and the way they don't even bother to go for a hug with anyone else

10/21/13 Flames @ Kings: Mike Richards and Jeff Carter show their mutual appreciation after Carter’s shorthanded goal in the 2nd

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I don't know if someone thought of this already but it just occurred to me that John saying to Mary "I choose the baby's name " is very significant, he doesn't say we shoul choose the baby's name, or I've been thinking about baby's names, or even Can I choose the baby's name? is not a question it's a statement, he is gonna choose the name without her, period 1/3

but then when she says no he doesn’t even bother to discuss it which is weird for a man that just a moment ago was declaring he was doing it, he doesn’t try to justify himself he doesn’t say let’s talk about it or I have the perfect name in mind or anything else he just lets it go it seems like contradictory behavior UNLESS “I choose the baby’s name” actually means I’m raising this kid without you 2/3

John has already made the decision to get rid of Mary it just happens that he has to wait until she gives birth before in order to make sure she is not running away with his baby, Mary is not going to be part of the baby’s life and that’s why she will take no part on the decision, John is choosing the baby’s name when the time comes and meanwhile he’s letting his lying wife think he has given up 3/3

Hi Lovely!

This is an interesting observation! The line itself has always bothered me because even after EVERYTHING she did, Mary STILL thinks that she can make all kinds of ultimatums and demands upon John. EVEN DURING THEIR “FORGIVENESS” SCENE, SHE BELITTLES JOHN AND MAKES HIM FEEL AWFUL. That whole spiel after they “hug”:

JOHN: All this does not mean that I’m not still basically pissed off with you.
MARY (tearfully): I know, I know.
JOHN: I am very pissed off, and it will come out now and then.
MARY: I know, I know, I know.
(She sniffs. They pull back far enough to be able to look into each other’s eyes.)
JOHN (softly): You can mow the sodding lawn from now on.
MARY: I do mow the lawn.
JOHN: No, I do it loads.
MARY: You really don’t.
JOHN: I choose the baby’s name.
MARY: Not a chance.
JOHN: Okay.
(They tightly hug again.)

Like. This whole thing rubs me the wrong way, and I cannot fathom how anyone thinks it was genuine: 

“Hey, I shot and killed your best friend, tried to do it again, lied to you about my entire life the entire time we’ve known each other, am actually a secret freelance assassin who kills people for money, think you’re really boring, and admitted I would rather your best friend who you love be dead than lose you as my protection AND not apologize for any of it because you are not worth an apology so I’ll be angry at YOU for not just taking it in stride and okay you’re not allowed to have any input in naming our child and I think you’re lazy.”

Mmm. Yeah, no. John would not just sit there and take it. I think in a subtle way he’s trying to see if she is genuine, but of course she’s not.

But regardless, yes, I suppose it is a subtle clue that John is taking control of the situation, and he has already made the decision to not stay with Mary. He’s doing it because of a greater plan that I believe will be unveiled in S4.

As an aside, we know the real reason Mary didn’t want John to name the baby: Because she KNEW he was going to call it Sherlock (or a variation of). NOTHING named Sherlock was EVER going to have “Watson” attached to it as long as she lived… even if the baby is fake / not really John’s, she doesn’t want that constant reminder that John will never love her like he loves Sherlock.

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Can I have a longish reaction to them hearing your mom talking badly about your body? Like about your weight and stretchmarks and whatnot? Sorry, you don't have to, I won't be upset with you or anything.

I can’t tell you how you should feel about your own body, but I do know that no one, no matter if they’re family or just random strangers - should ever judge you based on your appearance. And if they do, especially if they’re judging their own children, they need to learn how to act like a decent human being. Sorry, I’m sure your mother has her redeemable qualities, but I feel insecure enough about my own weight and stretchmarks, and I can’t imagine how much it must hurt to hear something like that from your own mother. You’re beautiful just the way you are, just make sure you’re healthy and happy and nothing else matters~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin was going to confront your mother about what she was saying, though he was going to try to approach it as calmly as possible. He was going to tell her as respectfully as he could that she shouldn’t be saying things like that about anyone, let alone her own child, and that discouraging you rather than being supportive was only going to hurt you and push you away from her. Which, if that was the way your mother normally acted, then Seokjin wasn’t going to stop you if you did end up wanting to cut her out of your life, and he was sure to warn your mother of that.

