since it was a little big it slipped and covered your eyes. 

The rest of them laughed as you struggled to watch where you were going. 

Even Aaron couldn’t suppress a smile at how silly you looked. 

Requested : "Don't make me mad.." Yoongi × reader

You were always friends
And always only friends.
You never looked at him in any other way. You never noticed the way his tongue would swipe over his lips when he talked to you, or the way his eyes would occasionally look down and focus on your lips, or even the way when you guys sat next to each other his hands always seemed to wander to your shoulders or thigh. It just never really caught your attention for long enough that it would become a problem.
“Yoongi! Can you pass me my soda?” You asked, reaching out a hand in his general direction, but not moving your eyes off the game you and Namjoon were playing. Currently he was winning and you were frustrated by it. The cold metal of the can hit your hand, and you instantly curled your fingers around it. Your eyes moved from the screen to him within a second. “Thank you.” You mumbled, taking a quick sip and then placing the can beside you. You had no idea what Yoongi was doing because you couldn’t help but only focus on the screen. You barely even noticed when he came to sit by your side. The only way it would have been known that he as there was by the way his arm reached behind you, placing a hand right behind your back. Which you of course ignored.
“Damn it, Namjoon!” You yelled, throwing the controller on the couch. “I tried really hard, you couldn’t just let me win this once!” You took long strides towards him, placing on knee beside him and keeping one leg on the ground. You leaned over him, and punched his chest a few times. But even this non important contact was too much for Yoongi. A set of fingers wrapped around your arm and tugged you back slightly. When you looked at him you could tell there was something stirring in his eyes, and it didn’t seem to be happiness. Jealously? Maybe? “Give him a break, y/n.” He leaned on to whisper, his lips possibly too close to your skin. “You know your better at video games anyway.” You ignored his it breath and moved away. “At least you know.”
Your tired legs carried you into the kitchen, searching high and low for any trace of anything good to eat. But your search was fruitless. “Namjoon. Yoongi. Can one of you run downtown and possibly get some food? I can put in the order.” Instead of seeing Yoongi who you thought would offer you instead saw Namjoon. “I’ll go. I’ll order there too. Don’t worry your pretty little head about ordering. Relax and get ready for round two when I get home.” He ruffles your hair, as he picks up the keys from the counter behind you. “I’ll be back!” He yells to both you and Yoongi as he heads out.
When you walk into the living room, Yoongi is sitting there his eyes focused on the phone in his lap. You sit next to him, probably a bit to close, and snatch the phone out of his hands. His eyes immediately turn to you, an arm reaching out to grab it. But he’s unsuccessful. “Pay attention to me instead of your phone.” He sighs, continuing to grab for it. “The phone is more interesting than you’ll ever be.” He mumbles pushing you down into the couch, and making multiple grabs for it. “Rude. I don’t think you deserve it.” Only then did you notice his body pressing into yours, his scent infiltrating your nose. You didn’t want him to get off of you. The thoughts quickly ended when he got to close to the phone. “Don’t make me mad, y/n.” You smirked, pushing him away with your free hand. “What are you gonna do?”
You always saw Yoongi as a friend. So when his lips pressed against yours, honestly you were a bit taken back. But his softness of his lips, mixed with the not so soft kiss made your head spin. You pulled back slightly. “Yoongi..”
He grabbed the phone while you were distracted, and returned to his earlier position. “That.” He exclaimed. Your fingers traced over your lips where his were only momentarily. For some reason your head spun, and it left you craving more. You needed more. And you knew exactly how to get it.
You moved closer to him, placing a hand a little to high up on his thigh. “Yoongi.” Ignored. “Oppa?” Ignored. You tested your luck, moving closer to his ear. “Daddy.”
His body froze him place for a second before his hands were on your shoulders, pushing you back to your precious laying position. “What did you just say?” He whispered, hands placed on either side of you, his face only inches from yours. “I didn’t say anything, Yoongi.” One of his hands came up to grab your face. “Now’s not a time to play, kitten.” All the heat you felt in your body all rushed straight to your core. Your stomach twisted at just one simple word. You swallowed quickly, eyes shaking as you looked at him again. “Cat got your tongue? Huh? Can’t say it now that you’re not confident?” His face was much closer than you wanted. Your body was heating up significantly and you felt every urge to touch him. With his face millimeters away from yours, he whispered again. “Say it.” You mustered brought courage and breathed out, “Daddy.”
