and the way they talk to me

Honestly a show like Veep about Roman politics in the late republic is all I want just a Funny and Lighthearted Human Show about their impossible government and the personal enmities and alliances that drove it

ok but… one of my fav kind of ship tropes is just where the other half of the ship is (for whatever reason) waaaayy bashful and awkward, even just plain bad (at first!) at initiating pda BUT wants to & eventually learns to do it because!! they love their s/o and want to! show it!! 

my late bday gift for @gaylawyerhell !! ❤️️ ilysm, i am so happy to be friends with someone as passionate and caring and loyal as you!! and so grateful you indulged me in lawyer hell and the dads… i know it’s only been a little over a year since we properly started screaming at each other talking but it feels like a lot longer, in a good way!!

(important to note that i got the insp to finally finish this after revisiting turnabout goodbyes again and… gosh.. they’ve come so far since then and i’m so happy….)

My favourite thing about the last post is, now that I look at it, it’s just a row of screaming Shocked Kids screaming at me through the void. And who wouldn’t love that? 

Also, thank you for all the comments insisting that I Am Not Ready™. THIS SOUNDS PERFECT.


i have to go away for awhile. i won’t be online for however long this takes.

i thought there would be a better way of explaining this but i’m too tired to talk about it. 

and these sort of things don’t seem as sincere unless i’m talking face to face to someone. so i apologize for how distant this seems.

i just want to say i care about you guys alot. it’s always nice to know how you’re doing or what you’ve been doing or what you’ve got planned. i don’t like being in my head all the time. i’m sorry this doesn’t make much sense but maybe someone will get it. making art made me very happy and i felt like i belonged doing that. and sharing my art brings me alot of joy. 

take care, i mean that. i want all of you to know i care.


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this talk about Night Vale reminded me of this video I saw once where Cecil Baldwin is reading My Immortal out loud and calls Gerard Way a "major fucking hottie" as a result

I KNOW!!!!!! thats like the centre of a venn diagram of stuff i appreciate!!!!

okay so i just hit 6k (!!!!!!) followers so i wanted to do something to celebrate as usual and i want to get to know you so i came up with this brilliant plan.

send me your favorite book and a short description of it (don’t worry if it’s messy, i always talk about my favorite things in a super messy way) and i’ll tell you if i have read it or i plan to read it! 

feel free to talk about anything you like, i’m here for you! 

i love you all soooo much,


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So a Hungarian rock star got me pregnant and left me a while back and now he wants to start talking and flirting with me again like nothing happened - how do I tell him to fuck off I Hungarian?

bazd meg, kopj le (fuck you, leave me alone [not that nice way])

Anyone else has better suggestions? I don’t exactly know what kind of sentences you want in this situation.

In passing I saw a fic request for a smutty story about Molly Weasley, who isn’t someone I can see the appeal in for a smut story because she feels like my mum in some ways but to each their own–except this person demanded that Molly wasn’t fat in the story

And like, why can’t fat women be seen as sexual? Molly is a fat character who is never shamed for it and isn’t shown as self-conscious, yet she has to be slimmed down to make her appealing enough for her to have sex? It’s blatant fatphobia, and as a fat person who hates her body it really upsets me to see people talking like this, basically confirming that I should hate myself. 

Thank you for 600+ followers

I couldnt be even happier, this made my day. 

i want to thank everyone. 

i would do my mormal thing and thank everyone personally but there’s so many of you guys. I am so happy that you decided to follow my blog.

 don’t be scared of me. if you want to talk we can. but if i lag prettty bad im sorry. life gets in my way and junk. but thats besides the point. Thank you. 

Comment, ask, or message your star sign to this post or me, i’m very curious on how many signs follow me. and i’ll tally it up ;3 

hey if you think qprs are a joke/ ‘just friendship’ dont bother talking to me, bc, as an aro-spectrum person, it describes the one way i can possibly see myself being in a longterm committed relationship in the future and gives me some faith even i can have a partner. so 

I’m scrolling through tumblr and my fiancé is sleeping next to me, it’s 3:20AM and suddenly he whispers “there’s… too much meat”

I ask him wtf are you talking about and he just continues mumbling about “too much meat”. I’m like are you even awake??? He just answers yea and smiles. It’s quiet for a while and i already thought he had fallen asleep again or whatever, but then i hear a small laugh and “…not enough salad”

food for thought: why don’t hetalia personifications rule?

they are portrayed as advisers and diplomats with limited political impact, but are the personifications not the perfect rulers themselves?

they embody all the people, all the culture, all the history of a nation. they are the most democratic rulers the masses could possibly hope for. why haven’t the nations risen up to the task of being kings and queens to replace the imperfect and petty mortal human rulers? why have they rejected their rightful position among the ancient city gods and surrendered control over history? what nation is driven by lust for conquest and desire for power yet has not seized the most obvious means for securing it–from the very heart of government?

they are the great hobbesian leviathan themselves. they are the perfect prince. i wonder what would happen if they seized the throne.