Yoongi wouldn’t say anything to your mother, mainly because he knew he wouldn’t say anything polite, and he didn’t want to upset you any more than your mother’s words would if you were around to hear them. So, instead, he’d go to find you so that he could shower you with compliments and devote attention to all the things your mother thought you should be insecure about, right in front of her if she bothered to watch, and he’d let both you and your mother know that you had nothing to be insecure about; he loved you the way you were, so why should you care what other people might think?

Hoseok couldn’t listen to much; he heard your mother say one thing and he was done, leaving to find you and pull you away from the situation altogether. The two of you would end up alone - whether that was in your room or somewhere like a park, it didn’t matter - and he would assure you that there was nothing wrong with you; he was sure that if your mother was saying things like this now, she must have been saying them as you were growing up, and he wanted to make sure that you knew that you were perfect to him; as long as you were healthy and happy, he couldn’t care less about what you looked like.

Namjoon was going to back your mother into the proverbial corner; he was going to confront her and ask her if she’d want something talking about her like that. How would she feel if her spouse only cared about superficial things like her appearance; how would she feel if her spouse left her the moment she started getting wrinkles? Once your mother was a stuttering mess with nothing good to say, Namjoon would assure her that he would never view you in that way, and that she should probably learn to be accepting before both her ugly appearance and personality drove everyone away.

Jimin wasn’t going to be able to hold his tongue. He got enough shit like that from people he didn’t even know, acting as if his only important feature was his abs. Those comments were enough to ruin his self-confidence, so he couldn’t imagine what it would do to him to hear it from his mother. And he definitely didn’t want you to find out what it felt like. So, unfortunately, he’d end up snapping at her angrily. He wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences, though, because, as he told her, this would be the last time she saw him or you if she couldn’t figure out how to properly support her children.

Taehyung was upset by what your mother had said, probably more upset than you were; he couldn’t understand how someone could say anything like that about you, let alone your mother. He’d clear his throat, just to let your mother know that he’d heard, but he wouldn’t say anything; he’d pass her to go find you, pull you into a tight hug and a sweet kiss, and suggest that the two of you leave and go somewhere more fun; a restaurant that you loved, an ice cream shop down the street, a movie theater, pretty much anywhere that your mother wasn’t.

Jungkook was angry; angry that your mother would talk about you like this, and angry that she expected other people to agree with her. Why the hell should she or anyone else care what your body looked like? Did she think you were dating someone that cared about stupid shit like that? Did she think so low of him and you? And did she think that you should be insecure about things that he loved? He wasn’t going to confront her about it, though; he was actually polite, believe it or not. Instead, he’d find you and tell you how much he loved you, no matter what you looked like.

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Anonymous said: Hi it's me again ^^ Can I make an imagine request for Shanks, Zoro and Doflamingo confessing to their crush too? Thank you ^^

(Yup~! Here you go! I hope the two of you don’t mind that I just combined these requests. This one and the first were so fun to write~!)

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Mourn, eruri? ;_ ;

Send me a “Mourn” and I’ll write a drabble about one character mourning the death of the other

Oh, anon. We’ll get through this together ;~;

(tw implied suicide)  also in case you’re wondering why im kinda salty about eren here. it’s because i am.

“Who d’you think will die first?” Levi asks one night, curling his freezing toes into Erwin’s warmth. The other man doesn’t flinch, at the question or at Levi’s lack of body heat. “You or me?”

“Me, probably,” Erwin decides after a while, voice low in the dark. His chest rumbles as he speaks, and Levi scoots closer.


“After all the men I’ve sent to their deaths?” Erwin answers ruefully. “It’s only a matter of time.”

“That’s not how it works, idiot.” Levi scowls. “Besides, I’m no angel either.”

“But you’re humanities strongest,” Erwin threads his fingers through his hair, strokes the razor cut softness of his undercut. “You’re more likely to survive. Especially since I lost my arm.”

“I suppose,” Levi mutters. He pauses. “What will you do if I die first?”