That’s all it took for Yoongi to crash his lips into yours for the second time. This time a certain list was mixed in, and you couldn’t help your hands from wandering to his back, scrunching up his shirt in your fists. “Tell me what you want kitten.” His breath was hot on your skin as he moved his head into the crook of your neck, leaving wet kisses on the sensitive surface of skin. Your back arched into his chest as you breathed out. “I need you, Yoongi.” His lips nipped at your neck, leaving marks in their wake. “Anything for you. But right now my name isn’t Yoongi.” You nod your head. “Alright, Daddy.” The word influences him to pull on the hem of your shirt, swiftly removing it from your body. His eyes widened as he noticed your lack of a bra. “Did you prepare for this kitten?” His mouth immediately found yours as his hand took one of your breasts in its hold. Fingers traced your nipples lightly, almost teasingly and you couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.
“That’s what I like to hear. Keep making those noises, kitten. I love it.” Your hands fumbled with the hem of his shirt, which he ended up discarding quickly. He stopped his merciless attack on your neck, to lean back in what you could only describe as him being cocky. “Do you like what you see?” He asked. You rolled your eyes, unable to keep your hands still, and moving them to feel his chest and stomach. “Are you gonna answer me?” He asked obviously impatient. You looked up at him, batting your eyelashes. “I love it daddy.” He growled as he pushed you slightly. “Get up. Strip the rest for me kitten.”
You followed his words patiently. You knew you were needy and wanted to get your clothes off as quick as possible but you knew Yoongi and he wouldn’t like it. You turned away from his, swaying your hips sexily. You heard from behind you the sound of his zipper and then the shuffle of his pants being taken off. You smirked to yourself as you reached down, to do the same. Slowly slipping your pants down your legs. At the sight of just you in your panties, a moan escapes his lips. Your stomach drops and twists even more so than before. You turn around to see an impatient Yoongi palming his already hardening cock through his boxers. You want nothing more than to get your hands on it yourself. But seeing it as the only time you’ll get to tease him you don’t stop. You pull each side of your panties down, letting him get a sneak peak of what he’s about to have but then pulling them straight back up. “Don’t tease kitten, just take them off and get over here.” You nod at his words, slipping off your panties and kicking them elsewhere in the room. With small steps you walk towards him. He pats his lap with a very noticeable smirk. You place your legs on either side of his legs. The feeling of his cock pressed up against your ass surprises You at first. Even by just feeling it you can tell he’s big. “Do you like what you feel? Would you much rather have it inside of you?” You nod your head quickly, slowly grinding your core down on his cock. “Words baby. Use word.” You swallow your pride for a moment. “I want to feel you inside me, Daddy. I want to feel you fill me up.”
With just those words Yoongi, rubs the head of his cock over your slick foods and easily enters you. Immediately he lets out a breathy moan into your skin. “Fuck kitten you’re so tight. Show daddy what you can do.” His hands gently rest against your hips as you move up his cock, making sure to make your moves slow at first. You wanted to see him get needy before you did anything good. But with his breathy moans you knew he was liking it more. You sped up for pace slightly, which surprised him. “Fuck kitten, why did I wait so long to kiss you. If I knew I would have your pretty pussy wrapped around me if I did I would have done it so much sooner.” His trip on your waist got tighter as he slightly moved his hips to meet your movements.
All of a sudden he was pushing you off and instructing you to lay down on your back. You did as instructed, and within seconds Yoongi was back on top of you. Slipping back into you. “I’m gonna make you scream, kitten.” His hips snapped into yours, and you let out a loud moan. From what he was just a minute ago, it seemed like a completely different person. Namjoon could have walked in just then and you wouldn’t have cared less. Your mind was to dogged with pleasure to focus on anything else other than how hard Yoongi was slamming into you. You became oblivious to how loud you were and you didn’t even know if you were saying his name or calling him what he wanted. And you don’t think he noticed either.
You felt yourself getting close when he reached down to rub his fingers over your sensitive cloth “Fuck yoongi, I’m going to cum.” He leaned down pressing his lips into yours. “Go ahead kitten, cum for daddy.” It took his smooth words to push you over the edge. Flashes of white burst behind your eyes, and it rendered you unable to move. With a couple more hard thrusts, Yoongi was pulling out to spill his seed all over your rapidly moving chest.
Although you would have denied that you couldn’t have cared less at that moment. Your breath was rapid as you laid back on the couch. Yoongi leaned over to you, leaving the gentlest kiss he could manage. “I’ve been wanting to do that for months, y/n.” You smiled at him, as you regained your composure. “So it wasn’t a one time thing?” He shook his head.
In minutes you were all cleaned up with your clothes back in place. Luckily Namjoon arrived a little after you were done cle

