and the way they both burst out laughing at the end

Okay but imagine that moment where you’re pacing around in the small hotel bathroom, your heart pounding in your chest as you think about how you gotta tell Michael that the test came back positive. Stupid thoughts were running through your head when there was a quiet knock on the door before he slipped into the bathroom, barely looking at you, instead making his way straight over to the little white stick. “you’re pregnant?” he’d whisper as you nodded, trying to stop the tears from falling. You and Michael were both still so young, you both had so many dreams ahead of you and you weren’t sure you wanted kids but when Michael wrapped his arms around and kissed the top of your head before bursting out laughing, you were more confused than anything. He saw your confused expression before explaining “I just never thought I’d be so happy about this, like we made that” and you couldn’t help but smile at his never ending positivity. “We’re gonna be the best parents” he’d whisper before kissing you.

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okay so picture this. THIS IS LONG BUT BARE WITH ME. Niall and Harry are just friends you know, best friends! and so Niall is going on a date with Selena so Harrys like okay I'll go on a date too and he goes on a date with some tall professional businessman who's older and mature n shit. so they're on the dates and both are going okay. But then on selenas date, he keeps bursting out into this loud obnoxious laughter (you know the one) and Selena keeps telling him to [[[[cont bc long]]]]

keep it down, ‘we’re in an intimate place’. And on Harrys date, the guy says something kinda funny and Harry laughs but it’s that laugh where he laughs super loud and high pitched for a second but then covers his face and stammers out an apology (sound familiar?) and the guy just looks at him like he’s a child. and so Niall and Harry both go home feeling a little down bc their dates didn’t really let them be themselves, so Niall and Harry decide to celebrate.

and while their eating some food at a table at 2am, Harry bursts out into that same laughter but he quickly stops and looks up as an apology, but he doesn’t see Niall telling him he’s childish or to be quiet, he seems Niall laughing even louder with his over the top obnoxious laughter. then the two of them continue to laugh all night not even caring when the people at the bar tell them they’re disturbing other people. they just look at each other with all the love in the world.

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