Erwin’s hand stops stroking his scalp for a moment, then quietly resumes. “I suppose I’ll grieve for the rest of my life.”

“Good.” Levi murmurs. It’s selfish, they both know it, but sometimes selfishness was a blessing in their world.

“And you?” Erwin asks after a pause. “What will you do if I die?”

Levi fidgets, suddenly regretful that he bought the topic up at all. “I don’t know.”

He hates that this is the memory that comes up. It could have been the first time they’d met, or the first kiss, but instead, Levi finally learns that even after Erwin has died, he still doesn’t know what to do.

“We need to leave,” Hange murmurs. She’s holding him, and Levi realises he can’t even support his own weight at all.

I can’t leave him, he tries to say, but his fingers stroke over Erwin’s cold cheek, words dying in his throat.

There’s commotion behind them, but Levi doesn’t care. With Erwin gone, humanity doesn’t stand a chance, and he wonders how long it will take for them to realise it. Even up until his death, they only thought of Erwin as a monster. He wonders if the serum will make Armin the same monster given time.

“Levi,” Hange whispers. “Let’s go.” She presses a kiss to Erwin’s forehead, sliding off the emerald bolo tie. For a moment, she regards it, then slips it on around her neck, face sombre. Gone is the wild-eyed scientist, instead Hange takes on her new responsibility as Commander. “It feels so heavy,” she murmurs.

“Captain!!” It’s Eren. “Armin’s alive!”

It’s like a knife to the gut, hot and twisting in its pain. Levi wants to feel the rising boil of anger, but instead there is only a dull ache of a new wound he knows will never heal.

Hange stands. “Shit, Levi. Titans are headed towards us- we need to go!”

“Captain!” Eren screams again. “Three 10-metre class titans!”

What will you do if I die?

The answer suddenly comes to him.

Levi removes his gas canisters, swapping them out for Erwin’s. He’s swift and mechanical, but gentle when his fingers brush over Erwin. The titans are looming closer, their faces grinning. He can’t see where the beast titan is yet, but he can’t be far off. He’s got enough gas to get him there, surely. He gives a final check to his blades, satisfied.

“Levi,” Hange is watching him. The eye that’s not covered in bandages is wet with tears. “I can’t lose you too.”

Levi pauses. Sometimes, when Hange went off on her crazy rants, it was easy to forget how capable she really was as a soldier. If Erwin trusted her enough to be the next Commander, then Levi would trust her too. It wasn’t for nothing that she would be the last of the veterans still standing.

“I’m sorry,” Levi tells her, trusting that she already knew everything he wanted to say. His voice comes out raspy and cold. “He gave me orders.”

“I know,” Hange says. She leans forward and hugs him, and Levi pulls her close. “Good luck.”

They pull apart, just as Eren makes it back onto the rooftop, Mikasa close behind. “Captain, what should we do?” 

Levi looks at them for a moment, finding that he feels nothing. “You’re on your own.”

Eren stares. “What? You’re abandoning us? You can’t do that!”

“Levi has his own mission,” Hange tells them. “Let’s go.”

Levi doesn’t hear their protests as Hange ushers them away. He gives her a nod before she, too, fires her 3D gear away. Of all the deaths he’s experienced in life, he’s glad he managed to say goodbye to at least one friend.

He doesn’t bother watching them slay the titans. Levi kneels, stroking the hair out of Erwin’s face.

“Hey, you bastard,” Levi whispers. “That heaven you spoke about better be real.”

What was there to say, really, when he could barely bring himself to say it? 

“I’ll fulfill the last orders you gave me,” Levi tells him. “But after that, I’m not making any promises.” He pauses. “I’ll be out of gas by then, anyway.”

The thought is more comforting than anything else.

“You tried your best,” Levi continues. “And even though they didn’t appreciate it, I always did.” 

He looks at Erwin. His face is pale, the rooftop smeared with his blood. 

“I love you,” Levi whispers. He can see Erwin’s soft smile, the way his eyes crinkled at the edges, face full of gentle adoration.