Broken Nose

Daryl got into it with a fellow he met on the road during a supply run. When he comes back to the prison, he looks a little bad and refuses to see you, afraid that he isn’t good enough for you anymore.

  • A Daryl Dixon x Reader Drabble
  • 734 Words
  • WARNINGS: Blood and vomit

Glenn found you patrolling the gates of the prison. You had that rifle in your hands, the first time you ever held one. It was such a burden. The weight of the gun felt like it was holding you down. You hardly move at all when you hold it.

“Y/N.” Glenn tried to speak, but his voice was winded and you noticed he was bleeding from his left ear. “Y/N. It’s Daryl.”

Now, the group knew you and Daryl had a thing going. You were the only one Daryl would talk to most days, aside from Rick and Carol. Everyone noticed the way he would watch you from across the field, follow you around like a guard dog when you left the grounds. But the only one that didn’t entirely know what was going on was Daryl. You knew the things he did, he didn’t have an explanation for. He did them absentmindedly. Not that you cared.

From the look on Glenn’s face, you knew this was bad. You flung the rifle at him, not staying a second longer to make sure Glenn caught it. You were inside in a flash, shutting the door behind you, flying down the corridors until you came to cell block C.

The grunts were unmistakeably Daryl’s.

You hurry over to his bed and looked in on him. With everyone else nearly gone, it was quiet in here except for the man sitting on the edge of his bed, leaning over into a puddle of his own vomit.

As you step over, Daryl looks up and you see the gruesome sight, a sight that hardly looks like Daryl Dixon at all anymore. His nose, it was broken, forming a new shape, his eye was swollen shut and as black as the night sky, and there was a cut several inches long on his forehead, the blood drying very quickly and giving the illusion it was far worse than what you hoped it was.

“Leave.” Daryl grumbled and turned his head so he was staring at his own sick once again. “You don’ wanna see me like this.”

In the real world, the old world, Daryl would need some heavy surgery for his nose. Now he would be lucky if it healed right at all, if at all. Hershel would try, you knew that, but there was only so much you could do with the little supplies left in the prison.

“Need any pain killers?” You offered, not leaving your spot. Truth was, you didn’t care if you saw Daryl like this or not. He would be doing anything he could if you were in his spot. You wanted to do the same.

“Need you to leave.” He groaned, leaning back into his pillow and shutting his eye. “Why wouldda wanna guy like this?”

His question left you confused. You tilted your head to the side as it hung in the air between the two of you, not looking to be answered, not out loud. He was trying to push you away.

“Like what?” You ask cautiously. You walk over and sit on the foot of his bed, looking over at him and trying your best to ignore the vomit that was running under the bed.

Daryl turned his head toward the wall, blocking your view of his damaged face. “Like this. Imma mess. My face’ll never be the same.”

“Did they already give you pain killers?” You asked, unsure of what Daryl was implying.

“No.” He growled. “I wan’ed to ask ya…” He stopped, just like that. You gave him a few seconds to continue his sentence but the man never did. He lay there, his face blocked from view.

You reached over and stroked his good cheek, feeling the stubble under your fingertips. “You could look like Two-Face and I would still be here for you.”