Thank you, Levi.

group hug, anyone? ;~;

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if.. you're feeling up for some angst/heart-breaking, how about some hc of MC falling in love with one of the RFA boys and they don't return her feelings? this is... theoretically impossible(?) so i'll understand if you don't answer lolol - maybe a comeback could be that someone else(who actually has feelings for them) would comfort the MC?

don’t worry nonnie, i get the gist of what you’re asking! i’m going to add some of my interpretation to your ask so this is the prompt below:

How would the RFA comfort MC who’s been rejected by her crush?

i’m gonna make a quick note here and say that for each of the imagines, MC outright confessed to her crush, to which they turn her down. and it’s kind of AU-ish in this post, cuz MC is not living in Rika’s apartment, but she is apart of the RFA. let’s get on with the post!

Yoosung begins crying the moment he sees your teary and heartbroken face. He’s all over you like a confused puppy - he wants to comfort you the best he can, but he has no clue what to do. He’s a bit scared he’ll only mess up and do something stupid yet again right in front of you. You’re just so great and wonderful and awesome, he doesn’t understand why anyone would reject you! O-oh? Did he say that out loud? Oh…Even though Yoosung technically half-confessed his feelings, his top priority is you. Next thing you knew, he’s bringing all the junk food he can find in his house, dumps it on the floor, and cries with you just to make you feel better. Such a simple cinnamon roll

Zen’s immediate reaction is anger, when he hears you sobbing over the phone about how your crush rejected you. At first he’d say, “That jerk! I’ll give them a piece of my mind!” He quickly realizes though, what you really need right now is a shoulder to cry on. He jumps on his motorcycle and drive all the way to your place, while making some quick stops along the way. In the middle of the night, he shows up at your doorstep with a couple of tissue boxes, a tub of chocolate ice cream, and a few cheesy rom-com movies. You sit together on the couch and he lets you lean your head on him, as you vent your heartbroken feelings. He says, “They don’t know what they lost. MC, you’re a gem, and I won’t let you forget that.” Crap! He came out more intimate than he intended! But he sort of hopes you noticed…He doesn’t ever want you to feel worthless because of some rejection.

Jumin notices you’re not as lively when you came over to his place. You didn’t even smile when Elizabeth appeared and rubbed her head affectionately against your feet. He cuts straight to the point and asks you if anything’s wrong. If you say no, Jumin would be quick to point out that yes, something is bothering you, but won’t push the subject any further. If you admit yes, something’s been bothering you all day, he sits down to listen. After you finish telling him about your failed confession, he’s actually frowning. “A shame,” he tells you, pulling you into a light hug. “If I were in their place, I would’ve immediately said yes.” Wow, Jumin, smooth moves

Jaehee immediately observes you were nearly silent this entire time you came over to her house to have a cup of her savory coffee. She gently asks if anything was wrong. The moment she sees your shiny eyes or hears a muffled sob from you, look out, cuz Jaehee switches to mother hen mode. Pulls out any sweets lying around, pours you a fresh cup of coffee, brings out a spare box of tissue, and pulls a chair next to you. She lets you vent on for hours, without a complaint on her end. Definitely insists for you to sleepover, because she doesn’t want to let you be left alone. She even tucks you into her bed, and works on anything for her job beside you. As you were dozing off, you swear someone kisses you on the forehead. 

707/Saeyoung can’t stand the sight of your sad face and wrapping his mind around the fact someone rejected you. You! He knows he doesn’t deserve you, but he can’t let you sink into despair…so he does what he does best. Make you laugh. “MC…” He says all seriously at first. “Seeing you cry like this is pretty…tear-able!” He smiles so hard it hurts his cheeks, when you laughed at the horrible pun. He brings you into a tight hug. “Don’t worry about that person, MC. You’ll definitely find someone who deserves someone like you.” He hates letting you go After that, he secretly emails your ex-crush an automatic virus. Because Saeyoung can be a petty fuck at times, especially if the few people he loves gets hurt by somebody.