There was a moment of silence as you ran your fingers through Daryl’s hair and down his arm, trying your best to calm him down from his little episode. You watch his stomach slowly rise and fall, his eyes droop closed, and his hand twitched the moment your fingers reached his.

Daryl shifted his weight closer to the wall, leaving you plenty of room to lay down beside him. He still did not speak a word as you lay there, placing your head on his chest, and linked your fingers with his.

BTS Maknae Line Reaction to you being dirty when you are normally innocent.


I think out of the entire Maknae Line would be the most ‘turned on’? He would find it really cute and hot at the same time, probably starting to tease you.
Like the two of you would probably be talking causally then you might go onto the topic of kinks, and things like that. So of course Mr Park Jimin being the KINKIEST MAN ALIVE!! Is going to respond…

“Wow!! Babe, I didn’t know you were into things like that.” He would move closer and place his hand on your thigh, “I would be happy in making those fantasy’s become a reality.” 

Originally posted by minpuffs


Okay…now V is no innocent child, but he is also a beautiful sunshine. So this honestly could go two ways. I think when you started talking about the type of things you were into or just making a dirty joke he would be slightly shocked, trying to process that his innocent girl actually spoke those words. He would then snap out of his trance and turn to you, licking his lips CAUSE HE IS A SINNER and then like Jimin, will most likely tease you slightly.

*gasps* “Jagiya how could you be so dirty minded?! What happened to my pure innocent Jagiya??” But of course his mind couldn’t help wondering over to what could happen between the two of you, and for sure he would show you just how well he can work his tongue…

Originally posted by taetaehyungs


Now for this sin. I think like Taehyung he would be a bit shocked at first, processing that his girl indeed had just said that she was into some real kinky stuff. But despite Jungkook being ‘innocent’ majority of the time, like Jimin I think some teasing would come into place once he processed everything and of course gained a bit of confidence. He would be very playful and maybe even get a bit touchy. 

His hand would start trailing up and down you thigh, he would lean into your ear, his hot breath brushing against your ear. “I didn’t think my Jagiya thought about things like that.” He would then lean away his hand still placed on your thigh, but with a slight smirk as he turned on the television, leaving you in total shock. 

Originally posted by jeonify

(Despite everyone else seeing Jungkook as still an innocent boy. He is now currently 19 (20 Korean age) So I do see him a bit more grown up and mature.) 

So I do hope you like this. This if my first time doing one of these, so please do tell me if you enjoyed and please do send in some more reaction requests! 

~ These GIF’s are not mine! ~ 



•His schedule was so busy so he offered to meet you at a business party.

•You agree and got ready, you were a little nervous about not fitting in.

•When you arrived, he practically ran to you. God, he thought you were so beautiful.

•His eyes instantly flew to your hands. 

•His thoughts became unholy. 

•He imagined the things you could do with them. That made him shudder.

•Your lips were especially beautiful and the way they moved when you talked.

•Everything about you made him want you. He couldn’t wait to have you alone.

•He loved how you managed to stay by his side even though everyone was surrounding you asking you a million questions about you and Jumin.


•You’d meet him at a restaurant.

•He was so cute about the whole thing, he wore a dress shirt and a tie.

•You’d walk in and it took everything in him to keep his jaw from dropping.

•He was especially shy to look at you but once he saw your face he was completely mesmerized.

•Your eyes were probably his favorite. 

•He was so hesitant to touch you but once you reciprocated nothing held this boy back.

•He had never touched a woman the way he had touched you.

•He was amazed that he got lucky enough to have you.

•He walked you home and the classic kiss at the door happened.

•Once you shut the door behind you, he jumped in happiness.

•NOTHING brought his mood down for the rest of the week.


•He had women around a lot but honestly was a bit insecure when it came to you.

•You guys went shopping around.

•He had to control himself the whole night it was so hard for him.

•He gulped nervously when you instinctively grabbed his arm.

•He loved when you became so excited you walked ahead of him. He looked down at the curves of your body and his pants would tighten.

•He look at you when you weren’t pay attention, or you’d be looking at something else, he was so focused on you.

•He honestly loved how sweet you were to everyone especially when his fans noticed him and asked for a picture, he realized he was so blessed to have you.