So, the WWII AU no one asked for:

Set towards the end of the war, European theatre
- Victor is an ace pilot, considered a war hero and is a bit of a celebrity in the USSR
- But his plane was shot down recently over Germany
- Victor is missing, assumed captured at best but probably dead
- His younger brother Yuri refuses to believe this and immediately enlists in the army in the naive hope that it would help him find his brother
- He’s too young but gets some fake papers and lies about his age to get in. Gets sent off to the Eastern Front and doesn’t learn a damn thing about what happened to Victor. But he does meet a really cool guy from the Kazakh SSR (Otabek, of course) and they become great friends and look out for each other.
- But rewind a bit, back to Victor getting shot down. An American infantry regiment made up mostly of the children of Japanese immigrants stumbles upon a downed Soviet plane as they push forward into Germany. The pilot inside is hurt but alive, and so is placed in the care of their medic (it’s Yuuri.)
- Victor is dirty and injured and pretty disoriented with a concussion but he’s still the most beautiful person Yuuri has ever seen.
- The unit realizes after a bit that hey, doesn’t this guy look like that famous Russian pilot? Oh shit, they’ve got a Soviet war hero with them now and they don’t know what to do with him. How do we send him back? Things are pretty messy at the moment, so for the time being he’s just going to have to stick around with them.
- Yuuri doesn’t mind this arrangement. Victor speaks enough English that they can communicate and they’ve been talking a lot while Victor’s been on the mend. He likes Victor. He REALLY likes Victor.

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I thought of something where Murphy keeps bothering you with stupid comments and tells lies around the camp and also tells Bellamy that you're sleeping with him just because he's the leader. One time it gets too much for you and you don't leave your tent anymore and don't wanna see anyone. But then Bell sneaks in and you don't notice, just as he lays beside you and cuddles you telling you that he loves you with all of his heart and doesn't give a shit about Murphy. Then you have a lovely night:)

Warning: Slightly sexual comments that might make some people feel uncomfortable.

Originally posted by bellamyblako

‘Hey, hey, sweetheart!’ called Murphy, causing you to roll your eyes as you kept walking towards the little knot of your friends who were near the edge of camp.

He’d been doing this since it had come out that you and Bellamy had been sleeping together. For some reason he thought that meant he could tease you about things. That he could say anything he liked because no one else was going to. So, whenever you heard him calling you simply wandered off, trying to block him out as best you could.

‘It was really nice to see you last night,’ he said, his voice dripping with a cockiness which made your skin crawl. ‘I mean, all of you.’

‘Go away, Murphy,’ you snapped, rounding on him.

There was a mischievous little glint behind his eyes, and a malicious little smile crossed his lips. ‘That is not what you were saying last night. You couldn’t stop whispering my name,’ he said simply. It was a comment you knew he’d made to Bellamy on several occasions, normally ending up with Murphy having a slight limp around the camp, but it didn’t seem to deter him.

‘I wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last person on Earth,’ you told him bitterly.

Something dark flashed behind his eyes. ‘At least I’m not sleeping with someone just because they’re the leader around here. I’m sure if someone took over –’

You didn’t hear the rest of the comment. The blood was pounding in your ears. You couldn’t take the comments that he kept making. The slurs against your character. The comments which made your skin crawl. All of it had got to be too much. So, before he could finish, you marched away. Needing the solitude of your tent.

‘Hey, can I come in?’ a soft voice asked a few hours later. It was Harper, but you denied her entry by remaining silent. You didn’t want to see anyone. You didn’t want to have the piteous looks which you knew would get shot your way.

It took a few days for people to stop trying to urge you out of your tent. They slowly appeared to accept the idea that you were going to remain in your tent until you were ready. You’d only really spoken to Harper, who was making sure that you got your meals. And even then she was just leaving them in the mouth of the tent, with you occasionally mumbling a thank you before telling her that you didn’t feel so good so you were going to try and sleep.

One day, however, you were lying with your back to the mouth of your tent. You were watching as the figures moved past, people going about their daily routines. Suddenly there was someone on the bed beside you. You rolled over quickly, only to see Bellamy lying beside you. There was a sadness behind his eyes as he gave you a small smile.

‘What’re you doing here?’ you asked in a hoarse whisper, knowing that it was from lack of use that your voice seemed so harsh.

‘I needed to see you,’ he said, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you that little closer to him in a hug. You didn’t fight it, there was something comforting about him being there.

‘You know that I love you with all of my heart, right?’ he said as you listened to the steady beat of his heart. ‘Because I really do.’

You nodded against his chest, feeling tears prickling your eyes. ‘I love you too, Bell,’ you assured him.

‘Yeah, but I also need you to know that I don’t give a shit about what Murphy says. He’s just a jealous dick who needs to get over himself.’

You allowed a small chuckle to escape you, felt a small smile slipping onto your face.

‘That’s what I like to hear,’ he said, rubbing your back lightly. ‘Can I stay here tonight?’

You nodded. ‘I’d like that, Bell,’ you told him, shifting slightly so as to kiss his jawline. Maybe things were going to be all right from now on. Maybe there was no need to think about what Murphy had said, because Bellamy loved you and he knew that you loved him, too.

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I don't normally do this, but I'm tired of this group of The 100 fans being so nasty to Arryn. One of them even made a rude video to her. They're a group called BobsEJ & all they do is talk horribly about Arryn for no reason. They call her airvent. I can't imagine how seeing this stuff makes Arryn/Bob feel. I feel like both of their fans should stick up for them & say something to them! That's why I'm writing you. Some of their @s are "bellamyblrake" "baloneyblake" "jaspereyes" "beiiamyblakex"

First of all, I am SO disappointed and quite honestly disgusted to hear that people would send hate videos to Arryn and just be completely negative toward her! I will defend both her and Bob to the GRAVE!! That drive to defend them has only been strengthened by the fact that I had the pleasure of meeting BOTH of them, and talked to them about the hate that they get!

I said the same thing to both of them!! I told Bob and Arryn “please don’t think that the people who spout hate represent the majority of the fandom. They are the minority; just the obnoxious and loud ones who seem to have the confidence to say such hurtful things because they can do it anonymously and hide behind their computer screens.” They both agreed to this completely! I also told both of them that “I couldn’t be a bystander to it and wanted to battle and drown out the negativity and hate with positivity! and thats why I made the scrapbook!” I still have yet to post my encounters with the actors, BUT I WILL SAY, that even Arryn knew about the Scrapbook! When I was mentioning something about it, she said “OH! YOU made that?!?” and was impressed!! My friends and I expressed to BOTH of them how much we love and admire them! I even told Arryn that by her taking a step back, its US THE FANS that are missing out because she is willing to share her life with us and we lose that when a few hateful people ruin it for everyone else!! She totally agreed with this!!

I can honestly tell you that both Bob and Arryn are hurt by the hate!! Arryn really opened up about it and out of respect for her, I am not going to go into full detail about what she said! I WILL say that the hate she gets, has forced her to take a step back from Twitter. Which is a shame because she LOVES interacting with fans and now what, she’s limited because of people hating on her? Arryn is a human being! She is NOT an outlet for your jealousy!! There is absolutely NO REASON to hate her!! She is also very conscious about what she posts, because she was talking about wanting to do something and I asked her if she could tweet a picture about it and was like “Um… we’ll see” Because she is SO hesitant now about posting things due to the hate!! I quickly told her that I completely understood and we joked about posting it privately!

Both Arryn and Bob are SUCH GENUINE people!! They are kind, caring, and sincere! They both are so modest and are incredibly grateful towards their fans! I was SO LUCKY to not talk to them once, or twice, but MULTIPLE times over the weekend!! And hearing them actually open up about how they feel regarding the negativity and hate … made me SO sad and angry for those who make them feel hurt!!! Because YES! They ARE hurt by it.

STOP HATING ON ARRYN ZECH! PLEASE!! she is not deserving of it!! She is SUCH a beautiful person, inside and out! She does NOT deserve your hate because what, people are jealous? If you are a true fan of Bob, then you shouldn’t be targeting her. If you have any respect for people, you would not hate on her, OR Bob for that matter! OR ANYONE!!!

I also want to add in a plug about the Positivity Project for Arryn Zech which you can check out HERE! She is TALENTED (ALL ON HER OWN) and if you haven't’ checked out RWBY, I suggest you do so!!! Show Arryn your love!! Show Bob your love!! And PLEASE, JUST STOP WITH THE HATE!!!!! These are real people; people who are very aware of the nasty comments and horrible remarks that get thrown their way!!