•”Is that your girlfriend?”

•”She is, yeah.” He’d let out a breathy laugh.


•She was so nervous to meet you

•The caffeine from the coffee probably wasn’t helping her nerves calm down neither.

•Once you walked in, it was all slow motion for her

•You’d hug her and she’d freeze. your breasts against hers holy shit she shouldn’t be having these thoughts

•You guys would talk for hours and she’d get nervous about running out of things to talk about but that never happened once.

•You guys would spend so much time talking they’d have to ask you guys to leave since it was closing time.

•She’d drive you home since you didn’t drive and it was late and all.

•Once she parked, you’d begin to leave after saying goodbye. 

•”Wait-” She grabbed your arm and you turned to look at her bright red face before she’d smash her lips against yours.

•Things got heated very quickly and it was very hard for you guys to pull away but eventually did.


•He watched you so many times but in real life things were different.

•He already had seen so much of you. (on accident you’d forget about the cameras but had a bit of fun from time to time (; )

•He was SO nervous. He never had a potential partner in his house before omg.

•He kept it cool thought, he was as goofy in real life compared to how goofy he was online.

•You loved it.

•He couldn’t pick a favorite thing about you, everything about ya made him fawn.

•He had this sudden urge to kiss you but stopped himself.

•You noticed this and began to lean in.

•He mentally lost it. And poked your nose instead.

•You’d giggle and poke his nose also.

•He got so red. And you placed a small kiss on his lips.

•”I like you, probably a lot more than I should.”

•His ENTIRE face lit up with happiness.


•He COOKED dinner for you!! and you ate it in the middle of a field under the stars!! HE IS SO THOUGHTFUL.

•The whole thing was all so very romantic.

•You were so impressed by him you felt kinda insecure.

•He was a bit embarrassed to ask to take pictures of you.

•But once you agreed, he didn’t stop.

•He noticed a bit of spaghetti sauce by your lip and involuntary wiped it off with his thumb.

•He couldn’t help himself. He kissed you. It was long, and very tender.

•”Wow. Sorry, I-”

•You tackled him, he was so shocked. You were on top of him, you leaned down to kiss him.

•The chemistry was undeniable, the first date.. it happened.

I can’t believe you didn’t try and talk to me after yesterday’s fight. You didn’t even left a message.
(I miss you so much I can’t breathe)

I miss waking up next to you when you stay over. I miss the way you smell and drench my sheets. I miss your hands curling around my hair, my face, my skin. The way you grumble at me for leaving half-empty mugs everywhere or stealing your book so you can’t find where you stopped hours ago. The way your eyes move when reading, following the sentences and words.
(the way you smile even if it’s a cruel one)

It has been days. You weren’t supposed to go.
(will you come back?)

Do you still love me?
(I don’t want you to)

—  r.m | Excerpts #19

“Um. Guys. There’s a group of demons outside,” Sam said, peering out the small window before ducking back down.

“Will you marry me?” you repeated, keeping your eyes only on Dean.i

“This actually may not be the best time, Y/N,” Dean said. You smiled at the incredulity on his face, at the way you always seemed to be the only one who could still surprise him.

“Yeah. They know we’re in here. We need to move,” Sam said, taking another quick peek. 

“So what’s your answer?” you asked, giving Dean a grin. He shook his head, crossing over to you.

“My answer is that we’re going to talk about this when we make it out of here.”

“Scratch that. There are two groups of demons,” Sam’s voice cut through.

If we make it out of here,” Dean amended with a small shrug, running a hand down your arm. You shared a look, laughed quiet, didn’t break away from his green eyes on you.

“Guys, we have to move!” Sam said, and there was nothing left in his voice now but urgency. You started to step away, but Dean gripped your arm gently.

“If we do make it out of this craphole, you can bet your ass that little talk of ours is going to start with me saying ‘hell yes’,” he told you, and pulled you in for a kiss before taking your hand; and together, you ran.


Angry WonWoo

Requested by Anonymous.