THANK YOU ANON for sending me the message!!! I apologize for the extremely long response but this is really something that bothers me!! As I said, I will defend both Arryn and Bob to the GRAVE!!! Stop the hate, and show your love for them!!!


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I read that Snowing coddling Regina as Snowing CUDDLING Regina, and now I wish someone would fic it. I don't know how it would even be plausible, but I wanna read it. Please write the thing. Or encourage someone else to write the thing.

I don’t think this is what you had in mind, but I hope you enjoy it. You know what Snow Queen does to my heart!

I’m also dedicating this to my writing daughter @daggzandarrows. Happy Birtday, dear girl!!!!  Sending hugs to help you celebrate your day. :D

It’s the sobbing that draws you inside.

It’s a room you rarely enter, but you cannot stay away, not when she sounds so broken, so lost, so utterly without hope it nearly slices you in half to hear it.


She doesn’t face you but keeps her focus forward, ever forward, gazing out a window into a world she once confessed had betrayed her in every way possible.

“Go away, Snow.”

Her knees are drawn up into her body as if they are in their natural position, and she wraps her arms around them, the white of her clean nightgown a stark contrast to red-stained sheets you’d seen earlier, sheets that had been hastily removed and disposed of under a shroud of whispers and superstition.  

Witch. Sorceress. Her mother was no better, but at least she produced a living child.

You wonder why your father doesn’t put a stop to the cavern of rumors and labels that lay blame for three lost children at the feet of a woman who has to feel their losses more deeply than anyone. But he is oddly silent when it comes to your stepmother.

This bothers you–more than you admit to yourself.

“No, Regina. I’m not going to leave you.”

You take three steps into the room, your feet echoing off stone as if they tread upon marble.

“Then you’re a fool.”

“You’ve said that to me before, you know. But I’m still here.”

She has no response this time.

You step into her space, your stomach clenching at the lingering smell of blood and emptiness. A surge of cold air presses in, and you notice all of her windows are open, an attempt to cleanse the room, you suppose, to remove any lingering after-effects premature death may have left behind. But the queen sits shivering on her mattress. Alone. Small. And shaking.

No one has given her a blanket.

You move to the cupboard and select one woven from the softest, most refined wool, one that makes up for what it lacks in elegance with sheer warmth and comfort. You close the shutters on your journey back to the bed, fastening them against winter’s chill.

“You’re freezing,” you observe, the icy state of her skin troubling as you bundle the blanket around her shoulders. “I’ll send for someone to start a fire…”


The word is harsh, insistent, marked by the wet pattern of tears you spy for mere seconds before she turns her face away.

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Um for your Aokise idea, maybe you can write something where Kise is over at Aho's or viceversa and the power goes out due to some storm or something and Kise is freaking out cause he don't like storms and Aho comforts him. and maybe they aren't together yet?

Yoooo thanks anon! This was just what I needed.

Aomine raised an eyebrow when Kise jumped again, his naturally pale skin going even more so every time that a loud crack of thunder sounded outside. He’d already guessed that Kise hadn’t just turned up at his door out of boredom like he’d claimed, but he never would have expected a seventeen year old boy to be so visibly terrified of a little storm.

Then again, Kise always had been different from the rest of them, and not just because Aomine would have shut the door in the face of any of the other former Teiko players…except maybe Kuroko. His quiet night at home alone had been intruded on, but at least Kise was happy to just sit on the couch with him and watch old NBA matches in silence.

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I don't know if you've gotten this question before or not but what kind of boyfriend would jimin,jhope,jungkook and namjoon be ? Thanks love your blog^3^

   J-Hope would be the type to smother you in attention. He’d definitely make sure that you never feel alone, constantly sticking to your side!  Hobi would want to make sure that you know how much he loves you and would be one to express it with lots of skin ship and little compliments here and there. He would be one of the sweetest and most caring ones, constantly asking if you were okay and how you felt, always concerned about your well being.If you weren’t okay, it would crush him. He might even start crying himself if its bad enough. All he would want was for you to be happy. He’d do literally anything just to make you smile. For a date, J-Hope would be the one to suggest doing simple things such as cuddling up and watching a cute movie or going out to a little cafe for cookies a tea! So, overall, Hoseok would be a sweet, cuddly boyfriend who smothers you in endless attention! 

   Jungkook would be the most awkward compared to the others. Hes still pretty young and I would think he doesn’t have much experience (considering he became a trainee when he was just 14) so it would all be very new to him. When the relationships first starts, it would still be kind of like a friendship. Not much skin ship, nothing too lovey dovey. Slowly but surely, he will begin to warm up. Unlike Hobi, I don’t see him as one to be into skin ship overall. He would be one to do more ‘natural’ things such as hand holding, resting his chin on your head from behind, or letting his arm rest around your shoulders. Communication wise, it would be a bit more difficult to talk to him about things.I feel if you were to be sad or down, he wouldn’t know what to say and just sit there, hugging you. And if you were to be mad, he wouldn’t think to talk about it and just try to keep his distance from you until its over. He would want you to be okay, but just wouldn’t know how to make that happen. Kookie would be more shy when it comes to showing his love for you. He might not be very good at showing it, but you’ll just have to know that he really does. With dates, he would be one to spend weeks trying to plan a perfect, extravagant date for your anniversary opposed to little small cute ones. Maybe renting a cabin in the mountains for a week, or traveling to another country and learning about their culture. Definitely something out of the box! Overall, Kookie would a bit shy at first, but after a while, it’d be a cute, simple relationship with a few great surprises here and there.

   Namjoon would be a more “chill” kinda boyfriend. Everything would be seem really natural and cool with him. I feel like he has more experience in dating then most of the other guys so nothing would be really awkward. He would be one to do natural skin ship, (more than our maknae) nothing too much. He doesn’t strike me as one to be really into that, but if you asked him to do more, he would. Namjoon would be more open to PDA compared to the others. In bed, I personally think he would be the best with this but I wont go into any detail. When it comes to how you feel and communication, he would be more mature about this. Joonie would be able to tell if something was wrong and wouldn’t hesitate to ask if you were okay and would like to listen and help in anyway possible. With expressing his feelings towards, he’d be more casual about this. Rapmon would be the kind to casually drop an “I love you” or smother you in kisses out of no where. Just all really cute! With dates, I feel as he would like to take you out occasionally to maybe a fancy restaurant or a theme park just to have some cute little fun with you! Overall, Rapmon would be a very chilled and relaxed boyfriend. Everything will feel natural but fun with him!

Jimin would be… I’m not sure of a word that could describe him. Him as a boyfriend would definitely be a wild ride. I imagine him as a more touchy-feely jealous boyfriend. Whats his is his and nobody else can have it! He would make sure everyone knew you were his and if anyone even looked at you the wrong way, they wouldn’t live to see another day. Jimin would always have his arm around you or have his fingers intertwined with yours, anything to show the world you belong to him. He would be a very loyal boyfriend and would expect you to be too. Jimin would never intentionally hurt you but he might be a little aggressive and get a little too jealous too easily, so that could cause some problems. He’d want to be the one that could make you happy, and nobody else. If this were to bother you, it’d be hard to talk to him about it. He might deny it and get upset at you for making accusations like that.  When it comes to your feelings with other things, expect him to be there for you no matter what. He would sit there for hours, listening and holding you, making sure you’re okay. Just seeing the love of his life in such a state would make him feel like absolute crap. He might even blame himself and beat himself up for allowing you to feel that bad. As for dates, he’d be like Namjoon in the sense of something fun yet simple. Anything to just be alone with you really. 

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omg thank you so much for your translation for secret pink! i only asked for teba and you gave both!! If it doesn't trouble you the translation for pureslider's yasashii would be nice because I have the hard copy but don't understand a word of it ^^;

Free dj - Yasashii Dokusen Yoku Zenpen parts one and two

Man, you’re really lucky to have an actual physical copy of this lovely book! Did you have the first or second parts, or both? Whatever it is, the beautiful cover art alone is worth the money, am I right? ^^

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