Warnings: Language, Rough Sex

“We’re leaving,” your boyfriend huskily murmurs into your ear from behind. When you don’t do anything and continue laughing at Mingyu’s joke, your hand lifting up to slap the silly boy playfully in his arm, your boyfriend grips your hips tightly. “Now.”

“WonWoo stop,” you say irritated, looking over your shoulder at him. He glares at his friend Mingyu, watching his every move with hawk eyes. The way he smiled at you, it was wrong. Just wrong. WonWoo’s fingers tightly wrap around your wrist and he pulls you away from your conversation, Mingyu pursing his lips and waving at you in confusion. “WonWoo what the fuck? I was talking to him.”

“Can you not be like that with my friends?” He finally shoves you into a spare room of the dorm, slamming and locking the door behind you.

“Be like what?” You ask. “All we were doing was talking! And we were talking about you!”

“Yeah thanks,” WonWoo snorts, rolling his eyes. You copy his action.

“He was telling me old stories! It’s not like we were saying bad things about you, you were right behind me! You heard everything he said!” You tell him. “You’re too jealous sometimes.”

WonWoo’s eyes darken and he looks at you. “What did you just say?” His voice was daring you to repeat yourself.

“I said you are too jeal-” you squeak and look up at your boyfriend when he roughly shoves you onto the bed. “Wonwoo what the hell?”

He climbs on top of you and grabs your wrists, slamming them onto the mattress above your head. He leans down and kisses you, prying your lips open with his tongue and lapping at the inside of your mouth.

He pulls away, sitting up straight as he straddles your hips. He smacks your thigh.

“Roll over,” he demands and you do, squirming underneath him as you lay on your stomach. Your dress is bunched up to your shoulders, WonWoo chuckling darkly behind you. “You didn’t wear panties baby? Such a naughty girl.”

He delivers a sharp slap to your ass and you yelp, looking back at him. You watch as he gets off of you just to shove his pants and boxers off, before crawling back up.

“You can take me right?” He asks, teasing your hole with his thumb. He spreads your cheeks apart for a better look. “You’re dripping baby girl. I’m sure I can push inside easy.”

And he does while mounted on top of you. Slips inside of you and moans at the way your walls grip at him. He grabs a fistful of your hair with one hand and the other holds you to the bed so he can start thrusting. WonWoo licks his lips, watching you wiggle around and whine as he slowly grinds into you.

“WonWoo,” you breathe out and he leans down over you, yanking your head to the side so you’d look at him.

“You think you can fucking tease me and touch all over my friends baby? Huh?” He asks, jerking forward inside of you. You moan loudly and he nibbles on your ear. “That’s not allowed beautiful. Not allowed.”

“Sorry,” you gasp and he laughs, lifting himself up and grabbing your hips.

“You sure sound like it baby. But don’t worry,” he grunts as he pulls out of you and pushes back in. He smacks your ass and you both moan. “I’ll make you feel sorry real soon.”

WonWoo completely pulls out and flips you over, shoving himself back inside you without warning. You scream and he’s quick to swallow your noises with a deep kiss.

“God you,” he whispers against your lips, his cock pushing in and out of you at a fast pace.

“WonWoo,” you moan. “Faster.”

He obliges your command and snaps his hips faster, your skin slapping together in an echoing noise. You take your nails down his arms, gripping onto his biceps tightly. His tip was jabbing into your core dead on, making you see stars.

“Shit,” he curses when you tighten around him and buries his face into your neck, biting you harshly.

“How long?” He asks you and you moan, your head thrown back.

“Seconds,” you whine and he groans deeply, getting you to squeak out an ‘uh’ with every firm thrust of his.

“Come on baby,” he whispers and you come at the sound of his wrecked voice. Your mouth opens in a silent gasp as your legs tense under him. Your nails drag down his clothed back, leaving scratch marks even through his shirt and he hisses and the pleasurable pain. You tighten around him and with one last sharp, deep thrust he gets sent over the edge. He comes and drops his head, moaning into your chest while gently fucking into you.

“Fuck,” he groans before collapsing on top of you. You two lay in silence, your core aching already as you play with his sweaty hair. “Baby.”

“Hmm?” You hum, both of you breathing heavily.

“No more fucking talking to Mingyu.”


anonymous asked:

Could you do a seven minutes in heaven scenario with Seungcheol plz?

Seungcheol stood by the closet door and waited impatiently, his eyes focused on the circle you were sitting in. Minghao pulled another paper slip from the hat and smiled widely.

“Seungcheol’s pair is Y/N!” he exclaimed and patted you on your back while you almost choked on your water. Seungcheol tried to hide the turmoil in his heart, while you got up fast and avoided looking at him on your way into the closet.

He closed the door behind you two after you had entered, and you stood in silence for a while, barely even able to see each other in the ridiculously dim lighting. You moved your hand forward shyly, soon coming in contact with the fabric of his sweater. When you heard Jun’s voice, though, you pulled your hand away.

“Kiss her, Seungcheol! You talk about doing it so much that you might as well do it!”

You felt blood rush to your cheeks rapidly, and as much as you would’ve wanted to ask Seungcheol something, no words came out. Did he really want to kiss you? Did he, by any chance, like you? Soon you felt one of his hands on yours and his other one on your cheek, his breath ghosting over your face.

“Do you mi–” You interrupted him by leaning forward and pressing your lips against his, having wanted to do it yourself for quite some time. There had not been a single day when his lips hadn’t looked kissable - maybe it was because you were embarrassingly attracted to him, or maybe his lips just were, in all simplicity, irresistible.

His lips were soft against yours and he tasted faintly like fresh mint; you could barely pull yourself away. As soon as you had finally managed to do so, he leaned in for another kiss, which was a lot more daring than the previous one. He backed you into the wall and let go of your hand, placing his on your waist instead, while his lips moved against yours, desperate to taste and feel more of you.

You moved your hands into his hair, playing with the black strands and tugging at it a little when you felt his tongue sliding against your lips. Parting your lips, you welcomed him into your wet cavern, whimpering a little when his tongue swirled around yours. Seungcheol broke the kiss hesitantly and tried to catch his breath with his forehead resting against yours.

“That was…” he whispered in a daze and stopped to get some more air into his lungs. You twirled some of his hair around your fingers and bit your slightly swollen lower lip, already missing the softness of his lips.

“I think we still have a good four minutes or so,” you said quietly with a suggestive hint in your tone and moved your head so that you could place a kiss on his jawbone. “Show me how you’ve wanted to kiss me, Cheol.”

You could hear him swallow hard, and you grinned to yourself right before he placed his forefinger under your chin and lifted your face, leaning down into a sweet yet sloppy kiss that gradually grew hungrier and more heated. His hands started roaming around your body, first on your sides and thighs, then testing the waters on your ass and underneath your shirt, which you had nothing against and only encouraged him by deepening the kiss.

While you were focused on kissing and pressing against him, he let his hands wander under your shirt, one staying on your waist and the other one moving slowly up towards your chest. The closer his hand got, the heavier your breathing became, and when he simultaneously squeezed your breast through your bra and sucked a little on your tongue, you couldn’t help but moan.

Seungcheol pulled away with the speed of a lightning when the closet door was hit a couple of times with a heavy fist.

“You guys still have like a minute to go, but we’re ending it now! We don’t want to walk in on anything too… intimate,” you heard Mingyu say on the other side of the door, and hid your face in Seungcheol’s neck with silent laughter bubbling in your throat. Seungcheol chuckled and hugged you, holding you close for a moment.

Before you left the closet, he gave you one more gentle kiss that he had to end with regret when Mingyu knocked on the door again. You took Seungcheol’s hand in yours and squeezed it, interlacing your fingers.

“We can continue this sometime later, can’t we?” you asked with a quiet giggle and reached for the door handle.

“Tonight?” he suggested optimistically, his lips spreading into a wide smile when you opened the door to the sight of twelve pairs of wide eyes, staring right at you. You turned to look at Seungcheol with a glint in your eyes. His cheeks were a bit flushed and his lips were swollen and pink; as inviting as ever.

“Tonight sounds good.”

You both laughed when the others grimaced and Seungkwan pulled out a red card. “You two are banned from continuing this game, get out!”

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Dating Bucky Would Include

❤ A lot of cuddles

❤Bucky always starting off as the big spoon but waking up as the small spoon

❤ Bucky only letting you play with with his hair

❤Steve smiling everytime Bucky called you doll as it brought back memories of the 1940s Bucky

❤Making Bucky a running playlist of all your favourite songs for when he goes jogging

❤Bucky talking to you after he gets back about which songs he prefers

❤Random temple kisses

❤Random hand squeezes

❤Late night pillow talks

❤“You would’ve liked me in the 40s”

❤“I like you now”

❤Bucky asking you out on your 50th date as if it were still the first

❤Bucky shooting a glare at any guys looking at you the wrong way

❤You doing the same to anyone staring too long at Buckys arm

❤Not coming home until 1am

❤Lazy Sunday dates

❤Bucky teaching you to dance without music

❤“I can’t move my feet right”

❤“Just stand on mine doll”

❤ Y/N and Steve being close friends

❤Y/N being jelous of Steves closeness to Bucky

❤Bucky noticing

❤“I’d die for Steve Y/N, but I don’t live for him. I live for you.

❤ Bucky dropping an I love you out of the blue

❤Y/N saying it back without hesitation

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boyfriend/husband! Taeyong

So I was daydreaming and I made a thing…

Originally posted by taesyong

  • you two meet in a coffee shop, he never orders a coffee drink but only a strawberry smoothie.
  • he sits on the edge of the coffee shop and just sits there and looks like he’s in a deep thought. 
  • the more you two meet the more stolen glances you share. 
  • you thought he’d make the first move he didn’t. 
  • you asked him why he only drinks strawberry smoothies, and he make came up with this really scientific answer but the way he his eyes lit up wished you could hear him speak  forever. 
  • before you knew it, you were close friends. You’d meet almost everyday and talk every night. 
  • he kissed you first. 
  • his forehead kisses are the best and the most intimate. 
  • he holds your hand every time you walk together. 
  • when he is extra affectionate he gives you backhugs. 
  • you were nervous about meeting his members and parents but he wasn’t. He gave you the biggest hug and the longest kiss, held your hand even tighter than usual and walked in, 
  • when you two kiss he can’t help but smile. 
  • sometimes he’s a bit too overprotective, which is always the subject of your arguments.
  • you are both stubborn but you give in and apologise first.
  • then you two have the best make up sex ever. 
  • Taeyong saves pictures of you and his nephew and when he’s having a bad day he scrolls through them, 
  • he proposed too early in the morning and said something cheesy about the sun will never rise in his world if you aren’t there. 
  • you took a bit too long to respond and his hands wouldn’t stop shaking. 
  • once you said ‘yes’ your bodies crushes together and maybe time stopped.
  • Taeyong tells you he loves you every morning even when he thinks you don’t hear it. 
  • on your wedding day his vows to you made you and everyone in the audience cry. 
  • he was definitely more expressive than you.
  • once you found out you were pregnant Taeyong started crying. 
  • he would always check up on you even he if was in schedules. 
  • he would scold you if you didn’t look after yourself. 
  • you thought you couldn’t love anyone more than Taeyong but then your daughter was born. 

*cries intensely*

You said you’re ugly, a big horrible mess. But darling, have you seen the sparkle in your eyes whenever you talk about the sky? Or have you heard the sound of your voice as you excitedly talk about the book you read last night? Or listen to the laugh you release as you watch one of those series you like so much? Or have you seen yourself dance to the beat of the song of your favorite bands. Or the weird faces you make when you can’t understand something and the serious face you have when you think and try to solve a mystery. Or the way you clumsily move your hands in your lap when you’re too nervous to relax. Or the way you try to force to stop the tears from spilling out of your eyes because you don’t want anyone to see you cry.

Because darling, I do. I’ve seen you. I can see you. Fully. And I can describe you with a lot of adjectives written in the dictionary, but ugly and a big horrible mess isn’t one of them. You’re a mess, but you’re beautiful just like that. You can be my mess and I won’t even complain to have you in my arms.

—  you and your mess //  two things i can’t get enough // i will never get enough // s.j.